Days Transcript Wednesday 8/20/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/20/14


Episode #12404 ~ All hell breaks loose when Will's article is published; Abigail gets a shock; Eric gives testimony at Kristen's grand jury hearing.

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Sonny: So there's no reaction?

Will: Well, the article isn't live yet, sonny.

Sonny: But truvista said it would be posted today, right?

Will: And it should have hit by now.

Sonny: Unless your mom used her clout to put a stop to it.

Will: She knows it's going to humiliate her.

Sonny: The one it's going to humiliate is Abigail. If people put together she's the one that had an affair with EJ...

Will: I-I've got another call. It could be my editor.

Sonny: Oh, go, go, go. I'll talk to you later.

[Knock at door]

Sonny: Hey!

Abigail: Look who I have.

Sonny: Hey, sweet girl. Did you have fun with your godmother today?

Abigail: Oh, we had so much fun. She is just a little angel. Is will around?

JJ: All right, ready? Pick one. You got it, buddy. [Laughs]

Mary Beth: Now, that is a cute kid. Gosh, is it yours?

Eve: Jennifer, come on, it's only fair that I have some time to absorb what this proposal says. That's just to find out whether it's fair or not.

Jennifer: Listen, eve, you have a habit of moving the goalposts, and that is not going to happen here. We are going to settle this suit once and for all, right here, right now, one way or the other.

Eve: [Scoffs] And I'm just supposed to accept on faith that this is as good a deal as the last one you proposed.

Aiden: So I suggest you get your lawyer here ASAP, because--

Jennifer: Because it's not as good a deal. It's worse.

Brady: [Sighs]

Tom: Hey, Brady. It's been a while.

Brady: Hey. I know. I'll have a glass of water.

Tom: And a vodka on the rocks with a twist, right?

Brady: No, just the water, okay? [Sniffs] [Clears throat] Thank you. Ahh.

Theresa: Um, Brady, are you in a rush?

Daniel: What did you do to Eric now?

Nicole: Didn't you hear what I just said? I testified in front of a grand jury about Kristen for Eric.

Daniel: Okay, I don't care what you did or didn't do in front of a grand jury.

Nicole: W-what is going on with you?

Daniel: No, I just talked to Eric. He told me that he can't be a priest. And when I asked him why, all he said was that he hates you. So tell me, Nicole, why someone who doesn't hate anybody or anything hates you.

I thought they'd be done in there, but they're waiting on another witness. Now, you can either go in and hear the testimony, or you can go back to the station.

Kristen: I'm not going in there. They can deal with the witnesses themselves, right? Let's go. Eric, wait.

Eve: [Laughing] Have you completely taken leave of your senses? Really? Why on earth would I sign a proposal that is worse than the last one you had on the table?

Jennifer: Well, because it's the last offer you're going to get before we go to trial, where you could possibly end up with nothing, zip, nada. So do you want to call your attorney... or do you want to see me in court?

Eve: [Scoffs]

Nicole: I went with Eric to the Vatican. They cleared him. They said he could be a priest again.

Daniel: Then why won't he?

Nicole: I-I don't know. It's--it's--it's complicated. It's all that church stuff I don't know how to explain very well.

Daniel: Nicole, Nicole.

Nicole: It's just he can't... in his heart forgive me for what I did. He thinks it disqualifies him from the priesthood. He thinks he doesn't deserve to be a priest anymore. [Sighs] You know, Kristen raped him... humiliated him, and turned his life into a nightmare, and I'm the reason he can't be a priest anymore?

Kristen, just walk away.

Kristen: Eric, you're such a good man. You were such an inspiration to your parishioners, and all the things you did for the kids at St. Luke's... for you to have to walk away from that, it's so unfair.

Eric: It's unfair? That's all you have to say?

Kristen: Well, it is.

Eric: Well, you're gonna have to excuse me. I'm due inside the grand jury room. It seems like they want to talk to me about things that are unfair.

[Door opens]

Kristen, you should go back to the station until they're done hearing testimony.

Kristen: No.

Sonny: She went to sleep the minute I put her down.

Abigail: Aw.

Sonny: You wore her out.

Abigail: We had so much fun together. She's so sweet. That little smile of hers-- gosh, she's so precious.

Sonny: You seem so happy.

Abigail: Do I?

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Abigail: I don't know about happy, but, yeah, I've definitely been doing better lately. I mean, that whole mess with Sami and EJ was just so stressful, you know? And now I feel like it's finally behind me. I have to go. I have some errands to run, and then I got to check on my mom and see what the progress is with the lawsuit.

Sonny: Yeah, thank you for watching Ari.

Abigail: Yeah. You do not have to thank me. Seriously, I will watch--mwah-- that little peanut anytime you guys want me to.

Sonny: Abigail.

Abigail: Yes.

Sonny: Tell your mom I said good luck with everything.

Abigail: I will. Thanks.

Paige: [Sighs]

Mary Beth: Whoa.

Paige: That question was, "a," lame and, "b," mean. "Gosh, is the kid yours?"

Mary Beth: It was a joke, okay? I was just trying to be funny.

Paige: Well, it was not funny, and I don't believe you.

Mary Beth: Okay, you need to calm down.

Paige: How about this? I'll calm down when you stop being such a jerk to JJ.

Mary Beth: Wake up, Paige. He's not a good guy.

Paige: I'm not listening to this anymore.

Mary Beth: You better listen, because anyone who walks around telling everyone how much they've changed hasn't changed one bit. Okay, and he only wants one thing from you, and when you give it to him, you get dumped. And then where will you be? No JJ, no Stanford either. [Sighs]

JJ: Hey. You didn't have to do that. I can defend myself.

Paige: Then why didn't you?

Eve: Well?

They're right. This is worse than the last offer.

Eve: [Scoffs]

Aiden: Eve, your royalties on the sales of the book won't kick in until after the first edition's run is exhausted.

Eve: So, in other words, Jenn gets the lion's share.

Aiden: And to be clear, eve gets a piece of the movie money, but has no say in who writes, directs, produces the film. In exchange for that, a one-time payment, courtesy of Victor and Maggie Kiriakis, will serve as compensation. Also, there will be a rider that will be--

Eve: You know what, Aiden? Please, don't even bother, because I read it, okay? [Sighs] How bad is it?

My advice--take the money and run.

Eve: What?

The odds at trial are not in your favor.

Eve: Wh-- [Scoffs] Right. Where's a pen? Let's get this over with. [Sighs]

Daniel: So what you're saying is, it doesn't matter that I brought Kristen back to Salem and she's being charged. It's not gonna help Eric in the long run?

Nicole: Well, it doesn't matter to Eric, in terms of the priesthood, but everything else does matter.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Nicole: Daniel, you brought justice. That's what we all wanted.

Daniel: No, but Eric wanted to be a priest again. And now he can't have it? He won't have it, no matter what? You know what? I need to go pick up Parker.

Nicole: Daniel, wait.

Daniel: This is--

Nicole: Wait, wait, please. Please, just wait. I swear, I swear to you, I tried to do absolutely everything I could to help him, in Rome, in the grand jury room. I'm up to fixing this. I am. Daniel, please... we can still find a way to be friends, can't we?

Daniel: We are not friends. That is one thing we are not and never will be.

Theresa: Hey, tom said grandma's napping.

Brady: I'll have to catch, uh, Caroline another time, then.

Theresa: Brady, I, um... I don't know how long it will take, but I promise you, as soon as I hear back from Nevada about the annulment papers going through--

Brady: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen, it's great. I already sent everything in on my end. It's fine.

Theresa: And I'm sorry. I read in the paper about Kristen coming back.

Brady: Yeah. She's back. She's back in all her bitchy glory.

Theresa: Yeah, again. Bet you can't wait to get her alone in a room and just let her have it.

Brady: That's the last thing I want to do.

Kristen: You told me I have a right to be in that courtroom when witnesses give their testimony.


Kristen: So get me in there... right now.

Melinda: Thank you for being here today, Mr. Brady. I want to discuss the night you were drugged in your hotel room in the state capital.

Eric: You mean the night that I was raped.

[Door opens]

Will: [Sighs] Nothing, right?

Sonny: No, the story's not up yet. I've been hitting "refresh," like, every 30 seconds.

Will: [Laughs] You're more stressed out about it than am.

Sonny: Abigail brought Ari home. Managed to get my guilt in gear all over again. Honestly, I would have told her about the article, but it's not my place.

Will: [Sniffs]

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Hey, will.

Will: Abigail, hi. Um... thank you for taking Ari out today.

Abigail: You guys have to stop thanking me for this. Seriously, I love spending time with my goddaughter. Will, are you there?

Will: Yeah, I'm here.

Abigail: Everything okay?

Will: Um, Abigail, do you remember my editor? You met--you met her, um, the other day?

Abigail: Right.

Will: Well, she's--she works for truvista magazine, and they just hired me on staff.

Abigail: Oh, my God! That is amazing. Are you serious? Congratulations.

Will: Thank you. Actually, we're awaiting my first story. It comes out today.

Abigail: That was fast.

Will: It's a cover story.

Abigail: The cover?

Will: Yeah.

Abigail: This is incredible. I mean, I knew you were working really hard and everything, but, God, what an honor.

Will: Thank you. We're--well, I'm actually waiting for it to go live online right--right now.

Abigail: I'll totally have to favorite the link when it comes out.

Will: Abigail, listen.

Abigail: Oh, you know what, will? I'm getting another call, and it might be my mom about the lawsuit, so I'm gonna go. But I'm so thrilled for you. And I'll read the whole article as soon as it comes out. Okay, talk soon.

Sonny: What happened? I thought the whole point of the call was to tell her.

Will: She didn't give me a chance. Her mom called on the other line, and... look, I'll call her again in a few minutes, okay? I'll try again.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Aiden: Well, eve, you made the right decision... ending this.

Eve: Well, I will certainly try to keep that in mind.

Aiden: All right.

Eve: Your turn.

Jennifer: Not yet. There is a few things we need to get straight first.

Daniel: [Sighs] You know what, Nicole? Eric is the one who's been suffering here, and I haven't lost sight of that, and that's why I have pushed aside what I am truly feeling, because-- because the disgust, the distress, the whatever you want to call it, disillusion, pales in comparison to what you put that man through.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Daniel: And I am not gonna keep quiet anymore, because you have lied to me over and over and over again. The way you used me for your damn agenda with Eric?

Nicole: Are you blaming me for Jennifer?

Daniel: No, I am blaming you for not being my friend. I have stuck up for you, and what I got in return was you lying to me and about me. And everything I'm saying about me, magnify that a hundred times over for Eric.

Nicole: So this is it? You're just gonna despise me until the end of time, yell at me every time you see me?

Daniel: Every time I see you, I feel sad... bereft... because I lost a friend... forever.

Jennifer: You said you read the rider.

Eve: Yes, I did, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Okay, so then you understand what's required of you. You are not to speak about jack in public, about his book, about the movie--anything. I will not have you trashing him.

Eve: Oh, come on! I haven't said one word that remotely comes close to trashing jack Deveraux.

Jennifer: You tried to take over his whole movie, and you were gonna ruin his story, and I am not gonna allow that to happen. So I'm telling you--one word, one stunt, eve, and the money goes away. You signed this document. You will live by this document.

Eve: Your message of condescension, has it concluded?

Jennifer: No... because you haven't told me that you understand the terms.

Eve: Of the gag order?

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

Eve: Oh, please. Yes, I u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-D.

Jennifer: Honestly?

Eve: Yeah, and why don't you give me my money?

Jennifer: I will look at the payment schedule, and I will make sure that you get your first check very soon.

Eve: What do you mean "very soon"? When is very soon? Hey! I need that money to live on.

Jennifer: I know you do. I really hope it makes you happy. My guess is it won't.

[Door closes]


Eve: [Groans]

JJ: I didn't go after Mary Beth because she's your friend. And I respect that even if I hate her.

Paige: I know she's been hard on you. So has Rory. Bev too.

JJ: Well, Bev and I aren't friends anymore. Hey, nothing happened with us. I told you that.

Paige: Just with the girls in England.

JJ: Paige, come on.

Paige: Sorry, that was stupid. It just came out. [Sighs] Hey, Parker. You really love to play, don't you?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Paige: And that's so great.

JJ: [Sighs] Oh, that's my mom. She wants me home. Yeah, but I-I don't want to ditch you guys, so...

Paige: You go. I love being with Parker.

JJ: So... we're--we're good, right? All right, see you around.

Brady: Last night was the closest I intend to get to Kristen. My focus right now is to be on my dad, helping him get better.

Theresa: Right. Yeah, of course. I mean, I think that's really noble and honorable, Brady, but... I mean, you have to be realistic. You heard what the doctors said, right?

Brady: No, yeah, I did, I did, but I'm having other doctors brought in on the case-- trauma doctors, doctors that have expertise in comas.

Theresa: I see.

Brady: And Kayla and Daniel are gonna help me round them up and get them there.

Theresa: Wow. That's--that's ambitious. I bet this whole thing would be a lot easier to focus on if you knew that that DiMera woman was just gonna be sent to prison for the rest of her life, right?

Brady: Well, everyone should pay for their crimes. Don't you think?

Theresa: Yeah. Of course.

Brady: I got to go. [Sighs]

Theresa: Right. I'll see you.

Brady: See you.

Theresa: [Exhales deeply] Hey, um, can I have a shot of vodka, please?

Tom: Yeah.

[Cell phone ringing]

Theresa: [Sighs]

Judge: If there is any distraction, she will be escorted out.

Thank you, your honor.

Judge: Will she testify in rebuttal?

We reserve that right at this time.

Judge: Let's continue.

Melinda: I want to go through this carefully, item by item, but I know you may have some issues, Mr. Brady, with your memories of the events of that night?

Eric: I was injected with a memory suppressant, yes. I have no personal recollection of what happened to me. I unfortunately know every detail because it was recorded on videotape. So I had to relive it, you could say... every sick, horrible moment of it.

Daniel: Hi. Everything going okay?

Paige: Oh, yeah, we're having so much fun, right, Parker?

Daniel: Are you? Yes, yeah--where's JJ?

Paige: Oh, he got a text from his mom, and he had to go home.

Daniel: Oh.

Paige: I hope that's not a problem.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. Of course not, no.

Paige: Oh, and just so you know, I'll be able to babysit anytime you need someone, because I finalized my deferment with Stanford. I'll be going to Salem "U" this--well, for my freshman year.

Daniel: Right. Okay.

Paige: But only if you want me to.

Daniel: What?

Paige: Babysit, I mean. I understand if you don't.

Daniel: Yeah? Are you giving me an out because of your mother? Look, I told you, Paige--it's not an issue for me. When I think of you and JJ, all I think about is just two great kids--excuse me, adults.

[Both laughing]

Daniel: Right? Who are so lucky to just have each other.

Paige: [Chuckles]

Aiden: I'll tell you what-- I will get going so you can tell JJ the news.

JJ: Good news?

Aiden: Mm, great news.

Jennifer: [Sighs] Oh.

Aiden: All righty, I'll talk to you later.

Jennifer: Mm.

Aiden: Okay, bye-bye.

Jennifer: Bye-bye, Aiden. Thank you.

Aiden: Yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: Case closed.

JJ: Wait. What--what?

Jennifer: Yes.

JJ: Are you kidding?

Jennifer: Eve settled. Your dad's legacy is protected. It's done. It's a done deal.

JJ: This is, like, unreal. [Laughs]

Jennifer: I know! It's so great, but it's not unreal. It's so wonderful, and everything else that we've been worried about is gonna be over too, honey.

JJ: Know what? You did it, mom. I am so proud of you.

Theresa: Where's the fire?

Eve: [Sighs]

Theresa: Wait. Settlement? You settled? You s--you signed this?

Eve: The lawsuit is dead.

Theresa: But look at this-- you did great. This is a lot of money.

Eve: It's not great! I didn't do great, and it's not a load of money, Theresa!

Theresa: Well, it's a lot of money to me.

Eve: Well, there was a hell of a lot more money on the table before somebody came and snatched it away from me and Paige!

Theresa: Jennifer?

Eve: Yes, Jennifer! God, she is such a bitch! [Screams]

Nicole: Brady, Brady, Brady. I'm glad I caught you. I just wanted to check on you, make sure you're okay now that Kristen's--

Brady: Now that Kristen's back--right, that seems to be the question on everybody's mind.

Nicole: Well, I'm not everybody.

Brady: No, you're not. Come on in.

Nicole: Thank you.

Brady: Thanks for checking in on me. I, uh, heard you testified.

Nicole: I did. I know you're only sending in a written statement. I get it, I guess. You want to keep your distance. But let me just say that between my testimony and Eric's, Kristen is dead in the water.

Brady: [Sighs] Was she there?

Nicole: No. Shocker. Like she has the courage to sit there and listen to all of us lay out the cold, hard truth about her.

Brady: Right. I guess.

Nicole: Well, I did see her outside the courtroom... alone.

Brady: And?

Nicole: Your name was brought up... yours and Eric's.

Eric: I started feeling like something had happened to me several weeks after the incident. Those memories were like nightmares. In a way, they were.

Melinda: And after the video of you and miss DiMera having sex was shown publicly, you never saw her again, is that right, until today?

Eric: No. I saw her again. I tracked her down right before she left town.

Melinda: Did she admit what she had done to you?

Eric: No, she's too clever to say anything directly. But she let me know how much she hated my mother and she wanted her punished, to see her suffer, and planning what she did to me was the best way to accomplish that.

Melinda: Did she say anything else?

Eric: Yes. She had no regrets. My world was lost to me, and she had no regrets.

Melinda: Thank you, Mr. Brady. You may step down.

Judge: Miss DiMera, do you wish to take the stand in your own defense?

Kristen: No, your honor.

Brady: Kristen talked to you about me? You know, I--sorry. I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to know. I'm trying to get her out of my head anyway.

Jennifer: I know, believe me. Okay, I shouldn't have brought it up. Brady, I'm sorry.

Brady: Don't be--no, no, Nicole, it's okay. It's okay. Just no more. I don't want to hear her name. I don't want anyone to mention her name, 'cause my focus needs to be on my dad right now and helping him get better. That's what I want to think about. That's what I care about... not her.

Eve: You should have seen her, Theresa, dripping vindictiveness while she delighted in telling me that that settlement was worse than the one that I left on the table before. I mean, you know what? I bet you she's in a conference call right this very second with, like, Maggie, Victor, hope, even... Daniel, crowing, bragging about her triumphs.

Theresa: "Even Daniel"?

Eve: What?

Theresa: [Gasps] You're still into him. I can tell by the way you said his name.

Eve: Oh, please. The last thing I'm interested in--any of Jennifer Horton's ex-boyfriends, really. The only thing that I'm interested in, I'm gonna tell you this, is getting out of this hellhole, having my surgery, getting my voice back on track, so I can start all over again. But you know what? I can't even do that because Paige is staying here!

Theresa: Oh, huh. My little chat with her didn't get her to see the light of day about JJ?

Eve: Please. My daughter was accepted into Stanford. She saw through you in about three seconds, honey.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Whatever.

Eve: "Whatever"? No, it's not "whatever." I'm stuck here, Theresa! Jeez! But I'll tell you this much. That JJ Deveraux--he is out of here. He has got to go.

Daniel: You know, the hospital works with Salem u premeds.

Paige: Yeah, so I heard, yeah.

Daniel: I know the people who run the program. I could let them know about you.

Paige: Oh, wow. That'd be so great.

Daniel: Yeah, no problem at all.

[Cell phone ringing]

Paige: [Laughs] It's JJ. He said the lawsuit is settled. That is such amazing news. Oh, my God.

Daniel: Oh, my gosh, it is. It is.

Paige: I've got to get to my mom's.

Daniel: Go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Paige: Oh, see you, sweetheart. Thank you for being so much fun today. Mwah. [Laughs] Oh, wow. This is--

Daniel: This is--this is time for you to go!

Paige: [Laughs]

Daniel: Go, go, go, go, go.

Paige: Bye.

Daniel: See ya. Oh, my gosh. Hey. Hey, there, big guy. Do you have a hug for your dad?

Parker: Yeah.

Daniel: You do? Let's see it. Bring it in here. Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho! Thank you. I so needed that.

Parker: [Blows raspberry]

Daniel: Mm, oh, and I love that.

Parker: [Laughs]

Daniel: I love that.

Will: I totally forgot to get more diapers.

[Arianna crying]

Sonny: Oh, I forgot. Here, I'll go, I'll go.

Will: No, I got it. Just stay here and try to... [Chuckles] Keep calm. [Chuckles]

[Arianna continues crying]

[Crying stops]

Sonny: [Sighs] Finally, it's live.

Abigail: [Chuckles] There it is. Will wrote about Sami and EJ?

Theresa: Have you not noticed that JJ is all over Paige like a cheap suit? I mean, you'd have to give that kid a lobotomy to get him away from her. He's such a whiny, little loser. I am so glad that kid is out of my life.

Eve: I'm sure you are, because it's allowed you to set your sights on a totally different income bracket altogether, hasn't it?

Theresa: Now, that was a total non sequitur.

Eve: If Brady's dad hadn't had such an unfortunate accident, who knows? You two might still be hooked up.

Theresa: Topic's off-limits, eve, remember? I give you blood for you stupid throat surgery, you forget what you think happened that night with john black.

Eve: Honey, I'm your big sister. Now, what can't you tell me?

Theresa: [Scoffs] Pretty much anything, actually.

Eve: Come on, I've had a really lousy day. Come on, entertain me.

Theresa: No. No, and if you keep this up, I'll tell my friends at the hospital to give you too much anesthesia. [Smooches] [Smooches mockingly]

[Door closes]

Theresa: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Oh, hey, ba-- oh, I was hoping you'd be here soon. Aiden and I had champagne because we could not be happier about how everything worked out.

Abigail: That's great news, mom. Dad would be so happy.

Jennifer: Baby, what happened? Are you okay?

Theresa: Wow. Look at you--doctor dad by day, bounty hunter by night, huh?

Daniel: Parker... here's a book for you, honey, okay? Daddy's gonna be a minute, and then we are gonna go home. Okay.

Theresa: Sorry. It's just that everybody in this town--they've kind of been talking about what a hero you've been lately, and I was kind of hoping you could be more of a hero by helping Brady out.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Theresa: Well, you know, he's been looking for a specialist who can work a miracle with his dad, and... Daniel, I'm just worried that he's, you know, getting his hopes too high. He's setting himself up for a fall, because from what I heard, john's probably not gonna come out of that coma. But, I mean, I'm not a doctor, so I was just wondering what you think. Do you think he has a chance?

Daniel: Well, here's a question for you, Theresa. Just how worried would you be if john could come out of that coma?

Nicole: Do you really think there's a doctor who could help your dad?

Brady: I do. I have to believe that.

[Doorbell rings]

Eric: Brady... just listen to me. I know we have a ton to work out between us, but I just came from the courthouse, and...

[Footsteps approaching]

Bailiff: Okay, the jury's gone. Please rise. The jury's indictment, post-deliberation... "grand jury of the city of Salem hereby charges Kristen DiMera with four counts of assault, two counts of battery, hindering an investigation, evading arrest, one count of violating another person's civil rights, one count of evasion of privacy, conspiracy, three counts of illegal use of restricted pharmaceuticals"... and, oh, yes, one count of rape. How do you plead?

Kristen: Not guilty, your honor.

Brady: Look... we're all here today hoping for the same thing. We want to see Kristen put away.

Eric: Well, I watched the jury today. Kristen isn't getting out of it this time.

Judge: Plea of "not guilty" is noted and accepted by this court.

Melinda: Your honor... the state requests bail not be granted. The defendant is a flight risk with means. There should be no equivocation on this matter.

Judge: Not so fast there, counselor. We need to have a lengthy discussion on this very point.

Melinda: I'm sorry. What?

Theresa: I have no idea what you're talking about, Daniel.

Daniel: Well, since the night john was brought into the hospital, you've been very... very uneasy.

Theresa: Yeah, because I was worried about Brady.

Daniel: Mm. Well, someone else, I might buy that.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Okay.

Daniel: But I know you pretty well. I spent a lot of time watching how you think and act. I know the things you covet.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Daniel: I know who you hate. I know you're always trying to get an angle, information, and it's all very... uh, curious. Hmm. Well... got to go. All right, are you ready? Come on, let's do this. Yeah!

Paige: Mom? [Laughs] I just heard. JJ told me the news. Is it really over?

Eve: It's wonderful, isn't it?

Paige: It's fantastic! Maybe now we can all be friends? [Giggles]

Eve: Yes, I'm sure we can.

[Both chuckling]

JJ: You look, like, totally pale.

Jennifer: Baby, say something. What is it? What happened?

Abigail: I didn't think that it could get any worse, but... it has.

[Door opens]

Will: I got the diapers. How's Ari?

Sonny: [Clears throat] Asleep.

Will: Sonny, what's wrong?

Sonny: How the hell could you do that, will?

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