Days Transcript Friday 8/1/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/1/14


Episode #12391 ~ Sami drops a bomb on Jordan; Clyde warns Ben; Eve turns to Maggie for help; Daniel turns the tables on Kristen.

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Paige: [Laughs] Ohh.

JJ: Are you cold?

Paige: Mm-mmm.

JJ: You are so beautiful.

Paige: [Scoffs] Moonlight.

JJ: Yeah, I don't think it's the lighting. [Sighs] I meant what I said, Paige. I'm in love with you.

Paige: I love you too.

Eve: I was here earlier, and Victor was here, and he was not very inviting, I must say. Look at your beautiful home. You've always had such lovely things, Maggie.

Maggie: Why are you here, eve?

Eve: Well, there's a crisis, and I'm hoping that you may be the one to fix it.

Sami: Wait, wait, he bought both divisions?

Kate: A good businessman knows a sweet deal. The board members are gonna be thrilled.

Sami: [Laughs] And EJ and Stefano are going to have a cow.

Kate: You should've heard Stefano's last voicemail to me. "Katarina, you will not get away with this!" [Laughs]

Sami: Baby, they ain't seen nothin' yet.

Kate: Aw. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I ran into Abigail. She was with Jordan's brother, Ben.

Sami: And?

Kate: And I got so much pleasure from twisting that knife.

Sami: [Laughs]

Abigail: Hey.

Ben: Hey.

Abigail: You okay?

Ben: I'm good. What are you writing?

Abigail: My resignation letter.

Ben: I really hate that. I'm sorry, Abigail.

Abigail: I'm just surprised you're talking to me.

Ben: Why would you say that?

Abigail: I thought you were maybe avoiding me after what Kate said.

Ben: Oh, you mean the whole thing about me being a better fit for you than someone like EJ DiMera, because he's powerful and successful and I'm pretty much a loser?

Abigail: No, don't ever say that. You are not a loser. Ben, don't even think that.

Clyde: I'll tell you what'll rattle you--the proof I got stashed away.

Jordan: You're lying.

Clyde: You want to see it?

Rafe: Jordan, Maxine told me I'd find you he--oh.

Clyde: Well, Jordan, aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend?

Jordan: Uh... Rafe, I would like to you to meet my stepfather, Clyde Weston.

Clyde: I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance, Rafe. The man who stole my little girl's heart.

Daniel: [Grunts]

Kristen: [Muffled cries]

Daniel: Shh! Settle down. Settle. Don't even move. Do not move. Settle down.

Ben: That's nice of you, Abigail, thank you, but for the record, I do know I'm not a loser. No matter what ms. Roberts or anybody else has said, I'm okay with who I am.

Abigail: "Anybody else"? Did someone besides Kate say--

Ben: No, no, no, it doesn't matter.

Abigail: It was your father, wasn't it?

Rafe: Well, Mr. Weston, it's nice to meet you. Didn't even know you were in town.

Clyde: Yeah, I've been here a couple of days, Tammy sue?

Rafe: Uh, "Tammy sue"?

Clyde: I'll be damned, you didn't know. Yeah, Tammy Sue's my baby's God-given name, and I tell ya, it ain't easy trying to get used to calling her "Jordan."

Rafe: Yeah.

Maggie: You think I can help you with your crisis?

Eve: Well, fingers crossed and toes crossed that you can. See, I've been forced into a lawsuit against Jennifer over the royalties to jack's book, and it is really quite unfortunate.

Maggie: I know all about it.

Eve: Okay, well, then you must know that Jennifer is calling for a summary judgment on the case.

Maggie: I do.

Eve: Well, Maggie, she's not gonna win, and this could quite ugly, not to mention very expensive, and I'm going through a major surgery--

Maggie: Oh, eve, please, why are you telling me all of this?

Eve: Well, Jennifer won't listen to reason from me, and I'm hoping against all hope that she'll listen to you. I'm hoping that you will be able to talk some sense into her, for her own sake, of course, and JJ's.

JJ: Whoa, okay, uh-- [Laughs] Maybe this isn't just the best place to do this.

Paige: [Chuckles] No, it isn't.

JJ: Yeah, besides, I have to text Daniel.

Paige: What?

JJ: Yeah, yeah, I just--I meant to do it before, but then I forgot. He has a medical conference in St. Louis.

Paige: Oh.

JJ: Yeah, seems kind of dull, right, but you know, at least he gets a break from all the crazy stuff he has to deal with at the hospital. I just hope he gets to relax a little, you know? Maybe even have some fun.

Kristen: Daniel, get off of me.

Daniel: Settle down, no.

Kristen: Get off of me!

Daniel: Settle down. Shh! You're just--

[Both grunt]

Daniel: Oh. No, no!

Kristen: No! Ugh!

Daniel: No, no.

Kristen: Daniel, son of a--

Daniel: It's done. No, no, no, it's changed.

Kristen: Get off of me!

Daniel: No!

[Both struggling]

Daniel: [Grunts]

Kristen: Uh.

Daniel: All right. Yeah, okay, all right. Oh, no, you don't. Mm-mmm.

Ms. DiMera!

Ben: It doesn't matter who said it.

Abigail: So it was your father.

Ben: Look, the guy has said and has done a lot of things that just aren't so cool.

Abigail: Well, calling your son a loser is high on the not-cool list.

Ben: Yeah, well, I wish I could tell you that was the worst thing that he said to me.

Abigail: I'm sorry, Ben.

Ben: No, no, it's okay. Jordan's really helped me learn to just ignore the horrible stuff that comes out of his mouth.

Abigail: Is it possible that maybe he didn't really mean it? You know, could it be that he was just in a bad place? Not that he gets a pass for saying it at all.

Ben: Maybe you're right. Maybe he didn't mean it. Customer's waving me down. I'll be back, though.

Abigail: Okay.

Kate: You know, I thought, "if Hearst could give away his castle, Stefano could give away his precious island."

Sami: Did I tell you that I gave away EJ's first race car to a children's museum in Toledo?

Kate: Oh! Stop, no! Talk about genius.

Sami: Oh, I just think about those children, with their chocolate-covered hands and their dirty, little feet just tromping all over his formula one like it's a jungle gym...

Kate: [Laughs] Oh, God.

Sami: And I don't know, scratching the paint, tearing that Italian leather, oh, it just gives me goose bumps.

Kate: Mm-hmm. I am so enjoying this father-son toy removal process.

Sami: Oh, yeah. All their wealth and their power and their possessions are just a vague memory. [Sighs] I could talk about it all day. But I do have to fly. I have some hospital board business to see to, thank you.

Kate: Okay, well, one thing. You remember, I did you a favor? I need one in return.

Sami: Well, what do you need?

Kate: Well, the next time you "randomly" run into Jordan Ridgeway--

Sami: Ooh, stop right there. Jordan is off my radar. Non-negotiable.

Jordan: Rafe, I can explain everything later.

Clyde: No, no, no, you go ahead and talk now. I'm a third wheel here and I don't want to take any more of my little girl's time. I just wanted to see where she worked. She's been so busy, we haven't had much time together, and after all these years, we sure do have a lot to catch up on, don't we, sweetheart? It was a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again soon.

Rafe: Yeah, right. How long are you staying in Salem?

Clyde: Well, I haven't exactly put a clock on it, but you know, I'm getting to really like this town, and since my family up and moved here-- but I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself, should I? [Laughs] I'll see you later. All right.

Rafe: Tammy sue.

Milk and cereal

Ben: So is it done?

Abigail: Think so. You can read it if you want.

Ben: Yeah. Abigail, why can't you just say that you quit? I mean, do you really have to explain that you had "inappropriate relations with a board member"? And that you--and that you "understand that you can no longer be employed again at this hospital"?

Abigail: I can't ever work there again. That ship has sailed, so yes, that's exactly the language that I have to use.

Ben: Says who? Sami?

Abigail: Yup.

Ben: She is a piece of work.

Abigail: Yes, she is. I have to print this out at the office and hand it in.

Ben: I'm really sorry about all this.

Abigail: Thank you. It'll be okay.

Ben: Yeah. Well, I'll see you later, okay?

Abigail: Yeah.

Kate: Okay, so I don't get this. Why are you being dismissive about Jordan?

Sami: Well, we are frying bigger fish here.

Kate: No. [Chuckles] Of course I know that. This is just a small favor I'm asking. I know you still care enough about Rafe to want what's best for him, right?

Sami: Well, yes, of course, and we both know that that's not Jordan, but that doesn't mean that-- Kate, all joking aside, I mean, you do realize, right, that you don't have some "happily ever after," long-term relationship with Rafe in your future?

Kate: No. No. I mean, obviously, we don't have a typical relationship. I mean, we have a good time together, no more, no less.

Sami: Kate, who do you think you're talking to?

Jordan: Rafe, I was going to tell you about Clyde and so much more, but it just never really seemed like the right time.

Rafe: Yeah. I know, I know. But you've been trying. So here I am. I'm listening.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: [Sighs] Damn it. Ooh, it's the station. I just--I got to take this. Just give me one sec, okay?

Jordan: Yeah, okay.

Rafe: Hernandez. Uh-huh. Okay, okay. Yes, I will be there in ten. Jordan--

Jordan: Yeah. No, I heard. It's fine.

Rafe: Could we meet at the pub in an hour?

Jordan: Yeah.

Rafe: Everything's gonna be okay. I promise. I love you.

Jordan: I love you too. [Sobs]

JJ: Done.

[Both laughing]

Paige: Dr. Jonas is such a great guy. I'm still a little freaked that my mom came on so strong at him.

JJ: Yeah, well, you know, Daniel's cool. He doesn't let most stuff get to him. And how did he put up with me, right?

Paige: [Laughs] You really like him.

JJ: I do. And when I think of how I treated him when I got back from boarding school, it's just-- I just hated to see him and my mom together. But then, everything changed. But you already know that, so--

Paige: What were you texting him about just now? [Laughs] Like it's any of my business, sorry.

JJ: Oh, it's--[Laughs] It's fine. I just wanted to thank him for giving me some really good advice.

Paige: About?

JJ: Mm? You.

Maggie: want me to talk some sense into Jennifer.

Eve: Mm-hmm. See, JJ confided in me and Paige that he's worried about the lawsuit, and you know what, I don't blame the poor boy. It's terrible what he's gone through in the past couple of years with that drug abuse issue and then losing his father like that.

Maggie: And it's so hard for Paige and JJ, starting a new relationship.

Eve: Well, actually, I think it's--it's actually more than that. I think it's seeing the Deveraux and the Horton name dragged through the mud again, and it completely could be avoided if Jennifer weren't being unreasonable.

Maggie: Jennifer that you were and you are hurting the cause that jack was dedicated to. I mean, this is his legacy...

Eve: [Laughs]

Maggie: His fervent commitment to do right by the veterans.

Eve: So that's the spin she's putting on it, right?

Maggie: Spin? This isn't a spin, eve. Jack was Jennifer's husband, she knew exactly where he wanted the proceeds of that book to go.

Eve: Well, here's what I know. We would surely still be talking in a very civil, reasonable fashion if it weren't for a certain Dr. Daniel Jonas.

Daniel: [Panting] Okay. No phone. [Sighs] Damn it. Of all the things to forget.

[Phone buzzing]

Daniel: [Groans] [Grunts]

What the hell? Where's the doctor and ms. DiMera?

I don't know. Knocked me out.

And now they're both gone.

[Phone buzzing]

Kate: And as usual, you were way off base.

Sami: Kate, you were willing to team up with me. Of all of the people on the entire planet, you were willing to work with me to get back at Stefano for what he did to Rafe.

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: There is no way a shrewd woman such as yourself would be willing to put everything on the line, risking her own life, unless she was truly, madly, deeply in love with the guy.

Kate: Oh, God. Well, speaking of shrewd, it appears to me that whatever you think my feelings are for Rafe, you certainly aren't averse to using them to get what you want.

Sami: Well, no. Of course not. I'd go to bed with the devil himself to get back at EJ.

Kate: Kind of the same thing.

Sami: [Laughs] True enough. Luckily, I've only had to team up with one of the devil's ex-girlfriends to get what I want. Well, so far, at least.

Abigail: Oh, oh, oh!

Jordan: Oh, my--I'm so sorry.

Abigail: I'm so--no, I'm sorry, I didn't see you either.

Jordan: Ugh.

Abigail: Are you okay?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Abigail: Well, I just--I thought that maybe--you know, you seemed like you were distracted, and I thought maybe--

Jordan: Maybe what?

Abigail: Well--is it because your stepdad's in town?

Clyde: Too bad that sweet, young thing had to leave so soon. Hope you didn't say anything to upset her.

Ben: What do you want?

Clyde: What'd you say her name was, again?

Ben: I didn't.

Clyde: Oh. That's all right. You got good taste in women, just like the old man. You know what they say, apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Ben: This apple did, because I am nothing like you, old man.

Clyde: [Chuckles]

Paige: Dr. Jonas gave you advice about me?

JJ: About us, actually. He just said that even with all the stuff that's going on, to just take it just one day at a time, enjoy what's happening right now.

Paige: The "stuff" being the fact that our moms hate each other and are in the middle of a lawsuit?

JJ: Actually, no, that's not exactly it.

Maggie: What exactly does Dr. Jonas have to do with the issues you have with Jennifer?

Eve: Well, she's your niece, so you must know that the two of them broke up recently. I mean, it's surprising she never could maintain a relationship with a man, and I think it's just sad. I mean, isn't it? I mean, I feel for her, actually.

Maggie: Your point, eve?

Eve: Well, can you believe that Jennifer's got her panties in a bunch because this very handsome surgeon showed a little interest in me? I mean, it's very clear that the two are broken up, but I'm telling you right now, she is still insanely jealous and very possessive.

Maggie: So she's upset because Dr. Jonas showed an interest in you?

Eve: Yeah. [Laughing] Yes. I mean, it's not surprising, because there's just certain women that, you know, men are drawn to.

Maggie: Like you.

Eve: Oh, Maggie, come on, you and I go way back. You know how men are around me. [Laughs]

Maggie: Well, I certainly know how that man can be.

Eve: [Laughing] Yeah.

Maggie: He's my son.

Daniel: [Sighs] Ugh. [Groans]

Kristen: [Yells]

Daniel: Oh, God! Oh! Oh!

Kristen: How 'bout that, huh?

Daniel: Oh!

Kristen: How 'bout that? Yeah, I gave you a hundred chances, didn't I?

[Both grunting]

Kristen: All my chances, Daniel! It's the little things in life that make me smile.

Jordan: I didn't realize Ben had told you that we were brother and sister.

Abigail: Yeah, he did. He also told me that your stepdad was in town.

Jordan: I see.

Abigail: Yeah. Guess you weren't expecting him to show up, huh?

Jordan: No, we weren't. Rafe just met him, actually.

Abigail: Oh, how'd it go?

Jordan: It was awkward. Not because of Rafe, though.

Abigail: Right, because of your relationship with your stepdad? I sort of gathered, from what Ben said, that it wasn't a great one.

Jordan: [Sighs] No, anything but. And now, I have to try and explain all this to Rafe, and Rafe and I, we really care about each other, you know, more and more all the time, and I just don't want anything to get in the way of that.

Abigail: Well, how could it? You guys love each other so much, I mean, anyone can see that. Yeah.

Jordan: Oh, wait, I have one of your papers.

Abigail: Yeah, that's right. Thank you.

Jordan: You're resigning?

Abigail: Yeah.

Jordan: Why? What happened?

Abigail: I had an affair with a board member, so now, I'm out of a job.

Clyde: Well, Ollie-- [Laughs] I mean, Ben. I guess you're right. You're not like me at all. I never ran from anything. Stayed in one place, stood my ground, built a life.

Ben: A life that no self-respecting man would ever want.

Clyde: Oh, I got plenty of self-respect, and you'd do right to remember that, 'cause I'm your father, and I'm in charge of this little family now. Your sister has finally seen the light. She's accepted things the way they are. If you're half as smart as you let on, you'll fall right into line behind her.

JJ: Just so I'm clear, this "one day at a time" stuff is not about the lawsuit.

Paige: Okay.

JJ: Daniel said that because you're leaving for college soon, to just--just be in the moment. You know?

Paige: Good advice, right?

JJ: Great advice.

[Both laughing]

JJ: It's keeping me sane.

Paige: What do you mean?

JJ: If I think about the fact that you're leaving in less than a month, I will go crazy.

Paige: JJ, I'll be back for holidays and everything.

JJ: Mm-hmm.

Paige: And you can come see me, which would be so great.

JJ: Mm-hmm, yeah, I know, it's just, there are times when I think about you being in California so far away and us not being able to hang out whenever we want. I'm--I'm going to die. I'm sorry, that--that sounds so stupid, I--

Paige: No, no, no, I get it.

JJ: I didn't--

Paige: We should go.

JJ: Wait. Why, is something wrong?

Paige: No, no, I-I just need to go.

JJ: Well-- I'll just get the--

Eve: Wait, wait, you don't have a son, you have daughters.

Maggie: Oh, and you should remember that, since you ran one of them over.

Eve: Oh, good lord, Maggie, she did recover.

Maggie: I have a son as well, Daniel Jonas.

Eve: But--no. I would have known about him, and besides, he doesn't even have your same last name.

Maggie: Long story, and I'm not getting into it with you.

Eve: [Scoffs] Well-- Maggie. Oh, my. I had no idea that you were so wild and freewheeling back in your youth, but I tell you what, it is just so heartwarming to know that you can be reunited with a child you threw away so many years ago, and I can totally see where Daniel gets his good looks.

Maggie: Shut up, eve!

Eve: Well, I just gave you a compliment, Maggie.

Maggie: I don't give a damn about your compliments. How dare you waltz in here, trash my niece and her son--oh! And misrepresent your involvement with my son?

Eve: W--

Maggie: All I want from you is your absence! And I want you to get out of my house right now!

Eve: Oh, well, wait, Maggie, I think we got off on the wrong foot here.

Maggie: Oh, that's putting it so mildly.

Eve: Oh, really, I-I just-- just--let's rewind it, you can sit right back down, and I'm gonna tell you exactly why I'm here, okay?

Maggie: Not interested, eve.

Eve: Oh, come on, please, for your niece's sake. Please?

Maggie: Cut to the chase, would you?

Eve: Okay. This is why I came, very simply. You have money now, thanks to Victor, and since Jennifer won't settle the case, I'm hoping that you and I will come to some understanding.

Daniel: [Grunts]

Kristen: I tried to be nice!

[Both struggling]

Daniel: Oof! Oh, no, no, no!

[Both grunting]

Daniel: Oh, no, no, no! No, no, no!

Kristen: No!

Daniel: Shh!

Kristen: [Muffled yell]

Daniel: Ah! Damn it!

Kristen: Son of a bitch!

Daniel: Shh!

Kristen: [Muffled yell]

Daniel: This is my game now. [Grunting]

Rafe: Hey, Kate.

Kate: Hey! Are you meeting someone?

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Jordan.

Kate: Oh. So did you have that serious tête-à-tête?

Rafe: Actually, no. Just when I thought our lives couldn't get more chaotic, her stepfather showed up out of the blue.

Kate: Well, that's--that's good. I mean, that could be nice for her, to have her family around.

Rafe: Actually, I got the feeling it was anything but nice. Yeah, she seemed very... uncomfortable around him.

Kate: Oh, poor thing. Well, you know, if she's feeling stress and anxiety over her father being around, maybe this isn't the time--you know, to tell her about what happened between us.

Ben: What is that supposed to mean, "the way things are"?

Clyde: It's a cashier's check from your sister. She's trying to make up for what she did to me.

Ben: This has to be every cent Jordan has.

Clyde: I don't know, we didn't discuss her finances.

Ben: No, right, of course, 'cause you don't give a damn. You're more than happy to bankrupt her.

Clyde: Eye for an eye, Ben. She's the one who stole from me, so the way I see it, your sister still owes me, just like you do.

Jordan: I'm so confused. Why is Sami involved in this?

Abigail: Because the man that I slept with...was Sami's fiancé. Well, it was. Now they're married.

Jordan: EJ.

Abigail: Yeah, EJ. I hate that it happened, and it was a huge mistake. I hate that I even let it happen.

Jordan: Well, EJ is just as responsible for this, if not more, because obviously, he was in a position of power, and--

Abigail: Why do you think she's doing this?

Jordan: To get back at him.

Abigail: And me, for good measure. But you know what, it's gonna be okay. I'll get another job, eventually. It's good, it's fine. Honestly, once Anne Milbauer found out about what I did, I mean, she would make my life a living hell, and my mom's a living hell, so you know, it's fine, it's good. Just gonna cut my losses and go.

Maggie: I'm afraid there is no way that we could ever come to any understanding, eve-- monetarily or otherwise--and while the list of reasons is essentially endless, the main reason is very simple! This conversation has reminded me of just who you really are.

Eve: [Scoffs] Look, Maggie, I just want what is mine, what is my fair share.

Maggie: [Scoffs] There is nothing fair about this, eve!

Eve: Fine, Maggie, you just look down your nose at me like everybody else in this town, but I tell you what, you're only gonna hurt your nephew. Oh!

Maggie: Get out, eve!

Eve: Fine. I guess it won't hold any weight, though, because you were willing to give away your son so many years ago.

Maggie: Get out!

Eve: Fine!

Maggie: Don't let the door hit you on the way out! [Sighs]

JJ: Look, I'm sorry I just got a little caught up back there, and I said some things that--

Paige: Text me later?

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yes.

Paige: [Sighs]

Kristen: [Muffled speaking]

Daniel: Oh. [Laughs] Yeah. [Laughs] How's that feel, huh? What's that?

Ms. DiMera?

Kristen: [Muffled yelling]

Daniel: Shh! Shh! Shh.

Ben: If you think I will ever give you a single penny-- what the hell--what the hell are you smiling about?

Clyde: You haven't changed at all. Still a wild bronco, aren't you, boy? Fierce and fearless. But I broke you before. Just 'cause you're my blood won't stop me from breaking you again.

Kate: Okay, look, you and I both acknowledged that what happened between us was a mistake. You and Jordan care for each other, and I'm sure eventually you're going to be secure in that love.

Rafe: What's your point?

Kate: My point is, is that you're in the early stages of your relationship, and during that period, you're gonna have a little problem, a little disagreement that could derail the entire relationship, so why would you risk that? Why would--

Rafe: Because not taking the risk is cowardly, and withholding the information is a lie. Now, if Jordan and I are gonna level with each other, I need to tell her about you and me. The longer I wait, the worse it's gonna be.

Sami: You're here late. Turning in your letter of resignation?

Jordan: I can't believe you're doing this to Abigail.

Sami: I can't believe you're butting your nose in something that is none of your business.

Jordan: [Chuckles] This is what you thrive on, isn't it, Sami? Making people suffer for their transgressions? Haven't you crossed a lot of lines yourself? What right do you have to judge others?

Sami: I'm pretty sure I have every right in this case.

Jordan: Well, you sure as hell didn't in mine. You don't even know me, and it's very clear that you don't like me with Rafe. You don't like that I have something so deep with him because God knows, you couldn't pull it off with him, or anyone else.

Sami: Wow. No, that would've actually hurt my feelings if it weren't so ridiculous. I mean, you actually think you "have something" with Rafe, when it clearly isn't at all what you're touting it to be.

Abigail: Sami, back off. She and Rafe are happy together. I know that's hard for you to understand, but Rafe loves her.

Sami: Oh, he does? Do you really think that Rafe loves her? 'Cause if he does, I don't understand why he's still having sex with Kate.

Jordan: [Scoffs]

Maggie: Hi.

JJ: Hey, mom's not here, Aunt Maggie.

Maggie: Oh, that's okay. I came by to see you.

JJ: Me? Well, why?

Maggie: I'm worried about you. JJ, how are you dealing with this lawsuit between your mom and eve Larson?

JJ: Well, it's--it's basically awful. But Paige and I are doing okay. We're not gonna let any of it ruin things for us.

Maggie: You really like Paige, don't you?

JJ: A lot, yeah.

Maggie: You say you two are okay?

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, we are.

Maggie: Well, then why do you look so sad?

JJ: I'm not, I'm just--just a little confused, you know. I'll figure it out.

Eve: Oh! Paige, there I was, I just wanted to have a civil conversation, but I should have known that was never gonna be possible, not with that rude, ice-cold woman! I mean, she did not even have the manners to offer me a cup of tea! Not that I would have taken it, but I just wanted to get in there...

Paige: Mom, mom, mom, mom!

Eve: State my case, and get the hell--what, sweetheart?

Paige: Mom, can this please just wait?

Eve: [Sighs]

Paige: There's something I need to tell you.

Eve: Oh, my, what--what is it, sweetheart?

[Phone ringing]

Eve: What the hell? Just not my day, I'm telling you right now. Oh, honey, it's business, and I'm gonna have to take this.

Paige: Okay.

Eve: It'll be just a minute, and then I'll come right out and we'll talk, all right?

Paige: I'm fine, mom.

Eve: Okay, sorry, honey. Yes, what is it?

Paige: [Sighs] I'm fine. You're not going to be when you hear what I have to say.

Maggie: No, no, no, I'm fine. It's just-- [Sighs] No, I'm not fine, actually. I'm mad as hell, and I need to talk to you. About eve Larson... and the lawsuit.

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