Days Transcript Friday 7/4/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/4/14


Episode #12372 ~ Salem celebrates the Fourth of July; Eve charms Daniel; Theresa shares a moment with Caroline; Paige confronts JJ.

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Adrienne: Oh. [Laughs] I can't believe it. My slave driver son is making you two work on a holiday.

Tad: Hey, it's okay.

Adrienne: No, it's not. And when I see sonny at the picnic I'm going to tell him so.

Tad: Oh, you can't, Mrs. K. I don't ink sonny d will are going to the picnic.

Sonny: Ari went right down for her nap. Yesterday must have exhausted her.

Will: [Scoffs] Did the same thing for me.

Sonny: Yeah. You hear anything from your mo

Will: No. No, looks like EJ's going to be spending independence day in jail.

Sonny: Yeah, that's gotta b rough on your mom. Separated from her husband on their wedding night.

Will: She just want everything to be perfect yesterday. Now, it's like she's getting punished for someone else's mistake.

Abigail: I still can't believe Paige's mom is suing you.

Jennifer: I just can't even imagine how your dad would react to all of this.

Abigail: Well, he would go crazy, obviously. [Sighs] Mom. I just feel so bad for JJ. This has to be screwing things up for him and Paige.

Jennifer: Well, actually they ha a lot more to deal with an that. And when your brother wakes up--

Abigail: He's already up. He left about an hour ago.

JJ: Oh, hey. I was afraid you wouldn't be able to give your mom the slip.

Paige: I didn't. She knows where I am and who I'm with.

JJ: All right. I just had to talk to you about this whole lawsuit thing, and--

Paige: And Theresa. My aunt.

Theresa: Hey.

Anne: Well, happy fourth of July.

Theresa: My God, wait till I tell you about--

[Phone ringing]

Theresa: What do you want?

Eve: Gosh, why are you so grumpy? Did I interrupt you and your boyfriend?

Theresa: Brady's not here right now. He has a conference call.

Eve: On the fourth of July.

Theresa: The Beijing office doesn't celebrate independence day.

Eve: Mmm. Important guy. Listen, something that you should know.

Theresa: What?

Eve: No, not over the phone. I'm going to come to your apartment, all right?

Theresa: [Laughs] I know that you might not have plans, but some of us have a social life. So your news is going to have to wait till the 5th. Bye.

Anne: Wow. You really gave it to whoever that was.

Theresa: Yeah, well, she deserves I

Anne: Who?

Theresa: My bit of a sister.

Eve: And here I thought I was your role model. Well, you're right about one thing, little sister. Holidays should not be spent alone.

Anne: So your sister's in Salem?

Theresa: Yeah, well, I figured I'd never see her again, and then yesterday she shows up at my doorstep.

Anne: Why?

Theresa: Well, she has plans to mess with our good friend, jenny Horton.

Anne: Really, she hates her too?

Theresa: Must be in our DNA.

Anne: Well, what's--what's her plan?

Theresa: She didn't get that far. She's too busy drooling all over Brady.

Anne: Oh, well, that's just not right.

Theresa: Yeah, I know, right?

Anne: Yeah, no.

Theresa: She has this annoying habit of going after any man she wants and she'll just take out whoever's in the way.

Eve: You know we're going to have to stop meeting like this.

Daniel: Hi, uh, eve.

Eve: Hello, how are you? Oh, wow. This handsome devil must be Parker.

Daniel: Mmm, yes, it is

Eve: Hey, buddy. Nice to meet you. Wow, he's adorable. You're great with him, I can tell. You guys headed to the parade?

Daniel: Uh, actually marching bands, they make him cry.

Eve: Oh, yeah. Me too. [Laughs] Well, you definitely are great with him. I know it's difficult, you know, being a single parent.

Daniel: Well, I'm not raising him alone, so...

Eve: Oh, completely misunderstood. I thought you said you were single.

Jennifer: Do you know where JJ went? He's with Paige, I'm sure.

Abigail: He was going out the door when I came down. He said that he would meet us at the picnic. Are you going to have a problem with him dating eve's daughter, mom?

Jennifer: You know what honey? It just got more complicated, that's all.

Abigail: Well, what eve's doing, I know that it might be crazy-making, but it is just a lauiT. I mean, it's not like anybody's going to jail over it.

Jennifer: You're thinking about EJ.

Sami: Okay?

Abigail: I have no idea.

Jennifer: Have you tried calling her?

Abigail: No.

Jennifer: Honey, you were the maid of honor in her wedding, don't you think you should have?

Adrienne: Hey.

Tad: All right.

Adrienne: I guess will doesn't want to go some place where the whole town's invited. I mean, everybody's gonna be talking about Sami and EJ's wedding, huh?

Tad: Yeah, probably.

Adrienne: I just heard from Jennifer. She's going be coming to the picnic with JJ and Abigail too.

Tad: Great. Awesome, we'll see you there soon, Mrs. K.

Adrienne: Well, not too soon. I have another stop to make before I get there. So, happy fourth. Thank you.

Tad: All right. Let's get this place closed up.

Ben: Yeah.

Tad: I don't want to keep Jody waiting.

Ben: Jody?

Tad: Yeah.

Ben: That's the girl of the week?

Tad: Uh-huh.

Ben: How do you keep them all straight?

Tad: This one's so hot, she's ea to remember.

Ben: Ah, now her I need to see.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Ben: Maybe I'll stop by that picnic myself.

Paige: You were with Theresa when she overdoes... and she's my aunt. Did you know that?

JJ: Not then. I just found out about that last night. [Snaps fingers] Damn. I should have figured something was up.

Paige: Why?

JJ: I mean, Theresa was asking about you the other day. And she was using your name.

Paige: You're still talking to her?

JJ: Oh, no. I mean, I run into her once in a while, but believe me, hey, I don't want to talk to her. I cross the street when I see her.

Paige: Why? What went on between you and her? Oh, God. Did you have sex with her?

Daniel: My ex-wife and I share custody.

Eve: Oh, is she here Salem?

Daniel: No, no, no. Not anymore. She's from here.

Eve: Oh.

Daniel: But she and work very hard to do what's best for r son. Are you ready to go see grandma Maggie at the zoo?

Eve: The zoo? Wow, then I certainly won't keep you.

Daniel: Well, all right. Take care. Come on, bud.

Eve: You know, Daniel, I was inking, um. How about we talk about my surgery over a drink, maybe?

Anne: You're complaining that your sister will walk over anybody to get man? Is that just a little pot calling the kettle black?

Theresa: Whose side are you on, Anne?

Anne: Wha--I'm just saying I think you're little bit more like your sister than you want to admit. But big deal, whatever. What's wrong with getting what you want?

Theresa: What are those?

Anne: Party boat on the lake. Oh, it's stupid. You float around, you drink, and you "ooh-ah" at the fireworks. But a couple of the cuter residents told me--

Theresa: Grandma? Is everything okay?

Caroline: I can't find my keys. You know, I have looked everywhere.

Theresa: Okay.

Caroline: Now...

Theresa: Um, I found them.

Caroline: Oh! I left them... when I was wiping down the bar. Oh, damn it. You know, I just hate being like is.

Theresa: Hey, hey, no, no. I like the way you are. I always have. So, you know what? If you ever lose something or you need anything, you just call me, okay?

Caroline: [Sighs]

Paige: Theresa? Sh--she's like ten years older than you are.

JJ: Paige, nothing happened. Well, I mean...not nothing. It's just-- I was with her when she O.D.'D and I did sell her some pot, a we were sorta just making out.

Paige: , I-I don't want to hear any me.

JJ: But I swear-- Paige, look ate-- I never slept with Theresa. Never. Why aren't you saying anything

Paige: I don't know what to say. This is all too weird.

JJ: Look. I know that Theresa's your mom's sister. Well, I mean, I know it now. But, Paige? Theresa is not a good person.

Paige: Well, I don't really know her. I haven't seen her since I was little. My mom definitely doesn't like her.

JJ: Really?

Paige: I knew Theresa was living here.

JJ: You did?

Paige: But my mom told me not to have anything to do with her. She warned me.

JJ: Well, your mom s rit. Look, Theresa, um... there is something wrong with her. She freaks out when she can't mess with people. And if it hadn't been for Daniel helping me out, I'd probably be in prison right now.

Daniel: If you want to discuss the surgery, we can do that at my office.

Eve: Oh, you--okay. You know what? I just, um, I don't know. I just wanted to get to know you better and I thought maybe we could have our conversation, you know, make it a little more special.

Daniel: Yeah, no, I understand, I do. But I just ended a relationship and I'm not really in a social kind of mood right now. And also I've sort of learned the hard way not to get personally involved with patients. So I won't be crossing that line again.

Eve: Ok, well, I totally respect a man who sticks by his principles.

Daniel: All right. So, call my office.

Eve: Okay.

Daniel: Make an appointment.

Eve: All right.

Daniel: Okay. All right, buddy. Come on, let's go. You ready?

Eve: [Sighs] Whatever.

Jennifer: Why don't you think you should talk to Sami?

Abigail: Because we're not friends.

Jennifer: Then why did she make you her maid of honor in her wedding.

Abigail: I don't know, mom. It's complicated.

Jennifer: Honey, there's something that you're not telling me about this wedding that upset you. And I want to know what it is.

Adrienne: Hey, sweetie.

Sonny: Hey, Mom.

Adrienne: Hey, where's will?

Sonny: He's right here.

Adrienne: Oh, will. I am so sorry out the wedding, honey.

Will: Me too.

Adrienne: Oh. You know what? EJ's a smart guy. He's a lawyer. He's gonna figure this out. And then he and your mom will be off on their honeymoon just like they planned.

Will: I hope you're right.

Adrienne: At least they made it through the ceremony.

Will: Yeah, that is a personal best for them.

Adrienne: No, seriously though, it's sad. Know how much that wedding meant to Sami, how much she wanted it to go perfectly.

Sonny: Who are you and what did you do with my mother?

Adrienne: Excuse me?

Sonny: You're being supportive about Sami? That's new.

Adrienne: Of course, I am. Will's family now, which means Sami is family too. And family means being there for one another.

Will: Thank you.

Adrienne: You're welcome. Now what's this garbage about you two not wanting to go to the picnic? Hmm? Hmm?

Will: [Grunts]

Ben: What's that?

Tad: That is my ticket to the front page of the Salem chronicle.

Ben: I still don't get what's in there.

Tad: Buns.

Ben: Excuse me?

Tad: What's more American than a hot dog? That's why every year at this picnic, they have a hot dog eating contest. Last year I lost by one dog. That was last year.

Ben: So, you're gonna eat your way onto the front page.

Tad: You got it. It's all about training with the right buns. Let's go.

Jennifer: Okay, we are going to talk about what's bothering you right now.

Abigail: You know, mom. I think, uh--I think it's time to get to the lake, actually.

Jennifer: No, don't care about the lake. I mean, was it hard for you just to be in that wedding, in that house?

Abigail: Why would it be?

Jennifer: Well, Chad, for one thing. I an he lived there for a while, he took you there.

Abigail: It seems like that was a long time ago.

Jennifer: It wasn't that long ago. Come here, sit down. Come on.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Jennifer: I know that seeing EJ get arrested was probably just a grim reminder of how that family operates. And EJ, he has hurt Sami as much as Chad's hurt you.

Abigail: Sami should know. She should know that the DiMeras get what they want by lying and cheating, because inside, they feel nothing. They hurt people, even the people that they say that they love.

Jennifer: Oh, honey.

Abigail: No, Mom. You know what? I'm fine. I've made peace with it. All I want to do now is move forward and concentrate on the people that I care about and the ones who care about me.

Jennifer: Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

Abigail: Yes, I'm positive. Mom, I've got to take care of something though, before I go to the lake. So I'll meet you a JJ there, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: I love you.

Abigail: Love you. Hi. Is there a chance I could see you? I need to make something right.

Will: Wow, what a beautiful day.

Adrienne: Aren't you guys glad I made you come?

Sonny: Adrienne Kiriakis knows all.

Adrienne: Okay, honey. It's getting just a little tired, don't you think?

Sonny: Mm-mm.

Adrienne: Just a little.

Will: Mainly, you bought Ari this swimsuit and I just had to see her in it. 'Re gonna go put se sun block on you, okay? We'll right back. And you, little lady, are going to be the peach of the beach. And you know what? This year, we take you into the water.

Adrienne: They are so cute.

Abe: Hack our way through here. All right, we' got the fire all started.

Sonny: That's good. Suddenly, I got starving.

Abe: Hey, where's Justin?

Adrienne: Uh, he's in Dubai.

Abe: That's a joke, right?

Adrienne: No, he's doing a deal there. But he most generously emailed me the recipe. So, yes, I have brought his famous pasta salad not to worry honey, uh, could you get the pasta salad t of the cooler, please?

Theo: Are there hot dogs in there?

Sonny: Are you kidding me? It's the fourth of July.

Abe: Hey, you know, Theo has been training for this hot dog eating contest.

Adrienne: [Laughs]

Tad: Hi, stretch. He's my rival in the hot dog eating contest.

Ben: Oh.

Tad: This is be we work together. He's here because he heard Abigail's coming.

Adrienne: Ooh.

Ben: Thanks, man.

Adrienne: Oh, there she is. Oh, hi. Come here, baby. Oh, you look so cute. You're just adorable.

Tad: Hey, did you guys bring your bats and gloves?

Will: Yeah, they're in the car.

Adrienne: Honey, go play softball. I got the baby.

Will: Okay.

Adrienne: All right, go.

Sonny: Hey, Mom.

Adrienne: Huh?

Sonny: Her food's in the cooler. So if she gets a little fussy, you can just feed her.

Adrienne: You know, sonny, have taken care of babies before.

Tad: All right, let's go. It'll be the single guys against the old married men.


Will: I'd rethink that if I were you. 'Cause I've seen you play and it's a little sad.

Tad: Not lately. Me, Ben, stretch, we're gonna school you.

Adrienne: Oh, no, Ben, Ben, if Abigail comes, I'll tell her where to find you.

Tad: And if you see a girl named Joanne... you'll do the same for me, right?

Adrienne: Joanne. Got it.

Ben: I thought you said her name was Jody.

Adrienne: Boys are so crazy, aren't they? Boys are just crazy. They just silly. [Laughs]

Theresa: Hey, um, are you okay now, grandma?

Caroline: Uh, oh, yes, dear. Thank you, thank you.

Theresa: Sure. What? No.

Caroline: I don't know why you go round with Anne. I mean, she is so rude.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Caroline: But--but if you have plans with her, you know.

Theresa: No, no, I do. But I'd much rather stay with you. And why are you working on the four?

Caroline: I'm not, I'm not. I'm just, you know, seeing how thin are going on. Would you like to go with us for the fireworks?

Theresa: Uh, well...

Caroline: Tonight, the fourth?

Theresa: I could see if bra could come.

Caroline: Yeah, yeah. How's that going?

Theresa: Good. Great.

Caroline: Oh, yeah? That's why you look so unhappy?

JJ: Hey, what happened between me and Theresa... it really made me see how messed up I was. And I made a huge mistake and I am so lucky that it didn't ruin my life. And I will never be that stupid again. You believe me, right?

Paige: Yeah. I guess I do.

JJ: All right. I told you that I'm not a virgin, but it was not with Theresa.

Paige: [Sighs]

JJ: I just can't believe that she's related to you. Like, if I had known...

Paige: What?

JJ: I don't know, it wouldn't have to change anything. It's not like I knew you back then. Can you-- are you going to be able to find a way to be okay with this? Are you still, like--

Paige: Mom?

Eve: Go ahead, JJ. Finish what you had to say.

Jennifer: Oh, hi, guys. There you are.

Adrienne: Hey, Jenn.

Jennifer: Look at Arianna in that outfit.

Abe: I know. I should be tending the fire, but, you know, I can't tear myself away from her.

Jennifer: I can check the fire if you want, real quick.

Abe: Oh, the fire. Oh, no. That's a man's work. [Grunts] I'll let you know when it's ready.

Jennifer: Yes, you go do your man's work. I will take the baby.

Adrienne: Look at the baby. Aw, isn't she cute?

Jennifer: How are you? Look at you. Oh, hey, will.

Will: Hi. I just wanted to come and check to see if she needed to put a t-shirt on.

Adrienne: She's fine. I've been keeping her in the shade. But is it in the bag?

Will: Right.

Adrienne: Great.

Jennifer: Will, she is so beautiful.

Will: Thank you. I think so too. So, I guess Abigail told you about what happened at my mom' wedding?

Jennifer: Yeah, is Sami okay?

Will: I haven't talked to her today, but knowing her, she's probably out there trying to nail whoever ruined her day. Where Abigail, by the way?

Abigail: Hi, hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Abigail: Thanks for seeing me.

Daniel: Yeah, I've only got a few minutes. I left Parker with Victor and Maggie.

Abigail: Oh, okay. Well, this shouldn't take long. I just wanted to say that this whole break you and my mom are taking, I really hope it's not going to last long.

Daniel: Okay, Abigail, that is between her and me. Her and me.

Abigail: Yes, I know. But you know me, I had to come, even though I promised I wouldn't say anything.

Daniel: Promised who you wouldn't say what?

Abigail: You still care about her, don't you?

Daniel: Yes, I do. But this isn't about us not caring about each other, all right?

Abigail: Good, yeah. I'm glad to hear that.

Daniel: All right.

Abigail: Because something happened.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, well, does it have anything to do with me?

Abigail: No, it doesn't. But I think that you are the only person that can really help her.

JJ: Hey, I hope to see you at the picnic, okay?

Eve: Do you want to go with him?

Paige: He and I have a lot to talk about, mom. I thought we were doing great, and now you're here, and you d JJ's mom hate each other, and I know about him and Theresa, and I feel like my head, it's just spinning.

Eve: It's okay, all right? Just, you know, go to the lake. Go be with JJ.

Tad: It was too hot for softball.

Will: Well, not for Sonny and me. We were killing you guys!

T: Will, will, whoa, whoa. We beat you bad in basketball. Please, be good sport about it.

Sonny: He was gd. You were good.

Ben: Thank you, thank you.

Sonny: You were great. And Theo, your underwater shot was the winning bucket. Way to go. Up top.

Tad: Losers buy ice cream, right?

Sonny: Yes, I'm on it. You want to help me carry it, Theo?

Theo: Yeah.

Sonny: All right, let's go.

Tad: None for me. I'm saving myself for that dog eating contest, Theo.

Ben: Well, I'm starving, and ice cream is not going to do it, so I'm going to grab something off the grill.

Tad: All right, cool. If you see a great-looking girl on the way, tell Judy where I'm at. Thank you.

Will: Jud I thought you said her name was Joanne.

Tad: No, no, no. It's Judy, I'm sure. Um, and she's better than you at basketball.

Will: Oh, really? Because you know, from what I saw out ere, you and I are the teams' two weakest links.

Tad: Yeah?

Will: Speak for yourself, Horton.

Will: Oh, really?

Tad: Uh-huh.

Will: You wan play one more, see who's worse?

Tad: Yep, let's do it.

Jennifer: I can't stand to give her away.

Adrienne: I know.

Jennifer: I can't stand it.

Adrienne: Let's go see Abby.

Jennifer: She is precious.

Ben: You're Abigail's mom, right?

Jennifer: Right, yeah. Are you a friend of hers?

Ben: I'm Ben.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Ben. Oh, my goodness. I am so happy to meet you. Abigail told me so much about you. And she told me how sweet you were to her the night that nick was shot, and I really appreciate that.

Ben: I didn't do that much. It's okay.

Jennifer: Oh, that's not what I hear. I really like it when my kids make friends with people who look out for them.

Daniel: What happened to your mom?

Abigail: Well, I really think she should be the one to give you the details.

Daniel: Yeah? Well, she wants to talk to me about this, she knows how to reach me.

Abigail: Daniel, know that she wants to talk to you about this, okay? But the way things are now, maybe she doesn't think that she can. Look. She's at the lake right now. And that's all I'm gonna say.

Adrienne: [Humming] Yes.

Jennifer: Will you excuse me for one second, Ben?

Ben: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Jennifer: Hey.

JJ: Hey.

Jennifer: You left the house before I had a chance to talk to you.

JJ: About what?

Jennifer: About you and Paige.

Abe: Well, you're going to have to take over the grill, guys. I got called in to work.

Tad: Today? It's a holiday.

Abe: Not for people who break the law.

Will: Is it something to do with EJ? Did something happen with the case?

Abe: Look, you know I can't discuss that. But Theo and I are going to have to cut our day short.

Will: Oh, I mean, he could stay here. We'll watch him.

Abe: I don't think he'd like it if I left.

Will: Okay, well, he's over here playing softball. We can go get him.

Abe: All right. Take care.

Ben: Those for the, uh, hot dog eating contest?

Tad: Uh.. I don't know, man. I've had so much of Mrs. Kiriakis's pasta salad... kind of threw me off my game. Plus, you know, Jolene likes her men tight. You know? I wonder why she's not here.

Ben: Jolene? I thought you said her name was Joanne.

Tad: Hey, is anyone else having a hard time getting texts out here?

Abigail: There we go.

Tad: Hey, Ben. You going to the lake?

Ben: Maybe after I finish this burger.

Abigail: Hey, T.

Tad: Hi.

Abigail: Hey.

Tad: Ben's over there. You can thank me later.

Abigail: For what?

Tad: He wasn't gonna come until he heard you were showing up.

Theresa: Eve's moved back to Salem.

Caroline: She has? Well, body told me. I guess they thought I might get upset.

Theresa: Yeah, I have heard about the stories with her and Frankie.

Caroline: Well, at least he's free of her.

Theresa: Grandma, um... just, I wanted to ask you... who do you think is worse? Me or eve?

Caroline: Sweetheart, you're not even close. I'm sorry, but you are just an also-ran. Now, eve gets the blue ribbon.

Theresa: Grandma, that is one of the sweetest things you've ever said to me.

Caroline: Ah, well.

Eve: You know, sweetheart, today is not a day about lectures or why I brought the lawsuit. Today, you need to have some fun. You know, you on have two more months that we can spend together before you head off to Stanford, and I want this to be the best summer of your wonderful life, okay

Paige: Even if I spend a lot of it with JJ?

Eve: Well, I'm not going to lie to you I still ha a lot of questions about that boy I mean, dealing pot is not a small thing, sweetheart.

Paige: He doesn't do that anymore.

Eve: Okay, we won't talk about it. Go have fun at the lake.

Paige: What are you going to do?

Eve: Don't you worry about me, all right? We'll have our stars and stripes dinner another night, okay?

Paige: Oh, mom. You're the best.

Eve: So are you, sweetheart.

Are you. And don't you forget that.

Paige: Why did you say that?

Eve: Well, I don't know if Jennifer Horton is going to be as understanding as I am.

Jennifer: Did you get something to eat?

JJ: Uh, yep.

Jennifer: Yeah?

JJ: Do you want to talk now?

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: Yes. Hi. Uh, where were you this morning?

JJ: Did you just get here?

Abigail: Yeah. I just had something I needed to take care of first.

Daniel: Yeah, Maggie. I got held up. No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm okay. Yeah, I will meet you guys in a few minutes. How about the petting zoo? Okay, that's great. Bye. See you in a bit.

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: What do we do?

Daniel: We need time apart.

You did it!


Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Paige is here. Hi, honey.

Paige: Hi.

Jennifer: I so glad you could make it today.

T: She's not a baby anymore. She's like a person.

Adrienne: [Laughs]

Tad: She's just short.

Will: Do you remember last year? Last year, she was so little, we couldn't even put sun block on her.

Tad: Yeah, Gabi was a nervous wreck.

Sonny: Yeah, she was.

Adrienne: You guys did everything you could to give her support, you did.

Paige: Oh, that baby is so cute.

Adrienne: She is. A lot has happened this year, and this little girl came through it beautifully. And that's what you guys have to hold on to.

Abigail: Thank you for coming and for being so sweet about all the drama in the DiMera mansion.

Ben: You must be pretty upset about Mrs. DiMera. And for will.

Abigail: Yeah, will's-- you know, will's not just my cousin, he's my best friend.

Ben: Well, I wasn't surprised when I heard EJ was up to something illegal.

Abigail: You never did trust him, did you? Even from the minute you met him.

Ben: You shouldn't bother.

Theresa: If you're hoping Brady's inside, you're going to be disappointed.

Eve: Why would I care about Brady?

Theresa: Please, you know what? He walked through that door, and then you just went right into your little act.

Eve: I came to see you.

Theresa: Why?

Eve: 'Cause I think I have some news that might put you in a better mood.

Theresa: I doubt that.

Eve: Okay, well, maybe I won't bother you with the fact that, uh, I'm suing Jennifer Horton.

Theresa: [Laughs] What?

Eve: So, can I come in now?

Theresa: Oh, my God. Oh, would have loved to have seen the look on her face when she got that news.

Eve: [Laughs] She was totally blindsided.

Theresa: Wait, so what are you suing her for? Because last time I checked, being a stuck-up snob, it didn't really break the law.

Eve: Well, my attorney advised me not to discuss e grounds for the suit with anyone.

Theresa: Come on, I mean, I'm family.

Eve: It'll all be made public very soon, little sister. But in the meantime, I'm finally going to get what I deserve. And little jenny Horton, she's going to get what's coming to her. [Laughs]

Theresa: Well, just coming from someone with experience, trust me, if you take Jennifer on, just be prepared, cause she has all sorts of backup.

Eve: Like who?

Theresa: Eh, the Hortons, her la-di-da friends, Dr. Do-right.

Eve: Who's that?

Theresa: Daniel Jonas, her boyfriend.

Eve: You talking about the surgeon with a little boy?

Theresa: Well, I used to think of him as a daddy, all right. Then he slobbers all over that kid and Jennifer. It's disgusting.

Eve: Huh. I wonder if that's who he was talking about.

Theresa: What?

Eve: Jennifer and Dr. Jonas?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Eve: They were together?

Theresa: [Laughs] Were?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, Abe. I'll definitely look for it. But listen, if you don't mind, um, would I be able to pick Theo up a new one tonight, in case I can't find it? Okay. Well, you tell Theo he will definitely have a new flag pin by tonight. All right.

Abigail: Hey, mom. What's up with Theo?

Jennifer: Well, to was wearing this little flag pin on his shirt, and he lost it somewhere.

Ben: Well, uh, we were playing softball up over there. Maybe that's where it fell off.

Jennifer: Oh, thank you, Ben.

Abigail: Yeah, do you want us to come help you look for it?

Jennifer: No, no, I'm good. You guys have fun. I'll be all right.

Abigail: You sure?

Jennifer: Yeah. I'm good.

Abigail: Okay.

Ben: Okay.

Abigail: See you later.

Jennifer: All right

Abigail: Should we go?

Ben: Yeah.

Jennifer: Nice to meet you again, Ben.

Ben: You too.

Jennifer: All right. Where's the-- [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. Well, lookie there. Theo, you are lucky. [Laughs]

Daniel: Happy fourth of July. It's way past my bedtime, but it's hard to sleep.

JJ: You s h my mom was, right?

Paige: Mm-hmm.

JJ: She's totally cool with it.

Paige: Yeah, my mom is too. She's fine with me being here.

JJ: Well, I am sick of talking about them.

Paige: Me too.

JJ: Hey, um, is that thing-- Theresa and me--is that going to be a problem for you?

Paige: Um... no, I'm already over it.

JJ: So, we' good? And we're going to keep it that way? No matter what?

Paige: No matter what.

Jennifer: I'm so glad to see you. Something's wrong.

Daniel: I understand I have reason to be worried about you.

Jennifer: I see. So, you couldn't stop yourself from riding to the rescue.

Daniel: I just thought if you'd like to talk...Jennifer: I would love to talk to you. I told you that last night. But I want to talk about us, not about whatever it is that you heard. I don't want to get into that with you.

Daniel: I don't know what it is, but if you need anything--

Jennifer: What I need is for you to be in my life.

Eve: I met Dr. Jonas because he's going to do the surgery on me.

Theresa: Surgery? Wait, what's wrong with you?

Eve: Oh, I just have nodes on my vocal cords. No big deal.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, right. You sing. I forgot.

Eve: Anyway... I saw Dr. Jonas in Horton square today, and he mentioned that he was ending a relationship.

Theresa: [Laughs] Wait. Wait. He ended it?

Eve: Yeah.

Theresa: Oh, God. Wow, Jennifer messed up again. This--this is amazing.

Eve: Oh, wait, wait, okay. Now, fill me in on everything. I want to hear every single little detail.

Theresa: Well, girl, you came to the right place.

Eve: Oh, man. The stars must be out of line or whatever because Jennifer Horton certainly has had a terrible week, hasn't she?

Theresa: Mmm. It's gonna be a terrible month for her.

Eve: [Laughs] I say a terrible year.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Ah, it's from Maggie. I have to pick up Parker. He's at the zoo.

Jennifer: Yeah, you should go.

Adrienne: The fireworks, ah! I can't wait. I hope they're as good this year as they were last year.

Will: Yeah.

Adrienne: [Sighs]

Tad: Jillian, she stood me up.

Adrienne: Aww.

Tad: You made it.

Sara: I told you I would. Hi, I'm Sara.

Ben: Sara?

Sara: Don't tell me you forgot my name.

Tad: [Laughs] No, no way. Are you hungry, you want to eat some food?

Sara: Yes, I'm starving.


Adrienne: Oh, guys, I think this is going to be a great summer.

Sonny: Me too.

[Fireworks exploding]

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