Days Transcript Friday 7/18/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/18/14


Episode #12381 ~ Sami overhears a secret; Ben asks Abigail about EJ; Jordan & Ben reunite with Clyde.

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Sami: [Sighs] [Laughs] Oh, Harold, thank you! You're a mind reader.

Kate: Don't thank Harold. Thank me. Welcome home, partner.

Sami: What the hell are you doing here?

Kate: [Slurps] Hmm. I'm getting started on our plan to drive DiMera enterprises into the ground.

Rafe: Well, here you go. State auditor's case against EJ.

Abe: [Grunting] Well, that's a pretty strong one.

Rafe: Oh, it is, and I plan on making the most of it.

Abe: So you're gonna be burning the midnight oil?

Rafe: I'm gonna start tomorrow. EJ's not going anywhere tonight and I've got some personal business that I've been putting off for too long.

Jordan: [Gasps]

Clyde: Nice to see you again, sweetheart. Surprised to see me text messaging, aren't ya? I've learned a lot since you took off. Not a soul in sight. Looks like the perfect spot for you and me to have a nice, long talk.

Ben: I know what it's about, Abigail. It's about you and EJ DiMera.

Abigail: How could you-- oh, my God. Sami?

Ben: She was so mad. I didn't know whether to believe her or not.

Abigail: Well... if she told you that I slept with EJ... it's the truth.

Lucas: So will knows everything?

Sonny: [Sighs] Oh, yeah. Sami spelled it all out. Do you know how Abigail's doing?

Lucas: Well, how do you think she's doing? She just had an affair with EJ DiMera, and Sami's just spreading it all over town.

Sonny: Mom?

Adrienne: Tell me I didn't just hear you right. Tell me my niece did not sleep with that man.

EJ: [Sighs] William.

Will: I just have one question. How could you cheat on my mom and think that you had a prayer of getting away with it?

Sami: Okay, just because we work together does not give you the right to come into my house unannounced and start boozing up in my living room.

Kate: I'm just making myself at home.

Sami: This isn't your home.

Kate: Au contraire. I have moved in, roomie.

Jordan: How did you find me?

Clyde: Well, you knew I would, didn't ya? I came real close in Houston, but you gave me the slip. That's when you started using the name "Jordan" isn't it? And what kind of a name for a girl is that anyway?

Jordan: What do you want?

Clyde: Is that the way you talk to me after all these years? I've been so worried about you.

Jordan: Yeah, I'm sure.

Clyde: Fathers never stop worrying about their little girls.

Jordan: You are not my father, you son of a bitch!

Clyde: You watch your mouth with me, girl.

Rafe: So DiMera enterprises has to produce a bunch of financial records, huh?

Abe: Yeah, as subpoenaed by the state's attorney.

Rafe: Yeah, good luck making that happen. I'll bet Stefano is gonna be running the shredder himself.

Abe: Stefano's not running much of anything anymore.

Rafe: What do you mean? Who is?

Abe: Sami and Kate.

Adrienne: Is it true?

Sonny: Yes.

Adrienne: Does Jenn know?

Lucas: Well, Abigail says she does, but I haven't talked to her yet.

Adrienne: Abigail and him? I mean, it just doesn't-- he must've forced himself on her.

Lucas: I don't know. Abigail said it didn't work out that way, although I know EJ. Probably worked on her until he got what he was after.

EJ: Look, I can see how difficult this must be for you, William, and I'm very sorry that I disappointed you.

Will: Don't worry about me. It's mom. When I think about all the times she told me that there were no more secrets between you and her.

EJ: Look, I don't think you appreciate the entire situation.

Will: Well, mom does. And she's gonna make sure that everybody else does too. You ever heard that expression, "hell having no fury like a--"

EJ: "No fury like a woman scorned," yeah. Your mother'll be fine once she cools down.

Will: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. The only thing that's gonna cool her down is getting back at you. And she doesn't care what that's gonna do to her or to anybody else.

EJ: William, you need to understand that I loved your mother. I love your mother more than I've ever loved any woman in my entire life.

Will: And this is how you show your love? By getting a mixed up, grieving girl to have sex with you?

Abigail: I know what you must think of me.

Ben: What I think is that it's none of my business.

Abigail: Oh. Uh, okay, I-- I kind of thought that-- I thought that we were--but, you know, I guess I was wrong.

Ben: No, no, no, look, what I'm trying to say is that I just--Abigail, I don't want you to be embarrassed.

Abigail: I'm more than embarrassed. I mean, I slept with a guy that I don't even like. I-I acted like a--

Ben: Like a guy?

Abigail: [Sighs]

Ben: Yeah, hey, don't do this to yourself. It happened, it's over now. Right?

Abigail: Right. Yes, Ben, I swear to you, it was over with EJ before I ever even met you, and I don't even know why it happened. I-I--when I think about it, I don't even recognize myself because I was--

Ben: Abigail, I don't need to know the details. Please.

Abigail: Right. Okay. I-I just... Ben, I'm sorry that I wasn't honest with you. My God, I took you to their wedding.

Ben: No wonder you were so stressed out when I got there. EJ was flirting with you and Sami was acting like she was your new best friend.

Abigail: Yeah, well, that's all over now. Sami hates me. Which is--I get it, I get it. I'm just... I'm afraid that Sami's not gonna stop until she has ruined my life.

Sami: You can't just move in here.

Kate: Well, actually, I can.

Sami: Who says?

Kate: Oh, well, you see, the house is owned by DiMera enterprises, and you and I share title of C.E.O. to DiMera enterprises, so you and I share the house. Although I have to say, it was so unfortunate I could only get two trunkfuls of my things delivered tonight.

Sami: Aw, just the pointy hats and brooms?

Kate: Ugh! You see, that's that droll wit that I am just going to love living with. [Chuckles] But I have to say, I did go ahead and take the master bedroom, you know, because when Stefano and I were married, I just loved watching the sunset from that bedroom, so beautiful.

Sami: [Laughs] Yeah, that's what you and Stefano were doing up there, watching the sunset.

Kate: Would you lighten up? Come on, we're not gonna spend that much time with each other. There's more than enough room in this big, old house for both of us, now that we've kicked EJ and Stefano to the curb.

Sami: [Chuckles] Okay, this has been a long, really, really, really long day, and I am just not in the mood to tangle with you. [Grunts]

Kate: Okay. Well, the way I see it, you have two options. You can retire to the library, the billiards room, or any one of the 100 rooms in this house, drink your martinis, pass out, or you can stay here with me and get down to the business of making sure that everyone who has wronged us pays...and pays and pays and pays. It's up to you.

Rafe: So you're telling me that Stefano and EJ handed over the running of the company to Sami and Kate?

Abe: I really don't know how it went down. I assume that the charges against EJ didn't play too well with the board, not to mention the outstanding warrant against his father.

Rafe: So this change in leadership must have come at that big board meeting, right?

Abe: The DiMeras are finally going down. That's all that matters to me.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, wait, if Sami is running the company, then that subpoena should go to her.

Abe: Right.

Rafe: Okay. Cancel the process server. I'm gonna deliver it myself.

Adrienne: Haven't Abigail, Jennifer, and JJ been through enough since they lost jack?

Lucas: Yeah, they have, Adrienne.

Adrienne: I'm gonna call Jenn.

Lucas: Well, good luck. She's not answering her phone.

Adrienne: Well, I don't care. I'm gonna leave a message.

Sonny: Mom.

Adrienne: What? What? EJ walked all over Sami and Abigail. They have to know that we're on their side.

EJ: William, I'm sorry, I do not want to talk about Abigail.

Will: Then I'll do the talking. Abigail is my cousin, and I have known since last winter that something's been up with her. She finally told me that it was a guy, she wouldn't say who, of course, but it never entered my mind that this guy could be you. I was so sure that you loved my mom.

EJ: I love your mother! William, I will always love your mother! Look, I-I-I'm fallible, and I made a mistake, and I'm sorry, and it's ruined two people's lives!

Will: Your own brother had just broken Abigail's heart. Chad still loved her when he left Salem and you knew that. You knew all of it, and you still went to bed with her. What is wrong with you?

Jordan: [Grunts] [Winces]

Clyde: After all this time, I didn't think we'd start out like this.

Jordan: You are not my father.

Clyde: From the moment I married your mama, I thought of you as my own, and after we lost her, I was all you had. That lowlife whose name is on your birth certificate never wanted anything to do with you.

Jordan: Don't talk about my father like that!

Clyde: You still got him on a pedestal, don't you? You weren't even five years old when he drank himself to death.

Jordan: That is not--

Clyde: Please, could we sit down and have a visit? I want to hear all about you. I've been so worried about you and your brother. Have you heard from him?

Ben: There is one thing I'd like to know, and then we never have to mention EJ DiMera again.

Abigail: Okay.

Ben: This time that we've, you know, had together, getting to know each other, has this just been your way of trying to forget him?

Sami: Kate, isn't it bad enough that we have to work together? Do you really want to see my face every night across the dinner table?

Kate: No. [Sighs] But when that son of a bitch finds out that we are living here together, drinking his brandy together, and plotting his demise together, he's gonna go out of his mind, and I think that is worth it, don't you think?

Sami: I suppose.

Kate: You know another thing I'm gonna do, as soon as I have a moment, I think I am going to get a decorator into this man cave. Maybe some flourishes, some chintz. But that abomination is gonna be the first thing that goes.

Sami: Well, now we've found one thing we can agree on. [Chuckles]

Kate: Actually, I think we can find more common ground than that. I have file folders here for each division of the company, and I've divided them into two groups, group "A," group "B." Group "A," these are the ones that we are going to kill ourselves to make profitable.

Sami: And group "B"?

Kate: Well, group "B" is where Stefano and EJ have invested the bulk of their personal assets. Those are the ones--

Sami: That are gonna crash and burn.

Kate: Oh, by George, you've got it. You feeling better now?

Sami: You know what? I think I do.

Kate: [Chuckles]

Jordan: I haven't heard from Ollie. I don't have a clue where he's at.

Clyde: And here I thought you were smarter than to lie to me right off the bat.

Jordan: I'm not lying.

Clyde: Do you think I just rolled into town last night? I've been here for a couple of days getting all my ducks in a row. I been watching you. I been watching him too, Ben, as he calls himself now. So how about the three of us get together for a little family reunion? Right now.

Jordan: I'm not letting you anywhere near my brother.

Abigail: I may have made a lot of mistakes, but I swear to you, I'm not using you to forget about EJ. I was over EJ before you and I ever even met, and what he and I had, it was--it wasn't about love, it was--it was nothing even close to that.

Ben: What was it about then?

Abigail: Uh-- I can't say.

Ben: Are you sure you were never in love with him? Maybe you still are.

EJ: Look, William, the relationship that I have with your mother is--it's very complex.

Will: How about you and Abigail? Was that complex too? Or did you just see that she was vulnerable, and decided to go in for the kill?

EJ: [Laughs] I didn't take advantage of Abigail. Look, you're gonna think of me whatever you're gonna think of me, and I understand that I can't do anything about that, I get it, but when it comes to Abigail and your mother--

Will: Look, I realize that they need to take some responsibility for this mess. Mostly, I just think that they-- they didn't want to see you for the man that you really are. Maybe I didn't either. I so wanted to believe that you'd changed. So did mom. But you haven't. You're a DiMera. You will always put what you want before anything else.

EJ: I'm gonna get her back, William.

Will: Which one? My mom or Abigail?

Sami: [Scoffs]

[Doorbell ringing]

Sami: Yeah, but if all of these companies in group "b" start hemorrhaging money, don't you think that the board will lose faith in us?

Kate: Well, not if group "a" is doing gangbusters. The board doesn't care about where it comes from, they just want to see profits in the end.

[Knocking at the door]

Sami: Yes?

Kate: Come in.

Sami: What is it, Harold?

Harold: Detective Hernandez is here.

Kate: Oh, great, show him in.

Rafe: Oh. Hi, ladies.

Kate: Detective Hernandez. It's happy hour at the manse. Could I offer you a martini?

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: [Laughs] No, no thanks. But what I would like to know is, what the hell's going on?

Jordan: I'm not calling Ben. I'm not setting him up for you. I don't care what you do to me.

Clyde: You're smart enough to know I have people watching my boy, right now. Do you want to know if he's okay?

Abigail: Ben, you have to understand that when things with EJ and I started, I--

[Phone ringing]

Ben: I have to go.

Abigail: Wait, but Ben, I--

EJ: You know full well I'm talking about your mother. We have two kids, we're a family, and we've worked through a lot tougher things than this in the past. Once I get out of this mess, I'm gonna go convince her that she is the only woman that I love and the only woman that I want to be with!

Will: Save it for someone who cares. I'm sorry that I ever trusted you. I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

Rafe: So...this is a subpoena. The state's attorney's office has requested certain financial documents from DiMera enterprises.

Kate: Can I see it?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Oh, well, these are the divisions that we were just talking about, Sami. Hmm. Absolutely, we would be more than happy to comply with the subpoena tomorrow morning.

Rafe: Great. Not even gonna consult with EJ or Stefano, huh?

Kate: Well, you see, we're rather tired of answering to men.

Sami: [Laughs] Yes, and we have decided to run DiMera enterprises our way.

Rafe: Oh, cool. Although that's gotta be kind of awkward, considering you just married EJ.

Sami: Don't remind me.

[Knocking at the door]

Harold: I'm sorry to interrupt. Miss Sydney is out of sorts, ma'am. She's asking for you.

Sami: Oh, of course. Thank you, Harold. I-I have to go to her.

Kate: No, that's okay, go.

Sami: Okay. Rafe.

Rafe: Sami. So, you and Stefano--

Kate: There is no me and Stefano.

Rafe: Ah. Is there a Sami and EJ? 'Cause I'm kind of getting the feeling--

Kate: Well, there was a Sami and EJ, but then Sami found out that EJ cheated on her.

Jordan: You know, you might as well give up. He's not gonna show. He got that message, and he took off in the other direction.

Clyde: Nice try, but he knows you're alone with me right now, and if he's half the man I raised him to be, he'll show. And that's a good thing, 'cause after all these years, three of us have a lot to talk about. And I must say, time has been good to you. You're even prettier than the day you left.

Ben: Get away from her.

Clyde: [Chuckles] Hello there, Ollie. Or would you rather me call you by your new name?

Ben: I don't want you to call me anything. Has this bastard told you what he wants yet?

Clyde: I'm getting a little disappointed with the way you two are treating this reunion. A stranger might hear you and think I was the one who done you wrong, instead of the other way around.

Ben: You can tell yourself that garbage, but don't tell it to us. We know the truth. Do you really think tracking us down means anything's changed?

Clyde: It means I have my family back, and I'm not letting 'em out of my sight again.

Ben: We're not kids anymore, and you're getting to be an old man. I don't know what you think you can do to us now.

Clyde: Well, then, let me lay it out for you. First, I can get the law on you. You two stole a whole bunch of money from me, and Tammy, you abducted a minor and took him across state line. That's a federal offense. Now, you both know I was real unhappy when you took off. You don't even want to think about making me that unhappy again.

[Footsteps approaching]

Abigail: We both knew the truth was going to come out. Didn't we?

Adrienne: Okay, honey, are you gonna be able to sleep tonight? Okay, honey. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you. How's the baby?

Sonny: Sleeping like an angel.

Adrienne: She's the only one.

Lucas: What did Jenn say?

Adrienne: That she found out about EJ and Abigail because Sami showed up and acted like a total bitch.

Sonny: Mom, Sami was really hurt. She thought of Abigail as a friend.

Adrienne: Yeah, but she had to know that this was all EJ's doing.

Sonny: It doesn't sound like it's all EJ.

Adrienne: Oh, come on, I talked to Abigail. She was defending him. He talked about reading her father's book, and how impressed he was. He snowed her. And I should have realized what was going on from the get-go, but for Sami to go over to Jenn's house and--

[Door opening]

Will: [Clears throat] What's going on?

Adrienne: I'm sorry, will. I really tried with your mother. In fact, I felt so bad for her when EJ was arrested, but now--

Lucas: Adrienne, please, calm down.

Will: No, let her talk. What did my mom do now?

Rafe: EJ cheated on Sami. Is that a fact?

Kate: Oh, yeah.

Rafe: With who? Anyone I know?

Kate: Abigail Deveraux.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Wow.

Kate: I know. I guess she wasn't as innocent as we all thought. It's kind of ironic, isn't it?

Rafe: How's that?

Kate: Well, Sami cheated on you with EJ.

Rafe: I know, that was the end of things.

Kate: [Sighs] And then EJ cheats on her, destroying everything that she thought they were.

Rafe: Well, Sami made the mistake of thinking that EJ could change.

Kate: At least you and Jordan are happy.

Rafe: Yeah. Means a lot to me.

Kate: I want you to know that Jordan is never going to find out that the two of us were together the other day.

Rafe: Yeah. I thought we both agreed that was a mistake.

Kate: I know. I know, and I know if Jordan found out that we slept together again, it would certainly destroy her.

Adrienne: Your mom didn't just tell Jennifer about EJ and Abigail. She had pictures and she showed them.

Will: You're sure?

Adrienne: Jennifer told me herself. Now, look, I know your mom is hurt and angry, but to do that, that--

Lucas: Adrienne, Adrienne, come on, I think we should go now. That's enough.

Adrienne: You're right. Okay, all right. Listen, I'm sorry.

Lucas: Look, I gotta go out of town in the morning, but when I get back, I'll have a talk with your mom, okay? I'll get her to concentrate on EJ and back off Abigail.

Will: Okay, but look, it-- dad, it's not just Abigail that I'm worried about. What's gonna happen to Johnny and Allie and Sydney with EJ in jail and mom on--

Lucas: Don't worry about it, okay, don't worry about your little brother and your little sister, I'll take care of them. If I have to, I'll get 'em out of that house myself.

Will: Thanks, dad.

Lucas: All right, I love you.

Will: I love you too.

Lucas: All right. You ready?

Adrienne: Good night.

Will: Bye.

Lucas: Sonny, take care, okay?

Adrienne: Good night.

Sonny: [Sighs] My mom is on her high horse again. I'm so sorry.

Will: No, what your mom said is true. My mom knows what kind of guy that EJ is. For her to take this all out on Abigail like this, in front of her mom? I just--I can't believe her. I can't believe any of this.

Sonny: Will. Nobody died. Everything is gonna be okay.

Will: Keep telling me that.

[Baby cries]

Sonny: I'll go.

Abigail: When I think of the lengths we were willing to go to, you were even planning to have nick killed to keep this from coming out. But if we had just been honest, and told everyone when it happened, I-- do you honestly think that it could be any worse than this?

EJ: I'm deeply sorry for what you've been through. I'm getting what I deserve, but Samantha shouldn't be striking out at you.

Abigail: Well, she told Ben too.

EJ: Have you had a chance to talk to him?

Abigail: I tried, but he got a text message and said he had to go. I'm pretty sure he just didn't want to hear about it or think about it anymore. I know how he feels.

EJ: I'm sure he has a lot of questions.

Abigail: Only one, actually. He...wanted to know if... I ever loved you.

Ben: You can threaten us all you want. You don't run our lives anymore.

Clyde: I'm not threatening you, but I am your daddy, and you do need to show me some respect.

Ben: I'll show you how much I respect you!

Jordan: No, stop, please! Wh--do you really expect us to just go back to the way things were?

Clyde: No, I don't expect that at all. I've made the necessary arrangements.

Jordan: What does that even mean?

Clyde: I've hired somebody to manage the business while I'm gone. I see why you two like this town. Listen, I know I've made mistakes. We can get together tomorrow and talk about that, and about how you're gonna pay me back for everything you put me through. I'm sure we can come to some understanding. Oh, and if you're thinking about running, I'd think again if I were you. Be a lot harder without these.

Jordan: You were in my apartment?

Clyde: I told the janitor I was your daddy, he let me in. Nice cat you got there.

Jordan: Oh, my God.

Clyde: Listen, sweetheart, I did you a favor by taking these. They're not something you want the police to see, especially when one of those cops is your new boyfriend.

Rafe: That night we were together... I'd just seen Gabi, and--

Kate: No, I know, I know. You had had way too much to drink.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm not proud of it. Can we just put it behind us?

Ben: Have you been watching her?

Clyde: The two of you aren't gonna be able to draw a breath without me knowing about it. Now, I need time to convince you that I've changed. I can't do that if you go running off. So if you need to reach me before tomorrow, I'm at the Salem inn. Which is a nice place. A man could get real comfortable there.

Ben: That bastard. How did he find us?

Jordan: No clue.

Ben: I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm building a life here. I'm not running again.

Rafe: I don't like lying to Jordan, but I also don't want to hurt her.

Kate: I understand.

Sami: Gilda! Please check on Sydney in an hour, make sure she's sleeping.

Kate: How's Sydney?

Sami: She had a nightmare about her father, that he was lost and she couldn't find him.

Kate: Oh, my God. She's gonna have so much to deal with, given the fact that her father, in the foreseeable future is gonna be behind bars for quite a long time.

Sami: [Chuckles] So does that subpoena spell out everything that we need to do?

Rafe: Yeah, it does, so--

Sami: Well, as Kate said, we'll get the information to you first thing tomorrow. Anything else?

Rafe: No. No, that's it. Actually, there is one thing. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about what happened to you.

Sami: Are you serious? You told him my personal life while I left the room? I'm--

Kate: It's not like it's a-- you've kept it a secret, Sami. Really, I'm surprised you haven't gotten a bullhorn yet.

Sami: Well--that's not the-- I'm fine. I can handle this.

Rafe: I know. I saw the look in your eye. I almost feel sorry for EJ DiMera.

Sami: [Chuckles] Harold, see Rafe out, please! Huh.

Kate: What?

Sami: You and Rafe had a booty call?

Kate: [Scoffs] We couldn't help ourselves, okay?

Will: Thank you, I'll have to think about it. No, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Thank you.

Sonny: Who was that?

Will: My editor at the magazine. They want me to write a cover story.

Sonny: And you have to think about it? Are you nuts?

Will: I don't know if I can do this.

Sonny: Sure you can. You're a great writer.

Will: They want me to write about my mom and EJ.

EJ: What we had is over. So don't torture yourself about it.

Abigail: My answer to Ben was that whatever happened between us, it had nothing to do with love.

Sami: I can't believe Rafe slept with you again. What, has he lost his mind?

Kate: Hey, hey, hey! We're partners, remember?

Sami: I thought you found out the information, you know, that Jordan's was hiding from him.

Kate: I did, and Rafe is going to find out soon too.

Sami: Is it enough to break them up?

Kate: Well, let's put it this way, Rafe is going to find that Jordan isn't the wounded, little bird he thinks he needs to protect.

Sami: Okay. What if it's not enough? What if it doesn't work?

Kate: Well, then we go on to plan "B." Jordan finds out that we slept together.

Sami: Hmm. Of course, if you're the one who tells Jordan, Rafe's never gonna forgive you, but all right.

Kate: Oh, I'm not going to go anywhere near Jordan. That honor goes to you.

Jordan: I'm the one who stole his money. I'm the one who convinced you to come with me. If I turn myself in to the police, then the threat is over.

Ben: Do you really think he's gonna leave me out of this? Jordan, we have to stick together, figure out how to stand up to him.

[Phone ringing]

Jordan: Oh, it's Rafe.

Ben: Answer it.

Jordan: [Stuttering] I can't. I just need a second to think.

Ben: You were going to tell Rafe anyway.

Jordan: I was going to tell Rafe about a nightmare from my past. But now, it looks like it's starting all over again.

Sami: Have you completely lost your senses? I'm not getting anywhere near Jordan.

Kate: Well, it--it doesn't have to be anything deliberate.

Sami: Well, no kidding. But you fight your own battles. I have enough on my plate, thank you very much.

Kate: Oh, really? So when this secret comes out, you don't care that Rafe could be incredibly hurt?

Sami: Well, he obviously doesn't belong with Jordan, but that doesn't mean he belongs with you.

Kate: Why are you suddenly so territorial about Rafe?

Sami: What are you talking about? I just care, you know, I don't want to see him get hurt.

Kate: Really? Is that it, or is it because now that you're through with EJ, suddenly Rafe is looking better and better?

EJ: You're right. What we had wasn't love. As much as I've always admired and respected you.

Abigail: So how much longer will you be in here?

EJ: I'm being arraigned tomorrow. My lawyer's pretty confident I'll get bail.

Abigail: And then what will you do next?

EJ: I'm going to do everything in my power to get Samantha back.

Abigail: Right. Good luck with that. You know, for what it's worth... I think you and Sami really deserve each other.

Sami: Let me be clear, Kate. I don't need another man in my life. Besides, I haven't finished with the one I married. I promised myself I would spend every second of my time making sure that EJ's life is a living hell, and I meant "until death do us part."

Kate: Well, we both know how much those wedding vows mean to you.

Sami: [Chuckles] Well, they do now. And anyway, if we're gonna be stuck living together, why don't we get to work on the "for richer, for poorer" part?

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