Days Transcript Monday 6/30/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/30/14


Episode #12368 ~ Kate learns Clyde's connection to Jordan; Jordan & Ben talk about their past; Nicole tries to clear Eric's name.

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Jordan: I'm going to tell Rafe the truth... about everything.

Ben: Or maybe...

Jordan: What?

Ben: I could tell him first, just before you talk to him, if it would be easier for you.

Jordan: No. I'm the one who took charge back then. I made this happen, so this is on me.

Kate: So you recognize her?

Clyde: Course I do. That's my Tammy sue.

Hope: What was your mom like, honey?

Aiden: Chase. Hey, buddy. What's going on?

Chase: Uh, nothing, dad.

Jennifer: I talked to your sister before she left, and now I need to speak to you.

JJ: About Paige's mom, right?

Jennifer: Yes, about eve and our very complicated history.

Eve: Sweetie, when JJ's father and I decided to annul the marriage, he agreed to certain things, okay? I have my legal rights here, okay?

Paige: So when Mr. Deveraux wrote this book...

Eve: It made money. So, according to the agreement, you and I are entitled to our share of the profits. Honey, it's gonna solve so many of our problems. Isn't it great?

Paige: No, mom. It isn't great.

Marlena: Look, honey, a part of me--a big part of me understands why you don't want to ask Nicole for help.

Eric: But?

Marlena: But...but if you don't convince her that she owes it to you to clear things up with the bishop, if you leave it to her to do the right thing, well, you know what? Your name might never be cleared. Can you face that?

Daniel: What are you doing here?

Nicole: I came to talk to you, your Excellency... not him.

Eric: Mom, Nicole is going to do what she decides to do. I cannot force it.

Marlena: Eric, I think if--

Eric: Change of subject. Sami called me last night. I'm guessing you weren't invited to the wedding today either.

Marlena: I was invited... last EJ. Not by Sami. I declined.

Eric: Wish I could support the family that Sami is marrying into, but after what Kristen did, I just--

Marlena: I understand. And, uh, you know, doesn't work to tell Sami what she should or shouldn't do. You know that.

Eric: Right. Same as Nicole.

Nicole: Are you two finished here?

Daniel: I was just telling his Excellency everything I could about what happened to Eric.

Nicole: But you only know so much. You don't know all of it. There's only one person who can tell the whole story, and that's me. So... can I talk to the bishop, please? Privately? Look, Daniel, it's okay. I know what I have to do. And can you do me a favor? Would you please let me tell Eric I came here?

Daniel: No problem.

Nicole: So... alone at last.

JJ: So Paige's mom wants a cut?

Jennifer: Uh, that's one way of putting it.

JJ: But dad wanted his profits from his book to go--

Jennifer: Right, to go to the foundation he started for veterans. I told eve that.

JJ: And she didn't buy it?

Jennifer: She handed me a copy of some agreement that she had with your dad.

JJ: What agreement?

Jennifer: Honey, I don't know, but I'm telling you. I am on top of this, and I am gonna make sure that what your dad wanted is what happens.

JJ: I can't believe this woman.

Jennifer: I really never even thought I would see eve again after all these years, and to find out that she's Paige's mom is--

JJ: Yeah, you totally can't stand her.

Jennifer: And I don't trust a word that comes out of her mouth, and you shouldn't either.

JJ: Are you saying that I can't trust Paige either?

Paige: This is-- I don't know what it is, except it's over the top, even for you.

Eve: You're acting like I'm doing this to be mean or because I don't like them or something.

Paige: Isn't that why you're doing it?

Eve: No, sweetheart! No. Jack Deveraux gave me his word, and then he just suddenly forgot about it. We have that money coming to us, sweetheart. Look at me. Hey. You know how bad it's been since your dad walked out on us and left us high and dry. The worst part is... I haven't been able to give to my beautiful daughter everything that she has needed, everything that she's deserved. But now I can. I can, and I will.

Ben: Maybe you were the one who decided we're gonna take off and not look back, but you only did it because we had to get away from that son of a bitch.

Clyde: Hmm.

Kate: Her name is, um... Tammy sue?

Clyde: How old is this picture?

Kate: Well, it's recent.

Clyde: And she's doing okay? My Tammy sue, she's all right?

Kate: [Sighs] She's your Tammy sue?

Clyde: I've been so worried about her. She was the sweetest little girl you ever saw. But she grew up, and one day, she just took off, and I haven't seen her since.

Aiden: Looks like I'm gonna have to buy you a watch. Geoff and his mom have been waiting for you for 15 minutes.

Chase: Sorry, dad.

Aiden: It's okay. Not gonna be late for judo. They're right outside, okay? Chase... just try to do better next time, okay?

Chase: Okay.

Aiden: [Groans] That kid... his head's in the clouds.

Hope: Keeping his friend waiting? That's really what you're upset about?

Aiden: Yeah. Why?

Hope: I don't know, because you didn't say, "chase, you're running late." You said, "chase." I don't know. It was kind of in your tone, I guess. It seemed like he was doing something you really didn't want him to do, when all that we were doing was, you know, I just asked about his mom.

Aiden: You want answers. Okay, I'll tell you.

JJ: [Groans]

Jennifer: Honey, listen to me. This isn't about Paige, okay? It's about her mother and me. Okay, just have a little patience while I figure this out, all right?

JJ: Yeah, just it's kind of hard not to worry about it.

Jennifer: I know. But it's your graduation day, and I don't want this to ruin it, okay? Really, I wish you didn't know about this, but since you do, promise me you'll let me handle this.

JJ: Like I would know what to do?

Jennifer: All right, well, what you have to do is get ready for a graduation. This is so exciting, okay? We're gonna meet back here. Abigail will be done with Sami's wedding by then, and we'll all head out together.

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: Uh, haircut?

JJ: Mom!

Jennifer: Haircut, yes, please.

Eve: Who's that from?

Paige: I'm supposed to be picking up my cap and gown. Can we have that talk later?

Eve: Oh, of course we can, sweetheart. It's your graduation day, and I think we both have things that we need to take care of.

Paige: Like what?

Eve: Give me a hug. Come on. Ooh! [Speaking gibberish] You have an awesome day, okay?

Paige: Yeah.

Eve: [Sighs] Well, better get this over with.

[Cell phone rings]

Theresa: Hello? I said, "hello?" [Sighs] Who is doing this to me?

Eve: Well, miss Jeannie, at least I know you're home.

Kate: When Tammy sue left, was it to go away to school?

Clyde: No, nothing like that. She just took off.

Kate: How long ago was that?

Clyde: Seven--no, maybe eight years ago.

Kate: And you never heard from her?

Clyde: [Sighs] I tried looking for her, but I finally had to give up. You know, a person doesn't want to be found, they can make that happen.

Kate: Yeah, right.

Clyde: I just hope that wherever she is, she's happy. You never told me your name.

Kate: No, I didn't. I'm Kate.

Clyde: Well, pleased to meet you, Kate. I'm Clyde. And now that I've answered your questions, maybe you can answer mine.

Kate: Fair enough.

Clyde: Is my little girl happy?

Jordan: What I did wasn't just for you. It was for me too. I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take him anymore. Getting out was the only option, and there was no way I was gonna leave you behind. It had to be the two of us or nothing.

Aiden: [Sighs] Look... I know you're just trying to be nice, but, uh... if you could just avoid the subject of his mother, I'd appreciate it. I mean, even if he's the one to bring it up. It's just... too painful to think about... for both of us.

Hope: Sure. Of course. But, um, don't you think sometimes it's better to talk about the things that are upsetting us?

Aiden: No. Not in this case.

[Cell phone rings]

Aiden: Uh, hey, Jennifer. What's up?

Jennifer: Listen, I hope I'm not bothering you. It's just that Justin is out of town, and I really need some legal advice.

Aiden: Uh, well, I have some time now, if you want to meet.

Jennifer: Now would be great.

Aiden: Okay, where are you?

Jennifer: I'm home.

Aiden: I'll see you there.

Hope: Is she okay?

Aiden: Uh, yeah. She just needs some legal advice and can't wait. That's all I know. Um, I'm sorry. I know we were gonna go over the gala stuff--

Hope: No, no, no. No, no worries. This sounds pretty important. We'll do it another time.

Aiden: Okay. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Nicole: I found evidence that proves Eric--father Eric was drugged by Kristen. There were pages and pages of documents. They belonged to the man that made the drug cocktail that Kristen used on Eric. They made him delirious. He couldn't stop her from having her way with him. And then it messed up his memory. I read all of it. And then I... destroyed it. But it still proves what Eric told you is the truth.

White: I see.

Nicole: So can I leave now?

White: One question... someone from my office called you and asked you to come in and tell me what you knew about this situation. You refused the request. What changed your mind?

[Knock at door]

Daniel: Yeah?

Eric: Hey, is it a bad time?

Daniel: No, no. Come on in, yeah.

Eric: I know you gave your statement to the bishop earlier. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you.

Daniel: None necessary. I-I hope it helped.

Eric: It's in God's hands now.

Daniel: Right.

Eric: Regardless of what happens, I-I'm grateful for what you did. As soon as you have a free night, I'd like to take you and Jennifer out to dinner.

Daniel: Uh, actually, this is a busy time.

Eric: Come on. There's got to be one night the three of us are free. So why don't you talk to Jennifer and just let me know--

Daniel: Okay, Eric. It's not gonna work.

Kate: I really can't speak for Tammy sue, because, uh, I don't know her that well. But I would say she's doing all right.

Clyde: You know, every time you say her name... it's like a surprise to you. Why is that?

Kate: Well, it's because I don't know her by that name.

Clyde: Oh. [Chuckles] I might have known. She never did like her name. Thought it sounded too country-fied. I said, "little girl, you are country." So what does she go by now?

Kate: Jordan. Jordan Ridgeway.

Clyde: Jordan Ridgeway. [Laughs] Imagine my little girl with a fancy name like that.

Kate: I have another-- another picture. It's a young man. Do you know him?

Clyde: That's my boy.

Ben: What are you thinking about?

Jordan: How to tell Rafe this without leaving anything out.

Ben: Everything? Jordan, if you do, he's gonna want to go after him, maybe even arrest him.

Jordan: He can't. There's no proof.

Ben: Maybe. But I'm a witness. I heard him threaten you. He said if you tried to run away, he'd kill you. Will new twizzlers mixed berry bites ever end their rivalry

Eric: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

Daniel: No, no, no. I'm sorry for barking at you. I haven't said anything because I know you have a lot on your mind. But Jennifer and I are taking a break.

Eric: Did something happen?

Daniel: No, no. Not exactly.

Eric: Well, whose idea?

Daniel: Mine.

Eric: You're angry at her.

Daniel: Yeah, be easier if I was.

Eric: I don't understand.

Daniel: Well... [Sighs] Well, you're gonna hear about it eventually because it's about you... her telling you what Nicole did, her doing that because she didn't believe that I would.

Eric: What does that mean?

Daniel: That I gave Nicole several different opportunities to do the right thing. And Jennifer felt that I would never stop giving her those chances. But I am trying to see it from Jennifer's point of view, but for her to think that about me, that I wouldn't do right by you... I love her, Eric. I do. But this is just... I don't know. This is just a rough time. I hope you understand.

Eric: Daniel, you don't have to convince me that love is not always enough.

Nicole: Why did I change my mind? [Sighs]

Daniel: We're not together anymore.

Nicole: I'm here. And I told you what I know. Isn't that what's important? I mean, if you--if you want more details, I have a very good memory. I can tell you what drugs were used on Eric. I can tell you what effects they produce. I-I can describe Eric's condition when I found him in the hotel room. I can tell you how Kristen DiMera planned this whole thing and how it was all about getting back at Eric's mother. I can include that in my statement when I write it up. But after you read it, will Eric finally be cleared?

White: Well, your statement will be seriously considered, but this process is intentionally very slow.

Nicole: Why? What else do you need to know?

White: You know, actually, there is something.

Nicole: Okay.

White: Ms. Walker, if you had come to me immediately with what you know, if you hadn't destroyed the other documents, you could have helped Eric immensely. So why didn't you? Why did you withhold this information for so long?

Nicole: I did it for love.

JJ: Hey, what took you so long?

Paige: I had to get away from my mom.

JJ: Did she tell you what's going on?

Paige: [Sighs] Yeah. Your mom told you?

JJ: Crazy, right?

Paige: It's the worst.

JJ: One thing seems pretty clear to me, even more than last night.

Paige: Yeah, our moms hate each other's guts.

Aiden: How well do you know this eve Donovan?

Jennifer: Aiden, I have known her since high school. And I'm telling you I haven't seen her for years, and all of the sudden, she has resurfaced. And you know what? For a brief moment last night, I really thought that she had changed, but she hasn't. She is worse than ever. And now she has this claim that she--

Aiden: Yeah, I see. That she has a claim on a percentage of the royalties from your husband's book, yeah.

Jennifer: Yes, but it is a totally bogus claim. I mean, jack set up a foundation for all the proceeds to go to veterans. And the book is selling really well. His agent is negotiating movie rights. So, all of the sudden, she shows up out of the blue, and she is trying to get her hands on every dime she can get. Aiden, please tell me she can't get away with this.

Theresa: Oh, come on! All I'm asking for is a simple dun & Bradstreet rating.

[Knock at door]

Theresa: Oh, there's Brady. Can't have him seeing this.

[Knocking at door]

Theresa: I'm coming. You.

Eve: Nice to see you too, little sister. Let's catch up. Mom: Good luck, sweetie! I love you! Girl: I love you too.

White: Let me be direct. If you truly loved Eric--

Nicole: Then I should've told him the truth from the beginning. Well, let me be direct too. That's how you see it. But did I really do anything wrong, or did I just get caught? Who's to say what's best for Eric?

White: Wouldn't that person be Eric himself?

Nicole: Well, you have your opinion, your Excellency, and I have mine.

White: You'll be in my prayers.

Nicole: Do I get to pick what you pray for?

Eric: For what it's worth, I think Jennifer was wrong. I know you would tell me the truth about Nicole.

Daniel: Well, it's worth a lot. But the last thing I want you to do is take sides.

Eric: I just told you what I believe. The truth has to count for something, doesn't it?

Daniel: Well, it does, but... it does.

Aiden: Well, this lawyer examined the agreement between your husband and ms. Donovan, and he finds it legally binding.

Jennifer: Yeah, but, Aiden, it was signed years and years ago. Jack had no idea he was gonna write a book.

Aiden: Right, but it doesn't change the fact that he made a promise to ms. Donovan.

Jennifer: He would have promised her anything to get out of that marriage.

Aiden: She was holding that over his head? Could be construed as extortion, I guess.

Jennifer: Wait, you really think so?

Aiden: Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? But I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna call that lawyer...

Jennifer: Okay.

Aiden: And, you know, maybe there's just a simple solution to this.

Jennifer: I would like to think so. But with eve, nothing is ever simple.

Theresa: I'm not playing this game with you until you tell me why you're here.

Eve: Oh, well, I'm just doing what I was asked to do. When daddy found out I was coming back to Salem, he begged me to check in on his law-breaking, drug-dependent, overdosing little bundle of joy. And it seems to me like the only thing that's changed around here is, like, uh, your address.

Theresa: Well, where are you coming from, eve? Hmm? A fellowship at Princeton? Or did some guy dump you again? Because I know for a fact that men go through you like traffic through a tunnel. It was the topic of conversation at the Donovan homestead growing up.

Eve: You done?

Theresa: When it comes to screwing up, you're the gold standard. I'll never top you.

Eve: Oh, now... don't sell yourself short, pretty little thing. But I don't know. I think maybe you need to get some better moisturizer, because you're aging. Or you know what? Maybe it's the drugs. Just sayin'.

Theresa: You know, I was fine not knowing that you were back in Salem. And I will be fine if I never see you again. Here you go. It's not like we ever bonded.

Eve: Well, that's because I didn't want my daughter-- oh, did I mention that she was, uh, accepted into Stanford? I didn't want her to be around a bad influence.

Theresa: Oh, g--mmm. A bad influence? Well, it's a little too late to be worrying about that.

JJ: So your mom told you about the thing with my dad's book? The royalties?

Paige: I can't believe it.

JJ: It just seems like my dad wrote the book. He knew where he wanted the money to go. That should be it.

Paige: So my mom has no claim.

JJ: Not that I can see.

Paige: Then open your eyes, because your dad married her.

Jordan: I'll just tell Rafe that if he goes after him, it'll come back on me. When we took off, I stole that money to get us started.

Ben: Jordan, after what he put us through, he owed us that money.

Jordan: I think so too, but--

Ben: He can't go to the police and talk about the money. He'd have to explain where he got it. But that wouldn't stop him from killing to get it back.

Clyde: So you've seen them both? They're together still?

Kate: Do you mean that when Tammy sue ran away, that she--

Clyde: I didn't want to say anything before. You see, Tammy sue was of age when she took off. But Ollie, my boy, he was a minor. But I don't think he went with her of his own free will. That makes it kidnapping.

Kate: Did you report it to the police?

Clyde: No, my friends all told me to, but I did not want to get Tammy sue in a bunch of trouble.

Kate: Okay, even though she may have taken your son against his will?

Clyde: Look, if she took off with him, it's because she thought I did them wrong. Leaving them be was just my way of making it up to them. But you know where they are. Isn't that right, Kate?

Kate: I do. I do. Do you know of a place called Salem?

Ben: Do you think there's just a chance that maybe he's given up?

Jordan: He tracked us to Houston. We just barely got out of there.

Ben: Yeah, but that's been almost two years since that happened. Maybe the trail's gone cold.

Jordan: He hasn't given up, and he never will. He is just biding his time until he gets another lead.

Clyde: Well, Salem seems like it's in a real nice part of the country. Maybe they can make a good life for themselves there.

Kate: Mmm. Now that you know where they are, are you going to contact them? And maybe see them? Visit them?

Clyde: Well, if they want to see me, they know where I am. But they must have gotten jobs now and made some friends.

Kate: Yeah, well, they do both have jobs, and I'm sure they have friends.

Clyde: Huh. Well, all I can hope is that they're happy.

Kate: Yeah.

Clyde: There's one thing I'm wondering, though.

Kate: What's that?

Clyde: From Salem, you'd have to fly into St. Louis or little rock, and then drive I don't know how many hours. What made you do all that just to ask me about my kids?

Daniel: Ooh, it's hot out here. Better eat that fast, or it's gonna melt.

Aiden: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey. Uh, Parker, uh, this is Aiden. Aiden, this is my son, Parker.

Aiden: Hey, Parker. Nice to meet you. Is that ice cream good?

Daniel: Uh, he's in the zone.

Aiden: Yeah, I guess so. Um, can I talk to you just for a minute or--

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Okay, yeah. Hey, um, you stay right here, and I'm gonna be right over there, okay? All right. Yeah, yeah. What, uh--what's up?

Aiden: Well, hope told me about you and Jennifer. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

Daniel: Thank you, yeah. Yeah, we're just, uh-- we're just taking a break, yeah.

Aiden: Any chance that you guys can work this out or...

Daniel: I don't know. Yeah.

Aiden: Is it hard on your son? No, I'm sorry, you know what? That's none of my business.

Daniel: No, no, no. It's okay. The answer is I-I'm-- I'm not sure. Parker asks about Jenn. He's crazy about her. And hopefully he'll adjust, move on, if it comes to that.

Aiden: Yeah, and sometimes that's what's best, right? I mean, the last thing you want is your kid carrying around memories of things that you did, I mean, things that upset them, you know?

Eve: Okay, I told Paige to stay away from you, and I made it very, very clear to her--

Theresa: Hey, don't get your knickers in a knot, okay? 'Cause Paige followed your bossy little orders to the letter-- not that she'd even recognize me if we bump into each other.

Eve: Okay, then why the snarky comments about the bad influences?

Theresa: Well, I do still recognize her. And, uh, I've seen her around town, and trust me, I'm the least of her problems.

Eve: Make your point.

Theresa: Huh. That's interesting. Paige hasn't told you about her new boyfriend?

Eve: [Scoffs] My gosh. I know she's seeing JJ Deveraux. I mean, is that the point you're trying to make here?

Theresa: He is quite the catch.

Eve: He's a high-school boy. How do you even know him?

Theresa: I'll tell you exactly how I know him. Because before he was climbing all over Paige, he was climbing all over me.

JJ: Don't tell me that just because my dad signed some paper a zillion years ago--

Paige: Could you just listen to me?

JJ: You do know that she's not taking the money from us? She is taking the money from a foundation my dad set up to help veterans.

Paige: She's not taking it! She's just asking for what your dad agreed to give her.

JJ: You don't know what my dad agreed to, 'cause he's dead!

Paige: [Sighs] You and I have to stop this right now, or there won't be anything left of us.

Nicole: Eric. I just came from a meeting with the bishop. I'm sure he'll fill you in on what we talked about. But just in case he doesn't... I told him the whole story... the true story. So, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game?

Nicole: Are you gonna say anything?

Eric: Yes, thank you for doing that. I know you didn't have to.

Nicole: I hope it helps.

Eric: The bishop has the facts now, and the rest is out of our hands. I hope you feel good about doing what you did.

Nicole: Uh, that's it?

Eric: I can't honestly think of anything else that we need to say to each other. Good-bye, Nicole.

Daniel: Aiden? You okay?

Aiden: Yeah, no, it's just thinking about the situation, you know, with your--your son. I'm sure you're handling it very well. But still, it's got to be difficult for him... for you.

Daniel: You, uh--you have a kid too, right?

Aiden: Right, yeah, I do. [Chuckles] Think he's about to make a mess with that thing.

Daniel: Oh, man. I'm on it. I'm on it. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I got it. Oh, man. Dig to the bottom of that thing. Oh... I think I better help you. [Laughs]

Hope: I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I was with Aiden when he got your call.

Jennifer: Yeah, I-I feel better since I talked to him, but I have got a mess on my hands, hope.

Hope: What kind of mess?

Jennifer: Eve Donovan is back in town.

Hope: What? Are you--I don't believe it.

Jennifer: Believe it.

Hope: To stay?

Jennifer: It looks like.

Hope: She's the reason you need legal advice, isn't it? What's she done to you?

Jennifer: Unfortunately, it is not just me I'm worried about.

JJ: Hey, this is not our fight, Paige. And it's going to be a real problem if we're not careful. So let's just stay out of it, okay?

Paige: Yes. [Sighs] My mom keeps saying she wants to talk to me about you. She says she's not comfortable because she doesn't know enough about you.

JJ: 'Cause you're still keeping her in the dark.

Paige: Yeah.

JJ: But it's gonna be okay, 'cause I'm different from what I once was, and now I'll actually have the chance to show her that, so nothing is gonna come between us... nothing.

Eve: What are you talking about?

Theresa: Okay. JJ...

Eve: Yes.

Theresa: Paige's new beau? I knew him way before she did. And trust me, he's only interested in two things-- getting high and getting lucky. Oh, uh, I'm sorry. Did I--did I tell you that he was here the night that I overdosed? Yeah, that's who precious Paige has been hooking up with. Well, looks like she's going the way all of the Donovan girls end up going.

Eve: Like hell she will.

Kate: So I am the one who arranged for Jordan to move from Birmingham to Salem.

Clyde: Why would you do that?

Kate: She's a physical therapist. I hired her to treat a friend of mine, and she became involved with that friend. But when I asked her to talk about herself, she was, um, very secretive, you know? I-I really felt like she was hiding something. And I don't want her to hurt my friend.

Clyde: Hmm. Well, aren't you a nice lady to look out for a friend like that? But, you know, Tammy sue, she wouldn't hurt a fly.

Kate: Well, good. I'm relieved, then.

Clyde: Well, I guess you'll be wantin' to start back to Salem. Could I hold on to these pictures? It just warms my heart to look at them.

Kate: Absolutely. Yes, please do. And, um, I have contact information here, just in case you think of anything else I might need to know.

Clyde: Uh, no, ma'am. I think you've got the whole story.

Kate: Well, I guess I'll just get the check, then.

Clyde: Uh, do--would like one favor, though. Uh, seein' as I was so helpful to you... don't tell them that you saw me. No reason to upset them.

Kate: I won't. You ran away from home. Is that really all you're hiding?

Ben: Rafe is a cop. You said he used to be an FBI agent. If the worst did happen--

Jordan: Rafe cannot help us. No one can. There's no fighting back with this man.

Ben: Jordan, we're not kids anymore.

Jordan: You have never really seen what this man is really capable of. And I just pray to God that you never do.

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