Days Transcript Monday 12/8/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/8/14


Episode #12474 ~ Brady comes to Melanie's rescue, and her secret is revealed; Eric gets a surprise visit from someone from his past; Sonny hits a roadblock while trying to open a second location for his club; Abigail gives Chad a stern warning about Jordan.

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Kelly: Did you really think we wouldn't find you? Game over.

Serena: Excuse me, the woman who's just leaving, is that Dr. Marlena Evans?

Maxine: Uh-huh. That's Dr. Evans. You know her?

Serena: From a long time ago. God, she hasn't aged a day.

Maxine: How do you know her?

Serena: We only met once, actually.

Maxine: At a medical conference?

[Phone rings]

Maxine: Oh. Sorry, gotta go.

Eric: Would you just listen to me? Because I have my reasons. No. No! Damn it, I said no! I'm sorry, good-bye.

Marlena: Honey, honey, honey, honey, what's wrong?

Eric: I'm sorry, it's Sami.

Sonny: You were right, Paul. We can still have it all.

Abigail: Paul?

Adrienne: Sonny?

Sonny: Hey.

Adrienne: Did you talk to him?

Sonny: Will?

Adrienne: No. Did you talk to Paul Narita?

Jordan: I think we should go somewhere else.

Brady: Tell me exactly what you saw.

Nicole: Two people were chasing Melanie, and Melanie looked scared, panicky. And they ran toward the park. I'm sorry.

Daniel: Damn it, Melanie.

[Phone rings]

Daniel: Hello.

Nicole: Daniel, it's me. I think someone's after Melanie.

Melanie: Get your hands off me.

Kelly: We can do this one of two ways, sweetie-- easy or hard. It's your call.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, slow down. What happened?

Nicole: Two people were chasing Melanie, a man and a woman, and Melanie was running toward the park.

Daniel: Damn it.

Nicole: Should I call the police?

Daniel: No, Nicole, do not call the police.

Nicole: Daniel--

Daniel: Nicole, don't do it!

Melanie: Sweetie, I'm not gonna roll over for you two, so it looks like it's gonna be the hard way. Get off me! Get off me!

Brady: Hey, hey!

Melanie: Whoa! Brady!

Abigail: So are you always that focused when you work out?

Paul: It's part of the strategy. You re-create the intensity you have in a game so that when you do go out on the field, it comes naturally.

Abigail: Huh, so you were-- you were playing a game in your head just now?

Paul: Well, sometimes it's other things. Or people.

Abigail: Sounds to me like you were thinking about someone special.

Paul: I was.

Sonny: Could you keep your voice down?

Adrienne: Okay, but we're going to talk about it.

Sonny: There's nothing to say.

Adrienne: That's bull, and you know it. I remember you when it was over with Paul. Honey, you shut down. You froze us all out.

Sonny: You're my mother, not my support group.

Adrienne: And now that he's back in your life...

Sonny: In Salem, not in my life.

Adrienne: I'm worried. You didn't deal with it then, sweetheart--

Sonny: I'm married. I'm with will. Hey, Paul means nothing to me.

Adrienne: Honey, you can tell yourself that all you want. It just doesn't happen to be true.

Chad: You're right, I'm sorry. You're upset, and this is definitely not what you need right now.

Jordan: Why are you sorry? I didn't mean let's leave here and go get dinner. That's not what I meant at all.

Marlena: I thought it must be Sami, because you never swear.

Eric: You're probably wondering what I'm doing here when the place is closed.

Marlena: No, I wasn't wondering that at all.

Eric: Grandma asked me to watch the place for a couple of hours until she got back.

Marlena: Oh. What I was wondering was, what did Sami do that got you so cross?

Eric: I'm not really upset with her.

Marlena: Oh, 'cause you sure could've fooled me.

Eric: It's those Hollywood piranhas. I mean producers. He got my number from Sami, and he wants me to do a reality show as well.

Marlena: A reality show about what?

Eric: Well, it's not about my spiritual life. Oh, no, he wants the good stuff. He wants to know what Kristen had done to me in graphic detail. So in order for him to get what he wants--more sex on television--he's got Sami trying to tell me there's an opportunity for me to tell my side of the story.

Marlena: Honey, honey, honey, calm down.

Eric: I'm sorry. It's just, I can't believe she even thought that I'd wanna even talk to this guy.

Marlena: You know, if you'd like my honest opinion... it might be a good idea.

Nicole: Daniel, you don't understand. I think Melanie's in danger.

Daniel: No, do not do a thing. Don't call the police. I will handle this.

Nicole: Okay, what about 911? I-- d--[Sighs] I gotta get out there.

Melanie: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No! No, no, no, Brady! Brady!

[All grunting]

Melanie: No! Brady!


Melanie: Brady! What you see is brilliant haircolor.

[All grunt]

Melanie: What did you do?

Kelly: Oh, what awful people we must be, defending ourselves like that.

Melanie: Why won't you just leave me alone?

Kelly: You know the answer to that. But maybe my colleague can explain. Nonverbally.

Nicole: Hey, get your hands off her!

Kelly: Another county heard from.

Daniel: Yes, and another. All right, do what she says and just get your hands off her. And everybody else just stay calm.

Nicole: Daniel, they attacked Melanie and hit Brady. I'm calling the police.

Daniel: Don't bother. These are the police. Isn't that right?

Sonny: You mean well, but I don't--

Adrienne: Look, I'm not here to judge you. I am not here to tell you what to do. I simply want you to talk to me. It wasn't right that you kept it all inside you back then. Sonny, it hurt you.

Sonny: Mom, I didn't have a choice. Paul needed to know that he could trust me. Like really, really trust me. That I wouldn't--

Adrienne: You wouldn't out him, no matter what.

Abigail: It must have been really hard on her, even just dealing with your schedule alone. I--I'm sorry, I, um--I got caught up in conversation, and I was being way too personal. Sorry.

Paul: Don't be. And it was really hard on, uh, the person I was thinking about. We didn't make it.

Abigail: I'm sorry. And now here you are, right? In some hospital, stuck here in a strange town, no friends to hang out with.

Paul: [Chuckles] Well, I'm not looking for any sympathy. I make a lot of money throwing a little ball. I'm pretty lucky, all things considered. So thank you.

Abigail: For what?

Paul: A conversation like this one helps me keep things in perspective.

Abigail: Well, then, I'm glad I could do my part. Um, here, I should get going. You don't have to--

Paul: No, no, it's okay. It's--I'm just wondering where Jordan is.

Abigail: You gonna ask her out again?

Paul: No, I know better than that now. It's just that we scheduled an evaluation for this afternoon, and...

Abigail: Oh.

Paul: I wonder what's keeping her.

Chad: Mm, I think I'm beginning to get your message.

Jordan: Well, I really hope so, or otherwise, I'm really losing my touch.

Chad: Ah. We could go to my house.

Jordan: Mm, or we could go to my house instead. No pesky butlers to spread rumors.

[Phone rings]

Jordan: Sorry.

Chad: Mm-mm.

Jordan: One second.

Chad: Mm-mm.

Brady: [Mutters]

Kelly: You're right. We're not police per se, but we are empowered to defend our interests.

Nicole: Oh, really? And are you empowered to attack private citizens in a public park?

Daniel: Okay, Nicole.

Kelly: It was self-defense.

Nicole: Oh, was it? And bubba here is that fragile that you had to defend him with a rock? I don't think so.

Daniel: Okay, you are not helping. You left this at the apartment. You'll be fine, all right? Might need some aspirin.

Brady: I'm good.

Daniel: I know who you are, and I know what you're here for. But right now, we are all gonna go to my place to resolve this. Right now. Let's go.

Maxine: I'll get these to hr, so you can get credentialed.

Serena: Oh, I can do that.

Maxine: Honey, our hr department is run by a woman who puts Genghis khan to shame.

Serena: I don't scare easily.

Maxine: Yeah, I can tell. I just don't want her to be your first impression of this place.

Serena: [Chuckles] I have a feeling you could tell me where all the bodies are buried.

Maxine: Yeah, I'd like to add that woman to the list.

Serena: [Laughs] I am going to buy you lunch sometime. I have a feeling you could, uh, help speed up my learning curve.

Maxine: You're on. Oh, and I'll let Dr. Evans know that you'll be around.

Serena: No, no, don't bother. She probably doesn't even remember me. Um, so I'll see you, and thank you for everything.

Eric: You want me to do a reality show?

Marlena: No, honey, I'm not talking about doing a reality show. I'm talking about the idea of it. You know, it might be helpful for you to explore what happened, not just for yourself but for the people who don't really believe what happened. There are people out there who still think of you as the priest who slept with a woman and got it on video.

Eric: Okay, then, let them think whatever they wanna think! I'm not putting my life or the people I know, who I care about, out there for public consumption. That includes you too, mom. I'm not putting you out in the public spotlight.

Marlena: Well, thank you. I'm not sure you're doing it just for me.

Eric: Then what? I think you're trying to protect Nicole.

Nicole: Okay, sit down, honey. Does your little boy want a juice box?

Daniel: All right, Nicole!

Nicole: I don't even know why we're making nice with these jerks.

Daniel: Well, Melanie does. So you wanna do this, or should I?

Kelly: I don't give a damn, okay? I came here to do a job.

Melanie: Look, I was just trying to make some money.

Kelly: What you did was steal from our casino.

Melanie: No, what I did was win money from your casino.

Kelly: You counted cards, and it's expressly forbidden.

Melanie: You forbid calculating the odds when it's a game about calculating the odds. Sorry God gave me a good brain, and you're not--

Kelly: You were banned from our casino.

Melanie: No, I was hauled out of your casino by four huge guys that looked like this one in front of everybody, by the way, which was humiliating.

Kelly: Don't get all moral with me when you're the one who snuck back in, in disguise, because you knew what you were doing was wrong. You came back knowing full well what the consequences would be. You were there to rob us.

Jordan: I cannot believe I left here thinking I was done for the day. Talk about unprofessional.

Chad: You're a few minutes late. It's not like Paul's gotta get to a game or anything.

Jordan: I'm still late. It's not right.

Abigail: Hey, Jordan. Paul's waiting for you.

Jordan: Thank you for the text.

Abigail: Sure. Well, look who's here. Our favorite board member. Were you conferencing with Jordan? I know how deeply interested you are in the pt department.

Chad: So you think it's my fault that she's late, don't you?

Sonny: He didn't need to make me promise. I would never out anyone, ever. That's a personal decision.

Adrienne: But didn't he kind of make the decision for you? That if you didn't live in the closet with him, it was over between you?

Sonny: Paul was sure his career would be over if it came out that he was gay.

Adrienne: Well, I'm sure a lot of gay athletes feel that way, but things are changing.

Sonny: Not that fast. And not in every arena. Pro baseball-- professional sports in general, they have that locker room mentality.

Adrienne: Which isn't gonna change until people step up.

Sonny: Mom, you can't underestimate what Paul was up against. He had to deal with things that I never had to face. You know, there were some gay people in the nightclub business before I came along. Being gay didn't make me an outcast to all the people I worked with. All right, there wasn't a glass ceiling.

Adrienne: Look, I'm not underestimating what Paul had to deal with. I'm saying it wasn't fair to you.

Sonny: And it wasn't just baseball. He was thinking about his Japanese mother and grandfather.

Adrienne: There are no gay people in Japan?

Sonny: Damn it, mom, it's a culture thing. It's what they expect from a son.

Adrienne: Or maybe they expected it because that's what he told them, because that's what they saw in magazines. Come on, Sonny, all those pictures of him with models and actresses--

Sonny: Hey, I'm not defending him. I'm just saying, these are the issues that Paul had to deal with.

Adrienne: Okay, then, I have one question. How did he deal with you? How did he deal with being in love with you?

Jordan: I am so sorry. I am never late--

Paul: Well, you should be sorry, keeping a busy man like me waiting. A rerun of a sitcom I hated the first time is playing on the TV in my room right now.

Jordan: Well, at least it's the off-season, and there are no games on.

Paul: Well, I'd rather be watching the sitcom than baseball. All I'd be thinking about is what the pitcher's doing wrong.

Jordan: Like leaving the ball up in the zone with the bases loaded?

Paul: I love it when you talk baseball.

Jordan: Down, tiger.

Paul: Oh, that wasn't a come-on. I respect you too much as my pt to pull that stuff on you. Besides, I kind of have my eye on the girl from radiology.

Jordan: You know, sometimes I think you hurt your arm just to widen your potential dating pool.

Paul: Am I that obvious?

Melanie: Did it ever occur to you that I wouldn't have gone back into your stupid casino if you didn't embarrass me in front of everybody?

Kelly: Wow, that's a new one. It's our fault you robbed us.

Nicole: Yeah, it's like robbing from UNICEF or an orphanage, or maybe it's like robbing from a bloodsucking pig.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, shut it.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: All right, just how much are we talking about here?

Kelly: $70,000.

Nicole: Son of a--

Daniel: Ah! And where is that money?

Melanie: What, do you think I just carry it around with me?

Brady: Mel, you've been hanging on to that purse pretty tightly since you've been back.

Daniel: Melanie.

Melanie: I'm really good at blackjack.

Kelly: I'm glad you find this so amusing.

Melanie: What's amusing is why anybody goes into your stupid casino when you're in the business to rip people off anyway.

Daniel: Okay, Mel, put a lid on it. I hope you're as good at making license plates as you are at counting cards because that's what you're gonna be doing for the next ten years at least!

Kelly: Orange is the new black, honey.

Chad: Of course you think this is my fault. You think everything is my fault.

Abigail: Oh, I didn't say a word. But, you know, when Jordan's late for the first time in her life to meet a patient--

Chad: You know, if you wanna lay blame, how about Rafe? Yeah, she wanted to get away from him so much that she forgot about everything else.

Abigail: Well, you just happened to be there to comfort her, didn't you?

Chad: Look, I know you're friends with Rafe, but whatever he said to her had her really shook up. And in case you missed it, she was back here in a flash as soon as you texted her so--

Abigail: Okay, stop, you don't need to defend Jordan to me, okay?

Chad: What?

Abigail: She defends you too. She really likes you. She trusts you.

Chad: Well, you would know better than anybody that I need a lot of defending.

Abigail: She's my friend, Chad. Do you--do you expect me to just forget how things ended between us?

Chad: No, no, I don't expect you to. You know, it is possible that I learned something from all that, you know.

Abigail: I hope so.

Chad: Like not to get caught.

Adrienne: There's a question on the table, dear.

Sonny: I loved Paul. And he loved me. He dealt with it the best that he could. We were together for over a year.

Adrienne: That's when you were doing all that traveling.

Sonny: Mm, he was on the road a lot. So I went along. It was kind of exciting, at first. It was a game. A little--

Adrienne: At first.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Adrienne: And I know you. Faking it and hiding things, you hate that.

Sonny: I do. I did. I tried to do it. I just couldn't--couldn't do it.

Adrienne: I love that about you.

Sonny: Just don't be mad at Paul. It's totally different for him.

Adrienne: I'm sure he thinks so.

Sonny: I was on the phone with you and dad one night, and when I hung up, Paul was staring at me. And I was like, you know, "what?" And he said, "I can't believe you can talk like that with your parents." And it wasn't anything heavy. We were just talking about normal stuff, about my life. So you should be grateful to Paul, 'cause being with him, it really hit home how I'm damn lucky I am to have you and dad.

Adrienne: [Chuckles] This is the part where I'm supposed to be understanding, huh? You get on my nerves, Jackson Kiriakis.

Sonny: No, I don't.

Adrienne: No, you don't. No, you don't. But you can't be mad at me that I'm on your side either, you know.

Sonny: Well, Paul didn't have anyone on his side.

Adrienne: He had you. He blew it.

Sonny: Just please don't judge him. Please? He does the best he can.

Adrienne: You know, honestly, Paul is not my concern here. My concern is you. And will. How's he gonna feel about Paul being in town?

Sonny: Oh, he doesn't need to know anything about it.

Adrienne: Because you don't want him to know?

Sonny: He knows that I've been with other guys, and he said he never wants to know who they were. So that equation doesn't change because it's the famous Paul Narita.

Adrienne: Right.

Sonny: And he'll be healed and gone before will gets back from Hollywood, so there's nothing to worry about.

Jordan: Usually, I am asking my clients to give me one more.

Paul: Okay.

Jordan: No, no. That's enough for today. Don't push too hard. You're really healing. Let's take it slow.

Paul: Yeah, but the real question is, will I heal enough if I take it slow?

Jordan: I know what you're asking, but it's just too soon to say if you'll ever pitch again.

Paul: Well, that's all I know how to do, so I sure hope so.

Jordan: Well, I checked with your doctors, and you are cleared to check out of the hospital. You can continue your pt as an outpatient.

Paul: I'll still see you though, right?

Jordan: If that's what you want.

Paul: That is what I want.

Jordan: Good, Dr. Jonas and Dr. Brady are the ones who will know about your prospects. When they know, you'll know.

Paul: Some people would've sugarcoated that. I'm glad that you didn't.

Jordan: I don't feel like that helps anyone.

Paul: Yeah, but it's not easy talking to an athlete about what's next, after it's all over.

Daniel: Okay, listen, you got what you came for, so why don't we just call this something left forgotten?

Kelly: No. No, we need to send a signal that card counting won't be tolerated. You don't screw with us and get away with it.

Daniel: Okay, you are gonna make an example out of my daughter?

Melanie: Yeah, what am I, the poster child for gambling gone wrong? It's not my fault you guys were too stupid to recognize--

Daniel: Melanie! Shut it.

Brady: You know, you actually may not have the authority beyond retrieving the money because you only work for the casino, is that correct?

Kelly: No, we also have a relationship with Interpol and your FBI. One call and our poster child leaves here in cuffs. And thanks to her attitude, I am gonna enjoy making that call right now.

Nicole: You know, Kell, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Kelly: I think you should go away now. You're on my last nerve.

Nicole: Yeah, all right, that'll work. You know, if I file in the next half hour, this'll get on the nightly news.

Kelly: Excuse me?

Nicole: Well, you said you want to send a signal, right? And what a coincidence, I happen to be in the signal sending business.

Melanie: Nicole, how's your career in journalism going?

Nicole: Well, it's going great, Melanie. Thank you for asking. But, you know, I'm always looking for that next hot story, and I think this it. Oh, yeah. So you say your casino doesn't like card counting? Well, by the time I'm through with you, you won't have any customers at all. "Come to the Riviera and get followed home by two-bit thugs." So before you royally screw up your career and get on that phone that you so happily waved in Melanie's face and call your boss--or, I mean, actually, if you want, I can just send him a DVD when I'm finished with my hatchet job on y'all. And, by the way, great job on the paid muscle here. You know, he looks like one of those guys that Bruce Willis kills in one of the die hard movies. You know, the dumb, tall, goofy-looking--

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Brady: Hey!

Nicole: Whoa, wait, wait. Cheese!

Brady: Did you get that? Easy, cupcake.

Nicole: Yeah, another nail in your coffin. He is really, really bad pr. So did you wanna make that phone call? Here.

Kelly: I have the authority to make that decision in the field. And you're right, my casino wouldn't want that kind of publicity. Although she makes it pretty hard to walk away. So first, let's double check and make sure all the money's there.

Daniel: And then we have a deal, it is over.

Kelly: It's over.

Nicole: Well, thank the founding fathers for free press, huh?

Eric: You think I'm protecting Nicole? You think I care what people think about her? You know, none of this really addresses what the real problem is.

Marlena: And what is it?

Eric: It's feeling stuck. I can't forgive Nicole. I just can't. And because I can't forgive, I can't be a priest. Forgiveness is everything, mom. It's someone who I thought I was at my core-- someone who could forgive anything. So I pray on it. And until I can get back and understand what that is, I'm gonna be right here. I'm gonna be stuck. Stuck and lost.

Adrienne: Listen, I know you have a lot to do with your new club and everything, but if things get complicated with Paul--

Sonny: Well, I'm 100% sure they won't. But if they do, you'll be the first to know.

Adrienne: I better. Give will my love when you talk to him, okay?

Sonny: Whenever that'll be.

Paul: He's gone. He's a great catcher, but that pitch by pitch postmortem gets old. I'm sorry. You seem distracted. Well, I know how to distract you from your distraction. What?

Sonny: You don't know?

Paul: Sonny, we've talked about this.

Sonny: Well, talking about it doesn't change how I feel. This isn't exciting anymore, Paul. It's not romantic, having to sneak around. I come in through the kitchen. Hiding in the bathroom when someone knocks on the door, it's getting old.

Paul: I got rid of him, didn't I?

Sonny: You act like we have a secret, that you believe they're right to think that we're wrong.

Paul: No!

Sonny: I hate it. I hate it.

Paul: And I hate that you hate it. But it's not forever. It's not. But we are. I guess I was wrong.

70,000 to the penny.

Brady: Just sign here please.

Kelly: Paxton, let's get hell out of here.

Nicole: "Paxton"?

Kelly: That paper I signed absolves you from what you've already done. But that's it. Don't ever come back to our casino. Next time, we won't let you get back here to daddy and his little friends.

Melanie: Okay, dad, I'm--I'm so sorry. I didn't think that any--

Daniel: Just don't talk. Just thank God that you are safe.

Sonny: How is that possible? Well, how much? 200,000? No, I'll get the money. Just keep working. Damn it.

Jordan: I'm sorry for the interruption, but I feel like I can think of a way to make it up to you.

Chad: Yeah?

Jordan: My place is just that way.

Chad: I know of a great place for dinner, even closer.

Jordan: Excuse me?

Chad: Look, don't get me wrong--your place sounds great, amazing. I just don't think the time is right. I mean, I saw how upset you were before when I walked in on you and Rafe, and when the time comes to go to your place or my place or anywhere, I want it to be about us and not a reaction to him.

Jordan: [Sighs] Me too.

Chad: We still haven't had that dinner we always say we're gonna have. It's kind of early. What do you say?

Jordan: I'd say you are an amazing guy for even thinking like that.

Chad: Mm-hmm. I just--I want it to be right.

Jordan: Like I said, me too.

Nicole: Well, as usual, this has been fun.

Melanie: Hey, uh, Nicole.

Nicole: Hmm?

Melanie: Thank you.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I just hate people who push people around, and she enjoyed it way too much.

Melanie: Right?

Nicole: Yeah.

Melanie: Still though, I owe you.

Nicole: Just teach me how to count cards.

Daniel: Okay, I will walk you out now, thank you.

Melanie: Okay.

Nicole: That's not even funny.

Melanie: Do you hate me?

Brady: That's a really strong word.

Melanie: Well, I did almost just get you killed.

Brady: Ah, I was lulling them into a false sense of security before I made my big move. That's all.

Melanie: Thank you for clarifying, because for a second there, I-- life was a little easier before I came back.

Brady: I will say this, life has been much more interesting since you've been back.

Daniel: So all that attitude you were giving that woman was just to get her to lose control, so you could nail her?

Nicole: [Scoffs] No, she just ticked me off. Whatever, people say I have a big mouth.

Daniel: No.

[Both chuckle]

Daniel: Thank you.

Nicole: Yeah. I played a very small part in the final outcome. Small.

Daniel: Stop it, you liar.

Nicole: Uh, hey, why don't you ask Melanie if she wants to go to Vegas with me?

Daniel: Out!

[Both laugh]

Serena: Eric?

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