Days Transcript Monday 12/22/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/22/14


Episode #12484 ~ Nicole snoops around Serena's hotel room; Jennifer extends a friendly invitation to Daniel; Will & Sonny take Arianna for a long-overdue visit with Gabi; Abigail keeps a secret from Jordan, who then gets the wrong idea about Chad.

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Sonny: Ari, for one, if he gets you a partridge in a pear tree, it's clearly not true love. And, two, he's probably re-gifting. He's re-gifting, tick-a-tick. Give daddy some--

Will: What's going on? Is she okay? She--she's--she's fine, what the hell's going on?

Sonny: What's going on is I'm getting her dressed. So we can take her to see her mother. Come on. Come on. Let's go, come on.

Gabi: It's so good to see you. Did you,

Rafe: What?

Gabi: No, I guess you came alone.

Rafe: Are you telling me will still hasn't brought your daughter to see you?

[Knock at door]

Abigail: Hi.

Ben: Hi.

Abigail: Merry almost Christmas. So okay, you said that you had some good news?

Ben: I think it's good news. My father's made arrangements for his anonymous donation. You got the funding for your project.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Ben, this is amazing! Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you. Jordan is gonna be so happy.

Ben: I hope so.

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Serena: Well, what's Nicole like?

Melanie: I can't really talk about her right now because she and my dad are friends. She just really helped me out.

Serena: You're saying that she's a good person?

Nicole: I need to get in that room.

Derrick: Is it your room?

Nicole: Ooh...

Jennifer: Nicole? Hi. What are you doing here? Male announcer: Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

Gabi: I'm sorry, Rafe, I'm--

Rafe: Why? Why?

Gabi: Because you came to visit me and I'm acting like I'm not even glad, and I am.

Rafe: No, you saw me four days ago, when was the last time that you saw Ari?

Gabi: Well, it--it won't be long. Okay, will's just been busy since he got back from L.A.

Rafe: Yeah, well he should have brought her to you the moment he got off the damn plane.

Gabi: Please, Rafe. Just don't be mad. All right? Wi--will's busy with work and Sonny's crazy busy with this new project that he's working on and they still take wonderful care of her.

Rafe: Well, yeah, yeah. God forbid, a mother seeing her baby gets in the way of a new nightclub.

Gabi: Rafe, please. Where are you going?

Rafe: You know where I'm going, I'm going to call will and I'm gonna tell him to bring the baby here now.

Gabi: Rafe, please don't. Please.

Will: I can't believe that you texted me in the middle of an interview. And you didn't say it was for a little Christmas visit. You deliberately let me think that it was an emergency.

Sonny: It is an emergency to her. You said you were gonna take her to see Gabi. You said that's one of the reasons you came home. Right? Or--or was that a lie too?

Will: Oh, are we really gonna get into all of that again?

Sonny: No, you know what we're gonna do, we're gonna finish getting our daughter dressed up as a--as a--as a snow moose, whatever the hell this thing is, and we're gonna take her to see her mother. Who hasn't seen her in two months.

Will: I am your husband, Sonny. Do not talk to me like I am a child.

Sonny: Then stop acting like a child.

Serena: It--it's not a trick question, Melanie. Do--do you like Nicole? Is she nice?

Nicole: I wouldn't say nice. Um, Nicole has this way of screwing things up for herself and everyone around her.

[Cell phone rings]

Derrick: I'm sorry, I have to get back to the lobby.

Nicole: Okay. Hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Nicole: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Nicole: Fancy meeting you here.

Jennifer: I know.

Nicole: I'm visiting a friend.

Jennifer: Really, who?

Jennifer: Ooh--I just came from seeing the Ericksons. They're back for the holidays. You're not here to see them, are you?

Nicole: No. Okay, I lied just now.

Jennifer: What? Nicole?

Nicole: I'm not visiting a friend. This is A...this is a suck up gift. To some big network exec who's here visiting the station. I--I guess I just missed him, so I'll--I'll just come back later.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, Nicole, wait. Um, do you have a minute?

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, sure, what's up?

Jennifer: We need to talk about Daniel.

Melanie: Okay, I know saying Nicole causes her own trouble is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Serena: If kind of like means exactly.

Melanie: Let's stick to Nicole. Um, do you know what she did to Eric?

Serena: Yeah, I do.

Melanie: Not okay. Obviously, and she did some pretty heavy things to my dad and Jennifer Horton, who's maybe the nicest person in the entire world.

Serena: Your dad's still friends with Nicole, right? I mean...he still likes Nicole.

Daniel: So. What are you guys, uh, what are you talking about?

Melanie: Oh, um...

Daniel: Um...

Chad: So to state the obvious, I am very glad you came by.

Jordan: I think we got sidetracked. I came here to warn you about Rafe.

Chad: I told you. That's already been taken care of. Rafe just made an honest mistake. That's it.

Rafe: I'm not gonna get into will's face. I'm just going to, um... I'm just gonna let him know what a monumental jerk that he is being, all right?

Gabi: Please, Rafe, don't. Okay? Please? Before he went to California, will and Sonny brought Arianna every time I asked. And--and times when I didn't. Okay, if--if you pressure will now, then--then... I don't know.

Rafe: You're afraid that he's gonna stop bringing her at all.

Gabi: No. Just maybe not as much.

Rafe: Gabi... it's Christmas time.

Gabi: Yeah. Yes, it is. But I...I have not been here long enough to forget how busy people are during this time of the year.

Rafe: You know what the bottom line is? You need to see your daughter.

Sonny: Let's not do this. I'm sorry about the text. All right, I'm sorry I scared you. That wasn't right. But it also isn't right that she hasn't seen her mom. I mean, you saw the way she put her arms out when she saw me. Imagine how much she missed her mom.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: Will, we promised Gabi and we promised our daughter that she would grow up knowing her mom. When you were gone, I thought she'd forget me.

Will: But she didn't. She would never forget Gabi either.

Sonny: She doesn't know that. Gabi does not know that. She needs to know that her daughter still knows and loves her.

Will: Did Gabi email you?

Sonny: No, Abigail.

Will: Abigail?

Sonny: Yeah. Well, she assumed Gabi had seen Ari since you've been back. When Gabi emailed Abigail and said she hadn't seen Ari, she came to me.

Abigail: Ben, are you sure that this is all set up so Jordan's never gonna find out that it was your dad who gave us the funds?

John: He promised he'd make sure.

Abigail: You know, when you think about it, he didn't just give us the money. He agreed to make sure Jordan never finds out. much as your dad wants Jordan's forgiveness, wants her to like him again, he did this all anonymously.

Ben: Yeah.

Abigail: I think that's a pretty selfless thing to do.

Jordan: I can't believe you're actually defending Rafe.

Chad: Uh, no. I--I'm not, I just... look, he's a detective. He's just doing his job like anybody else would. And I didn't do anything wrong, so I have no reason to worry about him, or...I mean, any other cops, for that matter.

Gabi: Rafe, will has full custody of our daughter. Okay, I--I don't want to give him any reason not to bring her when he can.

Rafe: All right. All right, fine. You know, I won't say anything. Okay, I won't. But I still think that the guy--

Gabi: I know what you think. I know. But thank you for--for doing this my way.

Rafe: I just don't understand what does he have going on that is so damn imp--

Gabi: Please. I don't want to waste all of our time talking about will. I want to know about you. I want to know about my brother. What--what's going on?

Jordan: Oh, it's, uh, it's Abigail. She said she wants to meet at the club. She has news about our project.

Chad: Okay. Well, I'll take you over. You take a shower. I have a call to make.

Jordan: Sounds like a plan.

Chad: Anything new on Hernandez? Well, try harder. I want to know if that bastard's still trying to dig up dirt on me.

Abigail: I'm not gonna be lying to Jordan. The donor is anonymous.

Ben: And if she asks, you know who it is?

Abigail: Then I'll say that nobody knows, because that's the definition of anonymous. All right, look. I understand, okay, but I don't--I don't think you get how high Jordan is on this project. She's not gonna ask any questions once we have the money. And we have that money because of you.

Ben: We have it because of my father.

Chad: So I'm actually gonna let you go in first. I don't want to rile up your brother.

Jordan: Oh, see, I don't think that's it. I think you're afraid he's onto your secret.

Chad: Yeah, my secret, what?

Jordan: That you're really a nice guy.

Chad: Oh, okay. Well, do me a favor and don't let that get around.

Gabi: Okay, so Chad and Jordan?

Rafe: Mm.

Gabi: Rafe, I'm--I'm sorry.

Rafe: I shouldn't have said anything, you were upset and now you're even more upset.

Gabi: No, I'm not--I'm not upset. I mean, I was--I'm a little bit upset because I--I-- I liked Jordan, you and Jordan. And--and Chad? I just hope that--that Jordan is careful.

Rafe: I know. I thought that Chad had changed because he spent all that time with Stefano, but... maybe it was in him the whole time.

[Knock at door]

Rafe: Well, okay. How about that for some Christmas cheer, huh? I bet you're thrilled I came.

Gabi: You know I am.

Rafe: Yeah. Right. Can I get you anything? Do anything for you?

Gabi: You're always looking out for me.

Rafe: What?

Gabi: Do you remember that Christmas that we, um, we got those boxes of the chocolate Santas wrapped in foil and Arianna and I would take them and eat them and then put them back under the tree. And in the morning, it'd be full again?

Rafe: That was a Christmas miracle.

Gabi: No, that was you.

Rafe: Uh, no, it wasn't.

Gabi: Yeah, we've been over this, your--I saw your box, it was empty.

Rafe: Yeah. Naughty and nice.

Gabi: No.

Gabi: I didn't deserve a Christmas miracle, I actually was lucky that I got chocolates at all, I thought Santa was--was giving me a little slack there.

Gabi: What are you talking about Santa, that was you.

Gabi: Oh, my God, just... he could be listening.

Gabi: Rafe, I'm a mother. And I'm in prison. I think I can deal with the fact that Santa's not real.

Rafe: Oh, my God, you know what, I can't even believe that I'm hearing this right now.

Gabi: Okay.

Rafe: No, I--

Gabi: All right, fine. He's real, you're right.

Yes, thank you.

Gabi: Santa Claus is real. I'm just lucky he's my big brother.

Will: Guess I should text Abigail and thank her for going behind my back.

Sonny: No one's going behind your back. She came by the house, no one was here, so she came to the club.

Will: She could have called me.

Sonny: Maybe she's tired of getting your voicemail, like everyone else. I'm sorry. I know you're working really hard on that big article. And I get how important that is to you. But this is important too.

Will: You're right. I should have taken her before. Let's do this.

Serena: Well, we just figured since you men were only gonna talk about football, us little women would complete the stereotype and swap recipes.

Eric: We weren't just talking about football.

Daniel: Yeah, talking about a little basketball. And I don't think you were swapping recipes. Just saying.

[Cell phone rings]

Serena: Melanie and I have a lot to catch up on.

Melanie: Yes.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. All right, I got it. I'll be right there.

Melanie: Hospital?

Daniel: Oh, no, it's way better than that. Delivery guy is running behind so instead of waiting for another hour, I'm gonna go get the pizza myself.

Eric: Have fun.

Melanie: Good luck.

Eric: So I take it you're not gonna tell me what you were talking about before? So why don't you tell me how you two got to know each other?

Jennifer: Uh...I know that you and Daniel are friends again.

Nicole: Yeah, thank God.

Jennifer: You know what I think? I think you never stopped being friends. As angry as Daniel has been with you, he flat out likes you. And I want you to know that I'm really happy for you both.

Nicole: Thank you.

Jennifer: Yeah, so what I really wanted to tell you is that...the reason Daniel and I aren't together anymore, it has nothing to do with what you did. Really, it was something between us, you know. Sometimes the gears, they just don't mesh.

Nicole: I'm really sorry about that, Jennifer. I'm--I'm sorry...for ever hurting you.

Jennifer: What, no. Listen to me. Listen, this new year's, I am putting the past behind me, and I am not gonna have any resentment or anger for anything that is over and done with, really.

Nicole: Okay, that--that sounds like another one of those weird things that makes you a good person.

Jennifer: No. No, I think it's being pragmatic, because I have two amazing children and I have a family and--and I have a future. And I am gonna move on and I am going to enjoy the good stuff in life.

Nicole: See, there you go, sounding like a good person again.

Jennifer: Okay, you're right, I'm terrific.

Nicole: Yeah, you are.

Jennifer: Okay. See you.

Nicole: Bye. Jennifer?

Jennifer: Yeah?

Nicole: Merry Christmas.

Jennifer: You too, Nicole. Merry Christmas.

Nicole: So Jennifer, the good person, is forgiving and moving on, and Nicole is planning on breaking and entering. Walker, what the hell are you doing again?

Derrick: Sorry I got called away. Do you still need help with something?

Jordan: Hey.

Ben: Hey, I'll, uh, leave you two alone.

Jordan: Is something wrong? Is there a problem with our proposal?

Abigail: Only if getting full funding from an anonymous donor is a problem.

Jordan: What did you just say?

Abigail: Yeah, you heard me.

Jordan: Oh!

Abigail: I know.

Chad: It must have been good news, huh?

Gabi: Chocolate Santas?

Rafe: I wouldn't know. Santa left them at my place with your name on them.

Hey, Gabi? Some more visitors. Your baby gets cuter every time I see her.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Detective Hernandez, she's only allowed three visitors, so I'm afraid I can't let them in--

Rafe: It's okay. I'm on my way. Merry Christmas, kid.

Gabi: I told you they'd come. Do I look okay?

Rafe: You look great.

Gabi: Okay.

Rafe: Well, here there are. God, it's so good that you came. I hope you know how much this means to Gabi.

Gabi: Hi. Hi, it's so good to see you. Dios mio, your mommy missed you so much.

Melanie: Right. So since the party was in Amsterdam--

Serena: And since girlfriend here can't resist a cultural stereotype.

Melanie: I was being ironic.

Serena: She decided to wear wooded shoes.

Melanie: Yeah, ironically.

Serena: Tell him how that worked out for you.

Melanie: Not great. Eric, it was not great. Uh, the wooden shoe was invented before the car.

Serena: She drove five hours in those shoes.

Melanie: Yeah, and it was a stick shift with a very temperamental clutch. Uh, so by the time I finally got to Amsterdam, I wasn't really in the partying mood. And I parked like a mile away from the--the--the party. And, uh, then it started snowing, so the--the wooden clog idea was getting worse.

Serena: She should have done a Hans Brinker and skated down a canal.

Eric: Well, so far, you're not in this story.

Serena: I was the deus ex machina. So I'm on my scooter headed to the same party, and I come up behind this girl who's clomping her feet and cursing up a storm. It was like Tupac meets clog dancing.

Melanie: Interesting reference. Uh, but it was. Yeah, no, instead of turning around and running the other way, she picked me up and I got on the back of her scooter.

Eric: Oh.

Serena: Yeah, so the party turned out to be terrible. Sorry but twister is still twister, even in Dutch.

Melanie: It is. It is, unfortunately. So we left and went to a coffee shop.

Serena: Yeah. They have the most amazing coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Melanie: They do. They do, and we just ended, uh, talking all night. And then, um, when I brought up Salem, she said that...what a coincidence, she had a friend there too, but she's way more discrete than I am because she did not tell me that you guys are way more than friends.

Nicole: No, no, I don't--I don't need to get in there. It's just my--my friend and I had a fight, and--and I want to give this orchid and a note.

Derrick: I can leave it in there for you.

Nicole: No, I just--I--I haven't found the--the right words to put on the card, you know. Hey, would--would you mind if I--if I went in there and gathered my thoughts and write it out and leave?

Derrick: I'm sorry, there's no way I can let you do that?

Will: I'm sorry I didn't bring her to visit sooner.

Gabi: It's okay. She's here now. She looks so wonderful. So happy.

Sonny: Yeah, she's happy to be back from L.A. She found all the babies out there to be shallow.


Gabi: I bet if you stayed, you'd be in a movie by now, right? Did you go on a plane? What--what--how did she--how were her ears? Everything was fine?

Will: She was great. Happy as a clam on both flights.

Gabi: Aww. You know, I'm so grateful for the both of you. You know that, right?

Will: It's nothing.

Gabi: But I have to ask, I mean, who in God's name picked this reindeer outfit?

Sonny: So it is a reindeer outfit?

Will: You said snow moose.

Sonny: Snow moose is a literal translation of reindeer.

Will: But--but reindeer, it's an English word. You don't have to translate it.

Gabi: Daddies haven't changed one bit, right? Thank God. [Gasps] What happened?

Jordan: So this anonymous donor just popped up out of the blue?

Abigail: Basically, yeah. And now we have all the funds we need. Isn't that awesome?

Jordan: It is. I mean, being able to do this, being able to help all these people, it is a dream come true.

Chad: Hey, do you have any idea what's going on?

Ben: No. Why, you--you want something?

Chad: No, man, I'm good. I just stopped by to make sure everything was okay. Apparently, it is.

Jordan: I am just so grateful to the person who did this.

Eric: This is...this is great.

Serena: Thank you.

Eric: I'm not surprised. I mean, Serena could always find a good bottle of wine in the Congo during the civil war.

Serena: I can put up with a lot, but not bad wine.

Melanie: That's another thing, you want to know how long I knew this girl before she even mentioned Africa?

Serena: Eric and I saw a lot of terrible things in Africa.

Eric: And some wonderful things. With some great people.

Serena: Yeah. The kids. God, those eyes. Yeah, and the land. It was--it was really beautiful.

Eric: You think to yourself that this would be paradise. It's not paradise.

Serena: Not by a long shot. It was, uh, one of those things where you had to appreciate the wonderful. You know, like, uh, life is precious. And you don't want to waste any minute of it kind of thing. And then when we got together... things moved pretty fast. Found ourselves telling each other everything. What we--what we felt. What we wanted. Stayed up all night talking.

Melanie: Wow.

Eric: So you guys didn't like twister, huh?

Serena: It's--it's okay, Eric, we're almost done talking about relationships and feelings.

Melanie: Yeah, my Dad'll be home soon and you can go back to carburetors. Then what happened?

Serena: What happened was Eric--Eric wanted a career move. And I realized that our feelings for each other weren't as intense as Eric's feelings for the church.

Eric: Can we talk about something else now?

Serena: He doesn't like talking about this because he feels guilty. But in reality, he was a prince about the whole thing.

Eric: No, I wasn't. You were great in the whole thing.

Melanie: Huh, so there are no hard feelings?

Serena: He wanted to be a priest. Kinda had to respect that.

Melanie: Yeah. Although what's--what's cool about this is that--that now you're both here, and--and you are obviously not a priest. Uh, and there's no bad blood, so you guys could just pick up right where you left off.

Nicole: I know, you're just doing your job. So since you're not gonna let me in, can you hold this for me? And I'll just dash off the note. Ooh, gosh. Seems I have everything in the world in here except a pen. Ooh, what's this?

Derrick: Looks like a $100 bill.

Nicole: Yep.

Derrick: How about I loan you my pen?

Nicole: Don't worry. This will be our little secret.

Derrick: Call anytime you need anything at all.

Nicole: Okay.

Derrick: I'm at your service.

Jennifer: Oh, Daniel. Hey. Hi.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Surgery game is tough, huh, you had to pick up that second job?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, you got me, Jen.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Hi.

Jennifer: You and Melanie must be starving.

Daniel: Well, actually, I invited Eric and an old friend of his. And it turns out that Melanie met her in Europe.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I know who you're talking about. Serena mason.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: I met her. I like her.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, that sounds fun.

Daniel: Well, yeah. It--it'll...yeah.

Jennifer: Mm, that's pepperoni. I smell it.

Daniel: Yeah, Melanie loves it. I'm not gonna be having any of this.

Jennifer: You are lying so bad right now.

Daniel: I'm--okay, I'm lying.

Jennifer: You are gonna be eating that pizza. Don't forget to take your antacids before you go to bed.

Daniel: Thank you for remembering.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Anyway, I gotta get going, this is getting cold...

Jennifer: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: So happy, uh--happy holidays.

Jennifer: Daniel, one more thing. I just want to ask you something, and...I really hope you don't say no.

[Cell phone rings]

Eric: Oh, my gosh. Someone bought a photo as a Christmas present and I just realized that I need to check the overnight status of its delivery, so excuse me.

Serena: So Eric was never a liar before he was a priest. But, uh--and I'm sure that someone did buy his picture. And I'm sure he really is checking on the delivery status. But you want to know why it became such a sudden, urgent matter?

Melanie: Yeah, well, uh, we'll let him be on the phone until my dad gets back and I will pretend like I didn't open my big mouth and make things awkward and weird.

Serena: Well, you know. Something like that.

Melanie: How about we do this? Uh, I will leave you two alone and I'll go do that thing that we were talking about really quick. That way, my dad won't ask any questions.

Serena: Right. Okay.

Jennifer: I would really like you to come for Christmas. Aunt Maggie's gonna be there and she would love it if you and Melanie and Parker were there. We would all love it.

Daniel: Thank you. Yeah.

Jennifer: And there is one more thing. I want you to bring anyone you want. Nicole is more than welcome to come, and I mean that. Really, I do.

Daniel: You know, it's like I went out to pick up some pizza and ran into the real spirit of Christmas.

Jennifer: Your pizza's getting cold.

Daniel: Yeah. I can't to tell Melanie and Parker, they're gonna be... they're just gonna be thrilled.

Jennifer: Good. Merry Christmas.

Daniel: Merry Christmas, Jen.

Nicole: "The curse of colonialism in the Congo." Probably has fifty shades of grey under her mattress. Ugh. Ooh. What's this? Boring. Boring...boring. Eric? Wow. You couldn't just keep Eric's emails as new, you had to print them out, huh? Why? Well, walker. You can't just read all the emails here. Unless...

Gabi: Hey. You know what I heard? I heard that you're gonna be going to a big Christmas party with all of your daddy's family. Hmm? Where you have your very own ornament with your name on it. You know what that means? It means that you're a real part of the family. And you know who else is getting an ornament with their name on it? Your daddy, Sonny.

Abigail: Yeah, so, I think that it looks like we can get started on this program right after the new year.

Jordan: Great. Does Ben know about this?

Abigail: Yeah, he does. I--I was just so excited, I blurted it out. I had to tell someone.

Chad: All right, well, I'm gonna take off. Uh, enjoy the rest of your day. Or not. Jordan?

Jordan: Yeah?

Chad: I'm gonna take off. Call you later?

Jordan: Yeah.

Chad: Rafe. Good to see you, man.

Rafe: Oh, yeah. Right.

Chad: No, really.

Rafe: I'll bet. Yeah.

Chad: No, look. No, look, I--I owe you a debt of gratitude. See, after you told Jordan that you were coming after me, she came right over to warn me. All right, I mean--I, you know, I told her it wasn't important because obviously, it isn't important. But she was just so upset that I had to comfort her. Twice.

Rafe: You--

Ben: That is such great news.

Jordan: Whoever made this donation is an angel. Made this my best Christmas ever.

Rafe: You're just one of those guys who likes to talk, huh?

Chad: Well, look, I just think that Jordan thinks that the better man won.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, I know that you'd like to goad me into doing something stupid, but I'm gonna leave that to you. And I know your daddy was there to bail you out of your last mistake, but you're so cocky that you're gonna make another one. But when you do, I want to be there. I'll be right there.

Chad: Yeah, maybe you will. Maybe you won't.

Gabi: My little reindeer. Hey. Are you tired? Did--did she have her nap?

Will: She slept for about an hour after lunch.

Gabi: Good.

Sonny: She's so happy with you.

Gabi: 'Cause she knows how much I love her. And miss her. Hey, Arianna? You know that I think of you every minute of every day. And you're always in my heart. And I can get through this. Being here. Because...I know that I'm gonna have these moments with my beautiful little girl. You're so big.

Sonny: You will, Gabi. Of course, you will.

Will: It's something that you can always count on.

Eric: Melanie's honesty is certainly, uh...

Serena: Refreshing?

Eric: Yeah, that too. So she apparently thinks that there's something going on between us.

Serena: Is there?

Eric: Well, you know me. I'm always the last to know. I told you. I may not be ready for whatever this is. But it could be I have no choice.

Daniel: Oh, sorry, sorry. Sorry I took so long. Ooh, man. Where's, uh--where's Mel?

Melanie: Ho!

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