Days Transcript Friday 12/19/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/19/14


Episode #12483 ~ Paige has upsetting news for JJ; Nicole tells Daniel she wants to start dating; Serena asks Melanie for any dish she has on Nicole; Will questions Paul about his love life.

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Paul: Come on, Sonny. You know that I have to keep an image out there.

Sonny: I get that. But when does the image stop and the real you take over?

Theresa: You looking for me?

Will: Thought you were going to have to work late.

Sonny: I do have to work late. I just forgot the keys to the new space.

Will: Sonny, we can't just leave things the way they are.

Sonny: How are we going to change them, will? How are we going to change the fact that you flat out lied to me about the real reason you came home?

Paige: Hey, why do you look like that? Grandma said grandpa's going to be fine.

Eve: Well, the doctor just explained something to me, and now I've asked him to explain it to you, too.

Dr. Green: I'm afraid I- I have bad news.

Paige: What kind of bad news?

Eve: We--we have to stay here, sweetheart. We can't go back to Salem.

Rory: What's your problem, dude?

JJ: Dude, Paige's mom has been lying to her, and now she's out in L.A. And-- ugh. Can you go grab a paper towel from the kitchen?

Rory: For sure.

Abigail: I know that people will buy, like, anything at Christmas time, but some things seem a little bit dramatic.

Melanie: Yeah, I know, but-- hi. You--sorry.

Serena: How could I meet Nicole without knowing it?

Eric: Well, at the hospital today. Do you remember bumping into another woman?

Serena: Mm, I wasn't paying attention to where I was-- that was Nicole? I almost knocked her to the ground.

Eric: What happened then?

Serena: I apologized, introduced myself.

Eric: And she didn't give you her name back.

Serena: No. Does that upset you?

Eric: No, it's not that. It's just totally in character. It's a way of one-upping you. It's getting your name, but not giving you her name. But what bothers me is what happened afterwards.

Daniel: You know, where did that come from? Because I don't see-- I don't see any mistletoe in here.

Nicole: I told you, I've been thinking about our conversation. I said if something happens between us.

Daniel: Yeah?

Nicole: I just-- I don't want to play any games. And I think that we both-- we just sort of-- well, we need to have a-- have a plan.

Daniel: Are you asking me on a date?

Nicole: Yeah. I am.

Paul: I just stopped in to get some coffee, but, uh, maybe that was a bad idea.

Theresa: Oh, afraid you'll get recognized? Not to worry. Come on. All right. Just--no one's going to see you over here, okay? Just sit tight and I will tend to your every need.

Melanie: Well, at least this one has pants on.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

JJ: What?

Abigail: Just come with me.

Melanie: You need to put a shirt on.

Abigail: Yeah. That is my friend, Melanie. She's home from Europe, and she's Daniel's daughter.

[Phone ringing]

JJ: Unknown caller. Damn.

Abigail: You were hoping it was from Paige? What's wrong now?

Paige: Why can't we go back home?

Eve: Well, it turns out your--your grandpa is a lot sicker than we thought, honey.

Nicole: So, what do you think? How about tonight?

Daniel: To-- I-I am sorry. I can't. I, uh, I already have plans.

Nicole: Can you cancel them?

Daniel: No, I can't. I'm having dinner here with-- with Melanie, and, um, well, we invited Eric.

Eric: So I finally got a look at what Nicole was working on. And she was doing a search about you.

Serena: What's wrong with that? Not like we don't all do that when we meet someone.

Eric: With Nicole, I don't trust her. See, she made it sound very innocent, but with her, it's anything but.

Serena: I can see why you're upset. But hey, I've got nothing to hide, which means there's nothing for us to worry about.

Theresa: God, I am so glad that I ran into you. Because I went by the hospital and you weren't there. And then that Jordan girl, God, I mean, she is like "miss patient confidentiality," because I, uh, she wouldn't even tell me when your next physical therapy appointment was. And then no one knew where you were staying, and--

Paul: I'm at a hotel.

Theresa: Oh. So just tell me which one, and--

Paul: Theresa.

Theresa: Yes?

Paul: I'm glad to see you, too.

Theresa: You are?

Paul: Yeah. Because there's something that you need to know.

Sonny: I really need to get going.

Will: I can't believe you just called me a liar again.

Sonny: You said you came back because you couldn't stand being away from me that long.

Will: You don't believe that I missed you?

Sonny: If you didn't lose your job, you'd still be in los Angeles.

Will: You don't know that.

Sonny: No, I guess I don't. Because I almost never heard from you, will. Never heard from you. Even though I left you tons of messages reaching out to you.

Will: I called you back.

Sonny: Yeah, you called me back to talk about your big Hollywood project. And then when you were done talking about yourself, you had to get off the phone to do something important. I'm going through a really hard time right now.

Will: Sonny, why didn't you just tell me this?

Sonny: Because I want you to ask. I want you to give a damn about my life.

Dr. Green: Your grandfather's condition, um, I'm afraid it can be life-threatening. And given his age and general health, I prefer to treat it aggressively with iv antibiotics. And to keep a close eye on him.

Eve: Which is why we have to stay here, sweetheart.

Dr. Green: I have rounds to do. You can use my office to speak privately if you'd like.

Eve: Thank you. Honey, I-I hope you understand if-- if granddaddy were to take a turn for the worse, and something happened to him, and I'm halfway across the country, I-I just couldn't live with myself.

Paige: And you need me to stay too?

Eve: Well, you know what, I've--I've completely thought this through. You could transfer to a college out here--

Paige: What?

Eve: For next semester, and then, yes, and then next fall you can go to Stanford like you planned.

Paige: Wait. You're saying that I will never go back home?

Eve: Honey, I-I know. I know, I know. This is a lot to dump on you. I'm so sorry right now, but--

Paige: Well-- well, what about my finals and--

Eve: You can take them online, right?

Paige: Yeah, but--

Eve: Honey, I know. It's--it's tough. I mean, I know you're going to miss your girlfriends, and you're going to miss Daphne and--and Marybeth. But, this is grandpa Shane we're talking about, honey. Unless there's some other reason that you're anxious to go back to Salem?

JJ: Everything is fine between Paige and me.

Abigail: Well, good. I hope so.

Melanie: Uh, is he decent now?

Abigail: Uh, yeah, as decent as he gets.

JJ: Hi, uh, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. I--I've seen your picture at Daniel's a million times, and Parker's always carrying it around.

Melanie: Yeah, no, my dad's told me a lot about you.

JJ: Oh. Man.

Melanie: No, good-- good things, obviously.

Rory: Hey, dude, I couldn't find any paper towels, so I just grabbed a bunch of these--oh.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Daniel: Yeah, I just-- I just wanted Melanie to meet Eric, that's the reason for the dinner.

Nicole: Oh. Is it just the three of you?

Daniel: No, no. It turns out Eric and Melanie have a friend in common, yeah.

Nicole: They do?

Daniel: Oh ,yeah, yeah. Uh, small world though, huh? Anyway, she's, uh, she's coming too.

Nicole: What's her name?

Daniel: It is Serena-- Serena mason. You know, uh, I hope you know I can't invite you to join us, it's-- you understand that, right?

Nicole: Oh, please. Given the fact that Eric can't stand being in the same town as me, hard to imagine he could tolerate being in the same room.

Serena: Eric, it's okay. Seriously. I'm not one bit threatened by Nicole.

Eric: I just don't want her bothering you.

Serena: If she bothers me, I'll handle it. You know I can.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Serena: [Chuckles] Nicole is a part of your past. I'm hoping to get you looking forward to the future.

Daniel: No, no. You're more hurt than you're letting on.

Nicole: Oh, my gosh. It doesn't matter.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Nicole: Seriously, I have closed the door to whatever happened between Eric and me. It's all good.

Daniel: All good, huh?

Nicole: Besides, your dinner parties have a history of tanking, no offense.

Daniel: No, none taken. So I guess you, uh, you dodged a bullet, huh?

Nicole: [Chuckles] Definitely.

Daniel: Yeah? All right, all right. So about that date, you-- you still want to do that?

Nicole: Yeah. What about you?

Rory: There must be something wrong with the way those napkins were wrapped, 'cause I just--

Melanie: Pfft.

Rory: I never do stuff like that.

JJ: [Chuckles] Yeah, right. He's Mr. Cool. A regular 007, huh, bud?

Rory: Sure.

Melanie: Yeah, uh, it was nice meeting you guys. I have to go to a dinner party at my dad's.

Abigail: Oh, wait, I-I have to drop off these Christmas presents, so I'll go with you. Is everything okay?

JJ: Yeah, I'm good.

Abigail: Okay. You keep it together. Let's go.

Rory: Dude, I can't believe your life.

JJ: What are you talking about, man?

Rory: Your mom's hot. Your sister's hot. And now your sister's friend is, like, off the charts. It totally doesn't suck being you.

Eve: Well, you just give me a list of everything you want me to ship out here from the apartment, and I'll take care of it.

Paige: Wait, you're going back?

Eve: Well, I-I don't want to, honey, but I really don't have a choice. I have to make the arrangements, you know.

Paige: Am I going with you?

Eve: Well, you have your finals to study for, and that's a lot of them, right? And I don't want to leave poor grandma here by herself.

Paige: I can't believe this.

Eve: Look, I'm just gonna get on a plane, go home, pack a few things, and then come right back. I mean, I really dread doing it actually. I mean, I wish it was something that Theresa could take care of, but we both know that she can't handle that.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Look, I'm a big girl, okay? So just give it to me straight.

Paul: I think that you're a lot of fun, and I think that you are a really pretty girl.

Theresa: But there's someone else?

Paul: Yeah.

Theresa: Okay, so why were you hitting on every single woman that went into your hospital room?

Paul: Because I thought that this person was out of the picture.

Theresa: Okay. Yeah. I know how that is. So, is this person back in the picture?

Paul: Yeah.

Theresa: And you think maybe you're still in love with that person, don't you?

Will: Sonny, I was trying to help my mom and the kids keep going after losing EJ. But I never stopped loving you, and it is crazy for you to think that I don't care.

Sonny: I have a lot to do right now. This isn't the time to talk about this.

Will: What is more important than us?

Sonny: I have workmen at the site that I am paying to wait around for me to let them in.

Will: Okay. I-I have an appointment I was going to cancel, but I guess I'll keep it. We'll talk later tonight?

Sonny: Sure. Whatever.

Paul: I'm not sure how I feel about this person now. But I have to find out.

Theresa: Must be pretty special.

Paul: Really special. [Chuckles] I think that I led you on.

Theresa: Oh, no, so what? I mean, come on, we had fun, right?

Paul: We did.

Theresa: Yeah.

Paul: Maybe I'll see you around.

Theresa: Sure, uh, bye, Paul.

Paul: Bye. Abigail, hi.

Abigail: Hey, hi.

Paul: Did you get my check?

Abigail: Yes, yes, I did. Thank you so much for your generous donation, Paul.

Paul: It was my pleasure.

Abigail: So, you struck out with the baseball player, huh?

Theresa: Merry Christmas to you, too, Abigail.

Abigail: You know, it just got a whole lot merrier, actually, I'll tell you that. Knowing that another guy saw you for what you actually are.

Eric: Whatever the future holds, I just-- I don't want Nicole inserting herself into that.

Serena: Okay. How about we table this conversation for now because we are due at Daniel's very soon. I don't want to be spending dinner talking about Nicole.

Eric: Especially seeing she's a friend of Daniel's.

Serena: She is? And--and what about Melanie? Is she also a friend of Nicole's?

Eric: I don't know, why? You know what, I don't remember Nicole ever saying a word about Melanie.

Serena: So tonight, it's gonna be about me getting to know your friend, you meeting my friend, and the four of us having a good time. Nothing about Nicole.

Eric: Who's Nicole?

Daniel: Yeah, I, uh, I haven't gone out and had fun in, pfft, I don't know how long. [Chuckles]

Nicole: So, we're really gonna do this?

Daniel: Yeah, but you know, but maybe not until after the holidays. I mean, Melanie wants to make a big deal out of Parker's Christmas.

Nicole: Cool. Yeah, good for her.

Daniel: Yeah, but once the holiday craziness is over, uh--

Nicole: Maybe we... could have a little craziness of our own.

Daniel: Right. I mean, but putting it off until the new year, that's-- that's, uh, gives me a chance to talk to Jennifer, too. Yeah.

Nicole: Yeah, okay. If you feel you need to.

Daniel: Oh, no, I do. Yeah, and I mean, I can-- I can talk to Eric, too, if you want.

Nicole: What, why? What's--what's the point? He doesn't care. As long as I stay away from him, and I'm fine with that. Look, I know what I want. Have fun tonight.

Daniel: Thank you.

Nicole: Who cares if Daniel is at a dinner party with Eric and Serena? Eric is not gonna talk about me. So Daniel will never know that I kind of... stalked Serena. Ugh. Serena, I mean, what kinda name is that anyway? She probably made it up. Okay, no, no, no. No more researching. Although, where has she been the last few years? And why does she just suddenly show up? There's a story here. I just know it. Who is she really?

Daniel: Hey, glad you could make it,

Serena: Hi. I hope you like Chilean reds.

Daniel: I love them, here. Let me grab those. Come on in. Let's get some glasses.

Serena: Great.

Daniel: Thank you so much.

Eric: Hey, can I help you with that?

Melanie: Oh, hi. Whoa. [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Melanie: Hey, it's a gingerbread house.

Eric: [Chuckles] Yeah, it must be a pretty big one.

Melanie: No, it's not. It's like this--this big. Well, it was when I saw it, and I thought, "hey, I'm gonna buy this, and I think it'll be fun for my brother and I to do, but I didn't do--I didn't know it'd be 8 million pieces, and all of this Styrofoam--

Eric: Hey, you must be Melanie.

Melanie: Eric?

Eric: Right.

Melanie: Ah. Ca--can I--can I say something? Um, I'm usually much more adorable than--than I was just being.

Eric: No, you were fine.

Melanie: Okay, uh, do-- do you think my dad will like this?

Eric: All the stuffing, and, uh, Styrofoam and 8 million pieces.

Melanie: Right, well, and also the gumdrops and the--the peppermint, well, the frosting. It's all in the box.

Eric: Right, right. He's gonna love it.

Melanie: Well, I feel better.

Eric: Shall we?

Melanie: Okay.

Eric: Look who's here.

Melanie: Hi.

Serena: Hi.

Daniel: Oh, boy, here comes trouble.

Melanie: [Chuckles] Ooh, is this the Chilean Malbec?

Serena: What else?

Daniel: Here you go.

Eric: Thank you.

Serena: So you two met?

Melanie: Yes, well, actually my dad has already told me a lot about you. All good things, obviously.

Eric: And he's told me a lot about you. Too.

Daniel: All good. Yeah. Yeah. Cheers.

Eric: Cheers.

Daniel: Welcome.

Rory: How old do you think Melanie is?

JJ: My sister's age, I guess.

Rory: You know, I always liked older women. They're just so... worldly.

JJ: Rory, could you shut up? Hey, is that possible?

Rory: Hey, okay. I know that Paige is out in L.A. But you don't have to take it out on me, all right?

JJ: I'm sorry.

Rory: When is she getting back, anyway?

JJ: I don't know.

Rory: I'm outta here, dude.

Paige: I'm tired. Can I go back to grandma's? I promise I'll come back later and see grandpa.

Eve: Okay, honey. It's all right. You go, and you go lie down and rest.

Paige: Are you okay?

Eve: Oh, honey, I just want your granddaddy to be okay. I'm just so, so lucky to have you to take care of me.

Paige: I'm lucky to have you too, Mom.

Eve: Mm.

Dr. Green: Thought I was a pretty good liar. Got nothing on you.

Theresa: I don't know when what happened between Paul and me, or anyone and me became any of your business.

Abigail: Listen, Theresa, when Paul was admitted to the hospital, you and I both signed the same confidentiality agreement, which means that Paul being in Salem is nobody's business.

Theresa: Yeah, I didn't drag him out in public, okay? He was here when I came in.

Abigail: Right, and--and hitting on him had nothing to do with the fact that his name is Paul Narita, right?

Paul: Looking for me?

[Phone ringing]

JJ: Paige. Hey, what did your mom find out about your grandfather?

Paige: JJ. It's not good.

Kimberly: Hearing your dad's gonna be just fine, I feel like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders.

Eve: Oh, yeah, it's wonderful, isn't it?

Kimberly: Yeah.

Eve: You know, I got some other good news today, too.

Kimberly: Oh, yeah? What happened?

Eve: Well, I met with a guy from a company who pays lump sums in exchange for settlement rights from a lawsuit. So instead of having to wait for that money to trickle in from jack's royalties from his book, or being dependent on Jennifer's whims on how she wants to deal with the finances of it, I can control my own future, thank you.

Kimberly: Well, that's great, I guess.

Eve: But there is one little bitty hitch. The guy says his company needs a copy of my settlement before, you know, they can proceed, and that's all the way back in Salem.

Kimberly: Oh, wait--wait a minute, does that mean that you and Paige have to go back before Christmas?

Eve: Well, no. I'll just go back, Kimberly. Paige will stay here because we want to spend the holidays with you and daddy.

Kimberly: Oh, that means we are going to have a family Christmas after all.

Eve: Mm-hmm, yes.

Kimberly: My God, it's been so long, eve. Aw. It's too bad we can't all get together. And I-I asked Theresa, she-- she can't get away.

Eve: Mm.

Theresa: For your information, Paul was hitting on me.

Abigail: Oh, right. Yeah. If "hitting on" means rejecting.

Theresa: Oh, my God, not that it's any of your business, Abigail, but he was totally into me. And then somebody from his past got in touch with him, and he was afraid that if he hung out with me, it would ruin any chances he had with his old flame.

Abigail: Oh, my God, yeah. I'm sure going to come running back to you if that doesn't work out, Theresa.

Theresa: As if I'd wait around for any man. Look, I have moved on. And believe me, sweetie, it won't be with a barista.

Abigail: [Chuckles] Oh.

Sonny: Hi.

Abigail: Hi, Sonny.

Sonny: So what was that about?

Will: Well, I hope you don't mind meeting here, but, uh, this part of the park, it's actually pretty-- pretty quiet. And I have to figure you've probably been trying to get out of your hotel room, I-I know it's cold, but I promise this won't take too long.

Paul: Well, I've dressed warm, and I have nowhere else to be. Take your time.

Will: Well, I just want to get a little more background.

Paul: What kind?

Will: Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions about your love life.

Serena: It was like, the biggest assignment I'd ever had. A chance to really establish a career.

Eric: Yeah, and she thought I was just cramping her style.

Melanie: [Chuckles] No, you didn't.

Serena: I was pretty full of myself.

Melanie: So then you became friends?

Eric: No, we weren't friends at first, yeah. We actually tried to avoid each other.

Serena: And then we kept getting drawn to the same situations.

Daniel: Ah, you as a reporter, Eric as a photographer, huh?

Eric: Right, and then this rebel force, they marched in, and--

Serena: Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.

Melanie: Yeah, so you had to get over yourselves, at least.

Serena: Exactly.

Eric: It was pretty intense. I'm grateful our paths have crossed again. This time nobody's life is in danger.

Nicole: Great. So not only is Serena mason brilliant and good-looking, she's too nice. Nothing. I got nothing.

Sally: Nicole?

Nicole: Oh, oh, hi, sally.

Sally: You stuck on an assignment, or did you just bomb out on Christmas shopping?

Nicole: You wouldn't happen to have a time machine, would you? 'Cause I'd really like to go back and start this day all over again.

Sally: That bad, huh?

Nicole: Yeah. You remember that guy, Eric, I told you about?

Sally: [Chuckles] The ex-priest you were going to elope with. Hard to forget.

Nicole: I know, I know. I screwed up, I know, I know. But I am--I-I put him behind me. I have, come on. What? It's great.

Sally: Then what's the problem?

Nicole: Well, I- I ran into an old friend of Eric's and--and I sort of questioned her, and I didn't tell her who I was--

Sally: Her?

Nicole: Yeah. And now Eric's mad at me. Whatever. You know what, I just want it to go away.

Sally: So, apologize to his friend. Just tell her what you did. If she won't let it go, then she's the bitch. [Chuckles]

Nicole: That's a really good idea, but it's too late. Eric and his "friend" are at a dinner-- they're all at dinner. And they will be for the next few hours. the, uh, the supermodel, how long were you together?

Paul: Technically, a little over a year.

Will: But half of that was baseball season, right?

Paul: Right. And she was always modeling over in Europe.

Will: I found some, uh, some photographs that the paparazzi took of you two in paris.

Paul: [Chuckles] Yeah, the photographers there were all over us. Mostly because of who she was.

Will: My notes say that you were there with her for two days, and then she came straight back to the states with you, and you broke up immediately. Why?

Paul: We both just realized that with the demands of our careers, something serious just wasn't going to be possible. But we're still really good friends.

Will: Right. She says really great things about you. You ever, uh, have any regrets for not trying harder to make it work?

Paul: I'm a little too young for regrets. I'm also a little too young to be tied down. I mean, at this point in my life, don't you think?

Abigail: Theresa is just delusional. That guy is a huge flirt, and she started stalking him, and he obviously got scared off.

Sonny: How do you know?

Abigail: Because he said what every guy always says when they're trying to let a girl down easy. You know, one of his ex's came back into his life.

Melanie: When you told me about Eric, you left out a few things.

Serena: Like what?

Melanie: Uh, he's hot, and the connection that you guys have.

Serena: Yeah, it's-- it's a long time ago.

Melanie: Okay, yeah, but you're both here now, and you're both available, and you both have chemistry.

Serena: But I don't know how available Eric is. He's still dealing with leaving the priesthood, among other things.

Melanie: Well, I like you two together, and I think that you like you two together, so if there's anything I can do to help move this along.

Serena: You know, maybe there is.

Nicole: You are a genius.

Sally: What did I say?

Nicole: I gotta go. I'll see you at the Christmas party. Hi. Um, I just checked in and I totally forgot my room number. Mason. Serena mason.

Kimberly: Hold on there. [Chuckles] How does Paige feel about this decision?

Eve: Well, she's fine with it.

Kimberly: Ah.

Eve: I mean, she knows it's the right thing to do. It's the only thing to do, actually.

Kimberly: Yeah, but no, she's got college in Salem. All her friends are the-- and there's a problem. Is there a problem? Is that why you don't wanna go back, huh?

Eve: Sit down a minute. Can this stay between us?

Kimberly: Of course, yeah.

Eve: Paige is upset about a boy.

Kimberly: Oh.

Eve: And I just want her to have a fresh start. In fact... I want a fresh start with-- with you and daddy, too. I know that I've screwed up so much royally with the two of you in the past, and I just want an opportunity to make things right.

Kimberly: Well, eve, I appreciate that, I really do.

Eve: Good. Well, I've got a lot of arrangements to make...

Kimberly: Yeah.

Eve: And I need to get going. Can I ask you one more little bitty favor?

Kimberly: Of course.

Eve: Well, when you talk to Paige, don't get into any details about how well daddy's doing, okay?

Kimberly: [Chuckles] Why not?

Eve: I-I just think it would be for the best.

Kimberly: Are you asking me to lie to your daughter?

Paige: My grandpa's a lot sicker than I thought. Mom's a wreck.

JJ: And--and that means?

Paige: That we're not coming home.

JJ: Not even for new year's?

Paige: I think we're staying a lot longer than that.

JJ: The--then I'm coming out there.

Paige: No, you can't do that. My mom thinks we broke up.

JJ: What am I supposed to do?

Paige: I'm really sorry. You know I love you, but I love my mom, too, and the doctor said what my grandfather's got, it--it can be life-threatening, and I just--I can't leave her.

JJ: Okay, so... you have to stay there, and--and I can't come out there. It--it almost sounds like--like you're breaking up with me. Is-- is that it? Is--is this you saying goodbye?

Will: After Fiona, I couldn't find anything about any other serious relationship--

Paul: Well, you didn't answer my question about what you think about me being too young to be tied down. I want to know what you think.

Will: We--um, [Chuckles] What I think doesn't sell magazines.

Paul: Well, if I stop answering your questions, that doesn't sell magazines either.

Will: [Chuckles] Well then, I guess we're at kind of a standstill, aren't we?

Paul: Well, it works for me. All I'm doing is sitting around waiting for my shoulder to heal. How about this? I'll answer three questions you ask for every one you answer. Deal?

Abigail: These are for you, and will, and Ari. Merry Christmas.

Sonny: Well, thank you.

Abigail: Yeah.

Sonny: I've been so busy I haven't done any shopping--

Abigail: No, no, no, no. Don't even worry about it. Uh, but there is something else.

Sonny: What?

Abigail: I was checking my email, and I got one from Gabi.

Sonny: How's she doing?

Abigail: Not great. I mean, it's Christmas time, and will hasn't taken the baby to see her since he got back.

Will: The details of my life really aren't that interesting.

Paul: Well, still, I like getting to know new people. Especially ones I plan on baring my soul to.

[Phone ringing]

Will: I--I'm sorry. I--I'm going to have to cut this short.

Paul: Well, I guess that answers my question about being tied down.

Will: I'll, um, be in touch with you to try to set up a time to--to finish this. I promise it won't be too torturous with my questions.

Eve: Ever since Paige's father walked out on us without any warning, I mean, just the thought of--of her losing someone that she loves, Kimberly, I mean, it hits Paige really hard.

Kimberly: Well-- [Chuckles] Honey, she's not going to lose anybody. Shane's going to make a full recovery.

Eve: I know that. I know that, and I told Paige that, but that poor girl, I think she just has a hard time believing that everything's going to work out all right. I think the best thing to do, we'll just pretend that this scare never even happened.

Kimberly: Well, Shane would love the idea. I mean, he hates being sick, and he definitely hates being fussed over. Okay, okay, we'll find other things to talk about while you guys are here.

Eve: Good, good, good, good.

Kimberly: Come here, darling. That's the best news I've heard in a long time.

Eve: [Chuckles]

Kimberly: We're going to have a wonderful Christmas, baby.

Eve: Yeah.

Kimberly: This is going to be a great new year for all of us.

Paige: I'm not saying goodbye.

JJ: Well then, what are you saying?

Paige: I don't know. I don't know how we're going to see each other again, and... you deserve so much more than that.

JJ: No, I-I can wait. I will wait.

Paige: Even if I don't know how much longer it's going to be?


Paige: Someone's at the door. I have to go.

JJ: No, Paige, wait, p--please. Please don't hang up.

Paige: JJ, I'm really sorry. Goodbye.

Melanie: Okay, I don't think they'll hear us. How do I help you with Eric?

Serena: Tell me everything you know about Nicole walker.

Nicole: Hey, just the person I need to see.

Derrick: Why?

Nicole: I-I have to get in that room.

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