Days Transcript Thursday 6/26/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/26/14


Episode #12366 ~ Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer; Kate gets a lead on Jordan's past; Rafe makes a decision about Jordan.

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[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: Ah. Ortiz, this better be good.

Ortiz: Oh, it is. I think I may have finally found a solid lead for Jordan Ridgeway.

Ben: Sorry I'm late. Jordan, what's wrong? Did something happen with Rafe?

Jordan: I just talked to him a little while ago, and, um... he said that he can't be in a relationship with me unless I tell him the truth... about everything.

So I'd like to begin this meeting with a moment of silence for the addict who still suffers.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Theresa: [Sighs] Brady's not picking up, and he didn't answer my text. I mean, where the hell is he?

Anne: Well, maybe he found something better to do... or someone.

Theresa: No way.

Anne: [Scoffs] He is a man.

Theresa: Who's devoted to me. You know, I'll have you know that things are getting very serious between us. I wouldn't be surprised if I got an engagement ring pretty soon.

Anne: Oh, lord, Theresa. I would not be window shopping just yet.

Theresa: Why not?

Anne: Do you--do you really think Brady black is ever gonna marry you?

Paige: How long ago were our moms in high school? Just because they fought over this Frankie dude--assuming that it's the same guy--shouldn't that be, like, ancient history?

JJ: Yeah. I mean, I guess. But if you had heard my mom talking about this girl who was trying to steal her boyfriend--

Paige: "This girl" is my mom. You're making her sound like a total bitch.

JJ: Oh, no, I--

Paige: She's a good mom, and she doesn't deserve to be talked about that way.

Jennifer: I knew it. You are still upset with me about Frankie. Otherwise, you never even would have--

Eve: Jennifer, stop, stop. This is not about what happened with Frankie. This is about jack. It's all about jack... and you... and, well, me.

Jennifer: Jack? My husband has been dead for almost two years.

Eve: Yes, I know. And it was such... such a tragedy. Wow. Really, from the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry for you and your family. But, you know, it must be some comfort to know that jack lives on in his work, in his words, right? Actually, that's the reason I'm here.

Rafe: Hi.

Abe: Hey. Hey, thank you for bringing this by.

Rafe: No problem. Yeah. Everything okay?

Abe: Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.

Rafe: I know you weren't planning on being out of the office tomorrow.

Abe: Yeah, yeah, that's fine. It's okay. Look, EJ asked me to officiate at his and Sami's wedding.

Rafe: Oh. [Chuckles] It wasn't that long ago that you were doing the same thing for Sami and me when we...

Abe: Yeah.

Rafe: Renewed our vows, yeah.

Abe: I'm sorry things didn't work out as you'd hoped. But I have to tell you, you and Jordan make a nice-looking couple.

Rafe: Oh.

Jordan: Rafe says he feels like he keeps letting down the people that he loves the most.

Ben: Who doesn't feel that way?

Jordan: He's just so upset about Gabi. And he knew she was keeping secrets from him, and he feels like if he'd figured out what they were, then things could have turned out differently.

Ben: Yeah. And he doesn't want the same thing to happen with you.

Jordan: He's being sweet and protective. But he is insisting that if I don't tell him everything...

Ben: It's over?

Jordan: That's what it sounds like. You know, I can't even blame him for feeling like that.

Ben: No, you're right. You can't blame Rafe... but you can blame me. I ruined your shot at happiness, Jordan. I'm so sorry.

JJ: Paige, I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to make your mom sound like--

Paige: I know my mom's not perfect, okay? But who is? She might have made a few bad choices in her life, but do you have any idea how many sacrifices she's made for me?

JJ: Okay, I was just trying to figure out what's going on.

Paige: And you really have no idea, do you? This other woman might not even be my mom. And even if she is, it's--it's totally unfair for you to just assume that it was my mom doing the underhanded things to your mom.

JJ: So--

Paige: You've only heard one side of the story.

JJ: So what are you saying? That my mom was lying?

Paige: No, but--

Rory: Wow. Is this Salem high's superlative couple... [Gasps mockingly] Fighting? Man, nobody's ever going to believe it. I got to get this on tape.

Bev: [Laughs]

Jennifer: You're here about jack's work?

Eve: Yes. The memoir he wrote about his time in Afghanistan-- it was riveting, heartbreaking.

Jennifer: You read it?

Eve: I do read.

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

Eve: Well, not much. But, I mean, who could resist a best seller written by my ex-husband? Although, you know what, Jenn? I was just a tad bit disappointed that my name wasn't mentioned, not even once.

Jennifer: Really?

Eve: Yeah.

Jennifer: Why would your name be mentioned?

Eve: We were married.

Jennifer: Mm, as you keep pointing out... for the two minutes before it was annulled. Why would jack mention a wedding that was a totally sham? It meant nothing to him.

Eve: Not quite. Go ahead. Run in the halls, put your feet on the furniture,

Maggie: Brady, um... I'm sure you're probably in--in the meeting still. I just want you to know how proud I am of you that you took this first step. And if you need to talk, afterwards or at any time, you know where to find me. Okay.

John: Brady went to a meeting? Oh, please tell me that he's finally getting some help.

When we talk about giving up old playmates, playgrounds, playthings, we mean removing negative influences from our lives in order to focus on our recovery. Right?

Theresa: Well, what do you know about marriage, Anne? Just because nobody's ever proposed to you--

Anne: Or you.

Theresa: What makes you so sure that Brady won't marry me?

Anne: Okay, listen. You're very good at getting what you want, I'll grant you that. But Brady black is a trust-fund baby. He doesn't have free access to his millions.

Theresa: Well, he still makes more in a week than I make in a decade. And he's an executive at titan.

Anne: Yeah, at his grandfather's company, which means old Victor Kiriakis-- he can cut those purse strings whenever he wants. And something tells me he's not your biggest fan.

Theresa: Well, that grumpy old man--he doesn't like anyone.

Anne: Okay, l-let's just say Brady does get you to the altar, okay? What you want isn't his assets, right? It's his assets. How do you think his father and grandfather are gonna feel about that? So I suppose if you'd be happy to just live in a hovel with only love to sustain you...

Theresa: Old men have to die sometime, so... can't live forever.

Anne: Yeah, that's true, but they're not even your biggest obstacle.

Theresa: Oh, no?

Anne: No. There's Brady himself. Theresa, you're the kind of girl Brady loves to party with. But marry? No way.

Abe: Is everything okay with you and Jordan?

Rafe: Well, it's complicated.

Abe: Rafe, I know this is none of my business, but please tell me this has nothing to do with Sami marrying EJ.

Kate: You think you may have a lead on Jordan Ridgeway? Why does that sound familiar?

Ortiz: Ms. Roberts, I am confident this lead's gonna pan out.

Kate: It better.

Ortiz: Look, I've been all over the Ozarks with that picture of Ben Rogers, or whoever he is, and, well, I finally found some folks who recognize him.

Kate: So? What did they say?

Ortiz: My contact just walked in. I'll get back to you as soon as we're finished talking, okay?

Kate: Finally. We're going to find out exactly what you're hiding, Jordan.

Jordan: You're my baby brother. I promised I'd always take care of you.

Ben: [Chuckles] Well, I'm a big boy now. And, honestly, I should have just stayed away.

Jordan: Why?

Ben: Because if I didn't show up, Rafe would never know you have a secret.

Jordan: Rafe has known that there are things that I am not comfortable sharing with him.

Ben: Yeah, but that's different than, "hey, I didn't tell you this, but I have a brother in town, and would you please mind just not telling anybody that we're related? And sorry but I can't explain why."

Jordan: It doesn't matter anyway.

Ben: It doesn't matter?

Jordan: When you're in a relationship with someone, you can't hide who you are forever. I can't believe that I could think that I could have a regular life, anyway.

Ben: You absolutely can.

Jordan: How?

Ben: Jordan, you have to tell Rafe the truth.

JJ: Put that away, dude.

Rory: But I was gonna make a music montage-- "JJ and Paige's greatest hits."

Bev: You know, I knew you two wouldn't last.

JJ: You mean you wish, Bev. Paige and I weren't fighting. We're just having a debate.

Rory: Right. Well, I thought you'd be out celebrating being done with Salem hellhole high, buddy.

JJ: [Mockingly] Looks like you already started, dude.

Rory: Yeah, man. Me and Bev--we were just at a house party down the street.

Bev: Yeah, and we were on our way to another one when we saw you guys through the window. Couldn't help noticing the spectacle you were making.

Paige: "Spectacle"?

Rory: Hey, why don't you ditch miss glee club here and come party with us, man? We're a lot more fun.

Jennifer: Eve, I know what happened, because I was there, remember? Jack married you so that you could inherit the $10 million that nick Corelli left you in his will. And he only did it because he needed the money to save the spectator.

Eve: And because you left him to go back with Frankie. Don't leave that part out, Jenn.

Jennifer: Eve.

Eve: [Chuckles] And when you two finally got back together that time, didn't I graciously let him out of the marriage?

Jennifer: Yes, you did, eve.

Eve: Yes, I did.

Jennifer: But--

Eve: And when I left for Africa with Frankie, I had to give up all my worldly possessions, so I didn't even fight to get my money back. [Chuckles] Right?

Jennifer: Is--is that what this is about? You want your money back? Because jack got that as part of the settlement, and, anyway, he invested it, so really...

Eve: I know.

Jennifer: There is no money.

Eve: I know. It's gone.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Eve: I get that. I guess jack never happened to show you our annulment agreement, did he?

Jennifer: Why would he?

Eve: Well, I might not have any claim over his newspaper income, but he did agree to, you know, sign over his rights to half of his earnings of long-form projects, including books. And I'm sure jack "Mr. A.D.D." Deveraux never thought he would sit down and pound out a memoir, but he did. Can you believe it? And now I am--I'm here. I'm here to collect what is due me.

Jennifer: What?

Eve: Yeah. I happen to have a copy of the annulment agreement... right here. See? There you go, Jenn. Would now be a good time to discuss finances?

Maggie: Hello, john.

John: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: I didn't know you were there.

John: I-I came to see Vic, but Henderson said he was out of town. Listen, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but if Brady--if he's really going to a meeting, this is wonderful.

Maggie: John... you know I can't tell you anything.

John: Yeah, I-I understand that, but--but this is a huge first step. And if it's true, I can only hope that things are finally turning around for the kid.

Theresa: Are you trying to tell me that...

Anne: [Sighs]

Theresa: I'm not good enough for Brady?

Anne: Look, I didn't mean it as an insult.

Theresa: Oh, no? I'm sorry. Am I supposed to be flattered?

Anne: Look, you have a little bit of a reputation, Theresa. Come on. And after everything Brady's been through with his crazy ex, you think he's gonna run off and marry Salem's next most infamous liar?

Theresa: [Scoffs] Damn Daniel and Jennifer. You know, it's their fault that everyone in this town thinks...

Anne: In this town knows the truth about you?

Theresa: [Sighs]

Anne: Look, I mean, okay, those two--they ruin everything for everybody, don't they? Hey, have you thought about cutting your losses?

Theresa: My losses?

Anne: Yeah. Yeah, you got a spiffy new purse from Brady, you had a whole lot of fun, but it's not like you're in love with the guy.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Well, yeah. No, of course not.

Anne: Right.

Theresa: [Sniffles] Uh... Brady is a pretty big catch, though.

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: And it would be a shame to throw that fish back into the sea before I, you know, squeeze a little more out of him.

Anne: I can only imagine what that would be.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Rafe: No. What's going on with me and Jordan has nothing to do with EJ and Sami. Do I think that she's making the mistake of her life marrying the S.O.B.? Yes. But it's not because I still have feelings for her. It's just that... I don't want to see her or those kids get hurt.

Abe: Well, I understand. Whatever's going on with you and Jordan... [Laughs]

Rafe: What?

Abe: You know, I wish you had seen the look on your face when you first saw her in that dress she wore to will and sonny's wedding. That was...

Rafe: Oh, well, yeah.

Abe: That was the look of a man in love.

Rafe: Yeah, well...

Abe: I hope it works out for you.

Rafe: Thanks.

Jordan: I would be putting Rafe in such a terrible position if I told him everything. [Scoffs] If he knew what I did...

Ben: You were only trying to protect me.

Jordan: And myself.

Ben: What other choice did you have?

Jordan: It's too dangerous, not just for you and me, but for Rafe too.

Ben: Jordan, Rafe knows you, and he cares about you. And if you don't tell him the truth, you're gonna lose him. You love him, Jordan. I have never seen you happier than when you're with him.

Jordan: I do love him, which is why I cannot drag him into my mess. [Sighs] I have to protect you both.

Ben: I do not want you worrying about me.

Jordan: Maybe it's time that I accept that Rafe and I just weren't meant to be together.

JJ: Thanks for the offer, man, but I'd rather stay here.

Rory: Seriously, dude?

Bev: Don't bother, Rory. Let's get out of here and have some real fun.

Paige: [Sighs]

JJ: Thank you.

Paige: For what?

JJ: For saving me from all that. I don't want to dis Rory and-- they were good friends until Bev... anyway, I'm over that scene, and I would much rather be with you.

Paige: Even when we're debating?

JJ: Can we call a truce?

Paige: [Chuckles]

JJ: And seriously, Paige, I did not mean to sound like I was blaming everything on your mom.

Paige: Me neither. I can't even believe we were arguing about our moms. Whatever happened or didn't happen between them, it was ages ago.

JJ: You're right. And for all we know, they're probably having cocktails and laughing about old times.

Eve: You know, I think I believed in jack more than he believed in himself. I did. I mean, I really believed that he was so talented and had it in him to write something brilliant and profitable. You know, Jenn, I understand that a movie studio is negotiating for the rights to make a film.

Jennifer: No, eve, please. Listen to me. You don't understand at all. This book was a labor of love for jack, and the proceeds--they don't go to me or my children. After everything that he went through, he wanted to make sure that all of the proceeds go to military veterans. And even though he wasn't alive to see his book in print, I am telling you, I am gonna make sure that his wish is fulfilled. And I'm sure that whatever claim you think that you have, even you couldn't be hard-hearted enough to take the money from men and women who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us.

Eve: Oh, Jenn.

Jennifer: Eve, please.

Eve: Oh, no, listen... don't get me wrong. I love vets. I mean, who doesn't love a man in uniform, right? And I donate to them all the time.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Eve: Jenn, you can do whatever you want with your half. But my half--it's mine.

Jennifer: Are you serious right now?

Eve: It's what jack wanted. It's all right here. It's ironclad, and if you have any questions, you can contact the attorney. His address is right there.

Jennifer: You know what? I'm going to contact your attorney!

Eve: Go right ahead and do it.

Jennifer: And I'm going to because this is not what jack would have wanted. And I am telling you right now, he never even gave you a thought all those years. I-I can't even think that... that you deserve--are you kidding me? You are still the same person that you always were. You are a conniving witch, who thinks that you are entitled to something for nothing.

Man: Hey. Brady, is it?

Brady: Yeah.

Man: Hey, I'm glad you came and shared tonight, man. I hope we see you again.

Brady: Thanks. Honestly, I'm not sure. Look, I, uh--I've been down this road a couple times, man, and I... I used to get inspired by these meetings, and now I just-- I don't know if they're for me.

Man: Can I convince you to give it another try?

Brady: I should, actually, but... hell, probab--yeah. I will, I will.

Man: Good. Good. I'll see you soon.

Brady: All right. [Sniffs]

Theresa: Ugh. [Sniffles]

[Door closes]

Theresa: Oh. [Laughs] Well, why don't you go ahead, point out the obvious? Brady still isn't here. Are you happy now?

Jordan: Kate.

Kate: How you doing, Jordan?

Jordan: Fine.

Kate: Good. Well, I hope you took my advice and spoke to Rafe.

Jordan: I really wish you would take my advice and stay out of my business.

Kate: Oh, believe me, I would love to. But I'm very concerned about Rafe, and I think you're the only one who can get through to him right now. I know the two of you are having a little thing, but hopefully you can swallow your pride and talk to him.

Jordan: I did, all right? And it only made things worse.

Ben: Rafe.

Rafe: Hey. What's up, Ben?

Ben: I just talked to my sister.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Ben: She's really upset.

Rafe: Yeah, I know.

Ben: Man, she loves you.

Rafe: Well, I love her too.

Ben: Then what's with all the ultimatums, huh? Why can't you just trust her?

Rafe: Well, if she doesn't trust me enough to level with me--

Ben: Rafe, it--it's not about that. She's just trying to protect her little brother... and you.

Eve: Really, Jenn? I want something for nothing? What about you? You were given everything in life growing up...

Jennifer: [Laughs] Oh, yeah.

Eve: Including Frankie and jack. Yeah, all you had to do was play "eeny, meeny, miney, mo," bat those little baby blues, and the little boys just came running, right?

Jennifer: That is not true, and you know it, eve.

Eve: Oh, it is so true. Really? No, everything came easy for you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

Eve: Everything! Member of Salem's first family, keeper of Alice Horton's famous doughnut recipe. I never even knew who my father was growing up. I lost every bit of innocence you still have by the time I was 14 years old.

Jennifer: Eve, I know that you had a hard life. But you need to stop blaming me, because everybody makes choices, and you have a choice.

Eve: I chose to fight. You're damn right!

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah.

Eve: I've fought for everything that I've ever gotten, Jennifer... everything, and I'm still fighting. I guess--you know, I was just hoping that, um, maybe because you're a member of the so-called generous Horton clan that you would have compassion enough to give me the one thing that I deserve.

Jennifer: Mm.

Eve: But... I guess I'm just gonna have to fight you for that again.

Jennifer: Really?

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Okay, well, you go on and fight. But I'm telling you that I'm gonna fight too. And I'm gonna win... because this is not what jack would have wanted, and I'm gonna make sure that you never see a dime of that money.

Eve: Well, I'm gonna get it, because I need it. I need it for my daughter, and I need it for my future, and I'm gonna get what is rightfully mine.

Jennifer: Okay, these papers are not legitimate, and I know that jack would never have agreed to this. He never even mentioned this to me.

Eve: Oh, Jennifer. You know jack. He always was just a little bit shady.

Jennifer: No! That's you! And I am telling you right now, you are not gonna get away with this!

JJ: Mom?

Rafe: I don't need protecting. I just need the truth.

Ben: Oh, I get that. But Jordan's trying to do the right thing. Don't you see that? All my life, she would sacrifice her own happiness in a second if it meant helping me. And now that she finally has some happiness of her own, I can't stand to just see her put herself last again.

Rafe: Listen, I just need her to be honest with me, okay?

Ben: Look, Rafe, if you love her as much as you say you do, can you maybe just try being a little bit more patient and understanding? Isn't she worth that much?

Kate: Jordan... I'm stunned that you and Rafe couldn't work things out.

Jordan: [Groans] Are you?

Kate: Whatever it is that happened between you, though, it can't be more important than being there for Rafe. He's tormenting himself over Gabi right now.

Jordan: I realize that.

Kate: Then what's your problem? Maybe you can't confide in me. That's fine.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: But don't give up. He needs your help.

Jordan: Excuse me, Kate. I have to go.

Kate: Uh... [Sighs]

Theresa: [Chuckles] Oh, did you come back here to gloat?

John: No. I left my credit card with the waiter.

Theresa: Oh. Well, just so you know, Brady didn't stand me up. He probably never even got my text.

John: Actually, he's trying to get his life together.

Theresa: What do you mean? Do you know where he is? W-when you say that he's trying to get his life back together, do you mean he went to a meeting? Oh, my God. You--you sent him there, didn't you? God, you're really trying to break us up, huh?

John: You know how I feel about your relationship with my son. And if you're not happy that he's finally getting some help, then I've been right about you. You're selfish, you're destructive, and I just thank God that it won't be long before Brady is sober enough to see you for who you are.

[Door slams]

Brady: Get away from her!

Theresa: Hey. [Sighs]

JJ: What's going on?

Eve: Well, your mother and I were just doing a little catch-up. But, you know, as much as I hate to cut this short, Jennifer, my daughter Paige and I have a big day tomorrow, don't we?

Paige: Uh, I'll talk to you later.

Eve: Yes, we'll see you at the graduation. And, Jennifer... Jennifer? I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of each other.

Paige: Uh, thanks again for having us over.

Eve: Okay, bye-bye. Come on, sweetheart.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

JJ: Mom, what happened? Go ahead, run in the halls, put your feet on the furniture,

John: I'm just trying to explain to the young lady here--

Brady: No, you were trying to berate and pressure her into leaving me. It's the same tune, it's a different day. When are you gonna learn that you can't run my life, huh?

John: Not trying to do that, son.

Theresa: You know, your dad was just telling me that you went to a meeting and that he didn't feel like I had your best interests at heart. But, look, Brady, if that's what you want to do, then of course I support you.

Brady: Thank you. I can't believe Maggie told you.

John: Well, she didn't. I just happened to overhear her leaving you a message.

Brady: Well, you can report back to Maggie that the meeting was a complete waste of time.

John: Why the hell would you say that?

Brady: Because, dad, meetings don't do anything for me, okay? They're not for me. They don't work.

John: No, come on, son, don't even--son, don't do-- son, don't do this.

Brady: Bye-bye.

Maggie: Ben, could I get two bags of your Esmeralda special?

Ben: For Mr. Kiriakis?

Maggie: Yes.

Ben: I'll be right back.

Maggie: Thanks. [Humming]

Kate: Hello, Maggie.

Maggie: Hello, Kate. How are you?

Kate: Very well, actually. I'm sure that's a shock. You're probably here celebrating over an exotic brew of coffee because Victor fired me.

Maggie: Hardly. Though, I admit, I'm not exactly distraught.

Kate: Well, when Victor finds out that it was EJ and Sami who set me up, I'm sure he'll be begging me to come back, but please tell him to save his breath, because I won't be needing him anymore.

Maggie: Why? Because you're getting back into bed with the dashing Stefano DiMera?

Kate: Would you be relieved by that? Then you wouldn't have to worry about my intimate relationship with Victor anymore.

Maggie: Trust me, Kate. I was never worried.

Rafe: Hi. [Chuckles] Thanks for coming.

Jordan: You said you wanted to talk.

Rafe: Yeah. I miss you. I miss you--I miss you so damn much, I can't stand it.

Eve: Wow. We never had a place like this when I was growing up here in Salem. Sweetheart, I've missed you so much. I love spending time with you.

Paige: Mom, when are you gonna get around to explaining what JJ and I walked in on?

Eve: Okay. Here's the truth. Jenn and I never actually ever got along.

Paige: Yeah, I kind of figured that out.

Eve: Okay.

Paige: JJ thinks it's because you both liked the same guy.

Eve: Well, there was... well, there's that, and then, um, a long time ago... I was actually married to JJ's dad.

Paige: What?

Eve: Mm-hmm. [Clears throat]

Paige: Are you serious? How could you not mention that to me before we showed up on their doorstep for dinner?

Eve: I know, I know, I know. I did not handle that very well.

Paige: [Sighs]

Eve: But listen, I was in shock.

Paige: You think? [Sighs]

Eve: Listen, I was in shock when you told me JJ's last name, and we were on our way over there, sweetheart, so--

Paige: How long were you married?

Eve: Not very long. Not very long at all. We both realized it was a huge mistake, and we were able to get it annulled, because, you know, we never really actually, you know, did it.

Paige: Oh, am I actually having this conversation with my mother?

Eve: But I tell you what, Jennifer is still resentful. No, she is resentful.

Paige: [Sighs]

Eve: And I think especially now that she knows that JJ's father has left us this--this wonderful gift for you and me. And it's something, sweetheart, that's gonna change our life forever.

Jennifer: It was, uh... it was nothing, really.

JJ: Nothing? You were just fighting with my girlfriend's mom. Was--was it about me?

Jennifer: No. No. I mean, as you could tell, eve and I have a pretty complicated relationship.

JJ: She was that girl you were talking about when we found your yearbook, huh--the one that was trying to steal your boyfriend?

Jennifer: Yeah. She's the one.

JJ: So you were fighting about that?

Jennifer: No. [Chuckles] Money, actually.

JJ: Money?

Jennifer: Yeah, honey. I don't want to talk about this, okay? I'll explain it to you later.

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: And, listen, I really hate to ask you this, but can you just not speak to Paige for the time being?

JJ: What?

Jennifer: Because I don't know what she knows, and I just want to explain this myself--

JJ: But, Mom--

Jennifer: Just for tonight, please. I need time to just think about things and sort through things. And then in the morning, I'll explain everything to you and your sister.

JJ: Fine. I won't talk to Paige. But just because you and her mom don't get along, you still like Paige, right?

Brady: I hate my dad. I hate my dad. Doesn't he know? Doesn't he know he's the reason--he's the reason that my life went... to hell? He's the reason. He's...

Theresa: Wow. [Chuckles] You have a fight with your dad... couple drinks, you're completely wasted. Oh, my God. He's the key. [Laughs] This could almost be too easy.

Jordan: I miss you too.

Rafe: I don't want us to be apart. But... after what happened with my sister, I hope you understand why I need to be smart.

Jordan: I do.

Rafe: I love you. It's really that simple. I refuse to throw away what we have. Somehow, someway, we'll find... a way to work things out... together. Okay?

Jordan: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Ortiz, you better have something concrete for me, or I swear--

Ortiz: Kate, you get on a plane tonight.

Kate: Where am I going?

Ortiz: Poplar bluff, Missouri--gateway to the Ozarks.

Kate: Oh. That will be lovely. I'll book my flight.

Ben: Can I get you anything else?

Kate: No. Thank you. Actually, Ben, you have been very helpful.

Jennifer: No. My opinion hasn't changed. Paige is lovely.

JJ: Are you saying that it won't be a problem that you hate her mom?

Jennifer: Honey, "hate" is a really strong word. But whatever issues eve and I have, I'm not going to allow them to affect you and Paige. You don't have to worry about that.

JJ: Okay. Are you okay?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. I am fine. I'm excited to see my son walk across that stage tomorrow and get his diploma.

JJ: Promise you won't cry.

Jennifer: No, I can't promise you that. I'm probably gonna cry, bawl like a baby.

JJ: [Laughs]

Jennifer: I love you.

JJ: Good night.

Jennifer: This is so wrong, eve, and I am not gonna let you get away with it... not this time.

Paige: Mom, what are you talking about? What did Mr. Deveraux leave us?

Eve: I will explain everything tomorrow, okay?

Paige: But--

Eve: But in the meantime, I want you to avoid talking to JJ. Can you do that for me?

Paige: Why?

Eve: Well, because--because his mother will spin everything and make me look like I'm the villain, and I want you to hear my side of the story. Come on, sweetheart. It's just--it's just one night. Please? One? Please?

Paige: Okay.

Eve: [Chuckles]

Paige: One night. But you're still going to give JJ a chance, right?

Eve: Yes, of course I will. I will. But I do need to know the kind of trouble that he was in, because I want to make sure that he's good enough for my little girl.

Paige: Mom.

Eve: No. Hey, listen to me. You deserve the best... and so do I. That's why I've got to make sure that this thing with JJ's dad comes through for us. Oh, my gosh, girl, it's gonna change our lives for the better. It will. And you know what? I know just what I have to do to make it happen.

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