Days Transcript Monday 10/27/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/27/14


Episode #12451 ~ Will is offered the opportunity of a lifetime; Lucas & Sami share a warm moment as she makes plans for the future; Paige demands answers from Jill; Chad kisses Jordan for the first time.

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Will: You--you want me to come with my mother to Hollywood? Why?

Sami: Come on, the only reason that universal pictures even wants to make a movie about my story is because of the article that you wrote, and nobody knows my story better than you.

Will: [Chuckles] You can say that again, but I am not a screenwriter.

Sami: Oh. Well, come on, sweetheart. Up to a couple months ago, you weren't even a magazine writer, right? But you'll figure it out, hon. Come on. Sydney and Johnny and Allie, they could really use the sunshine, and they could use having their big brother with them.

Will: I-I really--

Sami: And sonny and Ari, they would love it too. How could you possibly say no?

Sonny: Sorry you missed will. He had to go out. Here's the article.

Chad: "The heir apparent." I guess that's me.

Lucas: Buy you a cup of coffee?

Abigail: Thanks.

Lucas: You doing okay?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, I'm just--just waiting for someone.

Ben: What about Clyde? What did he say to you?

Clyde: Do you want to tell him, Jordan, or should I?

Paige: Oh, my God, it's you. I've been looking for you.

Jill: Why?

Paige: Don't you remember me?

Jill: Um, not really.

Paige: Oh. How about I remind you?

Eve: Okay.

JJ: Hey, eve, is Paige here?

Eve: JJ. [Groans]

JJ: Eve, are you--are you okay?

Eve: [Whimpers]

Will: Mom, there are thousands of writers who could all--

Bruce: But we want you someone with a strong, unique voice.

Will: That's very--that's very flattering, but... could I have a moment alone to talk with my mom?

Bruce: Of course. I need to make a few calls.

Sami: Yeah, thanks, Bruce. You heard the man. They love you!

Will: Okay, forget about me for a second. Mom, it sounds like you've already made up your mind to go, but are you sure that that's the right decision?

Eve: [Groans]

JJ: Are you okay?

Eve: Just--ow, I tripped. You know, I just--whew, I feel like I got the wind knocked out of me.

JJ: Not too fast.

Eve: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

JJ: What's wrong?

Eve: [Groans] When I tripped, I must have broken the fall with my hand. Ouch.

JJ: Well, let me see.

Eve: No, I'm fine, JJ. I'm fine.

JJ: Well, no, you're not.

Eve: Yes, I am.

JJ: Look, just tell me what I can do to help.

Eve: Well, I--first of all, I want to know what you're even doing here.

Paige: I'm Paige. We met at that big off-campus party. Do you remember me now, Jill? You said you were visiting your sister from out of town, or so you said.

Jill: Are you calling me a liar?

Paige: A lot worse, actually.

Jill: I don't think I like your tone.

Paige: Huh. Well, I don't like that you drugged my boyfriend after you ditched his friend Rory that night. Is it all starting to come back to you now?

Jill: [Clears throat]

Eve: Let's make sure you don't get recognized. Here's a-a hat. There you go, and put these on. All right. There you go. And it's old, but you know, it's been in the charity box, but it's fine. It's not that dirty and Paige won't notice it. Just get out of here, okay, go.

Paige: Well, Jill?

Ben: Somebody say something. Damn it, man, what did you do to upset her?

Clyde: All I did is warn Jordan that if she didn't stop trying to come between us, I'd tell you how she murdered your mother.

Lucas: Abigail, are you really okay?

Abigail: If you're asking about EJ--

Lucas: Just tell me to shut up if it's none of my business.

Abigail: It's fine. I'm fine.

Lucas: You are? Well, good, then I'm glad. So Ben's a nice guy, right?

Abigail: Yeah, he is. Yeah.

Lucas: I'm glad he's there to help you get through this.

Abigail: Me too.

Jordan: No, no, no, don't listen to him.

Ben: What are you saying?

Jordan: Clyde!

Clyde: Well, you were just a little kid, Ollie, so we couldn't have told you, but one day, your sister here got behind the wheel of an old, red pickup truck, though she didn't have a driver's license. In the passenger seat was your mama.

Jordan: No, no, no, she begged me to drive her.

Clyde: When I got there, that truck was wrapped around a tree. Tammy sue had driven right into it, head-on. She didn't have a scratch on her, of course, but your mama's side hit that box elder right square. Course, there were no marks on the road, either. It was almost as if it was on purpose.

Jordan: No, no, no, listen, it was an accident, okay? The brakes didn't work on the truck and it wouldn't stop.

Ben: You--you were driving? All this time, you were blaming him?

Jordan: Ben, come on.

Ben: You told me my dad killed her.

Jordan: Just don't listen to him, okay?

Ben: Are you kidding me? I can't--what do you mean, not listen to him? It's all over your face.

Jordan: Come here--

Ben: Do not touch me, you lying bitch!

Jordan: [Sobs]

Clyde: Do you want to answer him Jordan, or should I?

JJ: I was looking for Paige.

Eve: Uh-huh. You just missed her.

JJ: Oh. Well, did she tell you?

Eve: What?

JJ: My friend Rory saw that girl from the party. The one that drugged me and took all those pictures and sent them to Paige. Well, if we can find her and get her to admit what she did, then you'll know that I didn't cheat on your daughter,

Eve: So you still didn't track that girl down?

JJ: No, no. You probably think I'm making this up.

Eve: No, I-I--actually, I don't, JJ. Paige did mention it, and I agree. If we get the answers to those questions about what happened that night, I think it'll be good for everybody.

JJ: Right. Well, if you're okay, then I'm gonna get going, actually, don't want to blow this chance.

Eve: No, I'm fine, and I just-- ow, ow, ow, ow!

JJ: Do you think it's broken?

Eve: I don't know. I don't know, JJ! Damn it. I think I need some ice on it, though. I just--

JJ: No, I-I-I can get you some.

Eve: Thank you, JJ. That'd be helpful.

Jill: Ugh, I just really hate people who litter. [Clears throat]

Paige: Stop trying to change the story. You know what you did, or you wouldn't have run away from Rory earlier.

Jill: Maybe I was just really embarrassed. Did you think about that? I mean, I'm sure that Rory was really upset that I ditched him that night.

Paige: Yeah, so you could go after my boyfriend.

Jill: Rory was drunk out of his mind, and you left your boyfriend high and dry.

Paige: Oh, you are not blaming me for what happened.

Jill: Hmm.

Paige: Oh, and you're not getting out of here until I get the real story. I can call JJ right now. Or maybe you'd rather I call the police.

Jill: All right, all right. There's just one thing that you want to know, and that's that your boyfriend was true blue faithful that night, right?

Paige: [Scoffs] What I want to know is the truth.

Jill: Okay. Listen up.

Sami: You know, I just think--thank you. I think getting them away from here, away from this heartache would be great. I only have to go for six months, you know. It would just--it would be great for sonny and Ari too.

Will: Mom, sonny's business is here in Salem. How can I just ask him to get up and go?

Sami: What do you mean? Same way I can ask you. I just--I want you to be there. It would mean a lot to me, and it would be a great opportunity for you. It would open a lot of doors, but also, I mean, it would pay for Arianna's education. Just--here. Promise me that you will think about it.

Will: Mom, I get why you want to do this, and I admit, it is really tempting. But I can't promise anything until I talk to sonny.

Sami: Of course. Of course, but thank you! [Laughs] Thank you! Oh, this is gonna be so much fun. Oh, I promise it's gonna be--

Bruce: Did I hear a celebration going on in here?

Sami: Yes, hi. Well, no, I mean, he's not sure. Will can't give you a definite answer yet, but...but I have made up my mind.

Bruce: I promise you, Mrs. DiMera, you've made the right decision. As for you, young man, I just spoke to my people, and I can officially offer you a deal to write the screenplay based on your article. Legal is writing up a contract as we speak, and the terms are more than generous. Does that make your decision any easier?

Chad: Wow. Will actually makes me sound interesting.

Sonny: Funny, when I read it, what came to mind was "son of a bitch."

Chad: Maybe, yeah, but an interesting sob. Where some writers might've tried to spin things, will just wrote the truth.

Sonny: So?

Chad: You're right. Your husband is one hell of a writer.

Jordan: This isn't easy, but it is something that I should've told you a long time ago, and you deserve to know the truth. I've been telling you not to accept Clyde's offer to help you, and that's wrong. It was just me being selfish.

Ben: What do you mean, selfish?

Jordan: Clyde made me realize that I'm making it about me and my feelings, and it should really be about you and your relationship with your dad. And he's to trying to do something to bring you two together, and--and I shouldn't stand in the way of that.

Ben: You're not. Jordan, I'm not mad, I--totally understand.

Clyde: I'm glad you finally realize I only want to do right by Ben.

Jordan: Yes, I-I know that now. This all comes with no strings attached.

Clyde: I'd make you offer the same offer, though I know you'd never accept it.

Ben: Hey, look, do not get upset, Jordan. I told you, I'm not mad.

Jordan: I'm just so sorry.

Ben: Come here.

Jordan: [Sobs]

Eve: [Groans]

JJ: Can you move it?

Eve: Yeah, sort of.

JJ: Maybe I should drive you to the E.R.

Eve: No. No, no, no.

JJ: Why not?

Eve: 'Cause the first thing that they're gonna do, JJ, is-- mm--give me a painkiller before an x-ray, and Dr. Chung made me promise that I wouldn't take any medication before my surgery, and I've-- you know, I just can't put it off any longer, all right? I've waited a long time.

JJ: If you're sure.

Eve: I'm sure. Let's just-- let's just see what this ice is gonna do.

JJ: All right, well, you know-- I'll just stick around until you're sure you're okay.

Jill: I didn't drug your boyfriend, okay? But someone did.

Paige: How do you know that?

Jill: Uh, my sister saw this article in the paper. Other kids had stuff put in their drinks that night.

Paige: Yeah, yeah, I read about that too, but--

Jill: And JJ was just drinking soda all night, right?

Paige: Right.

Jill: Well, I mean, at first, he was definitely sober, but then after he called Rory's brother to pick up Rory, JJ started acting...different.

Paige: Different how? Wasted?

Jill: I mean, that too, but he totally started coming on to me. Man when I got shingles it was something awful.

Will: That's very generous, mister--

Bruce: Greenblatt.

Will: Mr. Greenblatt. What I'm wondering is, if I were to accept this offer, would I have to move to los Angeles? I can write from anywhere.

Bruce: Sorry, for this project, you'd have to be in California so you can meet with producers, directors.

Will: I see.

Bruce: But you wouldn't have to worry about maintaining two homes. We'll put you up in a house near the studios. Plenty of bedrooms for everyone. Not as grand as all this, of course, but there's a pool, and best of all, you can swim outdoors all year long.

Sami: Wow, the kids are gonna love that.

Bruce: There's also a blue ribbon school within walking distance. You really couldn't ask for much more. But the offer won't be on the table indefinitely.

Will: Oh, um... well, I guess I should--I guess I should talk to sonny.

Sami: Yes, okay.

Will: Yeah.

Sami: Oh, my gosh, let me know the second you decide, okay?

Will: I will.

Sami: And I love you.

Will: I love you too.

Sami: Right--go, go! Talk to him! [Laughs] Good luck.

Bruce: While we're waiting to hear from will, I'd like to go over a few more details.

Sami: Yes, absolutely. Just one second. I have to send one quick text. Just--

Chad: Ahh. I should get going.

Sonny: Yeah, sorry, I thought will would be back by now.

Chad: Everybody okay?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, everything's good.

Chad: Right. Well, I'd stick around and wait, but I can't. Got to track down Jordan, see if Ben's done trashing me to her.

Sonny: You and Jordan Ridgeway? Really? Is that a--that a thing now?

Chad: Not exactly. I mean, at least not yet.

Lucas: So JJ's in love.

Abigail: Yeah, I know, with eve Donovan's daughter.

Lucas: Ooh. Boy, that's trouble.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Abigail, look, if you want to call Ben, just give him a call, okay?

Abigail: Oh, no, no. He'll be here soon, I'm sure. How's Allie doing?

Lucas: She's doing okay. You know, I'm just--I'm really proud of the way she's been so strong for Johnny and Sydney.

Abigail: Gosh.

[Phone ringing]

Lucas: Uh-ohh. Uh-ohh, look out, Sami needs me.

Abigail: Is everything okay?

Lucas: God knows. Probably not, but what are you gonna do? I hate to leave you alone.

Abigail: No, I'm fine, go.

Lucas: You sure?

Abigail: Yes.

Lucas: Positive?

Abigail: Yes, go. Thank you for, um, the coffee.

Lucas: We'll talk later.

Abigail: Yeah.

Ben: So if I were going to go to school say, January, if possible, you're offering to help me?

Clyde: Absolutely.

Ben: Then I could use the money that I saved to get my own place?

Clyde: I'd say it's about time, wouldn't you?

Ben: This is--this is unbelievable. It could change everything for me, Jordan.

Jordan: You don't have to sound so apologetic. You have no reason to turn this down. Right?

Clyde: None whatsoever.

Ben: I don't know how to thank you.

Clyde: Just make the dean's list and make your daddy proud. [Chuckles] 'Course I'm already as proud as can be.

Ben: God, I-I feel like I should tell Abigail the good news. Do you want to come to the club with me, Jordan?

Jordan: I'm headed the other way, so you go on ahead, and I'll see you later, okay?

Ben: Okay.

[Footsteps leaving]

Ben: Thank you again.

Clyde: It's my pleasure. I had a feeling you wouldn't be going too far.

Jordan: We need to get a few things straight, Clyde.

Clyde: Okay, but first, let me congratulate you. Well played, Tammy sue. Well played. [Laughs]

Jill: I'm not proud of what happened, but you asked for the truth. Don't be mad at JJ. You can't blame him. It was a party, things happen. [Laughs]

Paige: Right.

Jill: Your boyfriend was just trying to be a nice guy. Rory left me, I didn't know a soul, JJ was waiting for you to come back. We were just passing the time.

Paige: Yeah, uh... what about the pictures?

Jill: Oh, when he wanted to start taking all those selfies, I guess the drugs really started kicking in, 'cause he just really got into it.

Paige: Yeah, I don't need to know the details.

Jill: I thought that you wanted the details. Let's just say that he's a... [Clears throat] Fun guy. But I mean, I guess you already knew that.

Paige: Yeah.

Jill: Worldly too. He said something about all these girls in England. Was it England?

Paige: What about them?

Jill: Oh, he just said that he got a lot of action. I mean, I sure can see why.

Eve: Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

JJ: What?

Eve: I got a cramp. I can't believe this.

JJ: Is it that bad?

Eve: Oh, my God, I'm falling apart.

JJ: No, you're not.

Eve: Yes, I am, JJ.

JJ: You just--just need to move it.

Eve: What? Ow.

JJ: Nice, little trick I learned when I played baseball.

Eve: Ahh.

JJ: That like this.

Eve: Oh, yeah.

JJ: Any better?

Eve: Yeah, that... that feels good.

[Seductive music]

Jill: All right, now I've told you what you need to know. I gotta bolt, so I just--

Paige: Wait, you took some selfies, and then what?

Jill: People started saying that the cops were there, busting people for underage drinking and whatever. So I just left.

Paige: And JJ?

Jill: Never saw him again. Want my advice?

Paige: No.

Jill: Listen, let it go. I mean, sure, maybe your boyfriend's a little bit of a player. Keep him from getting blitzed, maybe it won't be an issue.

Eve: You know what, I'm-- it's good. I'm--I'm--it's--I'm better. It's good--yeah, it's good.

JJ: Okay, well--I mean--I mean, I'm glad.

Eve: Yeah.

[Phone ringing]

JJ: You know, if you're feeling better, I should get going.

Eve: Yeah, I am. I-I think this ice really did the trick, and...thank you for helping, JJ.

JJ: Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. Um, all right, bye.

Eve: Bye.

Ooh ah, oh

Eve: Okay, Jill. Hope you've had time to get outta town.

Jordan: Clyde, I want you to--

[Phone ringing]

Jordan: Hold on a second. Hey.

Ben: Hey, are you alone? Can we talk?

Jordan: Yeah, I'm alone.

Ben: Okay, I just wanted to make sure that what you said earlier that it wasn't because dad was standing right there.

Jordan: No, I meant it. I meant everything I said.

Ben: Okay, good. Just making sure.

Jordan: All right. You have a good time with Abigail, and I'll see you later.

Ben: Okay.

Jordan: You better keep your word. If you hold this favor over Ben's head, I will tell him everything.

Clyde: Everything?

Jordan: Yeah. He may not ever forgive me, but he would definitely never forgive you. You would be dead to him.

Clyde: Not so sure about that, Tammy sue.

Ben: Hey, sorry that took so long.

Abigail: Hey. Is everything okay?

Ben: Everything is so much better than okay.

Bruce: Do you have any other questions?

Sami: No, no, I feel like you've pretty much covered everything.

Bruce: Well, text me and let me know what time you'd like the corporate jet to meet you at the airport tomorrow.

Sami: Huh. I just still feel like I'm dreaming.

Bruce: They don't call us "the dream factory" for nothing.

Sami: [Laughs] Of course. Well, anyway, thank you so much for-- hey.

Lucas: Hey.

Sami: Hi. Lucas Horton, this is Bruce Greenblatt, Bruce Greenblatt, this is Lucas Horton.

Bruce: I know exactly who you are. A pleasure meeting you. I'll see you soon, and I assure you, you won't be sorry.

Lucas: Guy's kind of weird. What are you about to be sorry for?

Sami: I'm not. I have something I have to tell you. I know you're gonna think I'm crazy.

Lucas: That's old news. Oh, no, not that look. What now? What now, Sami?

Sonny: Hey. You just missed Chad.

Will: Sorry. Did you get a chance to show him the story?

Sonny: Yup.

Will: Um, and?

Sonny: He thought you did great work.

Will: Did you get a chance to read it?

Sonny: I did. Very impressive. You're getting better every time.

Will: Thanks. Well, I guess I should send this off to ZoŽ.

Sonny: You don't seem thrilled.

Will: I am. It's just... I got some news.

Sonny: What kind of news?

Will: Um, my mom is going to Hollywood, and she's taking the kids.

Sonny: What?

Will: And she wants me to come with her. Dove invited women to a makeover with a difference.

Abigail: Wait, so what happened with Jordan? And listen, I'm sorry for opening up my mouth about Chad. I just think--

Ben: Oh, no, no, it's okay. It turns out she wasn't even upset about Chad. It was actually because of my dad.

Abigail: So why do you look happy?

Ben: [Sighs] You told me you thought my dad was really trying, and that maybe I should give him a chance. So it looks like I should listen to you more often.

Abigail: What happened?

Ben: He offered to help with the funds for me to start college next semester.

Abigail: What, seriously?

Ben: Seriously.

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Ben: So now, I can actually use the money that I saved to get a real apartment, like now.

Abigail: That's amazing. I'm so happy for you.

Ben: Mm, I'm so happy for us.

Will: Look, I know that it seems like this is all about me and all about my career, but sonny, do you know how much money screenwriters make? And we could put some away for Arianna's college, we could invest.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Will: Plus my mom is taking the kids, and she's begging for us to go. It's only a six-month commitment. You could get Ben and "t" to run the club. Heck, maybe even chad'll--

Sonny: Will, stop. No, no, no. No.

Will: You don't want to go.

Sonny: I can't. Maybe you should.

Lucas: You're right, you're right, you are crazy.

Sami: No, wait, Lucas, hear me out, 'cause--

Lucas: No, no, no, hear me out first, okay, 'cause I think it's a great idea. It's a terrific idea. I'm proud of you.

Sami: You are?

Lucas: Well, yeah, I am, whatever gets you out of the haunted mansion as soon as possible.

Sami: Well--

Lucas: The fact that you're taking my daughter 2,000 miles away isn't exactly a selling point for me, though.

Sami: No, no, of course not, but you know, it's only a six-month contract, so--

Lucas: Six months, yeah, I know. There are--and mad world has offices in L.A.

Sami: In L.A.

Lucas: And I'll be there. Trust me, I will track you down if you try to get away from me.

Sami: [Laughs] If I thought going to L.A. Was gonna get me away from you, I wouldn't go. I mean, I--

Lucas: You tell the kids yet?

Sami: Soon. I mean, I'm sure they're gonna be thrilled, right? And look, please, come visit Allie as often as you can. I mean, it's not that far.

Lucas: No, I will.

Sami: Right?

Lucas: Sure, absolutely.

Sami: Thank you for understanding. I mean, I sort of thought this was gonna be this big fight.

Lucas: Believe me, no one wants to see your life's story more than me. I'll even bring the popcorn, and stuff, it's just, can you tell will just to leave out a couple of parts?

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: For me? [Sighs]

Sami: Hi.

Lucas: Hi. Who cares if you can't bake worth a damn? It's all good. [Chuckles]

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry.

Sami: Oh--[Laughs]

Lucas: I got you good. You all right? Wait, hold on. There's something I want to do first.

Sami: What?

Lucas: This.

Sami: Snake! Snake!

Lucas: All right, shh, shh!

Sami: [Whimpers]

Lucas: Chill! Chill! Chill!

Sami: Get it away from me! Get it out of here!

Lucas: Relax! Relax!

Sami: Lucas, please do something! Just do something!

Lucas: I got it, I got it, all right.

Sami: Oh, my--no! You can't kill it.

Lucas: Slimy, little--what?

Sami: No, you can't. You can't kill it.

Lucas: How am I supposed to get rid of it then, huh?

Sami: Just get it out of here!

Lucas: Sami, stop, all right, it's not poisonous.

Sami: How do you know that, boy scout?

Lucas: Because I went to military school, all right? I've had survival training. I'm not afraid of a little snake.

Sami: Wait, no. No, Lucas, it'll bite you.

Lucas: It's not gonna bite me, all right? I know what I'm doing.

Sami: [Panting] [Screams]

Lucas: Ow!

Sami: [Laughs] I just feel blessed, you know? It's amazing to have people in your life that you know will stick by you no matter what. You know, I mean, people that will do anything for you, and that--and that you would do for them, right?

Lucas: Yeah, right. I mean, I love you.

Sami: Oh, yeah. I mean, I love you too.

Lucas: Now let's talk casting. I'm thinking Channing Tatum.

Sami: [Laughs] Oh, no, Seth Rogen.

Lucas: Seth Rogen, come on!

Sami: Seth Rogen, I've been thinking about it since he said it.

Lucas: Seth Rogen.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: I'm Tatum.

Sami: [Laughs]

Will: You think I should go without you? I couldn't.

Sonny: You keep on saying it's an opportunity of a lifetime, and it is. I couldn't keep you from that. But I'm working on expanding the club. There's property that I'm looking at.

Will: You are?

Sonny: Yeah, you've had a lot going on, so I just didn't feel it was the right time to bring it up. I'd come see you and Ari as much as I could in Hollywood. Will, if this is something that's really important to you and you want to give this a try for six months... maybe you should go.

Will: Do you really mean that?

JJ: Any better?

Eve: Yeah, that-- that feels good. [Sighs] Mm.


Paige: [Sighs]

JJ: Paige. Hey, I'm sorry I missed you at your apartment, huh? What's going on?

Paige: I saw Jill, in the park.

JJ: Well, is she still there?

Paige: No.

JJ: You let her leave? She's the only one that can tell us what really happened.

Paige: I asked her myself. Figured I'd better after I heard Rory say you never really wanted to find her anyway.

JJ: You heard Rory say. Paige, Rory's wrong. That's not true at all.

Paige: Look, it doesn't matter. What matters is what she told me.

Chad: Jordan.

Jordan: Oh, hey.

Chad: How'd it go with Ben?

Jordan: Oh, we talked. Everything's fine.

Chad: Fine, as in, you're gonna go out to dinner with me?

Jordan: Chad, look, I really have a lot going on right now, so maybe--

Chad: Look, maybe you shouldn't answer yet. I'm sensing that you are not in the right frame of mind right now to make your decision. Unless this might change that. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Jordan: [Scoffs]

Abigail: Are you sure that your dad can afford college tuition, though?

Ben: Yeah, I mean, we grew up having next to nothing, but the guy's made some good investments the last couple years, and I don't know, I still feel kind of weird accepting his help, but--

Abigail: No, don't, not at all. That's what dads are supposed to do.

Ben: That's what he said. It's just crazy, going to college was always something I dreamed of.

Abigail: Well, it looks like now all of your dreams seem to be coming true. Isn't that weird?

Ben: [Laughs] It's weird.

Clyde: Jeremiah, how's our old friend, Miguel? Or should I say, ex-friend Miguel? Excellent. Hey, now that the Salem P.D. has closed the book on that unfortunate DiMera murder, you best get up here with another load, amigo. Time for us to move some product.

Lucas: So I guess I'll just-- I'll be back to see Allie after school.

Sami: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: So just let me know if you need anything, okay?

Sami: Thank you. Hey, Lucas, thank you for your support, really.

Lucas: You know, this is crazy.

Sami: I know. You mentioned that a few times.

Lucas: No, I meant--I meant all these years of fighting and making up and fighting again, it's just... I'm really gonna miss you.

Sami: I'm gonna miss you too. Lucas, I... I'll never have a better friend.

Lucas: Yeah. Either will I.

Sonny: Of course I mean it. I wouldn't hold you back if this is what you really want. It's your decision.

Will: Oh, I love you so much! I mean, I still--of course, I-I mean, I have to think about it. I mean, I hate the idea of us being apart, but couples do it all the time, and plus, this would be so tough to turn down.

[Baby crying]

Will: Oh, I'll get her. I am so glad we talked.

Sonny: Yeah, me too. Me too.

[Phone ringing]

Eve: Oh. Jill, please tell me you got out of town without being seen. Oh, my God, you told Paige? Oh. Well, that's great. Yeah, you--no, no, you did the right thing. Okay. So tell me everything.

Paige: Jill said she's not the one who drugged your drink. But she believes somebody else did because it happened to other people too, I guess.

JJ: Well, what else did she say? About the pictures and--

Paige: It doesn't matter. I have to go.

JJ: Wait, hold on. No, of course it matters.

Paige: JJ, I want us to take a break.

JJ: What?

Paige: Please.

JJ: But--

Paige: Don't text me. Don't call me. I just need to figure all this out, okay?

JJ: Paige.

Paige: I really thought I knew you.

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