Days Transcript Wednesday 1/28/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/28/15


Episode #12515 ~ Nicole gets ready to expose Serena; Stefano advises Chad to go after Abigail; Paul opens up to Will; Sonny overhears Kate making a curious statement.

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Daniel: I am one lucky guy. Come on.

Serena: You lying, stealing bitch.

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, don't talk to her that way. What is the matter with you?

Serena: What's the matter with me? She came to my hotel room today, okay? Claimed that she wanted to make peace, so I let her in and the minute my back was turned she stole stuff off my freakin' laptop. You can't even make up one of your famous denials, can you? Because I caught you. And now, you're going to jail.

Nicole: Mm-mm. Let's think about this for a minute, Serena. Who's the one in the most trouble here? Me or you?

Jordan: I hope this isn't a bad time, but--

Kate: Oh, no worries. Seems like the perfect time to me.

[Cell phone rings]

Chad: DiMera.

Stefano: Your move to get Rafael Hernandez kicked off the police force, ha-ha, looks like it's gonna blow up in both our faces.

Chad: It's good to hear your voice, father.

Stefano: Did you hear what I said?

Chad: Yeah, I heard you.

Stefano: I tried to use my influence to determine Hernandez's replacement, but Abraham Carver found his own candidate, all right?

Chad: How do you know that?

Stefano: How do I know? I know because it's John bloody Black. That's how I know.

Marlena: Clyde, hi, it's Dr. Evans calling, uh, I had my assistant call you to reschedule the appointment you missed and we haven't heard back from you, so I was just making sure that everything is all right. Call me back.

John: Hey there.

Marlena: Oh, hi. What are you doing here?

John: Just doing my job, ma'am.

Marlena: [Chuckles] I see.

John: Gotta take a statement from some guy that mugged down at the docks.

Marlena: Oh, well, wow. Uh, are we still on for supper?

John: Oh, absolutely, except I'm gonna have to meet you.

Marlena: Okay.

John: Wanna stop by and see Sonny first.

Paul: And what if I already met the right guy and I blew it?

Will: If he really was the right guy--if it's really meant to be, then who knows? Maybe he comes back. Maybe you get a second chance.

Will: The guy that asked you to marry him, you're still in love with him, aren't you?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Paul: I love you, Sonny. Yeah. I still love him.

Zoe: Can I help you? Oh, I know you. You're will Horton's husband, right?

Sonny: Right. I'm about to surprise him.

Daniel: So you admit it.

Nicole: Oh, I didn't hear myself admit anything.

Daniel: Can you tell me what this is about?

Nicole: Okay. This is about the brilliant Serena mason, the principled journalist who is nothing of the kind, because she's been lying to all of us. To you, to Melanie, and especially to you.

Serena: You're the one who's lying.

Nicole: Hmm, am I? Then why don't you want anyone to know what's on this drive?

Serena: Because I have sources on that thing that have to remain anonymous. And if you divulge their names, there could be major lawsuits. Give me it back!

Daniel: Hey.

Nicole: Sure. After we all see what's on it. And then everyone will know what a fraud you really are.

Will: It seems to me that if you're still in love with this guy, shouldn't you go after him?

Paul: It's too late. [Scoffs] I wasn't ready to come out in order to marry him, so he walked out.

Will: So go find him and tell him you changed your mind.

Paul: He's with someone new now. I'm never gonna get him back.

Will: I'm sorry.

Paul: Yeah, me too.

Will: The closet is a terrible place to be. But you will met someone new.

Paul: I already did. Trouble is, he was taken too.

Zoe: Will's doing an interview right now.

Sonny: Oh, I didn't know that.

Zoe: I'm guessing that's not for me. [Chuckling] But if you want your surprise to go well, I suggest waiting until will's finished.

Sonny: Well, it's really important for me to see him right now. So I'm not going anywhere.

Marlena: I'm so glad you're going to see Sonny.

John: I just want him to know that he's got our support.

Marlena: Hmm, absolutely.

John: What are you thinking?

Marlena: I--I--hmm. How cute are you? I was thinking about their wedding. What a wonderful day that was. Those beautiful vows and just how much they love each other. And how devoted they are to making a wonderful life for Arianna.

John: Hey. It's gonna be okay.

Marlena: I know. I like your optimism. And I like that you're letting Sonny know that we will support him no matter what happens.

Chad: So what if John black is on the police force? What do we care who it is, as long as it's not Rafe?

Stefano: Tell me something, you've been in the family for years now, hmm? And you don't know about the history between me and John?

Chad: I guess I've heard a few things.

Stefano: Well, you may have heard a few things, well, I have lived it. And it makes my history with Hernandez pale in comparison. John black will come after this family with a vengeance.

Chad: [Wincing] Will you calm down? He doesn't know where you are and I've done nothing for him to come after.

Stefano: Tell me something, am I boring you?

Chad: No.

Stefano: Then what's put you in this mood? I mean, is it that woman that you are sleeping with? I'm not with Jordan anymore. I think I've made a big mistake.

Jordan: I bought this for Arianna, it's a snowsuit.

Kate: Oh, well, isn't that generous of you. But I can't possibly see what kind of interest that you would have in Arianna.

Jordan: Well, I spent a lot of time with her when I was with Rafe. And gabby and I are still friends. She mentioned that Arianna was growing out of her snowsuit so--

Kate: Okay, fine. Come on in.

Jordan: All right. Well, I will just give this to will and Sonny and be on my way.

Kate: Well, I'm sorry, they're not home. Which means it's just us girls.

Daniel: I don't understand--

Eric: What you don't understand is that Nicole, she talked her way into Serena's hotel room and hacked into her computer. And now she's going on the offensive making a bunch of unfounded accusations. It's what she usually does when she gets caught red-handed. Nicole, did you hear what I said? You had no right to do that.

Nicole: I had every right. I'm a journalist too in case you've all forgotten and a source came to me with information about Serena. And it was my obligation to try and verify it.

Serena: What source?

Nicole: Would you give up the name if you were me?

Serena: You're lying.

Nicole: Am I? If it's nothing, then why are you so desperate to get it back?

Serena: I already told you.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, why didn't you tell me about this?

Nicole: Because, there are things in your professional life that you can't talk about. The same goes with my job.

Eric: No, Daniel, the reason she didn't tell you is because then Nicole would have to admit that she can do anything she wants to get back at Serena.

Nicole: [Scoffs] As a matter of fact, that is not true. I almost didn't follow up with this lead, because I'd just soon forget about you and your little friend here. But now that I've seen the way Serena's been acting, I now more than ever find it my responsibility to expose the truth.

Eric: You don't even have a speaking acquaintance with the truth.

Nicole: I'm sorry you have to hear this, Eric. But Serena is not the same woman you knew if Africa. And she's not the woman that Melanie thinks of as a friend. What she is, is a monster.

Serena: I want that drive back. Any information on it belongs to me. It's private and confidential.

Nicole: Not for long it isn't.

Serena: I have the law on my side, Nicole. I can send you to jail, and this time I will. I let you off the hook for all the other stunts you pulled because I felt sorry for you.

Nicole: Oh, well, thanks. You're such a humanitarian.

Eric: Serena is one of the nicest human beings I've ever known.

Nicole: [Laughs] Well t then you don't now her at all. You know what, we can open this drive on your computer and then you and Eric can see for yourselves.

Daniel: Okay, I don't know who your sources is or what you think you have. What I do know is we can't look at what's on that drive without Serena's permission.

Serena: And I'm not giving it.

Nicole: Well, I wouldn't either if I were you. But honestly, I don't need you or this flash drive to expose the truth. I have another way of showing everyone exactly the kind of person you are.

Zoe: I'm sorry, but this issue of the magazine closes tomorrow night and will is interviewing the subject of the cover article of this issue. And you can't know who the subject of the story is until after the magazine comes out. Surely you understand.

Sonny: Yeah, I guess I do.

Zoe: What if I take the rose for you and give it to will when he's available?

Sonny: Better than nothing, I guess. Tell will I'll see him at home.

Zoe: Of course. Just so you know, you should be really proud of him. He is a terrific writer and this article's gonna ensure that a lot of people know that.

Sonny: Thank you for saying that. But I'm already proud of will. Because of the kind of person he is.

Will: What was your mother's reaction when you told her that you wouldn't be able to pitch anymore?

Paul: I haven't told her yet.

Will: Why not?

Paul: Once I committed to doing this article I decided I didn't want anything my mother has to say to influence me one way or the other.

Will: So she has no idea? Well, I'd never be able to pull that off with my mom.

Paul: She doesn't know about me either.

Will: W--wait a minute, your mother is going to find out from a magazine article that her son is gay?

Stefano: So, if the Ridgeway woman is two-timing you with Rafael, why do you want her back?

Chad: She's not two-timing me.

Stefano: Ha. Not two-ti-- you said that you saw her kissing him for god's sake.

Chad: Yeah, but I already told you that I talked to Rafe after that. He hates my guts and he still had to admit that Jordan wanted to be with me.

Stefano: So, she can spend your money while she sneaks around with him?

Chad: No, she wouldn't do that.

Stefano: Don't tell me she actually matters to you.

Jordan: Well, I guess this proves no good deed goes unpunished.

Kate: Okay, well I don't understand that, so...

Jordan: Look, I don't care. Okay? I came to drop off a present, not go 15 rounds with you, so I'm just gonna leave it with you.

Kate: Well, you know Arianna's gonna be up any minute. Don't you want to see her in this adorable snowsuit? So cute. You know, maybe you could take a picture. You know, you could send that to gabby, maybe brighten her miserable existence. Anyway, I made a pot of tea could I get you a cup?

Jordan: With lemon and a side of arsenic? I'll pass. You know, I know I'm gonna regret asking this, Kate. But what game are you playing now?

Kate: Oh, no game. I mean, I just thought that, you know, maybe we could try to be civil to each other, now that I'm spending so much time with your step-father. You're sleeping with my business partner. Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise. Don't tell me you already blew it with Chad.

Jordan: It was you, wasn't it?

Kate: Okay, now I don't know what you're talking about.

Jordan: What did you tell him?

Kate: Well, let's see. I think I remember telling him that since you left poplar bluff your entire life has been a lie. And then, I think I told him that you are untrustworthy. I mean, do you mean to tell me that he's actually listening to me?

Jordan: How do you live with yourself?

Kate: Oh, oh, and then I think I might have told him that you are the slut of the physical therapy department. [Laughing] Or maybe he figured that out himself.

Jordan: You really enjoy causing pain.

Kate: Only for certain people, Tammy sue. And right now, you're on the top of that list.

Stefano: You said that you're only dallying with Jordan Ridgeway so that you could stick it to the brother.

Chad: Well, it worked. I goaded him into punching me in front of Abe carver and John black, they arrested him and charged him with assault.

Stefano: Good. Good. Now, you forget the Ridgeways and focus on seducing Abigail, all right? And getting your revenge.

Chad: I know that's the plan, but--

Stefano: But, never mind but. There are no buts. I mean, what--are you a man or not?

Chad: You know I am.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Convince me, all right? Focus on business instead of this romantic claptrap, okay? Get this done.

Paul: I have my issues with my mother. But I wouldn't let her find out that I'm gay by reading it in a magazine. I asked her to come to Salem. And to bring my grandfather too.

Will: That's great, when do they get here?

Paul: They don't. She won't come.

Will: Why not?

Paul: I didn't feel like pushing her about her reasons.

Will: What choice do you have?

Paul: I'll call her and tell her before the article's published.

Will: Why are you waiting?

Paul: Look, my mother is my business. The important thing is that I'm coming out.

Will: And you're sure about this?

Paul: Absolutely. Look, I've been thinking about everything you said. And I decided you're right. I'd been a professional athlete--a successful one. And that puts me in a position to make a lot of young people out there feel better about themselves. I really want to do that.

Will: Paul, why not just tell that to your mom?

Paul: The thing is-- no matter how she feels about the fact that I'm gay, she not gonna like me going in to the press about it-- letting you write this article. But if I wait until there's nothing that I can do to stop the article from being published, then there's less for her and me to argue about. What's the smile for?

Will: I totally get what you're saying.

Paul: Look, I read the article you wrote about your mom. And no offense, but Sammy Brady makes my mom look like a pushover.

Will: [Laughs] My mom is great. I love her and no one has got my back like she does. But we've had some pretty serious differences. But, despite that, our relationship has survived.

Paul: That's good to know.

Will: The deadline for the final draft of this article is tomorrow, midday. I'll get a copy to you for your approval before I submit it to my editor.

Paul: Okay, great. We done?

Will: Yeah. Paul, you're gonna be glad that you did this.

Paul: I think I will too. And if I hadn't met you, I might never have done it. So, thanks again.

John: Hey, kid. Thanks for meeting me.

Sonny: Yeah, no problem. What's on your mind?

John: Well, you, will. Marlena and I were a little concerned about the two of you and I just wanted to make sure that you're okay.

Zoe: Sonny dropped this off while you were interviewing Paul. I talked him into leaving it with me. Do you have everything you need to finish this article?

Will: I think so. I even have a title.

Zoe: "The final out". That's catchy. But I hope you haven't spent all this extra time just trying to come up with a title.

Will: No, I have been doing way more than that.

Zoe: Like what?

Will: [Sniffs] Like the most important word in that title. His out.

Zoe: Oh, my God, Paul Narita is--he's gay?

Will: Yeah.

Zoe: And Sonix is breaking the story? This is an exclusive?

Will: And we're doing it with Paul's full cooperation.

Serena: You're blowing smoke.

Nicole: No, I'm not. And you know it.

Eric: Why don't you knock off the innuendos and the vague references?

Daniel: Okay, you need to share specifics.

Eric: You can't, can you?

Nicole: You don't deserve this, Eric. You don't deserve to put your faith into another woman who's lying to you. But [Chuckles], It happened.

Daniel: Um, you said you have a way to back up your claims without the flash drive. Why don't you start doing that, right now.

[Knock on door]

Nicole: I will. Right now. Thank you for coming so quickly.

Serena: Edward?

Ted: Hello, Serena. It's been a long time. Seeing changes in your skin?

Eric: So, who is this?

Daniel: I'd be interested in knowing that too.

Ted: I'm a journalist. Serena and I, we worked together a while back.

Nicole: Tell them what she did to you.

Ted: We were assigned a long arc piece together and we collaborated for months on the writing, the research... everything.

Nicole: And it wasn't just a professional relationship, was it?

Ted: No. No, it wasn't. It turned into something more. At least I thought so.

Nicole: And then what happened?

Ted: Well, my computer had a lot of miles on it. And, uh, I lost a couple of things that we were working on. Remember? And--and Serena suggested that we put all of my writing and the research onto her computer just in case. I was already spending so much time at her place anyway. I agreed.

Daniel: Well, how come you didn't buy a new computer?

Ted: The money. This was the first big assignment I had gotten, and it was supposed to be a career changer.

Nicole: And was it?

Ted: No, Serena dumped me before the article was published. And when it was, my name wasn't in the byline. In fact, it wasn't anywhere in the piece. And when I tried to gain credit for it, there was no proof. And Serena refused to back me up. And my career was pretty much over after that.

Serena: My God, Edward, I had no idea that you still hated me this much.

Ted: After what you did? How can I feel any other way?

Eric: So this-- do you know what he's talking about?

Serena: Yes, I do.

Sonny: I appreciate your concern, John. What?

John: Just waiting to hear if I have any reason to be concerned.

Sonny: No, you don't. I mean, yes. Things were a little rocky when will was in los Angeles.

John: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And after he came back. I just really missed him and Ari.

John: Yeah.

Sonny: And then the new club was just--ugh--a total disaster. So I was kind of in a rotten place.

John: Yeah, well a separation like that can be rough on any couple. Believe me, I know.

Sonny: I guess you would.

John: Yeah. Listen, I'm sorry about the hit you took on the new business.

Sonny: Thank you. I'll survive. And will and I, we're working things out. As long as I have his love and trust, there's nothing we can't handle.

Will: Grandma, what are you doing here?

Kate: Hi, honey. Sonny asked me to watch Arianna, he had to go out. Mwah. Aww, did you get that for him?

Will: No, Sonny, he, uh, left it for me at the office.

Kate: Oh, that's lovely.

Will: So you and Sonny were here just talking about babysitting?

Kate: No. No, we were talking about you. He loves you very much, you know.

Will: Yeah, I know.

Kate: So, how are things going with that Narita article?

Will: Good, um, talking with you really helped a lot.

Kate: Great. When do I get to read it again?

Will: Soon. I just have to make some final polishes, edits to the final draft, and Paul's approval, and then it's...

Kate: Okay. Then you and Paul go separate ways?

Will: Did Sonny--Sonny say when he was gonna be--be back?

Kate: Uh, he's not sure. Why are you--why are you asking?

Will: I've been thinking a lot about what happened. About what I did and, um, Sonny-- Sonny and I promised that we would never keep secrets from each other.

Kate: Okay, look. Honey, couples make a lot of promises to each other in the beginning before they have a real understanding of what it takes to stick to those promises. You and I both know what you did, there is no good reason why Sonny should know that. What good would that do?

Sonny: I have to tell Sonny what happened with Paul.

Kate: You are never going to see Paul again.

Kate: He's in the past. Unless of course, you think you're falling in love with him.

Jordan: What do you want?

Chad: I know what you did. You owe me an explanation. Introducing light & fit protein shakes,

Will: Why would you even ask me that?

Kate: Because I thought it was a reasonable question.

Will: Well, it's not. You're insinuating that I am so shallow that I would fall in love with someone that I barely know.

Kate: Honey, it happens to the best of us.

Will: Well, it doesn't happen to me. I love Sonny. Sonny's the only one that I love.

Kate: You know, Paul Narita is really charming, he's really good looking. He's a bonafide star. And he's doing something so heroic by coming out like that. I can't believe that you wouldn't like to share just a little bit of that spotlight that he's gonna be standing in.

Will: Now that is insulting.

Kate: No, will, that would just make you human.

Will: You listen to me, okay? I do not want to share anybody's spotlight.

Kate: Shh.

Will: I do not want to share anybody's spotlight. Yes, I have ambitions. Who doesn't? But if I ever achieve any success, whether I am in the spotlight or not, it will be because I earned it on my own.

Kate: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I upset you. And will, I love you and I respect you. And all I want is for you to be happy, that's all I want.

Will: I am happy. I love Sonny, and we built a life together with my daughter. And I'm not gonna let anybody destroy that. Which is why I have to be honest about Paul.

Kate: Do you realize how much that would hurt Sonny? Why do you want to do that? How could you do that?

Will: I-I don't know. I-I-I--no, I don't want--

Kate: Then listen to me. Paul is almost finished with his physical therapy, he's going to be leaving town, you're never gonna have to see him again.

Will: So, wait I just walk around with this feeling inside of me?

Kate: Yes. Yes. Yes, that's what you're going to do, that's what you have to do. That's the price you pay for cheating. And if there's any consolation, this article and Paul's bravery, well that's gonna change lives, okay? But don't ruin Sonny's life. Don't fix it so that every time someone mentions your article it breaks his heart. Don't make him have to think about what you did to get that story.

Will: That's not why I slept with him.

Kate: Okay. Then why did you sleep with Paul? Why did you cheat on Sonny?

John: If things start getting rough again just, uh, do me a favor and remember that you have a lot of people on both sides of the family that love you a lot. So don't let a silly thing called pride get in the way of asking for some help, okay?

Sonny: I'll try not to.

John: All right. 'Cause I kind of know that pride and stubbornness are a couple of expensive luxuries that can end up costing you the most important thing in your life.

Sonny: Seems like you're speaking from experience.

John: I am.

Sonny: But you and Marlena seem to be, like, you know working things out.

John: Oh, we are. And like you, I am determined to make sure nothing gets in the way of that happening.

[Cell phone rings]

Marlena: Hello?

Stefano: Cara, how are you doing?

Marlena: Stefano, what do you want?

Stefano: Oh, I was just wondering what you think about the big news.

Marlena: What big news?

Stefano: That at this late stage of his life, John is going back to such a dangerous profession.

Jordan: You're kidding me, right?

Chad: Mm, I'm serious.

Jordan: You are the one that ended whatever it is that we had going.

Chad: You think I did that for no reason?

Jordan: I don't know why you did it, and frankly I don't care, all right? I have had enough crazy in my life and I am done with it.

Chad: So you're not even curious?

Jordan: I don't have to be. All right? I know what you think. And you are not the person that I thought you were. You are the person people told me you are.

Chad: Which people?

Jordan: I do not owe you an explanation or anything else, all right? It is over between us and believe me, I am okay with that. So why don't you get the hell out of here.

Serena: Edward and I--

Ted: It's ted now. I'm trying to reinvent myself.

Serena: We worked together on my last big assignment. For a while.

Ted: You mean until you edged me out and claimed all the credit for it. After you stole all my work. Check her computer, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Serena: I did keep extensive records of the work we did. And if Nicole managed to download my entire hard drive she has all of that.

Daniel: But we'd need a warrant to look at it. Unless you give us permission.

Nicole: I don't think Serena's in a position to call the shots here.

Eric: Why don't we let a cop decide that. Serena has grounds to file a complaint and let me tell you, while she's on the phone with the police department, I'm gonna be lining up a lawyer to defend her against your claim.

Serena: Eric, thank you. Really. But I don't want to do it that way.

Nicole: I bet you don't.

Serena: The truth is gonna come out about all of this and it might as well be now.

Eric: You don't want to fight this?

Serena: No. I don't. I can't...with you here. And as much as I hate to admit it, Nicole's right about one thing. You need to know all about me. Everything. (Richard) America, last year, we did not get you

Eric: You didn't start this, Serena. Do not let her push you into doing something that could--

Serena: I want--I want this over with. You have my permission. Open the drive.

Daniel: You're not doing this under duress?

Eric: Of course she is.

Serena: Go ahead, please. Do it.

Chad: So what? You're, uh--you're gonna throw me out?

Jordan: I'll call security if I have to.

Chad: So we're done?

Jordan: Oh, we were done when you accused me of whoring myself out to get you to drop the charges against Ben.

Chad: I didn't say it like that.

Jordan: Oh, why not? I'm the slut of the physical therapy department.

Chad: Now where did that come from?

Jordan: Kate. I told you what she did you Rafe and me and yet you're still listening to what she has to say about me.

Chad: This has nothing to do with Kate, I don't give a damn what she says about you or anyone else.

Jordan: Okay, well then I really don't get you and I'm pretty sure I don't care to. No, let go of me.

Chad: I will, when you tell me why you were kissing Rafe.

Marlena: Are you threatening John?

Stefano: How long have we known each other?

Marlena: A little too long.

Stefano: Then you know that I do not make threats, hmm? Do you approve of what John is doing?

Marlena: I do.

Stefano: Why?

Marlena: None of your business.

Stefano: Police work. It's a step down from running a corporation, don't you think?

Marlena: No, I don't.

Stefano: And given your history with John, much of which I've been a party to of course, aren't you worried about his welfare? Huh?

Marlena: I woke up this morning and Stefano was in my-- in my bedroom, he was watching me, he was touching my face--

John: [Groans] Damn him. I should have killed him when I had the chance.

Marlena: Listen. Listen to me, he's got something in mind. He's got a plan. We have to get out before he puts his plan into action. We have to--

John: There's no way out for me, doc. Just save yourself.

Marlena: This phone call makes it very clear to me, that one of us is pretty worried. You're trying to cover things up, but I know you're scared.

Stefano: Give John my best regards, huh? If you see him ever again. [Laughing]

Paul: Excuse me, um, I know you right? You're Dr. Evans' friend.

John: You might say that.

Paul: Last time we met I-- I know I was rude.

John: I survived.

Paul: I apologize.

John: Well, I appreciate that. I'm John black. And you have got one nasty split-finger fastball, Mr. Narita.

Paul: [Chuckles] It was all right. No big deal. And you can just call me Paul.

Will: I don't know why I slept with Paul.

Kate: Well, honey-- you have to think, you must have some idea.

Will: It just happened. It just happened. You yourself, you said that things like this, they just happen.

Kate: I told you that just to make you feel better so you wouldn't make the biggest mistake of your life.

Will: That was the biggest mistake of my life.

Kate: No, telling-- telling Sonny--dragging this all out in front of Sonny would be the biggest mistake of your life. Now I understand why you want to do it. You feel guilty and you want Sonny's absolution. But you need to think of how cruel that would be, how selfish that is.

Will: How is this ever gonna be the same if I'm walking around with this secret inside of me.

Kate: It won't be. Not for you. Not for a long time. But it will be all right for Sonny.

Will: How do you know that?

Kate: Because what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Will: I don't want to talk to you about this anymore, I wish I had never talked to you at all about Paul!

Kate: The person you can't tell is Sonny!

Sonny: What can't will tell me? I want to know.

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