Days Transcript Wednesday 12/3/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 12/3/14


Episode #12471 ~ Nicole tries to clarify things with Eric; Adrienne gives Sonny some stern advice; Melanie panics when Daniel informs her about the mysterious phone call; JJ tells Paige he wants to keep seeing her, but that their relationship must remain a secret.

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JJ: Hey. Tell me if this isn't, uh, a good time.

Paige: It's fine. My mom just went out, and I'm writing a final paper.

JJ: Can you take a break... meet me at the park?

Paige: Sure, yeah. I'll text you when I get there.

JJ: And you won't tell anyone we're still talking?

Paige: I said I wouldn't. But why?

JJ: I'll explain when I see you.

Paige: Great. I'll be there in a few. Oh. Mom... I thought you went shopping.

Eve: Well, I-I forgot my phone. Where are you headed off to?

Jennifer: JJ?

JJ: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey, honey. Do you have time to talk for a minute?

JJ: Could this wait, Mom?

Jennifer: Uh, no, not really. Why? Do you have somewhere you need to be?

Nicole: Huh. If I were a digital recorder, where would I be hiding? Okay. Not in here, apparently. Oh, God. I think I left it at Daniel's apartment. If I have to deal with his judgmental spawn again... ugh. You know what? Maybe it's in here. What's this? [Sighs]

Eric: I would offer you something to eat, but apparently my culinary skills need some work.

Brady: Ah, it's all right. I don't expect you to feed me. I just wanted to come by and congratulate you on your apartment, and...

Eric: Thank you.

Brady: I wanted to talk to you about something.

Eric: What--what about?

Brady: Theresa.

Theresa: Sweet dreams, Paul. [Smooches]

Paul: They'll be about you.

Theresa: [Giggles]

[Door closes]

Paul: [Sighs]

Sonny: So who'd you see, Mom? Just say it.

Adrienne: Paul Narita.

Sonny: And?

Adrienne: And I think you saw him too.

Melanie: Nobody knows it was me. I was all worried about nothing.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: Hello?

Kelly: Hi, is Melanie Jonas there?

Daniel: Who is this?

Kelly: Just a friend. So... is she back yet?

Daniel: I'm sorry. Your name is...?

Kelly: I'd rather not say. I want it to be a surprise. So is Melanie there or not?

Daniel: Uh, you know, I'm--I'm getting beeped. I got to get to the hospital. But if you'd like to leave your name and a number, I will pass it along to her, assuming I hear from her.

Kelly: That's okay. Thanks.

Maggie: Who was that?

Daniel: I wish I knew.

Melanie: Hey, is Maxine here today?

Oh, I'm sorry. You just missed her.

Melanie: Okay. No, I'll come back.


Melanie: Thank you.

Theresa: Oh.

Melanie: Oh!

Theresa: Watch where you're going, idiot.

Melanie: "Idiot"? Seriously?

Paige: I'm going to the library to work on my final paper.

Eve: Isn't the library about to close?

Paige: Yes, but I also have to give Daphne some notes from class.

Eve: Hmm. When I left before, you said you were gonna study all night. Paige, you're not sneaking behind my back to see JJ, now, are you?

JJ: I was just gonna go...

Jennifer: Meet Paige? I hope things are going better for you two.

JJ: Not exactly.

Jennifer: But I mean, you're still seeing each other. You're talking through things.

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, it's--but it's still...

Jennifer: What, honey?

JJ: It's not gonna work.

Jennifer: Okay, I don't-- I don't get it. What does that mean-- you're giving up? Because that is not like you, JJ.

JJ: A lot of things aren't like me, Mom.

Jennifer: I don't understand.

JJ: It's just that... I have a hard time understanding why I make the choices that I make and... and why I do the things that I do.

Jennifer: Honey, that is because you are young, and it is so confusing sometimes. And you're just trying to find your way. Listen, I know that you're having a hard time coming to terms with your dad's past, but I already told you-- it has nothing to do with you. And Paige knows that. Deep down, you know that, too, and you cannot let this come between you two.

JJ: It's complicated, Mom, okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, I know it is. And... that's why I made a call. I-I want to help you, so, please, don't be upset with me.

Daniel: Well, she said she was a friend of Mel's, but she didn't want to leave her name.

Maggie: Melanie mentioned a friend from Europe who was gonna move to Salem. Maybe it was--

Daniel: No, she wanted it to be a surprise. She was trying to sound casual, but there was a--there was an intensity in her voice.

Maggie: Did you get her number?

Daniel: No, she didn't give it, and caller I.D. Was blocked.

[Knock at door]

Maggie: Well, let's hope that Melanie can reassure us that there's nothing for us to worry about.

Daniel: Nicole.

Nicole: Hi. Sorry. I know it's late. I think I left my recorder here.

Daniel: Mm, no, I haven't--

Nicole: In the bathroom maybe? It must have fallen out of my purse when I put it down to take my shower.

Maggie: Is there something wrong with your own shower?

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Melanie: Perspective-- this isn't a tragedy, and that was an accident.

Theresa: Oh, yeah? Well, what if I had been carrying a kidney or something? Would you be all, "oh, I'm sorry. You can't have your transplant"?

Melanie: At least you're not being overdramatic.

Theresa: Look, I don't need your help, okay?

Melanie: Okay, fine. Wait a minute. You like grouplove?

Theresa: Yes. And if you say one bad thing about them, I will just--

Melanie: No, no, no, no. I'm, like, their biggest fan.

Theresa: No, I'm their biggest fan. I went to their first concert in L.A., And I followed Christian everywhere, all right? I even went dumpster diving one time behind his apartment.

Melanie: Okay, yeah. No, you win that one. I didn't even know who they were until I saw them in Europe.

Theresa: Wait. You--you saw them on tour there?

Melanie: Yeah. They were amazing.

Theresa: Yeah, of course they were. God, you are so lucky. I mean, my career as a groupie got cut short when I tragically had to be moved here. So, um, I'm sorry. Why would you ever voluntarily come here when you could be in paris?

Melanie: Uh... I used to work here as a nurse, so... I'm hoping I can get my job back.

Theresa: Are you a masochist or something? Because when I picture hell, it looks a lot like university hospital.

Melanie: Okay. Yeah, I thought that, too, when I first started here, but it'll grow on you.

Theresa: Like mildew?

Melanie: No. No, uh, give it some time.

Theresa: Yeah, I don't know about that, but, I mean, lately, I have been enjoying the perks of the job.

Adrienne: I'm very concerned about the timing of all this. First, will takes off for L.A. He is so busy, you two barely speak. That has to be difficult on your marriage.

Sonny: Do you think you might be projecting?

Adrienne: Now all of a sudden, Paul shows up in Salem?

Sonny: For surgery on his shoulder-- nothing to do with me.

Adrienne: And you know this because you talked to him.

Sonny: For, like, two minutes.

Adrienne: Did you know he was coming to Salem?

Sonny: No. I was making a delivery at the hospital. I'm not having this conversation with you.

Adrienne: Sonny... you don't have to have this conversation with me. But you need to let Paul know exactly where you stand, and you need to be very clear.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Paige: I'm following your advice, Mom, and giving JJ his space, letting him figure things out about his dad.

Eve: Well, good.

Paige: I should get going.

Eve: Sweetheart.

Paige: What?

Eve: I know that you're sad about JJ, but you're doing the right thing by, you know, staying away from him. Well, that boy better keep up his end of the bargain and stay the hell away from my daughter.

Jennifer: I just talked to Marlena, and I asked her for a referral, 'cause I think it would be really good for you to just talk to a professional about what happened between your dad and aunt Kayla.

JJ: Mom, I don't--I don't think that I need--

Jennifer: Honey, um, I think that you do. And I should have told you the truth. I should have told you years ago. And you found out in the worst possible way.

JJ: Well, uh, it's not your fault.

Jennifer: Listen to me. The point is, honey, is that this is not going to go away, all right? I think it's really important that you resolve this... and not just for the sake of your relationship with Paige, for your sake too.

JJ: You know, I think it'll be... really hard, uh... trying to talk to--to somebody about this... anybody.

Jennifer: No, I know.

JJ: I guess I can give it a try, though.

Jennifer: Really? Because that's really all I can ask, and Marlena said if you want to call--

JJ: Is--is--is there, um-- is there anyway we can talk about this later-- I mean, like, who I should see and--and when? 'Cause it's not like I can make an appointment tonight.

Jennifer: No. Yeah, sure. Yeah. You never said where you were going.

JJ: I'm just gonna clear my head...

Jennifer: Oh.

JJ: Go take a walk.

Jennifer: Okay.

JJ: All right, Mom. Thank you for caring so much.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Of course I care.

JJ: Even when I act like a screw-up and probably don't deserve it.

Jennifer: JJ...

JJ: I love you... very much.

Jennifer: I love you too, baby.

[Door opens, closes]

Nicole: Bye. [Sighs] I am so sorry. If I had known Maggie was here, I wouldn't have blurted out that I took a shower here.

Daniel: Look, it doesn't matter. Nothing happened. It's--

Nicole: Yeah, okay, I know that, and you know that, but I'm afraid Maggie might have gotten the wrong idea... again.

Daniel: Okay, I'll make sure she's abundantly clear.

Nicole: Okay, good. I should go too.

Daniel: Yeah. Okay, Nicole, wait. Wait. There's something I need to tell you. It's about Eric.

Brady: And then Theresa agreed to let Kayla give her a blood test, and it was negative.

Eric: Thank God.

Brady: I don't know what was going on in that girl's head, but I think she needs some help.

Eric: I think you're right.

Brady: I think she believed she was pregnant. I mean, God knows it could easily have been true.

Eric: And why do you think that?

Brady: Her willingness to take the test, for one. The look on her face when she found the result-- she was shocked. I... look, I... I was just hoping you could be there for her.

Eric: Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

Brady: Besides being her cousin, you're a good friend. I don't think she has many good friends.

Melanie: I remember liking my job, but I don't remember a lot of perks.

Theresa: Oh, well, he wasn't here when you were.

Melanie: Oh, who?

Theresa: Oh, just this patient I've been really getting close to. He's, uh, really hot, and... well, the rest is kind of confidential, so...

Melanie: Well, now I'm curious.

Theresa: Well, if you get your job back, then I'll fill you in, give you the full scoop.

Melanie: Okay, you better.

Theresa: Yeah.

Melanie: I like your purse, by the way. Where'd you get it?

Theresa: Oh, thanks.

[Cell phone ringing]

Theresa: Um, it was a gift.

Melanie: You know what? I got to go, but, um, I'm sure I'll see you around. And it was so nice to meet you.

Theresa: Yeah, you too. Okay. Oh, hey. Um, you know, I-I didn't get your... your name. Well, I guess I will soon enough. Man, I hope that girl gets the job here. It'd be nice to have a friendly face.

[Knock at door]

Paul: Come in. I knew it'd be you.

Sonny: No, Paul... that can't happen again.

Melanie: Yeah. No, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to Dad's before you had to go. Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow, grandma. I love you too. Sensitive bladder?

[Cell phone ringing]

Eve: [Groans] Hey, Kim. What's up? Well... I knew Daddy wasn't feeling very well, but he said it wasn't anything serious. Now they're checking him into the hospital to run some tests? Oh. All right, well, that's good. If the doctor says it's just a precaution, I guess we don't have to worry too much, then. Okay, well, thank you so much for--for calling, and I'll call tomorrow to check in on him. Okay. Bye. Huh.

JJ: Hey. Thank you for coming. I know that you must be pretty confused.

Paige: Just a little. First you say you need space. Then you say you want to be with me, but I can't tell anyone we're even talking. What's going on with you?

JJ: You want the short version? I love you. Paige, I-I love you so much. And I still want to be with you, if you--if you feel the same way.

Paige: Of course I do.

JJ: Well, I'm really glad to hear that, um...

Paige: [Laughs]

JJ: But there's just-- there's--there's one little problem that we need to work through.

Paige: What problem?

JJ: No one can know we're together, Paige... no one.

Daniel: Look, things got so crazy with Melanie coming home, I never had a chance to tell you that I spoke with Eric.

Nicole: About what?

Daniel: Well, it felt like I owed it to him to tell him that you and I are friends again. I hope you're okay with that.

Nicole: Yeah, why wouldn't I be? [Clears throat] And what did Eric say?

Daniel: Well, he said he had no problem with that.

Nicole: And?

Daniel: Eh, he did wonder whether there was more... going on here than just a-a friendship.

Nicole: Okay. And you told him...?

Daniel: The truth.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay. And what exactly is the truth, Daniel?

Melanie: Somebody there? Calm down, Melanie. Nobody's looking for you.

Paul: Okay, I know I was-- I was a little... bold earlier, overeager, but I hadn't seen or heard from you in almost three years. Oh, come on, you can't seriously still be angry at me for following my dream, for choosing baseball over--

Sonny: You didn't choose baseball. You chose to pretend to be someone you're not.

Paul: That's not fair. You know I was in a tough position. You know that. And what you were asking for?

Sonny: It was too much? I should have been okay with all the hiding... with you acting like you didn't even know me when we were in public?

Paul: You think I enjoyed that? You think I-I didn't want us to be like other couples-- to take you out to restaurants, introduce you to my family? I mean, I wanted that so much, Sonny. But that was impossible. It would have ruined my career.

Sonny: I've heard all this before.

Paul: Look, you and I-- we had a good thing going for over a year. And we would still be together, too, if you hadn't forced me to make a choice. If you still resent me for it--

Sonny: No, I don't... honestly. It worked out for the best.

Paul: Meaning?

Eve: Hey, there. I just love this time of year, don't you?

Adrienne: Brady? Brady. Oh, my God. How are you?

Brady: Hi. Uh, I'm good.

Adrienne: Well, I'm glad

hear that. I mean... we live in the same house, but I feel like I never see you. Of course, I know you've been very busy.

Brady: Busy? Yeah, um, Victor told you, right?

Adrienne: Yeah, I can't say that I'm surprised, after what Theresa did to my nephew JJ.

Brady: Well, honestly, I'm--I'm over it. It's fine and handled it, and I just want to move on.

Adrienne: Well, thank God you can. I mean, imagine if Theresa had been pregnant. You'd have been sucked into her miserable life forever.

Theresa: Seriously?

Brady: Look, Theresa--

Adrienne: I'm sorry. I-I have an errand to run. Excuse me.

Brady: Sorry about that.

Theresa: I bet.

Brady: Look, I talked to my grandfather. I told him to--to lay off. He promised me that he would not talk about what happened to anybody within 1,000-mile radius.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Well, it's a little late for that, Brady. I mean, you know, what happened--it was really personal, and now everyone knows. So, if they didn't think the worst of me before, they definitely do now.

Brady: I really am sorry... truly.

Theresa: And I bet you're even sorrier that you ever met me.

Paul: So... finally got what you always wanted.

Sonny: I met a really great guy. I'm with the person I'm meant to be with... for the rest of my life.

Paul: [Chuckles] It's funny, 'cause you used to think that person was me.

Sonny: I was wrong. What I have now...

Paul: Is so much better than what we had... what we could still have. I'm sorry, Sonny, but I don't believe that for a second.

Maggie: I would have been here sooner, except I was a bit sidetracked by some really great news. Melanie's here.

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Maggie: And she has decided to move home.

Jennifer: What?

Maggie: Yes!

Jennifer: Oh, aunt Maggie, are you so excited? That's wonderful.

Maggie: Yes, I am. I am.

Jennifer: Oh, Abigail's gonna be thrilled.

Maggie: I know.

Jennifer: Oh, Daniel has got to be so happy.

Maggie: Of course. He's thrilled that his daughter is home. Jennifer... [Clears throat] I know you and Daniel have ended things for good. I'd just hate it if it caused any awkwardness between us.

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, that is not going to happen. Sit down here.

Maggie: [Sighs] So... how are you doing?

Jennifer: Well, um... it felt good to get away. And it's hard. But I know it's gonna get easier. And I know in my heart that Daniel and I both need to move on with our lives.

Daniel: I thought we were on the same page about this. I mean, there is a-a mutual attraction, but... we are just friends.

Nicole: And--and that's what you told Eric?

Daniel: Of course, yeah.

[Knock at door]

Melanie: Hi, Dad.

Daniel: Hey.

Melanie: Oh, you're here. Well, at least you have clothes on this time.

Daniel: Melanie!

Melanie: What?

Nicole: Well, I'm gonna go and, uh, let you two continue to catch up.

Daniel: Well, I'm glad you found your recorder.

Nicole: Oh. [Chuckles] Me too. Thanks.

Daniel: Melanie... as happy as I am to have you here--

Melanie: I know, I know. I was rude--I can't help it.

Daniel: Yeah, maybe you could try, huh? Nicole is my friend.

Melanie: I know.

Daniel: Friend.

Melanie: So now--okay, so I'm gonna be nice to her because I have to. And I will--I can do that.

Daniel: You will.

Melanie: I will. I will do that. I'm gonna make some tea. Do you want anything?

Daniel: No, no, no, I'm good, I'm good. You know, now that we, um, covered my friends, how about we--we go over yours for a sec, hmm?

Melanie: Sure.

Daniel: Sure. So, you know, while you were out, a woman called my landline. She said she was a friend of yours, but didn't really want to leave a message. Any idea what that was about? Dove invited women to a makeover with a difference.

JJ: When I say that no one can know we're together, I mean no one... not Mary Beth or Daphne or Rory and not my mom and especially not yours.

Paige: I don't understand. Why?

JJ: Well, it's... I'm still dealing with these issues... about my dad. And now my mom wants me to see a therapist. And... not that it's a bad thing. You know, I think that, uh... I think that it can help me. But I just--I know what the therapist is gonna say, that I'm not in a good place to be in a relationship. And I don't want to give up seeing you.

Paige: Which is why you don't want your mom to know.

JJ: Or anyone... and especially not yours, because she is doing a happy dance because she thinks we broke up. And if she knew that we got back together... Paige, she would say or do anything to keep us apart.

Eric: Sami and I used to get so excited about Christmas. My parents would have to hide the toy catalogs, and my grandmother Caroline--she used to lecture us about the real meaning of the season.

Eve: Well, apparently, you took it to heart, 'cause you wound up in the seminary.

Eric: Yes, I did.

Eve: Are you okay? I mean, it's got to be awfully different for you, I mean, this year.

Eric: Well, instead of running rehearsals at the live nativity, last night I watched it's a wonderful life.

Eve: Well, come on, that's not so bad. I watched "the Grinch." I've made my list, and I've checked it twice.

[Both laugh]

Eric: Eve, I know you want to be able to sing more than anything again, and I'm sorry.

Eve: Yeah. Thanks. But--but I'm okay.

Eric: Yeah, I can see that.

Eve: I'm just gonna focus on the other blessings in my life, like my daughter.

Eric: You know, I got to meet her yesterday. I can see why you're so proud.

Eve: Well, she's my pride and joy, and I could go on and on and on about her.

Eric: You know what? Actually, I've got time.

Eve: Well, let's grab a drink. You want to? Great.

Brady: Theresa, look--

Theresa: You know, and for the record, I am really sorry that I ever met you as well. And I am just so lucky that I finally met a guy who appreciates me for who I am and not for what I can do for him.

Brady: No, I know he--he's-- he's fun, he's self-made. He's everything I'm not, right?

Theresa: Exactly. And he came into my life just when I needed him the most. We're--we're perfect for each other.

Sonny: Yes. What I have now is better. When we got married, we were surrounded by our friends and our family. My husband's great grandmother, who's as conservative and traditional as they get, she gave the most amazing speech I have ever heard. She was talking about how lucky we are to live in a time we can be ourselves wherever we go. That we can love each other without shame. And without hiding. And with you, I could never have that. Paul... I am happier now than I thought I could ever be. And I hope someday, you can be happy too.

Paul: Who says I'm not happy? 'Cause I'm living the dream. Everywhere I go, I got thousands of fans clamoring for my autograph. Kids who say when they grow up, they want to do what I do. I have the best era in the league. I made the all star team.

Sonny: And anything money can buy is yours. I know how successful you are, Paul. But what about things that money can't buy? I've seen the pictures. You with those beautiful women on your arm. Models, actresses. And then, one by one, you break their hearts. Is that what you always dreamed of? Living a lie? You made your choice.

Paul: You made yours.

Melanie: Uh, did she tell you her name?

Daniel: No, no, she wanted it to be a surprise. Number was blocked on caller id, so...didn't really know where she was calling from.

Melanie: Right. Well, uh, I do have my friend that's moving here to Salem. Well, I can't remember if--

Daniel: Yeah, she wanted to know if you were here. She was pretty intense about it. I asked a few times. Several, matter of fact. Doesn't your friend already know you're here?

Melanie: Did you tell her I was here?

Daniel: No, no. Didn't really mention--

Melanie: Okay, so, no, that's fine. So if, um, if she calls again, you know, or somebody else that--that we don't know, if you could just tell her I'm not here. That would--

Daniel: Okay, Melanie. Spill it. Truth. What's going on?

Sonny: I should go.

Paul: Wait. Sonny. Does your, uh, husband...does he know about me?

Sonny: I swore I would never share your secret. And I never will.

Paul: Thank you.

Sonny: I'm not doing you a favor. I don't know how you live with it.

Paul: Sonny? It wasn't that I didn't love you.

Sonny: I know. That's the worst part.

Eric: Hi.

Nicole: Hi.

Eric: Have you two met?

Eve: Uh, no. But I am a very big fan. Your new program is terrific.

Nicole: Thank you.

Eric: Nicole walker, this is eve Larsen.

Nicole: It's nice to meet you.

Eve: You too. You know, on second thought, I'm gonna take a walk and we'll grab that drink later. Okay?

Eric: Okay.

Eve: Happy holidays.

Nicole: Yeah. Look, I'm sorry, I--I didn't mean to interrupt, I just wanted to say that... I know Daniel talked to you.

Eric: Yeah.

Nicole: And he told you that he and I are friends?

Eric: Sure did.

Nicole: He...said that you asked if there was anything more than that.

Eric: You know what? I was out of line for asking that.

Nicole: Okay, but what Daniel said was true. We are just friends--

Eric: Nicole, I don't... I don't care. It's none of my business, anyway.

Nicole: You're right. It's not.

Paige: I know you're right. As much as my mom says she'll give us a chance, she still doesn't want us together. She keeps insisting that I give you space.

JJ: So just let her believe that's what you're doing.

Paige: Yeah, but I hate lying to her.

JJ: Okay, but look--look, so do I. But I wish that we didn't have to sneak around to see each other. But it'll be worth it. You're so worth it. All right, you better take off before your mom starts to wonder where you're at.

Paige: We've hardly had any time together. I've missed you so much.

JJ: You have your last class tomorrow, right? So can we meet back here? Right afterward?

Paige: Yeah.

JJ: Just promise you won't tell a soul.

Paige: I promise.

Eve: You little liar. Well, JJ. Looks like you've given me no choice.

Brady: No, tomorrow won't work, actually. An old friend just got back into town. I'm meeting her for lunch. Sure. Okay, I'll talk to you then.

Theresa: Wow, an old friend, huh? Well, I guess I'm not the only one who's moving on.

Brady: Not that it's any of your business, Theresa, but she actually is just a friend.

Theresa: Mm. I'm sure. I hope she's just perfect and perky and sweet. And boring as hell.

Daniel: Okay, sweetheart. You don't need to be afraid to talk to me, you...

Melanie: I'm not.

Daniel: I can tell you're upset. Look, I just want to help you. All right, do you need some money?

Melanie: No.

Daniel: What--no? Is it credit card?

Melanie: No, Dad, I don't-- no, there's no--there's no money. There's no anything. Look, if it wasn't my friend, then it was probably just this other girl.

Daniel: This other girl? Well, who?

Melanie: Yeah, well I dated this guy in Europe for like a minute till I found out he had a crazy ex. So she's been harassing me a little bit, but it's not a big deal.

Daniel: No--and that's why you left Europe?

Melanie: Yeah--no, no, no, no, Dad, I--I left because I missed you guys.

Daniel: And there's nothing else you haven't told me?

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Ah, saved by the bell.

Melanie: D'oh, pssh.

Daniel: Yeah, pssh. Don't pssh me. Oh, man, they need me in the ER.

Melanie: Okay, go.

Daniel: Okay, I will talk to you--

Melanie: Tomorrow.

Daniel: Uh, tonight, no.

Melanie: Tomorrow. No, we'll be done by tonight.

Daniel: No, tonight, honey.

Melanie: I'm gonna be sleep--

Daniel: No, I will call you.

Melanie: Good night, Dad. Love you. Bye.

Melanie: Oh!

Kelly: By tomorrow, we should know if she's here in Salem with her father. And once we find that conniving little schemer...we'll end this once and for all.

Melanie: Oh, God, what if it was them? What am I gonna do?

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