Days Transcript Monday 9/15/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/15/14


Episode #12421 ~ Chad angrily confronts EJ; Kristen wants to work with Daniel to expose Theresa; Theresa tells Brady Kristen threatened her.

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EJ: [Grunts] Aah.

Chad: Ha.

EJ: Chad.

Chad: I'm home.

Jennifer: Thank you for making this work tonight.

Daniel: Likewise. Jenn, you look... amazing.

Abigail: You look amazing!

Jennifer: Oh, hey.

Abigail: Mom, I said that you look amazing.

Jennifer: Thank you.

JJ: Hey, hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

JJ: You going out?

Jennifer: No, I'm just, uh-- I'm--just--go for a walk.

Abigail: Ahem.

Jennifer: But don't worry, I will not be anywhere near the big Salem u bash.

JJ: Mm-hm.

Abigail: Oh, brother, your first college party.

JJ: It is not a big deal.

Abigail: Well sure it is. I want you to have a great time. Just, you know, not--not too great a time.

Eve: Is the disposable phone working?

Jill: Ahem, clearly.

Eve: Okay, and you know what you have to do, right?

Jill: Like I said...easiest two grand I ever made.

Eve: Only if it goes off perfectly.

Jill: It will.

Eve: [Exhales]

Rory: Hey. Uh, you like, actually came.

Jill: [Laughs] Of course I did. So, where are your friends?

Theresa: Brady. [Exhales] Thank God, I...

Brady: Wh--

Theresa: Saw your car. Look, I need to talk to you.

Brady: Theresa, no, not now. I gotta--I gotta get something. I got--

Theresa: No--no, I need you to listen! Look, there's something that I need to tell you. Something you need to know.

Brady: [Exhales]

Theresa: It's about your father.

Kristen: Brady didn't do it!

Daniel: Do what?

Kristen: Hit his father over the head. It was Theresa. Theresa's the one that put john in a coma! Look, I have no doubt about this.

Daniel: Slow down.

Kristen: If you could have seen the look on her face when I told her there was a drug that was gonna take john out of a coma... she doesn't want him to wake up. It makes perfect sense now. Brady isn't the one that hit his father over the head and put him at death's door. It was Theresa.


Eve: Oh! Girls, don't you just look beautiful?

Mary Beth: Thank you.


Paige: Hey--oh, lip gloss. Be right back.

Mary Beth: Yeah.

Eve: So you know exactly what you've got to do, right? You're clear about it?

Mary Beth: Only 'cause you told me, like, ten times. I mean, I don't see how this is gonna come between JJ and Paige. I mean, if his--

Eve: Don't you even worry about that, all right? You just remember your job. And remember that we never had this, or any other, conversation about JJ Deveraux.

Mary Beth: Right.

Eve: So wait, can I count on you?

JJ: What's that supposed to mean?

Abigail: It's not about you, JJ. It's just that I've been to that party, and it's a big crowd with a lot of alcohol--

Jennifer: And drugs. I've been there a few times myself.

Abigail: And, you know, with you just getting off probation-- sometimes the cops are called, and I--I just really want you to be careful.

JJ: Okay, don't worry, I will. You're not freaking out about this, are you?

Jennifer: No, because I know that you will use good judgment. And if things get out of hand, you will leave.

JJ: Yeah, that's the plan.

Jennifer: Okay, then have fun.

JJ: Thank you. Come here.

Jennifer: Love you.

Abigail: Bye.

JJ: [Laughs] Bye.

Jennifer: [Exhales]

Abigail: [Laughs]

Jennifer: Oh, boy.

Abigail: He will be fine.

Jennifer: I know. Okay, so what about you? What are you and Ben doing tonight?

Abigail: Uh, I'm not sure.

Jennifer: Oh?

Abigail: Yeah, well our--our plans kind of changed, but it's okay. I know it's still gonna be a great night.

Brady: What do you mean? You've been--you've been keeping something from me about my father?

Theresa: [Sighs] Look, Brady, before I tell you what happened, I--I need to know... is john really going to get better?

Daniel: John wasn't Theresa's biggest fan. But on a positive note, his vitals are strong.

Theresa: Wait, so are you saying that he's--he's gonna live? If john wakes up--I mean, when he wakes up--is he gonna remember what happened?

Daniel: I'm sorry, I can only talk to family about that.

Theresa: Well, you know what, Daniel? I am family, now, so you need to answer my questions.

Daniel: Theresa, what have you done?

Theresa: Because, from what I heard, john's probably not gonna come out of that coma. But, I mean, I'm not a doctor, so I was just wondering what you think. Do you think he has a chance?

Kristen: I don't care how drunk Brady was. Do you honestly believe he would beat his own father senseless? It was her! Now, Daniel, look, I know you hate me, I know you don't believe anything--

Daniel: I think you could be right.

Mary Beth: Of course you can count on me. I won't tell Paige anything.

[Knock on door]

Eve: Ah. Why, JJ, come in. We were just talking about you. [Laughs]

JJ: Oh, all good, I'm sure.

Eve: Uh-huh.

Paige: JJ, hey.

JJ: Oh. You--you look great. [Laughs]

Paige: Thanks.

JJ: So are you--are you--are you ready to go?

Paige: Yep, yeah. Bye, mom.

Eve: Bye, sweetheart. Have a wonderful time tonight.

Paige: Okay.

Eve: And most importantly, be very careful.

JJ: No worries, ms. Larson. We will.

Eve: Hm. Well good luck with that, JJ.

EJ: Chad, hey. You don't have to do this.

Chad: Well isn't this the least I owe you?

EJ: I understand you're upset.

Chad: Mm-hmm. Really? Why should I be upset, EJ? Just because the minute I left town, you bagged my girlfriend? The woman I loved?

EJ: What happened with Abigail was a terrible mistake. That's it. It was a mistake.

Chad: Yeah, it was. But that didn't stop you from making it again, and again, and again. See, I was a fool. I should have known you'd move in on her as soon as I left.

EJ: What?

Chad: From the way you looked at her...

EJ: [Sighs]

Chad: To how you would tell me how lucky I was. You were planning it even then, weren't you, EJ?

Jennifer: So, when are you going to have Ben over for dinner?

Abigail: Uh, soon. Yeah, soon. He's just been really crazy with everything. He's got a lot going on. Thank you.

Jennifer: What do you mean, "crazy?"

Abigail: Uh, he's--he's having some problems with his dad. Ben's had kind of a rough life. Let's just say, if I didn't appreciate my family before... I am so lucky.

Jennifer: I love you, baby.

Abigail: I love you, too.

Jennifer: Have fun tonight, okay?

Abigail: Thank you.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Abigail: You have fun, too. And...enjoy your walk.

Paige: Ahem.

JJ: Hey, there's Rory, right there.

Paige: Who's that girl he's with?

JJ: Uh, no clue.

Mary Beth: Unfortunate.

Paige: Be nice.

JJ: Rory, what's up?

Rory: Oh, JJ, hey. Uh, JJ, meet Jill. Jill, meet Paige...and Mary...

Mary Beth: Beth. It's Mary Beth.

Paige: Uh, nice to meet you. You go to Salem u?

Jill: Uh, no, I'm, uh, just visiting my sister. Everybody kept talking about the party, and then Rory invited me, so...

Rory: Do you want another beer? I'll get you another. Anybody else want one? Bueller? Bueller?

Mary Beth: I--I don't drink.

Rory: What'd you think this was, a spelling bee? You come to a kegger to, you know, partake from "ze keg."

Mary Beth: I don't. I told you this was gonna happen.

Paige: [Sighs] Where are you going?

Mary Beth: To hang out with some cool people.

JJ: Well I guess that's not us, darn.

Jill: No offense, but she's kind of a major--

Rory: A major bitch. Uh, why do you think we call her "MB?"


Paige: She's my friend. She's just a little uptight.

Rory: Which is exactly why she needs a beer.

JJ: Are you having a good time?

Paige: Yeah. Jill's very pretty.

JJ: Rory totally scored. I mean, she's--she's okay.

JJ: To higher learning. Paige, what's wrong?

Brady: Daniel and Kayla, they got their hands on this experimental drug. And they're fairly confident it could help my dad.

Theresa: Help him, um...wake up?

Brady: Well, they--they gave it to him earlier. But they said the earliest they would see any results is tomorrow.

Theresa: Wow, that's--

Brady: I know, but--but--but honestly...they don't know how well it's gonna work, or if it will work at all. But this is--this is a big deal. I mean, this is the first time I've felt some real hope about this.

Theresa: Yeah. Well I--I'll--I'll pray for him.

Brady: Thank you.

Theresa: Sure.

Brady: I appreciate that. But now that I told you about my dad, what--what did you have to tell me that relates to...him?

Theresa: [Sighs] Look, Brady. I--I--I--I didn't want to say anything before, 'cause I didn't want to worry you, but--

Brady: What--worry me, why?

Theresa: Well this new drug that they're trying, it's-- it's--it's unexpected, and amazing, be honest, it could be really terrible for me.

Kristen: You're listening to me. Oh my God, it's like a miracle.

Daniel: Okay, whatever you think you're gonna get? Forget it. I'm not here to help you.

Kristen: But what about Brady? Look, I don't know all the sordid details, but I do know that Theresa caused a world of grief for you, and for Jennifer. You don't want that to happen to Brady, do you? You're not gonna just stand by and idly watch him take the blame for his father's coma. I mean, can you actually do that to him?

Daniel: I am not going to talk to you about what I'm going to do.

Kristen: But, Daniel--

Daniel: This is the end of the conversation, I'm not--

Kristen: Between what you know, and what I know, we could work together, I know it--

Daniel: Enough!

EJ: The only thing I was planning, Chad, was my wedding to Samantha.

Chad: Oh, so you and Abigail just happened? Right? [Laughs] Is that your lame story? Because it seems to me like you wanted a little on the side, so why not seduce the woman your brother was in love with?

EJ: It wasn't like that.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Look, I'm not making excuses. I'm not making excuses for what I did, because there is no excuse for what I did. I made a terrible mistake.

Chad: Yeah, speaking of mistakes, I made an even bigger one. Stepping in front of you, taking that bullet that should've killed you.

JJ: Paige?

Rory: Oh, jell-o shots! Hey, let's go!

Jill: [Laughs] Be right back.

Rory: Let's go!

Paige: [Exhales]

JJ: Are you upset that I took the beer?

Paige: N--no.

JJ: Well, I know you said that you didn't want to do any major partying, but I just had one sip.

Paige: JJ, it's not the beer. Or the shots, or even Rory being trashed before we got here.

JJ: Okay, then what's wrong?

Paige: I heard the cops broke up this party last year. And the year before that. You just got your record cleaned up.

JJ: And you're afraid I can blow everything in one night. Hey, I don't want you to worry about me, okay?

Paige: But, that's what girlfriends do.

JJ: All right, how about this?

Paige: [Laughs]

JJ: I'm going to grab us two sodas, and then how 'bout, uh, we go find someplace where we can be alone?

Paige: Okay.

Brady: I don't understand. What does any of this have to do with you?

Theresa: It's about Kristen DiMera.

Brady: What about Kristen?

Theresa: Well today she's kind of been stalking me.

Brady: I'm sorry, what?

Theresa: She--she told me that she had this drug for your dad, and now I know she wasn't lying. And she seemed pretty confident that it would work, and she seems to think--

Brady: She seems to think what?

Theresa: Well that you're gonna fall down on your knees in gratitude when it works, and--

Brady: She didn't actually use those words, did she?

Theresa: Well not those exact words, but she--she did warn me to stay away from you, twice. She threatened me.

Brady: She warn--hold--hold on--hold on! She threatened you? Okay, why didn't you tell me about this before?

Theresa: Because I did--I didn't want to worry you, Brady. But now, I--I just--I don't know, I-- she was just so intense, and she scared me, and--

Brady: All right, look at me--look at me. I don't want you to have to worry about Kristen, okay?

Theresa: But I--I can't--

Brady: I gotta go--I gotta go.

Theresa: [Exhales] Oh, my God. There really is a drug. Oh, my God, if john wakes up... what am I gonna do?

Daniel: I don't have any proof that Theresa did a thing. And neither do you.

Kristen: Daniel, you just said yourself, you know--you know that she did it.

Daniel: Okay, look. All we've got to go on is speculation.

Kristen: Well then I guess we'd better find something.

Daniel: W--we? No, "we" aren't doing anything.

Kristen: You don't think Brady deserves to know, really?

Daniel: No, Brady deserves to be free of you. And there is no way in hell I am helping you go after Theresa so you can get your hooks back in him.

Kristen: Shut up, would you? How many times have you told me there's no chance in hell Brady will ever get back with me, about a million and one?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Kristen: So what, you don't believe your own words, Daniel?

Daniel: Give it up.

Kristen: Well, of course, Brady doesn't need to be protected from me. Not when he's got a big, strong friend like you, right? Who's always gonna fight for him?

Daniel: Yeah.

Kristen: Take care of him.

Daniel: Yeah, I'll take care of him.

Kristen: Right?

Daniel: Kinda like a--like a bodyguard, right? Yeah. He might need one, someday. So perhaps we'll just--

Kristen: [Struggles]

Jennifer: Hey-- hi, I'm Henry Winkler

Abigail: Hey. Oh, I hope, uh, what I'm wearing is okay. I didn't really know where we were going, so I thought--

Ben: What you're wearing is perfect.

Abigail: Good.

Ben: But, I was actually just about to call you.

Abigail: Oh, okay. What's up?

Ben: [Sighs] This night just doesn't seem to be going our way.

Abigail: Oh.

Chad: When I think back to that night? I could've changed everything. And all I had to do was stand there and let that woman knock you off, end your miserable life right then and there.

EJ: You don't mean that.

Chad: Sure I do. 'Cause I am a DiMera, remember? If I didn't step in front of you and taken that bullet, I'd still have Abigail, 'cause she never would have found out what I had done. Hell, we might even be married. And you'd be dead. And all around, that is a much better scenario than the one we have right now.

Daniel: Jennifer. Kristen--Kristen was just leaving.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: She--I--oh. Excuse me, it's the hospital.

Jennifer: [Exhales] What are you doing here?

Kristen: Well I could ask you the same thing. Daniel told me that the two of you were finished, again. Oh--you know I didn't mean it that way, I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: You never "mean" anything, do you?

Kristen: Jenn, I've been meaning to call you since I got back in town--

Jennifer: [Laughing] Oh, I am so glad that you didn't call me.

Kristen: Okay, I deserve that. It's just a lot of things went unsaid on my wedding day--

Jennifer: Right, including the words, "I do," thank God.

Kristen: I saw the look on your face when I was leaving. I know you were really disappointed.

Jennifer: Disappointed? Are--are you kidding me? I was horrified, I was sick. Because I thought that you really changed, and I really thought that we were friends.

Kristen: We were friends. We were friends, you're like my one true friend.

Jennifer: Really? That's really sad.

Kristen: Can I you and try to explain things?

Jennifer: No, I don't want you to explain anything to me. I don't even want to be in the same room with you. I want you to go.

[Door closes]

JJ: Hey.

Paige: Oh!


JJ: Want to take a walk?

Paige: Yeah.

Mary Beth: Paige!

Paige: What's wrong?

Mary Beth: I don't know, my arm... I just... [Cries]

Paige: Okay, slow down, okay? What happened?

Mary Beth: Apparently I was standing in between some guys and a keg? It was like--it was like a stampede.

Paige: Are you okay?

Mary Beth: Do I look okay? I think my arm might be sprained, maybe even broken.

Paige: Okay, shh, okay. Is it--can you move it?

Mary Beth: No, no, it hurts too much. I need to go to the ER.

Paige: Okay, um...

JJ: If--if you need to go, I can--I could take you.

Mary Beth: No, I'm not going anywhere with you.

Paige: Mary Beth, come on.

Mary Beth: I'm in pain, okay? You're my friend, you have to take me.

Paige: Okay.

JJ: What? Wait, hold on--no, Paige came here with me. You don't want me to take you, she's supposed to just leave me here?

Mary Beth: Paige also came here with me, and I need her more than you do.

Paige: Okay, just a second. Come here. [Exhales] JJ, I'm sorry, but she doesn't know anyone else here.

JJ: [Scoffs] Yeah, I wonder why.

Paige: I'll text you when we get to the ER, and I'll come back as soon as I can, okay? Promise.

JJ: All right, fine, just go.

Paige: You're mad.

JJ: No, it's cool, really.

Paige: I'll...see you soon.

[Knock on door]

Eve: [Exhales]

Theresa: Ugh, God, I need a drink.

Eve: Yeah, well, so does someone else.

Theresa: Huh?

Eve: Um, nothing. Gee, well, go ahead, help yourself.

Theresa: Oh, thanks.

Eve: So what's wrong now, Theresa?

Theresa: Uh, maybe everything, or maybe nothing.

Eve: Well that's helpful.

Theresa: That raving lunatic, Kristen DiMera? She might have a miracle cure for Brady's father. And if he wakes up, what am I going to do? [Exhales]

Kristen: [Gasps]

Jill: Oh, thank God you're still here.

JJ: Uh, what--what's wrong?

Jill: That guy, your friend...he just tried to stick his tongue down my throat.

JJ: Wait, what?

Jill: [Panting]

JJ: I'm--I'm so sorry, I can't believe he did that.

Jill: Oh my God, I'm shaking.

JJ: But, it's--it's okay. You know, I'm gonna go find him, and drag him over here and get him to apologize. Just...

Jill: Wait. Ugh. Did you get it?

Dana: This is the best I could do.

Jill: Ugh, damn it.

Dana: You said this was gonna be the easiest cash we ever made. If we wasted our night when we could have been working?

Jill: Hey, the night's not over yet.

EJ: Chad? Hey. Come on, please. Just--just talk to me, okay?

Chad: There's nothing more to say.


EJ: [Gasps]


Chad: Whoops. I guess I forgot the bullets.

EJ: You son of a bitch!

Chad: Good thing for you to remember that about me.

EJ: Okay, Chad... Chad! Where the hell is he going?

Ben: I'm gonna have to work a little longer, I'm sorry. But if you want to hang out can.

Abigail: Uh, you know, I think I might be a little distracted.

Ben: Or distracting.

Abigail: Just call me when you're done.

Ben: If I can wait that long.

Jill: What is wrong with this kid? He's drinking soda at a kegger, and he hasn't even looked twice at me.

Dana: He's a loser.

Jill: Why can't he just be a drunk loser like his friend?

Dana: [Sighs]

Jill: Well, I need another angle.

Dana: There's always...

Jill: Roofies? Do you happen to--

Dana: Wouldn't leave home without them.

Jill: I owe you.

Dana: You do.

JJ: Uh, Rory has something to say to you. Rory?

Rory: Mm.

JJ: Rory?

Rory: I'm sorry, man. I mean... what's your name again?


JJ: All right dude, go park yourself over by the tree, and don't stop on the luge on your way.

Rory: You're no fun. I love you, man.

JJ: Uh, I called Rory's brother to come pick him up.

Jill: Good. So, uh, I guess there's just nothing left for us to do but stand here and, uh, wait for your girlfriend to come back.

Daniel: Yeah, thanks, uh, for letting me know. I'll, uh, I'll be there in a few. Okay. Um, Jenn, I'm not sure why you're here, but I really need to go to the hospital.

Jennifer: No--yeah, I understand. I just, um, before I go, I just wanted to ask you what she was doing here.

Daniel: She just showed up, and--and--

Jennifer: And you just opened the door, and you said, "hey, I realize you tried to kill me a few short weeks ago, but come on in!"

Daniel: Okay, long story, but it's really--really not your concern.

Jennifer: How can you say that?

Daniel: Did you just show up to check up on me?

Jennifer: No, I went to take a walk. And then I--I saw your light on, so I thought that I would just stop by.

Daniel: Looking like that? You're all dressed up, you look gorgeous. I mean, come on, Jenn. You didn't just "stop by." We both know that.

Eve: You know, Theresa, I really wish I knew how I could help you. But I've been in a lot of tight spots, but nothing quite this tight.

Theresa: Well--there has to be a way out of this.

Eve: Well maybe john won't even wake up.

Theresa: And if he does?

Eve: Well then it's... game over for you, little sister. Hm.

Theresa: [Exhales]

Kristen: Life has a way of repeating itself, doesn't it? I remember when you surprised me in my hotel room when I first came back to Salem.

Brady: Yeah, that was a long time ago. Some things never change.

Kristen: Look, I know that you probably think that I'm in it for myself. There was a time when I cared a lot for john. I care so much for you. I had to beg my father. I had to beg him to help. I'm gonna owe him for the rest of my life, Brady, but I don't care. It's worth it, as long as it helps john.

Brady: It was an amazing and unexpected gift.

Kristen: So you're gonna thank me?

Brady: Hell, no.

Theresa: Oh, come on, eve! I mean, you just squeezed a small fortune out of a turnip named Jennifer. I think, between the two of us, we should be able to come up with something brilliant.

Eve: You know, I really want to help you, but my plate is full right now, okay?

Theresa: Fine. Fine, I'll just figure it out on my own, like I always do.

Eve: Yeah, good luck with that.

Theresa: Thanks.

Eve: 'Cause you're gonna need it. Damn it, Jill! Why don't you call me?

Mary Beth: Are they gonna make me wait all night to see a doctor?

Paige: Um, I'll go get you some water. Be right back. Ahem. "Waiting with MB. Er mobbed. Hope you're not still mad at me." [Sighs] Okay, here you go.

Mary Beth: Ah, thanks. Ahem. If it wasn't for you knowing somebody, we'd probably still be in that zoo. Thanks for staying with me. I don't know what I would do without my BFF.

JJ: Hey, uh, Rory's brother is taking him home, so he won't bother you anymore.

Jill: Thanks. Hey, uh, you okay?

JJ: Yeah, yeah, sure, um... actually, I don't, uh, I don't-- I don't feel so good.

Jill: Do you need some help?

JJ: No, no. I'm good.

Dana: Hey.

Jill: Got your camera ready?

Dana: Oh yeah.

Jill: It's showtime.

Jennifer: You were right. Uh, I knew that aunt Maggie was watching Parker, and that you didn't have to work tonight. And I was not happy with how things went earlier.

Daniel: Neither was I.

Jennifer: Yeah, so I thought maybe we could just try this again, you know? Is that so wrong?

Daniel: No, no, of course not. But I just--I gotta be honest with you. I don't know if I can be alone with you in that--in that dress. I--I [Laughs] I mean I--it's not that I don't want to spend time with you, I do. But I thought that we decided we were gonna take things slowly, and have coffee and talk...

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel: About how we're gonna move forward, before we just plunge in.

Jennifer: Okay. Um, so I'm plunging in when I just show up here unannounced? But, you're okay being alone here, having a heart-to-heart with a crazy woman who wanted to kill you, Daniel?

Daniel: No--okay, it's not like that, Jenn. It's not--

Jennifer: Please, you don't owe me an explanation, I--

Daniel: That's right, I don't. And thanks for the reminder that you don't trust my judgment when it comes to women, which is why we're apart in the first place.

Jennifer: No, Daniel, that--

Daniel: No, you were wrong about Nicole, and you don't have the first clue as to what's going on with me and Kristen.

Jennifer: No, you're right, I don't, but I do know--

Daniel: Well, there you go again, none of your business.

Jennifer: You know what? You're right. It is none of my business. Good night.

Daniel: Mm. [Grunts] Jenn! [Sighs]

Brady: You don't think I know what you're doing? Kristen, my savior. Riding her white horse into town and rescuing everybody.

Kristen: I don't want john to die.

Brady: And you have no ulterior motives. None at all?

Kristen: Well, Brady, I mean obviously--

Brady: Kristen, I know that you're using Eric as your get-out-of-jail card, okay? I know all about it. You save john, Eric saves you. Isn't that right?

Kristen: It was one of my father's conditions.

Brady: Because of you. It's all about you.

Kristen: Hey, I'm trying to do a good thing.

Brady: Kristen, hey, there's nothing you can do to make up for what you did to Eric. You hurt him very badly. There's no reset button. There's no redo, there's no chance in hell, do you understand that?

Kristen: Okay, okay, I do understand, Brady. I hear you. What I don't understand is why you took all the trouble to come into my hotel room to tell me something I already knew.

Brady: Well I wanted to talk to you about something else.

Kristen: What?

Brady: Let's talk about Theresa.

Jennifer: Just need a nice, long bath. I really hope my kids are having a better night.

[Phone ringing]

Abigail: Hey.

Ben: I should be done in a couple of minutes.

Abigail: Okay, uh, great. I can't wait to see you, Ben.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Chad.

Chad: Hello, Abigail.

Daniel: Hey, Paige.

Paige: Oh, Dr. Jonas. Hi.

Daniel: Hi. I know you're not here to start your internship tonight.

Paige: Oh.

Daniel: Wait, shouldn't you, uh, be at that big party at the park?

Paige: Uh, I was there, but my friend Mary Beth hurt her arm.

Daniel: Oh.

Paige: Yeah. And since there are like 200 people in front of us, I won't be getting back there anytime soon.

Daniel: Hm. You know, I'll tell you what. Um, I'm off-duty, so why don't I just take a quick look, and you can get to JJ ASAP, all right? Here, come this way.

Paige: Really?

Eve: [Groans] What is taking so long? [Exhales]

JJ: [Breathing heavily]

Jill: Okay. All right, look alive, JJ. Come on. Come on, let's just get this over with. [Struggling]

Kristen: Theresa. She's an interesting person, isn't she?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Kristen: I would have thought, after all her reckless enabling, that you were finished with her. Was I wrong about that?

Brady: Stay away from her, okay? Stay away from her, Eric, Marlena, pretty much everyone I care about, or I will kill you. And even what you've done for my father will not save you.

Kristen: Oh, Brady, I don't need to take that bitch down. I'm gonna let john do it for me.


Theresa: Well, my mom did me one favor in life. She taught me that if at first I don't succeed...try, try again. If that's what it takes... that's what I'll do. [Breathing heavily]

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