Days Transcript Tuesday 6/10/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/10/14


Episode #12354 ~ Eric asks Nicole to stop wearing the engagement ring; Marlena lays into Sami and Kate about Nick.

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Sami: Hey.

Kate: You text me to meet you, then you take forever to show up.

Sami: Okay, fine. I just need an update, okay?

Kate: Oh, like you gave me an update when I was away? I mean, will confesses, Gabi confesses, what about--

Sami: Yes, of course. I will give you an update on everything.

Kate: Well, I am up to speed, thanks to will, but--

Sami: And I know you went to visit Gabi because EJ told me.

Kate: [Sighs] Do you really think we should do this here?

Sami: No. No. Let's go.

Kate: Okay.

Hope: Oh, it's so good to see you. When did you get back?

Julie: A couple of hours ago.

Hope: How is Jessica and Marie doing?

Julie: They're still in shock, hope. Wouldn't you be? I mean, Nick was shot to death. And by the way, when were you planning on telling me that Gabi Hernandez murdered him?

Gabi: What's going on? I thought you said you'd be here tomorrow.

EJ: Well, I've just had a long working session with the district attorney's office, and we managed to hammer out a plea deal that hopefully we can present to the judge very soon.

Gabi: How long will I stay in prison?

Cole: Get away from me!

JJ: What the hell were you trying to do in there?

Cole: Nothing! Get your hands off me! Come on!

Paige: No, stop! Stop it! What are you guys doing? JJ, please! Ah!

JJ: Ow!

Paige: JJ. Oh, my God. JJ, it's over! Let it go!

Cole: [Groaning]

Eric: I'm sorry. I'm just having a hard time.

Jennifer: No, I know. I understand. Come on. Come on in.

Eric: I, uh... I spoke to Nicole. Then I saw Daniel.

Jennifer: How did that go?

Eric: If it hadn't been for you, I might not know anything at all. Now I know everything. And I just wanted to see you in person because I just--

Jennifer: You needed to know the truth. But I am sorry for everything, but mainly because Nicole broke your heart.

Nicole: Son of a bitch! I should have killed you when I had the chance!

Daniel: Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey.

Julie: Gabi, the woman he loved, who loved him, who was hoping the two of them would marry again--

Hope: Julie, stop. No. No, no, no, no, no. That was nick's fantasy. Gabi didn't want any part of that. Nick had a lot of us fooled about a lot of things.

Julie: Let's not blame Nick too much, shall we? He is dead. By the way, I want to see that girl.

Hope: No. Gabi? No. No, no, no, no. It's not a good idea.

Julie: I'm not asking your opinion. I am telling detective Brady I want to talk to Gabi Hernandez.

Sami: Well, I'm just glad that Gabi didn't say anything to the D.A. About what happened at the river.

Kate: Of course not, or we would already be in prison. No, Gabi told me she's staying mum. She promised me that.

Sami: Really? 'Cause she lied. She told my mother.

EJ: Now there are certainly a few more variables to consider, but I don't think I can get them to reduce the time to any more than that.

Gabi: Actually, I thought I'd be locked up forever.

EJ: Well, this may be the actual sentence, although there is always the possibility of parole.

Gabi: So... so should I take the deal?

Paige: No! No! Stop! Stop it! No!

JJ: Where you think you're going, loser?

Paige: Let him go! He's gone, okay? Let him go! It's over!

JJ: No, I know him. I can find him.

Paige: No, don't! We should call the police.

JJ: No!

Eric: Daniel gave these to me. He said that Liam put them back together after Nicole shredded them, and then he tried to use them to blackmail Nicole.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. This is why she didn't warn anyone about him.

Eric: It's pretty clear that I was Kristen's victim. Dr. Chyka manufactured three drugs for her to use.

Jennifer: Eric, you did nothing wrong.

Eric: For the longest time, I lost hope of being cleared. I just needed the evidence. Nicole...

Jennifer: She destroyed it. Eric...

Eric: I mean, how... how could she do that? I mean, she... she swore she loved me!

Nicole: Oh, you bastard! You ruined everything! You ruined my life! I hate you! I could kill you!

Daniel: It's okay. It's all right! Hey, hey!

Nicole: Let go of me!

Daniel: It's all right.

Nicole: [Crying] Let go!

Daniel: It's okay. Shh.

Nicole: You wrecked everything! I loved him! You don't care--

Daniel: Shh, it's okay. It's okay.

Nicole: [Crying] I loved...

Daniel: Shh, it's okay. It's okay.

Nicole: [Sobbing] Why? Just tell me. Why did you destroy my life? All I wanted was to be happy. [Crying]

Nicole: It's hard to believe.

Daniel: What is?

Nicole: That I felt guilty that I shot you and almost killed you. I hate you. Up until now, I never trusted anyone, not a soul. You made me trust you. I thought you were my friend, and look what you did. I let down my guard because I knew you cared and that you wouldn't hurt me. And look what you did.

Eric: You know, I wasn't the only victim. The church was a victim too-- the parishioners, the students, the public. I mean, just to look like a bad priest who broke his vows--

Jennifer: No, but now you can prove that's not what happened, Eric.

Eric: But the publicity caused the church a lot of pain. My only hope is to help restore its reputation along with mine.

Jennifer: Yes, and that's wonderful, but I have to ask you, if the evidence is strong enough, will you go back to the priesthood?

EJ: No, the plea deal is not your only option. Of course you can still go to trial.

Gabi: But that would take, like, forever, right? And if the jury felt like I had a good case, well, maybe they wouldn't even send me to prison?

EJ: It's possible, but the prosecution is going to work to collect as much information about you as they can. And that information to going to be presented to the jury.

Gabi: She wouldn't know about the night at the river, right?

EJ: No, she wouldn't, but she would likely find out about the man you hired to stalk you.

Gabi: Andrew?

EJ: Mm-hmm. That he kidnapped Melanie. Gabriella, if Chad and Melanie were subpoenaed, they could testify about what happened in the tunnels before the explosion.

Gabi: You mean they would blame me for the explosion?

EJ: Ah, you know, who knows what the jury will think? That's the risk you take. Look... this is a good deal. Take your time, read it, think about it. But know this: Until you sign and you accept this, the district attorney can change any part it or revoke the whole thing.

[Knocking at door]

Hope: Sorry to interrupt. Gabi has a visitor.

Gabi: Who is it?

Hope: Julie Williams.

EJ: Absolutely not.

Kate: God. How did Marlena ever even get involved in this?

Sami: Well, I guess hope wanted some sort of off-the-record psych eval, so my mom talked to Gabi.

Kate: Right.

Sami: I mean, I guess the good news is she can't say anything to anyone about it.

Kate: No, no, that doctor-patient thing.

Sami: Right.

Kate: Actually, though, I don't even think it means anything. I mean, Nick is dead now. Everyone knows who killed him, so--

Sami: Well, I know that, but--

Kate: What?

Sami: Yes, okay, my mom can't say anything to anyone.

Kate: What?

Sami: She still knows that we tried to cover up a murder.

Kate: Okay, look, yes, that is a problem, but--

Sami: Oh, God. Wish you could give hair

Sami: Mom.

Kate: Hi. It's so nice to see you. You know, actually, I was gonna call you to see how you were doing. [Laughs] Crazy weather we're having, isn't it?

Sami: For God's sake, mom, just cut it out with the high-and-mighty look. I can't take it.

Kate: You're gonna have to start looking for a new mother, because that look is her specialty.

Marlena: You have an interesting defense mechanism, Kate. You make jokes when things are really serious. So tell me, did pushing nick's body into the river amuse you?

Sami: No! And if Gabi told you what really happened that night, you'd know that it wasn't funny at all.

Kate: Okay. We did our very best to take care of Gabi in a very horrible situation.

Marlena: So she said.

Kate: Well, then what's your problem?

Marlena: My problem is you. My problem is, you don't do anything to help somebody else, so you must have had another motive. We'll get to that. My problem is, I believe you convinced that girl to do something completely stupid and unthinkable.

Sami: Wait a second. If you had been there, you might have done what we did.

Marlena: You mean I would have shown such poor judgment that I couldn't--

Kate: Whoa, hello! Hello. Who's the one who showed a video of her own son having sex with Kristen DiMera in front of the whole congregation? You want to see what poor judgment looks like? Look in the mirror.

Hope: This is your decision, Gabi.

EJ: Surely you know how inappropriate it would be to have Julie talk to my client?

Hope: I'll tell her.

EJ: Thank you.

Gabi: No, hope. Tell her to come in.

EJ: Gabriella...

Gabi: I want to see her.

EJ: I cannot recommend it.

Gabi: Can you please bring her in, hope? Julie must be in so much pain. Nick collapsed in her arms in the square that night. I can't-- I can't keep hiding from people I've hurt, people who loved Nick.

EJ: Yeah. One of the few.

Julie: I can't do this if he's in the room.

JJ: No, no cops.

Paige: JJ, you didn't do anything wrong.

JJ: I can't do that to my mom, okay? Not again. I can't do it.

Paige: Because of what happened before?

JJ: Cole and I go way back, all right, and all of it's bad. I don't want my family even knowing that I saw that guy. [Winces]

Paige: Okay, but we've at least got to get you to the hospital.

JJ: No, I'm fine.

Paige: No, you really hit your head when he pushed you down.

JJ: I'm good.

Paige: All right, well, then come with me, okay?

Daniel: Nicole, I have been a friend to you in every way, but that doesn't mean I'd refuse to do what was right, what had to be done. I gave you one chance after another to tell Eric, but you didn't, over and over again and you... you didn't. And what, for the life of me, I can't understand, right at the end, when you knew, you knew it would blow up in your face if you didn't tell him, and you... you still didn't. Why?

Nicole: I didn't get a chance to. Jennifer beat me to it.

Eric: Jennifer, I don't want to get ahead of myself. Returning to the priesthood, I mean, even if it's possible, it's just so much to absorb right now, and all I want to do is just--

Jennifer: Yeah, you just have to take it one day at a time.

Eric: Like, one hour at a time.

Jennifer: No, I understand.

Eric: I'm glad I know the truth... finally. And I will always be grateful that you made sure that I found out.

Jennifer: Eric, I just did what I felt I had to do. And I know that we've talked about all kinds of things, but you never said... what about you and Nicole? Get more free,

Marlena: How dare you bring up what happened with my son?

Kate: Well, if the shoe fits, then...

Sami: Kate does have a point, mom. I mean, you can't lecture us on poor judgment when you--

Marlena: Victor and I were trying to protect Brady from a terrible woman.

Kate: Well, Sami and I were trying to protect Gabi from a horrible man.

Marlena: Attempted murder, not the same as playing a videotape.

Sami: Actually, for the record, it was Kate's idea to drag the body down to the river.

Kate: What?

Sami: You're the one who made sure that I couldn't call the police, right?

Kate: Well, and actually, Sami, you're the one who pronounced Nick dead, now aren't you?

Sami: Well, you know full well I'm not a doctor.

Kate: Oh, my God. Well, as you can see, your daughter and I are in complete agreement.

Sami: Ha, right.

Marlena: I cannot believe what I'm hearing from you clowns.

Kate: What are you talking about? Is this news to you? Gabi just finished telling you about it.

Marlena: Would you excuse us, please?

Kate: Why?

Marlena: I'd like to speak to my daughter alone.

Kate: Oh, so Sami could throw me even further down the river?

Sami: Let's not talk about rivers, shall we?

Kate: All right, I'll tell you one thing, you leak one word of this, I am personally going to see to it that you not only lose your license but you never--

Marlena: Okay, Kate, you need to get a grip on yourself. Oh, my stars.

Sami: Go. And, mom, you don't even have to start with me because I know exactly what you're going to say.

Gabi: This is something I need to do. I'll be okay.

EJ: You will be in the room the entire time?

Hope: I will.

EJ: And this is off the record.

Hope: Yes, of course.

EJ: Okay.

Gabi: Julie, I know you must feel--

Julie: You don't know anything. You killed Nick. Don't you dare tell me what I feel.

Gabi: I know you've got to hate me. I don't blame you.

Eric: I can't answer that. I don't think I can answer any more questions about anything, least of all Nicole.

Jennifer: Yeah, I get it. It's just that she...

Eric: Telling me the truth wasn't easy for you either, was it?

Jennifer: Nicole has been really good to me, and we have worked really hard to be friends, but I know it's hard for Nicole to have friends because she doesn't trust, and when someone stands up to her or goes against her...

Eric: She feels attacked.

Jennifer: Yeah, and what I did was a direct attack.

Daniel: Yeah, I heard Jennifer told Eric the truth.

Nicole: Instead of letting me do it.

Daniel: Why is who said what important? Eric had to be told. It was inevitable, and I don't think eloping to Vegas was gonna change that. I would have tracked Eric down and told him myself.

Nicole: Would you?

Daniel: Yeah, Nicole, I made it very clear I don't know how many times-- you were to do it, or I would. You knew that.

Nicole: Maybe.

Daniel: Excuse me? No, no. There was no maybe about it.

Nicole: Jennifer certainly didn't think so.

Daniel: Jennifer didn't think I would tell Eric?

Nicole: Well, I guess she figured it was up to her. She knew I wouldn't tell him because, you know, I'm evil, obviously, and only think about myself, but she didn't think you'd do it either.

Daniel: No, I made it very clear it was going to happen.

Nicole: Well, obviously you weren't clear enough. I don't know, maybe she thinks you're a coward. Hey, you know what? It doesn't even matter anyway. It's over. I thought you were my friend, maybe the only true friend I've ever had, but you weren't. You know that whole thing about me wishing you were dead? You are dead to me, Daniel, both you and Jennifer. But I've got news for you, I'm not giving up. This isn't over. I am going to be happy.

EJ: So how was your business trip to Chicago--successful?

Kate: Well, mad world is breaking all records in market share and profits, so yes, it was successful.

EJ: Let's stop playing games, shall we, Kate? Your trip had nothing to do with your company. You went there to see my father.

Marlena: All right. What was I thinking?

Sami: Well, we were gonna talk about how I've screwed up again, right? And always when we talk about my screw-ups, we have to go back over the long, long list of things that I've screwed up in the past, right? So I don't know, do you want to start with Austin or Lucas? I don't know if we have that kind of time tonight, though, so maybe we should just skip ahead to Bernardi, and then you can--

Marlena: I wasn't gonna do that. I wasn't gonna go back.

Sami: Really? Not even to how stupid I was to get myself engaged to EJ?

Marlena: I wasn't gonna criticize you.

Sami: And yet you somehow always find a way, don't you?

Marlena: Listen to me. I wish you would think before you act. I wish you would stop being so impulsive.

Sami: Yeah, well, you know, maybe I should seek counsel, you know, find someone to help me, like a shrink, so they can really, you know, figure out what's wrong with me.

Marlena: No, no, no. I wasn't saying that.

Sami: You know, for the record, I do know. I do know the exact moment that my life got turned inside out.

Marlena: So it's still my fault?

Julie: I just got back from taking nick's body to his parents and his grandmother. Do you have any idea how that felt? No? Nothing to say? Do you have any concept of what you have done to their lives?

Gabi: I think that because I'm a mother, I have an idea of how much it must hurt.

Julie: Nick loved you. Don't forget, I was there in the hospital room when you went in to see his body, so I saw how much you cared, and-- I'm curious. Why? Why did you kill him?

Gabi: I don't know if I can explain it all. All I can say, Julie, is that I just-- I couldn't take it anymore.

Bev: So? How'd it go?

Cole: It didn't. She caught me opening her purse.

Bev: Well, why the hell did you do it when she could see you? You were supposed to spill the coffee and then get her to lea--

Cole: I did, okay? Give me a break. It just didn't work. Hey, but it will next time. And I don't get the other half of my cash till then, so I guarantee I'll make it happen, okay?

Bev: Oh, you guarantee? Hey, well, guess what. There's not gonna be a next time! Honest to God, Cole, you are such a loser!

JJ: Paige, I'm okay. You act like I need emergency surgery.

Paige: You do. Now let me find my scalpel. Would you just sit down and let me take care of you, please?

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, I just wanted to see you and just hold you.

Daniel: Oh, I missed you so much.

Jennifer: Oh, come on in.

Daniel: Ugh. God, one hell of a day, huh?

Jennifer: Yeah. I am so sorry I didn't get to warn you about talking to Eric. And I know that you understand why I did what I did, but still, it just--

Daniel: No, I think I figured it out. You realized I'd gone into emergency surgery, so I couldn't really, you know, take Nicole to see Eric and make her tell him the truth, so you just, you know, you decided to help me out, and you just went ahead and...

Jennifer: No, I didn't. I didn't know that you got called into the O.R.

Daniel: You didn't?

Jennifer: No. I heard you and Nicole arguing in the hallway and her constant evasions, so I went to see Eric.

Daniel: Wait, so you told Eric because...

Jennifer: Because I felt he needed to know the truth.

Eric: No, grandma. The party's been canceled. Why shouldn't you take the night off? Yeah, go enjoy yourself. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you too. [Sighs]

[Door opens]

EJ: So wait a second. What happened to your resolve to hate Stefano DiMera and to never let him back into your life?

Kate: Who says I have?

EJ: Well, okay, let's see who I believe--you or my eyes.

Kate: Aren't you and Sami back together again? And you wrote the book on on-again-off-again relationships. I mean, why would you be surprised if someone else could change?

EJ: So he is back in your life.

Kate: You know, Stefano and I were talking about you and Sami and your "relationship," and he's actually all for the wedding, although he does think you should postpone it. I don't think you should postpone it. I think you should cancel it.

EJ: Really?

Kate: Really. I think bringing Sami back into the DiMera household would be a really big mistake.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, mom, it's just that when I feel pressured, I lash out.

Marlena: I understand. I know that. You know that I have so many regrets about ways that I hurt my children when they were growing up.

Sami: But you always mean well. Well, almost always. I mean, even when you played that tape that hurt Eric, I know you were just trying to protect Brady, but doesn't that sound like what Kate and I were doing? We were trying to protect Gabi. She's Arianna's mother. We were trying to help will. You have to believe that.

Julie: What was it you couldn't you take? All the love he was offering you? All the dreams he had for you, your baby?

Gabi: Julie, I don't-- I don't expect you to understand.

Julie: The boy worshipped you.

Gabi: He worshipped an idea he had. I was pretending like things were okay or things were gonna be better. But he owned me, and every day he would tighten his grip on my life until I couldn't breathe.

Julie: Why didn't you just tell him to back off?

Gabi: Because that would have set him off, and who knows what he would have done? He was trying to take Arianna away from will and sonny. He took control of my life and Arianna's life.

Julie: So you murdered him?

Gabi: I'm so sorry. I know that what I did was wrong, and I know I can't change it, Julie. I'm sorry.

Julie: Yeah, well, you got that right.

Gabi: I know that you loved him, and I'm so very sorry, Julie.

Hope: Julie... it's time. Come on.

Julie: I hope you hate yourself... for the rest of your life.

[Door closes]

Daniel: I mean, Jenn, you probably already understand this, and, I mean, yeah, I was locked away in surgery. But I'd spent so much time trying to get Nicole to do the right thing, I was absolutely prepared to put her in front of Eric and make her tell him the truth.

Jennifer: Yeah. I know, you're-- you are so kind to everyone, and you are so understanding, but sometimes I just think I know Nicole a little bit better than you do. She never would have told Eric the truth, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, no, no, no, no. She would have had to.

Jennifer: No, Daniel. I mean it. I'm serious. From the minute she found that evidence to clear Eric's name, she's been lying, and she would have kept on lying. That's why I feel like I had no choice but to tell him.

Daniel: Okay, okay. Maybe you can think that, but--

Jennifer: No, Daniel, she twists things, and she-- she convinces people, and I know she would have tricked Eric to leave town and to marry her and to live some crazy life somewhere.

Daniel: Come on. Come on. I would have got ahold of him. I would have talked to him--

Jennifer: No, you wouldn't of been able to get ahold of him because she would have taken his phone. I guarantee you she would have kept him in the dark forever if possible. I really believe that, Daniel.

Daniel: No, Jennifer. She wouldn't have.

Nicole: Eric. There's still so much we need to talk about, and I-- I needed to see you.

Eric: We're not gonna have any long conversation about anything. I don't want to hear any more excuses. No more lies. No more anything. But there is one thing that needs to be said about that engagement ring you're still wearing. I don't want it back.

Nicole: Does that mean you--

Eric: No, I'll tell you what I want. I don't want to see that ring again. So please take it off your finger.

Julie: Well, did you believe a single word she said?

Hope: What I believe is that Nick didn't deserve to die. That's what I believe. Julie, Nick had a lot of emotional problems. And from what I dug up during the investigation, he was making life hell for a lot of people, including the people that cared about him.

Julie: So a lot of people wanted him dead. Well, no. No, it's wrong. I don't care what Nick did. He was sorry for it. He repented. He told me so. And he deserved to have a second chance. But Gabi saw to it that he didn't get one, so Gabi doesn't deserve to get one either.

EJ: So why the 180?

Kate: Look, just because I met with Stefano doesn't mean--

EJ: No, no, no, no, I'm talking about Samantha. I thought you two had found a way to get along, hmm? So what happened?

Kate: Well, Marlena happened. Gabi gave her the whole down-by-the-river story, and then Marlena confronted--

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Marlena knows what happened? How did she find out?

Kate: She did a psych profile for hope off the record. Of course she can't breathe a word of it, you know, the whole doctor-patient thing. It has to be confidential.

EJ: Right.

Kate: Anyway, Sami didn't like the fact that her mother was making her feel guilty, and she threw me under the bus. Of course Sami only cares about Sami, you know? And since you're still so determined to marry her, that's something you would do well to keep in mind.

Marlena: I wish you had come to me with this.

Sami: Seriously? How am I supposed to come to you for anything, I mean, when you so clearly judge me and condemn me? [Sniffling] Oh, God. She can't say anything to anyone.

JJ: [Winces]

Paige: Does it hurt?

JJ: No, nurse, I think I'm good to go.

Paige: What if I don't want you to go?

JJ: Well, then I'll stay.

Bev: Cole, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called you a loser.

Cole: Just got out of jail. It kind of fits.

Bev: Look, what you did didn't point to me. Plus, stupid Paige had no idea what you were doing.

Cole: She thought I was trying to steal her phone or something.

Bev: Right, which means I can still take another shot. There's got to be a way to make sure those two break up.

Daniel: Jenn, I meant what I said. Nicole would have had one last chance to tell Eric everything, and I was gonna be right there. Either Nicole had to say what had to be said, or I would tell Eric myself. You do believe me, don't you?

Eric: Nicole.

Nicole: I heard you. I know what you want, but I won't do it. I'm not taking this ring off, ever.

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