Days Transcript Tuesday 12/16/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/16/14


Episode #12480 ~ Will's set on a collision course with Sonny's past; Nicole is struck when she sees Eric with Serena; unbeknown to Hope, a furious Aiden threatens Bree; Brady comes to Melanie's rescue when Anne & Theresa try to thwart her.

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Aiden: Hope, I...can't do this anymore.

Hope: Aiden, wait.

Will: Hey, sonny.

Sonny: Hey.

Will: What's up?

Sonny: What, I need an excuse to talk to my husband? We haven't seen each other since yesterday.

Will: I know, I was, uh, out of there at dawn. I had to hit the gym. It's been non stop ever since. Did the babysitter get there okay?

Sonny: Yeah, every-- everything is good. Listen, there is something I want to talk to you about. This expansion of the club... things are really--

Will: And I want to hear all about that but right now, I'm in a meeting that's about to start, so can we talk about that later?

Zoe: Hey there, will.

Will: Hi.

Zoe: Will Horton. I'd like you to meet Hal price, the publisher of Sonix.

Will: Good to meet you, sir.

Hal: My pleasure, young man. Your work for us has been absolutely terrific.

Will: Thank you.

Hal: Frankly, I thought we lost you to Hollywood. You were out there writing, uh, screenplays, weren't you? Something about your mother?

Will: It was a--a project, yes. Um...not very rewarding. I think my heart is in journalism.

Zoe: Good. Because we have an assignment for you. If you're interested.

Will: Definitely. What is it?

Hal: Before we can even talk about that, you'll need to agree to certain terms.

Paul: Hey, sonny.

Sonny: Oh. Hey. Getting worried about you. You never called back last night, is everything all right?

Daniel: So how does it, how does it look?

Nicole: Awesome. Friends.

Daniel: First, friends. Friends first.

Melanie: Uh, so what's the next step? Should I get the physical exam out of the way?

Anne: Why--why would you do that?

Melanie: Because it's a requirement. Although I guess you do it closer to the day you're starting. Do you know what--what day I'm gonna be starting?

Anne: Well, let's see. How about you start on the 12th? Of never.

Melanie: What are you... what are you talking about? The website said you needed nurses, I used to work here, so I'm more than qualified.

Anne: Well, yeah, that's your opinion. Frankly, I--I doubt it, but okay, let's just say, let's just say you are at least a nurse.

Melanie: What's going on?

Anne: Well, your records never made it here from England. I don't know, maybe they were lost in--in translation. You know what I mean?

Melanie: That's cute. This is cute. I'm gonna make a call and I'm gonna get 'em over here in five minutes.

Anne: Yeah, you could. But why bother? It's--it's too late.

Melanie: What?

Anne: It's too late for you, Ms. Jonas.

Melanie: Are you playing a game?

Anne: Game? Honey, I'm just working.

Melanie: You're enjoying this?

Anne: Look, don't take it personally. Something you may not know, there is a hospital-wide hiring freeze in effect right now.

Melanie: Then why would they be appealing for nurses on the website?

Anne: I--darling, I don't do websites, I do real work, including implementing this hiring freeze.

Melanie: Gotcha.

Anne: Yeah.

Melanie: And I'm sure you're loving every second of this.

Theresa: Well, you know what, I think that maybe you should go be a nurse over at St. Mary's. I hear they'll hire anybody.

Melanie: You would like that, I'm sure.

Theresa: Oh, of course not. I'd love it.

Melanie: Don't think I don't know what you two are doing.

Brady: Then fill me in.

Eric: I didn't see that coming.

Serena: I didn't, either. But it was...

Eric: Natural.

Serena: Sweet. Eric, I am so glad I came here today. So glad I came to Salem.

Nicole: Yes--of course. Friends first, that's exactly what we need to be. With each other. Right now.

Daniel: Yeah. Just taking it slow. Because the friendship we have--

Melanie: It's the most important thing.

Daniel: Maybe the only thing.

Nicole: Right. Daniel--

Daniel: Look, look, we can't--we can't predict the future. I mean, who knows where this you and me thing will end up, right? But one thing I do know for sure is I am not gonna be your rebound guy.

Theresa: Yeah, I'd like to know what's going on here too because, you know what, I was just walking by when this wannabe red head went all nuts over Ms. Milbauer.

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: Talk about unprofessional.

Melanie: I will show you unprofessional.

Brady: No, no, no, no. Don't move.

Theresa: Wow. I mean, You know, Brady, I hope that you're able to control her before she attacks somebody again. I'd love to stay, but I have work to do.

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: Now.

Brady: Ms. Milbauer? I need a word.

Anne: You know, I actually have so much--

Brady: Stay...put.

Melanie: These two orchestrated this entire thing. I was just here to get my stupid job back and she's making a--

Brady: Hey, hey, look at me. Calm down, calm down.

Melanie: No, she's making up rules so she goes, oh, so I can't get hired. I'm just gonna talk to my dad.

Brady: No, hey, hey. You are not going to do that.

Melanie: Why?

Brady: Wise up. She is trying to get you to overreact, and it's working.

Nicole: Yeah, okay. Who wants the rebound person?

Daniel: I just thought it had to be said. Even though it was kind of...

Nicole: Presumptuous, blunt. I don't know, pick one.

Daniel: Oh...okay. I'm gonna--I'm gonna pick both. Because I--look, I know Eric still has a piece of your heart, and I don't want a repeat of what happened the last time we... we fell in together.

Nicole: Yeah. We made some crummy decisions. Didn't we? I--I did, anyway. And--and I know it was kind of difficult for you.

Daniel: Difficult? Try the roller coaster from hell. No, I mean, you were all over the place. It was--it was--it was EJ, me, then even Rafe. And I'm not--I'm not gonna go through that again, Nicole.

Nicole: Okay, I got it. I know exactly what you mean. But let's just be clear. Okay? I'm not gonna be your rebound girl either.

Eric: I'm so glad you were here. We were always--

[Knock at door]

Eric: Excuse me.

Roman: Hey, son. Hey, I hope this isn't a bad time, but I just talked to your mom. She said Serena mason's in town. That's great news. How long is she gonna stay?

Eric: Well, you can ask her yourself.

Roman: Ho-ho! Serena!

Serena: Roman, hi! How are you?

Roman: I am great, how are you doing? I haven't seen you since we all met up in new York city.

Serena: I know. No, seriously, is that the time? I am always late. I--I'm sorry, I'm supposed to be meeting someone.

Eric: Okay, okay. We'll--we'll talk later.

Roman: Yeah, we'll all get together for dinner one night.

Eric: Yeah.

Serena: Terrific. I'm sorry that I've got to go. We'll catch up soon.

Eric: Hey?

Serena: too.

Eric: Listen, I'll--I'll text you. We'll pick a time and a place.

Roman: Well. That didn't take long.

Brady: Give me an hour. Go somewhere else. I don't--I don't care where you go, but... your dad has helped me out more times than I can count, and this is a way in which I can pay him back, and by the way, what you've put your dad through lately, I don't think you want to make him look bad here today. You got it?

Melanie: Got it.

Brady: Good. I'll text you.

Melanie: I want to work here, I don't want to work at St. Mary's.

Brady: I know.

Anne: Good job, Mr. Black. Obviously you convinced her she shouldn't be working here. We don't have room here for people who can't control their emotions, you know.

Brady: Actually, there's no room here for people who play games.

Zoe: Will, the article we want you to write is huge. And more than just confidential. Seriously, you cannot talk about it to anyone.

Will: Wait, not even with my husband?

Price: Your husband?

Will: Yeah.

Zoe: Yes, uh. Sonny Kiriakis is his husband. They share a baby girl.

Will: Arianna. Is there a problem?

Price: No, no. Don't--don't misunderstand. Marry whomever you like. I'm just...thinking about the piece. You're gonna have to keep your personal life out of it when you talk to the subject.

Zoe: Will's a pro, Mr. Price. He knows that.

Price: Still needs to be said and thoroughly understood. Will, your previous pieces were about people that you know. This one's about a stranger, so you need to remain separate. Completely.

Will: Okay.

Price: For instance, I notice you're wearing a wedding ring. What would you answer if he asked you about your marriage?

Will: I would tell the truth.

Price: Really? Even though you didn't know this person or how he might react to the information?

Zoe: It's called being separated. Totally anonymous.

Will: Got it. Anonymous. Neutral.

Price: So you think you can do that?

Will: Yes.

Sonny: Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. It's, something came up. But I'm good. Everything is...good.

Paul: Sure? You know, if you need anything.

Sonny: No, no, I'm--I don't need anything. Thank you. Shouldn't have called you last night, can we just leave it at that?

Paul: Well, I was glad that you felt you could call me. You know I hated the way things ended with us. And when I heard your voice last night on the phone, I... I mean, it felt like...the way things used to be. (Announcer) are you dealing with hot flashes during menopause?

Will: I am cool with keeping everything to myself. Including not talking about this with my husband.

Price: Then here we go.

Will: Thank you. Is there a deadline with this?

Zoe: Yes. You'll see why when you see who the subject is.

Will: You want to do another story on Paul Narita?

Zoe: Not just another story. The story.

Sonny: Paul, why would you say something like that? Things are never gonna be the way they used to be. Not for us.

Paul: I'm sorry, I didn't--I didn't...what I meant was... it just sounded like you didn't hate me anymore.

Sonny: I don't hate you. I never hated you, Paul. Things just didn't work out between us. I mean, you made choices. Ones that I wouldn't make. But it's your life. You can live it the way you want to. You get to be happy like anyone else.

Paul: You really don't get it, do you, sonny? I haven't been happy since you left me.

Aiden: Well, I guess I should apologize first.

Hope: Oh, my goodness. I hope not for what we just did.

Aiden: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Never, never for that. Just for my melt down earlier.

Hope: Well, guess what? I'm not accepting your apology. No.

Aiden: Why?

Hope: You blew up. I mean, you were frustrated, you were angry. And frankly, you were absolutely right.

Aiden: I was?

Hope: Yeah. It has been one thing after another with me. Let's see, where do I start? The, um, internet article? The financial stuff, this phone call with Bree. Aiden, I have made you explain yourself over and over again. It's no wonder you blew up.

Aiden: Wow.

Hope: And, um... I will not be returning Bree's phone calls. Nor...will I be accepting any others from her. I don't need her to tell me... what to think about you. I make up my own mind about people. And I've already made up my mind. About you.

Anne: I'm not sure why I have to keep going over this with you, Mr. Black, but I answer to Seth burns.

Brady: And Seth burns reports to the board, and I am on the board. So stop evading, please answer the question. You say that there's a, uh, hiring freeze.

Anne: There is, hospital-wide.

Brady: I happen to know that that doesn't go into effect until January first.

Anne: Well, Mr. Burns gave me discretion over the timing, so--

Brady: All right, well let's suppose that's true. And here's my question, please try to make it believable. Are you not using this discretion for your personal reasons?

Anne: Uh...

Brady: I need an answer.

Anne: I...

Nicole: You're not the only one who's been on a roller coaster ride from hell. I mean, remember when I thought we had a shot? You...fell for Jennifer. There were strong feelings there, still there. And then I went on another ride from hell and I feel for Eric, and he was in love with the church. Talk about up and down.

Daniel: Hey, look, I know it was rough for you too.

Nicole: Let's just say that--that no one in this room wants to be the get over it person, right?

Daniel: Right.

Nicole: Right. Well...this has been fun. Let's never do it again.

Daniel: Okay, well let's just save it as a one-time only moment, what do you think?

Nicole: Yeah, and if I didn't have to get back to the office, I suppose we could put our heads together and come up with something even more awkward to talk about.

Daniel: Sure, I'm sure there's something to be sad about. You know, pacing ourselves through here, and...

Nicole: Yeah, let's do it next time.

Daniel: Sure. Just a little something to look forward to. What do you think?

Nicole: This scarf really does look...awesome.

Daniel: You really like it?

Nicole: I...bye.

Eric: Dad, don't go there, okay? I am glad that Serena's in town too, okay, but...that was years ago.

Roman: What's a few years, huh?

Eric: I broke her heart. I chose the church, and...and walked away. She moved on.

Roman: Mm-hmm. And now she moved to Salem. And you are no longer a priest. Come on. You're always talking about signs from God. Maybe that's what this is.

Serena: Ohh! So sorry I'm late. I hope you weren't waiting long.

Nicole: No, don't be silly. I just got here a couple minutes ago and I got us some coffee and some health-giving cookies.

Serena: Oh, where'd you learn that, in nursing school? Oh, that's right! You were just at the hospital getting re-hired. You know, it's gonna be so much fun seeing each other all the time.

Melanie: Yes. Let's--I don't want to talk about work, though. Let's talk about--um, oh, have you seen Eric Brady? I hear he's really hot.

Serena: He is.

Nicole: Okay, so...okay. I know you guys were friends in Africa, but were you more than that? Because I kind of feel like maybe you were with that smile that you have. Right now.

Serena: We were...very close in Africa.

Nicole: You didn't tell me that.

Serena: I know, I know. But coming to Salem and not knowing what was gonna happen, I didn't want to say anything. I was afraid I was gonna jinx it.

Nicole: Okay, well, you obviously have not jinxed it, so what is going on with you two?

Aiden: You are amazing. You know that? But seriously...most people can't understand why someone would want to keep their personal life private, but you do.

Hope: God, do I? I really appreciate you not pushing me about mine. Asking me questions about Bo, why he decided to go away. And frankly, I, um...I can't begin to answer. But I've had to. I have, over and over again.

Aiden: Relatives, nosy neighbors?

Hope: Yeah, sometimes, yeah. But usually it's just people that don't think that talking about it...effects me.

Aiden: Well, hope, how could it not?

Hope: Aiden? Bo and I... there are memories and treasured moments...that will always be mine.

Aiden: And yours alone. Hope, I want you to understand something, I'm not out to replace Bo. I mean, what I want with you is just something fresh. Something that's...just ours.

Hope: Me too.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Brady: I'll tell you what, Ms. Milbauer, plan A. We head up to Seth Burns' office and you can explain to him why you're determined to make sure this hospital doesn't get to add an extremely talented nurse to its staff.

Anne: Well, I--I think Mr. Burns has a full schedule today, so--

Brady: Oh, I think he'll make time for me. Plan B.

Anne: What?

Brady: You make sure that this hiring freeze doesn't happen till January first, and we can forget this talk even happened. Provided Melanie Jonas is given full consideration.

Anne: Uh...I like...B. B is good. Let's go with B.

Brady: Okay, b it is. Excellent. Very good to talk to you.

Brady: You too. I gotta work. Bye.

Brady: Bye-bye.

Nicole: No, I covered that already in the opening. Just read the lead-in again and get back to me, okay? I want it to air tonight. Ooh, no, no, no, no--ah! Uhh. Great. Just what I need.

Serena: Wow. If I had known you'd be this relentless, I never would have mentioned Eric.

Melanie: Well, obviously it's a little late for that, so I want you to tell me everything. Have you guys kissed yet? Have you--do you like hold hands?

Daniel: Hey, there. I didn't know you'd be here. Oh, how--how'd it go at the, uh, the hospital? What's that?

Melanie: I--well, this is my friend, Serena mason.

Daniel: Your friend, uh--oh, your friend from Europe!

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Very nice to meet you, Serena.

Serena: Thanks, you too.

Melanie: Uh, she's friends with Eric. They met in Africa. Um, he and Eric are like best friends.

Serena: Oh, my God. You're--you're Eric's... you're Daniel. I--I know exactly who you are. Can I just say, I think you're amazing.

Brady: Okay, I'm done with Anne Milbauer. Now it's your turn.

Brady: You want to tell me, explain to me why you think it's okay to keep Melanie Jonas from getting a job here?

Theresa: What, I am not the one who's even responsible for hiring people.

Brady: I'm not blind, Theresa, I saw you hanging out, waiting for Anne Milbauer to cave, and when she didn't, you stomped off, you nearly put a hole through the wall.

Theresa: Are you done? Are you done, 'cause I have a headache?

Brady: You need to concentrate on getting along with people around here, instead of the constant hate you have for Daniel and his friends.

Theresa: I don't want to hear another word about that skinny bitch, all right? Just excuse me.

Brady: I don't--listen, look at me. I don't think you realize how much I care about Melanie. And if you're wondering whose side I'm gonna come down on, if it's a choice between you and her, take a guess.

Melanie: Obviously, my dad is awesome. Um, but that was--that was random.

Serena: Sorry. Yeah, that--that was probably a little weird, um. It's just that Eric and I kept in touch sporadically over the past few years. Emails now and then. Though he expected me to come to Salem, but...anyway. He told me about this psychopathic woman that victimized him, got him into trouble with the church. And then there was this other person who was supposed to be helping him, who actually wound up hurting him.

Melanie: Oh, yeah. Badly.

Serena: Right. But Eric had a lot to say about this one doctor who went the extra mile. That was a true friend, and that was you, right?

Melanie: That was my dad.

Serena: And I'm finally getting to meet you.

Daniel: Well, uh, thank you. Thank you, but it's really not that hard to step up when it comes to a guy like Eric, so.

Serena: I know. He is special.

Melanie: How special is he, Serena? What--I just...

Will: You didn't want to use barker? The guy that wrote the first story about Narita?

Zoe: Uh, we thought you'd be better suited for this one. Everything you need is in that envelope. How long he's been in town, name of the surgeon, how long a recovery, and intensive physical therapy.

Price: We're counting on you, will. Make us proud.

Will: I'll do my best.

Price: I'll see you around the office, Zoe.

Zoe: You bet. This is his private number. He's waiting for your call. I cannot emphasize enough that this story is huge and secrecy is vital. Oh...welcome back.

Sonny: You haven't been happy? Are you saying you haven't... been with anyone since we split up?

Paul: I'm not a monk, sonny. But I...I don't know. I haven't connected with anyone. Not the way that we did.

Sonny: Paul, you've been playing this game so long. I don't think you know you're playing it.

Paul: What game?

Sonny: In the last three years, how many women have you given the same look you just gave me?

Paul: Come on, sonny. You know that I have to keep an image out there.

Sonny: I get that. But when does the image stop and the real you take over?

Aiden: Mm. Are you sure you can't stay?

Hope: Oh, my gosh. I wish I could.

Aiden: All right, well, I have to make a few calls before I leave.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: I am so glad you kept me from leaving.

Hope: Me too. I'm glad we were able to work through everything.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: No more questions. No more issues.

Aiden: Thank you.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: I think I have everything.'ll check us out, right?

Aiden: I will.

Hope: Bye.

Eric: You were my love. You were the one person that I trusted more than anyone. And you betrayed me.

Nicole: No.

Eric: Yes, I hate you. But I hate myself for not being try and at least forgive you. That's something that will never happen.

Nicole: Daniel, you're wrong. I am not in rebound mode, I know that. And you need to know that too. My conscience is clear.

Melanie: Spill, woman.

Daniel: Okay, Melanie.

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Some things are still private. Yes.

Serena: Saved by the chime. Oh, my God. Is that what time it is? I'm sorry, I've gotta--I've gotta go. Daniel, it was so nice meeting you and I hope we can get together some time again.

Daniel: Yeah, sure. Melanie said that you're doing research at the hospital, so we're all practically working together there, right?

Serena: I'll call you, Melanie.

Melanie: Yes, you will, because I'm not done asking you questions. This isn't over.

Brady: We made a deal. Remember our deal? You go your way, I go mine. That can work. It can be just fine, but if you think I'm going to ignore all the stunts you're pulling with Daniel, Jennifer, Melanie...anybody that I care about, you think again. You go after them, I'm gonna act like you're going after me. And you need to think long and hard about this. Do you really--do you really want to provoke me?

Roman: Hope.

Hope: Oh.

Roman: You shouldn't have.

Hope: Oh--oh, this. Uh, well, good, because I didn't.

Roman: Wow.

Hope: What?

Roman: The smile. Somebody is happy.

Hope: And I shouldn't, because I'm going through a divorce?

Roman: Oh, you know what? I think I heard a little something about that, but, uh... figured that's personal. It's none of my business. But I will say this. As much as I love my brother, admire him. If that's what you gotta do, you gotta break it off. Make yourself happy, then...that's a good thing. All right?

Hope: Thank you.

Bree: Hello?

Aiden: Hello, Bree.

Bree: Um, Aiden?

Aiden: Yeah, that's right. Guess why I'm calling you.

Bree: Uh...I--I can't, uh...

Aiden: I know what you did, Bree. So consider this a warning, in fact, the only one you're gonna get. If you contact hope again and you talk to her about me, I will come after you. And you know what I am capable of. So think long and hard.

Barista: Hey, sonny. Will called.

Sonny: Thanks. Will be a little late tonight. Working. Terrific.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Yes?

Will: Hi, I'm will Horton. I'm calling from Sonix magazine.

Paul: Oh. So you're the writer.

Will: Uh, I am. Um, I was wondering when we could set up a time to meet. And take care of some of the preliminaries. I have an office at the magazine, if that suits you.

Paul: You were told this stays hush hush, right?

Will: Absolutely. And if there's another place you'd like to meet, that's fine. Let me know.

Paul: Now is good. Salem Inn, Room 1224. And if anyone stops you, tell them you're here to see George Herman.

Will: You used babe Ruth's name.

Paul: Oh, you know your baseball. I'll be waiting for you there. Serena: Guess who?

Eric: Oh, I'm so glad you could make it.

Serena: Me too. So... what did you want to talk to me about?

Eric: It's, uh, it's something I think is important.

Serena: Okay, let me guess. Either who's gonna pick up the tab for tonight's dinner, or...about that kiss? Uh-oh. This--this is important.

Eric: I just want to say something. I want to be honest. About whatever our feelings are for each other, and...what you can actually expect from me.

Nicole: Who is that woman?

Theresa: You know, Brady, just because you've got money and a lot of muscles, it doesn't mean that you can threaten me. So what, you think that I'm actually concerned, I give a rat's ass about that horrible dye job and her privileged, little life? I don't.

Brady: Then stay away. And stop with the stunts, okay?

Theresa: Just relax. 'Cause I'm not gonna mix it up with your precious little Melanie. I'm too busy dodging all the hospital gossip about how I tried to fake some pregnancy so that you would marry me. And thank you for that, by the way.

Brady: Better be able to trust you on this, I swear to God, I mean it.

Theresa: So do I. We're done here, Brady. There's the door.

Melanie: You faked getting pregnant by Brady?

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