Days Transcript Tuesday 10/7/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/7/14


Episode #12437 ~ John has a stunning pronouncement for Marlena, Brady, & Kristen; Sami argues with Will when she learns about his latest article; EJ lays into Chad for exposing his secret to Stefano; Paige is upset and confused when JJ pulls away from her.

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JJ: Hey, how's it going?

Paige: JJ, why didn't you tell me about your dad and aunt Kayla?

JJ: My dad and-- are you kidding me? Aunt Kayla told you about that? Why?

[Knock at door]

Will: Mom, hi. Come in.

Sami: Thanks, thanks. Um, I brought this for my granddaughter.

Will: Thank you. Um... you know the party is for Johnny, Allie, and Sydney?

Sami: Oh, yeah, of course, but I didn't want Arianna to feel left out, wondering why all the other kids are getting so much attention.

Will: That's very sweet.

Sami: No, you and Sonny throwing this party, that's-- that's very sweet of you.

Will: I need to talk to you about something.

Sami: Okay, good, 'cause I need to talk to you too. I mean, I'm sorry that I let Lucas be the one to tell you about EJ and me. I mean--

Will: Whoa. What about you and EJ?

Sami: That we're back together. But you should have seen the kids. I mean, when they came home from camp and we were all just having so much fun on the sofa--

Will: Excuse me? You took that creep back?

EJ: You son of a bitch.

Chad: What's the matter, bro? What happened to all that British cool?

EJ: I want you out of this house.

Chad: Yeah, I think you'd better check with Kate about that. You know, from what I hear, she's got more say than you do about who bunks here and who doesn't.

EJ: Oh, I see. You're sucking up to her, are you?

Chad: Yeah, why not? She's always been good to me, better than my own damn family.

EJ: You little twit. Do you have any idea what you have done?

Chad: Oh, I get it now. You talked to Stefano.

John: Kristen's back? And Brady's with her?

Marlena: Yeah, right now.

John: I was hoping this head injury was making me hear things.

Marlena: No, I'm afraid it's true. John, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

John: Give me your phone.

Marlena: What?

John: Doc, please, just give me your phone now.

Brady: No, no, no, I can't do that.

Kristen: Brady. Brady, wait. After everything I sacrificed to come back here, after saving your father's life--and I hope you know I did that for you-- do you really want me just to walk away and pretend I never met you? Is that really what you want?

Caroline : Oh, it's about time I had a chance to thank you.

Eric: For what?

Caroline: John is gonna be all right because of you.

Eric: Grandma, it's because of the army of doctors who work for the DiMeras. All I did was just make a deal with Kristen.

Caroline: [Sighs] It must have killed you to lose your chance to put her away.

Eric: It's not what it just did to me. It's--I feel like I gave Kristen another shot at Brady.

Caroline: Well, he certainly must be onto her by now.

Eric: Grandma, she's responsible for john coming out of his coma.

Caroline: Ugh. Knowing her, she's gonna milk the Florence nightingale bit from here to tomorrow. Oh. [Scoffs]

Brady: Don't start this.

Kristen: It never ended for us, Brady.

Brady: You drugged my brother and had sex with him when he was out of it. It was over then. I just didn't know it.

Kristen: You still want me.

Brady: I still want cocaine, too, but some impulses you just don't act on.

Kristen: Then why are you here?

Brady: Because I wanted to thank you for bringing my father back. That's why.

Kristen: I don't want your thanks.

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Marlena, is dad okay?

Marlena: Uh, he's... he's better than okay. He's barking orders.

Brady: [Chuckles] That's-- that's great.

Marlena: He would like to see you.

Brady: When?

Marlena: As soon as possible. In fact, he would like you to bring Kristen with you. My budget used to be a real downer,

Paige: I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of this.

JJ: You don't?

Paige: I mean, I guess it's sort of a random connection.

JJ: Is that what you call it?

Paige: Well, your dad just happened to be Kayla's patient when she was a private duty nurse and when she first decided to become a doctor. What would you call it?

JJ: Oh, uh--well, yeah, I mean, I guess I see what you mean.

Paige: I mean, it's kind of weird, right? He just walks into her office without a clue that her boyfriend is his brother? I mean... so now she's your aunt? I don't know. It's just weird.

JJ: So, that's what she told you?

Paige: Yeah, why do you seem so surprised?

JJ: Oh, well, because, I mean, even I don't know all the details. That happened before my parents were married, and, well, my mom just doesn't like to talk about it that much.

Paige: Why?

JJ: Uh, my dad had cancer.

Paige: Oh, I'm sorry. But if you didn't know what happened, then why were you so upset when I told you what she told me?

JJ: Um...

Paige: JJ?

[Baby cries]

JJ: Well, Parker did say that naps are for babies. I guess he's not letting go of that idea. Just let me--

Paige: No, let me. I haven't seen him for a while.

Sami: I guess I just thought that--

Will: That somebody else would have given me the happy news that you're back together with that cheating scum of a husband?

Sami: Uh, will, EJ has been very good to you, so you don't--

Will: Yeah, and then he seduced my cousin while he was engaged to my mother, so, no, I'm sorry--I'm not gonna be spending anymore male-bonding time with him.

Sami: God, why didn't Lucas just say something? Is it so hard?

Will: No, what dad did or did not say is not the issue here, mom.

Sami: No, obviously, it's not.

Will: Nobody told me because they probably didn't want to talk about it. They probably didn't even want to think about it.

Sami: Which is obviously how you feel as well.

Will: After what EJ did, how could you even consider taking him back? I mean, do you have any pride at all?

EJ: You seem to think that you have been very clever. But you don't have any idea how serious this is. You have unleashed a monster on me and my family.

Chad: Oh, give me a break. Look, I was here when you took the company from the old man. He huffed and puffed and took off with this Cecily... or whatever her name was. That was business. That turns him on. It's like his chess game. He loves trying to win everything back. This, I can assure you, is very different.

Chad: How?

EJ: He knows it was me who turned him into the police. He knows that if he comes back to this town, he's going to prison for a very long time. And he knows that because of you.

Chad: Are you so clueless or, no offense, so stupid that you didn't think that he'd find that out from someone?

EJ: No. I knew he'd probably find out. It was a chance I had to take to protect Samantha and that ungrateful hag, I take it, you're in league with.

Chad: [Chuckles] Payback's a bitch.

EJ: Well, so is Kate. So good luck with that.

Paige: I swear, Parker. No big train went through your room. It was just a bad dream. You're not buying that, huh?

Jennifer: It was a matter of the right time.

JJ: Mom, you allowed me to live in this fantasy about dad. I-I-I thought that he was this weird, funny guy that goes on adventures, and then I find out that--you know what? I can't even say it!

Paige: Okay, trains only run on railroad tracks. You know that, right? Okay, do you see any railroad tracks on your floor? No, see? Feel better? That's good because even big guys need naps. I still take naps sometimes. So does JJ. Honest. You are so not a baby anymore, okay? You want your bear?

JJ: How am I supposed to tell Paige something like that?

Paige: Something like what?

JJ: Oh. It's about my dad. Um... you wanted to know why I got so upset when you told me that aunt Kayla told you about him and her.

Paige: Is something wrong?

JJ: Yeah, uh, I mean, there sort of is. It's just, uh... I found out that my dad wasn't always the guy that I thought was always so great.

Paige: Okay. What do you mean?

JJ: Well, I just... I guess--I found out that, uh, before I was born and before my parents were married that, uh, he was pretty much a jerk.

Paige: That's what my mother thinks.

JJ: Well, she's not totally wrong. And even after he married my mom, he put her through a lot.

Paige: Like what?

JJ: Like, um... just living here, you know, and being my mom's husband and being our dad... just wasn't enough for him. He always--he always had some big idea, you know, or he'd take off on these adventures, and my mom and Abigail... they didn't really get that. And my aunt Kayla and my dad's own sister, aunt Adrienne... they always sided with my mom over his. Everybody in the family did.

Paige: It must have made things a bit tricky for you and your dad.

JJ: Yeah. It really did. It still does.

Paige: Why?

JJ: Because I love my dad. But I just grew up hearing people say that they didn't like him or they just didn't like things that he did. And I still love him. [Chuckles] I always will.

Paige: Why wouldn't you? He was good to you.

JJ: Yeah. And that's what I want to remember, so, um... could you just do me a favor? Can you not talk to my aunt Kayla about my dad anymore?

Paige: Yeah. I'm really sorry. The last thing I want to do is bring any bad memories up. And as for your aunt Kayla, talking to her, she's, uh--she's probably told me more about her life than she ever wanted to at this point, so... I'll drop it.

JJ: Thanks a lot.

Brady: Tell dad I'm on my way and tell him I'll have Kristen with me. My dad's alert, and he wants--

Kristen: An audience with me. You know what that means.

Brady: It means that Marlena told him what you did... 'cause I didn't.

Kristen: Well, even if he does want to see me, it's not going to be possible.

Brady: Why not?

Kristen: Because you took out a restraining order against me, Brady. I can't go anywhere near him, remember?

Brady: Yeah, I remember, but I can take care of that.

Kristen: Why? What are you doing?

Brady: Texting roman, and he will have the order lifted.

Kristen: He can't do that. He's gonna have to talk to a judge.

Brady: He'll make it happen. I'll tell him that that is what my dad wants and that I will be with you. Ready to go?

Kristen: Yeah.

Brady: Let's go.

Marlena: Do you want to tell me why you're doing this?

John: Well, if I told you I knew what I was doing, would you believe me?

Marlena: I'd like to.

John: When Brady and Kristen get here, I need you to do something for me. Can I count on you?

Marlena: You know, you're being very mysterious.

John: Brady is with that woman alone right now, and he's with her because of me. I need to take care of this my own way, but I can't do it without you, doc.

Sami: You came to my house. You brought your daughter with you. I actually believed that you wanted to have a truce with me.

Will: I did... with you, not with EJ. Do you remember when Gabi was dealing with nick, when we all trusted EJ? When Abigail became suspicious, we asked him to go and talk to her. Well, he did a lot more than talk.

Sami: And he wasn't the only one.

Will: So now--now you're all about forgiveness. I-is that it? A-are you gonna forgive Abigail?

Sami: I understand that she's your cousin, but she is not an innocent victim in what happened.

Will: Do not make this about her. Do not try to pretend this is her fault.

Sami: I'm not saying it's all her fault, but she certainly has a history, I mean, she did pull quite a scam on Austin.

Will: Uncle Austin did not sleep with her. Your husband did. A-a-are you really telling yourself that some girl fresh out of college was able to manipulate EJ DiMera into an affair? Is that what you're telling yourself, that she just--she handcuffed him to the bed--

Sami: Oh, you just stop it! Stop right now.

Chad: So, if it's a choice between trusting Kate or trusting you, I think I'll take my chances with her.

EJ: Then you are a fool.

Chad: And you're not? Look, you keep saying that all your problems are my fault, but did it ever occur to you that if you hadn't been so nasty to Kate, if you hadn't have slept with the--with the woman that I was in love with that you wouldn't be in this mess right now? I guess it's hard to admit that you are getting exactly what you deserve.

EJ: I know you're very comfortable up there on your moral high ground. But did you ever stop to think about the kind of revenge that father is going to enact because of what you said?

Chad: So you hit a little bump in the road. It's happened before.

EJ: I have never informed on him to the police before. He sees that as the ultimate betrayal, but I'm sure he told you that.

Chad: So? I mean, what's he gonna do, kill his own son?

EJ: That is precisely what he will do.

Eric: Is it possible to be a DiMera and a decent human being at the same time?

Caroline: Well, I think it's a little late for Kristen... and EJ. I don't know what john and Marlena will do. If Brady takes that woman back in his life... well, thank God Sami has seen the light about EJ.

Eric: When's the last time you talked to her about it?

Caroline: When she told me about Abigail. Why?

Eric: Because I have talked to her, and she, uh--

Caroline: Oh, don't tell me that she's--Sami's taken EJ back?

Eric: Yes, grandma. She has.

Sami: [Sighs] I shouldn't even be here. If you're not gonna listen, then you're never gonna understand.

Will: Don't go. Please. I promise that I'll listen... even if I don't understand.

Sami: [Sighs] Everybody makes mistakes, will, everybody.

Will: I know. I have a daughter that reminds me every day.

Sami: Best mistake you ever made?

Will: [Chuckles]

Sami: I guess I want you to try to remember how you felt. Remember how you lied to Sonny about Arianna and being her father... how it made it seem like you were ashamed of her but the truth was you just didn't trust Sonny to handle... handle the truth about her?

Will: I hurt a lot of people.

Sami: But Sonny's... he's your guy, right? And you love him. And he loves you, so that means when--so that means when you lie to him, it hurts him more.

Will: What are you getting at?

Sami: I'm sorry. Um... I know this is hard, but... because you love Sonny so much, if he made a mistake, if he did something terrible--

Will: Sonny would never cheat on me.

Sami: I hope not. But if he did... and after a lot of pain and heartache and soul-searching you came to understand that it was just a mistake he had made and that he still loved you and, in fact, he had never stopped, never stopped loving you, are you sure that you would just throw away everything that you have?

Will: I don't know. I hope I never have to find out.

Sami: Me too.

Will: [Sighs] But if I were to let myself go there... then, yeah, I get why you couldn't just throw it all away.

Sami: Thank you.

Will: Nobody knows what happens in a marriage except for the two people in it.

[Baby cries]

Sami: Huh. Is she up from her nap? Can I see her?

Will: I'll--I'll check. I put her down just before you got here, so...

Sami: Oh, no, she needs her rest for the party.

Will: Wait for me. Don't go. I still really want to talk to you about something.

Sami: Okay. Yeah, I have a little bit of time before my meeting. [Sniffles] Oh, yeah, I could just--

Will: She dropped her pacifier, and as soon as I gave it back to her, she went straight back to s-sleep.

Sami: Chad DiMera? How did he spend his time away from Salem, how--how much contact has he had with the rest of his family? Is this the something that you wanted to talk to me about?

Chad: Don't you think you're being a little melodramatic? The old man would never kill one of his own kids. We're his life.

EJ: He may feel that way about you. In fact, I know he does. But do not delude yourself. Don't forget what he is capable of... especially when he feels he's been betrayed by a member of his family, particularly by his son. He left tony... in prison on an island. He left peter to rot in jail.

Chad: [Chuckles] So he's not just a killer-- he's, what, sexist?

EJ: No. He took his time getting Kristen out of the white slave racket she was involved in. He abducted Alexandra. The carcinogens that she inhaled when she was trapped in that tunnel... they are what ultimately killed her.

Chad: Yeah, I remember.

EJ: Yeah? You may also remember what he said after that. He said he was a changed man. He said the same thing after you were shot.

Chad: Yeah.

EJ: Yeah. He is the same vengeful monster that he was born to be. And you have unleashed that monster on me and my family. You may hate me. But Samantha... your niece... Chad, your nephew... would you have them be destroyed too? Could you live with that?

Paige: [Sighs] He's fast asleep. He really did need a nap. So how are you doing with let the great world spin?

JJ: Well, uh, you know, I... I find it, uh, luminous and impressive, you know, just a novel filled with achingly fine writing.

Paige: [Laughs] Wow. You're really into it.

JJ: Well, yeah, I mean, how can I not be? You know, it's all so--it's marvelous and--and stunning and, you know, just... symphonic.

Paige: You know... I can say the same thing about you.

JJ: Oh, yeah?

Paige: Mm-hmm. Well... you are definitely... mesmerizing.

Both: Mm.

JJ: You know, I don't think it would be a good thing if Daniel came in and saw us like this, not after we told him what reliable babysitters we are.

Paige: We're being reliable babysitters. Haven't you ever heard of multitasking?

JJ: Uh, yeah, yeah, um, we can't do this.

Will: What were you doing-- snooping?

Sami: I wasn't snooping. It was sitting on your table for anybody to see. It looks like you're writing an article about Chad, and that had better not be what you are doing.

Will: I'm sorry. I was hired by Sonix, and my first assignment is to write a profile of Chad DiMera.

Sami: Will, you don't understand. You can't do this.

Will: Here we go again.

Sami: No, Chad hates EJ now.

Will: Well, are you surprised? He was in love with Abigail.

Sami: Right, but--but that means that Chad is gonna trash EJ, and we can't have that. I mean, the consequences of him actually revealing--

Will: Mom, the article-- it's gonna happen.

Sami: What about your cousin? Right? Y-you love her. You don't want to see her get hurt, and Chad's probably gonna say terrible things about her.

Will: You don't care. And besides, you shouldn't worry. She's not gonna be mentioned in the piece.

Sami: No, of course not, but me and EJ--we are fair game here.

Will: Oh, my God, I-I doubt that he is going to mention you. But he is a DiMera. EJ is his brother, so I have to ask.

Sami: No, of course, Chad will be happy to fill you in on every little detail.

Will: Well, you seemed to have thought that he deserved to know about EJ and Abigail and be upset about that. You--you were the one who made sure he knew. Oh, but I'm sorry--that was before you decided that we're all human. We all make mistakes.

Sami: Okay, if you write an article that slanders--

Will: Do not threaten me, mom. I am writing that article. And so, before either one of us says something that we're gonna regret... I think you should leave.

Sami: Finally, something we agree on.

[Door closes]

Chad: So you're using your... own kids to try to get you off the hook. Yeah, you really are pathetic.

EJ: Chad, tell father that-- that Kate was lying to you, okay? He'll believe it coming from you. Please, just call him off.

Chad: No, you should have thought about what I would do when you were tearing Abigail's clothes off. But you didn't, did you? You didn't even call me when everything blew up in your face. I had to get a package from Sami! And by the way, she highlights all the good parts. So thank you for that.

EJ: I'm sorry. I meant to call you--

Chad: Okay, but you didn't! You didn't!

EJ: I just didn't know what to say.

Chad: No, because you didn't give a damn about me, EJ, and you still don't.

EJ: Look, I did not know what Samantha was going to do. I didn't, okay? And I suppose a part of me just wished this whole thing would go away.

Chad: Oh, so I see. So you decided that the best thing for me... or, no, the kindest thing for me was to do nothing? Or maybe it's just I didn't-- I didn't cross through your selfish mind because you were too busy thinking about yourself and what you lost. And now you're turning things around on Sami? That's even more pathetic. So, no... I won't be talking to father. I won't be telling him to change his mind about how he feels about you... 'cause seeing you squirm, it's making my day. Bottom line, brother--I don't care what father or anyone else does to you.

Kristen: Well, here we are.

Marlena: Yes, I see.

Brady: Kristen reminded me that she has a restraining order against her. But she's not supposed to go anywhere near dad.

Marlena: Oh. Shall I tell him?

Kristen: She asked hopefully.

Brady: I texted roman. I told him the circumstances. He's gonna have the order lifted.

Kristen: Sorry.

Marlena: [Exhales sharply]

Brady: [Sighs] Should we go in?

Marlena: Well, uh, john would like to see Kristen first... alone.

Kristen: Hmm.

Brady: Really? I don't know if that's a great idea.

Kristen: Me neither, at least not without my attorney.

Marlena: Well, that's what he wants.

Kristen: Long time no see.

Brady: [Sighs] Don't you think it's a little soon for dad to be going one-on-one with Kristen?

Marlena: Yes, I do.

Brady: Why'd you go along with it?

Marlena: Well, he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Brady: Come on, he's in a hospital bed.

Marlena: Once I told him you were alone with her...

Brady: You told him?

Marlena: Yeah. He asked me. I didn't want to lie to him.

Brady: Well, he has nothing to worry about. I thanked Kristen for what she did for him, and I also told her that there is still no hope for us.

Marlena: I'm sure you did. The thing about Kristen is she hears what she wants to hear. So she heard that you are willing to forgive her and take her back.

Brady: I know what I'm doing.

Marlena: Do you?

John: Yeah, it has been a long time... longer than I thought. Marlena filled me in.

Kristen: Hmm. So you know?

John: That you're the one that got me out of the coma? Yeah, I know.

Kristen: Well, I didn't really do anything. I just facilitated things.

John: Mm, I think you did a little more than that.

Kristen: Is that what Marlena said?

John: No, it wasn't easy for her... telling me that you were the one that got Daniel and Kayla the drug.

Kristen: [Scoffs] I bet.

John: But I still don't know all the details.

Kristen: I did what I could. I'm glad it worked.

John: Doctors think I'm gonna make a full recovery.

Kristen: Isn't that just great? I mean, honestly, even I don't want to see you end up like a, you know...

John: Vegetable.

Kristen: Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Kristen: Why am I here?

John: Well, I was thinking... that after everything that we've been through, all the pain that we caused each other... that maybe you and I--we can use this moment as a new beginning.

[Pounding on door]

Will: Chad, what are you doing? Arianna's asleep.

Chad: Sorry. I got a little carried away.

Will: It's okay. It's just-- I just wasn't expecting to see you when I heard the pounding. That's all.

Chad: What were you expecting?

Will: Well, the DiMera that I was expecting to see was EJ.

Sami: Oh. Oh, EJ. Oh, my God, you're not gonna believe what just happened.

EJ: Me first.

Sami: What? Okay.

EJ: Father knows.

Sami: He knows what?

EJ: He knows that it was me that gave the evidence to Rafe, and he knows that if he comes back here, he's gonna go to prison for a very long time.

Sami: How does he know that? I mean, we're the only ones who knew--you and me and Rafe and Kate. I mean--

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Sami: No. No, that bitch did not tell him?

EJ: Oh, no. She was much cleverer than that. She told Chad. Chad told father.

Sami: Are you sure?

EJ: Absolutely. Father confronted me about it. I turned around and confronted Chad, and he had no bones at all about taking responsibility.

Sami: What was your father like?

EJ: He said that I was dead to him.

Sami: EJ, I'm sorry. Oh, my God.

EJ: I don't know what's going to happen... but it's not going to be good.

Paige: Um, sorry.

JJ: No, no, no, don't be. It's just, uh, I have--I have to go.

Paige: [Scoffs] Now?

JJ: Yeah, yeah, I have-- I have a lab. Um, can you stay here with Parker?

Paige: Sure, but your-- your lab's not for another hour. Something's going on with you.

JJ: No, no, no, I'm good. Okay, I'm good. I just--I got to-- I got to get going, all right? I'll call you later.

Paige: Why does he keep pulling away from me? [Sighs] [Sighs] Hi. I'd like to make an appointment. As soon as possible.

Chad: So why did you think it was gonna be EJ banging on the door?

Will: Me and my mom got into a huge scene this morning. I just found of that she got back together with EJ, and I can't believe it.

Chad: And you just found that out? Yeah, that dude's got a way with women.

Will: Tell me about it. [Chuckles] So, well, I told her what I think of EJ. She didn't take to that too kindly, and then she found my notes on the article I'm writing for you, and then she flipped out.

Chad: I'm sorry.

Will: It's not your fault. You know, she tried to talk me out of writing the article because she's afraid that you're gonna trash EJ.

Chad: Really?

Will: Yeah, but I don't want to talk about her anymore. Let's get to work.

Chad: Wait. So you're still gonna write the article?

Will: Absolutely.

Chad: Good... because I have a whole lot to say about my family, including EJ.

Sami: Okay, well, I'm gonna go find Kate Roberts right now, and I'm gonna go--

EJ: No, you are not.

Sami: What? Are you kidding me? She was my partner. I teamed up with the she-devil to get Stefano, not for her to go and side with him against me.

EJ: Next time, you better pick a better partner.

Sami: Okay, well, I'm gonna do something about it, all right?

EJ: I did not tell you so you would do something. I just told you so that you would know.

Sami: Then we have to do something, okay? We'll do something. Tell me what we're gonna do.

EJ: I don't know what we're going to do, but whatever it is, we will do it together.

[Knock at door]

Sami: Oh, I swear to God--

EJ: Hey, look, ah, ah, ah. Just calm down.

Sami: [Breathes deeply]

EJ: [Clears throat] Ah, Caroline and Eric, how lovely to see you.

Caroline: I'd like to speak to my granddaughter.

Kristen: When I hear "new beginning" from you, I mean, even from a hospital bed, it makes me wonder if maybe I'm standing on a trap door that's about to give way.

John: [Chuckles]

[Door opens]

Kristen: Uh, we actually weren't finished talking yet.

Marlena: Well, I gave you five minutes with john, and your time is up.

Kristen: We were talking about closure, weren't we, john?

Marlena: John needs to rest, and you need to go.

Brady: She's right.

John: I-I-I don't understand.

Brady: Dad, you all right?

John: M-m-m-my God.

Marlena: John, what is it?

John: It's all coming back.

Brady: What do you--what do you mean?

John: I know what happened to me that night. I remember it all.

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