Days Transcript Wednesday 7/9/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/9/14


Episode #12375 ~ EJ is shocked; Jennifer hopes to make peace with Eve for JJ's sake; Daniel is asked out on a date.

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[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]

Marybeth: Oh, my God, Paige. I am so sorry.

Paige: What?

Marybeth: About you and JJ? I heard the whole story. Your mom and JJ's mom, like, hate each other.

Jennifer: Oh, hey, honey. I'm glad I caught you. Can you hang on for one minute?

JJ: Well, I've got community service.

Jennifer: No, I know. This will just take a minute.

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: Uh, it's about Paige and her mother and what's gonna happen.

Daniel: Joanna, it is fine. Yeah, Parker loves the pool. He'll have so much fun. Any problems, you just give me a call, okay? Great.

Eve: Oh, Daniel, I'm just so glad that you're home. I'm sorry to just come over here like this, but a friend gave me your address at the hospital, and I just... well, I-I'm sorry, but this just can't wait.

Daniel: Really? Well, ms. Baron, this really isn't appropriate.

Eve: Oh, I know. I know. All too well, I know.

Clyde: I remember this day. Did you two really think I'd never track you down?

Jordan: This is our chance to finally be free from our past.

Ben: You know, I really like this new Jordan. She's optimistic. And I really like that you think we can stay here. Salem's cool.

Jordan: And Abigail lives here.

Ben: [Clears throat]

EJ: Look, I need to know that I can count on your discretion.

Abigail: You want me to lie for you?

EJ: W--

Abigail: [Scoffs] No. No, EJ, I'm sorry.

EJ: Abigail, Abigail--

Abigail: I'm not doing it, not anymore.

EJ: You're taking this out of context.

Abigail: Oh, really, am I?

EJ: I'm not asking you to lie for me.

Abigail: No? Then what am I doing here? Especially since Sami could walk in at any minute?

EJ: I already told you, Samantha's not gonna come in here. She's at the DiMera board meeting, voting my proxies.

Rice: May I do the honors? I hereby move to appoint Samantha DiMera as the new CEO of DiMera enterprises.

Shin: Very well. Do I have a second?

Merkel: Second.

Shin: Ms. Roberts, something urgent going on there?

Kate: No, no, no, no. Vote away. Vote away.

Shin: Very well. Without objection, I think we could use a show of hands.

[Phone vibrating]

Shin: All right with you, Mrs. DiMera?

Sami: [Clears throat]

Shin: Mrs. DiMera, if you don't mind, it will be faster if we--

Sami: No, of course. I, um... I forgot something that does need to be attended to before-- before the vote. Honestly, I don't know how I could have forgotten something so important. My husband gave it to me today. He wanted it read for the record.

Kate: Really? A letter. [Laughs] Oh, my goodness, I wonder what's in it.

Sami: I just don't know, Kate. Uh, but he did want it to be read after the meeting started.

Kate: Ah, and in all the excitement, you forgot. Well, that is perfectly understandable.

Sami: Perfectly. So, Mr. Chairman, if you will do the honors.

Kate: Oh, no, no. Since it's a letter from your new husband, you should read it to us, Sami, please.

Abigail: Fine, great. Sami is at a board meeting. That still doesn't explain what I'm doing here.

EJ: Okay, j-just give me a chance to explain, please? Thank you. Look, I'm sure you know that I'm in here on tax evasion charges. The prosecution are working desperately to try and add whatever they can to that. So I'm just saying, I hope that I can count on you to--

Abigail: To lie for you.

EJ: Look, that's not--

Abigail: No, no, okay. I'm sorry, not lie. You don't want me to lie. You just want me to keep quiet, right? EJ, you are the only person I know that thinks there's a difference.

Marybeth: Come on, Paige. Your mom is suing JJ's mom.

Paige: Marybeth, you-- you don't know the whole story.

Marybeth: Uh, I don't have to. I saw the way they were looking at each other from across the square.

Paige: [Sighs]

Marybeth: And I couldn't help overhearing...

Paige: Hmm.

Marybeth: Paige, this is huge. You and JJ are, like, toast.

Paige: Stop, okay? That's not true. Things are fine.

Marybeth: What? Why are you lying to yourself?

Jennifer: I'm going to be meeting with Aiden Jennings about eve's lawsuit.

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: Yeah.

JJ: All right.

Jennifer: And I'm in charge of making sure that what your dad wanted is what happens, to make sure all of the royalties from his book go to the veterans.

JJ: Right, yeah, I get that, and I completely agree with you. But what are you going to ask Mr. Jennings to do?

Jennifer: Well, just forget about that for one minute, okay?

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: I just want you to understand that this isn't just about me. I know that I'm not the only one with something at stake here.

Eric: Okay, eve. I'm sorry, but if you want to discuss something, you call my office, you make an appointment, and--

Eve: You know what? You're right. You are so right, and normally I would, but... I don't know, Daniel, given the subject matter, I just felt it was better for us to talk privately, other than at--at the hospital.

Daniel: Why?

Eve: Um... I saw Dr. Jonas in Horton square today, and he mentioned that he was ending a relationship.

Theresa: [Laughing] Wait. Wait, he ended it?

Eve: Yeah.

Theresa: Oh, my God! Wow, Jennifer messed up again. This is amazing.

Eve: Oh, wait, wait, okay, now you-- fill me in on everything. I want to hear every single little detail. Well, there's a problem. And I just found out about it, but unfortunately, it means that you can't be my surgeon.

Daniel: Oh?

Eve: Yes, and in fact, when you find out what it's really about, you probably won't even want to know me.

Marybeth: All year, all you could talk about was: "My mom's coming home. My mom's so cool." You said that you two were like a team, even after your dad walked out.

Paige: Thanks for bringing that up.

Marybeth: Hey, I'm just saying. You're going to want your mom to be happy, right? And if she hates JJ's mom, which she, like, does, that kind of puts you in the middle. You're gonna have to decide who you're with.

Jennifer: I know how much you care about Paige.

JJ: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: So it's not fair that you two kids might have to make a choice. But I just want you to trust me that it's gonna be okay. I am gonna do everything I can to make this go away.

JJ: Really?

Jennifer: Yes, really.

JJ: How?

[Knock on door]

Jennifer: That must be Aiden. Hold on one second.

JJ: What are you gonna do to make it go away?

Jennifer: Just one second. Hey, come in on in, thank you.

Aiden: Hey, ah, thanks, thanks.

JJ: Hey.

Aiden: Hey, JJ, congratulations. On to college, right?

JJ: Uh, yeah, that's the plan.

Jennifer: Um, listen, we can talk later?

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: Just trust me...

JJ: All right.

Jennifer: And, uh, let Aiden and me get to this.

JJ: All right. Well, I gotta go to community service, so I'll see you guys.

Aiden: So long.

JJ: All right.

Jennifer: Bye, honey. I love you.

JJ: Love you too.

Aiden: Okay, so I've been looking at, uh, eve's annulment agreement. Some things really stand out. I think you're gonna like what I found.

Eve: Oh, Daniel, I just... okay. This is--all right, you know what? I'm just gonna say it. I'm just gonna put it out there. You know my sister. Well, actually, she's my half sister. Our father is Shane Donovan. And his other daughter is--

Daniel: Theresa. So you and Theresa...

Eve: Yes, are half sisters. And to say that we're close is a stretch, but... we are family, and daddy did ask me to check in on her when I came back to Salem, and of course, I did. And we had a conversation, and your name...

Both: Came up.

Eve: Yes.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm sure it did.

Eve: Well, I thought it was because maybe the two of you worked together at the hospital, which I thought, "well, you know, that's no big deal." But no. Theresa let me know, or actually admitted, that there was more to it than that. And even with my sister's spin on everything, I could completely tell that her behavior was--was just inexcusable. She treated you horribly.

Daniel: It's probably not best to get into this, so--

Eve: You know, I just was so embarrassed. Actually, embarrassed doesn't even cut it. I--finally, I just told her, "you know what? You've got to stop. I don't--I don't want to hear any more of it." Daniel, I am so sorry, I-- that's the worst part. I just felt so badly for you. So, so sorry for you.

Ben: Raspberry lemon, no sugar.

Jordan: Thanks. So?

Ben: What?

Abigail: I say Abigail's name, and you go all quiet on me?

Ben: Hey, it's not serious.

Jordan: Yet.

Ben: Ah, okay. She's a great girl. But you know as well as I do, I cannot let it get serious, unless...

Jordan: You can trust her.

Ben: Yeah. The same way you trust Rafe. If Abigail and I are going to go anywhere at all, there can't be any secrets.

EJ: Abigail, what is at stake here is something--

Abigail: I know, I know, okay? A person can believe two different things at the same time. So a lie isn't always a lie, right? That's your stock in trade.

EJ: You're being a little unfair.

Abigail: Relax, EJ. I'm not gonna tell anyone that we slept together.

EJ: Oh, please, I'm not talking about our affair.

Abigail: It wasn't an affair. It was just sex, lust.

EJ: Okay.

Abigail: Oh, oh, I-I know. Yeah, you're talking about that other thing, right? Yeah, I can totally see how you wouldn't want that little tidbit to get out and start making the rounds.

EJ: Right.

Abigail: Yeah. You wouldn't want people to know that you hired a hit man to murder nick, right?

EJ: Abigail!

Sami: "To all board members of DiMera enterprises, obviously, I am indisposed. I understand from my father that he is nominating my dramatically beautiful and exceptionally talented wife as CEO, since neither he nor I can lead the firm at this time. Samantha has been a dutiful and extremely effective leader of our cosmetics division. However, I must be selfish. She is also a mother and a beautiful, wonderful, highly intelligent"...

Kate: [Clears throat]

Sami: "Deeply caring, loving wife. So I'm not willing to give her up entirely. Therefore, I propose, with the board's approval, of course, someone to be co-CEO." Huh. "I cannot possibly imagine a better partner and leader than ms. Kate Roberts."

Kate: [Gasps] Me? Really? Oh, my God, I'm so shocked. [Laughing] Oh. Oh.

Ben: You're not worried about telling Rafe, are you?

Jordan: Of course I am.

Ben: Hey, it'll be okay. Rafe's smart, and he cares about you. He'll get why you did what you had to, why you couldn't tell him till now.

Jordan: I hope.

Ben: I know. You guys are gonna be closer than ever. Ah, the delivery truck is probably here by now, so I have to go show him where to put all the stuff. I'll see you later?

Jordan: Sure. [Sighs] No secrets.

[Cat meowing]

Clyde: Shut your damn mouth. [Laughs] Well, well, well. Why, Tammy sue, you clever little girl.

Eve: I--look, I'm not here to trash my little sister. What I'm actually here for is my surgery.

Daniel: Right. That you want to cancel.

Eve: How many times have we met? Maybe--maybe twice? Well, I know and I can tell that you are a consummate professional. And, gosh, just all this stuff with--with my sister, I just-- it's put you in a bad place, and I don't want that. I mean, the last thing that I wanted to do when I came back to Salem was to cause trouble for anybody. I mean...

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Including someone that, oh, I don't know, I actually like and--and I respect.

Daniel: Well, thank you. Thank you. But I just don't see how--

Eve: I have a new surgeon. Dr. Chung, yes.

Daniel: Wow, there you go.

Eve: Yes, I do. Do you know him?

Daniel: Okay, uh, Alex?

Eve: Yes.

Daniel: I do know him. He's very terrific.

Eve: Good.

Daniel: Um, actually, I think you're gonna be in very good hands, yeah.

Eve: Oh, thank goodness.

Daniel: Yeah.

Eve: Well, so, um... no hard feelings?

Daniel: No, none whatsoever.

Eve: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so considerate.

Aiden: Now, eve's annulment agreement with your ex-husband has several areas where the wording is vague, perhaps even contradictory.

Jennifer: Okay.

Aiden: All right. Now, the witnesses' signatures, those could be challenged. One even used two different versions of his name.

Jennifer: Would that be crucial in court?

Aiden: Possibly. What I'm working on is a preponderance of evidence showing that this document should be thrown out.

Jennifer: On technicalities.

Aiden: Yes, but...

Jennifer: Okay, and eve gets nothing.

Aiden: That is right.

Jennifer: Okay, yeah.

Aiden: Okay, but let me be clear here, okay? This could very easily go our way. Or we could be in for a long, nasty battle. Now, if it is the latter, fortunately for you, this is where I excel.

Jennifer: Hmm. [Exhales]

Aiden: Um, I'm gonna be honest with you, Jenn. I thought you would be happier about this news.

[Both laugh]

Sami: My goodness. Yes, this letter is quite a shocker, Kate. But I guess we'll have to accept it, whether we like it or not.

Kate: Uh, isn't there more? I mean, is it finished?

Sami: I don't know. Let's have a look, shall we?

Kate: Ah.

Sami: Oh, I guess there is more.

Kate: [Laughs]

Sami: Where was I? "Ms. Roberts has an impeccable record in business, and her many accomplishments will only add luster to the firm, and"... well, it seems to go on and on like that for gosh knows how long. So let's vote.

Shin: Excellent. I hereby motion that Samantha DiMera and Kate Roberts be made co-CEOs of DiMera enterprises, for a period of not less than six months. That is, if ms. Roberts will accept.

Kate: Well, you all have such faith in me, how could I refuse?

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: For pity's sake, you keep your voice down.

Abigail: [Laughing] Why? Why bother? It's nothing to worry about. Everyone knows that your hit man didn't kill nick.

EJ: Abigail.

Abigail: Gabi Hernandez did. She beat your hit man to the punch.

EJ: Stop, God! For the love of God, Abigail! Yes, fine. Okay, I showed you a certain amount of money that I was gonna pay somebody to--

Abigail: Last time I checked, EJ, conspiracy to commit murder was still a crime.

EJ: Okay, fine. Look, but I showed you that money because I cared about you.

Abigail: No. You are wrong. You showed me that money because you didn't want me to tell hope what I thought, what I suspected-- that you were capable of having someone killed. That is what you want me to keep quiet about, right?

EJ: Just... you can hide uneven skin tone from here.

Jennifer: Don't misunderstand me, Aiden. I--I really appreciate everything that you have done. And I know what a fighter you are in the courtroom.

Aiden: But?

Jennifer: But right from the start, all I have cared about is what jack would have wanted.

Aiden: He specified that all royalties go to the veterans.

Jennifer: Yes, so that's what I wanted. But then...

Aiden: Hey, you know... I understand, this is difficult for you. Please, you don't have to explain yourself, okay?

Jennifer: No, I do have to explain because jack is not here. But if he were, I know what he would say, and I know that he wouldn't want his son stuck in the middle of...

Aiden: In the middle?

Jennifer: JJ and Paige-- that's eve's daughter, and they are really, really close, and--

Aiden: Mm-hmm. And they could wind up being collateral damage, yeah.

Jennifer: Yes, definitely. So I know jack. He would somehow find a way out of it, so that is exactly what I'm gonna do.

Aiden: Okay, um... I'm sorry, does this mean you're going to give up?

Daniel: I will have your file sent to Dr. Chung as soon as I get to the hospital.

Eve: Okay.

Daniel: Yeah.

Eve: Great, thank you. Thank you so much. You know, I just thought this whole issue with Theresa was-- well, you know what?

Daniel: Nah, pshh, yeah.

Eve: Now the big thing that I have to do is tell my daughter.

Daniel: Oh, wow, I didn't know you had a daughter.

Eve: Yeah.

Daniel: Really? Here in Salem?

Eve: Yes, and do you know what? She's the one that's gonna be so disappointed that you're not my surgeon because she actually is your biggest fan.

Daniel: Really?

Eve: [Laughs] Yes. You know her too. Paige Larson?

JJ: Oh, hey!

Paige: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

JJ: Oh, I was too. Don't even worry about it. My mom wouldn't let me leave for a while.

Paige: Mm.

JJ: But, uh, hey, she said that she thinks things might work out. You know, between her and your mom?

Paige: Really?

JJ: Yeah, yeah. She said that she didn't want us to have to be on opposite sides.

Paige: That's amazing.

JJ: Yeah, yeah.

Paige: But...

JJ: What?

Paige: I don't know. Maybe it--maybe it doesn't matter, even if they do settle this whole lawsuit thing.

JJ: Your mom still thinks I'm bad news.

Daniel: Yeah, sure, I know Paige. Yeah, I had no idea that you were mother and daughter.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: She came to one of my surgeries. She observed not too long ago.

Eve: I know, and she was so impressed. She told me all about it. I mean, come on, who do you think urged me to find you?

Daniel: Oh, I had no I-- now I know, right here.

Eve: [Laughing] Yes.

Daniel: Well, you must be very proud.

Eve: I am.

Daniel: She's going to, uh, Stanford in the fall?

Eve: Stanford, yes. Yeah, I am. I'm truly proud of her. And it's a dream come true for the both of us, actually.

Daniel: Well, I have a friend, uh, a doctor, who lives in Palo alto. I'll make sure Paige has her name before she leaves.

Eve: Are you-- you are the nicest thing. Thank you so much. You know, I walked in here just so upset about my sister, and then... wow. I--I hope that we can be friends.

Daniel: Of course, yeah.

Eve: Well, good. You know what? I gotta--I gotta go. I've got this meeting.

Daniel: Okay, all right.

Eve: You know what, now?

Daniel: Yep, I've got to--

Eve: [Gasps] Sorry about-- now, hey, now that we don't have this professional relationship, maybe, uh... we could grab that drink sometime.

Shin: I would like to say welcome to our new co-CEOs, the very beautiful ms. Roberts and Mrs. DiMera.

Sami: [Laughs] Well, thank you gentlemen.

Kate: Thank you all so much. This is indeed a historic day, and I think I can speak for Mrs. DiMera as well when I say that we are deeply, deeply honored. Aren't we, Sami?

Sami: [Laughs]

Kate: Yes.

Sami: Indeed.

Kate: Yes.

Sami: Thank you.

Rice: You're welcome.

EJ: [Exhales] Abigail, my fate is in your hands. But it's not just my fate. It's Samantha's fate and the fate of our entire family. Abigail, please. I'm begging you.

Abigail: I doubt anyone would even-- would even think to talk to me about you. It's not like anyone knows that we--

EJ: Yeah.

Abigail: What happened between us.

EJ: No, you're right. I mean, I doubt anybody's gonna contact you. But just in case they do--

Abigail: Don't worry. I'm not gonna-- I won't say anything about nick or about anything else. I don't want anyone to suspect that we-- what we did, either. I'd be--I'd be mortified.

EJ: Sorry.

Abigail: You know... it's really sad, EJ. You could have turned into someone so unique, so special. Your brains, your drive? You--you could have done so much good instead of turning into who you are. They say as a boy Mr. Clean

Paige: My mom's not our only problem. Your mom just found out that I'm the daughter of--

JJ: She thinks you're great. The best thing that ever happened to me.

Paige: Am I?

JJ: Yes. But you're the one headed for Stanford. A 4.0, the whole deal, and... to your mom, I'm a loser, a criminal.

Paige: No, you were never a loser. And you've changed.

JJ: Think I can convince your mom that's true? No? Not--not even eventually?

Paige: JJ, there's something about my mother you need to know, about her and guys.

Daniel: A drink. Wow, that's--I--

Eve: You don't have to say yes, but I'm hoping you won't say no. And just for the record...

Daniel: Hmm.

Eve: So we're on the same page, this is just my way of saying that I think that you're very interesting and very attractive.

Jennifer: No, I'm not gonna give up, Aiden. And trust me, I will not sign or agree to anything that you don't approve first. But if eve thinks that she deserves half the royalties, that still leaves a lot of money for the veterans, right?

Aiden: Okay, I--I got it. Compromise is better than war, especially given your son's situation.

Jennifer: Yes, and this situation has been so tough. But you know what? Jack would have seen the funny side. [Laughs]

Aiden: I'm sorry?

Jennifer: 'Cause he knew eve so well. Sometimes he even considered her a friend. And who knows? Maybe she even considered him a friend too, which is so amazing to me why she would want to wreck something that he wanted so badly.

Aiden: Uh, and that's the funny side?

Jennifer: No, Aiden, it is just--it is so eve. I mean, when she gets involved with a man, any man, you just-- all I'm saying is that I feel sorry for any man who winds up in her sights.

Daniel: Look, the reason I hesitated is because I'm sort of still working through my last relationship. I mentioned that the other day.

Eve: Oh, yes, you did. And you know what? I'm sorry, I--I don't mean to press. I'm just, um, hoping that maybe friendship is a possibility.

Daniel: I--sure. Yeah, I think that'll work.

Eve: [Laughing] Okay, good. Good. Well, I do have a meeting, like I said. And, um, I hope that we'll see each other around sometime.

Daniel: I'm sure we will. You bet.

Eve: Okay.

Daniel: All right. So long, and--

Eve: Wow. Is this your handsome devil? Definitely takes after his daddy.

Sami: [Exhales] Oh, stop smirking. That letter was preposterous.

Kate: [Laughing] Oh, please. You would have done the same thing to me.

Sami: Maybe, but I would've done it better.

Kate: Yeah, whatever. The point is, EJ and Stefano won't make a peep now. And if they do, they'll just seem like complete fools. They could even be voted out at the next meeting. So we have six months.

Sami: That's plenty of time for me. I plan to take EJ on the ride of his life. One way, downhill.

Kate: Oh, I can slice and dice Stefano in six months. So... partners?

Sami: Partners.

Jordan: No, Rafe. Out of town till tomorrow? That's just what I need. Wait another day.

Kate: What are you doing? Are you talking to yourself?

Jordan: I thought I was alone.

Kate: Actually, I was just thinking about you.

Jordan: Negatively, I assume.

Kate: Oh, come on, Jordan. I'm not that person. Truly, I hope you get everything you deserve in life.

Jordan: [Laughs] Uh-huh.

Kate: I've had a lot on my plate lately. I haven't been able to keep up. So are you and Rafe--are you still on track? No more bumps in the road? I mean, not that I'm prying, you understand.

Jordan: [Scoffs]

Paige: Mom, uh, see, when it comes to guys, men, she's got this bad history.

JJ: Okay.

Paige: Sometimes she just hooks up with the wrong guy. I mean, it happens, you know? Nobody's perfect.

JJ: Right, yeah, but, I mean, what does that have to do with us?

Paige: She sees me as... I'm like this jewel to her. And I know it sounds crazy, but she wants my life to be perfect, flawless, like hers never was. So she gets scared for me, you know?

JJ: Well, I mean, how about you? Are--are you scared?

Paige: Of you? [Laughs] No, JJ. Never.

Maxine: Help you with something, Dr. Dan?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, Maxine, thanks. Could you take this file over to Dr. Chung's office? He's taking over this patient for me.

Maxine: He is, huh?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Maxine: I warned you, doctor. You need to work on your people skills, or you're gonna lose all your patients.

Daniel: [Laughs] Okay, I'll, uh, get started on that right away. No, the funny thing about this patient is she requested the change because she thought there'd be a conflict, didn't want to put me on the spot.

Maxine: Considerate.

Daniel: Right? Yeah, and honest... straightforward.

Jennifer: Thank you for coming.

Eve: No problem.

Jennifer: Um, this is my attorney, Aiden Jennings. Aiden, this is eve Donovan.

Aiden: Hi, good to meet you.

Eve: Nice to meet you too.

Aiden: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Well, Jennifer, you didn't tell me I needed to bring my lawyer.

Jennifer: Aiden's leaving. It'll just be the two of us.

Aiden: Yeah, I will see myself out, okay?

Jennifer: Okay, thank you.

Aiden: Take care.

Eve: Well, well, well. Isn't it just like you to hire a handsome man to be your lawyer?

Jennifer: What is that supposed to mean, eve?

Eve: Oh, come on, give me a break. You always seem to have one hiding around to protect you.

Jennifer: Can we not do this, please? I just--I want to talk.

Eve: Talk.

Jennifer: Okay. This is about the lawsuit. I want it to go away.

Eve: [Laughs] I bet you do. Really? So how do you suppose you're gonna make that one happen?

Jennifer: By giving you what you want.

EJ: You look chipper.

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: How did the board meeting go?

Sami: Oh, it went fantastic. Mr. Shin was blown away. Well, they all were.

EJ: Of course, because they know what you are capable of. They saw what you did with countess Wilhelmina.

Sami: And now I'm gonna have a chance to shine even more.

EJ: What do you mean, shine?

Sami: My new job as CEO.

EJ: [Laughs]

Jordan: Actually, Kate, I don't mind telling you. Rafe and I are definitely on track. Things couldn't be better for us.

Kate: I'm so happy for both of you. I mean, that's what it's all about, right? Being happy, staying happy.

Jordan: If you say so. See ya.

Kate: Although, I don't think the "staying happy" part is going to work out for you, Tammy sue.


Clyde: Bingo. [Laughs] Well... you got real good at staying gone, didn't you, Tammy sue, huh? But not good enough. I got you now, girl. And this time, I'm not gonna let you go.

Paige: The problem is, whether or not I'm scared doesn't matter. If my mom gets something in her head--

JJ: And if she keeps talking to Theresa.

Paige: Uh, uh-oh. Your supervisor's watching us.

JJ: W--you know what? I'm gonna go tell him that I can do my shift some other time, all right? We need to work this out.

Paige: No, we'll be okay. I don't want you getting on his bad side. I should go.

JJ: Mm, man. Uh, you know I--I hate it when you say that. Mm.

Paige: Me too.

Daniel: So she came by to see me in person, wanted me to understand what was going on, so I wouldn't feel insulted.

Maxine: So this eve baron is obviously a nice lady. What's she like, otherwise?

Daniel: Well, she's got a real drive, a forceful personality. She's got moxie. Kind of like that about her. Although, frankly, my guess is, she is a real handful.

Eve: [Laughs] Oh, my God, oh, my God, you have seen the light! I'm so proud of you.

Jennifer: This agreement is going to be very specific and binding.

Eve: Well, yes, of course.

Jennifer: Right, and once you sign it, this is gonna be behind us, okay?

Eve: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that is, if it's-- if it's fair, of course.

Jennifer: Yes, it's fair. It's exactly what I said, exactly what you asked for. All proceeds and royalties from jack's book, we will split 50/50.

Eve: Well, Jenn, that's, um, mighty big of you to step up like this, but... I'm sorry, I don't think that's gonna be enough.

Ben: Hey.

Abigail: Hi, hey.

Ben: Back for more, huh?

Abigail: Well, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry that I ran off like that. I'm not normally that rude.

Ben: It's no problem. It's my fault, anyway. Going off on EJ DiMera like that? You told me flat out, Abigail. You have nothing to do with EJ. But I had no reason to warn you. I just wasn't listening.

EJ: [Laughs] Okay, good one.

Sami: [Chuckles]

EJ: That's priceless. No, seriously, what happened?

Sami: They voted. Kate and I were elected co-CEOs of DiMera enterprises.

EJ: Okay, father would never have allowed that, Samantha. Why don't you just tell me the truth?

Sami: I just did.

EJ: And my father just did nothing? Come on, seriously.

Sami: Well, he wasn't there. Kate had his proxies, and I had yours. I brought you the minutes of the meeting. Isn't technology amazing? I mean, ha, you could just get it all printed out so quickly. There was a digital recorder, and some computer somewhere else is getting it whipped up for ya.

EJ: No, no, no, no, Samantha, you were supposed-- you were just supposed to go to the board meeting and--and--and--and--and... oh, my God, Samantha. What did you do?

Sami: What did I do? Hmm. Now, let me see. Well, EJ, I did to you exactly what you did to Abigail, you son of a bitch.

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