Days Transcript Tuesday 9/16/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/16/14


Episode #12422 ~ Paige gets incriminating pictures of JJ & Jill; Hope admits to having feelings for Aiden; Nicole tries to comfort Eric.

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[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: Hey.

Ben: I should be done in a couple of minutes.

Abigail: Great. I can't wait to see you, Ben. [Gasps]

[Phone clatters]

Abigail: Oh, my God. Chad.

Chad: I didn't mean to scare you.

Abigail: No, uh, no, I'm just--I'M... surprised. I... when did you...

Chad: Just a couple of hours ago. Yeah, I was going to call you. Um... I couldn't really figure out what to say. It is really good to see you. You're even more beautiful than I remember.

Hope: Sweet dreams, sweetie. I love you. See you first thing in the morning, okay?

Kayla: Hope.

Hope: Hey.

Kayla: I'm so glad I ran into you.

Hope: Yeah?

Kayla: Yeah. How did your talk with Aiden go?

Nicole: Look, I hope I didn't get you in trouble with frowny-face.

Aiden: Don't worry about it. You didn't get me in trouble with fr--

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Aiden: With hope.

Nicole: [Clears throat]

Aiden: I managed that all on my own.

Nicole: Good. I'm glad you're not mad at me, because I need a favor.

Aiden: What kind of favor?

Nicole: I want to sue Kristen DiMera for alienation of affections.

Aiden: Really, now?

Nicole: She destroyed my relationship with Eric, and I want her to pay.

Caroline: Penny for your thoughts.

Paige: Thanks so much, Dr. Jonas. We've been waiting forever, and I'm really worried about her arm.

Mary Beth: It's okay. I don't need any special treatment. Dr. Jonas isn't even on call.

Daniel: Not a problem. No, I'm happy to help. Yeah. So is, uh, JJ still at the party?

Eve: Oh, I have paid you a lot of money to set up that boy. Why haven't I heard from you? What the hell is taking so long?

Jill: [Grunts] Okay. [Grunts] All right. Does it look like he's coming on to me?

Dana: It actually looks like you slipped him a roofie and are trying to roll him. I wonder why that is.

Jill: Oh, you're hilarious. Oh, my goodness. It is my luck that I get the one freshman in the entire country who won't just get drunk and come on to me.

Dana: He's in love.

Jill: Oh, he's a pain in the-- wait a minute. I have an idea. You're going to take a picture that's going to break him and the professional virgin up for good.

Abigail: It's... good to see you too.

Chad: Is it? [Chuckles] I honestly wasn't sure how you'd feel about me coming back.

Abigail: So, uh... well, then you're--you're back for good, right?

Chad: Well, yeah, I intend to stay in Salem. But as I am a DiMera, I'm not sure how many people would say that it was for good.

Abigail: Sorry. I--

Chad: [Chuckles] Stab at a joke-- apparently it fell flat.

Abigail: Oh, no. [Laughs] I'm--I'm just still so surprised to see you. [Sighs] Um... well, uh, you know, I would love to stay and chat, you know, but, um, I have to--

Chad: Yeah, you have to meet Ben... right?

Jill: Okay. [Grunts] Here. Hold his arm out and then make him look like he's taking a selfie of the two of us making out.

Dana: Oh, right, he's transported. (Announcer) are you dealing with hot flashes during menopause?

Kayla: So tell me-- did you clear the air with Aiden? I mean, did you come clean with him?

Hope: Well, actually, I took something of a different approach. Instead of talking with him-- I'm going to use my fingers, okay? They're clean. Um... I kind of snapped at him.

Kayla: Oh, well, that usually works.

Hope: Oh, I know, I know. I didn't do what you advised me to do, but, you know, I have to say, I think it really worked out for the best.

Kayla: And why would you say that?

Hope: Because I've given it some thought, and I figured out that maybe my feelings for Aiden actually have more to do with your brother than with him, with Aiden.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Oh, damn it. Hold on a second. Oh, I'm sorry.

Hope: You have to go?

Kayla: Yes, we're short staffed.

Hope: You don't have to explain going off to save lives.

Kayla: Well, you know what? I don't like saving lives getting in the way of me telling you how to run your life. Listen, we are not done with this discussion, okay? And don't snap at Aiden. Come on.

Hope: Well, I don't think, uh, it's likely he'll give me the chance to.

Kayla: Here, this should cover--

Hope: No, no, I got it.

Kayla: No, and by the way, I'm not so sure about that. Okay, see you.

Nicole: Everything that has happened between Eric and me traces right back to her. She is the reason he lost respect for me. She is the reason he lost his love for me, not--

Aiden: All right, look, h-here's the thing. You were never married. Okay, in this state, alienation of affection only applies to spouses, okay? That also saves me from having to point out that a case could be made that you screwed everything up with Eric on your own.

Nicole: Gosh, you're so sweet. I just love talking to you. Yes, I know that. I know I screwed up. [Sighs] But she is the woman who ruined Eric's life. She deserves to be behind bars.

Aiden: Wow. You still really love this guy, don't you?

Eric: Actually, I was just going through a few photos...

Caroline: Oh.

Eric: Trying to figure out what I'm going to sell online.

Caroline: Oh, well, how's it going?

Eric: Oh, I've sold some-- mostly of Africa.

Caroline: I'm so proud of the way that you're putting your life back together.

Eric: Is that what I'm doing? 'Cause to me, it all seems a little sad... pathetic.

Caroline: Well, of course you feel lost right now. And if john comes out of the coma--and we're all praying that he does--you'll be giving up your chance for justice against Kristen.

Eric: Getting justice was one thing that gave my life focus. Now... I have to find a new way to move on... again.

Jill: All right, these will work fine.

Dana: What are you going to do with them?

Jill: You'll see. [Clears throat] "Hey, Rory. Check this out." All right, I have to make him sound like he's drunk. "You could have had this, too, if you hadn't... screwed up. I owe you one. Thanks, JJ." Oops. Looks like he accidentally sent those to Paige instead of Rory. I hope that's not a problem.

Dana: [Chuckles]

Paige: I'm kind of surprised you were here tonight. I--well, JJ said you and his mom had a date. He said she was pretty excited about it.

Jennifer: Daniel, that--

Daniel: No, you were wrong about Nicole, and you don't have the first clue as to what's going on with me and Kristen.

Jennifer: No, you're right. I don't, but I do know--

Daniel: Well, there you go. Again, none of your business.

Jennifer: You know what? You're right. It is none of my business. Good night.

Daniel: I, uh... it just didn't--didn't really work out. Yeah.

Paige: I'm so sorry. T-that was none of my business.

Daniel: Let--let me see if those x-rays have come in. Okay, yeah.

[Cell phone ringing]

Paige: Oh, my God.

Jill: Okay.

Kurt: JJ, where are you, dude?

Jill: Let's get out of here.

Kurt: Ah, there you are, man. I just wanted to thank you for helping out my bro. He was totally wasted. Hey. [Chuckles] It looks like you got yourself partied out too, huh?

JJ: What the...

Kurt: Hey, dude, we better get you out of here. The po-pos are starting to break up the party. Come on. Come on. Come on. Yeah, strong guy. There we go.

JJ: Hey, uh... hey, where's-- where's Paige?

Mary Beth: Dr. Jonas said nothing showed up in my x-rays so I can go home. I'm sorry that this was all for nothing, but my arm really did hurt. Paige? What's wrong?

Eric: [Sighs] You ruined my life. I hate you so much, I just want to strangle you.

Nicole: Yeah? Then go ahead. I dare you! Yes, of course I am still in love with Eric.

Aiden: Hmm. You're hoping that this lawsuit was going to keep him in your orbit, that you two can work on this together, is that right?

Nicole: Well, the thought crossed my mind, yes.

Aiden: I'm sorry, Nicole, but you just don't have a case here.

Nicole: I thought you were a top-notch lawyer.

Aiden: I am the top-notch lawyer.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Aiden: So, when I tell you that this chicken don't fly, this chicken don't fly.

Nicole: Then what good are you?

Aiden: Not the first person to ask me that. But, uh, come here. I can say the alphabet backwards, if that impresses you.

Nicole: Yeah, uh... you might want to keep that one to yourself.

Aiden: [Laughs] You're probably right.

[Both laugh]

Nicole: Yeah, I don't even think I could do that.

Aiden: I can tell you. "Z," "y," "x," "w"--

Hope: Well, you two can't seem to get enough of each other, can you? Hmm?

Chad: I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop. I just, you know, overheard your call to... it was Ben, right? New guy, huh? Well, he's lucky. [Exhales sharply, chuckles] Wow. It has been almost a year since I left.

Abigail: Right, yeah. [Chuckles] Crazy.

Chad: And it sounds like a lot's happened since then.

Abigail: Well, how about you? Uh... I heard that your surgery went well in Boston. That's great.

Chad: Yeah. Great. And then I traveled a lot... trying to forget about how much I hurt you. But no matter where I went, I couldn't stop beating myself up for how stupid I was to lose you.

Abigail: Chad, um--

Chad: I couldn't-- I loved you so much.

Abigail: In the past. It's all in the past.

Chad: But you were right... when you said that you couldn't trust me. I manipulated your life, and that was wrong.

Abigail: Chad, please.

Chad: I just couldn't bear losing you.

Abigail: Can we, uh-- can we just please not talk about this anymore?

Chad: Right. Water under the bridge. Boring.

[Both chuckle]

Chad: You probably want to talk about how you slept with my brother.

Daniel: Lights are out. Early to bed, I guess. Maybe I'll just see her in the morning.

[Vehicle approaching]

Daniel: Yeah.

[Vehicle door opens]

Kurt: Have a good night, bro.

[Vehicle departing]

Daniel: JJ, JJ. JJ, can you--can you hear me? Hey.

JJ: Daniel?

Daniel: Are you drunk?

JJ: No, where'd you get that idea?

Daniel: JJ, hey, did you even think about what this would do to your mother? Huh? JJ? All right, come on. Come on, come here.

Nicole: Thanks, Aiden. See you around.

Hope: Let me guess-- you were having another laugh at my expense.

Aiden: Actually, we were talking business.

Hope: Right. Aiden... I-I'm sorry to have interrupted the two of you.

Aiden: Are you?

Hope: What does that mean?

Aiden: You seem to be a little jealous.

Hope: Did you say "jealous"?

Aiden: Uh, no, no, I didn't-- why would I--no. Why would I say that? It'd be a big mistake to say that.

Hope: Do you have a minute to step outside? I think we need to clear the air.

Aiden: [Sighs]

Abigail: Chad, what happened with--

Chad: There's no need to explain, all right? I read every word will wrote. It's pretty clear... almost--almost graphic.

Abigail: I didn't want you to find out that way, okay? When Sami told me that she sent you that article, I... have you talked to your brother?

Chad: Yeah. We had a little chat after he got up off the floor.

Abigail: Did you hit him?

Chad: Well, I figured it was the least I could do.

Abigail: Okay, listen, you need to understand something, Chad. This wasn't all EJ's fault. I--

Chad: Yeah, I know that. You wanted it as much as he did, right? You know, when I left town, you were on such a high horse, but you managed to get down off of it to get into bed with my brother.

Abigail: Chad, I-I--

Chad: There is no one on earth that you could have slept with that would have hurt me more. Yeah, but then again, you knew that, didn't you?

Jill: The ones on JJ's phone are even better. [Clears throat] Poor JJ. Those got sent to Paige by mistake.

Eve: [Chuckles] That's what you get for drinking and texting. Good work, Jill.

Jill: Your approval means everything to me.

Eve: Although I must say I'm a little disappointed in JJ. I mean, but it's a typical male, right? Give them a couple of cocktails, and they're all over the next available girl.

Jill: Well, I mean, the truth is--

Eve: I knew that my daughter could not trust this boy. [Chuckles]

Jill: Well, I'm not so sure about that. We had to move away from the original plan... improvise a bit.

Eve: What do you mean?

Jill: He wouldn't take a drink. He never took his eyes off Paige, and he wouldn't even... lay a hand on me. So I had to give him a little extra... push.

Eve: Well, what did you do exactly, then?

Jill: He'll be fine... [Clears throat] Even if he doesn't remember much. He certainly won't be able to explain his way out of this one. So... [Clears throat] Mission accomplished. I have a bus to catch. And since I held up my end of the bargain, it is time for you to pony up.

Mary Beth: I mean, how locker room is that? Bragging about hooking up with--

Paige: Stop it, all right?

Mary Beth: Sorry. But at least now you know the type of guy he is, so you can dump his ass and get with someone who isn't such a loser.

Paige: Thanks for stopping. Thanks for covering up the fact that you're thrilled and that it doesn't really matter that this is killing me. I guess the party was more fun than you thought.

Mary Beth: I'm sorry. Where are you going?

Paige: To find JJ. I need to know what's going on.

Daniel: Thank God I was there and your mother didn't see you. Damn it, JJ, after everything you've been through, I thought you learned your lesson.

JJ: I didn't do anything. I only had, like, one little sip of a beer, and I stopped because Paige made me see how stupid it was. So then from then on, all I drank was soda.

Daniel: I saw you staggering home. I saw it. You had something besides soda, come on.

JJ: I don't know, all right? It's all a blank. But I do know that I was not drinking. I must have been drugged.

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, don't lie to me. If you took something, just tell me. Tell me what it was.

JJ: No, I-I didn't. I would not do that, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, so you think somebody drugged you?

JJ: [Scoffs] Maybe not on purpose. But there were a lot of drugs at the party, and maybe I drank out of someone else's cup or something. Daniel, will you please believe me? I swore off drugs a long time ago, and I meant it. I saw how much I hurt mom and Abigail, and I will not put them through that again.

Daniel: I believe you.

JJ: Thank you. I just--I know--I know I've given you a lot of reasons not to.

Daniel: Okay, well, let's get you to the hospital. If you were drugged, we need to know what's in your system.

JJ: Well, whatever it is, it sucks because I don't remember having any fun, and I feel like crap right now. I can't because my record just got expunged, and if I test positive for drugs--

Daniel: Okay, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. We'll do this on the Q.T. Don't worry.

JJ: Thank you. And don't call mom or Paige, okay? I don't want them to know... yet. I just--I just want to get this figured out, figure out what happened, and I-I just don't want them to worry.

Daniel: All right, let's go.

JJ: [Coughs]

Daniel: [Sighs]

[Knock at door]

Mary Beth: You were so right. All I had to do was get Paige away from JJ for a little while, and he inevitably got in trouble at that party. You know, we are so lucky that he was so drunk and/or stupid to send those skanky photos to Paige.

Eve: Yeah, we were lucky, and you know what, Mary Beth? You really need to go, because Paige does not need to know that we even talked about this. Otherwise she's going to think that we conspired against her, honey.

Mary Beth: Well, we kind of did. I mean, you told me to fake an injury, and I even got my arm x-rayed.

Eve: And you know what? I appreciate that so much, and you have been such a dear friend to her. Come on. But remember, now, you cannot tell her any of this, okay?

Mary Beth: No.

Eve: Okay, okay, honey. Thank you. Okay. Oh! [Chuckles] [Sighs] Sweetheart, I know that this is going to hurt so much, but in the long run, it's for your own good.

Paige: Where did everyone go? What happened to the party?

Abe: I-I had to break it up. And there were arrests for underage drinking and drug use.

Paige: JJ was here. Was he--did--did you have to--

Abe: No, JJ wasn't here. I haven't seen him. Are you okay? You seem upset.

Paige: I'm just anxious to find JJ. He and I have a lot to talk about.

[Door opens]

Eric: I'm sorry. We're clo--

Nicole: Closed? I know. I was just walking by, and I saw you, and I thought--

Eric: Then you should have kept walking.

Nicole: I talked to your mom. She told me what you sacrificed for john and Brady.

Eric: That's a bit premature. Nobody knows anything yet.

Nicole: But if john does recover and you let Kristen go free, how--

Eric: I'm not talking about this with you, so please go.

Nicole: Eric, wait. I know this is hard, but, please, let me help you.

Abigail: Chad, I'm so sorry.

Chad: You know, ever since I found out you slept with my brother, I can't get the two of you out of my head. I just keep... thinking about you guys individually and together-- you know, together in--in that special way. I keep thinking about EJ coming to the pub and practically blackmailing me into moving back into the house. Yeah, I wonder if I missed something between the two of you...

Abigail: No, that's--

Chad: If there was a look that I should have noticed. I mean, he was always telling me how lucky I was to have you.

Abigail: Please, don't do this.

Chad: So how long were you-- and how do I put this delicately--lusting after him? Were you thinking of him every time I made love to you, saying--

Abigail: What?

Chad: Saying his name in your head over and over?

Abigail: No, I wasn't.

Chad: How EJ was the DiMera you really wanted, but since you were a virgin, you thought you needed a little experience before you took him on.

Abigail: Excuse me.

Chad: What was I, like your-- like your--your training wheels, your starter lover? Or did you settle for sleeping with the little brother until you could figure out a way to get me out of the picture? I hope he was worth the wait, Abigail. Tell me, was he that much better than me?

Abigail: [Sighs]

[Cell phone ringing]

JJ: Hey, uh, I know you must be looking all over for me, but I can explain.

Paige: Let me guess--you and that girl went back to her place, huh?

JJ: Huh?

Paige: Well, there's only so much you can do on a park bench, right? Are you in her bed right now?

JJ: What are you talking about?

Paige: Are you texting Rory all the details?

JJ: Paige, what is wrong with you?

Paige: What's wrong with me is that I saw the pictures you thought you sent to Rory. I can't believe you did that. I thought you loved me.

JJ: I do.

Paige: Liar. I never want to hear from you again, ever.

JJ: Paige? Paige?

Daniel: Hey, what's going on?

JJ: That was Paige. She said I, uh... what the hell?

Abigail: You're right, Chad. I made a mistake, a big one. But I didn't set out to hurt you, and I am sorry that I did. But that does not give you the right to come here and talk to me like that. You can't just walk--

Ben: What's going on here?

Abigail: Ben.

Chad: Ah, this must be Ben.

Abigail: Um...

Chad: I'm Chad. I'm an old friend of Abigail's... EJ's brother.

Ben: Is he bothering you?

Chad: No, we were just talking about old times.

Ben: You don't decide if you're bothering her or not. She does.

Chad: Your knight in shining armor. Well, now that Ben is here, I'll leave you two alone. Yeah, but, Ben, a word to the wise--you really shouldn't leave a girl as beautiful as Abigail out here alone at night, 'cause there are a lot of unsavory types here in Salem.

Ben: You all right?

Abigail: Oh.

Ben: Huh?

Abigail: Mm.

Eric: How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want you or your help.

Nicole: I know that. But I just can't walk away. Do you ha-- have any idea how much I miss you? And, no, I didn't just happen by tonight. I do it every night. I walk by here in the hopes that I'll catch a glimpse of you. [Crying] I stand outside, and I stare up at your window, wondering how you're doing and what you're thinking, and it's killing me that you're shutting me out. I, uh... I saw that you're selling your photos online. Can you at least tell me about that?

Eric: What do you want me to tell you... that I can't be a priest anymore because of you, that my job at the hospital is ending and I have to find a new way to make a living?

Nicole: Well, how's--how's that going?

Eric: Oh, splendidly. I can almost pay my rent, which is for free.

Nicole: Well, maybe if you put some of your black-and-white photos up, that might--

Eric: How do you know I haven't? Wow. You've been to my site. Dear lord, please don't tell me you've made a few purchases.

Aiden: I told you that I have feelings for you. You made it quite clear that they were not reciprocal, so I--

Hope: Can I talk? Please, just...

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: [Sighs] Okay, I haven't been completely honest with you or particularly honest with myself, for that matter, and you see, the thing is, is that-- I mean... at times, I... I have felt a certain attraction for you. But, I mean, it's just so complicated.

Aiden: [Chuckles] It is. Look, it is. It is complicated, and you don't have to explain. You love your husband, okay? And whatever it is that you feel for me... is damn insignificant in comparison to that. Hope, I get it.

Hope: No. No, you don't get it. It's... no, you don't get it at all.

[Door unlocking, opens]

Eve: Honey, I wasn't expecting you back so soon. How was the party?

Paige: [Sniffles]

JJ: I don't--I don't understand, 'cause I don't remember that at all.

Daniel: Well, uh, there's a reason for that. Tests came back, and there's some evidence of a very potent drug in your system.

JJ: All right, look, look, but, Daniel, even if I was completely gone, I-I-I wouldn't have cheated on Paige. I wouldn't have hurt her like that.

Daniel: Well, drugs can make you do things that aren't really, uh, normal.

JJ: It--it--I don't know, okay, because there seems like there's something wrong about this. I mean, instead of sending the pictures to Rory, which I wouldn't have done in the first place, I sent them to Paige? Does that seem like some kind of a weird coincidence?

Daniel: Okay, so you think...

JJ: I think that maybe it wasn't a mistake that I got someone else's drink. Maybe I was deliberately drugged. What if I was set up?

Ben: Was that your ex?

Abigail: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah. He seems like a real jerk.

Abigail: He's not.

Ben: Well, he acted like a jerk. What did he say that got you so upset?

Abigail: He just--he--he, like, just lashed out and, um... I really hurt him, Ben.

Ben: So he's a fragile jerk? That's the last time he ever talks to you like that. You have my word on that.

Abigail: It's not going to happen again. He just... just needed to get it out of his system.

Ben: That's a really nice way to put it. Look, I know we were supposed to go out tonight, but do you want to reschedule?

Abigail: Would you mind? I'm sorry. I-I just--I don't think I would be that much fun tonight.

Ben: I will walk you home, okay? We have plenty of other nights.

Abigail: Yeah.

Ben: Come on.

Nicole: Yes, I bought a photo off your website--sue me.

Eric: Don't do it again.

Nicole: Why? What is so wrong about it?

Eric: Because any connection between us is wrong. I hate it! I hate you.

Nicole: Fine. I won't do it again. But I'm keeping the one I bought and all the other photos you gave me. You know why? Because it's all I have left of us.

[Door opens, closes]

Hope: Yes. I do love Bo. [Sighs] He's been the love of my life since I was a teenager. [Chuckles] We kind of grew up together... built a life together, a good one. We created a beautiful family. But then, um... well, almost two years ago, he... walked out on all of that and decided to leave me and our daughter for a mission that I know absolutely nothing about. I can't even remember the last time I heard his voice. So, you see, I don't know when he's coming back or if he's ever going to come back. He's deserted us. And I'm hurt, and I'm angry, and I'm furious... not just for myself, but for Ciara.

Aiden: Of course, you are.

Hope: You see... I'm so furious and hurt by Bo that I can't help if... this--this attraction that I have for you is simply a reaction to that because I'm furious and angry, and it's a way of getting back at him. Aiden, if that's the case, then I'd be using you, and you... don't deserve that, not from me.

Aiden: No, look, hope--

Hope: I'm sorry. I--no, I'm--I'm sorry. I--

Eve: Honey... you seem upset. Did something happen?

Paige: I don't--I don't want to talk about it.

Eve: Well, hon, it might make you feel better if you did.

Paige: [Sniffles] I just want to-- I just want to go to bed and go to sleep, okay? Good night.

Eve: Well, I... you'll see, sweetheart. You're better off without JJ Deveraux.

Daniel: Hold on. Just hold on. If you were purposefully drugged, that's a pretty serious crime. So we need to talk to the police.

JJ: [Scoffs] But we only have a theory. I mean, with my track record, no one is going to believe me, man. I can't prove that I didn't take the drug on my own.

Daniel: What about the girl in the picture, hmm?

JJ: I got--I think I got her--her first name. Um... it was Jill. But she doesn't live here-- supposedly that she was just visiting her sister. There's--there's no way I could track her down. You know what? This is all-- it's really cloudy, and I just-- I need to get some sleep. Can I go home now?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I'll drive you home.

JJ: And--and, Daniel, please don't tell my mom.

Daniel: No, that's your call. But eventually you need to be honest with her.

JJ: Right. And, Daniel... you do believe me, right?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I believe you.

JJ: Thank you. Now I just got to find a way to convince Paige, too.

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