Days Transcript Tuesday 6/17/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/17/14


Episode #12359 ~ Nicole & Sami fight; Kate sees Jordan & Ben together; Jennifer tries to fix things with Daniel.

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Nicole: Hi. Has Eric Brady come downstairs yet?

He left a little while ago.

Nicole: Okay. Uh, I'll just wait. Can I have a double espresso?


Sami: So, Nicole walker. What'd you do this time? Pretty sure my brother didn't dump you for nothing. So, come on, Nicole, spill. How'd you screw it up?

White: These are the pages you spoke of?

Eric: Yes, your Excellency. They prove that Kristen DiMera hired a man named Dr. Chyka, who manufactured the drugs that she used on me. Hopefully now the good name of the church can be cleared, along with mine too.

Jennifer: I had to come.

Will: Okay. Let's get you some breakfast. Are you hungry? I bet you are.

Sonny: I'm awake. I brought her out here so that Gabi could sleep in.

Ben: Hey, you.

Abigail: Hey, hi.

Ben: You okay?

Abigail: Yeah, just, uh, busy, too much to do. Can't stop. Sorry.

Ben: I pushed too far yesterday. I got it. But don't worry, I'll back off.

Rafe: I'm so glad that you did not let me push you away.

Jordan: I couldn't. I love you too much.

Rafe: [Groans] Oh, my God.

Jennifer: I tried calling you and texting. Hoping you would be free so we could have some time together.

Daniel: I texted you back. Didn't you get them?

Jennifer: I did. They just seemed a little terse, so I assumed you were swamped.

Daniel: Well, Jen, the truth is, I think that we... we need some space. And--and yeah, I have--I have been swamped. I've got to do a review for the surgical residence, I have a slew of charts. I have to get ready for Parker coming home.

Jennifer: You know, no one is that swamped, and we don't need space. We just--we just need to talk. Right now.

White: So, Dr. Chyka was creating some highly sophisticated drugs for ms. DiMera.

Eric: Three, yes. One was a powerful aphrodisiac. One was to erase my memory. The other was a masking agent to hide everything from a normal blood test.

White: There were, um, more pages than these?

Eric: Yes, your Excellency. But those were the only ones that were recovered so far.

White: Well, someone clearly tried to destroy them.

Eric: They were reconstructed, piece by piece.

White: How did you, uh, come by these, Eric?

Nicole: Sami, please. It's early, I have a splitting headache, no sleep, go away.

Sami: Well, Nicole. Why do you look so distraught? Oh, right, 'cause your engagement is in the toilet. Why'd my brother dump you?

Nicole: I'm not getting into this with you, Sami.

Sami: Oh, I'm going to hear the whole story from him. So I'm going to give you first dibs. Let's hear it, the Nicole walker spin. How deep do the lies go? Or let me put it a different way. What did you do to my brother?

Kate: [Sighs contentedly]

Rafe: Hey.

Kate: Hey.

Both: So... this... this was a mistake.

Will: She's doing okay, right?

Sonny: Well, she misses her mom.

Will: Yeah. She keeps looking around for her.

Sonny: She's a strong baby. Healthy.

Will: She's also a blabbermouth, aren't you? How many words are you going to say today?

Sonny: Oh, will, did you see the schedule that I made for who takes care of Ari and when?

Will: I did, yeah. It looks good. It's definitely going to be harder with just the two of us, but we'll make it work.

Sonny: Hey. So, there's going to be some adjustments around here. But we're going to be fine. Right, Ari?

Will: [Laughs]

Ben: Listen, I'm going to leave you alone from now on. Just take care.

Abigail: Wait, no. Ben, wait. I-I'm sorry. I-I-it's not-- I just had a huge project dumped on me yesterday.

Ben: So this isn't about you and me? The thing in the park?

Abigail: No! No, God, no. I-I-I enjoyed our thing in the park. And thank you again for helping me take my mind off of-- you know.

Ben: Yeah. So this project, uh...

Abigail: Is a favor of the gigantic variety. But just give me two days, and then I will definitely see you.

Ben: Okay.

Abigail: I can't wait to pick up right where we left off. See you.

Eric: The papers came to me through a friend. Dr. Daniel Jonas. I'm sure you remember me speaking about him.

White: I do, yes.

Eric: Right after Kristen poisoned me, Daniel was convinced that he could trace the drugs. Eventually, when he uncovered Dr. Chyka's name, he tracked him down last February. And that's when we found the evidence.

White: Four months ago? Why did he hold on to them so long?

Eric: Well, I-I beg your pardon. Daniel didn't get the evidence until just a few days ago. He wasn't the one who kept it hidden.

White: Who was?

Eric: Nicole walker.

Nicole: Okay, Sami. You want to know? Here it is. I committed a crime, a really big crime.

Sami: Yeah, I'll bet.

Nicole: I loved your brother, too much as it turns out.

Sami: Oh, stop! You're not gonna take an opportunity to...

Nicole: But let's not forget about what Eric did to me.

Sami: Go on some long-winded self-serving diatribe...

Nicole: What he did was a much bigger crime than what I did.

Sami: About my brother when the only person you love is yourself.

Nicole: He accused me of something horrible, something so horrible, something I didn't do, something I would never do.

Sami: Oh, there's no crime you wouldn't do.

Nicole: I did not drug and rape your brother.

Sami: Hey, hey, you keep your voice down.

Nicole: After he accused me of what I just said... I forgave him. And for good measure, I risked my life trying to clear his name while his evil twin turned on him and crawled into bed with a man who knew what Kristen was up to and probably helped her do it. So you wanna know who's wrong here? I suggest you whip out that compact, honey, and take a good, long look at the selfish bitch who made her brother suffer.

Sami: All right, fine. I'm dirt and you're perfect. But if you're so wonderful, why did Eric break up with you?

Nicole: I don't know. Why did he accuse me of drugging him and raping him? Because he was confused. Once he realizes what I did I did for love, he will change his mind about me.

Sami: You think?

Nicole: Oh, my God, Sami. God, I almost died trying to help him! Once he remembers that, he will see that what I did, all the mistakes that I made won't mean anything, not in the long run.

Sami: Mistakes, yes, that's what I'm interested in. I'm interested in those mistakes.

Nicole: And now he has the proof that Kristen drugged him because of me, because I loved him.

Sami: Right, I get it.

Nicole: And so when he asked me to marry him, I said yes.

Sami: You love him, he loves you. I want to get to the part about the big 180 where he changed his mind.

Nicole: All that matters is our love. He chose me, I had the proof. Okay, so maybe I wavered a little bit.

Sami: Wait, wait--

Nicole: But I know he's gonna forgive me.

Sami: What?

Jennifer: Daniel, we promised that we would never let anything come between us again. And this whole misunderstanding about Nicole, it-- it hurt you, more than I realized. But we can get past this. I know we can. We just need to talk openly and freely. And the longer we wait to do that--

Daniel: Okay, I really don't think now is the time.

Jennifer: Okay... when?

Daniel: Well, frankly I don't think we ever--

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Daniel: Okay, right. No, we, uh, we can. We can talk. So, y-you go.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: You go ahead.

Jennifer: First, I am so sorry that I told Eric the truth about Nicole.

Daniel: Okay, Jennifer, that's never been what upset me. Yes, I wanted to give Nicole one more shot to come clean. And I totally understand why you did what you did. I'm fine with that.

Jennifer: So then, I don't--

Daniel: It's what you think of me. The kind of person that you think I am.

Jennifer: No, wait a minute, y-you need to back up.

Daniel: No, I don't.

Jennifer: You took everything that I said completely out of context, Daniel.

Daniel: No, no you made it crystal clear what you thought of me. I asked you point-blank to tell me the truth.

Jennifer: No, but the way that I chose my words--

Daniel: And you didn't.

Jennifer: Please, I am sorry. Give me a chance to explain.

Daniel: There's nothing. There's nothing to explain. There's nothing you can say that's going to change what either one of us feels. Believe me, it hurts like hell, but I got it.

Rafe: Well, seems like we're on the same page.

Kate: Totally. It couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Rafe: So why did it?

Kate: [Sighs] Sweetheart, last night, I saw a man that I care about in terrible pain. You were blaming yourself for what happened to Gabi and I mean you were in a terrible place.

Rafe: Oh. So this was out of pity.

Kate: [Laughs] No. No. I enjoyed every minute of it. Every second of it, actually, happened because both of us were drinking, so...

Rafe: Well, I was. You weren't.

Kate: Whatever. Okay? It can't happen again. No one can find out. It would ruin everything.

[Phone ringing]

Jordan: Hey, Ben.

Ben: I'm at the club. Free coffee when you walk in the door.

Jordan: No, I can't.

Ben: You need coffee, sis. Just be here.

Jordan: Okay. Uh, just give me a few. [Sighs] If only I could help you through this. I should go to his place and have it out with him right now.

Will: These are amazing.

Abigail: Great, awesome. They're actually a bribe to get you to help me plan Sami and EJ's wedding.

Will: What?

Abigail: I'm totally serious. Sami dumped this on me yesterday, and I will literally get dragged away in a straitjacket if I don't have help. So, I'm thinking of, I don't know like a--like a summery, flowery theme, maybe?

Will: Abigail, hang on. Sometimes my mom does weird things.

Sonny: Yeah, I don't--I don't know if EJ's gonna be down with this.

Will: Have you run this by EJ yet?

Abigail: Look, you guys, this got dumped on me, okay? Yes, EJ was there. Will you please help me?

Sonny: You know, Abigail, people who are planning weddings usually are sort of...happy.

Will: You don't really want to do this, do you? But my mom is making you, isn't she?

Abigail: Yeah.

Kate: [Sighs]

Rafe: So, by, "no one can find out," I'm assuming you mean Jordan, right?

Kate: Yes. Yes, of course, I mean, I know how you two feel about each other.

Rafe: Why let one small mistake ruin things for us, right?

Kate: Absolutely. Absolutely. Look, I should get going right now.

[Distant clatter]

Kate: What was that?

Rafe: Someone's out in the hall.

Ben: Needed some coffee, right? Get some life in those eyes.

Jordan: Well, do I look that bad?

Ben: Hey, I'm your brother, so I get to stay anything I want. But you never look bad. Does look like you had a rough night, though.

Jordan: Couldn't sleep. Must've checked my phone a dozen times.

Ben: Nothing from Rafe?

Jordan: No. You were right. He just needs some time alone so he can work through things.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: I'm just so used to seeing him, being around him. You know, last night was really hard.

Jennifer: Daniel, I know that I hurt you. And that's why I'm here, because I want to make this right. And I want to try to make you understand that what I was doing--

[Knock at door]

Daniel: Mom?

Maggie: I just heard about Gabi and Melanie. And I thought my heart was-- I'm sorry, forgive me. Is this a bad time?

Jennifer: No. No, of course not, aunt Maggie.

Daniel: Oh, hey, come on, mom.

Maggie: [Cries]

Daniel: It's okay.

White: Well, took a good look at your evidence. Afterwards, I'll need to interview you, of course. And I'll need everyone else involved. Dr. Jonas, ms. Walker.

Eric: Understood.

White: I hope you realize with so much material still missing, any conclusion I draw will be...uncertain.

Eric: Yes, your Excellency. But I hope you understand that I would've never brought you those papers unless I was positive that they were authentic. Up until a few days ago, I assumed I would be out of Salem... married... trying to build...

White: Let's just see this-- how this goes, shall we? I can't make any promises. But, if things turn out, perhaps your case can be reopened. Your entire life, your future could change.

Eric: Thank you. That gives me hope.

Sami: You had this wavering thing... and then Eric said the "I love you"?

Nicole: N-no, no. No.

Sami: No, that's what you said.

Nicole: No, I was, I could-- okay, I was wavering. But Eric was cruel to me, remember?

Sami: Yeah. But then you forgave him, remember? And then you risked your life to help him get the proof to clear his name, and then--

Nicole: He chose me. And he chose my love, and I said, "yes."

Sami: You know, my mother always wondered what happened when you were alone with that wacko doctor.

Nicole: Ugh, okay, Dr. Chyka is a creep. You wouldn't want to be alone in a room with him.

Sami: But is that when you got the proof?

Nicole: No. I got the proof of--because of my hard work at the station, and searching on the internet, and working through really hard--

Sami: No, no. You got the proof then. But because my brother said that he loved you, you kept it a secret, you kept it from him.

Nicole: Okay, stop making up stories.

Sami: You selfish bitch!

Nicole: Oh, that's rich... coming from someone who made her brother suffer just so she could be a DiMera whore.

Sami: Ugh. [Grunts] You don't get to talk to me like this.

Nicole: You hit me.

Sami: You hit me!

Nicole: What is your problem?

Sami: Get off!

Nicole: Ow!

[Overlapping shouting]

Maggie: Melanie could've died. And Gabi set all of this in motion.

Daniel: I know, mom. But--

Maggie: Look, I mean, when you find out that someone you thought cared about you, someone you had faith in and that you never doubted for an instant, and then that person, that person turns out to be totally different. And then on top of all of that, everything that Chad put her through? Oh, how painful this must have been for Melanie.

Daniel: Okay, okay, Melanie is strong. We talked to her on the phone, right?

Maggie: Yeah.

Daniel: She's gonna be fine.

Maggie: I wish she would've let us in.

Daniel: I hear you.

Maggie: And now it might be too late.

Ben: Rafe's still blaming himself for what happened to his sister, that's all.

Jordan: Rafe is not to blame for what Gabi did.

Ben: He's still blaming himself, Jordan. If anybody can understand that, it's you. Look what you did for me.

Jordan: I know, but it's different.

Ben: You put your life on the line for me. Never hesitated. That's something I will never forget my whole life.

Jordan: Rafe says he needs more time, so I'm going to try and give him just that.

Abigail: Yep, you got that right. Yet, saying no to Sami is like, like, trying to stop a train.

Will: Yeah, I'm glad you said yes. My mom, she doesn't have much in the way of women friends and--

Abigail: I know.

Will: I wonder Y. So, look, unless it makes you feel really uncomfortable... thank you.

Sonny: And thank you for these muffins. They are so good. Yeah.

Abigail: I'm glad you like them.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Will: Hey, didn't you go over and help Johnny bake some cupcakes a little while ago?

Abigail: Yes, actually, I did. I was kinda blindsided by that project too.

Will: Well, once again, I know that my mom was very appreciative. And Johnny loved it. I think even EJ liked it. You know, EJ doesn't really like a lot of people, but... I can tell he likes you.

Abigail: Huh.

Kate: Could I get a ice coffee?

Ben: Uh, yeah. Sure thing.

Kate: Is Sonny in today?

Ben: He'll be in later.

Kate: Hmm. I'll just text him.

Nicole: Ooh, ooh! Ow! Don't touch me!

Sami: Oh, my God, Nicole!

[Overlapped shouting]

Eric: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, back up! Back up! That's enough!

Sami: No, Eric!

Nicole: She started it.

Sami: Oh, I'm going to finish it too!

Eric: Oh, wait, okay. You're both going to stop that. I cannot believe this. You're adults. Are you kidding me?

Sami: Oh, God.

Nicole: Yeah? Well, at least I didn't jump in the sack with some jerk--

Sami: I'm just glad you found out the truth about that skank--

Eric: All right, all right, that is enough.

Nicole: Eric, she would rather marry EJ than help her brother nail the woman who hurt you.

Eric: Just stop. Sami, I think you should leave.

Sami: What? You tell that to that bitch. I am your sister!

Eric: Come with me.

Sami: What? Eric, I-- I am not leaving.

Eric: I think you should, and I wish you would stop harassing Nicole.

Sami: It is not harassing when she deserves it.

Eric: Sami... everything she said about you and EJ, it was true. My budget used to be a real downer.

Sami: Eric, Nicole lied to you. She kept things from you. How can you take her side?

Eric: Sami, this is not about taking sides. I'm just simply asking you to leave.

Sami: I don't understand. Why don't you ask that skinny bitch to leave? I am your sister. She is the devil.

Eric: Sami, I said... please. I love you. But this is not the time or the place to be having this conversation.

Sami: Eric... she had the proof that would clear your name, and she kept it from you. And you're asking me to leave?

Eric: Sami, we both know that EJ knew what s doing. He knew it all along. You made the choice. You stayed with him. That is a choice you're going to have to live with just as much as I'm going to have to live with mine.

Sami: Eric, I'm just worried for you. If you let Nicole back--

Eric: Now, please, just go.

Kate: I cannot stay, but I found the most adorable little teething ring that I spotted-- I wanted to drop it off for you.

Sonny: Ah, okay. Well, thank you. She's always gumming away on something.

Kate: [Laughs] You know, I would've left it at the bar, but, uh, that handsome, young bartender you just hired, he said you were over here.

Sonny: Ben.

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: Ben, yeah.

Kate: Well, here it is. Oh, no. You know, I think... I left my wallet over at the bar. Ugh. What's that--what's his last name?

Sonny: Rogers.

Kate: Oh.

Ben: Yeah, do you want me to take care of it for you? I can go get it.

Kate: No, no, Ben ro-- I'll call the bar. I know exactly where I left it. I'll just ask him to hold it for me. Give that baby a kiss for me. Sweetie. Ben Rogers.

Rafe: Hey. Got your text. What'd you want to talk to me about?

Ben: My sister.

Abigail: Hi, Jordan. Hey, how's it going?

Jordan: Oh, okay. You?

Abigail: Heh, well, things are a little crazy for me actually right now because-- you know what? Never mind. I'm tired of complaining. How's everything going with Rafe? Is he okay? This must be a crazy tough time for him right now.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, you know, um...he's just trying to deal.

Daniel: So, we will video chat with Melanie once we get her schedule, right?

Maggie: Yeah. And maybe we can call her during Parker's welcome home party. That'd be great, right?

Daniel: Yeah, just remember that we have the six-hour time difference.

Maggie: Right. Right, well, we can call her during lunch. A-and she probably can get some free time around then. Uh... listen, um, I-I've got some errands that I have to get done. Listen, you two take care, okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. Bye, aunt Maggie.

Maggie: Yeah. Um, all right, I'm sorry.

Daniel: No. Bye.

Maggie: I interrupted. Okay, bye.

Daniel: No, no, bye.

Jennifer: Parker's coming home party? Did this just pop up out of the blue? Were you going to tell me later? And this whole thing about Melanie's kidnapping, I didn't even know this. And Gabi Hernandez being involved? This is huge!

Daniel: Hey, Jen, look, we-- we haven't talked about anything since-- I mean, if we're having trouble talking about us, you can hardly expect me to share the latest about my kids.

Jennifer: This is things you tell your friends. What is going on? Are we not even friends anymore?

Daniel: Maybe you should sit down.

Rafe: Look, I'm not talking to you about Jordan.

Ben: [Sighs] Listen, man.

Rafe: It's not happening.

Ben: Hey, listen, I'm worried about my sister, okay? All she wants is to help you get through what happened with Gabi. Why not let her?

Rafe: Trust me, she's better off without me, all right? I'm just going to screw up her life too.

Abigail: Rafe is...the kind of guy that kind of goes inward when times get rough, you know?

Jordan: Yeah. I'm getting that.

Abigail: But I'm sure eventually he'll come around. I mean...

Jordan: A-Abigail?

Abigail: I just realized... that's exactly where Nick collapsed the night he died. Right there. It's weird, you know? A lot of lives have changed after that. A lot of people will never be the same.

Will: As soon as I finish this take-home final, I am good! Then I just have to work like crazy to get through essays on pragmatism.

Sonny: And then the boy graduates.

Will: [Laughs] Finally. And then comes a job. Time to start bringing home a little bacon.

Sonny: Don't pressure yourself.

Will: I'm not. But it's about time I start pulling my weight. You know, writing personal essays and sensitive stories doesn't earn a dime. Oh, I am running late. I gotta shower. Later, babe.

Sonny: Mwah. Maybe there's something we can do about that.

Nicole: I don't know what you said to Sami, but thank you.

Eric: You shouldn't be here. There's nothing for us to say.

Nicole: I was hoping maybe--

Eric: I'm not going to say it again. There's nothing for you here.

Nicole: Okay. But, um, I-I know you were supposed to have a meeting with bishop white earlier this morning. Did you?

Eric: Yes.

Daniel: Jen, I-I thought you knew me better than anyone. So, what you said, thought... I-it just--it shocked me.

Jennifer: Okay, Daniel, you don't understand the point--

Daniel: You just need to give me a second, okay? See, I've been--I've been thinking about what's gone on between us sort of non-stop, actually, and I-- wh-when Rebecca died... I-I really lost myself. I did whatever, never gave a damn. I did some things that I'm not really proud of.

Jennifer: Yeah, but you changed.

Daniel: Yes, I did, eventually, after I met you. Because you seemed to think that I was a good guy.

Jennifer: You're a great guy.

Daniel: Well, I-I haven't always done the right thing, but yeah, I think eventually, you know, I got that sense of what's right and wrong again. I had it. A-and I was on top of things again, and things were looking up.

Jennifer: Yes, and they are still--everything is still okay. We just need to put this situation with Nicole in perspective, Daniel.

Daniel: Well, that's--that is what I did. See, aside from my kids, Maggie, a few friends... I don't really give a damn what people think of me. But I've always cared what you think. And no matter what's gone on between us, you were that one person I wanted to have a good opinion of me.

Jennifer: And I do. I do!

Daniel: No, you do not! That is what I finally realized. You can't hide your feelings, Jennifer. I saw it in your eyes. You saw me as a liar.

Jennifer: No! Daniel, I--

Daniel: You thought I would be willing to lie to myself, to others, to you, and allow someone to be hurt... that I would do anything, immoral, amoral, whatever, that I didn't measure up as a person. That's the real me?

Jennifer: No.

Daniel: Yes. I cannot be with someone who doesn't believe in me. No matter what you say, you essentially told me... that I wasn't the man I thought I was, in your eyes. And it hurts like hell, but I swear to God--

Jennifer: No, that is not true, Daniel. I am so sorry that I said that.

Daniel: Mm-mm.

Jennifer: Please, if I could take it back, I-- please. Can we please just give me a chance to start over?

Daniel: No.

Jennifer: And we can, Daniel.

Daniel: No, we can not. You can't unsay what you said. It doesn't change what you meant. No, we can't.

Kate: Yes, yes. The man in the photo is somehow connected to Jordan Ridgeway. I don't know. That's your job, remember? Just use Ben Rogers to finally get the truth on Jordan.

Ben: You told Jordan you wanted space. What, and now you want her out of your life?

Rafe: Hey, so my track record sucks when it comes to women who need my help, okay?

Ben: Who says Jordan needs your help?

Rafe: Oh, she doesn't? Hmm? She's not running scared from anything? Yeah. I don't know a damn thing about her past or yours, and I never told a damn person that you were her brother, and I never pushed her about anything. But something's definitely going on. And she won't tell me what is, and yet, I'm trying to protect her, the same way I did with Gabi. We all know how that turned out, and I am never making that mistake again.

Abigail: Um, you know, I was thinking about writing Gabi a note and having Rafe take it to her. Do you know the next time that he's going to go visit?

Jordan: I'm not sure. You know, actually, Rafe hasn't really opened up to me much since Gabi went to prison.

Abigail: Why? Oh, right, he's closing people out. God, Jordan, I am so sorry. That must be so hard for you.

Sami: Oh! Abigail! Just the person I was looking for--hi.

Abigail: You know, Sami, this isn't really a great time. Jordan and I are in the middle of some things.

Sami: Oh, I'm sure Jordan would understand. Wouldn't you, Jordan? I mean, Abigail's helping me plan my wedding and there is just so much to do. The phone calls alone. [Laughs]

Abigail: Uh, I'll talk to you soon.

Sami: Great, oh, thank you. Um, oh, my gosh, there's just so much I've been thinking about. You know, right off the bat we need to talk about the catering, and I've been dying about the florist.

Eric: My meeting with the bishop was private.

Nicole: I know, but--

Eric: And there are no buts. Private means private.

Nicole: Okay. With everything that we've been through, and the evidence that I found... I think I deserve this one thing. Are you going back to the church?

Jennifer: Daniel, I am so sorry that I hurt you. But this is not the end. Think of everything that we've had to face and we made it through.

Daniel: Jennifer, I-I can't. I'm not going to--

Jennifer: No, you listen to me, Daniel Jonas. I love you. And frankly, I don't know what I would do without you, and I am so sorry that I hurt you. And I am so sorry if you think that somehow I have broken our trust, or that deep down, I don't really think that you're this wonderful, caring man, because I do! And deep down, I think-- no, I know that you love me. And you know what?

Daniel: Okay, Jennifer, I'm not going to--

Jennifer: And I love you! And that is stronger than anything, and we are going to get through this. We can! I know that we can!

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