Days Transcript Thursday 11/13/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/13/14


Episode #12459 ~ Theresa's world is turned upside down; Paige questions Eve about her connection to Daniel; a guilt-ridden JJ confides in Daniel; Aiden & Hope make plans for a big step in their relationship.

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Kayla: There is no child.

Theresa: What?

Kayla: You're not pregnant.

Brady: What a surprise. She lied.

Theresa: No, that can't be.

Brady: Imagine lying about something like that.

Theresa: Why?

Brady: It's like lying about hitting someone with a fireplace poker and putting them in a coma.

Kayla: Theresa.

Theresa: Why are you lying?

Kayla: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Brady: And then lying about who did it. Excuse me, excuse me. Are you saying that she is lying?

Theresa: I'm pregnant! No, I'm having a baby. I'm--I'm having your baby.

Aiden: Thank you for being someone I can trust... to listen, care. For so long, it's felt like life has been pressing in on me, like I couldn't breathe. But now I can. I love you, hope. I want to be with you now.

Hope: Aiden. Aiden.

Aiden: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey, I'm sorry. I went too far. I-- look, you understood about Meredith, and I just thought that-- doesn't mean that I should tell you that I love you, that I want us to-- look, you are not ready. Hell, you probably don't even want to, and--

Hope: Can I speak now? I just want you to know something. I feel the same.

Daniel: Well when you were wearing my coat last night, I found this in the pocket. Oh, hey, Paige.

Paige: Uh, Dr. Jonas, good to see you.

Daniel: Yes, good to see you. Eve.

Eve: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Uh, look, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I was just telling JJ--

JJ: Nothing. Nothing really.

Theresa: You're wrong. You're wrong, Kayla, you have to be wrong.

Kayla: That's why I brought the test results for you to take a look at, okay?

Brady: Why don't you look at those, read 'em and weep.

Kayla: You know, Brady, why don't you back off, please? There and right over--

Brady: You know, I had a pretty low opinion of you--

Kayla: Please, back off!

Brady: No, I'm not backing off, okay? This woman needs to hear what I have to say. I've had a pretty bad couple of months with her. Are you this stupid? Did you think that I wouldn't want proof, that you would get away with this? Did you really believe that?

Theresa: I was pregnant.

Brady: No, you weren't. That is bull. You lied about this, and we both know why.

Aiden: What did you just say?

Hope: You heard me.

Aiden: Well, I heard what I wanted to hear, that you felt the same way.

Hope: I was attracted to you from the very beginning... even though I really, truly, I didn't like you, no, not at all. I liked how you made me laugh, even when I didn't want to. And I loved that you love your child like I love mine. And your smile... as rare as it was.

Aiden: Oh, I like yours too.

Hope: But I didn't like how closed off you were. You acted like I was pushing when all I was really trying to do was just talk to you. But now, of course, I completely understand now why you did. I can let it go. The fact that you could trust me with something this painful and intimate... not only do I like you... I trust you. I respect you. I do want to be with you.

Aiden: Hope, I, uh--I have an idea how that can happen. But you might not like it.

JJ: I'm sorry, but I need to talk to Daniel in private. And if you don't mind, could we do that now?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, sure, sure. Uh, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to work together today. We'll do it again, right?

Paige: Right. Thanks for understanding--my class schedule got changed again and--well, it's complicated.

Daniel: No, no, it's okay, I definitely get complicated. Uh...well, it was nice seeing you again.

Eve: Yeah. You too, Daniel.

JJ: Daniel, can we go talk at the pub?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Paige: JJ, I--I don't understand. Why do you have to talk to Daniel right now? I mean, I thought you were going to talk to my mom about us.

JJ: I'm sorry, but this can't wait.

Paige: So tell me--what is it that's so important that you have to talk to Daniel alone?

Theresa: I'm not lying, Brady--I took a test, it said I was pregnant, it did!

Brady: I guess I'll just have to take your word for it then.

Kayla: You know, that does happen, you know. There are false positives.

Theresa: You know, Brady, you're right, I'm not stupid. Why did I go to Kayla if I was lying?

Kayla: You know what, Theresa, I have a meeting at the hospital, but if you want, I can get somebody to cover. I can stay here with you.

Theresa: Why? I don't need you--you've said all you need to say. Go.

Kayla: All right, call me if you want, okay?

Theresa: Brady, you have to believe me.

Brady: I did believe you once. Look where that got me.

Hope: You won't know whether or not I like the idea unless you tell me what it is.

Aiden: Well, it occurred to me that--

Maggie: Oh! It is you. I thought I spotted you from across the way.

Hope: Hi.

Maggie: Hey.

Aiden: Hey.

Maggie: I'm glad I did. Because you are the two people I wanted to see.

JJ: Here, I'll catch up with you. Look, I am so sorry that I didn't tell you before, but my mom and Daniel, they broke up. And this time it's real and they ended it for good. And they did it right before she left to go visit my grandma.

Paige: Wow. So Daniel's alone?

JJ: Yeah, and I just really feel like I need to go talk to him about it. Like right now.

Paige: Yeah, yeah, I get that.

JJ: And I think it might take a while. So maybe the three of us should meet up sometime and talk.

Paige: Okay, sure. Yeah.

JJ: Thank you. Look, I'll see you soon.

Paige: Okay.

Eve: Okay, well, what's going on, is JJ coming back?

Paige: No. But it's probably just as well.

Eve: Why do you say that, honey?

Paige: Look, mom, I think it's time that we were both really honest with each other. I just figured out what happened last night.

Brady: I'm going.

Theresa: Look, Brady, hey I don't know what happened, okay? But I didn't and I wouldn't lie about this because there would be no point. Like you said, I would've been found out.

Brady: You were found out.

Theresa: I really thought that I was pregnant. It wouldn't make any sense for me to do what I did if I didn't really, really believe it.

Brady: You know what, maybe I will stay--I'll stay.

Theresa: Thank you.

Brady: You see, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours, but I know what's going on in mine...and it's time you heard what I had to say. You see, it doesn't matter whether I believe you or not--I don't know if this whole thing was a stunt or a mistake. It doesn't matter what it was. What matters is I need you to do me a big favor.

Theresa: Anything.

Brady: Stay away from me. Stay out of my life. I know that you have family here, I understand that, okay? But as I stated before--and apparently it bears repeating again--I don't want to cross paths with you, Theresa. It's not good for me. You're a bad drug. And I don't do drugs anymore.

Theresa: Brady--

Brady: List--shh, shh! Kayla gave us good news today, okay? You're not pregnant. Thank God you're not pregnant. I'm not ready to have a kid right now, and I know that you are not ready. But thank God this kid isn't going to have to go through the hell of having us as parents.

Theresa: You're talking about me. Brady, you would be a great dad.

Brady: Not with you as the mother, Theresa, because the kid would recognize that I loathed you, and that would not be a good environment for the kid to grow up in. So this is where we go our separate ways. You stay out of my way, or you will be sorry. Good-bye.

Maggie: I was talking to Victor about thanksgiving, and he started going on about the Greek isles, and jets, and everything and I--I just put my foot down. I said thanksgiving is about family, a house full of people, football. And we want both of you and the kids there. That is, if you don't have any plans, Aiden. Or if hope doesn't mind subjecting you to our family en masse.

Hope: Thank you.

Maggie: I just thought it would be a nice way for Aiden to meet the whole family. There will be a quiz afterwards.

Hope: Uh, no, not joking. There will be a quiz.

Aiden: Okay.

Maggie: But I mean if you and chase have other plans or if you think he'll be overwhelmed, um-- I understand completely. Sometimes our family is a bit much for me.

Aiden: Oh, no, no, no, chase would love that. Nothing two old bachelors like better than a house full of people. With football, of course.

Maggie: Wonderful! Hope, uh--I hope you don't mind bringing the cranberry sauce.

Hope: The one that I buy every year.

Maggie: I don't care for cranberries. And I can tell, by the way the two of you are looking at each other, that you're just trying to be nice. That you don't really, really want to talk about cranberries. So I get the distinct feeling that my timing is--what's the word? Sucks!

Eve: Look, I don't understand, honey. What are you talking about?

Paige: The coat, mom. The coat that Daniel was just wearing now. It's the same coat from last night, the one that was on the chair in the kitchen. The coat that the guy you slept with was wearing.

Eve: You know what, honey, I really don't think we should talk about it here, okay?

Paige: You know, you can skip the evasions, mom. JJ just told me what happened.

Eve: What?

Paige: It was Daniel, wasn't it? That's why the two of you were acting so weird just now.

Eve: JJ just--wait, wait-- JJ told you that?

Paige: Not in so many words, but he did tell me that Daniel and his mom split up for good. I do understand it. You just found out you couldn't have your surgery. He was really upset about the breakup, and you both felt all alone and ran into each other at the hospital--

Eve: No, honey, no, no, no. You're completely wrong here. Okay? Absolutely wrong.

Paige: I'm not blaming you. I just think we should be truthful with each other.

Eve: No, no, the truth? Daniel wasn't anywhere near our apartment last night, honey. And I could see where you could maybe think that. I mean, it's pretty obvious, but that coat-- it may have looked like the coat, and it might have even been the same brand. But I can tell you that is just some kind of crazy, bizarre coincidence, and that is it.

Paige: Mom, you can tell me the truth.

Eve: The truth, let me just-- the truth here-- really, I learned the hard way, honey, that you don't want to come close to any of Jennifer Horton's cast-offs or hand-me-downs, not now, not ever. So your assumption that the guy that I was with was Daniel are completely wrong here.

Paige: Okay, then who was it?

JJ: First, I want to thank you for returning my money clip.

Daniel: It's no big deal.

JJ: Yeah, see, you always do something nice, and then you say it's no big deal, but it is to me. You know, you've been great to me so many times on so many levels, man. You're always helping me out.

Daniel: Yeah, well, do you need some help now?

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, I really, really do.

Maggie: Maybe this year you'll finally have something to be thankful for. Bye!

Aiden: Bye-bye. I really like her.

Hope: Should I call her back? I don't think she really had a previous engagement.

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: I think she just sensed that we wanted to be alone.

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: And to that end, I believe you were about to suggest something.

Aiden: Yeah, I, um--

Hope: What? Did the moment pass while we were talking about cranberry sauce or relish or whatever I was supposed to bring?

Aiden: No, not for me. Just worried what I'm about to suggest might seem a little crude.

Hope: You're afraid you'll offend my delicate sensibilities?

Aiden: Mm. Okay, then I'm just gonna go for it. I want to be with you, and I want you to come with me now. Will you?

JJ: Daniel, I always do the wrong thing, and I always make the wrong choice.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, not always and not in a while. I think you're being hard on yourself.

JJ: No, no, no, I'm not. It's just-- the thing is, is that you think that I'm this kid that's turned everything around, but the truth is, is that I have screwed up worse than I ever have.

Daniel: With Paige? Wait a minute. This is about eve, isn't it?

Eve: Do I need to state the obvious here and remind you that you are speaking to your mother?

Paige: But--

Eve: And not listening. Honey, that coat is everywhere right now. It's in all the department stores and online retailers. In fact, I know that I saw it right in the window of Barron's department store right in the middle of town, hmm?

Paige: I-I saw it there too. You're right. I'm sorry.

Eve: Yeah, it's--honey, I made a really big mistake. The worst part is, you found out about it, but you know we can't move past this or move on if we keep playing "who's in the bedroom with mother?"

Paige: I know, it's just, if it was Daniel and JJ ever found out about it--

Eve: It wasn't Daniel, okay? And I know that I am in no position to ask any favors, but can we kind of keep this private, all right? I mean, it's bad enough that you know, but if you interrogate Daniel and ask him 20 questions about it--

Paige: No, I won't. I won't.

Eve: Okay.

Paige: I won't.

Eve: Okay. And I tell you what. You shouldn't ask me any more about it either because it's not good for our relationship either.

Paige: Just as long as...

Eve: What?

Paige: It's no one I know.

Eve: It's absolutely nobody.

Anne: You couldn't possibly expect that imperious, you know, sourpuss aunt of yours to have your back on this. I mean, she lives to deliver bad news, and then you drag her into this?

Theresa: But I dragged her into it because I was pregnant! And everyone knows that Kayla never lies. So I just thought that if Brady heard from her that I was pregnant, then he'd have to believe it.

Anne: Okay, but you weren't pregnant.

Theresa: I was! I took the test!

Anne: Okay, well, do you have the test? You have that little stick or whatever? Because, you know, if you did, you could use it to prove that you weren't lying about it.

Theresa: No, I-I don't have the damn thing. I-I don't know. I guess I must have emptied my trash last night because-- I don't know. I don't remember doing that, but I must have 'cause it's not here and-- [Sighs] Just everything from last night is such a blur. Except I knew for a fact that I was pregnant with Brady's baby.

Anne: Right, and then to celebrate, you got high, huh? And you took out the trash? Honey--

Theresa: Anne, do you think-- do you think that maybe I could have lost my baby?

Anne: I mean, I think-- I think you would've known. Wouldn't you have?

Aiden: Well, you know, the kids are in school. That gives us a couple of stolen hours. I really like your smile. All right. Straight out of mad men, how about I get us a room? And the smile is gone.

Hope: No, I was just, um-- you're not going to believe this.

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: You know that night at the saint Luke's gala?

Aiden: Of course I do.

Hope: I was kind of being impulsive, and, actually, you know, as a matter of fact, it was right before we danced that night, I, um--I made a bid on a spa/hotel package at the Salem inn.

Aiden: Mm-hmm.

Hope: I won. I was just thinking it's kind of like--

Aiden: Kismet.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: I was thinking about giving it to dad and Julie for Christmas.

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: But maybe you and I could put it to better use.

Aiden: Hmm.

Hope: What do you say?

Aiden: I'm gonna have to think about this one for a little bit, hope. Good lord, hope, what do you think I'd say?

Hope: [Chuckles]

Aiden: Let's go.

JJ: No, it's--it's not got anything to do with eve. Why would you say that?

Daniel: Well, I know how hard she's been on you in the past, and just now she seemed really tense around you, and it just seemed like--I don't know, like something was off, JJ.

JJ: She didn't seem tense to me.

Daniel: Now, if she is saying more things about you or if something happened, JJ--

JJ: No, no, no, it's--it's got nothing to do with her. It's-- you were right before. It's about Paige.

Daniel: Okay.

JJ: I didn't take your advice before and tell Paige what happened between my dad and my aunt Kayla.

Daniel: And she found out.

JJ: Yeah, in a bad way. In a really bad way.

Daniel: Well, I mean, God, she's smart. She has to understand why it was so hard for you to talk about.

JJ: She didn't at first, but then, uh, she came around.

Daniel: Okay, all right. Then what are you so worried about?

JJ: I wasn't really cool in the moment. I sort of overreacted.

Daniel: Okay, so you lost your cool? But then you managed to clear the air with her, so why don't you just do the right thing and let it all go? No, I'm serious, JJ. There is no reason that you can't just start over with her. I mean, sometimes, the best thing to do is simply move forward.

JJ: You know, yeah. Maybe you're right. I can do that. What's done is done, right?

Eve: So, to reiterate, we're just going to put last night behind us.

Paige: Last night? What about last night?

Eve: [Laughing] You. Oh, you are the most wonderful daughter in the whole wide world.

[Both chuckle]

Paige: Yes, that is true, and it's also true that I'm late for class.

Eve: Oh, goodness.

Paige: I'll see you later, okay?

Eve: Okay, honey. Mwah, mwah. Aw. Mwah.

Paige: Bye.

Eve: [Sighs]

JJ: I meant what I said, Paige. I'm in love with you.

Paige: And I love you too.

JJ: Daniel's right. There's no reason why I can't just put that behind me and start fresh with Paige. Just start over.

[Phone ringing]

[Doorbell rings]

Brady: Henderson, I'll get it.

Daniel: Look, Brady, we need to talk. I need to tell you how sorry I am about what happened with Kristen.

Brady: You already have.

Daniel: Look, there are no excuses, but she was in a bad place. And Jennifer--she just-- she told me it was over, and as I said, there are no excuses, but it was a real moment of weakness. And we both realized it, and we stopped--

Brady: All right, listen, man. I'm sorry about Jennifer.

Daniel: Thank you. Me too.

Brady: You gotta understand, I mean, I--it's just that I've never made any mistakes when it comes to women, all right, so I felt really secure judging you. That was a pretty bad joke.

Daniel: It's funny. Look, man, I really am sorry.

Brady: I know. I'll be honest with you, it wasn't my favorite thing I ever saw. But you did me a favor, Daniel. You pretty much proved to me that Kristen was never the woman that she said she was.

Daniel: I'm glad I could be of service. That was a joke.

Brady: I know.

Daniel: [Chuckles]

Brady: Listen, I'm glad you're here anyway, because I, uh-- [Sighs] I realize that I need to apologize to you.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Brady: Theresa.

Anne: You know I'm right, right? You would've known if you lost the baby.

Theresa: Of course.

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: It's just that I don't really remember last night, Anne. I-I slept really bad, and I had these really weird dreams. But I don't even really remember them, and then when I woke up this morning--

Anne: When I called you?

Theresa: [Sighs] I just--I felt really, really tired, like--like I'd been hit by a freight train or something.

Anne: Or a gallon of merlot?

So where are you folks from?

Aiden: Ashtabula.

Here for business?

Aiden: Uh, well, as a matter of fact, I have a conference in about ten minutes.

Oh, uh, well, so, uh, room service is available until--

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: Ashtabula?

Aiden: Always wanted to be from Ashtabula.

Hope: You better get going. You don't wanna be late for that conference.

Aiden: Well, my dear hope, I'm about to confer right here with you.

Maggie: Hey. Hi. Is something wrong?

Kayla: Uh, that obvious, huh?

Maggie: You want to talk about it?

Kayla: You know, it's just my niece, Theresa. I'm just worried about her, even more than usual.

[Both chuckle]

Maggie: Not without reason, I'm sure.

Kayla: Look, I know she's not your favorite person. I don't think she's anyone's favorite person. It's just--

Maggie: What?

Kayla: It's just--it's just this whole debacle with Brady, you know? I just--I thought that she'd hit rock bottom and then she'd straighten her life out.

Maggie: Sociopaths aren't known for straightening themselves out. Kayla, I'm sorry. Knowing--knowing the things that nick did, you know, it didn't make me stop loving him.

Kayla: You know, it's just this family thing. It's just, sometimes it's really difficult.

Maggie: So Theresa-- what did she do?

Kayla: What she does better than anybody else--make a bad situation worse.

Anne: Are you sure, Theresa? Are you sure you didn't have even one tiny sip of wine or perhaps a half-gallon to celebrate your impending motherhood?

Theresa: But I would never do that, Anne! Look, I-I do have some willpower, believe it or not. I mean, my God, I wouldn't even consider having a drink while I was pregnant. I would never do anything to hurt my baby, and I have told you that. I have told you that repeatedly!

Anne: Okay, so then what is that doing there?

Theresa: I don't know! I don't know.

Anne: All right, look, Theresa. I'm not even saying this was a conscious decision, okay? All right? But is it possible? Is it possible that one night you were a little agitated, you were a little distracted, and that maybe it slipped your mind that you're not supposed to drink? Yes? No? Theresa?

Theresa: Maybe. I don't-- I don't know, maybe I was distracted, like--like you said. And, I mean... I guess maybe I wasn't thinking straight, or I wasn't thinking at all and-- [Sighs] Yeah, I guess that it's possible. I could've had a glass. I mean, some doctors say that that's okay.

Anne: Okay, well, there is basically nothing left in this bottle, okay? So you would have had to have imbibed considerably more than a glass.

Theresa: I don't think that I blacked out, though, but, God, what if I did? What if-- what if I did drink all of that? What--say something!

Anne: Well, it would have been in character, Theresa. Let's get real. Okay, you are your own worst enemy.

Theresa: Well, thanks, Anne. Thanks for your support. You know what, I thought we were friends.

Anne: We are. I am your friend. But that doesn't mean that I don't notice that you are completely and totally screwing up--

Theresa: No, no, just go, Anne, okay? Just leave me alone, I just--

Anne: That's fine, but you don't take this out on me, okay? You were wrong about being pregnant, and you made a fool of yourself. And now you have no one but yourself to blame for burning every bridge that you have with Brady, his family--and let's face it--everybody else in this town.

Daniel: What about Theresa?

Brady: [Sighs] This morning, she said that--

Daniel: Whoa, whoa. What? What are you even doing talking to Theresa after what she did to you?

Brady: Oh, I had to.

Daniel: No, you don't have to do anything except steer clear of her.

Brady: Daniel, she told me she was pregnant with my child.

Daniel: Son of a bitch.

Brady: You know I slept with her, so when she came over and told me that, I insisted that she get a test.

Daniel: Well, you do know the woman is a liar. She will lie about the test.

Brady: She can't. Kayla gave her the test, and then she told us that Theresa wasn't pregnant after all.

Eve: Are we alone?

JJ: Yeah.

Eve: Oh, my God, this is a total disaster.

JJ: I-I'm sorry about the coat.

Eve: Well, you ought to be, JJ. My daughter thinks that I slept with Daniel. I had to convince her that that wasn't true.

JJ: Did she believe you?

Eve: Well, I don't know. I just had to go on and on about how popular the damn coat was and how I didn't even like Daniel.

JJ: Okay, well, if Paige doesn't say anything to me about Daniel going forward, we should be okay.

Eve: Well, we need to talk about that.

JJ: Paige asking me about Daniel?

Eve: No, about you and Paige going forward.

Aiden: Is something wrong? Do you want to stop?

Daniel: So Theresa knew she wasn't pregnant, and yet she let Kayla do a test? That's weird, even for her.

Brady: Yeah, but part of me-- part of me thinks that she believes that she was pregnant. I mean, there are false positives.

Daniel: Or--

Brady: Or what?

Daniel: Remember what I went through with Chloe?

Brady: I thought about that. I thought maybe--maybe this is a hysterical pregnancy. I don't know what it was, false positive--but I'm telling you, I think it's possible that she believes she was telling the truth.

Theresa: How could I have been so wrong?

Mandrake: All you'll feel is a little pinch.

Theresa: Wait, I'm--I'm pregnant.

Mandrake: Oh, I know. I know you are. Ms. DiMera, it's Mandrake. I called to see how you are doing. Wonderful. I'll be by very soon to check on your condition.

Paige: I wonder if JJ is still with Daniel.

[Phone ringing]

JJ: What do you mean?

Eve: JJ, you have to understand that what happened between us--you now have to break it off with Paige, okay? You cannot be with her anymore. You two are over forever.

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