Days Transcript Monday 2/2/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/2/15


Episode #12518 ~ Aiden starts carrying out a mysterious plan at the vacation home; JJ makes a new confession to Paige; Chad hits a snag in his effort to do the right thing; Paul tells Sonny he's met another guy.

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Woman: [Screaming]


Chase: Daddy.

Aiden: Hey.

Chase: We're really here.

Aiden: Yes.

[Phone ringing]

Hey, Sonny. Call for you, line one.

Sonny: Oh, thank you. Hello.

Paul: Sonny, it's me.

Sonny: Oh, hey.

Paul: I have a favor to ask of you. And I'm not sure you're gonna like it.

Ben: Clyde, this is, like, the fourth message I've left. Just get back to me, okay? So you haven't heard from him?

Jordan: No. I've been lucky that way.

Ben: Well, I'm worried about him.

Jordan: Maybe he crawled back under his rock.

Ben: Jordan, would you give it a rest?

Jordan: Look, I'm not gonna act like I don't hate the guy, so let's just change the subject. I have something important to tell you.

Ben: I know, I know. I need to get a lawyer to handle your boyfriend's assault charges against me.

Jordan: No, Ben. That's why I'm here. You actually don't need a lawyer.

John: You wanted to see me?

Chad: I did. About the case against Ben Rogers. I just want the, uh-- the whole thing to go away.

JJ: Hey.

Abigail: Hey. Hi.

JJ: Hey.

Abigail: I got your text. What's up?

JJ: Fact is, uh, I need your advice.

Abigail: Okay. About what?

Paige: So I told JJ I thought we could talk about starting over again. Yeah, I-I know it's a lot to forgive, but it's worth at least talking about, isn't it? I mean, we did love each other after all. Uh, I-I have to call you back. I'm not talking about this with you, so...

Eve: No, no. You don't have to talk. You just listen. You cannot take that boy back, Paige. Not after what he did.

Paige: Mom, just say it. He slept with some slut.

Chase: We used to have picnics on that little island over there. My mommy called it "chase beach."

Hope: You okay?

Aiden: Yeah, I'm just glad his memories are happy.

Hope: You made the right decision bringing him here. You did.

Aiden: Letting him say "good-bye" before I sell it.

Chase: Dad, can Ciara and I go outside?

Aiden: Uh, sure. Sure you can. But just don't...

Both: Get eaten by a bear.

Aiden: Yeah.

Ciara: There's bears?

Chase: It's a joke.

Aiden: Just...

Hope: Be careful.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: I can see what this place does to you. I can see why you need to let it go.

Aiden: Let it go, huh? Sounds easy.

Hope: Did I make a mistake, wanting us all to come here? I mean, I guess what I'm asking is, um, with whatever it is you need to do, would it have been easier if Ciara and I weren't here?

Eve: Honey, the focus is not who JJ slept with, it's the fact that he did it at all.

Paige: That's what I told him.

Eve: What do you mean?

Paige: I told him I didn't need to know who it was. Not if we could really talk about getting past it.

JJ: Am I crazy? I mean, is that even possible?

Abigail: Well, if-- if Paige is the one who suggested it, if she thinks that it could work, then it sounds possible. Just have the talk, JJ. I mean, why wouldn't you?

JJ: Maybe she's better off without a guy like me.

Abigail: Hey, no, JJ.

JJ: I slept with someone else.

Abigail: All right.

JJ: Even though I still love Paige.

Theresa: I knew it. All this talk about how you've changed, you're still the same sleazebag you always were.

Abigail: Wow. I can see you sure haven't changed at all, Theresa. Still the same eavesdropping bitch you always were.

Theresa: Mm. You know, I think you lost your right to moral outrage when you dipped EJ DiMera's wick... again and again and again.

Abigail: You know, okay. You know what, Theresa--

JJ: No, no. Let me handle her. No, this is my fight.

Abigail: JJ, I--

JJ: Really.

[Phone ringing]

Theresa: Oh, you might want to see who's calling, Abigail. Might be some married man who has 15 minutes to spare.

Abigail: I have to go or I might kill her.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Okay. Your mom must be so proud of the two of you. I thought I was good at inappropriate sex, but you two take it to a truly higher plane.

JJ: You know what, this is none of your business, Theresa.

Theresa: It's family business. You messed with my niece's head. So now I know why she came sniffing around. She thought I was the one that slept with you. Not that there wasn't a time when it crossed my mind, back in the day. But a word to you, player, and I don't care that you're trash, I'm not hypocritical like your sister, but Paige... she deserves so much better than you and I think you know it. So, dude, why not let her be? Stick with your piece on the side, whoever she is.

Eve: You are so smart. So much smarter than me, but I swear, at the thought of that boy, all of those brains and that smartness just goes out the window.

Paige: People make mistakes. If we can find our way past this, what's wrong with that?

Eve: Honey, I don't know why I beat my head against the wall. You know, I mean, he's-- he's not gonna do it. He--he's not gonna take you back. He's done with you.

Paige: How do you know that?

Eve: Because-- because I-I just-- I know his type, all right?

Paige: Oh, you know what? It's pointless to even try to talk to you.

Eve: Hey, Paige. Honey. Ugh.

Hope: I asked a question. You can answer honestly, I can take it, Aiden.

Aiden: Um, no. It wouldn't be any easier without you and Ciara here. The fact is, it's just painful. No matter who is or isn't here. And I think it's important to let chase say his good-bye. I think it's what's best. So, he can have his time here, you can take the kids to Shelly, and I'll do what I have to do.

Hope: You know, I think it's really great that the kids have the field trip to san Francisco. You know, so chase's day is about more than just saying good-bye to this place.

Aiden: Field trip to san Francisco, my goodness. I remember when field trips meant touring a farm or a water treatment plant.

Hope: Hey, hey, hey.

Aiden: I mean, what's next for these kids, Vegas? [Chuckles]

Hope: You don't have to try and keep it light. If you're sad and grumpy, then you should be sad and grumpy if you want. It's okay.

Aiden: Well, I'm not sad and grumpy across the board. I am so glad to have this time with you before you go and meet up with your family.

Hope: Me too.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Wow.

Aiden: Oh, you don't have to worry about those kids. Chase knows not to wander off.

Hope: Yeah, I know.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: God, look at that view. This house, it's... beautiful.

Aiden: Yeah, yeah. It is-- it is beautiful. And you'll never know how much I hate it.

Ben: So, out of the blue, Chad decides to drop the charges. [Chuckles] Let me guess, he realized it was just a mistake.

Jordan: It wasn't a mistake. He went after you on purpose. Look, he goaded you into that fight because he was furious with me.

Ben: What?

Jordan: He thought something had happened that didn't happen, and it wasn't his fault. He had every right to think what he thought, and now he's trying to fix what he did.

Ben: What a guy.

Jordan: He's trying to do the right thing, Ben.

Ben: You're defending him.

Jordan: I am trying to be fair.

Ben: Fair? Fair? He makes a mistake, and gets mad at you, and his response, Jordan, is to find me, say something really, really crappy to get me to deck him, to get arrested to pay you back. Let me ask you something, if you read that in his online profile, would you message him?

Jordan: Like you've never over-reacted, Ben. You've never flown off the handle?

Ben: Okay, not like that. That's sick. That's--that's sneaky. That's DiMera.

Jordan: Okay, you know what? This isn't what I came here for, all right? I'm not gonna talk about Chad, especially not with you.

Ben: [Scoffs] Oh, my god. You're going back to him, aren't you?

Chad: What's not in my statement is the fact that I provoked the fight. Okay, I knew how to get Ben mad enough to throw a first punch.

John: What did you say?

Chad: But, from my experience, Abigail isn't nearly as good as your sister is in bed.

Ben: [Grunts]

Chad: It doesn't make a difference. What's important is that I started the fight.

John: Well, according to the law, the fight starts when the first punch is thrown, and that was by Ben.

Chad: Can we just cut to the chase, john? None of that matters because I don't want this to go forward, period.

John: You know what? That's not your call or mine. That's up to the prosecutor.

Chad: Okay, then make the call.

John: Fine. Let's see what she has to say.

Paul: So, I talked to my mother and grandfather to tell them that I wouldn't be playing ball anymore.

Sonny: That must have been hard for them to hear.

Paul: Especially my grandfather.

Sonny: Yeah, he taught you the game. Taught you to love it.

Paul: Yeah. Anyway, he kept talking about that home run. My only home run.

Sonny: You want to give him the ball. The one you gave me.

Paul: Yeah. I feel terrible for asking.

Sonny: Don't. It meant a lot that you gave it to me. But it's fine. It's gonna mean so much to him.

Paul: It will. Thanks for understanding.

Sonny: You know, I have to run by the apartment and get a file. You want me to pick up the ball and I can swing by your place?

Paul: Well, I could come and get it.

Sonny: No, it's fine. Don't worry about it.

Paul: Oh, Sonny, I'm getting another call. It might be my mom.

Sonny: Okay, I'll see you in a little bit.

Paul: Hello.

Will: Paul, it's me. I'm calling to tell you that I'm just about done with the piece.

Paul: Good.

Will: But I need to go over a couple of thing before I finish. I need to word something very carefully. Because I can't actually be factual about it.

Paul: What do you mean?

Will: I'm talking about how and why you decided to tell me that you're gay. Hey, how you doin'?

Will: This article started out being about your surgery. Trying to salvage your career.

Paul: And then it became mostly about my being gay.

Will: After I went to bed with you. I'm the journalist here, and so that wasn't exactly ethical.

Paul: Yeah. Talk about getting a confirmation.

Will: Right. But I don't think either one of us wants that in the article.

Paul: Speak for yourself.

Will: Paul, I, um--

Paul: I was just kidding. I wish you wouldn't beat yourself up so much about that.

Will: [Chuckles] Well, in--in any case, um, please read over everything, especially the part about your coming out. I want you to be absolutely okay with every word of it.

[Door opening]

Sonny: Sorry, I just had to grab a couple of things.

Paul: Will? You still there?

Will: Yeah, I'll-- I'll talk to you soon. Okay. Thanks.

Sonny: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Will: Ah, just wrapping up the call anyway.

Sonny: So, how's the article coming along?

Will: I am almost finished.

Sonny: Ah. I just can't wait to read it. All this secrecy, it's driving me nuts. Did you see Sonix has a photo of you one the cover hyping the story? It sounds like they think it's going to be a big deal.

Will: Yeah, I just hope that it's worth it.

Sonny: Why wouldn't it be worth it?

Aiden: So, Meredith picked out everything herself. She wanted the place decorated to the nines.

Hope: She had great taste, that's for sure.

Aiden: Well, I guess. I didn't even want the place. You know, I was busy working, trying to build a career, but she insisted we have a place to get away from it all. On weekends.

Hope: Well, that view...

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: Mr. Jennings, it definitely would soothe anyone's nerves.

Aiden: Not ours. But it is a... "million dollar view." You know, if we, uh, got a place I could afford on my salary, we'd have a shack in the woods. Meredith wasn't into roughing it. She wasn't about to live within my means, you know. Well... well, as you can see, you know, chase, he--he loved it. Probably because we kept the door closed whenever the screaming would start, you know. After every bit of affection, all the caring between us was-- was finally gone. And that door was closed a lot, you know. She--she used to really love to rub it in, you know. How she was the real provider in the family, that all our money was really hers, and... it's funny, isn't it?

Hope: What is?

Aiden: That now it's all

Aiden: That now it's all mine.

Theresa: You're looking tense. Who are you writing to? Oh, okay. I get it. It's gotta be a guy. So, who are you banging these days, eve.

Eve: [Scoffs]

JJ: Paige. Uh, I was just getting to class.

Paige: I know your schedule, JJ. I know you have time. And you said we could talk today, right?

JJ: Yeah, I just... I don't know.

Paige: Okay. Okay. I know that you weren't expecting all that last night. And it's okay that we waited to talk. I know it's not going to be easy. Well, we both know that. I know there's a lot to work through, but I know how to start. We both just say how we're really feeling about each other.

JJ: Look, Paige--

Paige: Okay, I'll go first. I do still love you, JJ. I've told you that. And if you can say the same thing about me, then we're halfway home.

Jordan: Hold on. Did I say I'm going back with Chad?

Ben: That indignant "I don't want to talk about Chad" gave you away. You don't want to talk about him because you already know what I'm going to say.

Jordan: You got that right.

Ben: And deep down you know it's true.

Jordan: I know what Chad did is wrong. I also know that he's trying to fix it. Ben, what Chad saw was me kissing Rafe. Okay, that is why he went ballistic.

Ben: Whoa. You were kissing Rafe? Okay, finally some good news.

Jordan: No, no, all right. Rafe was kissing me and I didn't want him to.

Ben: Oh, yeah, of course not. Because you're not interested in good guys when there's creeps like Chad out there. And my god, Chad is a creep. The guy's trying to send me to jail because he's mad at you.

Jordan: Well, you sure took the bait, right? Even thought you promised you weren't going to get violent. You promised you were going to get a handle on that.

Ben: Wow. You really are going to get back with that bastard.

Jordan: Look, I said what I had to say. I am glad you're not going to jail.

Jordan: Sorry, DiMera. No dice.

Chad: What?

John: The D.A. wants to move forward on the case.

Chad: Yeah, that doesn't make any sense.

John: Well, not on the face of it, no, with overcrowding in the courts and so many backlogs in the cases, no.

Chad: Okay, so lose this one.

John: You see, the D.A. Is a little suspicious because it's a DiMera that's asking to have this case dropped here. She thinks it might be a part of a bigger agenda. It's almost like they don't trust you over there.

Chad: You know what? To hell with the damn case. I won't testify. He'll get off.

John: No, see, you don't understand. Abe and I saw everything. So if push comes to shove, Trask is going to put you on the stand as a hostile witness. She's taking this to trial.

Chad: Yeah, I said I don't want that to happen.

John: Well, sadly for you, we don't take orders from you. And personally, I wouldn't mind pinning a badge on Rogers' chest for winding your clock. Now obviously you've got a motive for wanting to drop this case, but it's going forward.

Will: I am a writer. I am supposed to be insecure.

Sonny: You should be the exception because you're great at it. All right, I should get going.

Will: I don't know why you don't put those files online and save yourself a trip.

Sonny: And miss seeing you? I also have to grab a couple of other things, too.

Paul: That ball was the one and only ball that I ever hit out of the park from my one and only major league home run.

Sonny: Any word from Mom?

Will: Yeah, she called to check in. She and Ari are having a great time.

Sonny: That's good. All right, well, I'll see you later. Will, I feel so much better having things back to normal. I'm really happy we worked our stuff out.

Will: Me, too. Me, too.

Aiden: Well, that got a little heavy.

[Door opening]

Ciara: Mommy. Chase said you can sometimes see whales out there.

Chase: Yeah. There aren't any whales in Salem.

Hope: Come here, I want to show you something.

Aiden: Mm, I think you're right. There are no whales in Salem. [Chuckles] Are you glad that we, uh, came back?

Chase: Yeah.

Aiden: Yeah.

Chase: How long can we stay?

Aiden: Uh, well, not long. Shelly's waiting to take you kids to san Francisco, so... hey, I got an idea. Sit down. Why don't we tell each other our favorite memories about this place, and then that way we'll remember them forever.

Chase: Okay.

Aiden: Yeah?

Chase: I'd like that.

Eve: [Scoffs] Theresa, why don't you get your mind out of the gutter? I mean, this text was about my book royalties. Apparently Jennifer's still playing games with me trying to keep me from getting what I deserve.

Theresa: Mm, I think you'd be scared to death of getting what you deserve.

Eve: [Scoffs]

Theresa: But that's pretty typical of saint Jennifer reneging on the deal. Oh, and speaking of the Horton clan, I just ran into JJ, and I mean, you probably already know this, but it turns out he cheated on Paige.

Eve: He told you that?

Theresa: Well, what's really interesting though is who he did it with. I mean, that's gotta be the final nail in his coffin, you know? Hey, we should team up. Find out who it was.

Eve: [Scoffs]

JJ: We can't talk about this here.

Paige: We'll go for a walk.

JJ: Paige...

Paige: What?

JJ: It's not a good time. It's not a good time.

Paige: There's never going to be a good time. There isn't a good place. It's going to be awkward and tense, and a lot of that's my fault because I sent you mixed signals when I was in California.

JJ: Look, you know what? None of this is your fault.

Paige: Okay, who cares about blame? I don't want to lose sight of what really happened. It was a one time thing. You did it with whoever it was and that was that. We can get past this, JJ. I know we can. Tell me one good reason why we can't if it's something that we both want.

JJ: Okay, look, I get what you're saying. Okay, but it's--it's not that simple.

Paige: Why? Because of who it was?

JJ: No. Because it wasn't just a one time. I'm still seeing her.

Derrick: Anything else I can get for you?

Paul: No, but later on--

Derrick: Green tea. Your afternoon ritual.

Paul: [Chuckles] Yeah, I picked it up from my grandfather. It's very soothing.

Derrick: [Chuckles]

Paul: What?

Derrick: I can picture you in a major league locker room sipping green tea.

Paul: [Chuckles]


Paul: Just one of the guys.

Derrick: Yeah.

Paul: Hi, thanks for coming. You really didn't have to.

Sonny: Oh, it's no problem.

Derrick: Call if you need anything.

Paul: Thanks, Derrick.

Sonny: Think fast.

Paul: [Chuckles] Thanks. You know, this is really going to mean a lot to my grandfather. I still feel so awful for asking for it back.

Sonny: No, I-I want him to have it. So, how's the new therapy going?

Paul: Well, there's good news, at least for you. In about a week, it'll be over. Then that's it for me in Salem. You don't have to worry about seeing me anymore.

Sonny: I'm not worried about seeing you. I'm worried about you. Now that you and baseball are done.

Paul: Oh. I do wish that I could pitch again, but... there is one thing that I learned through all this.

Sonny: What's that?

Paul: Given the chance, if I could go back a few years, I'd give it all up. I'd give it all up for you.

[Horn honking]

Aiden: There's the taxi. You and Ciara gotta get going, meet Shelly, and hope has a plane to catch, so...

Hope: Put this on. There you go.

Chase: Daddy, thanks for letting me come today.

Aiden: I'm really glad you suggested it. Come here. All right. Have a good time, okay?

Chase: Come on, Ciara. Let's go.

Ciara: We can wait for my mom outside.

Hope: I think they're actually trying to give us a little privacy.

Aiden: Yeah, yeah. I think they are. I'm gonna miss you. So enjoy Tahiti. I hear it's--I hear it's okay.

Hope: Mm. Yeah, I mean, you know, whatever.

Aiden: Mm, sure.

Hope: If you like a tropical island, yeah.

Aiden: Okay. Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: All right.

Hope: I'll see you, um, I'll see you soon.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: Let me get the door.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: I got it.

Hope: Thanks.

Aiden: Yeah...okay.

Hope: Okay....bye.

Aiden: Bye-bye.

Hope: Good luck.

Aiden: All right.

Hope: Okay...bye.

Aiden: [Groans]

Eve: Theresa. This isn't a game. My god.

Theresa: Well, it kind of is. Who did it with JJ in the conservatory?

Eve: I don't care who it was. What I care about is the fact that this boy has hurt my daughter badly.

Theresa: Well, she was gonna end up hurt sooner or later. I mean, at least this way she found out what he was like relatively early in the game.

Eve: [Scoffs]

Theresa: He's a dog. He always has been, he always will be.

Eve: Okay, you know what? Finally one thing we agree on.

Theresa: And I don't see him changing any time soon. I mean, he's gotta have ladies just lined up throwing themselves at him.

Eve: What?

Theresa: Oh, come on. You can't deny that he's hot. I mean, every woman with a pulse would want to tap that.

Eve: Well, would you stop?

Theresa: What? Oh, come on, eve. Don't pretend like you haven't noticed how he fills out a t-shirt. And I mean, those are bedroom eyes if I've ever seen them.

Eve: Would you shut--shut up? All right? My god.

Theresa: What?

Eve: My daughter was dating that boy.

Theresa: With a nice piece on the side.

Eve: You know what? You're-- you're hateful.

Theresa: [Sighs]

Paige: I don't believe this. You--you and that girl? No, you--you would have said something.

JJ: Okay, look, I was trying to do you a favor. I didn't want you to know, but you keep pushing, and you don't give up. First--first you want to know who--who it was, and then you put me on the spot about getting back together again. Look, I'm trying to help you out as much as I can, but I can only do so much, Paige. You asked for it. I'm--I'm sorry, but you did. So now you know that there is no way we are getting back together. It's just not gonna happen.

Jordan: Chad saw me in this room. Rafe and I were kissing right here.

Abigail: You and--wait, you and Rafe?

Jordan: Well, it meant nothing, okay? Rafe was just-- look, the thing is Chad saw us. He didn't know it meant nothing really. And he left without saying a word. And so then when he bumped into Ben, he just--he lost it.

Abigail: Well, did he really bump into Ben, or did he go looking for him?

Jordan: Let's not get into that. Let's just be happy the whole thing's gonna blow over.

Abigail: And you--you told Ben all this?

Jordan: Yeah. We had a fight.

Abigail: Did he figure out that you and Chad got back together?

Jordan: We didn't. Well, look, I don't know what's gonna happen, all right? But you're right. Ben did go ballistic just over the idea of it.

Abigail: Hmm. Well, if you and Chad do get back together, this is not just gonna blow over. I hate to break it to you, but this isn't that big of a town.

Jordan: You know, they're just gonna have to figure out a way to live with each other.

Abigail: Way? Yeah. They just have to grow up. Good luck with that.

Ben: If you're waiting for some big "thank you," you wasted a trip.

Chad: Jordan told you what happened?

Ben: Yeah. I don't know how the hell you pulled it off. You act like a complete jerk, and somehow she ends up feeling guilty about you. You offer to drop the charges, and she thinks you're the good guy.

Chad: Okay, look, I have to tell you something.

Ben: Why she can't see through you I will never understand. After all the things you've said about her, you don't give a damn about her, do you?

Chad: Look, I've said some terrible things, yes. And I feel horrible about it.

Ben: Oh, 'cause you're so sensitive.

Chad: No, look, Rogers. I tried to get the charges dropped. I went to the cops.

Ben: What do you mean you "tried?"

Chad: They wouldn't let me. You're still on the hook.

John: I just wanted to let you know that you and Sonny may be called in to testify about seeing the previous fight between Ben and Chad.

Will: That'll be great. We're--we're friends with both of them.

John: Yeah, yeah, I know. Listen, I'm sorry about that, but it's out of my hands.

Will: Right. Well, thank you for letting us know.

John: Yeah. And, uh...

John: Yeah?

Will: Well, I just-- I want to say that I'm really glad that you and my grandma seem to be working things out. Everyone is.

John: [Chuckles] Yeah. Me too.

Will: [Chuckles]

John: Oh, listen, by the way, I talked to Sonny yesterday, and he said the two of you were over your bump in the road, right? Right?

Sonny: Paul, I told you--

Paul: I know, I know. You're not available. But I'm just talking about the past. Back when I still had a chance with you. Before I blew it. You know, I still remember the day that you asked me to marry you. [Chuckles] I just want to go back and tell that guy who said no, "not so fast." To make him see what it is that he was about to lose. That is wasn't too late. Because it really is now.

Sonny: Paul, we are who we are now. But you have your whole life ahead of you.

Paul: It's funny, 'cause that's almost exactly what this other guy said word for word.

Sonny: Wait a minute, you--you told someone else about us?

Paige: I need to talk to you.

Theresa: About JJ, right? You think I was the one he cheated with, that's why you were grilling me.

Paige: Yeah, I don't have a lot of time, okay?

Theresa: I can't say I'm surprised. I tried to tell you he's a dog.

Paige: Okay, I don't care what you told me. And I didn't come here for your lame, fake sympathy, either. I need your advice.

Eve: [Gasps]

JJ: You would be proud of me. 'Cause god knows, I am.

Eve: What the hell are you talking about, JJ?"

JJ: You know, I'm talking about Paige, eve.

Eve: Okay, okay. You're getting way too close.

JJ: It's all fixed. It's all fixed. Are you happy now?

Ben: You played a good guy for my sister's sake. But somehow, some way, I still end up getting the shaft.

Chad: Listen, I will take the stand. Okay. I will--I will tell them that I provoked you to fight. That I physically forced you to fight me. But it's--

Ben: "But" what?

Chad: Think about it. They're gonna want to know what I said. Do you really want me to stand up in court and tell them that I told you your sister was better in bed than your girlfriend?

[Door opens]

Abigail: You bastard.

Aiden: Here it is.


Hope: Aiden? Aiden, it's me. Aiden, it's hope. Come on, hurry. Are you there?


Hope: Aiden.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: I bet you didn't expect to see me again, huh?

John: Am I wrong, will? Are you two still having trouble?

Will: No, no. We're-- we're good. I'm sorry, it's just I'm under a deadline, so I've been a bit distracted, but... like I said, Sonny and I-- we're good.

Paul: Yeah. Yeah, I told him about you, but I didn't use your name.

Sonny: But he knows you're gay? And you were comfortable saying it?

Paul: Maybe this isn't the right time to talk about that.

Sonny: Paul, this-- it's still a huge step. Was it the guy who was over here the other night when I stopped by?

Paul: Uh.

Sonny: The shower was running and you were in your robe.

Paul: Okay, yes. It was him.

Sonny: So?

Paul: It was nice.

Sonny: That's great. I'm so happy for you.

Paul: Listen...

Sonny: I mean, is he, like, a nice guy? Are you going to see him again?

Paul: I don't think it's going anywhere.

Sonny: I wouldn't give up that easy. What if you ended up happy? What if this guy can make you happy?

Paul: He's really sweet. Smart. Hot.

Sonny: Okay, not that. But, like, what-- what's the problem?

Paul: The problem is, he's not you.

Theresa: Advice?

Paige: I want to know who JJ is seeing. And I'm pretty sure you would know a way to find out.

Theresa: Yeah, I do. It's pretty simple. I'm surprised you haven't figured it out for yourself.

Paige: Just tell me, would you?

Theresa: Okay. Look, if you want to know who your boyfriend was with, just get his phone and see who he's been texting. You'll have the name in a heartbeat.

Eve: Wait. What do you mean, JJ, you fixed it?

JJ: I told Paige that I never stopped seeing the girl that I slept with. So, you know, I guess, eve, that I told her that I was still seeing you.

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