Days Transcript Monday 9/8/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/8/14


Episode #12416 ~ Katie pushes Sami to back up her lie; EJ receives a pitch from Clyde; Jordan wants to talk things out with Rafe.

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\Will: Sonny. What day did we take Ari to get her hair cut? I want to send a picture to the kids at camp.

Sonny: I'm not sure. Was it Wednesday? It's okay to miss Sami. She's your mom.

Will: Well, it doesn't matter. She still hates me for writing about her and EJ and Abigail.

Ben: There's nothing else to say. I get the bigger picture now. I saw you looking at EJ DiMera, and the whole thing made sense.

Abigail: No, Ben, please.

Ben: Come on, Abigail. I was kissing you, and you pushed me away. And you did that because you were thinking about him. Look me in the eye. Tell me I'm wrong.

Abigail: You're not wrong. I was thinking about EJ.

Clyde: Mr. DiMera, it's a real honor, sir.

EJ: Who the hell are you, and what do you want?

Jordan: What brings you here?

Lucas: I was just visiting john. How have you been?

Jordan: Fine.

Lucas: Is that fine like the last time I saw you?

Jordan: Pretty much.

Lucas: I'm sorry.

Jordan: About?

Lucas: You and Rafe, you're going to try to work things out, right?

Jordan: [Sighs] Why do you care?

Rafe: So Stefano did threaten you?

Kate: That's what I said, isn't it?

Rafe: Well, it's your word against his.

Kate: Not if I have a witness.

Rafe: Someone heard the threat?

Kate: Yes...

Rafe: Oh.

Kate: Sami. She heard every word. She heard Stefano threaten to kill me.

Rafe: That's funny because Stefano is still out of the country. We have confirmation on that. So how did he threaten you?

Kate: Over the phone. He called me.

Rafe: Right. So how was Sami a witness to that?

Kate: Because I put him on speaker. As soon as I heard his voice, I knew he was up to something, and I wanted Sami to hear every word.

Rafe: Right. And what exactly were those words, Sami?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Lucas: Well, no, it's just, you know, you and Rafe make a great couple, and Rafe's a friend, so--

Jordan: And Kate is your mother.

Lucas: Yeah, so? So what? That doesn't mean I want to see Rafe and my mom together. Not at all, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, let alone a friend. But I do believe her when she told me, you know, what happened between them was all her doing. I mean, I did see them that night, so--

Jordan: No, I can't go through this.

Lucas: I think my mother orchestrated the whole thing, so if you and Rafe break up because of this, you're just going to let her win.

Jordan: And we can't have that. Mm, now I get it.

Lucas: No, no, wait, wait. That's not what I meant.

Jordan: You want me to get back with Rafe just to punish Kate.

Kate: Well, Stefano said--

Rafe: Um, I want to hear it from Sami.

Kate: Oh, okay. Tell him.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: So, uh, well, Stefano was blathering about, you know, everything that's happened: How we [Scoffs] Took his plane and, uh, the company and then the article at TruVista, and, I mean, he was getting himself all worked up, you know. He was getting more and more angry, and then, I mean, he just came right out, and he said, "Katerina, the games are over." And he said, "when I come back to Salem, I'm going to kill you, you broken-down whore."

Rafe: Oh.

Stefano: I want the jet fueled and ready. I return to Salem today.

Sonny: Your mom doesn't hate you. Nobody hates you.

Will: You saw her, right?

Sonny: She was mad. But she's worried about you too.

Will: But not worried enough to show up or call. And that would be too much to ask right now, I get that.

Sonny: Hey, you guys had a fight. I fight with my mom all the time.

Will: This is big.

Sonny: My mom tried to break us up and stop us from getting married. You both will get over this.

Will: I hope so.

Sonny: Hey, Ari, you want to get out of daddy's hair while he writes?

Will: [Laughs] My searing exploration of Salem's traffic problems awaits.

Sonny: I'm sure you'll make it riveting.

Will: Bye, sweetie.

Sonny: All right, we'll bring you some lunch home.

Will: Stay out of trouble.

Sonny: You too.

Will: [Chuckles] [Exhales deeply] [Sighs] No problem. No problem.

Rafe: So that was it, huh? Those exact words?

Sami: Well, I mean, a lot of it was in Italian. He said puta or puttana. I forget, which one's the Italian word for "whore"? I mean, he just kept going on and on. It was really aggressive, but he definitely meant the word "whore."

Rafe: Oh, oh, okay. All right, I will--excuse me.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: I will go see D.A. Trask, and you two sit tight.

Kate: Oh, why?

Rafe: Well, because the hearing is--wow, in less than an hour, and you two may need to testify.

Kate: Oh, right.

Sami: Well, we'll be here. Testify?

Kate: "Broken-down whore"?

Sami: Oh, well, the story needed specifics. Besides, it's the kind of thing that Stefano would have said to you.

Kate: No, no, he wouldn't.

Sami: Well, it's our story now, under oath.

Kate: Yeah, what's your problem?

Sami: I'm not going to lie on the witness stand.

Kate: Oh, my God, Sami, it's just a little lie. A lie that isn't even a lie, because he did threaten me. He threatened us. And all you have to do now is get on that witness stand and testify to the judge, and we're home free. I don't even know why you're hesitating.

Lucas: Look, I'm sorry for pushing, and I know it's hard to get past what he did. I can see that. It's just, you guys have gotten over so much to get together already, and I thought, you know--

Jordan: I have another patient to see, so--

Lucas: Okay, okay. I won't stand in your way. I just think you should know that... you're an amazing, beautiful woman, and even though I may be rooting for Rafe, I would love to see you happy with someone.

Jordan: Thank you.

Lucas: I think we all deserve that chance.

Ben: Thanks for being honest.

Abigail: Wait, Ben, wait.

Ben: There's nothing else to say.

Abigail: You don't understand.

Ben: No, no, I get it. I was an idiot.

Abigail: No, you weren't. Okay? I--

Ben: Then the whole thing was a mistake, Abigail.

Abigail: What?

Ben: I thought we could get past this whole thing with EJ, and I thought that's what you wanted too.

Clyde: I'm Clyde Weston. Did our friend not say anything about my proposition?

EJ: I can assure you I have no idea what you're talking about.

Clyde: Oh, course not. Me being a complete stranger. Well, it's probably best if I fill you in myself anyway. You got a minute to listen? I think it's possible that the two of us could do some business together. Mom: Good luck, sweetie! I love you! Girl: I love you too.

Abigail: That is what I want, Ben. I don't want to think about EJ, ever.

Ben: Yeah, and I'm just the guy to help you forget.

Abigail: That's not what I said.

Ben: I don't do rebounds, Abigail. You want EJ? Go get him.

Abigail: No, I don't want EJ. He doesn't want me.

Ben: Then do whatever you want, but I'm not going to be your consolation prize.

Abigail: Okay, you--

Tad: Yo, Ben, I need you to tap the--okay, wait, is this a bad time?

Abigail: Yes, it is.

Ben: No, perfect time. We're done here.

Abigail: Wait, hold on, Ben.

Tad: Oh, I'm sorry.

Abigail: So am I.

Lucas: Look at you. You look so cute. She looks great. What's going on?

Sonny: You going to say hi to grandpa?

Lucas: Yeah, thanks. I still shudder every time I hear that. What's going on? You look great. How's your daddy doing? Is he doing good?

Sonny: He's hanging in there.

Lucas: Yeah?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Still kicking himself every second for writing that article?

Sonny: Pretty much. He's moving on, though. Working on something new right now.

Will: Hello.

Zoe: Hi. Is this okay? I know you work from home, so I hoped I'd catch you.

Will: Well, I'm actually pretty busy, so--

Zoe: Will, I'm here to make you an offer.

Jordan: Abigail.

Abigail: Hi, Jordan.

Jordan: Uh-oh, I know that look. Is something wrong?

Abigail: Uh, no, nothing I can talk to you about.

Jordan: Well, that means it's about Ben, yes? Is it serious?

Abigail: Uh, yeah, I think that it could be over, and it's all my fault.

EJ: And why would you believe that you and I could do business together?

Clyde: Well, I believe that, despite our obvious differences, we have mutual interests. You know, I'm probably not saying this the right way. The truth is, I'm a little nervous finally meeting you. What I mean to say, sir, is I was hoping that maybe I could come work for you.

Sami: I think you're overreacting, Kate.

Kate: And I think you're in denial. I absolutely don't believe that you think Stefano is not a threat.

Sami: Of course he's a threat, but he's not here. And look, even if he was in town, don't you think the first thing he would do would be get the board together and get us ousted as CEOs of his company?

Kate: Yeah, maybe he would. It would certainly be a lot better for him if we weren't in the spotlight.

Sami: Great, so he gets to beat his chest, and we retire three months early.

Kate: No, you didn't hear me.

Sami: Yeah, I did. You think he wants us out of the spotlight, I agree.

Kate: It would be easier for him to eliminate us if we weren't in the spotlight.

Sami: He's not gonna eliminate me. I'm the mother of his grandchildren.

Kate: Oh, my God, yeah, yeah, yeah, since yeah, you just keep on telling me that, don't you?

Sami: Yes, I do. And I will keep telling you until you get it.

Kate: I get it, okay? I talked to him. I heard his voice. He wants revenge.

Sami: Fine. He's going to try to get revenge. But he's not going to kill us. I mean, he'd end up fighting EJ too.

Kate: [Scoffs] Really?

Sami: Look, no matter what else happens, EJ doesn't want me dead.

Kate: Okay, okay, well, I know you are never going to waver from that naive and idiotic interpretation of that situation. But, Sami, really, do you think any of that matters?

Sami: EJ is his son.

Kate: Tony was his son, and he left him to rot on an island for God knows how long. Oh, he loved Marlena. What did he do with her? He kept her prisoner. And Lexie, poor Lexie he kept hostage in tunnels so toxic, they contributed to her death.

Sami: Look, in all of those instances, we're still not talking about, you know, outright murder.

Kate: [Scoffs] No, no, no. No, because he loves the torture, you see. So what he'll probably do to you is lock you up. Away from your children, away from your loved ones. You remember when we were talking about a fate worse than death? Because you're going to be wishing for death, Sami.

Sami: This whole thing has gotten so far out of control.

Kate: You knew what we were doing. We were stripping Stefano of everything, including his bride. And now we need to-- we need to face reality. If he comes back here as a free man, we're not only going to lose our company, we're going to lose our lives.

[Door opens]

Kate: One way or another.

Rafe: Well, good news. Just spoke with Melinda Trask, and she's agreed to put both of you on the stand today.

Sonny: There she goes. We heard from Allie yesterday.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I get emails every day myself and pictures. She's growing up a lot. She looks so different. It's so weird.

Sonny: She did mention a boy she met at camp.

Lucas: She mentioned a what?

Sonny: [Chuckles]

Lucas: A boy at camp? What are you talking about? Last I heard, boys were gross.

Sonny: Sorry, dad, but Kevin apparently is "awesome sauce."

Lucas: "Awesome sauce"? I'll sauce that little weasel if he comes near her.

Sonny: [Chuckles]

Lucas: What? You laugh now. Laugh all you want. Same thing's coming for you and will, right around the corner.

Sonny: Seems like a good problem to have. Normal problem.

Lucas: Yeah, as opposed to blowing up your family in a public print kind of way?

Sonny: Mm-hmm. Will's still pretty upset about the whole thing. I think deep down he wishes he had never written it.

Lucas: Well, I'm sure Sami pushed all the right buttons to make that happen.

Sonny: Well, none of it could have happened if I hadn't gone to my uncle Vic and gotten him the job.

Lucas: I'm really sorry about that, sonny. I had no idea if I told will about Victor that it would be news.

Sonny: No, no, no, no. I should have been up front with him.

Lucas: Maybe, yeah. That would help. You guys, you know, work together on things, work through things together, it'll be great. That's what a marriage is all about.

Sonny: Is it?

Lucas: Yeah, it is. That's what I hear anyway. I read books. It must be right because that's exactly what I didn't do. So learn from my mistakes, my son. You and will, you just be honest with each other, okay? Everything else will be fine.

Will: I heard Victor fired you.

Zoe: I was unemployed for four hours.

Will: No kidding.

Zoe: Yeah, and for the record, I would have quit anyway.

Will: So where'd you land?

Zoe: Sonix.

Will: That's huge. Their website gets 6 or 7 million unique hits per month. That's national reach. What's the gig?

Zoe: Feature editor. I have full editorial control.

Will: How'd you manage that?

Zoe: Well, I won't lie to you. After the success of your piece at TruVista, it put me in a good spot to dictate terms. So I'm thinking... maybe we should get back together?

Will: [Chuckles] You mean work together again? That's why you're here, isn't it?

Zoe: Well, also to check on you. I was worried. Are you still getting blowback from the story?

Will: I'm dealing, but, yeah. There has been repercussions. The fact that you overruled me and printed Abigail Devereaux's name made everything worse for everyone.

Tad: Sorry about that. I didn't mean to bust things up out there.

Ben: You didn't.

Tad: Abigail, she's one amazing woman. I hear crickets. What's up?

Ben: It's over.

Tad: Oh, that's too bad. So you won't mind me asking her out, 'cause she is smoking hot. So maybe things aren't as over as you think they are.

Jordan: Here, tell me.

Abigail: No, I can't, Jordan. I really--it's just-- it's too awkward. But just know that Ben has every right to be upset with me. It was unrealistic of me to think that he could get past what happened with me and EJ, so--

Jordan: But he had. I mean, it was over before you and Ben even met, right?

Abigail: Yeah.

Jordan: And it stayed over, didn't it? I mean, you and EJ didn't get back together--

Abigail: No, no, God, no. I would never. No, I think it's just that, you know, I think the article dredged it all back up again.

EJ: You wish to work for me, do you? Well, I have a full maintenance crew at the house and at the company.

Clyde: Yeah. Sir, I realize your time is valuable. I understand the suspicion. I'd feel the same way if I was in your shoes. I'm from a little town called poplar bluff. Your people can check me out. Now, I don't pretend to be in your league, sir, but I do know our business. And from what I've seen and heard since I came to Salem, all due respect, you're getting ripped off. Now, I don't know if the people you deal with have more overhead than I do or if they're just greedy or foolish. But what I do know is, I can see to it you do a whole lot better. Just give me the chance, sir.

Kate: Okay, sure. We're ready to go.

Rafe: Okay, good, good. Yeah. I'll be right back.

Kate: So are you with me?

Sami: Look, it's risky, but yes, okay? I'm with you. The alternative is way worse.

Kate: Good. Let's get our story straight before we go in.

Sami: Our story's straight. It's what I said to Rafe, right? Stefano said, "the games are over."

Kate: When he comes back to Salem, he's going to kill me.

Sami: And he called you a broken-down whore.

Kate: Okay, no, we don't have to add that in.

Sami: Yeah, I think we do. I mean, we have to be exactly on track, right? I mean, that's the story I told Rafe. If we change it now, he'll be suspicious.

Stefano: We have anticipated every move that Katerina and Sami could make, huh? They are neutralized, all right? So there is nothing that they can do now to prevent my return, huh?

Kate: Maybe you're right. Maybe--maybe the insult makes it more threatening.

Sami: Well, it also gives Stefano a motive, you know, that he was so hurt by your betrayal.

Kate: Hmm. You know, I think that's good. I really do. You accidentally helped with your little jab, Sami.

Sami: I just want you to know, if we do end up in jail for perjuring ourselves, I will hold it against you for the rest of our lives.

Kate: Oh, really? Oh, really? 'Cause that won't be very long if Stefano wins this hearing.

Sami: How did we end up here?

Kate: "How did we end up here?" That's because you were so hell-bent on getting revenge against EJ for him cheating on you.

Sami: Wait a second. You're the one who--

Rafe: All right, change of plans. Neither one of you will be testifying today. (Announcer) are you dealing with hot flashes during menopause?

Zoe: I know I put you in an awkward position, will, and I'm sorry for that.

Will: But now I should trust you? Why?

Zoe: Because I will tell you the truth.

Will: Are you sorry for naming Abigail? Would you do it again?

Zoe: Sorry I named her without talking to you. And yes, I would do it again.

Will: I won't ever write about my family again.

Zoe: Agreed. And I can promise you, nothing would go up without your approval.

Will: In writing, I want that promise in writing.

Zoe: Fine. I have a list of ideas for your first story.

Will: I haven't even said yes yet.

Zoe: You want to stay at TruVista and write about traffic patterns.

Will: How did you know what my assignment was?

Zoe: Oh, that dog of a story has been sitting around for months. Mitchell assigned it to you because he thinks you can't say no, that you don't have options, and that you're green.

Will: But you don't think I'm green?

Zoe: Our most important demo is college-educated readers, 18 to 34. That's you. We need a voice and a perspective like yours. And now you do have options, with a nice bump in salary and not just fee per piece. We would put you on staff. That's a regular paycheck whether you're published or not.

Will: And you would put all of that in writing?

Zoe: I already have. I know that you are better than what TruVista will let you do. Question is, do you know it?

Will: I need to talk to my husband.

Zoe: Well, I need an answer soon.

Will: I understand.

Zoe: Give yourself a real break, will.

[Door closes]

Rafe: Listen, this is good news. There's some new evidence that came to light. I didn't want to say anything in case it didn't turn out, but the D.A. Says we've got him dead to rights.

Sami: Wha--is there still going to be a hearing?

Rafe: Yeah, it's going on right now. But Trask says it's a slam dunk.

Kate: Really? I can't believe that.

Rafe: Well, believe it. In fact, if Stefano sets foot in Salem, he's going to be arrested immediately.

Kate: How did you find the evidence?

Rafe: Just a little digging.

Sami: You found it?

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. I found it. Just had to hand it over to forensics, and that's it.

Kate: So was it from one of Stefano's shadow corporations?

Rafe: Well, the details of the case are confidential.

Sami: Hey, it doesn't matter, right? Thank you. That's what we should be saying. Thank you so much, Rafe.

Rafe: That's okay.

Sami: It's amazing.

Rafe: Oh, no. Just doing my job.

Sami: [Chuckles] Yeah, totally. Good for you.

Rafe: Yeah, okay. Well, that's it. You two, you don't need to hang around, all right?

Kate: Thank you.

Sami: No, yeah, really. Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Oh, my God, oh, my God. This is amazing. We're safe.

Kate: Yeah, for now.

Sami: What?

Kate: Something's not right. Not quite right.

Sami: What are you talking about? You think Rafe is lying, and Stefano is back in town, and he's going to surprise us at the house?

Kate: No, no. But I think something's going on that he's not telling us about.

Clyde: Now, I'm looking to stay here in Salem for a spell, and I have access to a quality product at a lower cost than your current suppliers. And your distribution system is decent, but even there you've got breakage... spillage. And I know how to put a stop to that. You check me out, Mr. DiMera, you'll see.

EJ: Are you finished?

Clyde: [Chuckles] Uh, yeah, I suppose I am. Son of a bitch.

Abigail: I have no feelings for EJ except complete disgust. I wish what happened with us never happened. He and Sami, you know, they-- they should be together. The two of them deserve each other.

Ben: You want to go out with Abigail? Go for it. Doesn't matter to me.

Tad: Hmm. You know, there's a poker game Thursday night at Rooney's. You should come.

Ben: Yeah?

Tad: No, you'll lose your whole paycheck. You cannot bluff.

Ben: Do you want me to, like, prep the bar or something for the next shift?

Tad: No, because that's not going to make this go away. Oh. You cannot bluff. You're a wreck over this girl.

Abigail: I care about Ben so much. And, you know, I know the timing was lousy when we first met, but I don't know. I just--I thought that we had a chance at something, you know, something special, something good.

Jordan: Then why would you give it up?

EJ: Yes, I need more background on Clyde Weston. Well, then double-check and check again. Look, if there's even a whisper of a connection to law enforcement, I want to know about it. Okay. And if he's right about our suppliers, if I'm being overcharged, I need to know. Thank you.

Clyde: No, I don't know how it's going to end up for sure. Yeah, I'm very happy. I think I just fell into a sweet deal that'll set me up for good. Right here in Salem.

Abigail: Ben made it real clear how he feels.

Jordan: Well, did you make it clear how you feel?

Abigail: I tried. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't even listen.

Jordan: It's because he's hurt.

Abigail: I know. And I understand.

Jordan: Well, understand, but don't give up. You need to give Ben a chance to hear you again if you think what you had is worth fighting for.

Abigail: I do.

Jordan: Then do it. Fight for it.

Abigail: Thanks, Jordan.

Tad: Hey. Yeah. You got it. Hey, sonny called and said the new olives for the signature martini got left behind when we were cleaning out the storage room yesterday. Can you go get them?

Ben: Yeah, sure.

Sonny: Ah, did you eat yet?

Will: No.

Sonny: Oh, great. I'll heat this up. Oh, I ran into your dad. He couldn't keep his hands off Ari. Is that a draft of the article?

Will: Huh? No, no, I'm stuck on that.

Sonny: Oh, you'll figure it out. What are you reading?

Will: It's, um-- it's a job offer. From sonix.

Sonny: That's huge. How'd they find you? Did they read your story?

Will: Zoe browning landed there after uncle Victor fired her. She's offering me a job.

Sonny: You're seriously thinking about going to work for a woman who nearly ruined your life?

Sami: Can you just take the win, please? What is wrong with you?

Kate: Okay, you don't find this even a little bit strange? How many forensic accountants did we need to hire to go through all of the company's financial records?

Sami: A lot.

Kate: Right, exactly. And we are the ones who discovered all the evidence that the state has right now, and yet today, they find more evidence that was missed by all of those experts. And Rafe found that evidence.

Sami: Okay, so maybe he just was really lucky. You know, I mean, maybe he has that sixth sense that good cops have.

Kate: Mm. Or maybe he had help. And we both know there's only one person... who could give him that help.

[Phone rings]

EJ: Yes, father?

Stefano: Oh, how I wish Rafael Hernandez was dead.

EJ: Well, who doesn't? Is there a particular reason for wanting that today?

Stefano: He trumped up some ridiculous evidence against me, all right? So the charges were not dropped. Now there are more charges pending.

EJ: Hmm, well, that is most unfortunate. Would you like me to handle it? I can do a little digging.

Stefano: Oh, I'll find out myself.

EJ: Father, please. I don't want you to trouble yourself. Let me get to the bottom of this for you, okay? And just so that you know, as of right now, everything's under control.

Stefano: Those women.

EJ: Those women are under my watchful gaze, father. And to be fair, they're actually doing quite a good job. And the core of the business is safe and thriving. And if I need to intervene, I will do that.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, once the charges against me are resolved, I will intervene myself. I'll pay them back for all their efforts.

Sami: All right, well, let's go, come on.

Kate: Sami.

Sami: What?

Kate: Be careful.

Sami: What?

Kate: I just think it's best if we stick to Rafe's version of what happened, that he discovered the evidence all on his own.

Sami: Of course. You coming? You read the labels on the foods you eat -

Will: Zoe browning apologized for making those edits without my approval.

Sonny: I bet she would do it again.

Will: I told her I wasn't going to write about my family, ever. I made that clear.

Sonny: But if it's someone else's family who gets trashed, that's okay?

Will: So now all journalism is trashy? You don't think that there are some people who should be exposed for the lousy, dangerous things that they do?

Sonny: Is that what ZoŽ said she wanted you to write about?

Will: She said that I could write about whatever I want.

Sonny: How can you trust her?

Will: She put it all in writing. Look, sonny, this is a chance to write about something that really matters, not just traffic patterns.

Sonny: If you want to write about something else, I will ask my uncle Victor--

Will: No, I do not want your family's charity.

Sonny: Will, it's not charity.

Will: Zoe browning wants me to do this. My writing. I got this offer. What?

Sonny: I'm going to go check on Ari.

Will: Sonny.

Sonny: I will support you in whatever you do, okay?

Will: Your opinion matters to me.

Sonny: Does it? 'Cause it sounded like you already had your mind made up before I even walked in the door.

[Door closes]

Ben: [Exhales deeply] Damn it.

Rafe: Hey. You're still hanging around.

Kate: Yeah, yeah. I think I just wanted to be sure.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, guess what. The hearing's over, and the charges stuck.

Kate: Thank you.

Rafe: Well, no need to thank me. Thank your ex-husband for being such a crook. I just did my job.

Kate: Hmm. A little above and beyond, though, don't you think?

Rafe: Mm, no. Not really.

Kate: Yes, really.

Rafe: Really, no.

[Both chuckle]

Kate: But thanks for looking out for me.

Rafe: Yeah, any time.

EJ: Okay, I'm looking at the photograph right now. Sydney, you sent this? Oh, no, wait, I--oh, I see. Oh, William sent it to you. I see. Well, I would imagine that baby Ari did cry. It's scary. Do you remember the first time you had your hair cut? I had to stick you in a fire engine and cover your ears because you were afraid somebody was going to snip them off. [Laughs] Um, I think I do have a photograph. I will send it to you. Okay, do me a favor and stick Allie on, will you? Thanks. Hey. How are you? Good, good. Your mother and I have been thinking about you a lot. We're very much looking forward to seeing you soon, and we think you're very brave. Okay. Is Johnny there? Hello, big man. Very proud of you for looking after your sisters. Okay, I love you too. Go away and have a good time. Okay, okay, bye. Hello.

Sami: The judge ruled against Stefano. He's still under indictment.

EJ: So he can't come back? That's a lucky break for you.

Sami: It's not luck. I know what you did.

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