Days Transcript Friday 10/31/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/31/14


Episode #12455 ~ Brady's shocking discovery leaves him hurt and angry; Eve blasts Kayla for defending Jack; Marlena finds John & Theresa angrily blaming each other for the situation with Brady.

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Kristen: [Moans]

Hope: Hello, Aiden.

Aiden: [Sighs]

Hope: [Chuckles]

Aiden: Wow. I was expecting a little-- I don't know--abject fear. How did you know it was me?

Hope: You have a certain rhythm, a very distinctive rhythm to your walk. I heard you coming.

Aiden: Hmm. Really?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Aiden: Well, then I'm going to start calling you Sherlock. So I didn't scare you just A... just a little bit?

Hope: Oh, you should know by now... I don't scare very easily, do I?

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: Mm. [Chuckles]

Paige: Hi. This is Paige. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you.


JJ: Damn. So, um... Paige overheard a conversation where my aunt Kayla was talking about how she'd been raped.

Daniel: [Exhales deeply] I'm sorry about that.

JJ: Yeah, um... but Paige doesn't know that it was--it was by my father.

Daniel: Right.

JJ: I've got to talk to her.

Kayla: So my philosophy...

[Cell phone vibrates]

Kayla: Is if there's a "doctor" before their name, they either know the answer, or they know where to get it. So next time you go on rounds with me, be prepared because I'm going to be tougher on them. Paige? Is there something wrong?

Eve: Eric... just the man I want to see.

Eric: How are you, eve?

Eve: I'm terrific. How about you?

Eric: Great. I, um--I got the proofs from our photo shoot.

Eve: Oh, decision time. I'm so excited. Wow. You know what? This is your lucky day.

Eric: It is?

Eve: Mm-hmm. My daughter's not going to be home till late, and my schedule has opened up completely. So we have all day together.

Marlena: What's going on?

Theresa: "What's going on?" Real simple. Your stupid ex over there just ruined everything for Brady.

Theresa: What are you looking at? Get back to work. [Scoffs] The hell with this. I need to find Brady.

John: Stay right there.

Theresa: What, first-- first you lie about me, and now you're giving orders?

John: I'm telling you to stay the hell away from my son.

Theresa: Sure you don't have that backwards, john? Brady wants you to stay the hell away. So why don't you take the hint?

John: I'm not going to say it again.

Marlena: Okay, that's enough. That's enough. We're taking this into my office... now. Excuse us, please.

[Chair rattles]

Hope: [Chuckles]

Aiden: Oh. I really wish you and I could have done something special tonight.

Hope: We have two kids. It's Halloween, and they have a full agenda.

Aiden: Yeah, tell me about it. Between the school party and the trick-or-treating, we're lucky to squeeze in a lunch, right?

Hope: Mm.

Aiden: Still--

Hope: Aiden...

Aiden: Yeah?

Hope: I really appreciate how you keep trying to go all out. I really do. I mean, that picnic idea-- it was great.

Aiden: [Groans] As an idea.

Hope: Okay, yes, I'm so sorry we had to cancel.

Aiden: No, no, no, look, Ciara had to deal with a new situation-- perfectly understandable. And by the way, I think I made a little headway there.

Hope: Really?

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: That's great.

Aiden: Yeah, but still, a BLT, then back to work.

Hope: Yeah, it's probably best if you keep it simple.

Aiden: But we're not. Do you realize it is a holiday? We are spending a holiday together. Think of the danger.

Hope: Mm. Looks like I'm taking my chances.

Aiden: Really? Good. In that case, let's double down and do this right.

Bev: Hey.

Rory: Oh, hey, Bev. Did you know this guy is immortal? Okay, bullets bounce off of him. I understand that. But immortal? Seriously?

Bev: Right. Whatever. Are you headed to the kegger in the woods?

Rory: Oh, yeah, in a while. I got to do some reading before I get plastered.

Bev: Yeah, good thinking.

Rory: No costumes, right?

Bev: Right. You know, it's funny. Last year it would have been me, you, and JJ headed to a party.

Rory: Right, well, he had to go fall in love.

Bev: That bitch Paige has him so... you know what? Who cares? It's his loss. We are better off without him.

Rory: Yeah. Kind of.

JJ: [Strumming guitar wildly]

[Cell phone rings]

JJ: Come on, Abigail. You can at least give me a couple of minutes. I'm desperate here. I mean, what am I supposed to do--talk to mom? Actually, she's just sitting around with grandma. Maybe there's some way she can tell me how to word things with Paige, so... no, forget it. The hell with it. I probably can't even talk to her about it anyway.

[Cell phone rings]

JJ: Paige? Oh, hey, aunt Maggie. Oh, we're fine. Mom called this morning first thing and said that grandma is doing great, so... no, Abigail's at a job interview someplace on Jefferson Ave. Me? Uh... I'm good. Yeah, I'm good.

Paige: No, I'm--I'm fine. I mean, you know, I'm okay. Nothing major.

Kayla: Is it something with the program?

Paige: No. I love being able to be at the hospital. Going rounds with you, hearing the nursing reports, it's--it's great.

Kayla: Well, are you having trouble with your classes?

Paige: No, no.

Kayla: Well, I guess there's only one thing left, then. His name would be, uh...

Paige: JJ. Things aren't so good right now.

Eve: Well, apparently Dr. Chung's surgery this morning had some complications, so he had to reschedule my final pre-op for my surgery for later tonight and--you know what? Can you believe that?

Eric: Wow. That's a long day.

Eve: Yeah, it is.

Eric: But you know what? The upside is that we've got all kinds of time to go over these proofs. Oh, and I really want your-- I want your take on these and what you think is best. I mean, I want you to know who I am, I mean, get to know the real me.

Eric: Yeah.

Eve: You know, I was thinking about it. Um, what album can I play for you so you can get an idea of my style and my je ne sais quoi, you know, so you can help me pick just the right photo.

Eric: Well...

Eve: What do you think?

Eric: Usually I let the client pick their own photo.

Eve: No, no, no. I want your take. I want your eyes, your sense of who I am. No, don't be shy. Well, I tell you what. You can be shy at first, but like I said, we've got all day. And you know what? Let's start with an easy decision first, shall we? [Chuckles] So tell me, which one-- red or white?

Kristen: What?

Daniel: This is-- this is wrong. I-I can't.

Kristen: Yeah, I know. Neither can I.

Daniel: Yeah.

JJ: God, how many times can I text her the same damn thing?

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock at door]

JJ: Rory.

Rory: Dude. I'm still mad, you know. Just 'cause I'm here doesn't mean I'm not mad at you.

JJ: Okay, so you came over here to tell me that?

Rory: Well, no. I came 'cause--I don't know, man--you know, I kind of miss us doing our--you know, our thing.

JJ: Okay.

Rory: And I was a total reem the other day. You needed someone to listen, and I just flat out bailed on you.

JJ: Yeah. I've kind of got to talk to somebody.

Rory: Well, here I am. Come on, what's going on? Why are you so freaked 'cause your old man raped somebody?

Kayla: You know, honey, if it's none of my business, just say so. But sometimes if you get things out in the open, it really helps.

Paige: It's just... JJ.

JJ: Paige?

Paige: I really thought I knew you. No. It's uh--it's my mom, mainly, you know... she doesn't like him. Anyways, her surgery is tomorrow, and I just really want to be there for her, you know.

Kayla: Of course.

Paige: So, um... JJ and I are kind of...

Kayla: Taking a break.

Paige: Right.

Kayla: Right.

Paige: Oh. I have a history midterm I need to study for.

Kayla: Ah, no problem. Go. We will talk later.

Paige: Thanks again. It was great being able to go on rounds with you. Bye.

Kayla: [Sighs] Eve, eve, eve. Some things never change.

Eve: You know, I'm having my surgery tomorrow, so I can't have any alcohol, but I don't want to stop you from helping me celebrate.

Eric: Oh, um, celebrate?

Eve: Oh, yeah. This surgery is going to give me my life back. I'm so excited. So come on, which one? Pick. Red, white?

Eric: Thank you, but it's a little early for me.

Eve: Oh, come on. You need to live a little bit, have a little fun. Come on.

Eric: Yeah.

Eve: Okay. Okay. Your call. You know, um... I was thinking on your way over here that, um... we're a lot alike, you know?

Eric: We are?

Eve: Yes, definitely. You know, me losing my voice is kind of like losing myself, and... well, you having to give up your calling, you know...

Eric: Yeah, it was a big change.

Eve: You don't like to talk about it. You know, I totally-- I-I totally... get that. Yeah.

Eric: Thank you.

Eve: I really like you, Eric. No--gosh, you're so nervous. God. I just mean as a friend. So that's why I-I-I think we should open up one of these bad boys, and I'll put on one of my CDs, and then we'll get down to it. Gosh, I'm talking about looking over the proofs.

Eric: Oh. [Chuckles] Yeah, right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eric: Oh.

Eve: Ugh. Don't you just hate those things? I mean, life was so much simpler when we weren't connected 24-7. I actually think we should just turn off our phones, and then we can really get--

Eric: Eve, listen, I'm sorry, but something's come up, and I really have to go. So why don't you--you just look over the photographs, and, uh, email me?

Eve: Ema--I can--I can do that.

Eric: Talk to you later.

Eve: I hope I see you... again. Wow.

Marlena: Will the two of you stop texting and catch me up on what's happening here, please?

Theresa: Oh, that's easy. Your ex decided to tell--

John: Brady found out the truth about what happened the night I wound up in a coma.

Marlena: The truth? Well, I thought you told us all the truth--

Theresa: No, he gave an official report, uncle roman was right there in the room. He said he didn't blame Brady for defending himself that night.

John: Yeah, I did, except Brady had nothing to do with it.

Marlena: What?

Theresa: No, he's lying.

Marlena: Will you please just let him finish? John, john.

John: Brady's not the one who hit me with the poker.

Theresa: You know what's going to happen if you keep spreading that garbage? You'll end up in a lawsuit. My lawyer will take your latest story and shred it.

Marlena: Story? What story?

Theresa: You don't have an ounce of proof. And you already told your other version and put it on record, remember?

John: Kristen has a recording of you, Theresa, admitting that you were the one that bashed my skull in with a poker. Remember?

Kristen: I'm sure glad we stopped. [Chuckles] That wasn't right.

Daniel: No, no.

Kristen: Yeah, and now?

Daniel: It's, uh--it's over.

Kristen: Mm-hmm. And now completely. Thank God.

Daniel: It was, uh... it was just-- it was nothing.

Kristen: I know. Definitely nothing.

Daniel: Yeah.

Kristen: [Chuckles]

Brady: [Breathes deeply] Scotch, uh... make it a double. Make it neat.

Aiden: Okay, so here is the plan, okay? After the school party, after the trick-or-treating, you, me, Ciara, and chase sitting on a couch watching scary movies.

Hope: I love it.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: It's great.

Aiden: All right.

Hope: But under one condition.

Aiden: Name it.

Hope: My daughter does not get to pick out any of the movies, okay?

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: The stuff she likes and wishes she could watch, I swear to God, it would make Hannibal Lecter hide his head. [Laughs]

Aiden: Okay, that's fine by me. And, for the record, the reason I have this mask, chase is too scared to wear it, so--

Hope: Ah, well, this little guy here is a bit... spine-chilling.

Aiden: Yeah, a little bit, little bit. All right, so this is what we'll do--we'll go for movies that are maybe a little bit edgy, like, I don't know, gremlins, okay? Or, um, is Ciara afraid of spiders?

Hope: Oh, arachnophobia.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Perfect.

Aiden: Yeah? Okay, done.

Hope: Yes, absolutely. Just be ready for a fight because Ciara is not going to like the idea that she didn't choose the movies.

Aiden: I know. That's why you're going to tell her.

Hope: Oh, you're such a giver.

Aiden: [Chuckles]

Hope: I'm scared. [Laughs]

Theresa: Oh, oh, yeah. That so-called proof that Kristen came up with, weird how that just dropped out of the sky, isn't it?

John: Not really. Just got her hands on a surveillance device and used it.

Theresa: Did she?

John: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Or did she just edit some words together to make me say whatever she wanted? I mean, for God's sakes, we're talking about Kristen DiMera.

Marlena: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, are you saying that Kristen has some sort of proof about what happened?

Theresa: Fake proof, and my guess is john here helped her...

John: Yeah, like hell I did.

Theresa: Because the second she played it, daddy did a complete 180 and suddenly remembered, "oh, oh, yeah, maybe it was that bitch Theresa all along." Mission accomplished, right, john?

John: Just keep on lying.

Marlena: Wait a minute. If there's some sort of proof here, shouldn't we contact the police?

Theresa: Are you serious? You're going to believe that psycho? Do you not remember standing in the church watching that video of her and Eric doing it? [Scoffs] Was that real, or was that fake?

John: You know, I really don't give a damn if Kristen faked the recording or not. The truth is, I remember exactly what happened that night.

Theresa: You know what? Remember anything you want. Change it 12 ways, john, I don't care. Because Kristen has an agenda. It's called "get Theresa out of the way," so she can sink her hooks into Brady. She'll do anything.

John: Mm-hmm. And you wouldn't?

Theresa: I'll tell you what I won't do. I won't stand here and argue with a liar like you or let that bitch win, ever.

John: [Sighs] Kristen's on her way out, and if you know what's good for you, you'll go back where you came from. And if you don't, I'm going to tell my son and the police the person that hit me that night wasn't Brady. It was you.

[Both moaning]

Kristen: We were so caught up in our miserable selves, we forgot to close the damn door.

Daniel: Are you okay?

Kristen: We both lost something today.

Daniel: Yeah, our minds.

Kristen: [Chuckles] I mean besides that. The one person that made us happy. I was in so much pain, I just couldn't feel it. I just didn't want to feel it. I didn't want to feel any more pain. But things are, um, clearer now.

Daniel: Yeah, let's hope.

Kristen: Yeah. A lot more final. I think under the circumstances I owe you this much. Today's the day I say good-bye to Salem. To Brady. And you. Oh wait, our tent is falling....

JJ: You are so beautiful.

Paige: Moonlight.

JJ: Yeah, I don't think it's the lighting. Oh, wow. I meant what I said, Paige. I'm in love with you.

Paige: And I love you too. [Sighs]


Eve: Kayla.

Kayla: Hello, eve. Mind if I come in? Thank you.

Eve: So can I... get you something?

Kayla: No, no, I'm fine. I know it's your surgery tomorrow, so I thought I'd just drop in and wish you luck.

Eve: Wow. Chief of staff giving pre-op house calls, I'm honored. Why don't you tell me why you're really here?

Kayla: Well, I do know that you're having throat surgery tomorrow, and they're not going to want you to use your voice, so this just seemed like the right opportunity to come by and follow up on that conversation that we were having about Paige and JJ.

Eve: Right.

Kayla: Listen, eve, I want you to know that I'm very fond of Paige. She's bright, articulate, dedicated. She went on rounds with the residents of the hospital this morning, and you know what? I think she really likes it. And afterwards I couldn't help but notice that she was-- she was awfully down.

Eve: About what, Kayla?

Kayla: I think the tension between you and JJ. So if you don't mind, I thought maybe I'd try to help.

JJ: It's like the one thing I never wanted to happen. It's ruining everything.

Rory: I just--I guess I just don't get it, dude. I mean, okay, this thing that your dad did happened like a thousand years ago. Why is that going to screw up things for you and Paige?

JJ: See, okay, well, the woman who was... just someone I know, okay. And now Paige knows her too.

Rory: Okay.

JJ: So what if Paige decides that I'm like my dad? What if I am like him? You know, I've got to talk to Paige.

Rory: You know what I think, dude? I think you need to chill. All right? You can't make Paige talk to you. Just give her time. Let her chill too. All right, she'll come back around.

JJ: I'd probably screw it up if I tried to talk to her right now about it anyway, man. I'm really screwed up.

Rory: Which is why you need something to take the edge off. Hey, not pot, all right? There's a party in the woods today. It's a kegger. No costumes. Just come with me. Have some fun, dude.

JJ: I don't know, man.

Rory: Well, I mean, JJ, you can't sit around here driving yourself nuts. I mean, you know that even if you did talk to Paige, like you said, you would just screw things up, so... it's time for some r&r, dude.

JJ: Yeah, I guess.

Rory: Sweet, all right. Let's go. Whoo!

Theresa: Where is your purse?

Anne: Oh, well, good morning to you too, happy pants.

Theresa: Give me your damn purse, Anne.

Anne: What? It's right-- hey, that is a $40 knock-off of a $500 bag. I'm assuming that this isn't yours.

Anne: What the hell?

Theresa: You know, I told you not to trust that lying dirtbag slut, but did you listen? No. Because Kristen DiMera's your new best friend, and you're going to help her set up a charitable fund.

Anne: What is this?

Theresa: It's a bug, Anne. Now Kristen has a recording of us talking about what I did to john that night. And she played it for Brady.

Anne: That bitch. I-I--

Theresa: No, shut up, Anne.

Anne: I had no idea. I didn't know.

Theresa: I'm not done. Shut up. Brady heard the recording and immediately assumed that it was bogus until he heard john running his own mouth about the fact that he remembers everything that happened that night, including who smashed him in the head.

Anne: Well, holy diggity damn, huh?

Theresa: I need to find Brady, so I can fix this.

Marlena: You knew all along?

John: [Sighs] After a couple of days, it all came back to me. Theresa hit me. But if I let Brady off the hook with him being all grateful to Kristen for coming up with that drug--

Marlena: He'd forgive her for everything.

John: Brady's not answering. I got to go find him.

Marlena: John, please take it easy. Look, even though you've been released from the hospital, you are not fully recovered.

John: I know. I won't be fully recovered till I find my son.

Brady: [Exhales deeply] They're not worth it. None of them are. They're not worth it.

Kristen: Well, what sort of happened between us was emotional, wasn't it? I mean, at least for me it was. Definitely intense. But, um... I mean, there's no us. There never could be, right?

Daniel: Nope.

Kristen: And that's why we stopped it. I mean, when you think about it, we don't even like each other, do we?

Daniel: Nah. You got that right.

Kristen: I know. Well, don't worry. I'm not going to kiss and tell. I'm leaving town, so you're-- you're gold.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, you-- you said that.

Kristen: I meant it. There's nothing for me here anymore. But that's not going to stop me from rooting for you and Jennifer.

Daniel: Don't really see that happening.

Kristen: Yeah? Not because of-- no.

Daniel: No, no, no. Not because of what we did. Almost did, yeah.

[Both laughing]

Daniel: Yeah, I mean, it's really because of what I didn't do. She needed me to step up and find a way to get past what went wrong with us, and I didn't do that, so... trust me, it's--it's over.

Kristen: Mm. Well, believe it or not, I'm a hopeless romantic. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stick around and wait to see you get your happy ending. [Exhales] Bye, Daniel.

Aiden: All right, all right, so I will swing by. I'm going to pick up the DVDs, okay? Gremlins, arachnophobia, and sixth sense just in case.

Hope: Perfect, I love it.

[Phone rings]

Hope: Okay, so we'll hit the house after the kids finish trick-or-treating.

Aiden: All right, I-- oh, shoot, I'm sorry. I just have to call this client.

Hope: No, no problem. I need to pop in the deli and see if they still sell that gourmet popcorn. So if I'm not here when you get back--

Aiden: I will wait.

Hope: Okay.

Bree: Hope? Hope Brady?

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bree: Bree.

Hope: I know, I know. My gosh, it has been so-- so long.

Bree: I know, I know. How are you? You look great.

Hope: So do you, it's been-- oh, my gosh, it's got to be, what, ten years?

Bree: Yeah, yeah. When we were doing those mommy-and-me classes back at the school.

Hope: Yes, that's right. That's right. And then you moved to?

Bree: Portland. Yeah, yeah. I love it there. I just had to come back for some business I had to take care of. But my plane leaves in a couple of hours.

Hope: Well, it was so good to see you. Oh, my gosh, you've got to stay much longer next time, so we can have lunch or catch up or do anything.

Bree: Yeah, yeah, you bet. You bet.

Hope: Bye.

Bree: Okay. You know, I have to say, you look so happy.

Hope: I am.

JJ: Man, it's a little cooler in the woods. I should have worn a jacket.

Rory: Yeah, well, not a problem when you're drinking, dude.

JJ: No, no thanks, man. I'm fine.

Rory: Hey, you would have heard if Paige called you. Here.

JJ: No, you go ahead. I think I'm just gonna-- just gonna hang out.

Rory: Last time when you didn't drink, things went really bad, dude.

JJ: Because someone spiked my soda.

Rory: Man, put the phone away. You got some guzzling to do. Trust me, it'll take the edge off.

JJ: Yeah, I guess.

Eve: Okay, Kayla, if this is going to turn into a long string of excuses about who JJ is, was...

Kayla: No, no, no, no, no.

Eve: Or what he wants to be, I'm so not interested.

Kayla: Absolutely not. No, no, listen. He definitely made mistakes. He struggled after his father's death, but what boy wouldn't? I'm just saying that I don't think that whatever he did back then should count against him. That's it.

Eve: I already told you, I'm not interested in excuses, all right? So let's just cut to the chase. That boy is forever into something way too sketchy for my blood, all right?

Kayla: Are you sure you just don't see it that way because you hate his mother?

Eve: No. Okay, you know what? I can't stand Jennifer. But what scares me about JJ is his father. Come on, Kayla, I don't have to tell you what jack Deveraux was like, now, do I?

Hope: Have a safe flight. It was so good to see you.

Bree: You too.

Hope: Bye.

Bree: You too, so long. [Chuckles]

Aiden: Oh, that's mine.

Bree: Aiden Jennings.

[Pop music]

Rory: You see what I mean, man, everything's cool now.

JJ: Yeah, I guess.

Rory: One more time.

JJ: No, that's enough.

Rory: Dude, things are definitely looking up. This party could change my life. Yours too. And definitely for the better.

JJ: No, you know what, man? It's getting really cold. I think I should just probably go.

Rory: Well, that's because you've only had one. Two will make you nice and toasty.

JJ: You never quit.

Rory: No.

Eve: You know, Kayla, maybe you just don't see it. Or maybe you refuse to see it, but JJ is a spitting image of his father in more ways than one.

Kayla: You can't judge JJ based on what--

Eve: Jack was a worthless son of a bitch. He wasn't good enough for me, and his son certainly isn't good enough for my daughter.

Kate: They are two completely different people. Don't be so hard on JJ, or jack for that matter. He worked hard to turn his life around. You know what I think you're doing? I think you are using jack and his history to control Paige.

Eve: Oh, my gosh, what-- what's wrong with you, Kayla? How can you stand there and defend jack Deveraux? I mean, for God's sake, he raped you.

Eric: Mom, I got your text. What's going on with Brady?

Marlena: Honey, please sit down.

[Doorbell rings]

Henderson: Good afternoon, Mr. Black, I thought--

John: Yeah, yeah, they let me out today. Is Brady here?

Henderson: No, sir. I haven't seen him since early this morning.

Anne: Theresa, you texted Brady like ten minutes ago, and he hasn't hit you back, so why are you torturing yourself?

Theresa: I'm not. I'm doing what I have to do.

Anne: Okay, honey bun, if he's half as pissed at you now as he was before, maybe you should just steer clear, you know? Run, get out of dodge.

Theresa: No, no way. No way am I getting kicked to the curb, not this time. I'm going to find Brady and make this right.

Eric: Voice mail.

Marlena: Of all the things that could go wrong, I can't beli--

Daniel: You don't look too happy. What--what's going on?

Marlena: Brady overheard john talking to Theresa. So he now knows that Theresa was the one that hit john and john's been lying to him.

Daniel: And did john say why he lied?

Marlena: Sure, well, he--he-- he wants to keep Brady from going back to Kristen.

Eric: Listen, Daniel, if you happen to see him, will you let him know that we're looking for him?

Daniel: Yeah, no, absolutely. Yeah.

Marlena: Thank you.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. [Sighs] So now Brady knows Kristen was telling the truth.


Brady: Kristen.

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