Days Transcript Tuesday 12/23/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/23/14


Episode #12485 ~ JJ blasts Eve for the lies she told to keep him & Paige apart; Paige is stunned when Kimberly tells her the truth about Shane; Melanie catches Nicole red-handed; Doug & Julie arrive in town for the holidays, & Doug is furious with Hope.

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Hope: I hope the kids are having fun at Drew's Christmas party.

Aiden: Oh, I'm sure they are.

Hope: Mm.

Aiden: Although the problem is, now we have at least three hours to kill.

Hope: Hmm.

Aiden: Any ideas?

Hope: Well, um... I wonder if the Salem inn is fully booked for Christmas.

Aiden: All we can do is try.

Doug: You want to tell me what's going on here?

Hope: Dad.

Paige: Thanks for seeing me, Dr. Green. I just have a few questions about my grandfather's illness.

Dr. Green: So, you're asking me to lie. My dear, I'm very sorry. I have been called into the OR. Emergency surgery.

Paige: Oh, that's okay. I'll just wait.

Dr. Green: Uh... okay. Suit yourself.

Kayla: Okay. Now I'm set. Go ahead.

JJ: Aunt Kayla, just...thank you. And I really appreciate this.

Kayla: It's no problem. Listen, I'm waiting to hear if I'm needed for a pre-op evaluation, anyway, so a cup of coffee seemed like a good idea, and you sounded really stressed on the phone. So what's up?

JJ: Um, can this stay between you and me? 'Cause I don't want my mom getting into it right now.

Kayla: Well, if I can promise that, I will. Why don't we just see what's bothering you first?

JJ: I just need a favor. And it has to do with Paige and her mom.

Eve: [Sighs] [Sighs] Right. Oh, great. Plenty of time until my plane leaves. And when it does, no more Salem. Ha. Ever!

[Door opens]

Daniel: Ah. I am so sorry it took so long.

Eric: No problem.

Daniel: Oy. Goodness. Whoof, where's, uh-- where's Melanie?

Serena: Uh, she had to run a quick errand.

Daniel: In the middle of a dinner party?

Serena: She'll be right back. She just went to my hotel room.

Melanie: What the hell are you doing here?

Kayla: I have not heard one word Shane from Kimberly.

JJ: So you don't know anything about this?

Kayla: No.

JJ: Figures.

Kayla: What do you mean by that?

JJ: Aunt Kayla, I don't think anyone is really sick. I just think this is some game that Paige's mom is playing.

Kayla: Why?

JJ: Well, it's... Paige and I are friends, you know, but her mom hates my guts. So I think that her mom made up some weird story that's got Paige fooled, so that she can make sure that Paige and I never see each other again.

Kayla: You know, Eve has done a lot of crazy things in her life, but to lie about her father's health? I just--

JJ: I know that I'm asking a lot, but can you figure out what's really going on? Because if Paige is forced to move to California, I wanna know about it. I need to know, aunt Kayla.

Kayla: Okay. All right, you know what? I'll just call Kimberly, and we'll-- we'll see what's going on.

Daniel: Why would Mel be at your hotel room? I mean, you're here.

Serena: It's my fault. I was supposed to bring something over for her tonight, and I forgot. So, um, I was gonna go back and get it myself. She wouldn't hear of it.

Daniel: But why in the world would it be so important she had to have it tonight?

Serena: Well, I, um... I brought something into the states for her. You know what? I'm--I'm gonna let her explain. Okay?

Daniel: Well, let's hope she gets back soon.

Nicole: Melanie, listen to me. Okay, I can explain.

Melanie: Okay, I'm sure you can. How about I take a whack at it, though? You found out Eric's ex-girlfriend is back in town, so you thought you'd sneak into her room and snoop around. How am I doing, so far?

Nicole: Well, uh, you're really far off, actually.

Melanie: Nicole, this is just such a bummer because Serena happens to be a really good friend of mine, and that means that you don't get to harass her.

[Phone ringing]

Nicole: Well, you haven't even heard my side of things. If you'd just let me explain--

Melanie: Gosh, it's my dad. I really feel like he should know what's happening.

Nicole: Melanie, it's not what you think.

Melanie: Hey, pop. These little angels build in softness.

Hope: Daddy, hi. My goodness, it's so good to see-- Dad? See you. Julie, so good to see you. I thought you said you were gonna be here on Christmas Eve.

Julie: We thought it would be a nice surprise if we came a few days early.

Doug: Except that my surprise came on the plane. When Julie told me that you were dating some man named Aiden. I suppose that's him.

Aiden: Aiden Jennings, pleasure to meet you, sir.

Doug: At least you told me about divorcing Bo, so no surprise there. But then I come to find that you actually are already seeing someone else.

Hope: Daddy, I wanted to tell you in person.

Julie: I'm sorry, Hope. I know you told me to keep it a secret, but it slipped out.

Doug: Don't you think I should have been told before you two did thanksgiving with Maggie and Victor?

Julie: That slipped out, too.

Hope: [Sighs]

Doug: The Bradys knew before I did.

Hope: Julie!

Julie: That too.

Aiden: Mr. Williams, I realize you're upset, but Hope did not mean to--

Doug: Honestly, pal, I don't want to hear the sound of your voice.

Hope: Dad.

Doug: Clear enough?

Hope: Dad. That is rude.

Doug: I want to speak to my daughter alone. Now.

Kayla: Hey, California girl. How are you doing?

Kimberly: Not bad. What's the busy doctor calling me in the middle of the day for? It's something going on I should know about?

Kayla: Um... well, you know, I was just talking with a friend of Paige's and, um, the friend said that Shane is really ill.

Kimberly: No. [Laughs] No, no, no, no, no. He's just fine. They took him in for a few tests and wanted to keep him overnight, but it's all good. Might have to keep him away from that spicy food, though. Other than that, he's good.

Kayla: Well, that's certainly a relief. [Laughs] Um, well, um... maybe Paige was mistaken.

Kimberly: Maybe she was. Although that doesn't make any sense because Eve knows her dad's gonna be okay. I'm sure she told Paige that.

Kayla: Well, the thing is, um... Paige said that she and Eve needed to be in L.A. So they could help out during the illness.

Kimberly: No. Eve told me they were staying because she...

Kayla: Kimberly?

Kimberly: I'm sorry. You know what, Kay? I think there's been a lot of miscommunication going on here, so, uh... what I'm gonna do is have a little pow-wow with Eve and Paige, and we're gonna talk this through once Eve comes back from Salem.

Kayla : Eve's here in Salem?

Eve: Oh, this is perfect. This gives me the right to jack's royalties in a lump sum. [Laughs] Yeah. Why do I want to ship any of this to L.A.? Baby girl... mm, I hate lying to you like this, but it's for your own good, sweetie. For your own good. [Sighs]

Kayla: Bye. Wow. You're right. Something here doesn't add up.

JJ: Look, um... don't tell my mom about this. Okay? If miss Larson is playing some weird game, I mean, her and my mom, like, hate each other, so...

Kayla: Gotcha. Don't add fuel to the fire.

[Phone rings]

Kayla: Oh. Oh, yeah, it's my pre-op evaluation. I gotta go. Um... it's gonna be all right. Okay, don't worry. Okay?

JJ: Thanks again.

Kayla: Oh. You bet.

Daniel: What's going on?

Melanie: I ran into... something, so you guys start, and I will be right there.

Daniel: Okay. Well, make it fast.

Melanie: Yep.

Nicole: Thank you.

Melanie: I didn't rat you out yet because you helped me with the casino people, so you have one chance to explain to me what you're doing here, and make it a winner.

Hope: [Sighs] My dad's probably right. We should have a little time alone.

Julie: Okay. You, um... Aiden, you and I will go get a drink somewhere on the square. Something more fortifying than hot chocolate.

Aiden: All right. Sure, yeah. I'll talk to you later, okay? All right.

Hope: Okay. I know you're upset. And I know you're angry. And I know you're disappointed with me. And it's killing me. Dad, I desperately--believe me-- I desperately wanted to tell you about Aiden, but not on the phone and certainly not by email. I wanted to do it face-to-face. I wanted to tell you in person. I love you. You know how much I love you.

Doug: I--yes. I also know how you consistently avoid telling me something that you think I don't want to hear. Like when you started dating Bo.

Hope: And that was-- that was ages ago.

Doug: Yeah, I don't care. You thought that-- that I would not approve, so you hid something from me. Well, this is the same damn thing. It's--it's the same thing. You know what, Hope? I do not approve. Not--not at all.

Daniel: So tell me what you and Melanie did over in Europe. You traveled together a lot?

Serena: Whenever we could. It was fun.

Daniel: Oh, boy. I imagine you guys had a few adventures, huh?

Serena: [Laughs] Yep, as much as we possibly could. I mean, nothing too crazy.

Daniel: All right, well that's good. I mean, that's good. Because you hear about people going over there on their own, these young kids, traveling and they think the rules don't apply to them, and they start doing drugs and--

Serena: Oh, no. No, no, no.

Daniel: Oh.

Serena: No, we never messed with anything like that.

Daniel: Okay, okay. But I know Melanie enjoyed the casino in Monte Carlo. Did you ever go with her?

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Oh. Hold on. Mm. Hello, Chloe. Yeah, yeah, put him on. Hey, Parker, you ready to go to bed, buddy?

Serena: Did you get the impression that Daniel was fishing for something? Like maybe he thinks that Melanie did something in Europe that she shouldn't?

Eric: Well, from everything that Daniel said, Melanie can be a bit unpredictable.

Serena: Okay.

Eric: Daniel doesn't like surprises.

Nicole: I'm not gonna deny this, okay? I-- I was curious about Serena.

Melanie: Okay, so you-- you went online to get a little dirt on her, and then you broke into her room?

Nicole: No, no, no, I didn't. I went online just to find out who she is. And then when--when Eric caught me, I realized, "okay, yeah, this kind of looks a little, you know--"

Melanie: Sleazy? Underhand.

Nicole: Okay, all right. Look, I wanted to give her this orchid. And I wanted to apologize. You see, look, look. I even--I even wrote it out.

Melanie: So you broke into her room to give her a flower?

Nicole: No, I didn't break in. The bellhop was just outside. He let me in, and I promised him that after-- after I had written my apology that I would--I would leave.

Melanie: He was cool with that?

Nicole: Yeah.

Melanie: Remind me not to stay here.

Nicole: Melanie, I am telling you the truth. I was just about to leave when you showed up. All right, look, I--I can prove everything I said is true. I can prove it.

Melanie: Okay. Do it.

Eve: Can this stay between us? Paige is upset about a boy.

Kimberly: Oh.

Eve: And I just want her to have a fresh start.

Kimberly: Would Eve really lie to Paige about Shane's condition? Just to make-- oh, brother. Of course she would. It's Eve.

[Phone rings]

Paige: Hello?

Kimberly: Hey, Paige, it's me. Yeah. Could you come home right away, honey?

Eve: All right. [Sighs] Ha. Plenty of time to get to the airport. [Sighs]

Daniel: Ah, sorry about that. [Chuckles]

Eric: Not a problem.

Serena: How old is your son?

Daniel: Ah, he's four years old.

Serena: Mm.

Daniel: Yeah, we always say good night on the phone when he's away, yeah.

Serena: Mm. Do you have a picture of him?

Daniel: Well, absolutely. In fact, right here.

Serena: Oh! [Gasps] Oh, my God, he's adorable.

Eric: Yeah, he's a cute kid.

Serena: Wow. I never really thought about having kids.

Eric: She was afraid they would inherit her worst qualities. Like never being on time.

Serena: Or maybe my bad singing voice or my misshapen toes.

Eric: Right. Stop, all right? There's nothing wrong with your toes.

Serena: Yes, I know. [Laughing] But I have to admit. Um... I don't know, the last couple of years it's like my maternal instincts started kicking in. I think having kids might not be such a bad idea after all.

Derrick: And the lady here wanted to finish writing something to leave with the flower. So I let her in.

Melanie: You didn't think that was weird?

Derrick: She seemed nice. She had a flower.

Melanie: Totally. She had a flower.

Nicole: Hey, thank you so much for coming here and explaining everything. And I think that's all we need, so thanks, thanks.

Derrick: Good night.

Nicole: Night. See, I told you. What I said was the truth, okay? I just wanted to apologize. So can you please not tell anyone about this? It'll just cause a huge headache for--for your dad, for Eric--

Melanie: Nicole, stop, stop. Now you're giving me a headache, okay? I have a party to get back to.

Nicole: Okay. So you're not gonna tell anyone, right?

Melanie: Yeah, well... for now.

Nicole: Okay, what's that?

Melanie: Seriously? Go. All the way.

Nicole: Okay.

Melanie: I was just starting to like you. [Sighs]

Kimberly: Oh, right there. Paige, maybe we've been beating around the bush a little bit, avoiding talking about your grandpa's condition. You know, especially since your mom left. So I was wondering... do you have any questions?

Paige: Actually, I do. But I didn't want to upset you, so--

Kimberly: No. You'll never upset me talking about things. Frankly, I'm worried about you.

Paige: Me? Why? Grandpa Shane's the one who's really sick.

Kimberly: No. Um, see, that is a huge misunderstanding.

JJ: You're back for a quick visit, huh?

Eve: Just get out of my way--

JJ: No, I don't think I will.

Eve: I have a plane to catch.

JJ: Oh, and let me guess. You're flying solo?

Eve: JJ...

JJ: Paige is still in L.A.

Eve: I thought my sister Theresa told you that Paige's grandfather is extremely ill, and we're all very worried about him, and Paige doesn't want to leave his side.

JJ: Is that a fact?

Eve: Oh, my God. I know that you don't have much in the way of social skills, but this is a very difficult time for the family, okay? All right, JJ, if you really want to talk about this, just-- you know what? We'll talk about it after the Christmas holiday. Now get out of here.

JJ: Wow, you know what? All you know how to do is lie. You're not coming back, and your father's not even sick.

Eve: Well quit--don't even-- why would I lie about something like that?

JJ: I know you'd lie about anything, any time, Eve. Come on, it's what you do. But I know for a fact that your father just had tests. He's fine. Coming home tomorrow.

Eve: Oh. All right. You know what?

JJ: But you know what? You told Paige that he's, like, dying and that she needed to stay in L.A. To help take care of him.

Eve: How do you know that, JJ? How do you now those so-called facts, huh? You and Paige broke up, right? You're not speaking to each other, right? Oh, wait. Now that's not true, now is it? Because now who is the liar?

Aiden: [Sighs] I'm sure it's very difficult for you to keep a secret like this from your husband.

Julie: Yes.

Aiden: Huh.

Julie: Well, I'm glad somebody understands. I mean, I love Hope to death, but she put me in a terrible position. Two months I've kept this bottled up inside. Two months.

Aiden: [Laughs] Well, at least it's all over now. And you know, I have to say, even though you and I got off to a rocky start, I do appreciate having you on our side.

Hope: Don't you think maybe you're overreacting? Just a... [Clicks tongue] Little bit? I'm not a teenager any more. Glass half-full. At least I'm not riding on the back of a motorcycle with some long-haired punk again, right? Dad, come on, you've got to admit, things turned out pretty well with Bo for a really long time.

Doug: I admitted I was wrong about that. And you know how I came to love Bo and admire him.

Hope: So, um... do you think I should wait for him to come back? What, another year? How long, Daddy? Two years? Three years? Five years? How long should I wait? Filing for divorce was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make in my entire life. I am done. He deserted me.

Doug: I hate what Bo did to you. And of course you're the only person who can decide, really, when you've waited long enough, but sweetheart, how much do you know about this guy? I am so worried that you are gonna get yourself hurt.

Melanie: Hey. Oh, bummer, they're all gone.

Daniel: Yeah, about five minutes ago. Well, I was kind of hoping that we could talk all night.

Daniel: Well, it was a dinner party, not an all-nighter.

Melanie: Ha, very funny. Is there still pizza left? Because I'm starving. Nice.

Daniel: So, is that what you picked up at Serena's?

Melanie: Uh, that? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pepperoni, by the way, well done.

Daniel: Yeah, thank you, thank you. She said you asked her to bring that back to the states for you. You mind...

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Telling me what that's about, or maybe what's in it?

Melanie: Um, it's kind of a secret.

Daniel: Yeah?

Melanie: What?

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no. No more secrets. Show me what's in the box.

Eve: You said you were gonna stay away from my daughter. You said it so many times that I actually started to believe you, JJ. Until I heard the two of you in the park.

JJ: Oh, my God.

Eve: Yeah. You didn't know I was listening, did you? I heard you tell my daughter that you-- you just really wanted to continue to see her, and that she shouldn't say anything to her mother because it would just ruin your whole plan. Yeah. You convinced my daughter to lie to me.

JJ: Oh, like you've never lied to her.

Eve: Which proves one more time that you're not good enough or my daughter.

JJ: You know what? The hell I'm not.

Eve: Oh, right. You're just like your father, JJ. He'd get a little itch. You can't stop yourself. You just gotta have a little bit more. Uh-oh. Right? Did I strike a nerve there, JJ?

JJ: No, you didn't. 'Cause guess what? You wanna keep spitting that in my face, you go right ahead 'cause it's nowhere near true. So to hell with--

Eve: Oh, you don't even know what true is.

JJ: And as a matter of fact, my dad was a pretty good guy.

Eve: Oh, good.

JJ: Because by that time--

Eve: Maybe you should ask aunt Kayla about how good he is.

JJ: By the time he'd reached the ripe old age that you are right now, he turned things around and started making a better life for his family. You know that's something you will never be bragging about. And you are the last person--

Eve: Don't you dare talk to me about that.

JJ: You're the last person who should be judging anyone because all you've done is lie to Paige, and now she's all torn up about her grandpa.

Eve: All right, you know what? Shut up!

JJ: Thinks he's dying.

Eve: All right, fine. I lied to my daughter. I lied to my daughter because you lied to me and you left me no choice, JJ.

JJ: Well, you know what? Guess what? It's over. Because I love Paige and I'm not going anywhere because you want me out. So deal with it!

Eve: [Sighs] Time out, JJ. Are you really that stupid? 'Cause you already lost Paige. And nothing you do is ever gonna change that.

Melanie: Well, this was supposed to be a surprise, but if you're gonna be weird about it...

Daniel: I don't know if it's weird as much as it is concerned. What is this?

Melanie: It's your Christmas present.

Daniel: Oh, but you already gave me it--no. No, you had me buy myself one. Remember that deal?

Melanie: Exactly. I wanted to give you something more personal, and I found this is Berlin. But I wanted to get it, uh, you know, have that thing engraved in it, but it was taking too long, so I just had Serena bring it over to the states. She was supposed to bring it here tonight so I could put some pictures in it, but... merry Christmas.

Daniel: This is-- this is touching. It really is. Thank you. And I can't tell you how good this makes me feel. [Chuckling] When I thought you were hiding something, and it was you had some deep, dark secret--

Melanie: Yeah, like more money from the casino people.

Daniel: Or God knows what. My imagination just bounces off the wall with you.

Melanie: I'm sure. I--and I've earned that. I've earned that. The Monte Carlo thing kind of set the tone...

Daniel: Yeah.

Melanie: I feel like, but this is sad now, you're not gonna have any presents to open up for Christmas, and you already know what scarf you got yours--is that...?

Daniel: What?

Melanie: Did I get--is that what I got for you?

Daniel: No, that's not--no. You didn't give me this. This--this is from Nicole.

Nicole: Well, looks like Melanie managed to keep her mouth shut. No angry text from Daniel. [Sighs] Okay, Serena. Let's look at these emails, huh? "Dear Eric, congratulations on the opening of the new school. I'm so proud of you. Blah, blah, blah." Come on, Serena. Give me some juice.

Eric: You kind of threw me tonight. Saying you decided you want to have children.

Serena: [Chuckles] Don't worry. That was not a hint or anything. Just something that's been evolving. We're taking it slow, remember?

Eric: I do. But when you said that, I-- you know, I realize, since you showed up in Salem, all we've done is talk about me. You haven't mentioned a word about you, your life, and what you want.

Serena: What do you want to know?

Eric: Okay, well... you know, after you said that, I guess you may be starting to think about settling down.

Serena: Actually, yes, I am. That's something that's been evolving, too.

Eric: Why not last year? I mean, two years ago? You've always had men hitting on you. You had your pick. But you haven't even mentioned a man in your life.

Serena: I guess I never found anyone who measured up to you.

Kimberly: Bye. Oh. Sorry.

Paige: Oh...

Kimberly: Sorry about that.

Paige: It's nice how you and Grandpa love each other.

Kimberly: Oh, there have been a few bumps in the road, but... [Chuckling] We do love each other. Getting back together was-- well, we're both happy about it.

Paige: I've got a hunch my mom was one of those bumps in the road.

Kimberly: A big one. [Laughing]

Paige: Yeah.

Kimberly: We love her. We love her. And I think she's trying to make it up to us. That's one of the reasons she said you guys would be hanging around for a while, right? Well, hey, don't take this the wrong way because I want you here, you're more than welcome to stay, but there's no need. You got a home in Salem, right? And you got your freshman year you want to finish and have a little fun?

Paige: But... Grandpa Shane is really sick, so--

Kimberly: No. That's not being clear. Your grandpa's gonna be just fine.

Eve: Ah.

JJ: Call Paige, and tell her that her grandpa made an amazing recovery, and she should catch the next plane back to Salem.

Eve: Seriously?

JJ: Do it.

Eve: And if I don't?

JJ: Then I will call her, and tell her that you lied about her grandfather to keep us apart. And she'll hate you, Eve.

Eve: Oh, JJ. You don't think things through, do you? If she hates me--if you tell her the truth, well I might as well just call her and tell her the complete truth. That we had sex. Mm. Yeah. Sex trumps just about everything, doesn't it? It's that one basic animal instinct that we all have to deal with.

JJ: You wouldn't say anything.

Eve: Oh, wouldn't I? Wouldn't I? You need to know something about me, JJ. My daughter deserves a good life. No, I'm gonna correct that. She deserves a wonderful life. And she's never gonna have that with someone named Deveraux. And I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to protect her from you. Even if I have to make her hate me to do it.

JJ: You wouldn't take that kind of risk, Eve.

Eve: Oh, you know you don't know me very well. Need to rethink that one, I think. See, Paige has spent half of her life forgiving me for all kinds of screw-ups. You know, she'll eventually come around.

JJ: Yeah, well she might forgive me, too.

Eve: Please, are you kidding me? You're not blood. She's not gonna forgive you. Just some hormones going wild. She'll transfer those feelings onto some other guy, some good guy, and I think deep down you know that, JJ.

JJ: No.

Eve: Mm-hmm. You know what? I think that I've actually talked myself into telling Paige the truth. Yeah, I'm gonna call her and get you out of her life for good.

Aiden: I'm sorry. Did I say something I shouldn't? I thought we were kind of bonding here.

Julie: Let me explain something to you. Just because we are sharing a glass of wine does not change the fact I hardly know you.

Aiden: No, I--I realize every--

Julie: I have learned the way hard that trust is something you have to earn. So hear me on this. You have miles to go before you can assume that you have my trust and I am on your side. Here's another little tip. Never assume.

Hope: Please, just let me tell you a little bit about Aiden. He's a terrific guy. He's a great--

Doug: Are you sure? I think you have doubts, and I think that is why...

Hope: No.

Doug: You tried to hide things from me.

Hope: No, Dad, no. You're--you're wrong. The reason I just explained to you, I told you that-- I wanted to tell you in person. I wanted to tell you face-to-face. Please, just let me explain to you what kind of a--

Doug: No.

Hope: What?

Doug: No.

Hope: No?

Doug: No. Since you didn't bother before, let's just forget it, okay? Too little, too late. I'm not interested. Not in the least.

Melanie: So... you like Nicole, huh?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah.

Melanie: Is it serious?

Daniel: Okay, honey, I have no idea what's gonna happen. I just hope you're not thinking that Jennifer and I are gonna--

Melanie: Oh, no, no, I know. I know that's done. I talked to her already, so...

Daniel: Right.

Melanie: Can I just say something really--no, I know, I know, I just, um... I--I just really want you to be happy. And--and Nicole doesn't really strike me as somebody that's able to make somebody happy all the way, you know? I feel like you just always have to have your guard up with her.

Daniel: Melanie... let's not go there.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay?

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: Good.

Melanie: Just--just be careful. That's--that's all. That's all I'm gonna say. Let's open the book.

Daniel: You're telling me to be careful--you?

Melanie: That's--open the book. I put some pictures in there.

Nicole: More emails? "I am so sorry for what you've been going through. I can't believe someone could be so selfish, so evil, keeping that evidence from you. Denying you your rightful role as a priest, lying to you, day after day. You are better off without that awful woman in your life." Ah. Bitch.

[Phone ringing]

Serena: Sorry.

Eric: [Sighs]

Serena: Ah. My mom. [Chuckles]

Eric: Yeah? How are you two getting along these days?

Selena: Mm, we live on different continents, which is a good thing. [Sighs]

Eric: What?

Serena: We were, um... supposed to meet in Montréal for Christmas. She just cancelled.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Selena: Typical. She's too busy with her jet-set friends, skiing in Austria, off to Sochi. Lucky me. I don't have to pretend like I like her present.

Eric: Serena, listen, I know it won't be the same, but why don't you spend Christmas with me and my family?

Serena: Oh. No, it's--it's okay. You don't have to worry about me.

Eric: I want you to. Please.

Paige: But my mom said Grandpa was really ill, and the doctors said so, too.

Kimberly: [Chuckles] Well, he must have told you something very different than what he told me.

Paige: But that doesn't make any sense. You mean my mom was lying? Why would she do that?

Kimberly: I don't have the whole story, sweetheart. I'm sure--now, it could be very complicated. Or it could be just as simple as she wants you with her here in L.A.

Paige: [Exhales] And away from Salem.

JJ: No, what the hell is the matter with you? You can't do that to Paige.

Eve: I don't want to, JJ, but you don't give me any choice. You keep insisting that you won't give up on the love of your life. Look... JJ! No matter how this plays out, you have lost her. Give me my phone.

JJ: You bitch. You know what? You're pathetic, you know that? Trying to live some secondhand life through your daughter? No wonder men don't want to be around you.

Eve: Ha. Is that right? Well, you know what? I seem to remember a time when you couldn't keep your hands off of me. Yeah, you had that itch pumping through your veins, and you lost all control. You just couldn't get enough. You just wanted more and more and more. You didn't want it to stop.

JJ: You know what? We're not finished.

Eve: The hell I'm not! [Grunting]

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