Days Transcript Thursday 6/12/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/12/14


Episode #12356 ~ After a tearful farewell, Gabi leaves to start a new life; Jordan fears Kate ratted her out; Victor & Theresa butt heads.

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Brady: [Groans]

Theresa: Good morning, sleepyhead.

Brady: Hi.

Theresa: Hey.

Brady: How you doin'?

Theresa: Good.

Brady: Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm not ready. I'm never, never partying like that again.

Theresa: Now where have I heard that one before? You know, I really do think that you got the perfect tattoo. It's so hot.

Brady: What? What tattoo?

Theresa: The one you got last night, silly. On your arm.

Brady: Oh, my God. Wh--

Jordan: Do you mind telling me what you have against me?

Sami: Well, I just think it was a really big mistake. You know, Rafe is a cop. And I think you shouldn't have talked him into turning his phone off with everything that's going on. Look, if you're stupid enough to get back together with Stefano, there's nothing I can do to stop you. But don't make me look bad in front of him.

Kate: Oh, as if you need any help.

Sami: And, by the way, don't try to do anything to stop my marriage to EJ.

Kate: As if I give a damn. What--

Sami: Oh, you--you care. You just do anything you want, right? You're such a nosy Parker you put your face into everybody else's-- speaking of which... may I help you?

Hope: Thank you.

Ben: Congrats on solving your murder case.

Hope: Thanks.

Ben: Glad you won't be calling me in for any more questioning. You're tough.

Hope: It was important to me to solve this case.

Ben: I'll go get you a menu.

Julie: I don't need a menu. Coffee, black, please.

Hope: Thanks for meeting me here.

Julie: You said it was important.

Hope: It is. Gabi's entering her plea this morning at the courthouse. And as nick's family, you have a right to object to the deal if you'd like.

EJ: Well, you look terrible.

Rafe: Yeah, which is strange because I feel great. So what do you think? Is the judge going to accept Gabi's plea?

EJ: I think it's possible he'll have some qualms about the generous terms.

Rafe: Oh, generous, right. Yeah. Second degree murder for doing the world a favor and offing that bastard.

EJ: As long as nobody ever hears you talking like that, I think the deal may go through, given the extenuating circumstances.

Rafe: Oh, okay. Yeah. So let me get this straight. The best-case scenario is my sister's gonna get 10-20 years in prison...starting today.

Kate: Excuse me, but this is a private conversation.

Jordan: Which you are conducting in a public place, quite loudly I might add. In case you haven't noticed, people are beginning to stare.

Kate: So?

Sami: Uh, actually, I don't have time to entertain the people anymore with you, so I'm gonna get going. Do me a favor though, and remember what happened the last time things went south between you and Stefano.

Kate: Oh, well, you should remember what happened the last time things went south with you and EJ. And the time before that. And the time before that.

Sami: All right, Kate, just shove it.

Jordan: Oh, wait a minute.

Kate: Why?

Jordan: I have a question for you. What did you say to Sami about me?

Will: Victor.

Victor: Will. I apologize for not calling.

Will: Oh, that's all right.

Victor: I heard Gabi was going before the judge today and it could go very quickly.

Will: EJ entered a plea bargain, so if the judge accepts it, there won't be a trial. She'll just go to...

Victor: Well, if there's anything I can do for you and sonny, just ask.

Will: Thank you. Sonny told me what you were willing to do to protect us.

Victor: Well, nothing compared to what you were willing to sacrifice when you thought sonny needed protecting. My nephew's a very lucky man.

Sonny: That's true. Also lucky to have a man like you as my uncle.

Gabi: I spoke to Mami today.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Gabi: She could barely talk.

Rafe: Ah... no, she's just torn up 'cause she can't be here, that's all. She tried to sweet-talk her doctor into letting her fly.

Gabi: I know.

Rafe: Yeah.

Gabi: I just hope that by the time I get out, she still, um...

Rafe: No, come on.

Gabi: Rafe?

Rafe: Yeah?

Gabi: I don't know how to get through this day without you.

Rafe: Where else would I be?

Gabi: Okay.

Rafe: Yeah. Hey, before we go into that courtroom, I need to know. I need to know that this is definitely what you want to do. Plead guilty with no trial?

Gabi: I am guilty. I killed--I killed Nick. And I have to pay for what I did. All of it. Just hope you understand why I'm doing this. You do, right?

Rafe: Yeah. You have my support. Always.

Gabi: Okay, I just wanna get this over with.

Rafe: All right.

Gabi: Everything will be settled this morning, right?

EJ: Well, the judge has the final say, but I really don't foresee any problems, unless nick's family has an objection.

Julie: This plea deal is a joke, right?

Hope: The D.A. made the offer and Gabi accepted it. I imagine the judge will approve it and sentence Gabi today.

Julie: Do Joshua and Jessica have--do they know about this? Has Marie been told about this?

Hope: I haven't heard from them. Actually, I haven't heard from anyone else in the family. So I'm assuming that they're okay with it and they don't have a problem with it.

Julie: How can they not have a problem with it? It--it's as though Gabi would be paying a parking fine instead of being punished for committing murder.

Hope: She'll be spending years behind bars.

Julie: Not nearly long enough, hope. This isn't justice and you know it. This is anything but.

Brady: How could you let me get this thing?

Theresa: Oh, relax, it's temporary. Got it after I told you that I thought tats were sexy. It'll wash off.

Brady: It bothers me when I don't remember...things.

Theresa: You know I wouldn't let you get into trouble. Not that much anyway. Breakfast in bed?

Brady: Mm, ah, no. No, I'm not hungry, thank you.

Theresa: Okay. Well, how about something a little more substantial? Like a pick-me-up?

Kate: Do you really think that Sami or I would waste a single minute talking about you?

Jordan: Well, I don't know why else she would suddenly have all this animosity toward me.

Kate: Hm, well, sooner or later, Sami feels that way about everyone.

Jordan: Yeah, but it all started right after you accused me of misleading him.

Kate: [Scoffs] I accused you of misleading him? Because you have more phony IDS in that apartment than they do in the average frat house.

Jordan: If Rafe knew you'd broken into my place--

Kate: Yeah, but he won't, will he, detective? You know, and if Sami finally figured out what a complete phony you are, well, there it is, because I didn't tell her. She and I don't share those kind of confidences.

Jordan: Then why is she so angry with me?

Kate: You know, really, I-- the last person you need to be worrying about right now is Sami Brady. Because when I have the proof to finally expose all your lies, no one in this town is going to like you. Everyone is going to hate you, including Rafe. So given your imminent return to your transient ways, I really don't know why you'd even stick around for that.

Will: I can't believe Ari's still napping. She doesn't usually go down until the afternoon, but last night was a tough night.

Sonny: She kept waking up, calling for her mom.

Victor: I can't imagine how difficult this is going to be for the two of you. Well, actually I can. When Brady's mother died, he was hardly much older than Arianna is right now.

Will: But Gabi will still be able to call and write.

[Phone rings]

Victor: [Sighs]

Sonny: You know, we don't wanna keep you. It's okay if you have to go.

Victor: Well, listen, I hope things go as well as they can for Gabi today.

Will: Thank you. I really wish that Gabi hadn't asked us to stay here with Ari. I wanted to be there to support her in person.

Sonny: Gabi is way stronger than people think she is. She's gonna be okay.

Will: I hope so.

Gabi: If someone from nick's family doesn't like the plea deal, then I'll probably go to trial. I could get life.

Rafe: Gabi, don't go there.

EJ: That is a possibility.

Rafe: Do you know if any of the Horton's plan on showing up?

EJ: I know that we have contacted his parents and his grandmother, and they've elected not to come. But we just don't know whether another relative, hope, or Maggie could decide to weigh in.

Rafe: Which doesn't mean they will.

Gabi: EJ, if, um-- if everything goes as planned and I get sentenced today... will I be able to see my baby before I go to prison?

EJ: Righ--I think the judge will allow that. And if he doesn't, I'll fight it.

Gabi: Thank you. Thank you. I just--she means the world to me and I don't know how I'd be able to say good-bye.

Julie: How did this insane deal even come to be?

Hope: Well, the D.A., the mayor, and the governor were concerned about bad publicity. They don't want a trial dragging on.

Julie: Outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. It's as though nick's life wasn't worth anything at all. And he was a brilliant kid. He was sweet, he was kind, he was trying to find his way in the world--

Ben: And a maniac. The first time I saw the guy, he was attacking Abigail, his own cousin.

Julie: Yes, I know who Abigail is.

Ben: Well, no man should talk to a woman, or to anyone, the way he did.

Julie: Have I asked for your opinion?

Hope: Would you excuse us, please?

Ben: Sure. I'm sorry.

Julie: I suppose he expects a tip.

Hope: Julie.

Julie: What? The busboy? A virtual stranger thinks he's qualified to put in his 2? Oh, wow, God, everybody's ready to pour it on now that nick's dead.

Hope: Nick made a lot of people angry.

Julie: Why are you making excuses for everyone? Whose side are you on?

Hope: Julie, I am devastated that nick's dead. Can't you see that? But we can't pretend that Nick was innocent in all of this. I don't see how a long, drawn-out trial is gonna help anyone.

Julie: I disagree.

Hope: I've gotta get going. Gabi's due in court soon. I'm guessing I'll see you there.

Julie: Oh, you'll certainly see me there. I really don't care what anybody else thinks. I'm gonna make sure Nick gets the justice he deserves.

Brady: No, no, no, no. I need a shower, clear my head.

Theresa: Oh, you think that'll do the trick?

Brady: [Sighs] Yeah, it's gonna have to. Listen, I'm sorry. I cannot party like that every night like we did, okay?

Theresa: No, yeah. I understand. I-I don't really care what we do, as long as we're together.

Brady: Me too. I'm gonna go shower.

Theresa: [Clears throat] Don't use all the hot water, okay?

Brady: Right.

Theresa: No way he's ending his love affair with this.

[Knock at door]

Victor: Where's my grandson, you little tramp?

Jordan: Hey.

Ben: Hey. What can I get you?

Jordan: I'll have a tea.

Ben: What's wrong?

Jordan: Nothing. I'm just worried about Rafe. His sister's hearing is this morning.

Ben: So then why are you here and not there with him?

Jordan: Because, I'm not sure that he wants me there.

Sami: Have you heard anything yet?

Will: No, the hearing's supposed to start in a couple minutes.

Sonny: If the judge decides to let Gabi see Ari one more time, I should get everything packed up and ready to go before Ari wakes up.

Sami: That's a good idea. EJ is going to make sure that Gabi gets to see Ari. I mean, he worked miracles so that you and your brother and sisters could come see me when I was in jail. That visit, it made all the difference. It gave me hope.

Will: But you got out. And with Gabi, I mean, even if she gets the minimum sentence, that's ten years. Ari hasn't been away from Gabi for more than a day. And now, she's not gonna be able to raise her child.

Sami: Sweetheart, we will make sure that Arianna grace wants for nothing.

Will: How about Gabi? What if the judge doesn't accept the plea? She could go to prison for life. And that will kill her.

Rafe: Hope.

Hope: D.A. Jenkins is already inside. I'm sure the judge has had plenty of time to look over the agreement.

EJ: I haven't heard from the district attorney or the judge, so I have every reason to believe the plea deal will go ahead as planned.

Julie: Not if I have anything to do with it. You took nick's future away from him, so I am here to do the same to you.

Theresa: Brady's in the shower right now, and you may not remember, but we've met before and I even have a name. It's Theresa.

Victor: I know who you are.

Theresa: Okay...Victor. [Clears throat] Well, can I offer you anything while you wait? Some cereal?

Victor: How about some disinfectant?

Theresa: Have a seat.

Victor: I'll stand. I'm not much for small talk and I doubt that you have the capacity for it. Just get my grandson out here. Make it snappy.

Theresa: Didn't anyone ever teach you how to say please? This is my home, and you come in here and insult me and then you order me around.

Victor: You certainly have your mother's fire. Unfortunately, you've also inherited Kimberly's loose sexual mores.

Theresa: Excuse me?

Victor: I know what you're up to, you little gold digger.

Brady: Granddad, stop it! Stop it, now.

Hope: Julie, this isn't the time or the place.

Julie: You're right. You're right. I'll have my say when we all go into the courtroom. And when I'm finished, that judge will be convinced that this doe-eyed little guttersnipe does not deserve to get away with murder.

Rafe: Gabi is taking full responsibility for her actions, which is more than I can say Nick ever did.

Julie: You call this full responsibility?

Rafe: 10-20 years in prison isn't enough for you?

EJ: Please. Look, I really do not think that Julie and the rest of your family want nick's sins to be dredged through court.

Hope: I tried talking to her.

EJ: Nick told me he wanted to change. I happen to believe him. This is the last chance to do something noble in his name.

Julie: That's my point, precisely.

Gabi: Ten years away from my baby isn't enough punishment?

Julie: No.

Rafe: Well, think about how long Nick served for taking another man's life.

Julie: A despicable man.

Rafe: Exactly.

Julie: And Nick was not in his right mind then.

Rafe: Because he was on drugs?

Julie: But Gabi knew exactly what she was doing. Didn't you?

Rafe: Julie--

Julie: I want the whole world to know how much love was in nick's heart and how many people loved him.

Gabi: I know that.

Julie: Then you should understand that we want our justice and I'm going to make sure we get it.

Jordan: Rafe was so upset last night. And I tried to cheer him up, but he insisted that he wanted to be alone.

Ben: So you gave him space?

Jordan: Of course I did.

Ben: Do you think that's what he really needs?

Jordan: No, but--

Ben: Then do something about it. I mean, you love this guy, right?

Jordan: Yes.

Ben: Yeah, and he loves you too. So don't second-guess yourself. Aren't you sick of always living that way?

Jordan: You're right. I am sick of it. And I know you are too.

Ben: You and I finally have a chance at a normal life. As normal as it gets anyway. So don't blow it, okay?

Jordan: Okay. Thanks for the talk. You know what? I don't think I need that tea after all.

Ben: Good luck.

EJ: Gabi, a word, please.

Gabi: Oh, my God, EJ. Oh, my God, Julie's gonna do whatever it takes to make sure that that judge rejects the agreement.

EJ: Breathe.

Gabi: How can I do that? If we go to trial, then everything's gonna come out, not just what happened with Nick, but how I hired that psycho who kidnapped Melanie. I could go to prison for life if we're lucky.

The judge is ready for you.

EJ: Well, thank you.

Gabi: What?

Rafe: It's all right. Come on.

Hope: Julie. I hope you're thinking very carefully about what you're planning on doing.

Julie: I have, hope. We let Nick down when he was alive, but I'm not gonna let him down now.

[Phone vibrates]

Hope: I think you should answer that.

[Phone continues vibrating]

Will: Why haven't we heard anything? It should be done by now.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: There was probably a delay.

Will: Rafe, what's going on? Oh, okay, we'll get Arianna and we'll bring her over right now.

Sonny: What did he say?

Sami: Did the judge accept the plea?

Rafe: You okay?

Gabi: Thank you. You don't know how grateful I am.

Julie: Don't thank me, Gabi. Nick's parents, his grandmother, they're extraordinarily generous people. For some reason, they felt they had to call me and tell me they didn't want to see an extended trial. They didn't want to see nick's name dragged through the mud again by your unscrupulous attorney.

Gabi: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Julie: Sorry? It doesn't cut it. I know Nick was far from perfect, but he loved you. So I treated you like family because I thought you loved him. So now, I hope you serve every minute of your 20 years. And in that 20 years, perhaps you'll develop a modicum of empathy for what Nick went through.

EJ: Don't worry. With parole, it's not going to be anywhere near that long.

Gabi: Still feels like forever. The judge said I could see Arianna.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Your little girl's on her way.

Brady: [Sighs] Uh, you're out of shampoo.

Theresa: I am?

Brady: Yeah, would you be a doll and maybe go out and get some so I could finish up my shower?

Theresa: Sure.

Brady: Thanks. What the hell are you thinking?

Victor: I'm not the one with a tacky tattoo on my arm.

Brady: It'll wash off, granddad. What are you doing here?

Victor: You weren't returning my calls. I asked around, john said I could find you here.

Brady: You know, he had no right to tell you where I was.

Victor: Why not?

Brady: And why--

Victor: You have a right to ruin your life, but the people that love you don't have a right to care? You missed a whole day's work yesterday. And I suspect you're planning the same thing for today.

Brady: Hey, I always get the job done, you know that. Okay, I-I just had a rough day.

Victor: You wanna talk about a rough day? Talk to your friend Rafe. But you probably haven't even bothered to get in touch with him.

Brady: That's not true. I left him a message.

Victor: He's the only friend you've got you haven't pushed away. His sister is going to prison. You really think a message is sufficient?

Brady: Wha--what am I supposed to do? I mean, I don't know what I think I can do.

Victor: And what about Maggie, huh? Her nephew was murdered. You've barely been there for her.

Brady: I've had a lot on my plate.

Victor: Damn it, Brady, stop making excuses. If you don't get your act together soon--

Brady: What? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fire me?

Victor: I'll do more than fire you. I'll disown you.

Brady: Hey, how many times did you disown Philip? Granddad, why don't you just go?

Victor: I mean it, Brady. You better start making some changes right now or I'll kick you out on your drunken ass.

Gabi: Look, I know that I should call Mami, but I just-- I get--I can't talk to her right now, I just can't.

Rafe: I'll tell her.

Gabi: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Gabi: I remember when Arianna went to prison, Mami said, like, 200 hail Marys. I mean, she was so ashamed. And now?

Rafe: She's not ashamed of you. If anything, she should be ashamed of me.

Gabi: What? No.

Rafe: No, yeah. First I let Arianna down and now you.

Gabi: No, Rafe, you are not. You're not to blame for any of this. You're more than just a big brother. You're the only dad I've ever had. You've given up so many Friday night dates and overtime checks so that I could have a good life.

Rafe: Yeah, well... I never felt like I was ever giving anything up. No, you're-- you're way more important to me than any of that stuff.

Gabi: I'm gonna miss you so much.

Rafe: Me too.

[Door closes]

Gabi: Hi. Oh, my God. Nobody told us to expect it...

Ben: Hey, Mr. K. The Esmeralda special?

Victor: How did you know?

Ben: It's in the employee training manual. Sonny's uncle's favorite coffee. Make yourself comfortable wherever you'd like. I'll be right back with your drink.

Kate: Sorry, I didn't see you come in.

Victor: It would seem you have a little explaining to do.

Kate: [Scoffs] Beg your pardon.

Victor: I heard you were out of town on a romantic rendezvous with Stefano DiMera. Have you completely lost your mind?

Gabi: Ari, hey, hey. What's going on? I love you so much. Hey. And it's gonna be so hard for me to say good-bye to you. But look, I don't want you to miss me, okay? All right? Yeah?

Sonny: Gabi.

Gabi: You're gonna have two amazing daddies and you're gonna have a wonderful life.

Will: And you're going to be a part of it again...soon.

Gabi: Hey, you know, mommy had a good day today. And EJ says that--hey. That if I follow the rules, then I probably won't have to serve my full sentence, okay? And I know that I'm probably not gonna be able to tuck you in at night, honey... or help you with your homework... or teach you how to make Christmas tamales. But I'm gonna miss you every second that I'm away from you, okay?

Will: We're gonna talk to her about you every day. She's gonna know that her mother is a glamorous model.

Sonny: And a great friend.

Will: And we're gonna hold off on tamales until you can come back and show her yourself.

Gabi: You're gonna be so big. I'm not gonna recognize you. Aw, you probably won't recognize me.

Sonny: Oh, she'll recognize you 'cause we're gonna send you photos and videos and we're gonna come see you so much that you're gonna be sick of our faces.

Gabi: Never.

Will: You're gonna be a part of her life. Always.

Gabi: Hey, listen. Look, the thought of being together with you someday, that's what's gonna help me get through this, okay? I love you so much. You're my little angel. You're my miracle. I can't wait to have you in my arms again.

Sami: Thank you for what you did for Gabi. No one could have gotten her a better deal.

EJ: You know she almost didn't get that deal? Thank God that Julie Williams kept her bloody mouth shut.

Sami: She did? Well, that's rare.

EJ: Yeah, well, Gabi's lucky. If this had gone to trial, she would have got a much longer sentence.

Sami: Absolutely, and things would have come out that would have hurt all of us.

Jordan: Hi, uh, I'm looking for Rafe.

EJ: Oh, um, he's with Gabi.

[Inaudible chatter]

Jordan: Hi.

Rafe: Hi.

Jordan: I hope you don't mind that I came. I-I just thought you could use the support.

Rafe: Thanks.

Gabi: You know, I gotta go away soon. But you're gonna be surrounded by so many people who love you. And you know, some kids, they don't even have a daddy. But you've got two. How did you get so lucky? Can you promise me something?

Will: Sure.

Gabi: Can you leave the lullaby singing for sonny, please?

Will: Why?

Gabi: Well, because you get off-key.

Will: What?

Sonny: You do. Why do you think it takes you so long to get her to sleep? I appreciate that request.

Will: Since when are you so brutally honest?

Gabi: Well, I'd call it straightforward and I think it's because sonny's rubbing off on me.

Sonny: You think I'm straightforward?

Gabi: I think I'm finally realizing why we used to fight so much.

Sonny: Well, that and I can be downright annoying sometimes.

Gabi: No. You're not annoying. You're kind and generous. And I'm glad you made me face those things I didn't like. Thank you for that.

Sonny: Thank you for bringing this baby girl into my life. You're my family, Gabi... just as much as she is.

Gabi: Well, um... I know that we didn't, you know, work out--romantically that is-- but I believe that you were meant to be a part of my life. And not just because we brought this beautiful angel into the world, but because you've become my best friend. And we've gone through pretty much everything together. And I'm gonna miss you so much. I'm gonna miss all of you.

Will: Me too. Now don't go getting a new BFF because you're stuck with me.

Sonny: And me.

Will: Always.

[Door opens]

It's time.

Kate: How dare you spy on me.

Victor: I was keeping tabs on Stefano, not you.

Kate: Oh.

Victor: Surely you haven't fallen for him again.

Kate: I haven't fallen for anyone, all right? But even if I were to, it is none of your business.

Victor: No? You are my employee... in a very high-profile position, I might add. Canoodling with my biggest competitor is not good business. You best measure your next move very carefully. Might find yourself out of a job.

Theresa: Hey.

Brady: Hey.

Theresa: What happened to gramps?

Brady: Gramps left. He had to go.

Theresa: Hallelujah. Well, maybe I can join you for the rest of that shower, hmm?

Brady: I don't know. Actually, I gotta go. I gotta go to work. I do.

Theresa: Okay, yeah, I-I probably should too.

Brady: Yeah, but you know what, I was thinking before I go, I think we should do a hit.

Theresa: Hmm.

Brady: What do you think?

Theresa: Yeah, let's do it.

[Both clear throats]

Brady: Mmm, hello.

Sami: Hey. How are you holding up?

Will: Okay. 'Cause Gabi, um-- she's trying to be so brave.

Detective, she's ready for transfer.

EJ: Gabi.

Gabi: Thank you... both of you, for your support. Remember what you promised me.

Jordan: I won't forget.

Gabi: She's gonna take care of you. I didn't have to ask. Hey, listen, okay? Don't be, uh-- don't be sad for me. 'Cause, you know, I'm gonna take this time and I'm gonna use it to become a better person. Someone you can be proud of.

Rafe: I already am.

Gabi: Sweetheart, hi. It's good-bye for now, okay? But you have to know how much mommy loves you, okay? She loves you so much.

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