Days Transcript Monday 1/26/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/26/15


Episode #12513 ~ A person is shot and left for dead; Nicole makes her move on Serena; Chad realizes he's made a mistake; Aiden gets in an uncomfortable position.

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Chase: Everything's great. My dad's letting me go back to the beach house one last time. You and your mom should come too!

Aiden: No.

Chase: But--

Aiden: Chase, I said no. It's an old house, there's nothing to--to do there. No reason why they'd want to go, chase.

Ciara: I would love to go.

Chase: See? Why can't they come with us?

Victor: What was that?

Damon: My man found one of Weston's people dealing in the park by St. Luke's.

Victor: How soon are you gonna be ready to move?

Damon: My arrangements are made. Give me the time.

Victor: Make sure it's neat. Clean. I don't want a war.

Damon: Weston's not leaving you any choice, Mr. K. You're just doing what has to be done.

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Ben: Thank you.

Clyde: You gotta stop saying that, Ben. I never thought I'd need to bail you out of jail, but I'm glad you called me.

Ben: Well, I'll pay you back.

Clyde: Forget about the money, will you? Now what the hell did DiMera say to set you off so bad?

Chad: From my experience, Abigail isn't nearly as good as your sister is in bed.

Abigail: Ben?

[Knock at door]

Jordan: Hey. Harold let me in. I've been calling and texting. How are you?

Chad: Oh, on top of the world. Can't you tell?

Jordan: Good. So...what's up? What you up to?

Chad: I help run a multi national corporation, Jordan. I'm working.

Jordan: Okay. Look...Chad, I'm really sorry about what Ben did to you. Is that why you're acting like this--are we okay?

Jennifer: Wow, Eric, these really are so beautiful. Our quarterly reports have never looked so good. Wait a minute. Is that Serena mason?

Eric: Yeah. She'll sign a release. But if it's awkward, I--you know, with her position, I'll blur her out.

Jennifer: Okay.

Eric: I'll ask.

Jennifer: Yeah. Maxine said you were friends.

Eric: We are.

Jennifer: Yeah?

Eric: We have some history. We're, uh...sort of reconnecting.

Serena: Nicole, um. Apparently, this is a bad time. I'll come back later.

Nicole: No, no, no--don't. There's no one I'd rather see at this moment. And I mean no one.

Daniel: Nicole?

Serena: You can't be so bored that you're happy to see me.

Nicole: Not at all. I'm not bored, I'm just--

Serena: Look, I just came by to drop off Melanie's book, so if you could just let her know I was here, and--

Nicole: Hang on a second. Before you go, we need to get something straight.

Jennifer: Sort of reconnecting?

Eric: That sounds more indecisive than I feel, I guess. I just...I haven't talked about it.

Jennifer: I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry.

Eric: No, I'm happy to talk to someone who's more objective asking about it.

Jennifer: More objective than?

Eric: My mom. My family, really. Daniel.

Jennifer: Wow, that's a pretty big swath of the whole town. Why can't they be objective about Serena, especially Daniel?

Eric: Serena's not the problem.

Jennifer: Well, who can't they be objective... Nicole.

Serena: Really? You want to face off here?

Nicole: Okay, you are not making this easy.

Serena: Uh, what did you expect me to think?

Nicole: I'm just trying to clear the air, could you give me a minute? Can I offer you a-a--

Serena: Drink? No, thanks. Been there, done that, wore it home.

Nicole: That really was an accident. But I can see why you think otherwise.

Serena: Yeah?

Nicole: Look, you don't like me, I don't like you. I get it. But don't you see, this is a small town. We have people in common. So could we just try to be civil? I think we should just sit down, have a long conversation, and hash it out.

Serena: Hash what out? You just nailed it. We don't like each other.

Nicole: We could do this on your turf. Your terms. I just need you to name the time and the place.

Serena: Why am I so sure there's something else going on here?

Ted: The real proof you need is on her own computer. If you can gain access to that, you'll have the proof in hand.

Nicole: Because there is.

Hope: Ciara, sweetie. We're all set for the week. You're going with your class to san Francisco. It's all you've been talking about for weeks.

Ciara: Plans can change.

Hope: Yes, they can, but you also know that I'm going to see Shawn Douglas and belle in Tahiti while you're on your class trip.

Ciara: Way better trip than mine, but okay.

Hope: Ciara?

Chase: Then just Ciara can come with me.

Aiden: Chase?

Chase: Shelly can watch two of us.

Hope: Who's Shelly?

Aiden: Uh, she's the new nanny. It's looking like she'll make the trip out with us. And fly chase out to san Francisco so he can meet up with his school group.

Chase: So--so it worked out already?

Ciara: Come on. My grandma made pie. Let our parents figure out the details. Thanks so much, Mr. Jennings. It's going to be a blast. You've got to learn to quit while you're ahead. Come on.

Hope: She's, uh, planning on law school, you know, if the girl band, rock star thing doesn't work out.

Aiden: Oh. Can't wait for the album launch. And pray that I never have to face her in court.

Hope: Aiden, don't worry. I know that you and chase need to do this on your own. I'll handle Ciara.

Aiden: Well, famous last words.

Hope: No, seriously. Don't worry. She'll understand. Believe me, she waged a major lobbying effort to ditch her school trip to go to Tahiti with me. Well, that is, until... am I reading this all wrong?

Aiden: What?

Hope: Are you feeling this would be too hard to do alone with chase? Would you like some support? If that's the case, we can come.

Aiden: Hope. That is the last thing that I want.

Rafe: Sorry to interrupt. Henderson said you were in here.

Victor: And so I am.

Rafe: What's up, Damon?

Victor: You two know each other?

Damon: Detective Hernandez and I go way back.

Rafe: I like the way you put that.

Damon: This an official visit?

Rafe: Yeah, it is.

Victor: He's not a detective anymore, he works for me.

Damon: Oh. Oh, that's a great move. For both of you, welcome aboard.

Victor: I'll be in touch with you in a while and finalize the roll out on that project.

Damon: Sure.

Rafe: Your man's twitchy.

Victor: You enjoyed that too much.

Rafe: Eh, well, some days, having a badge was fun.

Victor: So I assume you've had dealings?

Rafe: Yeah. Never any convictions, though. Funny how that works. What's a guy like demon doing for a guy like you these days?

Victor: Minding his own business. He likes his job. What about you? What are you doing here?

Rafe: Minding your business.

Victor: I hired you to run a club, that's all.

Rafe: That's why I'm here, Victor.

Victor: Is there a problem?

Rafe: Well, a new trucking company showed up today to deliver the supplies. And there was a 20 percent surcharge on the bill. Know anything about that?

Abigail: I-I-I tried to see you in jail, but they wouldn't let me in, and--

Ben: No, it's okay, I'm... really glad you didn't see that.

Clyde: Son, I'm gonna make a few calls.

Abigail: Ben. What happened?

Ben: I lost my temper and I hit Chad.

Abigail: Yeah, I know. I saw him, he looked...pretty beaten up.

Ben: Okay, I hit him more than once.

Abigail: But why?

Ben: He set me off, Abigail. I don't know.

Abigail: You don't know? Come on, Ben. Seriously, you expect me to believe that? You--you beat a guy up like that and you just--you don't know why? Talk to me, please. What happened, what did he do?

Chad: Is that why you're here? Because of us?

Jordan: I'm concerned about you. Why didn't you answer any of my texts or messages?

Chad: I knew what they were about.

Jordan: Okay, well then why didn't you answer so I could help? I want to take care of you.

Chad: Aw. That is so sweet. You wanted to take care of me?

Jordan: Yes.

Chad: Or did you want me to drop the charges against your brother?

Ben: It doesn't matter what Chad said, Abigail. There's no excuse for me beating him like that.

Abigail: Okay. Um, okay--so, um, what happens now?

Ben: Chad's pressing charges.

Abigail: All right. Well, you don't have a record. So--

Ben: No, no--there's a record. There's no arrest, but Rafe made a record of the time before. That'll definitely come up.

Abigail: I'm gonna call Aiden Jennings. He was--he was great with my brother's case, and he'll definitely help you. Especially if--if Chad was provoking you.

Ben: I'm not using anything that Chad said.

Abigail: But you said that he was trying to set you up. I mean--

Ben: Abigail? Please, just...leave it alone.

Abigail: What are you talking about?

Ben: I'll handle it.

Abigail: No, Ben, you could go to jail.

Ben: I'll handle it.

Clyde: Abigail? No way in hell that's gonna happen. Not as long as I have breath.

Eric: They had a fight last night at edge of the square. Drink throwing, hitting. Pulling hair.

Jennifer: What? Yikes. And really, the little that I know about Serena, I do think she is one of the few women who could go toe to toe with Nicole.

Eric: Mm.

Jennifer: How does Serena feel about all this?

Eric: She seems to be okay.

Jennifer: And Nicole?

Eric: I don't know. And honestly...I don't care.

Serena: What's really going on here, Nicole?

Nicole: Look, the truth is... I want to get on with my life, completely apart from Eric. And you. And that won't happen if we can't run into each other and not start swinging.

Serena: Uh-huh. And when Eric hears about this big overture, then what? 'Cause that's the real deal, isn't it, Nicole? You just want to get back into Eric's good graces?

Nicole: No, I promise you. It is not that.

Serena: And I should believe you, why?

Nicole: Because. I'm telling you the truth. Please, look at me. That is the truth. This is not about Eric!

Serena: Then who is it about?

Daniel: Okay. Well, you missed out. I don't know what kept you. Your eyes really are unique.

Serena: Daniel, hi. Sorry to...interrupt. I was just bringing Mel--Melanie's book back.

Daniel: Uh, it's okay. It's okay. Uh, I'm sorry that I'M... you know.

Serena: Please, don't. Don't be, I--sorry. I-I should have called. Um, I'll be going.

Nicole: Bye. [Laughs]

Daniel: Hmm, so did you--did you play nice?

Nicole: I showed great restraint.

Daniel: You two get into it?

Nicole: No. We were quite polite.

Daniel: Hmm.

Nicole: And I took the lead on that. See, I'm taking your advice and I'm letting it go.

Daniel: Wow, that's a good girl. I'm--I'm proud of you.

Nicole: Thank you.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: I'm glad you're happy with me. However, I have issues with you.

Daniel: Oh, you have issues with me.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I don't think that shower got you very clean. You're gonna have to get right back in there.

Daniel: Oh, really? Ohh, I'm sorry. But you missed out.

Nicole: Oh, I did--I missed out, huh?

Daniel: Yes, you did. Yeah, I'm sorry.

Nicole: Well, at least let me dry you off.

Eric: I figured out a while back that it was better and easier for both of us if I just didn't see Nicole.

Jennifer: Now, don't you think that's kind of hard to manage sometimes?

Eric: Actually, it's been pretty easy. I mean, except for last night. That was an exception.

Jennifer: Then why are you still so unsettled?

Eric: It's Daniel. I mean, is this...too weird to talk about?

Jennifer: No, it's really not, I'm--I'm really fine.

Eric: Things were a little tense with Daniel when this thing kind of broke out at the club. It's just--he's been a good friend. I owe him a lot. But it's really hard to see how we don't end up on opposite sides in all of this.

Jennifer: Eric, I'm--I'm sorry, Daniel and I--we--we made a lot of mistakes when we were together. And nobody is perfect. But he is a great friend. And that friendship is worth whatever trouble comes with it, so I really hope the two of you can figure it out.

Aiden: Uh, I-- I appreciate the offer. I do, it's just the whole thing is starting to feel like a big mistake, and I think adding more people to the mix would just, you know.

Hope: Well then, why are you taking chase?

Aiden: I mean, you've seen how he reacted to selling the house. It's the one thing he asked. He wanted to--to see the--the house. The place where his mom died. Oh, gosh, I mean... what does a kid do with that? Why do you want to go back to the place of your-- your worst nightmare?

Hope: Maybe he needs to end the chapter in his way. As much as you ever can when you lose a parent.

Aiden: I just don't know what it's gonna do to him.

Hope: Aiden, listen to me. You're a wonderful father. I've seen how amazing you are with him. Whatever comes, I know you'll do right by him. Maybe you could use some back up, what do you say? Hmm? Ciara's wonderful with chase. And, uh, I'm not too shabby with you, right?

Aiden: I mean, it's just gonna be for a few hours.

Hope: I don't care about that. It won't be out of the way for us and even if it were, it wouldn't matter. We're gonna be there for you. The both of you, and help you get through this.

Aiden: Wow. It's not mystery where Ciara gets it. I never want to face you in court either.

Hope: Good. Is that a yes? Yes?

Aiden: Oh, you are amazing. But look, it's--it's truly just gonna be for a few hours. Okay, but...if you and Ciara--

Hope: We'd love to. Yes, we would.

Victor: I'm not interested in that sort of day to day detail, Rafe.

Rafe: So someone muscles in on your trucking business and then charges you an extra 20 percent to rub your nose in it, and you don't care?

Victor: You heard what I said.

Rafe: Uh, hmm. Okay. So either you want to get shaken down, or you just don't want to talk to me about it. Look, Victor. There are ways to handle this that aren't, um...

Victor: Aren't what? Messy?

Rafe: You don't have to get your hands dirty. But if you need help--

Victor: Then I'll call you. You got the job that you wanted from me, Rafe. Take care of that. Let me worry about my other interests.

Clyde: I'm working on getting a lawyer for you now. Aiden Jennings office says he's on his way out of town, so we gotta find--

Ben: No, you don't have to do that. Bailing me out was enough.

Clyde: Hey, you gotta walk away from this clean. All right? I'm not gonna sit here and let you get a criminal record. It just closes too many doors in life.

Abigail: Ben, you have to listen to him.

Clyde: First, we gotta get over to TBD and get your stuff.

Ben: Okay, I can do that.

Clyde: Well I'm coming with you. From now on, you can't afford to run into Chad DiMera alone.

Jordan: What Ben did was wrong. It was off the charts wrong.

Chad: But?

Jordan: Look, do I want to see my brother go to jail? No, okay. But I'm sure he's really sorry.

Chad: Not as sorry as he's gonna be. Two cops were witnesses, and Ben has a history. He can't control himself, Jordan, and people who can't control themselves, they need a--they need to learn a lesson.

Jordan: Okay, you're right. Listen, listen--you're right. Okay? And I am sure this is a big wake up call to him right now. He needs to figure out a way to get control of his anger, and I'm gonna talk to him about that.

Chad: [Laughs] That'll do it.

Jordan: Whatever you want. Okay, whatever you think will help.

Chad: You would do anything? Wouldn't you? You would do absolutely anything to keep me from pressing charges. You'd sleep with me right here and now, wouldn't you? You were gonna hit me, weren't you?

Jordan: No.

Chad: I guess that temper runs in the family.

Jordan: Why are you doing this? I don't understand why you're doing--

Chad: Because I'm not gonna be used, Jordan. Not by you and not by anybody else.

Jordan: I am not trying--

Chad: No, your brother's gonna pay for what he did. You know the way out.

Clyde: Chad's not in. They don't expect him for awhile, if at all.

Ben: All right. Thanks. I'll go get my stuff and head home.

Clyde: All right, I'll wait here.

Ben: No, you don't have to. I can handle this on my own.

Clyde: That's what family's for, all right? They look out for each other. Just like you and Jordan did for each other all those years. You fight for family. Hey. That's what happened, isn't it? Chad DiMera said something about your family.

Ben: I'm not gonna discuss this with you or anyone else.

Clyde: All right. I respect that, you're a good man. Go get your things, I'll give you a ride home.

[Cell phone rings] Weston.

Victor: We need to meet.

[Kissing and moaning]

Daniel: You know, it's supposed to snow tonight.

Nicole: Oh. Well, we could stay here all cozy. Or we could go to the park and have some fun.

Daniel: You looking for a snowball fight? Huh?

Nicole: Why not?

Daniel: Why not? I've seen your skills. I don't need you aiming any projectiles at me.

Nicole: Oh, what?

Daniel: What?

Nicole: It's snow, how bad could it hurt? Especially since I throw like a girl.

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, this is not dodge ball or football. This is snow ball.

Nicole: Oh, don't even.

Daniel: I will take you down.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Nicole: Oh.

Daniel: All right. Hold that thought.

Nicole: Okay. Ooh. Hi.

Daniel: Whoa.

Nicole: What? It's an emergency. I gotta go.

Nicole: Oh--yeah, go, go.

Daniel: Okay. Well, I-I won't take long.

Nicole: It's okay. I'll let myself out.

Serena: You are a total wild card, Nicole walker. Maybe I should keep you close.

[Cell phone rings]

Serena: Hello?

Nicole: Hi. It's Nicole. Uh, sorry we got interrupted.

Serena: That's okay. I understand your motivation much better now. Dr. Jonas seems like a pretty good guy.

Nicole: He is. So can we--can we clear the air? Can we meet right now and settle things?

Serena: Sure. You can come by my hotel.

Nicole: Yeah, of course.

Serena: Great. As I recall, you know where it is. You can keep the lock picks at home. I'll be sure to answer when you knock.

Nicole: I'll see you later.

Aiden: Well, thank you, Shelly. Okay, we'll be home soon. Thanks.

Hope: Hey.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Nanny all set?

Aiden: She's fine.

Hope: Okay, great. Well, I changed my flight. I'm gonna go from Seattle to lax to Tahiti. It'll only be three hours later than originally planned.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Okay, if that's--

Hope: It's like it's meant to be, right?

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Are you good with this?

Aiden: I am grateful.

Hope: Wait a sec--are you sure? You're okay with it?

Aiden: I am sure--yes, absolutely. I just feel a little guilty that it's all this work for just a few hours, that's all.

Hope: Again, I told you, we're happy to do it.

Aiden: Okay. Okay, well then, chase will say his goodbye. I'll stay behind and close on the house'll all be done.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: And we can move on with our lives.

Clyde: Well Victor, I--

Victor: University park. Clearing south of the fountain. 20 minutes.

Clyde: I'll see you there.

Jordan: What are you doing standing out here?

Clyde: Well, good morning to you too. Ben's in getting his things.

Jordan: Thank you for bailing him out.

Clyde: Yeah, I'm gonna take care of this for your brother.

Jordan: What does that mean?

Clyde: Legally. Have you talked to your boyfriend?

Jordan: I tried, but he's being really weird with me. What?

Clyde: I bet you anything this fight was about you.

Abigail: Chad? Are you all right?

Chad: Yeah, I-I just hate the whole thing.

Abigail: I know, me too.

Chad: I don't know why Ben came at me that way.

Abigail: There's no excuse for it.

Chad: I mean, I-I-I've tried with the guy, Abigail. I kept him on at the club after he attacked me the first time. I didn't press charges then but now, I--

Abigail: Is that what you feel like you have to do?

Chad: If I didn't, the cops would anyway. Take care.

Abigail: Wait, Chad, wait. Um... do you really not have any idea what set him off?

Chad: He's really possessive of you. I didn't realize how much until now.

Daniel: You got the pre-ops on the crushed femur? Car accident, route 17, crushed femur, internal bleeding.

Nurse: Yeah, Dr. Patel got back early. She took it.

Daniel: Oh, thanks for the heads up. Not that I mind leaving a warm someone, driving in the freezing cold. Could be having a snow ball fight right now. I still could.

Nicole: This is Nicole walker. Please leave a message.

Daniel: Hey, legs. You get this in 15 minutes, you call me. Snowballs, 15 paces. Game on.

Eric: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey.

Eric: You have a few minutes? Just want to talk to you about Serena. And Nicole.

Nicole: So what folder am I looking for exactly? I mean, it's not gonna say "stolen research."

Ted: The Hartford project. Anything even remotely related to that--research notes. What?

Nicole: Well, it's just so... bloodless.

Ted: Sorry the total destruction of my life and career didn't have more zazz.

Nicole: I get it, ted. It's horrible and all that. It's just that...dead bodies, embezzlement. Readers can really get their head around that easier.

Ted: I tell you what. Copy everything on that conniving bitch's desktop. Who knows what you might find.

Nicole: Great idea.

Nicole: Don't turn your back, all right? Not even for a second.

Nicole: I got it, ted. I can handle myself. You just do your part.

[Baby crying]

Eric: Daniel, we're friends. And I want it to stay that way.

Daniel: Me too.

Eric: I shouldn't have said what I said about Nicole last night. I was completely out of line. I agree.

Eric: I just don't want there to be any problems. You know, between us. No matter what happens with Nicole and Serena.

Daniel: Well, you know, I think there's a chance that after today, that problem may be solved.

Serena: I thought I heard you.

Nicole: I had a work call I had to get out of the way.

Serena: I know how that goes.

Nicole: I wanted to give you my full attention. So, um, here I am.

Serena: Finally looked you up. That was a wacky online search.

Nicole: I am not proud of everything I've done in my past, but that's what it is, my past.

Eric: And Eric was with you, even knowing all that.

Nicole: Up until he wasn't. He's moved on and so have I, and I just want things to be easy for both of us. All of us.

Serena: That sounds good to me.

Nicole: So what do you think it'll take? Do we have to cross to opposite sides of the street if we run into each other?

Serena: I don't know. I mean, this is--

[Cell phone rings]

Serena: Oh, damn. I've gotta make a--a work call.

Nicole: Go ahead.

Serena: Can you just wait here a--a few minutes? I want to finish this.

Nicole: Sure.

Clyde: Yeah, I'm on my way now. University park. Don't worry. Kiriakis isn't dumb enough to do anything in public. He wants to meet. I don't know. Probably wants to find a way to surrender, save face. No. I guarantee you the old man is backing down.

Jennifer: Hey, honey. What's wrong?

Abigail: Ben, uh, was arrested. For assaulting Chad.

Ben: Jordan, I'm not getting into it with you. Final answer.

Jordan: Well, if it's about me, maybe I can help.

Ben: You can't keep bailing me out my whole life. I screwed up. I have to pay the price.

Jordan: Well, if you need money for a lawyer or anything.

Ben: No, dad-- Clyde is taking care of it.

Jordan: Well, if he doesn't, if he slips up for one second--

Ben: When are you gonna stop worrying about me? How are you doing? How are you and Chad?

Rafe: You happy now, you punk.

Chad: Excuse you?

Rafe: Ben's a good kid. Now he's gonna have a record.

Chad: And that's on him. I'm not sure how any of this is your business. Aren't you Victor's new doorman?

Rafe: Oh, that's good. You really think I'm as easy to bait as Ben, huh?

Chad: You two are depressingly similar.

Rafe: Jordan goes to the mat for you every time you're attacked, and yet you...

Chad: Blah, blah, blah.

Rafe: Can't leave her brother alone.

Chad: What are you babbling about?

Rafe: She's committed to you. You don't deserve her.

Chad: Why would you say that?

Aiden: So hope and I have worked it out, and it looks like she and Ciara will be joining us in Puget sound.

Ciara: Yes! I love traveling to so many different places. Now if I could just add Tahiti.

Hope: You know what, you need to quit while you're ahead. Come on. We need to buy a sled before the storm starts.

Chase: Do we have a sled?

Aiden: Uh, we will, almost immediately. Let's go buy a sled.

Chase: I want it to snow 10 feet.

Ciara: No way. You want enough to close school, but not enough to stop flights. 'Cause we are so not missing this trip.

Chase: How many feet is that?

Aiden: It's just a few hours. Nothing can happen in a few hours. (Announcer) are you dealing with hot flashes during menopause?

Daniel: And when I walked into the living room just now, Nicole and Serena were having a very civilized conversation.

Eric: Really?

Daniel: Yeah, and it wasn't planned. Serena was returning something to Melanie, and maybe it's just because it caught them both off guard, or maybe, just maybe... they both want to live and let live.

Abigail: I mean, it seems like Chad said something that set Ben off, but I can't figure it out because neither one of them will tell me what's going on.

Jennifer: But Chad provoked it.

Abigail: Yeah, but that doesn't excuse anything.

Jennifer: Well, thank goodness you can see that.

Abigail: No, believe me, mom. I-I get it. This time, it went too far.

Jennifer: This time? Has this happened before?

Abigail: Kind of.

Jennifer: Well, does Ben have a temper, I mean--

Abigail: Mom, please just don't--don't say anything, okay. I know what you're gonna do. You're gonna tell me that I have to break up with him, and I can't do that, okay? 'Cause I'm in love with him.

Jennifer: No, I'm gonna tell you that this boy needs help.

Abigail: I--I'm gonna help him. I'm gonna help him.

Jennifer: No, that's not what I'm talking about.

Abigail: I can't stay here. I have to go, I'll see you later.

Jennifer: You can't help him.

Jordan: I don't know if there is a Chad and me anymore.

Ben: Because of what I did?

Jordan: No, I-I don't think it was you.

Ben: I gave him a pretty good beating.

Jordan: Yeah, I know. But I swear, it was something else that set him off, I think.

Ben: But what?

Jordan: I have no idea.

Rafe: What don't you get? Didn't use any big words. You're an ass, and yet Jordan's still committed to you.

Chad: How do you know that?

Rafe: How do I know that? Because she defends you every chance she gets, even though people try and warn her.

Chad: Including you.

Rafe: Yeah, of course, including me. Look, she and I are done, but I can't stand the fact that she wastes her time on scum like you. Now she didn't want to hear it, but maybe now that you're gonna have her brother thrown in jail, maybe she'll get the picture.

Clyde: Where's Victor?

Damon: He sent me. With a message.

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