Days Transcript Monday 6/2/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/2/14


Episode #12350 ~ The truth about Nick's murder comes out, changing several lives forever; Eric confronts Nicole about her deception.

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[Both grunt]

Jordan: Hol--hold on.

Rafe: I'm over here.

Jordan: I know. I'm just gonna put it on vibrate.

Rafe: Nope, not even gonna touch that.

[Both laugh]

Jordan: Oh, we are so cut off from the rest of the world.

Rafe: Yeah, we are. Mm-hmm. I'm off duty. You're off duty. So why don't we just let the rest of the world take care of itself, okay?

Hope: Did you sign it yet?

Gabi: Don't.

Will: I keep trying.

Gabi: Just don't, please.

Will: My mind's made up.

Gabi: Okay, will, just stop, okay?

Will: Not you. Don't.

Gabi: Look, I know that you didn't kill nick... because I did.

Jenkins: All right, would somebody like to tell me what is going on here?

Gabi: Ah--

EJ: Don't say a word, okay?

Eric: Jennifer--

Jennifer: Don't say anything. Just listen to me.

Nicole: Hi, honey. Uh, there's been a change of plans. We have to leave town now. I booked an earlier flight, so I'll explain in the car. Eric? Are you done? What's going on? Did you get a call from Daniel just now?

Eric: No one called.

Nicole: Well, then why are you so upset? Can you explain in the car? We have to go. Eric.

Nicole: Why aren't you moving? It isn't a big deal, is it? You're already packed. Are you ready?

Eric: What about Daniel?

Nicole: What about him?

Eric: You said he's been acting a little crazy.

Nicole: He has.

Eric: Maybe we should help him.

Nicole: We can't help, honey. We have to go.

Eric: No, we can't run away from a friend who's in trouble, no matter what he's done.

Nicole: Well, Daniel has plenty of help here. And since we're part of the problem...

Eric: Well, then why don't we go see Jennifer and tell her what's going on?

Nicole: That's a bad idea, a really bad idea.

Eric: Really? Why?

Nicole: Well, because it's-- it's none of our business. Let Daniel figure things out with Jennifer when we're gone, okay? Come on.

Eric: Nicole... we're not going anywhere.

EJ: I will be representing miss Hernandez, and she will not be making a statement at this time.

Jenkins: Statement? I heard Sami Brady's son was about to sign a confession.

EJ: Mr. Horton is innocent.

Hope: I gave the report to the assistant D.A. Our evidence points to another suspect.

Jenkins: Is that this young woman?

EJ: Miss Hernandez has nothing to say at this time.

Gabi: I want to confess.

EJ: Gabi--

Sonny: Don't, don't. Just listen to EJ.

Jenkins: So I have two people trying to confess to this crime.

EJ: Nobody is getting railroaded here.

Gabi: But the point is that I--

EJ: Gabriella... please. Hope, I would like to see this alleged proof.

Hope: As soon as we have it.

EJ: Okay. In the meantime, I'd like some time with my client, please.

Jenkins: 20 minutes.

Hope: Gabi, I'm calling Rafe. He'd want to know about this.

Lucas: Come on. Come on, will, let's go.

Gabi: Will, listen... I would've never let you go to prison for me.

Will: Listen to EJ. Let him help you. This isn't black and white.

Sami: Come on. Let's just go.

EJ: Well... [Sighs] Let's see what we can do to get you out of here, shall we?

Nicole: You are such a good person. You want to help the whole world.

Eric: You say Daniel is in love with you... and that he's keeping it a secret--the secret that could change everyone's lives. He's not telling Jennifer, who is the most affected by it, and you're okay with it? You would let it go?

Nicole: Daniel is the one who needs to tell Jennifer, not us. That is between them. Honey, our plane leaves in an hour. We're barely gonna make it.

Eric: No, no, no, it just doesn't feel right.

Nicole: Well... [Scoffs] Confronting Daniel and telling Jennifer is only gonna make things worse. Can you just trust me on this?

Eric: That's what I've been doing every minute from the moment I left the priesthood... until now, ever since you've been trying to push this trip.

Nicole: You wanted to elope too.

Eric: Well, I wanted a lot of things... a lot of things that I won't have now.

Nicole: Okay, Eric, I-I don't know what--I don't understand. What--

Eric: I know.

Nicole: You-- okay, you lost me.

Eric: That's right. I have lost you. How could you do this? How?

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Wha--what?

Jordan: Nothing. I just--I-I remember when you couldn't even unbutton one button.

Rafe: Oh.

Jordan: Progress.

Rafe: That is so cool that all your memories of me are lame and of me being lame.

Jordan: No! That's not true.

Rafe: Yes. Oh, really?

Jordan: [Laughs] No.

Rafe: Not anymore?

Jordan: Not ever. No, you can fly through buttons with your eyes closed now.

Rafe: Well, because I had a lot of practice... mentally undressing you.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Rafe: It was very therapeutic for me. What? It was.

Jordan: I am so glad that I'm here.

Rafe: Yeah. Me too.

Jordan: [Laughs] No, no, I mean here here. I mean, do you know how close I was to deleting that message? I got a call from Kayla Brady, and I was thinking, "ah, it's too far north," you know? "Why bother with Salem?"

Rafe: Well, you've got an answer for that question now, don't you?

Jordan: Definitely.

Rafe: Yeah. Uh... I still need practice.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Rafe: Practice makes perfect.

Will: Where's the baby? Where is she?

Lucas: Hope said the social worker's gonna bring her in soon--don't worry about it.

Sami: I still don't understand that. How could hope not call someone in the family? You could throw a rock at all the people who'd want to take care of the child.

Lucas: She's got to follow procedure. She has no choice.

Will: Gabi had to hand the baby over before she turned herself in. That must've been so hard.

Sonny: I still can't believe that--that Gabi killed nick.

Sami: Well, I can't believe you were willing to go to prison for her.

Will: Sonny, she didn't even know where the gun was. How--how could she--

Sami: Wait. Are you saying that you don't think that Gabi did it?

Lucas: Wait, wait. If you don't think Gabi was the shooter, who the hell were you covering for?

Sonny: He thought he was protecting me.

Gabi: EJ, I'm guilty, and I just want to get this over with.

EJ: And hour ago, William was saying the exact same thing. He was two minutes away from signing this statement that would've ruined his entire life.

Gabi: Well, because he was lying. EJ, look at me. I shot nick.

EJ: Okay. Even if that is true, okay, you don't just lie down and let someone like D.A. Jenkins roll over you and lock you away for the rest of your life. You have to do something about it--you fight it. So let me help you.

Gabi: Okay.

EJ: Good. What exactly did you tell hope?

Gabi: That I killed nick.

EJ: Did you give her any details?

Gabi: Not really.

EJ: [Sighs] Okay. Let's see, we have a woman traumatized by Nicholas Fallon. She decides to confront him. Maybe she wants him dead, but she didn't necessarily kill him.

Gabi: I don't want to lie.

EJ: Look, Gabriella, you have to understand, you can beat this. There are people who'd be willing to line up around the block to testify against nick for what he did. And the evidence that the police have--

Gabi: And then what?

EJ: We can attack it.

Gabi: And then someone else gets blamed?

EJ: Crimes go unsolved every day.

Gabi: Well, not this one... because I killed nick. I wanted him dead. I shot him three times. I killed him. It's that simple.

Sami: So did we all learn a lesson here today?

Lucas: Come on, give him a break.

Sami: Like let's not confess to crimes that we didn't commit? Come on, sonny, admit it. You thought will had pulled the trigger, didn't you?

Sonny: I knew he was mad enough. I know I didn't do it. Did you honestly think I'd let you take the blame for me?

Will: I'd hoped so.

Sami: Again, we've all learned a valuable lesson.

Sonny: We have. I have the bravest husband around.

EJ: Gabi, think about your daughter.

Gabi: Siempre.

EJ: Gabriella... [Snaps fingers] You need to focus.

Gabi: I did this... for my daughter. And now every time I hold her... I can only see that gun. I thought--I thought I could live with this, but I can't. I can't.

EJ: You say you did this for your daughter.

Gabi: Nick was trying to take Arianna away from the people who love her. And I couldn't let that happen.

Hope: Will? You've been cleared. The D.A. says you can go.

Will: How's Gabi? I don't want to leave her.

Hope: The social worker has Arianna outside.

Sami: Oh, you should go. Will, don't worry about it. I'll call you if Gabi needs you, I promise.

Sonny: Let's get Ari home. Come on.

Lucas: Yeah, come on, son, let's go.

Will: I'm sorry for your loss.

Hope: I watched Gabi say good-bye to Arianna. It looked so familiar.

Sami: Hey, hope, you are back with Ciara now.

Hope: Do you know how long it's going to be before Gabi can say that?

EJ: That's mitigation. Nick threatened your daughter and you.

Gabi: He just--he wouldn't let me go. And--and I couldn't stand up to him, because with one word, he could send me to prison. He owned me... and my little girl.

EJ: See? [Snaps fingers] We can use that.

Gabi: No, not--not without putting everyone who helped me in prison too-- Kate, Sami, maybe even will and sonny. What, you think that I didn't think that through? No, I looked for every possible angle. He had me... until I got him. And the only way he doesn't win is if I go down alone. I should go to prison. I should. I picked up a gun, and I shot an unarmed man. I did that. I should go to prison because I killed him. I did. I shot--I-I should go to--

EJ: Shh.

Gabi: I should go to jail.

EJ: Shh. Look, if you are really determined to confess--

Gabi: I have to.

EJ: If you are, then let me use your confession to get you the best plea deal possible. Do you trust me with that?

Sami: Have you spoken to Rafe yet?

Hope: It's going straight to voice mail. I keep leaving messages that it's urgent.

Sami: But you're not saying anything.

Hope: No. Sami, it's not the kind of news you leave in a message.

Sami: Hope, this is gonna kill him.

Eric: Nicole, you want to deny what we both know?

Nicole: I-I don't understand what you're talking about. I don't know.

Eric: Daniel isn't in love with you. He's nothing but a friend. That's all.

Nicole: That's not true.

Eric: But you just want to trash him so I won't believe what he wants to tell me?

Nicole: I was just warning you that he's not making any sense.

Eric: I know, so stop lying!

Nicole: Wait. Who's lying here? You said you didn't talk to Daniel, yet you're coming up with this elaborate story.

Eric: He didn't call!

Nicole: Well, if he didn't call, then who is filling your head with this nonsense?

Jennifer: Still voice mail. He must be in surgery. No, I need to talk to him in person.

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: Marlena. Hi. JJ told me that you stopped by earlier. Come on in.

Marlena: Yes, thank you. I'd like to talk to you about Eric.

Jennifer: Have you seen him today?

Eric: Jennifer came to your hotel room today.

Nicole: No. No, she didn't.

Eric: She didn't come in. She heard you and Daniel arguing.

Nicole: That's not possible. Look, whatever she said--

Eric: Everything. She told me everything. Now I'm giving you a chance, Nicole. I want to hear it from you.

Gabi: [Sighs]

EJ: You ready? So, listen, the state has agreed not to file your statement until the plea deal is in place.

Jenkins: We're taking the statement of Gabriella Hernandez in the shooting death of nick Fallon. Please start at the beginning.

[Knock at door]

Lucas: Hope.

Sami: Oh.

Lucas: Hey, where's hope?

Sami: Hey. Um, she and the D.A. Are taking Gabi's confession. Anyway, the point is, how's the baby?

Lucas: She's chattering... a lot. She's playing with that toy camera my mom got her. So, every time you push the button, it makes that noise, and she--

Sami: I'm just grateful that thing doesn't take real pictures.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I know. This is the last day we want her to remember.

Sami: But you know she will, right? It's the day that Arianna's mother was taken away from her.

Gabi: Nick was determined to be part of my life. He said he loved me and that things would be different. But the truth is he still wanted to control my life.

Jenkins: How did you know that?

Gabi: Well, because I heard him talking to sonny about me.

Sonny: Will loves his daughter, and he loves Gabi, and when she figures out what--

Nick: What, she'll decide that it's better to be in prison than to be with me? Gabi knows that if she turns her back on me, that's where she's headed.

Jenkins: So how could nick Fallon send you to prison?

EJ: I'm advising my client to stop and--

Gabi: Because in 2012... I hired a man to stalk me... to try and get the attention of Chad DiMera... because I thought that I was in love with him. But he loved Melanie Jonas. And so that man that I hired... kidnapped Melanie 'cause he thought he was helping me.

Hope: You hired Andrew?

Gabi: And nick knew that. And so he used that information to get me to do whatever he wanted... to take me and my little girl away from everyone we loved. He wasn't gonna let go. I didn't want my daughter to be around that.

Rafe: That's the best day off I've had in a year.

[Both laugh]

Jordan: We should definitely coordinate our schedules for the next month.

Rafe: Or year.

Jordan: Or year.

Rafe: Or for the rest of our-- okay.

Jordan: What?

Rafe: No, I should have known better with a known flight risk.

Jordan: Hey. I'm right here.

Rafe: For now.

Jordan: Well, that's all we ever have.

Rafe: Wow. That is deep.

Jordan: Oh...

Rafe: That is so deep.

Jordan: Oh, stop. Okay, come on, Rafe. I-I suck at this.

Rafe: I never said that.

Jordan: Okay, I'm trying, okay? It's just... it's new.

Rafe: I know. Trust me, you are gonna get much better at it... especially when you realize that I am not going anywhere. I'm here.

Jordan: Mm.

Rafe: Right here. Right here.

Jordan: Mm.

Jennifer: How did Eric seem to you?

Marlena: Happy... really, really happy. I guess a mother can't ask for more than that. You know, when he was leaving, he said the strangest thing. Maybe you could help me figure it out.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'll try.

Marlena: He said that I should watch out for you. That you would need that. What does that mean?

Eric: I know that look. I can see those wheels turning. "What does he know? How can I still get away with it? How can I spin it?"

Nicole: I-I don't know what--

Eric: No, I know this can be complicated, so why don't we just stick to the basics? You had proof that Kristen drugged me. You had hard evidence in your hand that could clear my name, and I could still be a priest. But you destroyed it. That's what happened, isn't it? Isn't it?

Nicole: Yes.

Eric: [Sighs]

Nicole: Eric, it's... it's true. But it's not the only true thing. Look, you--even you said it's complicated. I didn't set out to lie to you. I didn't set out to--to hurt you. It's not how it happened.

Eric: Then you tell me how it happened.

Jennifer: Uh... Eric and I have become friends.

Marlena: I know that. He talked about the ordeal with Liam.

Jennifer: Mm. Of course there's nick's death.

Jennifer: And that is so Eric. He is thoughtful to the core. He's a generous man. You must be very proud of him.

Marlena: Although I had nothing to do with it.

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Marlena: He's always been like that. And then when something would happen, if somebody would say something or hurt his feelings... he's always been a joyous presence. I'm gonna miss that.

Jennifer: Maybe not. I have a feeling that Eric may not be leaving town after all.

Nicole: I... I searched for the evidence... because I couldn't let it go. I wanted to help you. That's why we went after Chyka. And when he escaped and destroyed the recording, we thought we had nothing, but then there were papers in the safe. And when I found the proof, I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get back to Salem and tell you. Do you remember that day?

Eric: But you never told me.

Nicole: I--but do you remember the day I came back? I was looking for you. I wanted to tell you something important, but you kept interrupting me because you had news to tell me. You made a choice. You wanted me. You didn't want to go back to the church. Do you remember how sure you were? After weeks and... weeks of agony... you were finally happy. Do you remember how you sounded, how it felt?

Eric: Of course.

Nicole: I couldn't take that away from you... or us. I know you think that I can't say it, but... I didn't want to lose you. I couldn't let you go.

Jenkins: According to Mr. Horton's confession, he's the only one who knew where the murder weapon was hidden.

Gabi: Well, he and sonny didn't know that I was in my room. I'd forgotten my wallet, and I-I came back for it, and I heard them talking, and it sounded intense, so I didn't want to interrupt. I was gonna go out the back way. But--but then I heard something fall.


Will: What the hell? You were going to shoot nick, weren't you?

Sonny: Yes.

Will: [Chuckles] I can't believe you're willing to kill somebody for me. But you know that it's not right.

Sonny: I do.


Sonny: It's out of here first thing tomorrow.

Gabi: As soon as they were gone, my--my phone rang. I had a court date... for a custody hearing I didn't even want. Nick had pushed it along. He wanted my baby and me away from will. And he wasn't gonna stop until he made it happen.

Marlena: Why would you say that? When I spoke to Eric, he said that he and Nicole were on a plane tonight and that they--

[Cell phone rings]

Marlena: Sorry. Excuse me. I'm so sorry. Oh, um, I've got to go.

Jennifer: Okay.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: No.

Marlena: I will--I will check on you later, hmm?

Jennifer: I'll be all right. Will you just give Eric my best when you speak to him?

Marlena: Sure. Of course I will.

Nicole: I just thought... "this is a moment. Let me have this moment, and then I'll tell him." And I did. I tried. I tried to tell you. But we were just getting closer and closer, and you kept choosing our life, and we were getting married, and we made love, and I just kept thinking, "wow. He's--he's here. This is what he wants. I am what he wants."

Eric: So what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me.

Nicole: It just kept getting harder and harder. And I destroyed the evidence.

Eric: Then how did Daniel know?

Nicole: After I destroyed the evidence... Liam found it.

Eric: Liam? What does Liam have to do with this?

Nicole: He was blackmailing me to keep me quiet about whatever he was doing. He took the evidence to smith island, and after he died, Daniel found it.

Eric: So... so this whole mess... Jennifer almost died. Daniel was shot.

Nicole: I tried to do everything I could after I realized what was happening.

Eric: Nicole, you put peoples' lives at risk to protect your lie.

Jordan: Here, I need the practice.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Rafe: What?

Jordan: Thank you.

Rafe: For?

Jordan: For changing my life.

Will: Daddy's so glad he's here. I can't stop looking at you. No, I can't. I won't stop. I promise you that, sweetheart.

[Arianna babbles]

Will: Yeah. Daddy's not going anywhere. Neither is sonny. You'll understand. We'll do whatever we can to fill in the blanks for you. We promise you, baby girl. We promise.

Gabi: Next, I got a message from nick... saying to meet him at the park, that he had great news. That's what he called taking us away from everyone we loved-- "great news."

Hope: Why didn't you just say no?

Gabi: Hope, because the last time that happened... before he moved to new York... it got physical. And I was scared. What was I gonna do--go to the police? I already knew how he was gonna handle that. Nick did not know how to take "no" for an answer. So I got the gun out of the closet and loaded it. I found the silencer there with it, so I put that on. Then I stuck it inside the diaper bag. I just--I knew what I had to do. So I went to the park, and I saw him there. He was on the phone, and he didn't see me. I went to a path right behind him... and I fired my first shot. And it hit him. And he turned around, and he looked at me. He was so surprised. And so the gun fired two more shots. And it was so quiet. It was so quiet. And then I-- I got to the square. There were so many people, and I just couldn't get away fast enough, and he followed me. [Crying] With three--with three bullets inside of him, he followed me there, because he wouldn't stop... okay? He wouldn't leave me alone.

Jenkins: Okay, where was the gun then?

Gabi: I put it in the bag. I was gonna put it back in the closet.

Jenkins: So you were still thinking clearly enough to try and cover up your tracks.

Gabi: I thought that if I just put it back, if I just put it back in the closet, then it would be like if it just never happened and I could just forget, but I couldn't, because I knew. And I s--I see him every day and every night. I see him. And sometimes--sometimes-- sometimes I remember how he used to look at me and think that I was the most important thing in the world. And sometimes I see how he looked at me the last time... so, so surprised... like he didn't know what he'd become to me... like he wanted another chance. Yeah. I took that--I took that away from him.

Will: Ari's asleep. What did they say?

Sonny: They have to process Gabi. So we're not gonna be able to see her for a while.

Will: But as soon as we can--

Sonny: Oh, absolutely, of course.

Will: [Sighs]

Sonny: Will, what--what just happened with us?

Will: I know.

Sonny: Never again, ever.

Will: No. Never, especially now. Arianna needs us. I can't do it alone.

Sonny: You won't. And from now on, you have to tell me everything and anything. Ask me anything.

Will: You too, anytime, always.

Sonny: Yeah. Starting right now. Will Horton, you've got to be the most romantic idiot that I've ever met. Did you honestly think I'd let you go to prison for me?

Jenkins: Gabriella Hernandez, just to be clear, you are voluntarily stating that on may 12, 2014, you met nick Fallon in the park and shot him three times, resulting in his death.

Gabi: I am.

Rafe: So this is gonna be like a commando raid. We grab the food, we run, we're out of there in 15 minutes tops, okay?

Sami: Rafe. Rafe! There you are. Rafe.

Rafe: What?

Sami: Why haven't you been answering your phone?

Rafe: 'Cause it was off. Why?

Sami: You--you still don't know about Gabi.

Rafe: What--what happened?

Sami: Oh, God, Rafe, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Rafe: What? Sami.

Jenkins: Sit tight. We'll have this transcribed for your signature right away.

EJ: Along with the terms and conditions of the plea deal.

Jenkins: Of course. I'll need your report too. Good work, detective. You know, next time, Mr. DiMera, if there's any justice, you'll be the one sitting in that chair confessing.

EJ: Hope, I trust you won't let miss Jenkins's deep respect for me cloud her judgment. Everything here is dependent on the plea.

Hope: On the plea deal, yes, I know.

Gabi: Hope... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know nick had good in him. I just wish things would've happened differently. I'm sorry.

Hope: It could've been different. Nick didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve to die.

EJ: Is there anything I can get for you, anything at all?

Gabi: Yes. I want to hold my baby, please. [Sobbing] I want to hold her in my arms, and I never want to let go. But I know that that's not in the plea deal that you made. I'm going to prison... and I'm never gonna see my daughter again. [Sobbing]

Jennifer: Excuse me. Is Dr. Jonas still in surgery?

Yes, ma'am. I was told they'll be in there for another three hours. Do you want to leave a message?

Jennifer: No, that's okay.

Nicole: Eric, I wasn't protecting a lie.

Eric: Nicole, people could have died!

Nicole: I tried to stop it. I... I never meant for any of this to happen, Eric. All I wanted to do was to love you!

Eric: What you did... what you did to me had nothing to do with love.

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