Days Transcript Wednesday 12/10/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 12/10/14


Episode #12476 ~ Theresa & Melanie get into a major catfight; Sonny receives a tempting offer; Eric & Serena revisit their romantic history; Rafe confronts Clyde about his lies.

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Theresa: Okay, so, if you get a text from Theresa Donovan, then you'll know that's me.

Melanie: What?

Theresa: Theresa Donovan-- that's my name. What's the problem?

Melanie: Ah. I'm Melanie Jonas.

Theresa: Melanie Jonas. Wow. You know, if you're thinking about staying here in Salem, you ought to consider changing your last name, 'cause the only other Jonas that I know is a doctor here at university, and he's a real creep.

Melanie: I'm his kid.

Theresa: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Oh, Melanie, I feel so bad for you.

Melanie: See, and now I feel bad for you, because that makes you the raving bitch that everybody's been warning me about.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Hey, I heard you were back--and the lights were on. Look, I know it's a little late, but I just had to, um-- I had to see you.

Sonny: I really need to talk to you. There's so much going on, and things--I don't even know how things are. They're crazy, but I usually can figure it out when I can talk with you. Just call me back, okay?

Paul: You were always able to talk to me about anything. You still can if you want.

Clyde: Hey, there, Rafe.

Rafe: Well, what a coincidence. I was just thinking about you.

Clyde: Well, then maybe it wasn't such a coincidence after all.

Serena: Eric, I never stopped caring about you... not for one minute. And I never will. Oh, wow. That surprised me. I don't usually lay it on the line like that.

Eric: Since when?

Serena: The last few years have made me be a little more careful.

Eric: Yeah... me too.

Serena: But we've always been honest with each other. I hope that's still true.

Theresa: You know, somebody told me that saint Daniel's dirty little secret was his loser daughter.

Melanie: Hmm. So you get mean when a guy rejects you.

Theresa: I don't have time for this.

Melanie: Well, it's too freaking bad, 'cause I'm just getting started. You hurt a lot of people that I care about, and that was a big mistake.

Theresa: Oh, wow, look at you in little warrior mode.

Melanie: You shut up, and you listen to me, you little money-grubbing, lying cokehead, and you listen really, really, really well.

Daniel: So, um, how's your mom?

Jennifer: Oh, she's really well, thank you.

Daniel: Good, good.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah, I just had to run out and get some juice boxes for Parker's lunch tomorrow. Maggie's watching him. Don't have a whole lot of time.

Jennifer: Oh, come on in. I'm so sorry.

Daniel: No, no, no, it's okay, thanks. I just--I don't know if you heard, but, you know, Melanie's back in town.

Jennifer: I did hear that. You must be so happy.

Daniel: Oh, I am.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. I don't know why it is, but every time I have good news, the person I still want to tell about it is... is--is you.

Abigail: Hi. I'm working late.

Ben: Yeah, you said that. I'm on break myself.

Abigail: Hmm. Can you hand me that paper over there, please?

Ben: This one?

Abigail: Yes, that one. It is very important.

Ben: Huh? You know, I'd be willing to bet a person would do just about anything to get their hands on a paper this important.

Abigail: Yeah, absolutely, because I am all about the job. I'm not gonna get any work done tonight, am I?

Ben: Sure you will. Later.

Abigail: Oh.

Sonny: So I guess they let you out of the hospital.

Paul: This afternoon. But I have to stay in town for physical therapy.

Sonny: Right, yeah. How--how's your shoulder?

Paul: Wouldn't want to throw a fastball, but compared to how it was...

Sonny: Yeah, that's good. That's good. I'm glad.

Paul: Look, Sonny, I'm not here to screw up your life, but you sounded upset. Is everything all right?

Sonny: Actually, everything's a mess.

Paul: We can talk about it. I meant that.

Sonny: Wait a minute. Were you--were you following me?

Theresa: You know, I don't know what your shady, self-righteous daddy told you about me--

Melanie: Oh, my dad didn't tell me anything about what you did to him and Jennifer and JJ, see, because my dad is bored with you by now. Abigail's the one that filled me in.

Theresa: Oh, of course, you're besties with the DiMera brothers' slut.

Melanie: Wow, Abigail really hit the nail on the head with you. You don't miss a thing.

Theresa: Thanks, but you know what? You don't really know me, and I really couldn't care less what you think about me. So, if you could just get out of my way--

Melanie: I just--really fast, I want to run by you who my other BFF. Is. Brady. Yeah, and I know all about what you did to him too.

Jennifer: How's Melanie doing?

Daniel: She's fine. Yeah, I think.

Jennifer: Oh, wait, is there a problem?

Daniel: Well, when she and Carly stopped traveling together, Melanie was kind of at loose ends and--

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Well, anyway, she seems to be putting that behind her.

Jennifer: Good. Good. I am so looking forward to seeing her.

Daniel: Well, she's going to apply for her old job back at the hospital, so I'd say chances are pretty good... I mean, unless you're still thinking of looking for another job somewhere else so you don't have to see my face on a daily basis. You know, that's the other reason I came out here is, you know, I hope you'll change your mind about that.

Abigail: Someone could come in.

Ben: I locked the door.

Abigail: Smart.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

[Knocking on door]

Abigail: Just a minute. Uh, hold on a second.

Jordan: Hey, I got your...text.

Ben: I just finished the last hospital coffee run.

Jordan: Right. Uh, your lipstick's a little smudged.

Abigail: [Laughing] Oh, my God.

Jordan: So--it's better.

Abigail: Okay. What are you doing here? I thought that you had dinner with Chad?

Jordan: Uh, yeah, we went out early. I got your text about working on the project late, so I thought you could use some help, but looks like you have all the help you need.

Rafe: Well, I am glad that I ran into you, Clyde, because I have been meaning to compliment you on your acting ability.

Clyde: Come again?

Rafe: Pretending that you'd never met Kate... very convincing.

Clyde: Ah, yeah, she told you everything, huh? Well, I was just trying to protect a nice lady from an embarrassing moment, you know.

Rafe: Well, you did a damn good job, 'cause--well, I'm a cop, I'm not supposed to be fooled that easily, but you, you, uh--you had me going... which kind of made me think of something.

Clyde: What's that, Rafe?

Rafe: Well, if that was all an act, what else is?

Paul: I had to get out of my hotel room, so I went for a walk. And then I saw you leaving some coffee house.

Sonny: It's my coffee house.

Paul: It looked nice. You own it?

Sonny: For now, I do.

Paul: Well, I can't imagine a nice place like that not doing well.

Sonny: No, it's not that. No, it's-- I can't get into it with you, to be honest.

Paul: Being your own boss, huh? I mean, that's what you always wished for when we were together. It's just so nice to see you following your dream.

Sonny: I watched you do it, just on a way bigger scale.

Paul: Well, I'm still amazed at what they pay a guy to throw a ball 60 feet and 6 inches.

Sonny: Or hit it with a stick.

Paul: Yeah, they don't pay me for that.

Sonny: That's good, because I remember you in the batting cages.

Paul: [Laughs] Yeah, I know, I know. You showed me up. We had some good times, huh?

Sonny: I got to get back to work.

Paul: Sonny, please... wait.

Paul: Look, I meant what I said, and--and I'm not here to screw up your life. I'm just here because Dr. Jonas came highly recommended, and he could fit me into his schedule right away... and because my agent thought it was a really good idea to go to a smaller town, even though my mother was totally against it.

Sonny: Your mom knew about us?

Paul: No.

Sonny: Yeah. No-- yeah, I didn't think so.

Paul: But--but that's all in the past.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Look, Sonny, what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry that I came on to you so strong when I first saw you. It was probably the drugs.

Sonny: You were on drugs when we first met?

Paul: No. I mean, meeting you for the first time, it was a totally different kind of high. But I meant when I first saw you at the hospital.

Sonny: I wish you the best, Paul. I can't imagine how hard it must be living your life the way you do.

Paul: I manage. Look, Sonny, if you need anything--and if you need someone to talk to, a loan, anything...

Sonny: I'm not taking your money.

Paul: Well, I said a loan, and I meant it. [Chuckles] No, but if you need some money to keep that coffee house of yours, don't rule me out. I'm just down the street at the Salem inn.

Sonny: I know how much you like your hotels.

Paul: You did too, once.

Ben: Well, I don't want to stand in the way of a project that serves the needy, but I'm very proud of you guys for coming up with it. Miss Deveraux, I'll see you later.

Jordan: I'm really sorry for walking in on you two.

Abigail: No, it's fine. You heard Ben--we'll see each other later. Plus, I could really use your help getting organized here.

Jordan: Well, actually, the other reason I came is because... I wanted to apologize about getting defensive about Chad and me. Look, if I continue to see him, I don't want it to affect our friendship.

Abigail: Then we'll make sure that it doesn't.

Jordan: Right.

Abigail: Can I ask you something? You said earlier that you and Chad ended your date early. Um, is something wrong?

Clyde: I'm not sure what you're getting at, Rafe.

Rafe: Well, I'm not getting at anything. I'm saying it flat out. You came here claiming all you wanted was to make things right with Ben and Jordan.

Clyde: Well, that is what I wanted. That's what I'm doing. Now, I don't know if Jordan will ever forgive me or forgive Kate for bringing me here. But, you know, at least Jordan's got a man in her life who's somebody, who's substantial.

Rafe: Right, right, instead of a nobody like me.

Clyde: Oh, hey, whatever happened between you and Jordan, that's between you and Jordan, all right? But as for me, well, at least Ben is letting me help him with his college tuition. And that right there makes the whole trip worthwhile.

Rafe: Yeah, you sound like you mean that. But then when you said you'd never met Kate, you sounded like you meant that too.

Clyde: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Jennifer: I've changed my mind about quitting my job.

Daniel: Yeah? You mind telling me why?

Jennifer: I'm in a different place. I went to visit my mom, and it was good for me.

Daniel: Good.

Jennifer: Yeah, and I love my job, and Abigail's gonna be there, so it's really gonna be great.

Daniel: Well, there you go. That's great. That's great. Really, that's good.

Jennifer: So now you're gonna have to see my face all the time.

Daniel: Oh, no. Oh, boy. Well, honestly, when you first said that you were looking for another job, I was--I was a little--little relieved.

Jennifer: Yeah, and, you know, really, it would've made Anne Milbauer's year.

Daniel: [Laughing] Yeah. You know, but time--time changed that for me too. And I didn't want to run away from what we had together. You know, even if we can't be...

Jennifer: Friends?

Daniel: Yeah. No, I know I made some--some big, big mistakes.

Jennifer: Yeah, I did too. And I made too many.

Daniel: You know, and I also know that--that it's over, but, you know, I-I don't--I don't regret a minute of that time. And loving you, you taught me-- taught me a lot about how to live and--and just about life.

Jennifer: You did that for me too... and JJ.

Daniel: Oh, boy.

Jennifer: I don't even know where he would be right now without you. And I'll never forget that, really. I'm so grateful.

Daniel: Thank you. Yeah, I've grown to care about JJ a little bit.

[Both laugh]

Daniel: So what do we call us-- collegial co-workers, warm acquaintances?

Jennifer: Oh, no, I don't even think we should have a name.

Daniel: No? I think that's a good idea, 'cause I just--I hate labels.

Jennifer: I do too. And I just think if we don't rush things and really take our time, I have a feeling we'll be able to call each other friend and really mean it.

Theresa: You don't know anything about Brady and me.

Melanie: False. I was with him all afternoon, and I know plenty, because, you know, Brady and I go really far back, like back to when he was sober. So I know you got him drunk, I know you dragged him to a wedding chapel, and I know you scored some coke, and you guys got high. What I don't know is why you're not in jail. You want to know what he told me about you? He told me that if I ever see you, I should run the other way.

Theresa: Just shut up, okay?

Melanie: Oh, okay, so you can dish it out. You just can't take it.

Theresa: I said "shut up."

Melanie: So you go around hurting people so you can watch 'em hurt, but then if they come back at you, you what, you start working the tears?

Theresa: [Screams]

Eric: You remember the first time we got thrown together in Africa?

Serena: Oh, I was trying to conduct an interview with a tribal chief from the Congo, and you and your fancy camera kept getting in my way.

Eric: No, no, no.

Serena: Yeah, I remember.

Eric: You were ruining my shot.

Serena: You were distracting the guy.

Eric: Yeah, and then you walked over, and you told me where to put the camera.

Serena: 'Cause you called me an egotistical drama queen.

Eric: Wait, I don't remember saying "drama queen."

Serena: And then I said, "if you're such an artiste, why don't you show me what you've gotten so far?"

Eric: Yeah, because you thought I'd been taking photos of you the whole time.

Serena: I-I did not!

Eric: Uh-huh.

Serena: Anyway, you showed me the pictures and what I'd been trying to get the chief to say, you found in his face.

Eric: And, of course, you failed to mention any word of that.

Serena: I offered to buy the damn pics, didn't I?

Eric: And I said okay, didn't I?

Serena: [Laughing] No, what you said is that I could have the pictures for free, if I'd just--

Both: Shut up!

[Both laughing]

Serena: Anyway... we could still laugh together. You could still make me happy. After everything you've been through, you haven't forgotten how to do that-- make someone happy.

Eric: No, I haven't forgotten. You know, I've forgotten a lot of things. But I haven't forgotten how much we loved each other.

The weather outside is frightful

Melanie: Get off me, you psycho!

Theresa: You know, I was just minding my own business.

Melanie: Yeah, right! You were sneaking wine into the hospital. Who were you gonna go get drunk tonight, Theresa, some rich old guy with cirrhosis?

Theresa: Oh, what are you, the morality police?

Maxine: Do you need reminding that this is a hospital? Melanie, you know better.

Theresa: Yeah, you know, she just walked in here and started attacking me.

Maxine: Shut your mouth.

Melanie: Thank you.

Maxine: You too. Now, when the two of your are in this hospital, you stay away from each other. Don't let this happen again, or there will be consequences.

Theresa: Well, it seems like anyone with the last name of Jonas just gets away with murder around here.

Melanie: Getting away with murder? You really-- what--with everything that she's done to people--

Maxine: Honey, honey, honey, honey, I can't wait to get you back here, and I love ya. But I also know that you haven't been pushed around since you were a baby in a carriage. You give as good as you get.

Melanie: Okay. Yeah, but I--now I use my powers for good and that little-- this--Maxine, this isn't over.

Maxine: Honey, you need to go home, cool off. Fill out this job application. Now, if you want to be taken seriously, stay away from Theresa.

Melanie: Okay.

Maxine: Huh. It's good to have you back. Now get out of here. Lord have mercy.

Jennifer: Well, I'm--I'm glad you came by. This was good.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Me too. In the spirit of full disclosure, there's one more thing I need to tell you.

Jennifer: Okay, is it about Nicole?

Daniel: How did you know?

Jennifer: Because Eric told me that the two of you patched things up.

Daniel: Well, we sort of agree to disagree on certain subjects. I think you--I think you know what they are.

Jennifer: Yeah, I think I do.

Daniel: Yeah. I mean, anyway, I don't know if this friendship is going anywhere. I mean, it hasn't yet.

Jennifer: Right, but it might.

Daniel: Well, honestly, you know, the only reason I'm talking about it is because I told you I would always, always be up front with you.

Jennifer: I understand.

Daniel: Yeah? You sure?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Thank you.

Jennifer: Yeah, sure. Um, listen, but if it does go somewhere...

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: Just be careful, you know?

Daniel: Who, me?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: I'm always careful.

Jennifer: Well, I mean...

Daniel: Okay?

Jennifer: No, but I do wish you the best, you know that.

Daniel: Thank you.

Jennifer: For what?

Daniel: Just making this so easy.

Jennifer: I think we did that for each other.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, Daniel.

Daniel: Oh, what?

Jennifer: I just, um--I hope that the two of us can be a really good friend to Eric right now.

Daniel: Yeah. No, me too.

Jennifer: Good.

Daniel: He just seems a little, uh...

Jennifer: He seems so lost.

Daniel: Yeah.

Serena: We were good together. It all worked really well.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, it did.

Serena: Until you fell in love with the idea of becoming a priest and out of love with me.

Eric: I don't--I don't think anybody could've been more understanding than you were back then about the decision.

Serena: We were so close by then. It's like I knew what you were thinking. And when you watched father Ryan die right in front of you... I knew you were changed forever. And I kept wishing there was something I could do to ease your pain. And you started getting up before you thought I was awake and sneaking off to that tiny, little church for mass. And when there was no mass, you would go by yourself into the bush to pray. I knew what was happening. You realized that you had a calling, and you had no choice but to follow it. And I couldn't have, nor would I have, stood in your way.

Jordan: Chad walked in on a pretty intense conversation between me and Rafe... one that ended badly.

Abigail: Mm, I'm sorry.

Jordan: Yeah, me too. Anyway, after that, Chad could tell that I wasn't in the best mood, so he just suggested that we end the evening early.

Abigail: Before you guys parted ways, did you tell him what happened with Rafe?

Jordan: Sort of.

Abigail: You think, maybe, uh... maybe Chad can tell that you're still kind of hung up on Rafe?

Rafe: Clyde Weston. That's right, Tim--check him out for me. No aliases that I know of. Says he's from poplar bluff, Missouri. Time frame is ASAP.

Sonny: The Salem inn does do a mean cheeseburger. And you've always loved room service.

Paul: Well, room service is fun, but it wasn't my favorite thing about hotels.

Sonny: I have to go.

Ben: That's great. I'm all for you donating money to some worthy cause here in Salem.

Clyde: Well, I can hold off if you want, Ben. I mean, if there's something else you need from me besides college tuition.

Ben: No, you donate your money. And I know, as rocky as things are between you two, Jordan would say the same thing. She loves this town.

Clyde: Wow. [Chuckles] Knowing my kids support my decisions, that's... that's more important to me than you know, Ben. If there's one thing I've learned in therapy, it's that my children... give meaning to my life... more than anything else. One day you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Jordan: Rafe and I are over for good. I made that totally clear to Chad.

Abigail: Okay. Good. Good. Look, I know you came here to work and not talk about your personal life, so, uh, I think I'm starting to get all this organizational stuff worked out, and now we should just focus on the financing.

Ben: Sonny, hi.

Sonny: Hey, I'll finish closing up. Go have fun with Abigail.

Ben: How'd you know? See you tomorrow.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sonny: Damn it, will. You can't even call me back?

Daniel: Hey, did you see Maxine?

Melanie: Hey. Yeah, I did. Uh, Maggie leave?

Daniel: Yeah, she's exhausted and so is Parker. He's down for the count. So how'd it go with Maxine?

Melanie: It went well. She's going to drop off my application straight to head of nursing.

Daniel: Yeah, and keep Anne Milbauer out of the process.

Melanie: Yeah, hopefully.

Daniel: Well, good for her, hmm?

Melanie: Hey, there's a tear in my jacket.

Daniel: Yeah, your scarf's dirty, and your hair's a mess.

Melanie: Thank you.

Daniel: Hey, you didn't have a run-in with those casino people, did you? Did you?

Melanie: No, dad, no. Chill. Why?

Daniel: I don't know. You don't normally walk into a door looking like that.

Melanie: Nah, it's nothing.

Daniel: Which means it's something. Okay, Melanie?

Melanie: Okay, fine. Um, I met Theresa Donovan. Abigail was right, by the way, she's a psycho.

Theresa: So you know that new friend I told you about?

Anne: Yeah, the one with all the potential.

Theresa: Yeah, well, you're never gonna believe who she is.

Anne: Who?

Theresa: Melanie frickin' Jonas.

Anne: As in Daniel's daughter?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Anne: You just said she was applying for a job at the hospital.

Jennifer: That's right. It's great, isn't it? And I have known Melanie for ages. You both--you're just gonna love working with her.

Eric: When you were so loving and understanding about my decision... it was like a good omen. You know, when I applied to the seminary, I got accepted, and I spent-- spent just a wonderful time there. And I was ordained. And then I was assigned to St. Luke's, and...

Serena: What got me through that time was knowing how happy and fulfilled you were.

Eric: I was. It's hard to believe that part of my life is over.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eric: Do you have to meet somebody?

Serena: [Sighs]

Eric: You've forgotten an appointment again?

Serena: Uh, I-I have to Skype my editor on the west coast before it gets too late. I did forget. I wonder why.

Eric: Have to go?

Serena: Yeah. Yeah. There's just so much more to say, at least for me.

Eric: Me too.

Serena: Like I said, I'm gonna be around if you want to get together.

Eric: Um...

Serena: I mean, if you're free.

Eric: Yeah--tomorrow... I mean, if that works for you.

Serena: Yeah. Yeah, that works.

Eric: You still have the most beautiful smile.

Serena: I better go. I'll see you tomorrow.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, the whole staff, they were just crazy about Melanie when she was here before. She's a very dedicated nurse, and her patients adore her.

Theresa: You know what, Jennifer? You really don't have to sing her praises any longer, because if my memory serves me correctly, you're not with Daniel anymore. So what do you care?

Anne: Yeah, and, personally, I never really saw what was so great about her.

Theresa:. Yeah, I know, right?

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: I mean, I don't think she should be allowed in the hospital at all, the way she just rips into people for no reason.

Jennifer: Oh, now, why is that? Did you have a little run-in with Melanie?

Theresa: [Gasps] Wow. She has amazing powers of perception.

Anne: She's practically clairvoyant.

Jennifer: Didn't go well, did it? But get used to it. I hear Melanie's back for good.

Theresa: I... I seriously can't take one more person hating me at the hospital, Anne.

Anne: Well, maybe you don't have to. [Chuckles evilly]

Melanie: Well, I met her yesterday, but I didn't know who she was. And then I saw her tonight, and she said her name, and I found out who she was, and Brady had just finished talking to me about all the things that she did to him...

Daniel: And--

Melanie: So I had to talk to her about it.

Daniel: And then what happened? And then she had some things to say about you, so obviously that wasn't gonna fly.

Daniel: Okay, Melanie--

Melanie: Well, she pushed me first!

Daniel: I knew it!

Melanie: No, no, but it didn't last long because--

Daniel: No, no, no. Listen to me, okay? You need to stay away from Theresa Donovan. I wanted to tell you this earlier, but-- she is troubled, unstable, malicious, unhi--bad news. She provokes you, you walk away.

Melanie: What, so she just gets away with everything, then?

Daniel: Promise me you won't go anywhere near her.

Melanie: Okay. Promise.

Daniel: Thank you. Yes.

Melanie: Okay, it's fine.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: We need to be very clear that 100% of every gift goes directly to funding the project.

Abigail: Yeah, and hopefully we'll have some donors.

Jordan: We will. Oh, you're supposed to meet Ben. You go.

Abigail: Are you sure?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah, we've done everything we can do tonight.

Abigail: Okay.

Jordan: I just have a couple more things I'm gonna finish up here, but I'll turn off the lights and lock the doors.

Abigail: Great. Thank you so much. Okay, see you later.

Jordan: Have fun.

Abigail: Thank you. That's quite enough of that.

[Telephone ringing]

Paul: Nobody's supposed to know I'm here. Hello.

Sonny: Hi. It's me.

Anne: I can too do something about Melanie. I'm still the head of HR.

Theresa: Yeah, but she's Daniel's daughter. I mean, she's got Daniel and Maxine and the whole Horton family on her side. You can't do anything about that.

Anne: You want to bet?

Theresa: What have you got?

Daniel: I hear Parker. He probably hears your voice. Can I tell him you'll read him a story?

Melanie: You can tell him that I will personally make up a story for him every night if he wants.

Daniel: You're good at that.

Melanie: Oh, oh, funny.

Daniel: Like Scheherazade.

[Cell phone rings]

Melanie: Like what? Hello?

Serena: I can't talk. I have to check in with my editor, but I said I'd call.

Melanie: Ooh, did you see Eric Brady?

Serena: I did.

Melanie: And?

Serena: I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. But it was all good... really good.

Eric: What are you thinking about?

Serena: Mm. I'm trying to come up with the right word of how you make me feel... untroubled... contented.

Eric: Happy? [Chuckles]

Serena: I'm supposed to be the wordsmith of this duo.

Eric: Hmm.

Serena: But you nailed it... happy... very, very happy.

Jordan: Did you forget something?

Rafe: Yeah.

Paul: Hey, Sonny, what's up?

Sonny: I've been thinking about what you said.

Paul: I meant every word.

Sonny: Maybe we could talk?

Paul: Sure we could. You, uh--do you want to come over here... to the hotel?

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