Days Transcript Monday 11/24/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/24/14


Episode #12466 ~ JJ finally comes to a decision about his future with Paige; Maggie reunites with Melanie; Daniel & Nicole try to resist their obvious attraction to one another; Sonny has it out with Chad, demanding to know if he can count on his business partner.

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Kate: Well, you know that we need to keep it under wraps until an official announcement's made. Oh, no, no, I'm so pleased. Mm-hmm. Well, after all, it was my idea. I see great things in the future. Bye. Great things if you like working with an arrogant little brat.

Clyde: Why, Kate, I had no idea you were such a great liar.

Sonny: You're gonna be co-CEO of DiMera, and it didn't occur to you to tell me about it?

Chad: No one was supposed to know yet.

Sonny: Only the select few on the inside track, like T.

Chad: Okay, I told you. T overheard it. And he obviously couldn't keep his mouth shut after I told him to.

Sonny: I didn't hear it from t, so this secret isn't as secret as you think it is.

Chad: W-w-wait. Jordan told you?

Sonny: Jordan knows too? A whole lot of people know except your partner!

Chad: Okay, I told you, the board wants to keep it under wraps.

Sonny: Let's be honest. The real reason you haven't told me... I'm a Kiriakis.

[Knock at door]

Eric: That was fast. Coming! Here you go. Hey--

Marlena: Surprise!

Eric: Mom.

Roman: Got you a toaster oven, buddy.

Maggie: Oh, Melanie!

Melanie: Hi, grandma.

Maggie: I'm gonna kill your father.

Melanie: That's not the reaction I was expecting.

Maggie: What, is he parking the car? Why didn't he tell me you were coming?

Melanie: He doesn't know.

Maggie: He doesn't know you're here?

Melanie: No one does.

Maggie: But why not?

Nicole: Come on, are you okay? Hey. Oh, thank God.

Daniel: You're out!

Nicole: Ow! That was low! Oh, you know what? When I get that ball...

Daniel: You're not getting the ball, though.

Nicole: I am going to shove it where the moon don't shine.

[Both laughing]

Daniel: Oh, legs aren't going to work for you now. Ah, now what? Nah! Ha ha!

[Both laughing]

Nicole: Oh, uh... you're on--you're on top of me.

Daniel: Yeah, I am. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Nicole: Thanks.

Daniel: Yeah. No, sure.

Nicole: You know what? I just realized I have, like, a million things to do, but this was really fun.

Daniel: Okay, yeah, Nicole, stop!

JJ: Because, um... man, this is really hard. Um... like I said, it really isn't about Dad.

Jennifer: Then what is it about?

JJ: It's about me, Mom.

Maggie: Okay, so why haven't you told anyone?

Melanie: Uh, duh, this is way more fun. Your face when you opened the door--I can't wait to surprise Dad and everybody else. But you have to promise not to tell anybody.

Maggie: Okay, promise.

Melanie: Okay. Is Brady here, by the way?

Maggie: No.

Melanie: No?

Maggie: No.

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: You know what I think? I think there's more to this than you've told me.

Melanie: [Chuckles] I could never fool you, could I? I'm moving back to Salem... for good.

Maggie: [Laughing] Yes! Oh, my goodness.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, uh... listen, no matter how awkward this is, we--we can't run away from it.

Nicole: "Run away"? Run away from what? I mean, whatever you think you're thinking, you're just off.

Daniel: Okay, let's just go to my place...

Nicole: What?

Daniel: Just for a minute...

Nicole: What?

Daniel: To talk, to talk. From the way you reacted, we, uh... we need to.

Nicole: Well, not your place, okay? Just somewhere else, somewhere--

Daniel: Public. "Public," is that what you want to say? No, this is serious, and it's private.

Nicole: I'm not going back to your place.

Daniel: Okay, we can go around and around, but it's going to end up right where we started. My place, now.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Daniel: Let's go.

Jennifer: Honey, you know that you can tell me anything.

JJ: Maybe I, uh... I should.

[Doorbell rings]

JJ: I'll get it.

Paige: I'm sorry, but I-I couldn't stay away. I just couldn't.

Maggie: I am so thrilled that you're coming home.

Melanie: Well, I could tell.

Maggie: I mean, honey, a surprise visit is one thing, but moving back just like that... we Skyped just last week, and you didn't say anything about it.

Melanie: Are you implying that I am impulsive?

Maggie: Oh, no. Oh, no!

[Both laugh]

Maggie: Look up "deliberate" in the dictionary, and there's your picture.

Melanie: Okay, that's fair. It was a little bit impulsive. But I knew that this was something that I had to do. And I had a bunch of things kind of all come together at once, and it's been in the back of my mind for a long time. And I missed you, and I missed Dad, and I missed Parker.

Maggie: And we all missed you. But what is--what is this about it all coming together?

Melanie: Uh, well, Mom was on her way out of the E.U., And my work visa was up. And I had a couple of red-tape issues kind of crop up.

Maggie: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: And, uh, I was Skyping with Dad and Parker, and I realized Parker is growing up so fast and I'm missing all of it. And... uh, I mean, I know we've talked about it, but I'm--I'm so sorry about nick.

Maggie: But it's less complicated for you now that he's gone.

Melanie: And--and my friend is moving here. So I kind of thought, you know, since--

Maggie: Your friend? Oh! Oh, well, now it comes clear. Your friend? Mm-hmm-hmm-hmm. What's his name?

[Both laughing]

Clyde: So what's the trouble here? Anything I can do to help?

Kate: No. No, I have the situation under control.

Clyde: "The situation"? That wouldn't involve the boy my stepdaughter's seeing, would it?

Kate: [Laughs] Why would you think that Chad has anything to do with this?

Clyde: Gee, I don't know. Call it gut instinct.

Sonny: I didn't want to listen to my uncle Vic's warnings about you. But maybe he was right. You didn't even think that you could tell me about this.

Chad: Wait, wait, wait. Victor knows? That's how you found out?

Sonny: Victor knows. I'm guessing that's going to be a problem for you.

Marlena: Oh, honey, I love all the baskets and the carvings. Oh, my. Wow. Your pictures of Africa are amazing. These will sell like hotcakes, honey.

Eric: Well, just remember the friend and family discount.

Marlena: [Laughs] Of course. Oh, my gosh, look at this! Oh, my gosh.

Roman: So did they hit you with a big security deposit? Moving can be expensive.

Eric: Oh, no, no, Dad, I'm fine. I really wanted a toaster oven.

Roman: All right. But you just let me know, okay? Truth is, when I got your email that you were moving, I was scared you were leaving Salem.

Eric: I wouldn't have told you in an email.

Roman: I know that. Look, I'm glad that Sami's happy, and maybe she did have to get out of here after everything, but, uh... I am damn glad you're still here... real glad.

Eric: Me too, Dad. Me too.

Daniel: There you go.

Nicole: Oh, thanks.

Daniel: Well, I guess, uh, you know, since I'm the one who insisted on talking, I guess I, uh--I guess I should start. So, first, let me just say, um-- or let me reiterate how glad I am that we are friends again.

Nicole: Me too. Daniel, I really am. I thought it was all over between us, and I hated that.

Daniel: Yeah, well, getting to the point where I could put everything behind me wasn't easy, but I'm glad I could because our friendship-- it meant a lot to me before, and--and it does now. It is something that I-- I just--I need.

Nicole: Me too.

Daniel: But it's not that simple. I mean, we can't de--I can't deny that there is an attraction between us--

Nicole: Mm!

Daniel: Oh! My--ha!

Nicole: Hot! [Coughing] Oh.

Paige: I... I have to talk to you. I, uh... uh, Mrs. Horton. I'm sorry. I-I didn't know you were back.

Jennifer: Oh, hi, honey.

Paige: Hey.

JJ: My mom and I were just talking about a few things.

Paige: Oh.

Jennifer: Yeah, uh... I'm gonna check on something in the kitchen. I'll give the two of you a minute.

Paige: Thanks. Uh, welcome back. [Chuckles]

JJ: Paige, I thought you said--

Paige: That I was going to give you some space, I know. And I'm going to, but while we're apart, please keep it in your heart that I do love you, JJ. In spite of, you know, everything you're dealing with with your dad, I came here because I need you to know it. And you love me too, right?

Daniel: Ah, you didn't get burned, did you?

Nicole: No, I just embarrassed myself.

Daniel: I guess I was too blunt.

Nicole: You just have to be careful the way you talk to me, okay? Me being vulnerable and fragile and all.

Daniel: Wow. Really, Nicole?

Nicole: Okay, I just--I hate this. I hate this. I think the four worst words in the English language are "we have to talk."

Daniel: Okay, but not talking isn't going to get us anywhere. It's going to take us backwards. I don't want to go backwards. I want our friendship to trump everything.

Nicole: Okay, fine. If I promise to wear velour track suits and sensible shoes, can we please stop having this discussion?

Daniel: Okay, wearing ugly clothes isn't going to help. I think we both know that. It's just not-- [Sighs] I know you hate talking, but not being honest about things-- I mean, that hasn't helped either one of us in the past, so let's not do that here. Let me--let me go first. I think being on the rebound is hard. What do you say?

Nicole: Yeah, it is. But I don't think that's what this is about... I mean, not exactly.

Melanie: Okay, it's fair that you jumped to that conclusion, but it's not a guy. It's a woman. It's a friend--a woman friend that I met in Europe. Very cool--she's awesome. Actually, to be honest, I haven't really had anything serious with a guy since I left Salem. So I just have a few men that are important to me in my life, and that is my dad and my brother and Brady and a couple of friends and... what?

Maggie: Well, I don't know if anyone told you... but Chad is back.

Melanie: Good... for him. Good. I don't--that's a big "so what?" For me. I don't care.

Maggie: You sure about that?

Melanie: Yes. Yeah, he doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Yeah, I don't want to--I don't want to waste my time talking about him, not when I'm with you finally-- my favorite person in the entire world.

Maggie: Oh, my goodness gracious.

Clyde: Not just gut instinct, deduction. You remember how Chad barged in on us when we were enjoying a little alone time?

Kate: [Scoffs] You know, for future reference, I really hate coy, little phrases like "alone time."

Clyde: Duly noted. Also noted you're trying to change the subject.

Kate: What subject?

Clyde: You and Chad. We were together. He comes in howling about something. I leave you two alone. You've seemed a little off ever since. I deduce he's the problem.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: Yes, Chad.

Chad: Good thing you picked up. Listen, Victor Kiriakis knows.

JJ: Paige, this isn't the best time. Can I call you later?

Paige: Oh, sure. Um, sorry. I didn't mean to-- I'll just go.

JJ: All right, great. I'll see you later.

Paige: Right.

Jennifer: JJ... please talk to me.

JJ: Okay. I'll tell you everything.

Clyde: I'll wait over there just now.

Kate: There's no way that you're wrong about this?

Chad: No, Sonny's here now.

Kate: Oh, great. So you just shared it with your coffee-business partner, Victor's nephew?

Chad: Sonny didn't hear it from me. He heard it from Victor.

Kate: Damn Victor, damn Victor and his damn spies. Does anyone else know? Anyone?

Chad: No one who will say anything, no.

Kate: Oh, I'm so reassured, so reassured by your qualified answer.

Chad: Give me a break, would you? It's not like I called the wall street journal.

Kate: Names. I want names, Chad.

Chad: Jordan knows, and t overheard by mistake.

Kate: Who the hell is t?

Chad: Will and Sonny's best man--he's our friend.

Kate: [Chuckles] That genius knows? What are you going to do next-- put a notice in the church bulletin?

Chad: And father knows.

Kate: Well, Judas priest. Of course he does.

Chad: And that's not on me. I don't know how he found out. He called me, you know his sources. He can't be surprised.

Kate: But I can be angry. Whatever-- what it is, you know. We just need to do damage control now. I'm going to call Merkel and do just that. Great job today, Chad. Great job-- really on point your first day.

[Cell phone slams]

Sonny: So how'd it go?

Chad: You know what? This isn't funny. If Victor screws this up, I will not forget it.

Sonny: Do you remember when we became partners? We made a deal that our respective families' issues weren't going to turn into our issues. Now, it's a given my uncle Vic will never trust your father--

Chad: This is not about my father! This is about me!

Nicole: Your friendship means the world to me, and I do not want to screw things up again. So I will be an adult here, even though I hate it... and I will admit that there... there is an attraction here.

Daniel: So we admit it... and decide never to act on it.

Nicole: "Never"? Never is a really long time.

Daniel: At least not without a lot of serious thought beforehand.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Who the hell is that?

Daniel: I don't know.

Nicole: Probably my boss, trying to--ah!

Daniel: Here let me--oh!

Nicole: Ay!

Daniel: Well, at least it's better than a velour track suit.

Jennifer: Honey... Paige just seemed so upset. Please tell me what's going on.

JJ: It's just--Mom, um... I-I'm so mixed up about Dad... going back to when I found out about it and now Paige finding out about it. It screwed everything up. And now it's still not back to what it was.

Jennifer: Is Paige still upset about it?

JJ: No, it's me. It's just when I--when I tried to explain to Paige about how I-I felt about it, I-I realized I-I-I don't know how I feel. But I know that I don't want to ruin things for me and Paige, but sometimes it feels like things are going to be ruined no matter what.

Jennifer: You are so young. I've been around, so... there's something I need to tell you that I learned the hard way. Things happen, really bad things sometimes. But, honey, once they are in the past, they do not have to rule your future. They really don't.

[Door closes]

Melanie: Hey, uh, is-- Brady or Victor?

Maggie: [Laughs] They're not here. That was probably Henderson.

Melanie: Oh, duh. How is Brady, by the way?

Maggie: He's better. He's really doing better. I mean, he's been to hell and back. But he's not going to let that drag him down.

Melanie: Good. Well, I can't wait to see him.

Maggie: Well, after you surprise everyone, we'll have a family dinner.

Melanie: Do you think that maybe Henderson saw me when I pulled up in the cab?

Maggie: Well, do you want me to make sure that he doesn't say anything to anyone?

Melanie: Yeah, that would be great.

Maggie: Okay, okay, I'll do that.

Melanie: Thank you.

Maggie: Listen, you want me to get you anything while I'm up?

Melanie: No, I'm good. I'm great. [Sighs]

Daniel: You look ridiculous.

Nicole: You look ridiculous. You know what? This is your fault. You are lucky that this talk is over, because I don't think this outfit can handle one more drop.

Daniel: No, it can't.

Nicole: I'm so looking forward to my walk home. I don't know--maybe I'll stop and go shopping.

Daniel: Okay, okay, okay, look, I've got some things I need to take care of, so why don't you take a shower? You can borrow some of my sweats, and you can use the washing machine. Just make sure you lock the door when you leave.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I'm positive. I--yeah. And I'm--I am sorry about... all of it. I'm sorry.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Yeah, sure you are. Daniel, wait. [Sighs] I-I'm glad we talked. I'm glad you made us talk... really.

Daniel: Yeah, me too.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

[Door closes]

Nicole: [Sighs] I can do this. Yeah.

Maggie: Oh, wait until you see who's in the living room! It's a surprise!

Henderson: I am so glad to see you again.

Melanie: Hi!

Henderson: Let me assure you, I have signed an oath to guard your secret.

Melanie: Thank you. Thank you, Henderson. Thank you.

Henderson: Welcome home. You have made your grandmother so happy.

Maggie: That's an understatement. Honey, I hope you don't think I'm being inappropriate, but when I came back in just now, you--you looked a little rushed... like I had caught you at something. I mean, if there's something you want to talk about, if there's more to the way that you just showed up so unexpectedly, honey, you can talk to me about anything.

Melanie: Yeah. No, maybe that's for the best. Can you keep a secret, though? Because I don't want my dad or Brady to find out.

Maggie: Of course I can keep a secret. What's going on?

Chad: I started working on this the minute I knew the other thing was going to happen. That's an agreement giving you an even bigger split of the club's profits. You've been doing most of the work singlehandedly with the expansion on the south side. I'm also putting cash into a contingency account in case you run into any more problems setting it up.

Sonny: Oh.

Chad: I knew I was going to have to step back even more, but that does not mean that I don't want to be partners anymore.

Sonny: So you think we can work together? We can--we can make this work?

Chad: You're my best friend, man. Of course that's what I want. And, look... I'm sorry that I didn't tell you the news. I do not like keeping things from you. Are we good?

Sonny: We're good. All right, I'm gonna let you get back to whatever it is you were doing, but...

Chad: But?

Sonny: I'm really happy I was wrong about everything.

Chad: I can see why you thought what you did, but do not take whatever Victor tells you at face value.

Sonny: One thing you should know--my Uncle Vic knows you have the job, but he wasn't the one who told me about it. He just hinted something was up.

Chad: So who told you?

Sonny: You did... just now when I got you to blow up.

Chad: You are such a Kiriakis.

Sonny: Thank you.

Chad: Nicely played. Nicely played.

Sonny: I really hope the CEO thing works out for you. I mean it.

Kate: I have no idea what Kiriakis is going to do with his insider information. Look, all I know is I don't like having to tell a person how to do their job.

[Cell phone clatters]

Kate: [Sighs]

Clyde: Everything okay?

Kate: Uh, no. No. You know that thing I didn't want to tell you earlier? Well, it seems like the whole world's going to know now, so you might as well know. I have a new co-CEO.

Clyde: Chad DiMera.

Kate: [Scoffs] Just when I thought I had broken through the glass ceiling for good. I told my dentist about my sensitive teeth,

Kate: So, as you can see, I'm absolutely thrilled with the situation. I'm really wishing the best for Chad as CEO of an international corporation. I just hope it doesn't interfere with going to the prom, finishing college.

Clyde: Yeah, I always wanted one of those silver spoons myself. But hear me on this--I'm a betting man, and I'll lay odds you won't have any trouble with him at all. You'll whip him into shape in no time.

Kate: Thank you for that thought. Would you excuse me? I have to talk to Sonny Kiriakis.

Clyde: Yeah, sure. Hey... good luck, not that you'll need it.

Kate: Sonny, I am so glad I ran into you. You know, I have been leaving messages for will, and I haven't heard back from him.

Sonny: Yeah, he's a hard guy to get ahold of these days.

Kate: Well, everything's okay, right?

Sonny: I don't know. My calls seem to be going down the same rabbit hole yours do. But you didn't come over here to talk to me about will, did you? You came over here to lecture me about uncle Vic and the whole thing with Chad.

Kate: Uh-huh. Well, I wouldn't exactly call that a lecture, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, I will save you some time and some trouble. I already talked to Chad about everything. New club, new job... and we're good.

Kate: You're good?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Oh, everything's good, because he gave you his word.

Clyde: Say, I hear congratulations are in order.

Chad: Mr. Weston. Um, Clyde.

Clyde: I was just talking to Kate. She told me your good news. Maybe the four of us should get together sometime to celebrate--you and Jordan, me and Kate.

Chad: [Chuckles] I know you know that's never going to happen... so why do you even suggest it?

Melanie: For the longest time, coming home meant thinking about everything that happened... you know, with Gabi and everything that she did, and Chad and everything that he lied about. So, uh, it was--it was somewhat of a deterrent.

Maggie: Really?

Melanie: Yeah.

Maggie: Mm.

Melanie: I even felt that way when Dad told me that Gabi had been convicted of nick's murder. But then one morning I was sitting in a cafe next to this family, and they had the cutest little boy, and he was about Parker's age, and it just hit me... that I was letting my past rule my present. I was giving up all of you because I had run into some screwed-up people in my past.

Maggie: Extremely screwed-up people.

Melanie: And that's stupid. That's stupid to let Vivian and nick and Gabi and Chad keep me from the people that I love and--and who I want to be and what I want to be doing.

Maggie: I think that that's about as mature an attitude as I can think of.

Melanie: Me being mature... who knew?

[Both laugh]

Maggie: I did. [Sighs] I can't tell you how happy I am. As if you didn't know.

[Both laugh]

Melanie: Well, talking to you has always made everything better, so I'm going to be counting on you.

Maggie: Mm. Well, I'll try to squeeze you in. [Chuckles] All right... now that you're back, tell me... what's next?

Daniel: An ingenious accessory that no home should be without. It is a combination hammer... and screwdriver, eh? Saves room in the toolbox.

Eric: Daniel, I mean, how'd you know that's been weighing on me? I mean, I just hate a crowded toolbox.

Daniel: All right, come on, dudes aren't great with housewarming gifts, okay? It was either this, a bouquet, or a stripper.

Eric: Good choice. [Laughs] Come on in.

Daniel: All right, thanks.

Eric: You'd like a beer? I got a pizza in the toaster oven.

Daniel: Uh, no, can we--can we talk first?

Eric: Yeah, what's up?

Daniel: Okay, you're my friend.

Eric: That's not new information.

Daniel: It's a preamble, okay? Brady is my friend, too, and that friendship kind of got screwed up a little bit, but thank goodness, we worked it out.

Eric: Okay.

Daniel: But I don't want things with us to be screwed up.

Eric: Yeah?

Daniel: All right, there's something I need to tell you, and I need to be straight with you as a friend... but I'm not sure you're going to like it.

Jennifer: Honey, let me help you fix this, please. Whatever you need, I will give you.

JJ: I don't know what you can do, Mom.

Jennifer: I think I can help you see that you took what you found out about your dad and you put it in a place so you didn't have to deal with it.

JJ: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Jennifer: Yeah, but... now I think you do have to deal with it. I mean, it is tearing you up inside, and it makes me so sad that you have to take time away from Paige to deal with this. But let me talk to her. I would love to help you and--

JJ: No, Mom. No. I should be the one talking to her.

Jennifer: Okay, well, I'm supporting you, whatever you decide. But I... I need you to know something, honey, and I... I am not minimizing what your dad did. But you need to know this about your dad, okay? He owned what he did, and he made amends. And that is what let Kayla move on, and that is what let your dad move on.

JJ: Yeah... he owned what he did.

Jennifer: Yes. And so have you. That is how you've turned your whole life around. Aren't you glad that you did that before you met Paige?

JJ: Hey, Mom, I, uh...

Jennifer: What?

JJ: I think I should stop talking and start thinking.

Jennifer: Okay. Um... all right, I have some errands I need to run, so... just call me if you need me, okay?

JJ: Thank you.

Jennifer: I love you.

JJ: I love you too. He made amends.

Sonny: Chad and I are good no matter what my uncle Vic thinks.

Kate: Hmm. And what does your dear, old uncle think?

Sonny: Whatever he thinks is from the perspective that... the DiMeras and the Kiriakis's are like the hatfields and McCoys. I know it used to be... but it doesn't have to continue like that... not for me, not for Chad.

Kate: [Sighs] Okay, your uncle is a survivor, and there's a reason for that. He's smart, and he's wise and give him credit for knowing how things really are.

Sonny: Wait a minute. Chad is your partner, your co-CEO. Why are you saying--

Kate: I'm saying that he's becoming more of a DiMera every single day.

Clyde: Well, we don't know each other very well, so you probably don't realize I am all about fixing things with my stepdaughter. I've started that process with my son and making it happen with Jordan is about the most--

Chad: All right, look, I've never heard her say a bad word about anyone. But the way she looks at you-- I know she... well, let's just say she doesn't like you. And you're not going to use me to change that.

[Line trilling]

Marlena: Hi, it's Dr. Evans. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you.


Jennifer: Marlena, hi. It's Jennifer. I was just wondering if you had a few minutes to talk. Just call me back. It's kind of important.

Paige: Hello?

JJ: It's me.

Paige: I know.

JJ: Um, look, I-I-I'm sorry about before.

Paige: It's okay. I was interrupting.

JJ: It's complicated. But I want you to know that I don't want to stop seeing you. But like I said, it's complicated, and I'll tell you more when I see you. But for now, no one can even know that we're talking, especially not our moms.

Paige: JJ, I don't understand.

JJ: I promise you I'll explain. I'll tell you everything, Paige.

Eric: You seem so serious. Why don't you just tell me what you're talking about?

Daniel: Nicole.

[Knocking at door]

Nicole: Jeez. Daniel, did you forget your keys?

Melanie: Aah! What are you doing here?

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