Days Transcript Monday 11/17/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/17/14


Episode #12461 ~ Under orders from Eve, JJ tries to break up with Paige; Clyde gives Jordan some unwanted advice about her love life; Chad informs Kate that Stefano is ready to make his big move; Nicole & Daniel attempt to reestablish their friendship.

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Nurse: This just came for you. A secret admirer?

Jordan: Uh... oh. [Chuckles] A surprise, but maybe not so secret.

Chad: Don't worry about it, Sonny. Do whatever you need to do with the architects. We got it covered here. Yeah. Sonny's on board with you moving to the new club full time.

[Phone ringing]

Ben: What if I'm not on board with moving to the south side?

Chad: I got to take this. If you don't like the plan, talk to Sonny about it. Father? How are you?

Stefano: It's time, my son.


Harold: A Mr. Weston is here.

Kate: Tell him... that he is a very impatient visitor.

Harold: Sir, I must ask you--

Kate: That's all right, Harold. You can close the door. So, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Daniel: Yeah, Paul should sleep for the rest of the day. He wakes up, just call me on my cell. Yeah, on my cell. Thank--


Daniel: Yeah, thanks. Hey?

Nicole: All done with surgery? Out for the rest of the day?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I am, but, uh--

Nicole: No "buts." We are going to make the rest of your day fun.

Daniel: Oh, a "we?"

Nicole: Now, you said we're friends again, right?

Daniel: Right.

Nicole: Okay, that's what a friend does. You've been under a lot of stress, and I have the perfect way to make you relax.

Victor: See you found the memo.

Brady: You want to give me a promotion at titan?

Victor: You deserve it.

Brady: On what planet?

Victor: I can't think of anyone who's done more to earn it.

Brady: Granddad, come on. You got to be kidding. I'm a screw-up.

Eve: Theresa?

Theresa: Yeah, me. Look, I know you weren't expecting me, but I was kind of bouncing off the walls at my place, and I couldn't take it anymore, so.

Eve: Bad day?

Theresa: Yeah. Bad week. Bad year even.

Eve: Well, you've certainly come to the right place. I know the feeling.

Paige: You're not going to lie to me? Okay. What are you not going to lie about?

Eve: [Heavy breathing]

JJ: I won't lie about myself.

Jordan: Hmm.

Nurse: What is it?

Jordan: [Chuckling]

Nurse: [Chuckling] Okay, I don't get it.

Jordan: But I do, and he knew I would.

Chad: It's time for what?

Stefano: Ah. [Chuckling]

Simone: For you, mon amour.

Stefano: Merci, Simone.

Chad: [Chuckles] What, it's time for Simone?

Stefano: Uh, yes. Excuse me, I just-- I need a minute, all right?

Simone: All right.

Stefano: All right. Thank you. We must close the noose on Katerina, ah? She has taken the bait. Now, it's time for the coup de grace.

Kate: And that was uninvited as well.

Clyde: Is that right? Well, then, I suppose I should apologize. But I won't. It's all I've thought about since the first time we kissed.

Kate: Again, uninvited.

Clyde: [Chuckling] You really want a man that sits around waiting for an invite? 'Cause if I am out of line, say the word. I'll leave.

Kate: Why don't you have a drink first?

Theresa: So what's got you so miserable?

Eve: Oh, gosh. Where to start? Well, my throat surgery was canceled. Doctor said it was pointless. No matter what he did, wasn't going to be able to fix it.

Theresa: Wow. That's harsh.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Second opinion?

Eve: Second through ten. It's over.

Theresa: Eve, that's horrible.

Eve: Yeah, well, it was the only thing that really kept me going in this last decade of those stupid sales calls with that stupid job was the thought that, you know, I was going to have my singing career again once I had my surgery, but-- the only thing that kept me going was really that-- that dream, you know?

Theresa: Well, did you just find out?

Eve: Mm-hmm. And it was a bad night, bad night.

Theresa: Well, I mean at least Paige was there, so you weren't alone. Or she wasn't?

Eve: She, uh, she came later, but I got through it.

Theresa: Oh, yeah? What's his name?

Paige: JJ, you're scaring me.

JJ: I-I love you, Paige. You know that, right? I love you so much.

Paige: I love you too, JJ.

JJ: It's just--it's wrong. It's all wrong.

Paige: How can that be?

JJ: It just is.

Paige: But why would you say that?

JJ: I'm no good for you.

Daniel: You have the perfect way to make me relax?

Nicole: Yeah, you see, friends don't let friends walk around with shoulders like that. We provide serenity, we provide peace.

Daniel: [Chuckles] Nicole walker provides serenity and peace. Hmm?

Nicole: Is there an echo in here? Yes.

Daniel: Mm, okay, okay. I will bite.

Nicole: Oh, good. You are going to be a new man.

Daniel: Yoga?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. After shakti Goldberg and I are through with you, total bliss. All right. How about a little downward facing dog first and then we'll go from there.

Daniel: Let's don't.

Chad: You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now. But I won't, 'cause I don't want to be a jerk, and take advantage of the whole--

Jordan: Mr. Narita is still in post-op, right?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: I'm going to go out for a while. Text me if he wakes up before I'm back?

Nurse: Mr. Narita was really into you. You should use that to make Mr. Tin cans jealous.

Jordan: That's the move? Okay, sorry. Good to know, but I don't play games. Not my style.

Clyde: That's a well-aged whiskey.

Kate: Seemed right for you.

Clyde: [Chuckles] Well, we still do make our own moonshine, you know.

Kate: Back at home? In an old clawfoot tub you stir up a batch.

Clyde: I did not picture you as a mean woman.

Kate: [Chuckles] Come on, Clyde. I know you ramp up that accent and that "aw, shucks" manner just for me. You know what you have here.

Clyde: That I do, Kate. That I do.

Kate: You have no restraint.

Clyde: You say that like it's a bad thing. Of course if that's what you want to see in me, you say the word.

Chad: So, what's the plan?

Stefano: International energy futures is in play.

Chad: That's huge. I was actually just looking at our commodities position--

Stefano: Yes, yes, that-- please, listen carefully, all right? You are to tell Katerina that I have no interest in that company, but I do not want her to know that.

Chad: Are you planning an acquisition?

Stefano: Chad, focus, huh? Focus, do your job. Do you understand what that is, huh?

Chad: Yeah, I understand.

Stefano: Ah. Good boy.

Chad: I'm just happy to help you get back where you should be.

Stefano: That's right. On top.

Chad: On top of something anyway.

Jordan: Hey, Ben, you're here.

Ben: Hi, yeah. Sorry about that.

Jordan: Why?

Ben: Well, clearly you were expecting somebody else.

Jordan: Wh--who else would I be looking for?

Ben: Chad.

Kate: You didn't even come up with a pretext for being here.

Clyde: You want me to pretend that I'm here on business?

Kate: Well, you did show me a rather hefty check.

Clyde: I might still want you to invest it for me.

Kate: Hmm? I'm not sure if business mixes with whatever it is we have going on here.

Clyde: [Chuckles] Well, if I have to choose... I know which I'll take.

Chad: I just had a call from--

Nicole: Let's don't even try it, really?

Daniel: I-I'm sorry, not my thing. I don't even like yoga.

Nicole: Yet. You don't like yoga yet.

Daniel: It makes me feel like a klutz.

Nicole: No, just at first. But, listen, you will feel relaxed. It'll help you think more clearly, you'll find resolution.

Daniel: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay, totally my mistake, 'cause I thought that you broke up with Jennifer, and almost went crazy, and nearly slept with Kristen, and had a confrontation with Brady, I guess that does--

Daniel: Okay, Brady and I, also fine, yeah.

Nicole: Oh, well there's one down.

Daniel: Okay, look, I appreciate you coming over, I really do. This is all cute and--

Nicole: Do you also appreciate the fact that your shoulder blades look like earrings?

Daniel: What?

Nicole: It's like you're in permanent shrug mode.

Daniel: Ah!

Nicole: Oh, see, yeah. That's normal. Why do you want to walk around like that, Daniel?

Daniel: Wow, things were really looking up before you got here, I'm--

Nicole: Well, things would be a lot easier if you would just say yes and try it. No conflict, no stress.

Daniel: That makes no sense. And yet somehow, it just-- it does.

Nicole: Yes, it is all about the right frame of mind.

Daniel: Okay, okay. Why don't we just--let's just roll out the mats, and let's give it a shot.

Nicole: Yes! You're going to love it.

Eve: You know, Theresa, why don't you just get your mind out of the gutter, all right? Just because I said I got through it doesn't mean I used somebody else to do it.

Theresa: Well, it doesn't have to mean that, but--

Eve: You know what? Here, come on. Thank you so much for stopping by, but you can leave now, really, really.

Theresa: No, hey, no, it's-- I'm sorry. Look, it's okay. I didn't mean it. Sorry. So, how--how is Paige? Um, did she help? I-I know things have been kind of tense between the two of you.

Eve: Well, this is a-- it's just a lot bigger than that, and my daughter was the lovely daughter that I adore. She-- she really helped me, and I, uh, I think that we've actually turned a corner.

Theresa: Well, um, does that mean that you're okay with her and JJ?

Eve: You know, I really don't think he's going to be an issue...

Theresa: No.

Eve: Long term. I--but I know one thing, he's-- he's certainly not going to get in the way of me and my relationship with Paige. You know, but that's enough about me. Okay. It's my turn to pretend to be the caring sister. So why don't you tell me your drama of the day, sweetie. Just don't tell me you're late.

Theresa: Um, I'll see you around, eve.

Eve: Wait, hey, I was kidding here. Oh my God. Is that it?

Theresa: No... but it was. I-I thought I was pregnant. I told Brady. It turned into this whole big thing, and then it turned out that it wasn't true, and I-I look like a complete idiot.

Victor: I've watched you face down your demons, Brady. You stood by your dad when it really mattered. You committed yourself heart and soul to sobriety. That made me and Maggie very proud. To say nothing of the fact that your work has been exemplary ever since then.

Brady: Work has never been the thing that's tripped me up.

Victor: Kristen is gone. You managed to hold that she-devil at bay all the time she was in town, didn't you?

Brady: This isn't about Kristen. It's Theresa.

Paige: What are you saying?

JJ: I'm no good for you.

Paige: You know, I-I heard it the first time, but it's still out of nowhere, JJ.

JJ: It's not.

Paige: Did something happen?

JJ: No.

Paige: You didn't just do something, make some colossal mistake?

JJ: Why would you ask that?

Paige: Because now you suddenly think you're no good for me. I saw you a few hours ago and everything was fine.

JJ: You know, it--it wasn't.

Paige: JJ, just tell me. Why do you think you're not good for me?

JJ: You know what my dad did to aunt Kayla.

Paige: Right. I thought we were clear on this. We had a fight. It's done. We put it in perspective.

JJ: It's not about our fight or us. I'm sitting here, just looking at a picture of my dad.

Paige: What, what is it? You can say it. It's eating you up. Just get it out. Tell me.

Daniel: Okay. What do you call this?

Nicole: Hmm? It's a triangle pose.

Daniel: Really? Doesn't look like a triangle.

Nicole: Oh dear, oh. [Chuckles] Okay, well first, okay, let's start with this hand down here.

Daniel: What?

Nicole: Not on your knee.

Daniel: Oh.

Nicole: Okay, gentle.

Daniel: Ow.

Nicole: Put your hand-- just your fingertips, just your finger--there. Okay, that's better. All right, and then open up like this.

Daniel: Ow! Okay, just--

Nicole: Ah. Okay, well, that's more like a square.

Daniel: Just ow.

Nicole: Okay. It's still geometry.

Daniel: All right, okay.

Nicole: You need to stretch this shoulder--

Daniel: No, I don't need to be humiliated in my own home.

Nicole: Oh, come on. Nobody's laughing. All right, just--if you stretch it up.

Daniel: Ow! Okay, okay.

Nicole: Okay, all right. All right. Let's just try something else. Let's--how about a tree pose? Okay? You don't have to be upside down.

Daniel: My head-- all right, what does that look like?

Nicole: Okay. Core, balance.

Daniel: Okay, I'm done. I'm out. No, out.

Nicole: What? Why? What are you going to do? Are you going to sit on the couch and let your muscles contract and atrophy?

Daniel: No, I'm going to do something I find relaxing.

Nicole: Oh, like what? Oh, no, I hate football. I don't like it.

Daniel: Oh, yet. You don't like it yet. You see, you haven't played with me.

Nicole: Oh, okay, all right. I have a professional concern.

Daniel: Such as? Come on.

Nicole: I have a manicure to protect that will make me throw like a girl.

Daniel: No, Jennie finch is a girl. Mia Hamm is a girl. They throw like rockets.

Nicole: Who? Who? Sorry?

Daniel: Olympic athletes.

Nicole: No, no, no manicure.

Daniel: Ah. You give me 20 minutes, and I'll have you throwing passes that won't chip your nails.

Nicole: Jeez. Who can resist an offer like that?

Daniel: Not a friend, that's for sure.

Nicole: [Sighs] Fine. Let's blow this taco stand.

Daniel: All right, let's do it.

Ben: You're really happy for me?

Jordan: Of course I am.

Ben: Not "of course."

Jordan: Is this why I had to find out about your new apartment from your girlfriend? Why would you think I wouldn't be happy about it?

Ben: Jordan, the only reason why I can even afford that place is because Clyde is paying for my tuition.

Jordan: I can still be happy for you. I was wrong when I said you shouldn't take the tuition. You deserve all the help you can get.

Ben: So you're on my side? And I'll be on your side about Chad DiMera. Is that the deal?

Kate: 45 rooms and you need to burst into this one?

Chad: It's the only room you were in. Look, sorry, man, but this really can't wait.

Kate: No, it can wait.

Clyde: That's all right, I'll go. We'll catch up later.

Kate: Are you sure?

Clyde: I am. Until then. I always wanted to do that. Though I do like the other way better.

Chad: Smooth.

Kate: All right, what the hell is so important?

Chad: Stefano. My father's done playing around with you. It's the end game, so you and I need to get to work.

Victor: All right, Theresa managed to fool you about what really happened to john. Maggie told me. You were drinking when it happened. And then he backed her up after the fact, so naturally you believed it. It doesn't make me question your judgment.

Brady: Well, it should. Granddad, I slept with Theresa, and--and was this close to getting her pregnant. That woman...was nearly the mother of your great-grandchild.

Eve: You told Brady, right?

Theresa: Yeah.

Eve: Oy, how'd that go?

Theresa: Well, he wasn't thrilled or jumping for joy, which was no surprise, but... God, he was just so angry. I mean, he looked at me like I was the worst person in the world, so how could I ever be trusted?

Eve: Well, that's a-- that's a tough lie to pull off.

Theresa: Exactly. So then he went to the next worst place.

Eve: Oh no.

Theresa: Yeah. I mean, what are the last three words you ever want to hear in that situation?

Both: "Is it mine?"

Theresa: Yeah.

Eve: Oh, man. Are you kidding me?

Theresa: So, of course in that moment, I'm thinking, "well, no, you bastard. It's mine, and I--," I just--part of me wanted to walk away, you know, and never talk to him again, and then I'm just thinking why--why would I ever put myself in such a humiliating, vulnerable place in front of anyone if I didn't have to?

Eve: Ugh, what a smug son of a bitch. But, I'm sorry, in all fairness, sweetheart.

Theresa: "In all fairness," what? Like, I cheated on him?

Eve: No, no, but you did clock his father in the head, and made Brady think that he'd done it. I mean, the man nearly died. I mean, you know, that kinda trust thing's kinda gone.

Theresa: Yeah. I guess. But, please, I mean, this was something that he did do, his baby.

Eve: Only it wasn't. How'd you find that out?

Theresa: I went to Kayla at the hospital and we got a blood test.

Eve: Oh, well, God, that's not something you do if you're really trying to pull off a scam.

Theresa: Thank you.

Eve: Right.

Theresa: Just standing there waiting for Brady to see, I... I was just hoping he would realize how crummy he was being to the mother of his child. Only I wasn't.

Eve: That's just awful. Awful. I wish that you'd double checked that home pregnancy test. It would've saved you a hell of a lot of trouble.

JJ: When I found out what my dad did, I wanted to burn the town down. I trashed the town square.

Paige: I know. Everyone understood.

JJ: No, they didn't. They couldn't because that's not all. It's not like I just broke a few windows and it was over. I was angry all the time.

Paige: I can see why.

JJ: Everyone--my family, my mom, Daniel, I-I made his life hell. And I was doing drugs with Theresa, and the night I-I almost hooked up with her, I could have gone to jail.

Paige: But you didn't. And you turned your life around.

JJ: No, that's what it looked like. Like it was all over, but I-I--maybe I even thought that sometimes. But I was just fooling myself. When this got brought up with aunt Kayla, all that stuff just came rushing back in. Do you remember how I was when you first tried to talk to me about it?

Paige: You were surprised.

JJ: I was a lot more than that, Paige. I was angry. And I was defensive. And that doesn't just go away. I mean, that is me. I-I'm this angry jerk of--of a guy, and I mean, it--it, even worse, I was--I was that guy with you, and that will never be okay. You should not be around someone like that. Like me.

Daniel: Okay, okay. What was that?

Nicole: It slipped that time.

Daniel: Okay, if you just-- if you grip it by the laces like I showed you, it shouldn't. Okay, now, I want you to just--I want you to get your arm up, and here's the key. Point in the direction you want the ball to go.

Nicole: Hey, I aimed it at that old lady's walker. She was giving me a look.

Daniel: Yeah? What did that car window ever do to you?

Nicole: Is this really relaxing for you?

Daniel: Yeah, it is relaxing to me; come on, let's do this. Here we go.

Nicole: Okay.

Daniel: Yeah, all right.

Nicole: All right, all right.

Daniel: That's it.

Both: [Grunting]

Nicole: [Chuckling]

Daniel: Wow, that was-- that was a close one. That--yeah, so... you have a problem with that little blade of grass right there?

Nicole: No, I spiked it. That's what they do, right? When they get a touchdown? I was practicing. I was practicing my spike.

Randy: Dr. Jonas, can you tie my shoe? My mom is pushing my sister on the swing.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, randy. Why don't I teach you how to do it instead? You think? You know, it's really-- it's not that hard if you concentrate.

Nicole: Yoga's not that hard if you concentrate either.

Jordan: I know how you feel about Chad.

Ben: I thought I'd hidden it so well.

Jordan: But he's been really nice to me.

Ben: Uh, yeah. Jordan, look in a mirror. You're a beautiful woman. Of course he's going to try and run his game on you.

Jordan: Well, maybe it's not a game. Maybe that's just how he is when people aren't throwing punches.

Ben: [Scoffs] Sis, trust me, I can see this guy coming from a mile away. He's going to hurt you.

Clyde: Hate to disagree with you, son, but I think he's a solid guy. A real good match for your sister.

Chad: He wants to be sure you know he's not making a play for energy futures.

Kate: And then he'll snap it up, and leave it to me to explain to the board how I let the perfect acquisition just slip away.

Chad: He's setting you up.

Kate: Yeah, I can't believe that Stefano believes I'm that stupid.

Chad: Well, that's how you ended up in charge.

Kate: That's how I'm going to stay in charge. You can come back tomorrow. You'll see what an ass your father is. I'm going to get on the phone, and I'm going to finalize that deal before the markets open in Europe.

Chad: And the board will be forever grateful, and make you CEO for life. Look, you've played this perfectly all along, Kate.

Kate: I learned from the masters.

Chad: There is one thing we haven't covered yet, and we really should, for both our sakes. Hey, hey, I'm butting in.

Ben: Can you just give me and Jordan a few minutes, please?

Jordan: No, it's okay. Clyde is entitled to his opinion.

Ben: I'll be right back.

Jordan: Can we make sure that we never, ever run into each other again? Because trying to be polite in front of Ben is--

Clyde: Come on, I'm backing you up.

Jordan: I don't give a damn what you think about Chad or anything else.

Clyde: So everything's got to be a fight between you and me? Even when we agree?

Jordan: [Scoffs] What exactly do you think it is that we agree on?

Clyde: Chad DiMera. He's a good guy. He's just dealing with a lot since his brother died. Kinda like you, Tammy sue. Makes for a strong bond sometimes.

Jordan: Where do you get off trying to give me advice? I will say it again. I do not give a damn what you think.

Ben: Where'd Jordan go?

Clyde: Uh, she had to go back to work. Asked me to say goodbye.

Ben: Uh-huh. Did you upset her?

Clyde: [Scoffs] Not on purpose. You've heard me say it, all I want is for her to be happy.

Brady: Kayla ran a better test, and it came out negative.

Victor: How'd that little bitch think she was going to get away with that?

Brady: I don't know.

Victor: Well... the point is, Theresa's not pregnant. You handled it. How does that make you a screw-up? She tried to play you, and you cut her off at the knees.

Brady: I'm going.

Theresa: Look, Brady...

Brady: I'm going.

Theresa: Hey, I don't know what happened, okay? But I didn't, and I wouldn't lie about this because there would be no point. Like you said, I would have been found out.

Brady: You were found out.

Theresa: I really thought that I was pregnant. It wouldn't make any sense for me to do what I did if I didn't really, really believe it.

Brady: You know what? Maybe I will stay. I'll stay.

Theresa: Thank you.

Brady: You see, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours, but I know what's going on in mine. And it's time you heard what I had to say. I'm not sure Theresa was trying to play me.

Theresa: I was sure.

Eve: weren't.

Theresa: The test said positive!

Eve: It was a home pregnancy test. Maybe you read it the way that you wanted to read it. I mean, it's not some random hook-up here. This is Brady black we're talking about. This is the guy you've been wanting to catch, honey.

Theresa: He's not a freaking fish, eve. So why don't you just call me a gold digger tramp?

Eve: Hey, hey, hey. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that, and it came out completely wrong 'cause I know that you care about this guy. I'm just saying--look at me-- maybe we're not that different. We believe what we want to believe, and then we have to pay the price.

Paige: That's not how I see you.

JJ: Because I'm good at hiding it. I look like this-- this normal guy, right? But I'm not. I am carrying around all this garbage, and it comes out. And I can't do that to you. Okay, it is so not cool, and, um, I-I-I can't be around you anymore.

Paige: So, earlier... you said you loved me. Was that true?

Ben: All I need are my transcripts, and first payment, and I can start in January.

Ben: You know, I've already talked to the admissions office about that bill, you're good to go. You decided on a major yet? [Chuckles] I'm kidding, man. You don't need to know that now. And, no, you certainly don't need to tell the old man.

Ben: Well, I'll definitely tell you when I do know.

Clyde: Well, if you want, but like I said, there's no strings attached for this money. You just know that the day you get that diploma, it'll be the proudest day of my life.

Jordan: Dr. Evans, this is Jordan Ridgeway. I was hoping that maybe you could, uh... you know what? Uh, I don't need to bother you. This is... I-I can get the information I need on my own. Uh, the information, I mean, I--never mind, I'm sorry to bother you.

Nicole: Oh, this is so stupid.

Daniel: And bam!

Randy: Thanks, Dr. Dan. You're nice.

Daniel: Thank you, buddy. I'm glad someone thinks so.

Nicole: Oh, the hell with it. [Chuckles] Oh my God, Daniel? Daniel?

Brady: I mean, you said it yourself. I mean, how could Theresa expect to get away with a lie like that? I mean, say what you want about the woman...

Victor: And I will, at length.

Brady: But she's not stupid.

Victor: Well.

Brady: I-I think she believes that she was pregnant. Maybe it was a false positive, or maybe she didn't read the test right at home. I don't know.

Victor: No, who knows how that simple bitch managed to delude herself. The point is, she's not pregnant. There's nothing to tie you two together. You're rid of that one, for good.

Theresa: Well, thanks for cheering me up, sis. I, uh, just really appreciate it.

Eve: You're welcome.

Theresa: You know what? Just forget that I even came by, okay? Forget everything I said, and please just don't tell mom and dad.

Eve: Well, I don't think we'll have to worry about that. I'm sure Kayla will take care of that for us.

Theresa: She's a doctor. She can't say anything.

Eve: Not officially.

Theresa: [Exhales deeply] I need a real drink, you know. That is the silver lining. I can have a stiff drink without feeling guilty about it, and find someone worth talking to.

Eve: I wonder who your next victim's going to be?

Theresa: Oh, like you have any right to judge me on that score, eve, okay?

Eve: You know, Jeannie, you're damn lucky that you didn't end up in jail after everything you've pulled. Damn lucky! Oh, my God, are you all right?

Theresa: I, uh, I don't know. I just... [Sniffles] Just don't call me lucky, okay? That is the last thing I feel right now.

JJ: It's not about whether or not I love you.

Paige: Because you do. Love me. Just like I love you. But you need some time to, you know, sort out all this stuff that came up, and I get that. And I can give you the space to do that.

JJ: Paige--

Paige: You don't believe me? I'll totally stay out of your way. Unless you need me. I can be there if you want me to help, okay? I'll see you tomorrow.

JJ: Paige, wait--

Paige: No, we--we can talk more about it tomorrow if you want, okay? You're not alone, JJ. Okay? Know that. I'm not going anywhere.

Simone: What are we celebrating, Stefano?

Stefano: The total destruction of a woman who betrayed me. [Laughing] Salud!

Kate: Don't worry. You're covered. I'll cover you.

Chad: Glad to hear it.

Kate: Mm. Stefano will never know that you helped me bring him down.

Chad: He will absolutely know that. It'll be hard to avoid. In fact, it's kind of the point.

Kate: What's that?

Chad: Take a look. I had it drawn up a while back, once I was sure we would end up here.

Kate: You bastard. Now, come a little bit closer, Liz.

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