Days Transcript Tuesday 10/28/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/28/14


Episode #12452 ~ Kristen drops a bomb on Brady; Jennifer lashes out at Daniel; Abigail & Sami come to an understanding about the past; Ciara schemes to benefit from Sami's good fortune.

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Sami: And I haven't finished with these boxes yet, but when I do, they need to go in the foyer too.

Harold: Yes, ma'am.

Sami: Okay, thanks.

[Doorbell dings]

Harold: Excuse me.

Sami: Yes. Thank you, Harold.

Allie: Mommy, I can't find veronica. We can't go to California if I can't find veronica.

Sami: You're right. Of course we can't. But let's think about where you were when you were playing with her last.

Hope: Hey, Sami. I just got your text. Is everything okay?

Allie: In the garden.

Sami: Oh, there you go. Okay, Ciara, hey, do you mind helping Allie find her dolly in the garden?

Ciara: Now? We just got here.

Hope: Ciara.

Ciara: Fine, fine, fine.

Sami: Yeah, sorry about this mess. I'm so glad you could come, 'cause I have something I have to tell you in person.

Hope: What? What is it?

Sami: Aunt hope, I, um... I have to say good-bye.

Jennifer: Yeah, mom, I'll be there in time for supper. Okay. Bye-bye.

Abigail: Hey, how's grandma doing?

Jennifer: Oh, she's good, honey. She's gonna have that surgery that I was telling you about, so I'm gonna need to be with her for about two weeks, all right? I need to tell your brother. Is he coming down?

Abigail: No, he already left, actually. He was talking to Daniel on his cell. He seemed like he was pretty upset. Wanted to meet up with him right away.

Daniel: I am so sorry, JJ. The operation took longer than I thought, but I am free now. So tell me, what-- what's going on?

JJ: Everything is wrong.

Theresa: I'm glad you stayed last night.

Brady: Me too. But Theresa, look. Fair warning. I have no clue where this is headed, all right? I mean, no promises here. I--

Theresa: Oh, yeah? Well, I promise... I'm going to make you forget that Kristen DiMera ever existed. [On recording] That's the thing. John does remember. He knows that it was me, not Brady, who whacked him with that poker.

Kristen: Perfection. Now for the payoff.

Hope: Wait a second. You're leaving Salem? What are you talking about?

Sami: Well, I mean, it's just for six months, you know, but there's this production company. They came to the house, these people, and they-- they're from Hollywood, and they said they want to make a movie about my life.

Hope: Oh, my God. Seriously?

Sami: Yes. I know, it's crazy. I mean, I'm no one important, and people outside of Salem haven't heard my name or anything. But I guess they read the article that will wrote, and-- and they're pretty serious. I mean, they put up money and everything.

Hope: Wow, that's just-- I mean, it's great, if-- I mean, assuming you're ready.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I--of course I am. And it's not about me. I mean, it's the kids, right? I really want to do this for the kids. I need to get them away from here and away from Stefano and away from this house where they remember their daddy, and now he isn't here, and-- God, I don't need that. And plus, I need to--

Hope: Not-- not seeing EJ waiting for you in every room.

Sami: Exactly.

Hope: So... when are you leaving?

Sami: Today.

Kristen: Hi.

Anne: Mrs. DiMera, good morning.

Kristen: Hello. Come in.

Anne: Thank you so much. I know I'm a bit early, but I am big on punctuality. I always like to leave a lot of time. Actually, probably too much time usually. Like, let's say I have a flight at, I don't know, 10:00 A.M. I like to get there at 6:00 A.M. Because--even though that's a little nuts, and I admit it-- it's good to get there early. And it could be anxiety producing if--

Kristen: I see your point. That's fantastic. What is this?

Anne: Oh, this is the paperwork for the scholarship program we're setting up in the--in honor of your late brother.

Kristen: Yes, fantastic.

Anne: Yeah, oh, great. And I just want to say I am-- I'm thrilled that you asked me to bring this to the hospital.

Kristen: Mm-hmm, yeah, it seemed like a good fit.

Anne: Okay.

Kristen: Wow, we have a lot of information to go over, right? We should go over it very, very carefully.

Brady: I just--I just want to make sure we're clear--

Theresa: Hey, hey. Slow and easy. I got it. But, well, I also think that-- I mean, I get this feeling that--yeah, we've made mistakes, but that's in the past, and we learned from all that. Now, Brady, I-- I think we could take this to a whole new level.

Brady: You think so?

Theresa: Totally, yeah.

Brady: Well, I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Okay? But right now-- right now I got to-- I got to check on my dad. I want to make sure he gets out of the hospital today.

Theresa: Right.

Abigail: You doing okay, mom?

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, I'm just a little upset that JJ needed to reach out to someone not in his family. But I need to get to the hospital, so I'll see you later.

Abigail: Wait, mom. You know, I don't know if I ever told you how much it meant to me, but having you there, so sweet and understanding, during the whole thing with EJ-- I couldn't have gotten through it without you.

Jennifer: Yes, you could have, because you are stronger than you know.

Abigail: Well, I think that a lot of that strength comes from knowing I always have your love and your support. Don't worry about JJ, mom. He knows you're there for him too.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Just talk to me. All right, just say it. Say it. No judgments.

JJ: [Sighs] I was all set to tell Paige about my dad and aunt Kayla.

Daniel: Okay.

JJ: And then Rory spotted that girl--the one that I thought drugged me at the party, Jill. So we all took off looking for her.

Daniel: All right, and?

JJ: Paige found her. And then Jill told her this story, and-- I don't know, maybe it's true, and maybe she was just saying it to cover her ass.

Daniel: All right. So what'd she say?

JJ: She didn't trash me or anything, but what she said was that a lot of people got drugged that night and no one knows who did it. But then she was saying that when I got wasted that I'm the one who came on to her. And she even said that I was bragging about it-- that I did it all the time.

Daniel: Okay, and Paige bought that?

JJ: Yeah. You know, I don't blame her, man, because she knows I've been acting weird lately, kind of guilty, and I keep saying that I needed to tell her something.

Daniel: About your dad and Kayla.

JJ: Right. But now Paige thinks that--

Daniel: That you want to talk about the party and how you acted.

JJ: Man, I wanted to tell her the whole story, you know, but how can I do that when she won't even talk to me anymore?

Sami: [Sniffling] So, I mean, the best part was telling the kids, you know? It was the first time I'd seen them smile since it happened. And the truth is, it's more than that. It's more than getting away from this house and the memories of EJ. Hope, Johnny was hating the idea of having to go back to school.

Hope: Poor little guy. Let me guess, being a DiMera?

Sami: And it's always been hard for him, but, you know, with all the recent news coverage...

Hope: Yeah, children can be merciless. And I think you're doing the right thing. I really do think that. It's good for the kids to have a distraction right now and definitely a change of scenery.

Sami: Right.

Hope: But Sami, I got to ask you something. I mean, honestly, are you really doing this just for the kids?

Kristen: Do you spell Anne with an "e"?

Anne: Uh-huh, yeah. A-N-N-E, Milbauer, M-I-L-B-A-U-E-R.

Kristen: So fantastic. I want to make sure we get this correct, you know, because your name's gonna be included when we announce the scholarship program.

Anne: So lovely. And much appreciated.

Kristen: [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. I cannot believe this.

Anne: What?

Kristen: We have to continue this later. I'm so sorry. I forgot I have an appointment.

Anne: Sure, of course, yes.

Kristen: I'm sure you understand, right? Fantastic. Thank you so much for coming.

Anne: Yes, of course. I can always call you later.

Kristen: Have a wonderful day. [Sighs] [On recording] Do you spell Anne with an "E"?

Anne: Uh-huh, yeah. A-N-N-E, Milbauer, M-I-L-B-A-U-E-R. Because as long as John Black doesn't remember anything, then you're all right, right?

Theresa: That's the thing. John does remember. He knows that it was me, not Brady, who whacked him with that poker.

Kristen: Perfect.

Daniel: And, JJ, I know this is hard, but if you don't connect somehow and tell Paige the whole story, you're gonna wreck any chance you have.

JJ: Yeah, I guess.

Daniel: JJ.

JJ: Yeah?

Daniel: Is something else bothering you?

JJ: Any better?

Eve: Yeah, that, um-- that feels good.

JJ: No. Nothing. No.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, you-- you still have the key to my apartment, right?

JJ: Yeah.

Daniel: Use it. It's the perfect place to be alone with Paige. Parker's with Chloe for the next few days, so there won't be any interruptions. And you just do what you got to do.

JJ: Right. I will, man. Thank you for the key. It really means a lot.

Jennifer: Hey, honey. Hi.

JJ: Hey.

Jennifer: Hi. I am so glad that I ran into you. Remember the procedure I told you about that your grandma's gonna have to have?

JJ: Yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: Well, it's happening tomorrow, so I need to leave, and I need to be with her for a couple of weeks.

JJ: Oh, okay. Well, when do you leave?

Jennifer: Today.

JJ: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah.

JJ: Wow.

Jennifer: Are you okay?

JJ: Yeah, I'm cool.

Jennifer: Okay. 'Cause I was just on my way to Daniel's office, and then I got a message that I had to take care of, but I thought I heard you talking about maybe an apartment key for his place? And if it's the one that I had, I gave it back to him a while ago.

JJ: No, no, it's a different one for when Paige and I babysit. But she has one too, so no big deal.

Jennifer: Yeah, right. No big deal, yeah.

JJ: Well, drive safely, okay? Give grandma a hug for me.

Jennifer: I will. I will. Oh, and, honey, you know, the whole time I'm gone, we can text and talk.

JJ: Okay. All right, I love you.

Jennifer: Love you. Bye, honey.

JJ: Bye.

Jennifer: I don't know what you think you're doing, but it is going to stop right now.

Allie: Mommy and Sydney and Johnny and me, we're all gonna be in a movie.

Ciara: Why would anyone put you in a movie?

Allie: It's about my mom and her family. They're gonna fly us out to California, and we get to live in this big, fancy house and swim every day. Hey, you can come visit.

Sami: No, I mean, of course, aunt hope, you're right. I'm doing for this me too. I mean, I know that I can't just escape what happened. I have to face the pain. I have to face the shock of it and so do the kids. But I think that it would be good for them--

Hope: Thank you.

Sami: You're welcome. To be somewhere else, you know? Somewhere fresh. And for me to be busy-- not doing DiMera enterprises. I could do something new and different, and I think that would really help.

Hope: Yeah, of course it would.

Allie: Ciara found my dolly.

Sami: Oh, see? That's fantastic.

Allie: And she said this is the prettiest outfit she's ever seen.

Sami: Oh.

Allie: I'm gonna go pack veronica now.

Sami: Okay. Sounds good, yeah.

Hope: Ciara, don't you want to go help Allie pack?

Ciara: I think she can handle a doll, mom. And besides, we need to talk.

Hope: Okay, about what?

Ciara: Allie really wants me to go to Hollywood with her. Can I?

Brady: No, that's great. Honestly, if I could be the one to tell him, I would appreciate that. Okay. Thank you so much.

Theresa: Is John getting out?

Brady: Later today. I'm gonna go tell him now.

Theresa: You know, okay, I'll come with you.

Anne: Big news, sugar plum. Hi, Brady.

Brady: Hi, Anne.

Theresa: Anne, now is really not a good time.

Brady: No, no, hold on. Hold on. Now's a great time. It's fine. Talk to your boss. I'll see you later.

Anne: Hmm.

Theresa: Damn. What?

Anne: Okay, well, are you going to ask me about my exciting news, what it is? I told you that that scholarship business was not some lame cover story.

Theresa: Oh, my God. No, not Kristen DiMera. Again, Anne?

Anne: Relax, your name didn't even come up.

Theresa: I don't care. I don't even want to talk about that whack job.

Anne: Okay, well, how about you talk about your dear and loyal friend Anne for a change? You know, this may bore your panties off, oh selfish one, but this happens to be a big deal for me, okay? This scholarship program--

Theresa: The scholarship program makes no sense. I mean, Anne, think about it. That she's going through hr? That makes no--it doesn't-- the only thing that that woman does is think of ways to hook up with Brady again. God.

Anne: [Chuckles] Wow. Wow. To think I came here to reassure your skinny little ass, maybe give you an opportunity to show a teensy-weensy bit of support for someone who has supported you through thick and thin, to a fare-the-well, right? Even when your behavior has been like irresponsible lunacy.

Theresa: Will you just give me a break?

Anne: A break?

Theresa: Yes.

Anne: That's hilarious. That's all you get are breaks, honey, and you don't show an iota of gratitude. Why? Because literally everyone, including yours truly, is just an extra in your damn movie, right, Theresa? Well, I'll tell you something. It's getting real old.

Theresa: Anne.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Are you done with your pathetic little rant?

Anne: [Laughs]

Theresa: Because excuse me, I need to get to the hospital and make sure that John hasn't changed his mind, all right? See yourself out.

Anne: Mm-hmm. My budget and I are good. But it wasn't always that way.

Brady: So your next hospital meal's gonna be your last. Sorry. Hide your disappointment, dad.

John: I will. Hey, tell me something. How's work?

Brady: Work? Work is good. Nothing out of the ordinary.

John: Yeah? How about after work?

Brady: What do you mean?

John: Well, I know you spent a lot of time with me here at the hospital, but other than that...

Brady: Dad, if you're worried about Kristen, relax. Don't worry about it. I told her she should leave town, remember?

John: Has she?

Brady: I don't know.

[Phone ringing]

Brady: I'm not a part of her life anymore.

John: Everything okay?

Brady: Um, yeah. Yeah, but I have to take care of this, actually. I'll see you later.

John: You know you will.

Brady: Be good.

Hope: Well, the short answer to that is, I am so sorry, no.

Ciara: But Allie's my best friend, and in Hollywood, everything's exciting, unlike boring old Salem.

Hope: End of discussion, okay?

Ciara: But mommy, if they're gonna make a movie about Sami's life, they need me, right, Sami? For the part when you were so mean to me and took that earring?

Sami: So you do have it. It is not nice to hold out on cousin Sami. Just give me the bag, okay?

Ciara: No, that's mine!

Sami: No, what's inside of it is mine, and you know it, so let go, Ciara.

Ciara: Give it back.

Hope: Ciara Alice.

Ciara: I could play myself in the movie. I was good as the stepsister in Cinderella, wasn't I?

Hope: That is beside the point. I want you to go and apologize to Sami for what you just said. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Ciara: Sorry, Sami.

Sami: Thank you, Ciara. It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Hope: Honey, why don't you go upstairs and help your cousin pack? And I'll tell you what. Maybe later, you and I are gonna have a little chat about planning a visit. What do you say?

Ciara: A visit? What, for a weekend? I want to move there, mommy.

Hope: Okay, well, you know what, honey? That's not going to happen, so let's just drop the subject for now, okay, Ciara?

Ciara: Actually, not okay.

Hope: Yep, she gets that from her father.

Sami: I'm really sorry that she's so disappointed.

Hope: No, no. It's just, I-- you know what, I totally understand why she'd glom on to the idea. She's just trying to find some way to run away from reality.

Sami: The divorce.

Hope: Yep. And not having her dad around makes things even more difficult, and I really don't-- Samantha, I'm sorry. God, that was really insensitive. I am sorry.

Sami: No, no. I mean, no, I know that you didn't mean anything by it. I understand that.

Hope: I'm so sorry.

Sami: [Sniffling]

Hope: You and the kids have been through such a terrible trauma, and-- I think you're doing the right thing, taking yourself and the kids away from Salem for a while. Because, you know what, in six months, everything's gonna be different, because when you come back, there won't be so much focus on everything that happened. Everyone will have, you know, moved on to the next thing, right?

Sami: And that's what you're trying to do, right? I mean, filing for divorce? You're moving on.

Hope: Yeah, probably. Yeah.

[Both chuckle]

Sami: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Yeah, file the papers before 5:00 tonight. Okay, talk to you later. Think she'll love it. But even if you don't think that I am your friend, I think that you're my friend, and it's important to me that you know that I would never, ever even try to take your dad's place. Hmm.

Jennifer: I cannot believe that you gave JJ a key to your apartment without telling me. And you gave Paige one too. And then you pretty much just gave them permission to have sex right there in your apartment without even telling me--

Daniel: Okay, can you just take a breath? Please take a breath. Please take a breath. Yes, I gave them a key... so they can babysit Parker. I actually have a promise from JJ that they won't abuse the privilege.

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

Daniel: And I trust him to do that. And yes, I can see that you're upset, and I understand why. And I realize now, yeah, maybe I took it one step too far. But you have to understand--

Jennifer: Okay, is this your idea of an apology?

Daniel: No, I am trying to explain to you--

Jennifer: No, no, because this is what you do. You involve yourself in my children's lives and then you keep it from me. You don't tell me anything.

Daniel: No, I made an error in judgment that I will ap--

Jennifer: It's like the time that JJ was drugged at that party, and you treated him in the emergency room, and no one told me. I never knew anything, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, no, it is his job to tell you. Look, look, he needs to feel like he can trust you, and right now, he is going through a really, really rough patch. And frankly, he needs you.

Jennifer: Why? He's got you.

Daniel: I am trying to tell him to talk to you, and if he doesn't--

Jennifer: Thank you so much for telling him that, Daniel.

Daniel: If he doesn't, I think you're blaming the wrong person. You need to sit down with him and just listen.

Jennifer: Where do you get off telling me how to be a parent? How dare you?

John: Theresa. Stick around. We'll talk.

Brady: Glad to hear you took my advice. You joining Stefano in Europe, or...

Kristen: Well, my plan is really simple. If you want me to leave, I will, but not until you make your final decision.

Brady: I have made my final decision, Kristen. I asked you to leave.

Kristen: I know, and I just said I will, but not until I tell you something really, really important, okay? No tricks, no games. Are you willing to listen?

Sami: You know, last night, I was thinking that the EJ I lost is nothing like the man that I met.

Hope: You wanted him to change from day one, the minute you looked at him.

Sami: That's not true. I didn't want anything from him in the beginning. Seriously.

Hope: Oh.

Sami: Okay, maybe you're right. Maybe I just wanted to see the good in him.

Hope: And he got there eventually. I mean, well, let me think about it. At least for you and the kids, most importantly.

Sami: That is what's most important, right? I mean, becoming a parent, that changes anyone, and I just think about the look on his face the first time I put Johnny in his arms. I'm fine.

Hope: I know you are. I know you are, because you are so strong, Sami. You are resilient. Oh, my gosh, Samantha gene. I am going to miss you. I am going to miss you so much.

Sami: I'm gonna miss you so much, aunt hope, and I want you to know that I love you and I will always love you.

Hope: I love you, honey.

Daniel: Jennifer, I am not trying to tell you how to be a parent.

Jennifer: No? You just told me that I should sit down with JJ and listen as though I don't do that.

Daniel: Yeah, I think you're being a little overly sensitive right now.

Jennifer: No, no, I'm not, because this is what you do all the time. You keep really important information from me, and when you're not playing your "oh, I forgot" routine, you just lie to me, lie to my face.

Daniel: Excuse me?

Jennifer: Yes. This whole situation with Nicole, that was one big lie, and you know it, Daniel.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, it wasn't. I didn't say anything to anybody because she deserved a chance to fix that on her own. And in the end, I would have done the right thing, but you didn't trust me enough to do that. You didn't. You didn't trust me because you think, what, I have this weakness when it comes to women?

Jennifer: Oh, that's right. So because I said that one little thing, you just wrote me completely out of your life. Because I am not the perfect partner. I am not 100% trusting with no questions asked and no information given, right?

Daniel: No, I told you, it was up to Nicole to tell--

Jennifer: And ever since, you've started having little secrets with JJ all the time.

Daniel: I tell JJ to talk to you. I tell JJ he's got to trust--

Jennifer: No, that is bull. And you know what? You like having these secrets because it gives you power. That's why.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: Yes, you're trying to get back at me. You're trying to punish me for not having enough faith. And I am so sick of it.

Sami: Wait, wait. They put batteries in it, didn't they? Because I want to make sure you have something to play with on the plane.

Johnny: Abigail!

Abigail: Hey.

Theresa: Brady said that you're getting out today. That's great news.

John: Yeah.

Theresa: Plus, you'll be back to your old self pretty soon. And I think it's terrific that, well... your memory came back.

John: Mm-hmm. And I bet you're thrilled that I remembered what happened that night.

Theresa: Well, I--obviously, you want to protect Brady. And so do I.

John: Did Brady tell you that I wanted to get to know you a little better?

Theresa: Yeah, he mentioned it.

John: Well, there's no time like the present.

Kristen: I'm convinced that once you know what I know, then finally--finally, we can be totally open and completely honest with one another. And, you know, that's when forgiveness happens and real healing.

Brady: Kristen, don't--

Kristen: You know that you could never hate me, right? You said so. Because of how I helped save your father's life. Did you know that Eric's trying to forgive me too?

Brady: Excuse me?

Kristen: Yeah. He said he wants to let go of the hate that he has for me and he wants to move on.

Brady: Right, right. You do understand that he and I talk all the time now. I can check with him.

Kristen: I know, Brady. I know that. Go ahead and check. He knows the power of forgiveness. So do I. It's because of my love for you that I was able to forgive your father and save his life. [Laughs] Who knows? Life is crazy. Maybe I could actually forgive Marlena some day.

Brady: You know what, we're done. We're done. Kristen, my God, I get a text from you saying you're gonna leave town, and now you're talking about--what are you talking about? Some kind of future that is just not gonna happen.

Kristen: Why not? Because you think that you're gonna have a future with Theresa?

Brady: Maybe that will be the case. Anything is possible. That could happen.

Kristen: No, no, no. Whatever happens between you and me, that is not possible. And it's time you knew why. Hi, I'm Henry Winkler

Aiden: Here you go.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, wow. Thank you. These are gorgeous.

Aiden: And for you. I was hoping I was gonna run into you two.

Hope: Ciara, what do you say?

Ciara: Thank you, but flowers and cinnamon buns aren't gonna cut it, not when I could've been in Hollywood.

Aiden: Mm?

Hope: Sami and the kids are moving to L.A. They're gonna make a movie about her life.

Aiden: Wow, interesting.

Ciara: I could've been one of the stars, but mom said no.

Aiden: Well, Ciara, I completely understand why you would want to go out there. I really do, but I'm glad you're not. You know how dull this town would be without you? Besides, you don't have to go to Hollywood to be a star, 'cause you are a star right here.

Johnny: And we'll get to swim in a pool every day.

Abigail: Really? Wow, that is so cool.

Johnny: Oh, there's Michael! He's my friend. Can I go tell him about Hollywood?

Sami: Yes, sweetie, of course you can.

Abigail: So you're leaving.

Sami: For a while.

Abigail: Listen, Sami, you know, I thought about writing you a letter to tell you how sorry I was, but I just didn't know if it would be appropriate.

Sami: It wouldn't.

Abigail: Right. Well, so long.

Sami: Wait.

Daniel: Jennifer, I am not trying to punish you.

Jennifer: I just-- I feel like I have worked so hard to get back what we had, and you always play some little game to make sure it doesn't happen.

Daniel: Well, I can't make miracles happen here.

Jennifer: And then in the meantime, it's obvious that you feel you don't owe me an explanation for anything, not for JJ, not for spending all this time with Kristen.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where's that coming from? 'Cause she doesn't have a damn thing to do with what we're talking about right now.

Jennifer: Daniel, come on, how many times have I walked in on you and Kristen late at night, having your little one-on-ones? Did you ever call me with an explanation? No, because you don't believe that I deserve an explanation.

Daniel: Okay, she is not your concern.

Jennifer: Right, but-- yes, of course not, because in your mind, nothing concerns me, and that's why I have come to realize that I don't even know who you are anymore.

John: You say you care about Brady.

Theresa: Very much.

John: What do you see in the guy?

Theresa: Oh, um...

John: I mean, you've only known him for all of, what, two minutes? Getting high and drunk and then running him out to Vegas for that phony wedding?

Theresa: Hey, I'm the one that said that we should get an annulment.

John: Good for you.

Theresa: What's with the attitude, John? I mean, you sat right here in this bed, and you told them-- you told everyone, the police, what happened at Victor's that night. It was the same thing I'd been saying for weeks, and-- but now we're alone in a room, and, well, you're not being very nice to me at all.

John: Oh, you got that, did you?

Kristen: I suspected Theresa from the first day we gave John the drugs, because she was way too jumpy every single time we mentioned how he got hurt.

Brady: People like to see the worst in her, Kristen.

Kristen: Yeah, well, I wonder why. But this is something that I managed to get on my own, okay? I just want you to hear it. Okay, please, will you just-- please just listen to this. Just listen.

Anne: [On recording] A-n-n-e, Milbauer, m-I-l-b-a-u-e-R.

Brady: That's Anne Milbauer's voice. I know it very well. So what's your point?

Kristen: I wanted you to hear that so that you know the next conversation you hear is real.

Brady: Stop this.

Kristen: Theresa's been lying to you. She's been lying to you.

Brady: Stop--stop it. I don't want to hear this.

Kristen: She's done far worse things that anything I've ever done, and it's time you learned the truth.

Brady: What truth are you talking about?

Sami: I just need you to know that I don't hate you anymore. We'll never be friends. But I'm not going to let it drag me down, the hatred, the anger. I'm gonna let it go. So good luck... to you, your life.

Abigail: Yeah, you too.

Sami: Johnny, sweetheart, we got to go. Come here. Oh, yeah. Oh, there's my man.

JJ: This really blows.

[Phone rings]

JJ: Paige? Oh, hey, Barry. Yeah, sorry, man. I can't--I can't meet up. I got to meet up with Paige like I did yesterday. You saw her? Heading home? All right, thanks, man.

Eve: Oh, yeah. That feels good.

JJ: Man, I can't go to her house if her mom's there.

Daniel: Honest to God, Jenn. When you come in here, guns a-blazing like that, I don't know who you are either. I thought you believed in me. I really did. I thought you trusted me to do the right thing, but I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong about that.

Jennifer: Daniel, I have tried to find a way back to what we had, but you never seem interested.

Daniel: No, that is not true.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, here it goes, another promise. "Let's talk. Let's meet. Let's fix everything." But I have been there and done that.

Daniel: Okay. So do you just want to-- you want to give up? Is that your latest? And I'm to blame.

Jennifer: No, maybe-- maybe it just isn't meant to be. And maybe I was right when I had my doubts about you. And I never thought I would say this, but I think that the love that I have for you is finally completely gone.

John: Since we're speaking frankly here, Theresa, something we couldn't do when Brady was in the room--

Theresa: Okay, look, fine. Ask me anything, but if it's about the night you got hurt, I wasn't--

John: I don't have to ask you anything about that night, because I know all about it, just like I know about you. So if I'm not being nice to you, Theresa, I think you know why.

Brady: You throw the word "truth" around like it's some kind of toy, Kristen.

Kristen: Okay, look. I didn't bring you here to trick you or to talk you into anything, damn it, okay? No games. No lies. I just--I want you to listen, please.

Anne: [On recording] Because as long as John Black doesn't remember anything, then you're all right, right?

Theresa: [On recording] That's the thing. John does remember. He knows that it was me, not Brady, who whacked him with that poker.

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