Days Transcript Thursday 11/20/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/20/14


Episode #12464 ~ Hope confronts Aiden with her discovery; Stefano learns of Chad's betrayal; Theresa lashes out at Brady, and she declares she's found someone new; Eve pressures JJ to end things for good with Paige.

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Chad: [Chuckles] Look, Mr. Merkel, it is important that we keep this under wraps until we can notify the rest of the board. Yes, sir. And I appreciate your support. Becoming co-CEO of DiMera enterprises is very exciting for me. Thank you. [Chuckles]

Tad: Wow. Co-CEO? Congratulations, buddy.

Chad: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Stefano: Basta, all right? I understand.

Eve: Oh, how are you, honey? How was class?

Paige: Fine.

Eve: What's going on? Hey, let me see you. What's up?

Paige: JJ wasn't there.

Eve: Wasn't where?

Paige: In class. I think he's avoiding me.

JJ: I look like this-- this normal guy, right? But I'm not. I'm carrying around all this garbage, and it comes out. And I can't do that to you. Okay, it is so not cool. And I-I can't be around you. Why wouldn't she just listen to me?

Abigail: Whoa, JJ. What's wrong?

JJ: Everything. Everything is wrong.

Aiden: I'm serious about this, chase, okay? Talking about how much people have is not something we do. It's very impolite.

Chase: All I said was hope is rich like mom was.

Aiden: I understand. But being rich is not who hope is... any more than it was who your mom was. Okay? How much money people have in the bank--it's just not important.

Hope: Why would Aiden do a search like that?

Caroline: Hope. Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't startle you. Is everything all right?

Theresa: Brady? How dare you show up at my work?

Paige: Actually, I think JJ wants us to break up.

Eve: Oh, my God. He... he--he said that?

Paige: Not exactly, but he sort of... he's really upset.

Eve: About what?

Paige: He's hung up on stuff from a long time ago.

Eve: Maybe things that he did, like drugs, getting arrested for smashing that window one time.

Paige: No, no. It's--it's not. It's about his dad... what his dad did.

Eve: Oh.

Paige: I know all about it, mom.

Eve: You know, come here. Sit down a minute. I'm sure what happened between jack and Kayla is... I'm sure it's a really big deal for him to have to deal with right now. So, you know, maybe the best thing would be just to, you know, give him some space and let him go.

Paige: No way. He needs me to be with him. He shouldn't have to be dealing with this all alone.

Eve: Honey--

Paige: The last thing I'm gonna do is just let him push me away.

Eve: No, but what can you do?

Paige: I can make him change his mind.

Abigail: Stop, JJ. Okay, just--oh, God, these are heavy. Listen to me, okay? Look at me. You cannot let what dad did ruin things for you and Paige.

JJ: I just need some space, okay? Just to figure things out.

Abigail: Okay, have you talked to mom about this?

JJ: She's busy taking care of grandma Laura.

Abigail: Well, she comes back tonight, so you can talk to her about it then.

JJ: Uh-huh, maybe.

Abigail: God, Paige must be really upset.

JJ: Yeah. She, uh--she didn't want to believe it, but it'll sink in after a while. She'll move on.

Abigail: Wait. Move on? You made it seem like this was temporary, like you just needed some space, but now this is sounding like it's a permanent thing.

JJ: Abs, do you have something to do, somewhere to go?

Abigail: You still love her, don't you?

JJ: Yeah, like crazy.

Abigail: Then what's the problem, the real problem?

JJ: [Sighs]

Chase: There's Grayson and his dad. I got to go.

Aiden: Okay, not until we are clear. No more talk about money, okay? Not ours or anyone else's. Understood?

Chase: Okay.

Aiden: Good. Give me a hug. Have a great day at school, all right? Have fun! [Sighs]

Hope: Everything's, uh... wonderful. Everything's fine. I was just reading something on the internet, and, uh, it kind of threw me. That's all.

Caroline: Oh, oh, that-- you know, there's some crazy stuff on that.

Hope: Yeah, right.

Caroline: Oh, I assume that's Aiden Jennings' briefcase.

Hope: Uh-huh.

Caroline: Uh-huh.

Hope: We were all having breakfast together. The kids just went off to school.

Caroline: Oh, oh. I told you, didn't I, that it's okay with me that you and he are seeing each other, yeah?

Hope: Aiden? Yeah.

Caroline: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Caroline: He seems like a fine man-- straightforward, you know, honest.

Brady: What is with you? Why shouldn't I be here?

Theresa: Because you know that I work here, and I'm never gonna forgive you for what you did.

Brady: What I did? What did I do?

Theresa: You--you know, I got a call this morning from my dear old dad, the great Shane Donovan, and he gave me holy hell because he found out that I tried to trap Brady black with some bogus pregnancy story.

Brady: Well, Theresa, I haven't spoken to your father.

Theresa: No, but you told your grandfather, and he went all tattletale. He just couldn't wait.

Brady: All right, listen, I'm sorry if--

Theresa: And what is with all that B.S. of going our separate ways? You think trashing me is staying out of my life?

Brady: Theresa, if you--

Theresa: And, you know, talk about two-faced, Brady. Talk about dishonest. I swear to God I thought I was pregnant, and you practically let out a hallelujah when you found out I wasn't. And then you're gonna show up at my work and rub it in my face? I mean, my God, talk about a sicko.

Brady: Theresa, stop it! Come with me right now.

Eve: Well, I just think that you need to--I don't know-- maybe back off. I think he might need his space, honey.

Paige: But that's what I'm doing. I haven't called or texted. And I won't. But I also won't let him go. He loves me, mom. And I love him. I'm not gonna let that end.

Eve: It has to.

Abigail: JJ, you're obviously holding something back.

JJ: I am? What about you?

Abigail: What is that supposed to mean?

JJ: Don't play dumb. Last night you texted me, "don't wait up." And then this morning you still hadn't come home. So what's up with that?

Abigail: Things with Ben have gotten...

JJ: Oh. You do not have to say it. Um... oh, you're embarrassed? Abs, I mean, come on, he seems like a good guy... a hell of a lot better than either one of those DiMera brothers.

Abigail: Okay, just--you can stop there.

JJ: Sorry. Okay, I shouldn't have brought that up. Anyway, uh... I say go for it.

Abigail: Okay, do not go blabbing about this to mom.

JJ: No, no problem. I know how to keep a secret.

Abigail: Yeah, I know you do. You're doing it right now. So why don't you tell me what's really going on with Paige?

Aiden: I think I got chase all straightened out. How are you, Mrs. Brady?

Caroline: Oh, I'm fine, fine. Thank you.

Aiden: Great.

Caroline: You know, I just want to say, I wasn't very friendly to you when I first knew that you and hope were seeing each other. And I-I asked her to apologize to you. Did she?

Aiden: Oh, yes, yes. She did. She did. But, please, there's no need to apologize, none at all. I'm just glad to hear that you're okay with us now.

Caroline: Yes.

Aiden: Hopefully we'll get to know each other a little bit better.

Caroline: Yes, I hope so.

Aiden: Well, why don't you join us for coffee?

Caroline: Oh, no, thank you. I've got to get back. You know, uh, when you two are having breakfast out, why don't you come to the pub?

Aiden: Uh, we will. Absolutely.

Caroline: Oh, good.

Aiden: Okay.

Caroline: Bye-bye.

Aiden: All right.

Caroline: Bye.

Hope: Bye, Caroline.

Both: Mwah.

Hope: Bye.

Aiden: Have a good day, Mrs. Brady.

Caroline: Thank you.

Aiden: [Humming]

What's going on?

Hope: You want to tell me? Can you explain this? (Announcer) are you dealing with hot flashes during menopause?

Eve: Like I said, it's best just to move on and let go. Trying to hang on to a guy like that, it's never gonna work.

Paige: No, seriously, mom, he still loves me, okay? I could--I could see it in his eyes. It was in his voice.

Eve: I just don't want you to get hurt...

Paige: He loves me!

Eve: Any more than you already are, honey. Look at you--you're upset.

Paige: Okay, Mom, I know that you're trying to be protective of me, but you don't have to be. I can take care of myself, okay? And we're just--we're not gonna talk about this anymore.

Eve: Well, I think that we should talk about it, 'cause obviously you're upset about this.

Paige: No, you know, I have a study date with Daphne, and I have to go, okay? So I'll see you later.

Eve: Paige, come on. I just-- [Sighs] [Grunts loudly] That little bastard.

Abigail: Hey, look at me, JJ. You can't do this, all right? You cannot let what dad did ruin things for you and Paige.

JJ: It already has. I-I mean, I don't see how it can ever go back to where we were.

Abigail: Yes, it can. Of course it can, JJ. Listen... jack Deveraux was my dad too, okay? And if anyone understands how this is affecting you, it's me. I mean, I think that maybe it'll help you to know that I felt exactly like you do right now a while ago. It felt like my dad was capable of doing something so... so horrible and disgraceful, and I was his kid, that... somehow I figured that kind of thing, it just--it got passed down to me or something.

JJ: Doesn't it?

Abigail: No. No, it doesn't, JJ, because what dad did--it wasn't about who he was. Don't you see that? It... listen... what happened... happened because circumstances led dad down a very self-destructive path, and he was totally lost for a while. But, my God, he was so regretful about that. He did everything in his power to turn his life around. He devoted himself, heart and soul, to being a better person... and he did. He did become a better person because he has a good heart. If dad had any idea that what he did was causing you to lose faith in yourself, my God, that... that would break his heart into a million pieces, JJ, because he loved you so much. He really did. He loved both of us. And what dad would want, I think more than anything, would be to know that his children were living their lives without shame.

JJ: It's too late for that.

Abigail: No, it's not. It's not too late... because you... you are a wonderful and loving, amazing person. And... you know, you and Paige... God, whenever you guys are even in the same room together, anyone that's around you can see how much you guys care about each other. So... don't let her go, okay? Because you... did nothing wrong. And you deserve... to be happy.

Theresa: Look, I don't know what you think you can get away with here, Brady.

Brady: All right, take a breath. Take a breath. Listen, first of all, I'm sorry if what I said to Victor made trouble with your father. That was not my intention, all right? And I will tell my grandfather in no uncertain terms to back off.

Theresa: Fine. Blame it on Victor. But then you still had to show up here today to get your jollies, right, hmm?

Brady: Theresa, I am on the board. I have a meeting here today. I hoped that I wouldn't run into you, let alone say anything to you or have to talk to you. What we agreed on is the best thing--no contact. I understand we are gonna see each other around town, but I am hoping that it won't turn into a scene like it did now. Okay?

Theresa: Well, maybe you could text me before you come.

Brady: I'm not gonna text you. No contact. If something pops up, we'll deal with it, hopefully better than we did today. I have a meeting.

Theresa: You know, Brady, I know that you think I am this horrible person and you can't wait to get rid of me. But the truth is, whether you'd like to admit it or not, I am the best thing that ever happened to you, Brady, and you blew it.

Chad: If I said I'll get to it, I'll get to it. Back off. What is it with you and the eavesdropping routine? You think you can just...

Tad: Dude, it was an accident, really.

Chad: Play spy around me and it's not gonna matter? How much do you like your job?

Tad: I was bussing this table. You were on the phone. I couldn't help but overhearing. Chad, seriously, I'm not eavesdropping.

Chad: I-I'm sorry, T. I shouldn't have gone after you like that. You didn't do anything wrong. I've just been under a lot of stress.

Tad: Must be. Yeah, that's, uh--that's a hell of a job.

Chad: Listen, t, no one, and I mean no one, can know about this. It involves stocks, bonds, S.E.C., Lawsuits, all kind of corporate crap. Are we clear?

Tad: Yeah, yeah. No problem, man. Mum's the word.

Chad: Good.

Tad: But does sonny know that you're co-CEO--

Chad: No.

Tad: Okay.

Chad: And it stays that way, yeah?

Tad: Mm-hmm. So I'm the only person that knows. Wow. All right. I won't say a word.

[Cell phone ringing]

Chad: I have a hunch someone else knows.

Aiden: Why do you have this tablet?

Hope: I asked if I could use your internet, and you said yes.

Aiden: I thought you meant my phone.

Hope: Right, because obviously you didn't want me to see what you were checking into, but, hey, I guess...

Aiden: Hope, there's been a misunderstanding here.

Hope: Turn about's fair play, right, right? I did a search on you, so you do a search on me. But really, honestly, I got to say, this is crass. My money and my net worth really all that important to you, Mr. Jennings?

Aiden: No, it isn't! Hope, you've gotten this all wrong.

Hope: Have I?

Aiden: Yes, you have. And I can prove it to you. Wisest kid,

Aiden: Okay, I think this will be a better place to talk. People were starting to stare.

Hope: I simply requested an explanation. Why?

Aiden: Yes, quite adamantly. So here it is. This is not my tablet.

Hope: Oh, I see. That came out of your briefcase, but it's not yours, right?

Aiden: That's right. It's chase's. Look, I'll show you. See? I do not play these games. And American history--it's not in my homework folder.

Hope: Oh. I see. So you weren't the one checking out my finances.

Aiden: No, that was chase. And believe me, I will be talking to him about this tonight. I am so sorry. It's just he's in this weird place right now. Money, wealth--it's just some strange, new fascination.

Hope: Yeah, Ciara's going through a similar thing. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to jump on you.

Aiden: No, no, no, it's okay.

Hope: No, no, it's not okay. I jumped to a conclusion, and it was terribly insulting. I'm sorry.

Aiden: Relax, it's okay.

Hope: [Sighs] Wait a minute. Now that I think of it, you didn't know anything about my financial situation till Ciara and I were going to New Orleans and she blurted it out. [Chuckles] And that was after we realized we were... getting closer.

Aiden: Closer than we knew. Full disclosure... I knew you were wealthy before that.

Brady: You think you're the best thing that ever happened to me? Okay, let's--let's take a look at that. You lied to me from the get-go. You never stopped. You dragged me into bed while I was drunk. You bought me drugs, and then you hit my father in the head and put him in a coma. How are you the best thing for me, again?

Theresa: Hey, you know what? If all you want to do is remember the bad stuff, be my guest. I never said I was perfect. But I made you happy, Brady. And while we're remembering, let's be clear, you knew who I was from the very beginning. What, you called me out in front of the whole A.A. Meeting, what, the second time we met? I was bad to the bone, and you loved it.

Brady: [Scoffs]

Theresa: You loved the excitement and the sex and the thrills, the whole nine yards. And deep down, I think you still do.

Brady: Hmm. You are delusional. I've moved on, Theresa.

Theresa: I don't think you have. But you know what? I have.

[Knocking at door]

JJ: Okay. Okay, okay.

Eve: What the hell do you think you're trying to pull?

Maggie: So just add everything in order.

Abigail: Okay.

Maggie: And dill--it's an herb, so you will add that at the last minute.

Abigail: Okay, got it.

Maggie: There you go.

Abigail: Ah, it sounds so delicious.

Maggie: It is. Are you gonna be making this tonight?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah. My mom doesn't get in till pretty late, like 10:00 or something, so, uh, I thought it'd be a nice surprise.

Maggie: She must have been so thrilled when she found out that you were gonna be working with her again.

Abigail: Oh, my gosh, Maggie, she was so excited. She let out this big squeal and everything. I think it really made her day.

Maggie: Wonderful.

Abigail: Yeah, in fact, it's so funny, because she was just the other night toying with the idea of leaving and going to this corporate job.

Maggie: Because she and Daniel were...

Abigail: Yeah, right. I don't know. I-I still hope they find a way to work things out, but--

Maggie: Mm. It doesn't seem too likely. So tell me, how did you wind up getting your job back?

Abigail: Oh, um, actually, uh, Chad got me my job back... which makes things a little complicated.

Chad: Father... hello.

Stefano: When were you planning on telling me?

Chad: I wasn't. I thought it'd be best if you found out on your own.

Stefano: Uh-huh. So you've been working with Katerina all along, huh?

Chad: Yep. And the way things kept playing out, I figured Kate was my best bet for a power grab, and I took it. I know you think I betrayed you, and you hate me for it, but I had to look out for myself.

Stefano: Is that what you thought? [Chuckles] Well, my son, you made a huge mistake.

Aiden: Okay, here.

Hope: [Sighs]

Aiden: Right before the, uh, night of the gala, father Louie spilled the beans about your donation.

Hope: What?

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: Well, okay, but he didn't tell you the amount.

Aiden: That slipped out too.

Hope: What? Seriously?

Aiden: Listen, don't be too hard on him, okay? He was just working me. He knows how competitive I can be, and he knew that I would match your donation, plus throw in 10%, so...

Hope: Nice.

Aiden: Yeah, well, but, hey, I'm not trying to brag here, okay?

Hope: Uh-huh.

Aiden: And I shouldn't have outed father Louie, but I just wanted you to know, judging from the size of your donation--

Hope: That I was incredibly rich, and from that day forward, you were in love. Right?

Aiden: That already happened, remember?

Hope: I do.

Aiden: Hmm. There are many, many things that fascinate me about you, hope Brady. But your money is not even on my radar.

Hope: What is on your radar?

Aiden: You are.

Theresa: No, it didn't take me more than two seconds to get over you, Brady. And this new guy I met, he is super hot and super rich, and he's got talents you can only dream of having.

Brady: You know, that's good. I know those things mean a lot to you.

Theresa: And you know what the greatest thing is? He is crazy about me. And believe me, the feeling is mutual. So don't think that I'll be waiting by my phone for you to call when you sort out your latest little problem, whatever that is, all right?

Brady: I don't expect you--

Theresa: And the best thing about him is that he earns his own money. He's not some lame trust-fund baby.

Brady: Oh. Well, that's good. That's good. I mean, I hope it all works out for you.

Theresa: Oh, it will. Count on it. So next time you stop by the hospital, don't worry about running into me... 'cause we're done.

Brady: [Scoffs]

Paige: So my mom's like, "If JJ wants to break up, let him"... 'cause that's what she wants.

Daphne: Okay, well, she never liked you and JJ being together in the first place. Why are you surprised she wants you to break up?

Paige: Because just yesterday she said she'd give us another chance. Now she does a complete 180 and starts telling me that I should just give up on him... just when he needs me the most? [Scoffs]

Daphne: No disrespect, okay? But your mom sounds kind of not all there.

Paige: [Chuckles] Oh, she's there, believe me. And I think I know why she's acting so weird. It's because of a guy.

Eve: You're gonna do what you promised, or I'm gonna know the reason why. Apparently you had your little conversation with Paige, and you sent her all the wrong signals, JJ.

JJ: Okay, I said everything that I was supposed to. I tried my best.

Eve: Well, you know what? You failed! Okay? Because now she just thinks that she has to be with you, that she has to care for you, that she can't let you go because you need her. She is positive you still love her.

JJ: Well, maybe that's because I do!

Abigail: So there's been this big debate as to why Chad went out of his way to help me.

Maggie: He said he just wanted to make things right, fix what Sami did.

Abigail: Yeah, but some people think that Chad doesn't do anything without an ulterior motive.

Maggie: And what side do you come down on?

Abigail: Well, mostly I've defended him. But I don't know, aunt Maggie. There's just--there's this small voice inside my head that tells me I should listen to what Melanie said.

Maggie: What did she say?

Abigail: When Chad and I got back together, you know, a while ago, Melanie was in London, and I called her to tell her because, you know, we were friends.

Maggie: Of course. Not to mention the way things ended between Chad and her.

Abigail: Right, exactly. Melanie said that, you know, she wasn't angry, but she did warn me. She told me to be careful. She said... that Chad, you know, who he was, there were parts of him that no one could ever really know.

Maggie: And she turned out to be right.

Abigail: Yeah, she did. Chad has this--this dark side. It can be scary.

Chad: Well, you may think I made a mistake, father, but I stand by what I did. So you can threaten all you want, because I'm not going to--

Stefano: Listen to me. I did not call to threaten you, all right? I called to congratulate you. [Chuckles]

Chad: What?

Stefano: You have no idea how proud you made me.

Aiden: I'm sorry. What?

Hope: I-I-I even hate to bring it up, but I have to. You gave me such a hard time when you thought that I was spoiling Ciara, about those earrings that Sami gave her. But, I mean, chase's tablet, it's top of the line. It's very expensive.

Aiden: Okay, okay. Yes, I am guilty. I can be a hypocrite sometimes. But just to see him smile, you know...

Hope: I'm a hypocrite too, I guess. I do the same thing. I'm sorry. I've said that a lot today. But I am sorry. I didn't mean to jump on you or all over you again.

Aiden: Mm, well, actually, detective Brady, I... like when you jump all over me. I need someone who can challenge me once in a while.

[Monitor beeping]

[Knock at door]

Theresa: Hey, you.

Paul: Well, well, my beautiful angel returns. Tamara, right?

Theresa: It's Theresa.

Paul: Oh, right, right, right. Sorry. These painkillers-- they really mess with my head. I won't make that mistake again.

Theresa: Oh, it's no biggie. I just came in to tell you that I thought of a couple really fun ideas for us for when you're feeling better.

Paul: Great.

Theresa: We could go down to this really cool bar by the river. They've got great music and cool clientele and... I mean, I could sneak you out, and we could have some quality time down there.

Paul: Okay.

Theresa: Or we could stay in, and I could snuggle up in your bed, and we could watch some old movies.

Paul: Definitely a plan worth looking forward to.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Paul: And hopefully it won't be too long before I'm more mobile and more clearheaded. These painkillers, man-- I really hate them. But you know what they say-- whatever gets you through the night.

Brady: My motto is, "whatever gets you through the night."

Paul: Theresa... is everything okay?

Daphne: Who's the guy? Do you know him? Paige!

Paige: Daphne... you have to swear you won't talk about this with anybody, okay?

Daphne: Okay.

Paige: Come here. So you know how I told you how my mom found out she couldn't have the operation on her voice?

Daphne: Mm-hmm.

Paige: So she'll never be able to sing professionally again and how it got her really, you know--

Daphne: Yeah, depressed.

Paige: Right. So... she kind of had this one-night thing with some guy.

Daphne: Seriously?

Paige: It's what she does when she's lost or sad or whatever. She finds a guy and...

Daphne: Wow. Do you know who he was?

Paige: Mm-mm.

Daphne: That's weird. I don't understand. What's this got to do with you and JJ?

Paige: Maybe... everything.

Eve: I get it, all right? I-I totally get it. Paige loves you. You love her. But the problem is here, I love her too. Listen, JJ, we made a huge mistake, and we can't un-ring that bell. But it's my understanding that you knew that you couldn't continue to see Paige and live that lie, okay?

JJ: I really tried to break it off. I-I did everything.

Eve: No, you didn't! Obviously.

JJ: All right, you know what? You weren't there. Paige was being so nice and understanding, and she was wanting to help me. You know, I'm sorry. I-I just couldn't hurt her.

Eve: You already have, JJ.

JJ: Yeah, but she doesn't know that. And if no one tells her, then it will be okay. No, I'll make her happy, and I'll be really good to her, and there will be no more mistakes, guaranteed.

Eve: Do you even hear yourself, JJ? No more mistakes? Really? That's all you do, is make mistakes. Okay, we're gonna get real here now. You've got one thing to do, and it's final. You let her go. You have to break it off!

JJ: You need to stop telling me what I have to do. I don't have to do anything you say. I told my dentist about my sensitive teeth,

Chad: I've made you proud? By entering into a conspiracy, going behind your back, or seizing control?

Stefano: Yes. You did exactly what I would have done at your age.

Chad: [Chuckles] But you're gonna lose a huge pile of money.

Stefano: True, true, but you have restored the DiMera name, huh? People everywhere are going to know that the DiMeras are back. That's worth more than money.

Chad: Wow.

Stefano: I assume you becoming co-CEO was not Katerina's idea.

Chad: Are you kidding me? She had a fit.

Stefano: [Laughing] Excellent. You know, I am beginning to think that you have the steel core that your brother lacked.

Chad: I've got to admit-- this call did not turn out the way I thought it would.

Stefano: My only hope is that this new position won't interfere with the relationship that you are having with that beautiful young woman... Jordan, huh? [Chuckles] In bocca al lupo, my son. In bocca al lupo. [Laughs]

Theresa: Yeah, everything's great. I just remembered something a guy I knew said one time.

Paul: Well, whatever it was, it made you kind of sad. Sorry if I killed the mood.

Theresa: No, we're still cool. I mean, one thing I never do is live in the past. I think we should just concentrate on the present and all future possibilities.

Hope: Have the sketch artist get over to room 422. The guy's cooperating fully. Okay, thanks. Hey, Brady, how are you?

Brady: Hi. Hi. I'm on my way to a meeting. I was gonna call you, though.

Hope: Yeah?

Brady: I want to take Ciara out for lunch again, 'cause we had a really good time. And I would love to ask your permission.

Hope: Absolutely. Are you kidding? She would love that. How about Saturday?

Brady: Saturday is good.

Hope: Is that good?

Brady: Saturday works.

Hope: Perfect.

Brady: So, um, how are things with Aiden? Last time I saw you two, things were pretty good.

Hope: Still are. Getting better all the time, actually.

Brady: That's good. Good for you.

Hope: Yeah.

Brady: I mean, I know it's bittersweet with what's going on with Bo, but you got to move on, got to make yourself happy. And I got to say, you look happy.

Hope: Yeah, I am. I... I am happy.

Brady: Good. You look it. I know it was a rocky start with you two, but he seems like a good guy.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Brady: See you later.

Hope: Bye. See you Saturday.

Aiden: So we are clear, yeah?

Chase: I'm sorry I took your tablet.

Aiden: It's just a mix-up. It's okay. What's more important is your promise to stop trying to figure out how much money hope has, okay? Or anyone has.

Chase: Fine. I get it.

Aiden: Look, what is important is who someone is on the inside, right? In their hearts... their character. Are they kind? Are they loyal? Right? How much money someone has in the bank... it isn't important, all right? So, please, don't talk to Ciara or hope about how mom was rich, okay? That's no one's business but our own.

Paige: See, here's the thing. I don't think my mom's telling me the whole truth.

Daphne: You mean about the guy?

Paige: Yeah. I mean, she said it was a one-time thing, but I'm thinking maybe she really had feelings for him, and he bailed on her. That's why she's telling me to walk away from JJ, so I won't get hurt like she did.

Daphne: Maybe. You really think that's it?

Paige: It's possible. I know her. What happened that night really messed with her head. For some reason, she really, really regrets sleeping with that guy.

Eve: You listen to me, you little son of a bitch. You think you can still date my daughter, build her hopes up, tell her you love her, when you slept with her mother?

JJ: Look, I know what I did was awful, but maybe if--

Eve: There are no maybes, JJ! You and Paige are over, finished forever. And as much as we may want to go back, there is no way we can change what happened that night.

Jennifer: What exactly happened? What night are you talking about?

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