Days Transcript Wednesday 10/15/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/15/14


Episode #12443 ~ Kate fears she and Sami could be in serious trouble; Theresa asks Brady if they can start over; Eric makes a surprising admission to Kristen; Jordan spies Chad in a vulnerable moment.

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Marlena: Sami's resting, finally.

Brady: Good. [Sighs] Marlena, I gotta be honest with you. It's strange mourning for someone that you didn't really like. That's putting it mildly.

Marlena: She loved him.

Brady: She did. And that's what it's about. Her loss and the kids.

Kate: [Exhales] Oh, my God. Seriously?

Brady: Hi, Kate. Um, I'm--I'm gonna--I'm gonna go, unless you need me for anything.

Marlena: No, the--the kids are having naps, and I think we're just fine. Thank you, Brady.

Brady: Okay. Will I see you at the hospital later?

Marlena: You-- well, I thought I would, uh, explain to John what happened, if that's all right with you.

Brady: Probably be best coming from you, anyway. Good to see you, Kate.

Kate: Yes, you too.

Marlena: Cook brought in some food. Would you like something?

Kate: What I would like-- actually, what I need to do is meet with Sami, as soon as possible.

Brady: What are you doing here?

Jordan: Rafe. Hey.

Rafe: Hey.

Jordan: I heard what happened. Do you have any leads on who killed Chad's brother?

Miguel: Mr. Weston, thank God! What are we gonna do?

Clyde: Well, the first thing you're gonna do, son, is calm down. All right? Now I told you never to call me.

Miguel: Mr. Weston, I had to. I know this town, this family. Stefano DiMera's gonna have men looking everywhere for who killed his son. What are we gonna do if he finds out it was us?

Nicole: What's the matter with you, Eric? After what Kristen did to you, and to Brady, Daniel would never talk to that bitch.

Eric: Except he has. On the sly, haven't you, Daniel?

Nicole: What does that mean? Kristen almost killed you, not to mention what she did to Eric and Brady. Oh, my God. You wouldn't even talk to me until EJ died, and what?

Daniel: Okay, I know Nicole.

Nicole: Now you have no problem having private little chats with Kristen?

Daniel: No, no, that's not what's happening.

Eric: Then what has happened?

Daniel: You know what? I don't have to explain myself to you.

Kristen: You caused me so much pain when you wouldn't help me when I came back. That's nothing compared to the pain I'm feeling now. I miss you, Eej. I love you. Now and forever. My little bro. But you... [Sniffs] More than anybody would understand what I have to do now. [Exhales] I've gotta keep moving forward. And grab every little bit of happiness that we can.

Marlena: Look, Sami has finally gotten to sleep.

Kate: Well, then you need to wake her up, because this is important.

Marlena: No, what's important is she's lost her husband. And she's had to explain to her children they will never see him again.

Kate: I get that, I get that. I know that EJ was murdered, I know that she's in a terrible place, and that's why I left the house early this morning so she would have time with her family.

Marlena: Well, I'm sorry it's taken more than a couple of hours to do that. Her children are distraught.

Kate: Marlena, what Sami has so royally screwed up, I can't fix. She's the only one who can do it. And if she doesn't do it, EJ might not be the only parent that her kids lose.

Rafe: Well, Jordan, the investigation's ongoing, so... I can't really talk about it.

Jordan: Well, it said on the news that EJ was shot in the woods, east of Salem park.

Rafe: Right.

Jordan: Well, I-I know the DiMeras' reputation, so... I mean, if someone's willing to murder EJ, does that mean maybe they'll go after other members of his family?

Rafe: Oh, you're worried about Chad.

Chad: [Laughing] Come here. [Grunts] That's my boy.

Theo: Don't go too, uncle Chad. You can't die, too, okay? Like uncle EJ?

Brady: Why are you here? Were you looking for me?

Theresa: No--no, um, I-I just came to offer my condolences. See how my cousin Sami was doing.

Brady: Oh. She's, um, asleep now, but she was up all night.

Theresa: Oh, um, well, I should just--I could--I should just come back another time.

Brady: Okay, I'll see you.

Theresa: Brady, um... do you think maybe we could go somewhere and talk? Somewhere private? It's--it's really important.

Nicole: What could you and Kristen possibly have to talk about?

Kristen: Well, it's no great mystery. Daniel and I have come to an understanding.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Jordan: I am not just talking about Chad. What about Sami or EJ's children?

Rafe: Right. Well, so far we don't have anything to suggest that it was a hit or anything planned. Just, uh, a mugging gone bad.

Jordan: Mm. Have you talked to Sami?

Rafe: A little, yeah. Well, she was the one who found EJ. She had him in her arms, and, uh, by then, he was already...

Jordan: Oh, my God.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah.

Jordan: Oh, well, at least you were there for her.

Rafe: Yeah, for all the good it did.

[Phone ringing]

Jordan: Oh, uh... I'm sorry, I gotta go.

Rafe: No--no--no, it's okay. Take care.

Chad: Theo, it's okay. All right? I'm not going anywhere.

Theo: My mom is with EJ now, up in heaven. Dad said.

Abe: Lexie's not alone now.

Chad: And that's good. Hey, look at what EJ gave me to give to you.

Theo: [Gasps] Glider! Uncle EJ gave me one. Broke it, I broke it. This is so cool!

Chad: [Laughs] It is. He wanted you to have this new one. It's plastic, so it won't break so easily. Hey, you want to try it out?

Theo: Yeah!

Chad: Yeah? Okay.

Abe: [Laughs] Yeah, go ahead. Hey--hey, stay where I can see you though, buddy, and don't get it hung up in those trees. You bought it.

Chad: I knew he liked the one EJ gave him. I thought he should have something to remember him by.

Abe: Well, thank you. How you doing?

Chad: Hanging in there. Hey father wanted me to ask if a reward would help catch who killed my brother. Maybe 50,000 or 100,000?

Clyde: Hear me on this. We didn't kill EJ DiMera. You did.

Miguel: But, when he punched you, I thought that--

Clyde: Well, that's just the thing. You didn't think. Did you ever hear me ask you to kill anyone?

Miguel: No, sir.

Clyde: Well, then. Come on now. Don't go all lily-livered on me. Things'll work out.

Miguel: You don't understand. Stefano's gonna send--

Clyde: Hey, I'll take care of Stefano, okay? But I need you to do something for me. One simple thing.

Miguel: Yes, sir.

Clyde: I need you to hide out for a while.

Miguel: [Laughs] There's nowhere to hide when Stefano--

Clyde: Hey, don't worry. Where I'm gonna put you, nobody'll ever find you.

Kristen: Because of what happened to John, and the fact that my father and I were able to help, I've come to know Daniel a lot better.

Nicole: Oh, kidnapping didn't do the trick, huh?

Kristen: Well, I always knew he was a skilled surgeon, but I wasn't aware of what a brilliant healer you are. Who knows, maybe if you'd been with EJ after he was mugged, things would be different.

Daniel: Look, I wish I could've helped.

Eric: My condolences.

Nicole: Yep, sorry about EJ.

Kristen: Thank you. I know that he was special to you, wasn't he?

Nicole: He was.

Kristen: Well, at least I heard that, uh, Sami was with him, you know, when he died. And they were able to exchange a few words. Nothing meant more to my brother than your sister's love. And their children, of course. I think it's very sad that it takes a tragedy like this to make you realize something you should have known a long time ago... like this man's skill and knowledge. And honestly, without it, John would probably still be languishing in a coma right now.

John: Damn. Even with all this physical therapy, I'm not gonna be out of here for days.

Kristen: You know what Theresa did to you. I know you do. But still, you're willing to let her get away with practically killing you, because you think that's gonna keep Brady away from me.

John: Kristen always was good at reading people. That's why I need somebody on the outside. Well, I know things are still up in the air between us, but I need someone I can trust... someone who can help me eliminate Kristen... then Theresa.

Marlena: What kind of a statement is that?

Kate: It's a statement of fact. Stefano is nothing if not vindictive. Sami has certain areas of the company that are just under her control. And they are about to disappear into a black hole if she doesn't do something.

Marlena: Well, but that's business. Kate, if you can handle it, then you fix it. But she can't deal with this right now.

Kate: We can think about it as a distraction for her. It will take her mind off EJ, off all of this misery, Marlena.

Marlena: She is exhausted.

Kate: You don't understand the implications of what could happen if she doesn't--

Marlena: Stay away from my daughter!

Hershey's spreads.

Kate: Okay. Fine. But incidentally, I'd move that urn before one of those kids knocks it over and spills EJ all over the carpet.

Marlena: The children are napping. And, Kate... when Sami wakes up, I'd like it if you weren't here. I mean, could--could you just get a room at the Salem inn for tonight?

Kate: No. I'm coming back here to sleep in my own bed in the master suite, as usual.

Marlena: [Scoffs] [Exhales]

Abe: You know, we're on this case full-time, Chad. Before Stefano does anything about a reward, let me run it past the D.A.

Chad: What's the problem?

Abe: Well, it's no problem, necessarily. It's just that sometimes a big reward can make A...circus out of a case.

Chad: All right, well, I get it.

Abe: You know, Chad, uh... if I'm out of line, here, just say so. And I know that you and EJ have been at odds lately, so I hope that's not making you feel guilty. I mean, sometimes people will--

Chad: I'm fine. Really.

Kristen: I'll admit that I was a little surprised when Daniel and I became close, because of the whole sit--

Daniel: We're not close.

Kristen: Oh, we're a little close. Because of the John situation. But you know what? I have learned something from my brother's passing. You just have to seize the moment. You have to grab any happiness that you can, right?

Nicole: What the hell is it with you, Kristen?

Kristen: Oh, my God. Do you know what I just realized? Every single one of us standing here did whatever we had to do to save John. All of us. We did it. We saved John. Oh, well, except for you, Nicole. I'm sure you were praying, though. You know what? Now that I think of it, you don't really have to stay here if you don't want to. I mean, you're not really a part of the discussion, so--

Nicole: Okay, you know what? That's it. You're gonna get what's coming to you.

Daniel: Okay, all right--

Nicole: It might as well be right here, right now.

Daniel: Okay, let's go. Let's go talk outside.

Nicole: I am so sick of listening to you, I've had it!

Daniel: Let's go--privately!

Nicole: You'd better be gone, Kristen, when I come back. 'Cause I am coming back for you.

Daniel: Shh, come on.

Nicole: Ugh. Get off me.

Kristen: Wow. I'm kinda glad that we have this moment alone, you know?

Nicole: Look at that bitch, chatting it up with Eric like nothing ever happened. He knows what she did. How could he let her anywhere near him?

Kristen: It's a very delicate situation. I'm sure you can understand. I'm not welcome in my father's mansion, but I have so much sympathy for Sami. Would you please tell her how sorry I am?

Eric: Yes.

Kristen: It's kinda weird, isn't it? I mean, you and I having this quiet little talk?

Eric: Very.

Kristen: Because of you--and your generosity--I was able to make sure that John got those drugs, you know?

Eric: It was blackmail, Kristen.

Kristen: Look, I--I understand that there's tension here, but something good came from it, right, Eric? Something good came from it. We brought John back.

Eric: True.

Kristen: Right, thank you. I guess what I'm asking you... Can you find it in your heart, maybe, to--can we please just try to leave our problems in the past?

Brady: I don't think I was ever here sober.

Theresa: Oh, sorry. Um, I just thought we should go somewhere private, you know?

Brady: No--no--no--no, don't be sorry. You said it was important, so...

Theresa: Yeah. Brady, I thought about calling you like 100 times after your dad woke up and said that I was right, that you weren't to blame.

Brady: But you didn't.

Theresa: No.

Brady: Why?

Theresa: I thought you were gonna call me. I mean, why haven't you? Why are you still shutting me out?

Abe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I need you to understand, Mrs. Laramie is gonna pick you up after your session, okay?

Theo: Okay, Mrs. Laramie. Got it.

Abe: Okay.

Theo: Jordan! See? Glider!

Jordan: Oh, wow! That's very cool, Theo.

Theo: Yeah, uncle Chad gave me--gave it to me.

Jordan: Oh, awesome.

Theo: Yeah, gotta go now!

Jordan: Okay, bye!

Abe: [Laughs]

Jordan: So, you saw Chad.

Abe: Yeah, in the park.

Jordan: How's he doing?

Abe: Well it's tough on him. I mean, he and EJ had been quarreling lately. I didn't realize you knew him.

Jordan: Well, actually, I just met him a little while ago. We've sort of become friendly.

Abe: Well, he could use a friend. Definitely.

Chad: Hey, you.

Kate: Hey.

Chad: So have you been back to the house?

Kate: Yes...Marlena practically threw me out.

Chad: Why? Were you hassling Sami?

Kate: I wish. She has screwed up-- forget it.

Chad: Forget what?

Kate: Well, you know, I--it's nothing. I just really hate admitting when I've done something wrong and someone else is right. And obviously it was not the right time to be hassling Sami. Not now.

Chad: So Marlena was right? [Laughs]

John: I know, I'm not supposed to be doing this without supervision, but what can I say? I just want to get out of here. And that's what I want to talk to you about. Look, I've been thinking-- what's going on? Is something wrong with Brady?

Marlena: No. Not Brady. EJ.

Brady: Theresa, listen. Please don't take this personally, okay? I--you--you--you have been wonderful through this whole thing.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: You've been...kind, you've been--you've been patient. But I've had a lot to process. I mean, this whole thing has been crazy. And Sami's going through hell right now, and I--

Theresa: No, you've been pulling away for a long time, Brady. And I just--I need to know... do you believe what your father said?

Brady: It does--it doesn't matter. What I bel--

Theresa: Well, I wasn't protecting you, then. And I'm not protecting you now, and neither is your dad.

Brady: Why is this so important to you?

Theresa: Because--because I just wanted to know if we're ever going to be close again. I mean, even if it's just as friends, because I need that, Brady. I need to know if you still believe in me.

Kristen: I know we're never gonna be friends.

Eric: No, we won't.

Kristen: But you know all that hatred you have towards me? And all of the regrets that I have? I mean, it just kinda eats a person up inside, don't you think?

Eric: You're right. I'm still carrying a lot of hatred. And maybe someday I-- maybe someday I can, but I'm not there yet. I'm definitely not there yet. Maybe someday I can...go back to what I've been taught, and what I believe... and finally let it all go.

Kristen: Won't that just be the best day?

Eric: Kristen, it's a goal. It's more for me, not for you.

Kristen: I understand. I get it. I really do get it, Eric.

Nicole: Bitch. That woman's going down.

Daniel: Nicole, wait-- oh, my God. Nicole--

Nicole: What the hell are you two thinking?

Kristen: Nicole, my brother just died. Can we please put off whatever it is that's bothering you 'til another time? I'm feeling so lost right now.

Nicole: Ahem. Yeah, okay, fine, mm-hmm.

Kristen: Thank you.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Kristen: Daniel, could I talk with you privately? It's really important.

Daniel: Yeah, fine. Let's, uh, let's do this now.

Kristen: Okay. Excuse me.

Eric: Would you just look at that? She snaps her fingers and he-- what's going on between those two?

Nicole: No clue, and I really don't care anymore. What I care I care about is, what's going on between you and Kristen?

Chad: Um, did you see any of the kids...when you were there?

Kate: No. No, but apparently EJ has been cremated. His urn was sitting in the middle of the living room like some macabre sculpture piece.

Chad: [Laughs]

Kate: You know, I--I can't imagine that Sami didn't have better--well, though, not Sami, Sami wouldn't have better taste--that someone didn't have better taste. Anyway, I have a meeting to get to. See you later.

Chad: Take care.

Kate: Yeah.

Chad: We'll talk later.

Abe: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey.

Abe: I went over EJ's phone records. The last call he got was from a disposable phone.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Abe: Can't trace it.

Rafe: Yeah, right, well, typical DiMera.

Abe: So what's up on your end?

Rafe: Well, I'm beginning to doubt that this was a mugging. What's EJ doing in the park at night? Or the woods?

Abe: Well, it was nice weather. Maybe he felt like taking a walk. If it was business, he would have had a bodyguard.

Rafe: Right, a walk. Anyway, I am checking EJ's payroll, but I'm telling you, there's more to this.

Jeremiah: Hey.

Clyde: How'd it go?

Jeremiah: Like leading a hog to mud. The cops'll definitely find what they're looking for.

Clyde: Good. That, uh, Miguel fella... he's, uh, turned out to be a real problem.

Jeremiah: He's running scared?

Clyde: Yeah. If, uh, Stefano DiMera's boys get a hold of him, he'll crack like an egg.

Chad: [Sniffs] [Scoffs] You son of a bitch.

Eric: Nicole, would you just relax? Look, Kristen was just talking about herself, as usual, and then she was upset because of EJ's death.

Nicole: Well, yeah.

Eric: Listen, I know you must be grieving, too.

Nicole: [Exhales] EJ and I had started getting along, you know? But it wasn't all flowers and sunshine.

Eric: It's understood.

Nicole: How about you? You must have mixed feelings. EJ absolutely knew what Kristen did. He knew all along.

Eric: Of course.

Nicole: Well? You wouldn't do anything, you wouldn't stick it to him, because of Sami.

Eric: Actually, EJ and I talked a few days before his death.

Nicole: [Exhales]

Eric: Some things were clear. Others maybe not.

Nicole: What are you saying? Oh, my God. You forgave EJ?

Daniel: And what--what is all this garbage about us being close?

Kristen: It's not garbage. We're practically partners.

Daniel: What--are you out of your mind?

Kristen: [Exhales] It's such a shame. You're brilliant--some of the time. The rest of the time, you're just incredibly tedious.

Daniel: Okay, I'm done. I am done. You say what you have to say and then you leave, l--

Kristen: Okay. Look, John... we know that John was smashed over the head with a poker by Theresa, correct?

Daniel: Correct.

Kristen: Okay, and he lied about it, and said that Brady was acting in self-defense.

Daniel: Okay, we can only suspect so much.

Kristen: No, we don't suspect it. I confronted it, I laid it all out there.

Daniel: Yeah, he didn't come forward, did he? Obviously.

Kristen: [Sighs] He knows what really happened, and so do we. But he's incredibly stupid. He hates me so much, he thinks that lying is gonna protect Brady.

Daniel: Mm, he might not be too far off.

Kristen: Don't be stupid like he is, please. Theresa's the only threat. She's the only threat, and you know it. She's the only threat.

Daniel: Look, if John doesn't openly say that, specifically--

Kristen: You know what? I have a solution.

Daniel: Okay.

Kristen: Are you interested?

Daniel: [Exhales] All right, come on, bring it.

Kristen: You're his best friend. If you told him the truth, he would listen to you. So if you care about Brady, then you'll do it. If you don't, and Theresa ruins his life--which she will--it will be on you.

Brady: You want to know what I'm feeling? I'll tell you... what I'm feeling. You and John could both be protecting me. Because you both care about me for very different reasons. That's how I feel.

Theresa: What--so, we're both lying so you won't feel guilty? [Laughs] That is so out there, Brady. I mean, John and I do both care about you. And that's why we're telling you the truth. is really important to me that you know that.

Brady: Why?

Theresa: Because, the most important thing is, Brady... Deep down, you need to know that--that you didn't do anything wrong, and I'm not lying to protect you now, and I wasn't lying then. I-I mean, look, I do know why you think I'm probably lying, because you think that I--I want something, and... [Exhales] And I do.

Brady: Well, then let's hear it.

Theresa: I just--I--I want us to start over.

Chad: It's dusty in there. Oh, right, you--you are the dust. [Chuckles] What? Oh, you thought I came here to show respect. [Chuckles] No, see, you were a rotten brother. Everything was always about you. And even when you did something good, you--you--you would work it so you would be the star at the top of the tree. Well guess what? There are people dancing in the streets right now because you're dead, because--because you didn't care who you hurt or who you stole from or who you betrayed or who you manipulated. [Panting] [Sniffs] Yeah. It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Marlena: Sami just loved him. She's devastated. I know how it feels to lose the man you love and think you'll be alone with nothing but regrets the rest of your life. [Exhales] Sorry, uh, it's been a very emotional day. Um, you--you wanted to, uh, talk about something?

John: [Sighs] It can wait.

Eric: I want you to know that forgiving EJ was not easy. But if I couldn't somehow find a way to do that--for Sami's sake, but mainly for my own--I might not ever get my life back.

Nicole: Fine. Okay, Sami is your sister. And EJ is dead. But Kristen? Seriously? The way her hands were all over you?

Eric: Okay--

Nicole: Frankly, it looked like you were about to do a lot more than forgive.

Eric: Nicole, you know that's not true.

Nicole: How could you even talk to her?

Eric: Because she was-- listen, I don't even trust Kristen. It's the same way it was with EJ, but I have to try to find a way to get beyond that. I have to try to do this for me.

Nicole: Wow.

Eric: And let's not forget that Kristen is responsible for bringing John back. What I did for my mother is something that I had to do.

Nicole: I don't freaking believe this.

Eric: And now my job, from now on, is to take care of myself.

Nicole: I do not believe this! EJ knew Kristen drugged you, and you forgave him. Kristen raped you... and you are working on forgiving her. But the one person--the only person who loved you, you can't forgive? You can't forgive me?

Kristen: What kind of a man are you, hmm? I mean, deep down, where it counts, what kind of a man are you? Do you only deal with facts? Or sometimes do you deal with feelings? You know, I think that you are a very caring man. That you would go to great lengths to help someone that you love.

Daniel: You are just pulling out all the stops, aren't you? Hmm? Oh, yeah, that's right. You are. But guess what? I still won't help you. 'Cause I've been watching you, Kristen, for a long time. And you are good. You are so smart, so savvy. You could manipulate a stone. Now if you get the chance, you'll turn Brady around and get him right back where you want him.

Kristen: You know, this is not about me. Why can't you get that through your head? This is not about me.

Daniel: Oh, no--no. It's about Brady, sure it is. It's so old that it creaks. Yeah. need to know something. That maybe you can get Brady to care, and do whatever you want. Hell, he was so in love with you, he was totally blind. But see, look. That doesn't work with me. No. Because I see just fine.

Kristen: Okay, then. I guess you're gonna let Theresa ruin your best friend's life, huh? It's really too bad. You're gonna regret it. You really will.

Daniel: Yeah?

Kristen: And so will Brady.

Brady: Theresa, look--

Theresa: No, I--I'm not--I'm not saying that we should get married, again, or anything, um... it's just... look--look, when Kristen threatened me, I-I was scared to death, and it made me realize, though, how much you mean to me. How much I really care about you. Look, and I know that you thought that, for me, it was probably about the really great sex and the wild times and the booze and the drugs, but... it wasn't. It was about you. You really helped me, Brady. You've helped make my life better, and...I don't know, now I just--I want to help you. And--and maybe I already have. Maybe me telling everyone that you didn't do anything wrong helped, but... I just know that all the bad times, they' the past. So, I thought maybe we could... sort of, start over.

Brady: I-I gotta--I should go.

Theresa: No--for what? To see who, Kristen?

Brady: No. No, nobody, all right? No one.

Theresa: Do you really have to go?

Abe: So you're not buying that this was some druggie who didn't know what he was doing.

Rafe: Well, does a druggie make sure that there are no footprints, no DNA anywhere? Hmm?

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: Detective Hernandez. Secure the scene, get forensics on it. Okay. Well, we just got a break.

Clyde: Listen, I told Miguel he's gonna take a little trip down to see poplar bluff.

Jeremiah: Then that boy's gonna get to see some sweet country.

Clyde: Yeah.

Jeremiah: Now where you want me to hide him down there?

Clyde: You remember where your granddaddy grew soybeans, just off 62?

Jeremiah: Uh-huh.

Clyde: Well, that's real good soil. Why don't you hide him there? Nice and deep.

Chad: You weren't supposed to die. [Sniffs] We were supposed to work things out. [Crying]

Eric: That's right. I don't forgive you.

Nicole: Why? Why? You can forgive Kristen and EJ and Stefano, but not me? Why?

Eric: Because, Nicole, you're different.

Nicole: Why, because I loved you?

Eric: Because what you did makes it unforgivable. You were my friend. You were my love. You were the one person that I trusted more than anyone, and you betrayed me.

Nicole: No.

Eric: Yes, I hate you. But I hate myself for not being able to try and at least forgive you. It's something that will never happen.

Nicole: [Crying]

Kristen: To hell with you, Daniel. I don't need you. One of these bitches is gonna help me. Aren't you, girls? Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, I am gonna break Theresa Donovan. And I'm gonna watch her fall. Just like that. Okay, then. You're obviously gonna let Theresa ruin your best friend's life. It's too bad. You're gonna regret it. And so will Brady.

[Phone vibrating]

[Phone continues vibrating]

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