Days Transcript Tuesday 11/4/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/4/14


Episode #12457 ~ Kristen makes ominous plans regarding Theresa; Eve receives devastating news; Paige & JJ have a huge blowup over JJ's lies; Ben's dreams are dashed thanks to Chad.

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Paige: I know what you've been doing today, besides thinking about me.

JJ: I'm not lying to you. Why--why would you think that?

Paige: I know what you've been doing today, besides thinking about me. And it makes me start to wonder who you really are.

Clyde: Some guys have all the luck. But I guess my little girl could do a heck of a lot worse. Ben was too little to know what I saw at the bottom of tupelo hill that day. But he's old enough now--

Jordan: No.

Clyde: Out of the passenger side of that truck was smashed into that tree--

Jordan: Stop it!

Clyde: Like somebody plowed into on purpose. Blood everywhere. Your poor mama never stood a chance, Tammy sue.

Jordan: No, it was an accident! I loved mama, I would never kill her. Aah!

Marlena: Jordan? Are you okay?

Ben: So, how do you think it went?

Realtor: The landlord seemed to like you quite a bit. But, of course, what's not to like? You have decent credit, submitted solid references, and most important, you've got the first and last.

Ben: Well, if I'm approved, when can I move in?

Realtor: If everything works out, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Ben: Outstanding. Thank you.

Realtor: You're welcome.

Abigail: Hey, sonny. Is Ben around?

Sonny: Oh, sorry, you just missed him.

Abigail: I thought he was working tonight.

Sonny: Uh, I let him go early. He said he had something important to do. Seemed really excited about it.

Abigail: Mysterious.

Sonny: Can I get you a menu?

Abigail: Uh, no, actually, since Ben's not here, I think I'll swing by your place and see Ari. I have a gift for her.

Sonny: Actually, will and Ari left with Sami and the kids. For California.

Eve: What do you mean? What--what kind of problem?

Dr. Chung: I'm sorry, but, I have to cancel tomorrow's surgery.

Eve: Dr. Chung, really? I mean, I have been so patient. And I mean, honestly, if you have to postpone this one more minute, I'm gonna have to look for a different--

Dr. Chung: Mrs. Larson? I'm not talking about postponing. I'm afraid you're no longer a candidate for this procedure. I can't do the surgery to restore your singing voice.

Anne: Are you sure?

Theresa: Yes, I'm sure. I'm having Brady's baby.

Kristen: Oh, this is so wrong.

Clyde: Hey, speak of the devil. I was just reading about you in this magazine. You have lived a hell of a life, son.

Chad: Yeah, so far.

Clyde: Hey, I meant to tell you the other day how sorry I was about your brother. I mean, I didn't know Mr. DiMera personally. But, it must have been awfully painful. You being at odds with him when he passed.

Chad: Yeah. Well, thanks. It's Mr. Weston?

Clyde: Clyde Weston, that's me.

Chad: : Well, I'm sure I'll see you around town.

Clyde: Sure you will. And I wouldn't have any regrets about your brother, son. He was an arrogant ass.

Abigail: Will just--he just took Ari and he moved to California? What are you talking about, he didn't even say goodbye.

Sonny: He wanted to, he just didn't have time. The studio...suits wanted them there right away. But the good news is, is that he'll be back in six months. It's not like it's forever.

Abigail: Six months? That's still a really long time. As much as I'm gonna miss my goddaughter, what about you? You must be going crazy.

Sonny: I'm gonna go visit. And--

Abigail: And, what, you guys are gonna just live happily ever after and be on some reality TV show? Come on, sonny. That doesn't sound like you, or will.

Sonny: No, he--he's not in front of the cameras. The studio hired him to write the screenplay of Sami's life, based on--

Abigail: Right, based on the article.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: God, is that ever going to go away?

Sonny: I hope so.

Abigail: You know, maybe the good news is now, will probably won't have the time to write exposes on his friends and family in Salem.

Sonny: Yeah, he did take a leave of absence from Sonix. But, I'm guessing you haven't seen this.

Paige: Why are you drinking?

JJ: This? It's nothing, like... I was waiting for you, and I went to go to the fridge to get something to drink, and--and this was there. And I was freezing.

Paige: So you thought you'd warm up with a nice, cold beer?

JJ: What's the big deal? It's just a beer. Okay, look. I was waiting for you and I was starting to think that you weren't coming, and I just needed to chill.

Paige: JJ, come on. It's not like you've had just one beer tonight.

Anne: Wow. Congratulations.

Theresa: Thanks. Isn't it a miracle?

Anne: Well, I mean, it's not exactly the immaculate conception or anything--

Theresa: But, after everything Brady and I have been through, I--I mean, I knew he always wanted a child. But, I never thought I would be the one to make his dream come true.

Kristen: You know I can't have kids, right?

Theresa: What was that?

Jordan: I'm--I'm fine.

Marlena: Are you sure?

Jordan: Yeah, just a tough day.

Marlena: Yeah, that's going around lately.

Jordan: You wanna talk about it?

Marlena: No, that's normally I say to people. I'm going to choose to believe today will get better for both of us.

Jordan: Marlena? Do you mind if I ask you a question about something?

Marlena: No, go ahead.

Jordan: I have a patient who is suddenly experiencing memories from something that happened a long time ago. And it seems to be quite disturbing.

Marlena: Repressed memories, yes.

Jordan: I guess. I mean, I've read about these things, but I've never seen anyone actually go through it.

Marlena: Well, it's rare. Um, but it does happen. And--and you can tell from your patient, for the person going through it, it's quite upsetting.

Abigail: Chad really called EJ an arrogant ass? I mean--

Chad: Well, he was.

Abigail: Should I read to the end? I'm not so sure I want to hear what you have to say about me.

Sonny: Nothing.

Chad: Right. Will said he wouldn't write the piece if your name was mentioned, and I was more than happy to agree to those terms. After the TruVista article, it was the last thing either one of us wanted.

Abigail: Okay.

Sonny: Abigail? If you don't mind, Chad and I have a few things to go over about our proposal for the new club.

Abigail: Oh, sure. Hi! Hey, oh. What was that for?

Ben: I've got great news.

JJ: I had one beer here. What does it matter?

Paige: And where were you before?

JJ: I was hanging with Rory. Yeah, yeah, we had a few. But, we were just trying to patch things up.

Paige: And that means doing what Rory does?

JJ: I told you, I had to take the edge off. I texted you like a thousand times, and you didn't answer.

Paige: So it's my fault you needed to drink?

JJ: No, I didn't say that. Like--I didn't need to drink. Paige, I don't know why we're counting how many beers I had.

Paige: That's not what this is about.

JJ: Well, then, what is it about? 'Cause I just want to get past our misunderstanding.

Paige: Are you sure it's a misunderstanding?

JJ: What does that mean?

Paige: I thought I understood everything, I really did. Only now, I'm not so sure I do at all.

JJ: Paige? What are you talking about? Look, you gotta tell me what's wrong.

Paige: This is what's wrong.

Eve: Look, Dr. Chung, if this is about my insurance company denying coverage, I made a dozen phone calls and, finally, I just wrote your office a personal check, and I know that it cleared.

Dr. Chung: Mrs. Larson. Your finances aren't the issue. The issue is your laryngeal nerve.

Eve: Well, what about it? You just said that I had nodes on my vocal cords.

Dr. Chung: You do. But these tests indicate that if we proceed with the surgery, we run the risk of severely damaging this nerve.

Eve: And you just figured this out now?

Dr. Chung: It's with an abundance of caution that I ran additional tests. And you should be grateful that I did. If we go ahead with the surgery, you could lose your voice all together.

Eve: But I'm willing to take that risk.

Dr. Chung: I'm not.

Eve: Well, you know what? I want a second opinion, then.

Dr. Chung: You can seek as many opinions as you wish. But as you can see, I've already consulted with my colleagues, and they all concur that there is nothing that can be medically done to help you.

Anne: What was what?

Theresa: That noise. Didn't you hear it?

Anne: Oh, you're so jumpy. It was like a rat or something.

Theresa: A rat?

Anne: Or, perhaps, a massive grizzly bear with a lust for blood.

Theresa: What?

Anne: I'm kidding, my God. What is wrong with you?

Theresa: I'm sorry, I--I think we should go somewhere else to continue this conversation.

Anne: Are you serious?

Theresa: Yes.

Anne: Okay, well, then we're getting a drink. Okay, I will get a drink and you, little mama, you can have some herbal tea or something. I would like to know how all this happened.

Theresa: I think you know how it happened, Anne.

Anne: Come on.

Kristen: [Grunting] That bitch! Cannot be carrying his child! She cannot! She cannot! She cannot!

Marlena: There are people that question the science of repressed memories. But, there have been lots of studies done that show that the brain can actually compartmentalize painful memories. Until they disappear from conscious recall.

Jordan: But the memories can come back?

Marlena: Oh, sure. Through talk therapy or hypnotherapy. And let me know if you'd like me to visit with your patient. I've actually had some experience in this area.

Jordan: Thank you, Marlena. I appreciate the information, and I'll be sure to pass your suggestion on to my patient.

Marlena: Great. Thanks, Jordan.

Chad: I mean, were you up all night working on this thing?

Sonny: It shows, huh?

Chad: Yeah, it's pretty clear you took a lot of time putting this together. But why don't you take a break? Get out of here for a little while, maybe even call will.

Sonny: I got a million things to do. Can you hang this up behind the bar?

Chad: You got it covered. I'm sure Ben'll get back to work whenever he comes down from whatever cloud he's on.

Ben: It's just a really good space for me, and it's right around the corner.

Abigail: Wow. That sounds like it's everything you were looking for.

Ben: Honestly, it is. I know you're gonna love it. I can't wait to share it with you. I just don't know how I got so lucky.

[Phone rings]

Chad: Hello? Yeah, this is one of the owners. Yeah, sure. Yeah, I can answer all your questions.

Dr. Chung: The test results speak for themselves. Removing the nodules will cause permanent damage to the nerve. And no surgeon is willing to risk that.

Eve: Look, you--you don't understand, I've--I've been waiting a long, long time. I mean, years. And, finally, the royalties from my ex husband's book came through, and... Dr. Chung, no--listen to me. Singing is my life. Okay? And I was finally gonna get my life back, so you--you can't tell me that there's no hope here.

Dr. Chung: I don't know what else to say.

Eve: [Crying]

JJ: How did--how did you get this?

Paige: Who cares how I got it, what I want to know is what you were doing.

JJ: I told you, I was at a party with Rory, waiting to hear from you. And I didn't bring my jacket, and it was cold, and we were just messing around.

Paige: Oh. Messing around like you were with Jill that night, huh?

JJ: This is nothing like what happened with Jill.

Paige: You don't even remember what happened with Jill.

JJ: Exactly. But I remember tonight, and this was nothing.

Paige: But you decided not to tell me about it.

JJ: You walked in and you started grilling me about my beer. What's the point of even bringing it up? I talked to these girls for, like, two seconds, and I--I don't even know their names.

Paige: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

JJ: Paige? I am having a really hard time understanding what I did wrong here. Ever since we've been together, I've never lied to you about anything. Never.

Paige: But you've been keeping something from me for weeks.

JJ: What's that?

Paige: The truth about--

JJ: What? What?

Paige: That your dad raped your aunt Kayla. With psoriatic arthritis, I had intense joint pain that got

Chad: Yeah, no problem at all.

Ben: I know this will probably sound lame, but, I've never really had my own place. You know, I mean, I've rented rooms, but it's not the same--

Abigail: As having a place of your own.

Ben: This is going to be all mine. I can't wait to share it with you.

Sonny: Hey, will. Sorry I missed you. Nothing going on here. I just wanted to say hello and Ari. So, I guess I'll call you later. Love you.

Marlena: Hey, sonny.

Sonny: Hi.

Marlena: How are you?

Sonny: Uh, I'm good. Apartment's feeling a little empty.

Marlena: Of course it is.

Sonny: Thought I'd sleep through the night for the first time since Ari was born, but--

Marlena: But you didn't sleep at all?

Sonny: I must look rougher than I thought, do I?

Marlena: No, oh, no. No, um. You know, marrying you and will was the first and last ceremony I will ever perform. You were so happy, you were so much in love. I know you gave him your blessing to go to los Angeles. I know there wasn't much time to think about it, or figure it out. I guess I want to make sure that it's okay.

Sonny: Wish I could say it was. But, it's not.

Chad: Hey.

Jordan: Before you say anything, I--I'm sorry that I haven't called. But, I have had a lot going on, and I--I'm not ready to give you an answer about dinner. And to tell you the truth, I--you know, I'm starting to feel a little pressured--

Chad: I'm--I'm not here to see you.

Jordan: You're not?

Chad: I need to formally notify the CEO that I will be taking my brother's seat on the board.

Jordan: Oh. Oh, I'm--I'm sorry.

Chad: It's okay. I can be pretty pushy sometimes. Obnoxious, even.

Jordan: Self-deprecating, too.

Chad: When the mood strikes. But since I'm here, can I buy you a cup of coffee? Looks like you could use one.

JJ: How do you know about my dad and aunt Kayla?

Paige: It doesn't matter. I just do. JJ, when I talked to you about your aunt Kayla being raped, why didn't you talk to me? Why didn't you tell me?

JJ: It was your bitch of an aunt that told you, wasn't it?

Paige: No, Theresa didn't--

JJ: Well, then, it was your mom. You know what, damn her. What did she say to you?

Paige: JJ, it's not what you think.

JJ: No?

Paige: Please stop.

JJ: No, you're the one who needs to stop.

Eric: Eve?

Eve: Hey.

Eric: Hey, I, um--

Eve: Have a seat.

Eric: Thank you. I was wondering if you knew where Theresa was.

Eve: Uh, no. What'd she do now?

Eric: Nothing, it's just that we were talking earlier and we didn't have a chance to finish our conversation. And now, she's not answering her phone.

Eve: Well, if Theresa doesn't want to talk to you, Eric, I suggest you leave her alone if you know what's good for you. Oh, thank you. Would you like a glass?

Eric: No, no, thank you.

Eve: I hate drinking alone.

Eric: Eve? Hey, is something bothering you?

Theresa: I need to find a way to tell Brady about this baby.

Anne: Oh, but not by text?

Theresa: And it needs to happen ASAP.

Anne: Why? Oh. Are you making all of this up?

Theresa: No. I can understand why you may think that.

Anne: Really?

Theresa: Anne, a couple hours ago, I-I thought my whole life was over, but...then this wonderful thing happened this afternoon.

Kristen: Okay. Hello. This is Kristen DiMera calling. I have some very specific needs, and it's important that I see you right away. No, this cannot wait. In fact, time is of the essence. Perfect. So I can count on your complete support? Great. Now, listen to me. Very carefully. Wish you could give hair moisture

Jordan: Are you trying to tell me something?

Chad: Well, it's night time. Here you are, hard at work.

Jordan: Well, I do have a heavy case load this week. My favorite is the octogenarian with the hip fracture, who wants to run a marathon next week. Never mind that he's never run one before.

Chad: Well, he probably heard you're a miracle worker. I mean, that is the word on the street, you know.

Jordan: Believe me, I am no miracle worker.

Chad: Jordan, are you sure that's all that's bothering you?

Jordan: Did I say something was bothering me?

Chad: The last time I saw you, you seemed upset. And now you don't seem like yourself.

Jordan: You barely know me.

Chad: The one thing I do know is that I have had plenty of reminders lately that life is too short to let stuff eat at you. I'll let you get back to work.

Jordan: I am actually finally done with my shift for tonight. But, I will have to take a rain check on that coffee. There's something I have to take care of tonight.

Chad: Yeah, sure.

Jordan: But, I will let you know about that dinner very soon.

Chad: Before you do that, you might want to read the article about me in Sonix magazine.

Jordan: Oh, you think I'm gonna be that impressed, do you?

Chad: Well, actually, quite the opposite.

Jordan: I need to see you now.

Sonny: Will and I were having some problems even before California came up.

Marlena: Do you think that he went on the trip to avoid those problems?

Sonny: Uh, I don't--no. No, we--we were arguing about his work.

Marlena: Oh. So you didn't feel comfortable saying that he maybe shouldn't take the job?

Sonny: I am so proud of him, Marlena. It's a great opportunity. And I could never ask him to walk away from it.

Marlena: Because you love him?

Sonny: I can't imagine... what Sami and the kids are going through right now. She and the kids really need will and Ari. With them.

Marlena: Right. What about you? You're a very important part of that family, you know? Say, sonny? What if you just jumped on a plane and surprise them, hmm? Wouldn't that mean the world to will and to Ari? Wouldn't that be so important to you?

Sonny: Yeah, I just, I have just so much work right now. But, I'm gonna see what I can do.

Marlena: Yeah. You know, it's a good thing. To tell him that you miss him. Tell him how you feel, but--

Sonny: Have like a--try to put a positive spin on it.

Marlena: Yes, yes. I've treated so many hundreds of couples over the years, and what they all seem to say is that they--they miss talking, they miss communicating, they miss feeling that closeness. And I think that if you and will stay close that way, I think it will be just fine.

Sonny: Well, thank you for that.

Marlena: Oh, I mean that.

Paige: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--

JJ: To bring this up? Well, you did. But, I--I can't talk about it right now, um. I think you should go.

Paige: Fine. I'll let you get back to the party where those two nameless girls can help warm you up.

JJ: That's not fair.

Paige: What am I supposed to think? I thought you were upset about your dad, and I wanted to be there for you. But, you're not upset when you're with those girls, and you won't talk to me, so, excuse me if I'm a little confused. But, like I said, I guess I don't know you at all.

JJ: Paige, wait.

Paige: No! I'm serious, I don't know what's going on with you. But one thing I do know, is that we're done.

Eve: Nothing is wrong.

Eric: I thought you said you don't want to drink before the surgery.

Eve: Well, my--singing plans kinda hit sort of a--a snag.

Eric: I'm sorry to hear that.

Eve: I'll figure something out, you know. I always do. But...I don't really feel like talking about my career right now. You know, I don't know that much about you, Eric. I know that you are an outstanding photographer. You used to be a priest. You don't meet too many of those now, do you? But, you know what? Your career isn't who you are, right? [Phone rings]

Eric: I'm sorry. Listen, I gotta take this call. I'm gonna call you about the proofs from our photo sessions. Hello? Yes, oh.

Eve: [Scoffs] Hi, I'm Henry Winkler

[Phone rings]

Ben: Hey, did you talk to the landlord?

Realtor: I did.

Ben: Great. So, when can I move in?

Realtor: I'm sorry, Ben, but you didn't get the apartment.

Ben: Wait, what? I thought you said I was a shoo-in.

Realtor: I thought you were, but the landlord called your references.

Ben: No, no, my personal references were all good.

Realtor: The problem was your employer.

Ben: No, my--my boss would never give me a bad recommendation. Sonny Kiriakis just gave me a raise because I've been doing such a good job here.

Realtor: Unfortunately, sonny Kiriakis wasn't the person the landlord spoke to.

Clyde: I was so pleased to get your text, Tammy. I'm sorry, I mean Jordan. I don't know why I can't get that through my thick head. Well, it seems like things are really looking up for our little family, doesn't it? Your brother's gonna get himself his own place to live, and a college degree. And it just warms my heart to know that you won't stand in the way of me helping my boy.

Jordan: I didn't ask you here to talk about Ben.

Clyde: No?

Jordan: I asked you here because I wanted to know about what you said the other day.

Clyde: Oh. You mean about you killing your mom?

Theresa: Look, Anne, this day started off lousy, and it would have kept going downhill, except, well...I got a little blessing and a get out of jail free card. I mean, I am never going to pay my phone bill late again.

Anne: I--your phone told you you were pregnant?

Theresa: In a manner of speaking. Oh, my God. What if...? Well, I went to my calendar app to see when we were gonna send those programs out to the printers.

Anne: The programs I've been asking for, for over a month.

Theresa: And that's when I realized that I was late. Really late, I took a pregnancy test, and... two blue lines. It was positive.

Anne: So, are you positive it's Brady's?

Theresa: Brady's the only guy that I've been with for months. And now he's going to be a daddy.

[Phone trilling]

[Phone rings]

Paige: Hey, Daphne. Would you mind if I crashed at your dorm tonight? Yeah, okay, thanks. I'll see you soon.

JJ: Paige, it's me, um. I--I just, I'm so sorry. And I didn't mean for things to get screwed up. Like that. I wanted to tell you about my dad and aunt Kayla since day one, I just didn't know how. And what happened between the two of them was so horrible that I just couldn't get it. And I was scared that maybe, you know, I was like him. I am in other ways, so I just got really scared and... I shut down. But, Paige, I'm not like that. And I'm not a player. Jill and those other girls tonight, they were a mistake. But I swear, nothing happened and it sure as hell didn't mean anything to me. Whoever was--whoever took that picture tonight was just trying to mess with us. And it worked. Paige... I love you. And I hope you know that.

Sonny: I'm reviewing quotes from a few vendors. So, I'll give you a call tomorrow. Okay, thank you.

Abigail: Hi, I'm so glad I caught you. I forgot to give you Ari's gift. And I would mail it myself, except I don't know where they are in L.A.

Sonny: How about I bring it to them personally when I go visit?

Abigail: That would be so great, thank you.

Sonny: I saw you with Ben earlier. Did he tell you why he was so stoked?

Abigail: Yeah, he got a place of his own. He's really excited just to have his own, new apartment all to himself.

Ben: So if the landlord didn't speak to sonny Kiriakis, could you tell me who he did speak to? That's what I thought. Thank you. You son of a bitch.

Clyde: You know, it almost seemed like you tried to put everything that happened right out of your mind.

Jordan: I'm not talking about the accident. I'm talking about the other thing that you said. How it wasn't just my mama's blood on my hands.

Clyde: Oh. Well, that's true.

Jordan: Well, then, please tell me what were you talking about?

Paige: I should just go home. Come on. I need you, mom.

[Phone rings]

Eve: I love you too, baby.

[Soft orchestration]

Eve: Beautiful dreamer wake unto me starlight and dew drops are waiting for me [Crying] Sounds of our rude world

[Knock at door]

Anne: You seem awfully confident.

Theresa: Of course I am, this baby's going to make everything right.

Anne: Really? Well, I sure hope it ain't born in jail.

Theresa: It's a baby. Not an "it."

Anne: I mean, worst case scenario, Brady sues for custody and then he and Kristen raise the little winner of the genetics jackpot sweepstakes.

Theresa: That is not going to happen.

Anne: Which part?

Theresa: Any of it. Kristen or no Kristen, I am the mother of Brady's child, and nothing can ever change that.

Kristen: Thank you for coming so quickly.

Mandrake: Of course.

Kristen: I'm sure I can count on your discretion? That job we discussed. You're positive it can be done? And it can be done tonight?

Mandrake: Oh, yes. Most definitely, Ms. DiMera.

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