Days Transcript Friday 5/30/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/30/14


Episode #12349 ~ A shocking twist in Nick's case; Sonny fears he will lose Will; Nicole desperately tries to save things with Eric.

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JJ: Pretty crazy news about Eric Brady, huh?

Jennifer: What do you mean?

JJ: Well, the guy's eloping today with Nicole.

Jennifer: What?

JJ: You didn't know either? Daniel looked pretty freaked out too.

Jennifer: That must be why he resigned from his job.

JJ: He quit his job? Isn't eloping, like, a weekend in Vegas or maybe even a couple of weeks? Unless they're not coming back.

Jennifer: I mean, that's how it felt. When Eric said that he wanted to quit his job, it was so strange. It's--but maybe that's it. Maybe he was really saying good-bye.

Marlena: Oh. I thought that was you.

Eric: [Sighs]

Marlena: You look...

Eric: Happy?

Marlena: Well, you look preoccupied, like you have a lot on your mind.

Eric: I do.

Marlena: I'll leave you to it.

Eric: No, mom, wait. I'm glad you passed by. It's not an accident.

Marlena: Oh, God's plan?

Eric: Well, I was gonna tell you later, but I'm happy to tell you in person. Mom, everything's about to change.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Ah, what perfect timing. I'm all ready. Oh, my God. What the hell are you doing here, Daniel? We have talked this to death. We are done.

[Door slams]

Nicole: We have nothing left to say to each other.

Daniel: Oh, the hell we don't.

Gabi: Okay, sweetie, you ready to go? Yeah?

[Knock at door]

Gabi: Okay. Oh.

Hope: May I come in?

Gabi: Will and sonny are out.

Hope: It's not a visit. I'm here on police business.

Lucas: Um, where's hope? She just called me.

Abe: She had to leave.

Lucas: What's going on? Sonny, what you doing here? What?

Sonny: It's will.

Will: We might as well stop arguing, mom. I said everything that's on that piece of paper. The police know it and so does the D.A.'S office, so no amount of your maneuvering or your power can stop this. It's done.

Sami: The hell it is.

EJ: Samantha. Don't do this. We can fight this, William. They don't have a case without your confession. Even if they press charges, we can beat it--not if you sign this. If you sign this, I can't help you. It's over.

Gabi: Come in. Come in.

Hope: Were you on your way out?

Gabi: Uh, well, we were just going to the park. It's a beautiful day.

Hope: I didn't even notice.

Gabi: So, um, you said you were here on police business?

Hope: Yeah. Gabi, I'm sorry to have to tell you this. Will just confessed to killing nick.

Will: I understand.

Sami: Then why?

EJ: William, let's fight this, hmm? I'll give you my resources. I'll give you my time.

Will: I don't want a long trial or a lot of legal tricks. For once in my life, I want to step up and take responsibility.

Sami: You do that all the time.

EJ: You want to step up? You want to take responsibility? Then stay free, because you have a lot of people who count on you.

Sami: He's right. You think about those people. You think about your daughter and your husband.

EJ: William, there are reasons for what happened, and those reasons are important. Nick Fallon drove you to this. He threatened a lot of people.

Sami: And EJ can play that up in court. Other people wanted nick dead, a lot of other people.

Hope: You don't seem surprised.

Gabi: Well, uh, sonny told me earlier.

Hope: And you were going to go to the park?

Gabi: Well, the baby doesn't know what's happening, and she needs sunshine and fresh air.

Hope: Yeah, that's true. I'll try to make this as quick as possible, then. I just need to confirm a few things from will's statement.

Marlena: You know, when I saw you just now, it--it seemed like old times... when you were a priest. Anyway, you said that things were about to change. What is it--

Eric: Mom, I'm not going back to the priesthood. You really thought-- I told you--

Marlena: I know that you're, uh, going to marry Nicole. No, I... I accept that.

Eric: But that's all.

Marlena: I want you happy. And if marrying Nicole makes you happy, then you have my blessing.

Eric: Can you just look at me and say that?

Marlena: Every day.

Eric: I haven't told dad and Sami yet, so I hope that I can trust you to keep this between us?

Marlena: Yes, of course.

Eric: Nicole and I are eloping... today.

Daniel: Where's Eric?

Nicole: I don't know.

Daniel: No? You never did explain, Nicole. Why? Why are you and Eric leaving Salem?

Nicole: Well, not that it's any of your business, but we have some things to figure out.

Daniel: Yeah? Couldn't figure it out here?

Nicole: We just want to be somewhere where it's quiet.

Daniel: Oh. Not the Vegas strip. That's right--I know. You're going to Vegas to elope. At least you thought you were, but that ends right here.

Gabi: How, uh--how is will?

Hope: Determined to sign his confession.

Gabi: Oh, but he hasn't yet?

Hope: No.

Gabi: Uh, d-did he call someone? Does he have a lawyer?

Hope: EJ's with him... along with Sami.

Gabi: So EJ is representing him?

Hope: I don't know. Will says he doesn't want a lawyer. EJ's trying to convince him to slow down. Gabi, once he signs that piece of paper, there's nothing anyone can do for him.

EJ: If you sign this, you're throwing away your life, period.

Will: Better my life than somebody else's.

Sami: What?

Will: The only reason it even got this far is because I never stood up before. When nick blackmailed me for shooting EJ... I let it happen, just like I let dad take the punishment for what I'd done.

Sami: No, you were just a kid.

EJ: This is not the right time to bring that up. At this late date, it wouldn't serve any purpose.

Will: Hope arrested dad for the shooting because he had a criminal record, a record that should've been mine. My dad... has suffered long enough.

Lucas: All right, sonny, it's just you and me now. Do you believe that will did this?

Sonny: I can't. There's no--he's been so upbeat lately. We just had Ari's first birthday yesterday, and I keep thinking I would know it. Will's got the worst poker face in history--you know that. He's a lousy liar. If he had done it...

Lucas: Yeah, you'd know. You'd know just like I would.

EJ: William, you cannot say a word about the old shooting, not now. It's pointless.

[Door opens]

Abe: Will? Your father's here.

Will: I don't want to see him. In fact, I want everyone out.

Sami: Like hell.

Will: I have that right, don't I?

Abe: Yes. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: Hey, William... remember what I said.

Sami: What we were talking about before, what your father did for you all those years ago... he is prouder of that moment than anything else he has done in his entire life. He wanted to make that sacrifice. You really want to take that away from him? Will, you see him. You talk to him before you do anything else. You owe your father that.

Jennifer: Is that all Nicole said?

JJ: That's all I heard. Something about this is bugging you.

Jennifer: Because Nicole is my friend... and I'm close with Eric. I mean, we--we work together. And they're both close with Daniel, so I don't understand why they didn't tell us that they were eloping. Are you sure that Daniel didn't know?

JJ: Yeah, I'm positive. And he looked more upset than you.

Nicole: Where the hell do you get off?

Daniel: Oh, you're sick of lying? Want to bully your way out now? You didn't tell Eric a thing, because there's no way in hell he would go with you to Vegas if he knew this.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Dan... since it's starting to look real clear that's exactly what you wanted--to break us up.

Daniel: No, all I wanted for you was to have a fresh start. That's it.

Nicole: I'm getting one.

Daniel: You--mm.

Nicole: It wasn't easy, okay? But Eric understood what I did, he forgave me, which is why we thought it would be best to just elope, to get away from his mom and Sami and everyone else who hates me in this town.

Daniel: Oh, you think that's me now?

Nicole: I don't know what you think. I know what you did. And you got what you wanted, and I told you, Daniel, this friendship is never gonna be the same.

Daniel: So is that why you didn't call your best man to tell him that you were getting married?

Nicole: I just wasn't feeling it.

Daniel: No? You weren't feeling it? Eric not feeling it either, hmm? Is he this mad too?

Nicole: Eric doesn't know you pushed the issue.

Daniel: Uh-huh. Oh, okay, so why don't I just call him to congratulate him?

Nicole: What? No, don't.

Daniel: No? Why not?

Nicole: Because we don't need you jumping in the middle of this.

Daniel: Is it really that fragile?

Nicole: No, it's that private. We are going to Vegas. It's what Eric wants. It's what I want. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Marlena: Oh, you're... eloping. Oh. Why?

Eric: Because it's what we both want.

Marlena: May I throw you a party? The family would like to celebrate.

Eric: We're gonna be gone for a while.

Marlena: What is "a while"?

Eric: I don't know.

Marlena: So you're not just eloping, you're lea-- you're leaving Salem.

Eric: That's right.

Marlena: Why? What's driving you away?

Eric: Mom, believe me when I say this. I'm not running away. You're not driving me away. I truly forgave you after what happened at Brady's wedding.

Marlena: But Nicole--

Eric: And the things that you said about Nicole.

Daniel: What are you so afraid of?

Nicole: I'm not afraid. I just want--

Daniel: You just want Eric to leave town without speaking to me.

Nicole: You did see him. You talked to him.

Daniel: No, I didn't. We barely said a word. Roman interrupted us, but he did, Nicole... he did want to tell me something. And that scares you. Oh, my God.

Nicole: I didn't say--

Daniel: You never came clean with Eric.

Nicole: Go to hell, Daniel. Seriously, we have a plane to catch.

Daniel: Well, let's see how Eric feels about that, shall we? After I talk to him. So, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game?

Nicole: Daniel--Daniel, please.

Daniel: Nicole.

Nicole: Okay, I tried. I tried to tell him. I did... but when Eric... showed up, he was just so... Eric... so trusting, and completely there, and when he looked at me... I closed my eyes, and I... I thought... how he would look at me if he knew that I lied to him. And I just... I couldn't do it, I couldn't hurt him like that, so... no, I didn't tell him the truth.

Marlena: It's just sounding so final. I mean, how long do you think it'll be?

Eric: I don't know.

Marlena: It was years last time.

Eric: And I was still with you. And you're still with me. You know that.

Marlena: I know. It's not the same as seeing your face at the table.

Eric: It'll be okay.

Marlena: All right. Look, I'm--I'm not gonna try to talk you out of this, but I don't understand it. If it's not Sami for once... [Laughs] And it's not me, why? Why do you have to go?

Daniel: So you said nothing about Chyka or the evidence to clear Eric? Because when I saw him, he looked upset, and he did want to tell me something.

Nicole: I wasn't there. I don't know what he said.

Daniel: Well, he was upset with me, and I thought it was because you told him I pushed you into it.

Nicole: I didn't.

Daniel: What? What did you say?

Nicole: Daniel, it doesn't matter.

Daniel: [Slams table] It does matter. I am not letting this go. One way or another...

Nicole: I told Eric you were in love with me.

Will: Okay. I'll see dad.

Abe: All right, I'll get him.

Will: You and EJ have to leave now.

Sami: No, we are not leaving.

Will: Well, I don't want you double-teaming me or getting into a fight with dad.

Sami: I wouldn't. He wouldn't.

Will: What are you--stop, what are you--

EJ: Your mother and I are leaving.

Will: They can print out another copy.

EJ: You don't sign anything without letting me see it first, even if it's just to make sure that it's in order. William, you don't sign anything without your attorney reading it first. You understand?

Sami: Okay. Just listen to EJ, right? And, please, talk to your father. Give him a chance. We just love you very much.

[Door closes]

Sami: Oh, hey, sonny.

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Sami: Sonny, what is it?

Lucas: I love you, and nothing you ever do will change that.

Will: I finally get that.

Lucas: Well, you are a dad.

Hope: Don't you look pretty today?

Gabi: Yes, this was her first dress-- well, the first dress that will bought her. [Laughs] He didn't read the tag right. It was--I mean, it looked small until we brought her home. You could fit, like, four of her into it.

[Arianna babbles]

Gabi: [Laughs] Oh, yeah.

Hope: Oh!

Gabi: We just--we never really imagined that she was gonna be big enough to fit in it, you know, like she was gonna be our... our tiny baby forever. [Laughs]

Hope: Yeah.

Gabi: You know, when she was four or five months, she was changing all the time. It was like she was a different baby every two weeks.

Hope: Yeah. They do that, you know. But some things don't change. I see that with Ciara.

Gabi: [Chuckles] You know, my mom said that too. She told me that when I was younger, one day she woke me up and that I was rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand and that I'd been doing that since I was, um... since I was a baby. And Arianna does something very similar. She--she wiggles her feet up and back three times when she wakes up.

[Arianna babbles]

Gabi: You know, I wonder if she's gonna do that when she grows up. [Chuckles]

Hope: Maybe. Maybe that's why they always feel like our babies... and why it's so hard for us to let them go.

Lucas: You'd do anything for your kid.

Will: Yeah.

Lucas: Yeah, so would I. That's why I had a gun on me, and that's why I made a plan to meet with nick.

Will: What?

Lucas: I was just gonna mess with him, you know. I was gonna scare him a little bit, but I thought that if I did that--

Will: With a gun. Not the murder weapon. Dad, you can't try to claim that this was--

Lucas: I'm not, I'm not. Somebody already shot him when I got there.

Will: I killed him.

Lucas: You want to look me in the eye and say that?

Will: I did it, dad. And I need to step up.

Sonny: Everything's wrong. I-I have to go see will.

EJ: William doesn't want to see you, and I need your help. Now, this gun-- it was Victor's. How did the police get hold of it?

Sonny: It's a rare gun. It matched the ballistics report. My uncle Vic had to give it up.

EJ: So why didn't he just destroy it?

Sonny: Because the police surprised him. He would've destroyed it if he could've, but instead, he was offering me a job in Indonesia. He wanted me to relocate with will, Gabi, and the baby.

Sami: Why would he do that?

Sonny: Because he thought I shot nick... just like you're thinking right now.

Sami: Did you? Is will protecting you?

Marlena: Is it EJ? Is it EJ's fault?

Eric: No, no, mom, it's not EJ. He can't hurt me anymore. What he can do to Sami--that keeps me awake. So, promise me, no matter how bad it gets between them, promise me you won't cut her off.

Marlena: I won't-- of course not. I never would. I'm here for her.

Eric: I appreciate that. Listen, if you could also just check in on Jennifer.

Marlena: Jennifer? What's going on with Jennifer?

Daniel: You told Eric I was in love with you?

Nicole: I was desperate, Daniel. I didn't know what else to say. I had to say something. I mean, Eric could tell that there was a problem. He could see that things were tense.

Daniel: Why didn't you tell him that I killed somebody or that I was cooking meth in my spare time?

Nicole: 'Cause he would've wanted to help you, and I wanted him to stay away from you!

Daniel: Of course, that's right--you did. You wanted Eric away from me, out of town, because you... would've said anything about me to make that happen, anyth-- oh, my God, y-- ugh!

Nicole: No, Daniel, hey, no, don't--don't you see who he is to me... and who I am to him? I was his first. He was my last. He was the last person that I loved with no strings, no hidden plan. And, yes, I messed up back then, because I was too stupid to realize what a gift he was. And then we both just got lost... in our own way. And when he came back to Salem and because I got a little smarter... I respected who he was, and, yes, I had a difficult time accepting that the church is where he belonged, but that is what he chose. And I did everything I could to get the evidence to clear his name. You know I did that. And the only reason we got the proof that Kristen drugged him is because I wouldn't give up. I saw how tortured he was. I wanted to help him. And when I came back with the proof... Eric had already made his decision. He wanted me. He was in love with me, and when he looked at me, I could-- I could that guy we had lost. And when he saw me and he saw my face, he saw the girl that we had lost, and we found each other again. It was settled. And everything that had happened to Eric with Kristen he had put behind him, and the issues he had with leaving the priesthood--they were clear. He was clear. He wants me. Eric loves me, Daniel. Can't you see that? So, no, I just--I didn't want to cause him any more pain, so I destroyed the evidence. Eric's happy. I'm happy.

Daniel: Are you?

Nicole: Daniel... please... please don't say anything. I'm begging you. Don't say anything to Eric or anyone. Want a fiber that's clearly healthy?

Daniel: Do you honestly think if I don't say anything, you'll never have a problem with this?

Nicole: We won't.

Daniel: [Sighs] Nicole, I'm gonna take you to Eric. I'm gonna let you be the one to tell him. I'll wait for you. I'll watch, and I'll wait until it's clear that Eric knows everything. I'll give you your privacy. I'll stay away.

Nicole: Why are you doing this to me?

Daniel: Because I care about you... both of you. I cannot live with myself to let you go on with this lie.

Nicole: How many times have you lied? You lied for JJ to protect his stupidity. You lied to help me keep my baby from EJ.

Daniel: Okay, who? Who are you protecting, Nicole? Who are you saving with this lie? It's not the same. You know this.

Nicole: No one asked you.

Daniel: Actually, you did. It was my ass that was on the line when we went after Chyka to get the evidence. I am not a friend to you when it's only convenient, and believe it or not, this right here, this is me protecting you, because it will come out, some time, some way. Every lie does. And it's better if you do it, but if you don't do it, I will tell him myself. Now, where is Eric?

Eric: Well, just--Jenn lost her cousin nick, and after that whole mess at smith island, she's just carrying a lot.

Marlena: All right. Well, I'll check in on her. You don't have to worry about her, you know. If she needs help, she can ask for it, and she's got Daniel.

Eric: Well, everyone needs more than one person to lean on. You know I couldn't have gotten through last year without you all.

Marlena: Well, you could've done without my some of my help, I guess.

Eric: I'm sorry if you felt punished. Even though I kept my distance, I knew you still loved me.

Marlena: Even when you were half a world away.

Eric: I'm here right now.

Marlena: Yeah. [Cries softly]

Will: I can't hide behind anyone else, dad, not like before.

Lucas: What are you talking about? That wasn't hiding.

Will: I know you protected me because you loved me, and I thank you for that.

Lucas: So what are you gonna do, you just gonna throw it all away? You're not even gonna fight over this?

Will: That would be best for everyone.

Lucas: Really? That's gonna be best for everyone? 'Cause there's a man in that other room who loves you, who would die for you. He'd do anything for you.

Will: I'd do anything for him too.

Sami: Is will protecting you? I mean, he has to be covering for someone, right?

Sonny: Do you honestly think I would let will go to prison for me? You know how much I love him.

Sami: I do. I'm sorry, I'm just very scared for my son.

Sonny: Me too.

Sami: [Cries softly]

Lucas: You know how sonny feels about you, and you know your daughter needs you more than ever now. Why would you give up without a fight?

Will: If I stick around, sooner or later they'll pay.

Lucas: What are you talking about? What do you mean they'll pay?

Will: It's done. I'm done. Stop making it harder than it already is. I'm going to prison.

EJ: So, uh, William says that the gun was in the closet.

Sonny: Yeah, I did that. Well, we both did, I guess.

EJ: So, when you put the gun back in the closet, when was the next time that you saw it? Hmm? Come on. You're gonna have to give me the answer to these questions. When was the next time you saw it?

Sonny: When I came home that night. I left the hospital, stopped at the club, then came home.

EJ: When was the last time that you saw that gun?

Sonny: Will had it. I walked in that night, and will was holding the gun.

Lucas: So what does EJ say about your case?

Will: He wants me to fight.

Lucas: And you know how much I hate him, right?

Will: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Lucas: And this is me talking, telling you to listen to him. This time he knows what he's doing.

Will: I did listen to him... and mom and you.

Lucas: Really? You did? Honestly?

Will: Yeah, and I get why you're saying what you're trying to say... but it needs to stop... now. Guard. Tell Abe carver to bring me the confession. I'm ready to sign.

Gabi: One, two, three.

[Arianna coos]

Gabi: Yes. Yes. You like that? [Chuckles] You know... I'll always have you... and you'll always be my little girl. You know we love you so much, sweetheart... no matter what. Remember that, okay? Siempre.

Hope: Gabi, uh, I'll have to send over a forensics team later.

Gabi: No, you don't.

Hope: I don't?

Gabi: Well, um--I just-- I wanted to spend as much time as I could with her.

Hope: I know. I would too.

Gabi: I'm sorry.

Hope: We should go.

Gabi: Okay, sweetheart. Let's go see your daddy.

JJ: Hi.

Marlena: Hi, JJ. Um, is your mom home?

JJ: No. Can I help you?

Marlena: Well, no. No, I need to talk to her. It's just something about Eric.

Nicole: Okay. I'll go with you.

Daniel: Yeah?

Nicole: You're right. It's... better if he hears it from me. He's at the church.

Daniel: Okay, I'll drive.

Nicole: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: Oh.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: Damn. 13-car pileup. I'm needed in the E.R.

Nicole: Okay, um... go. I'll still tell Eric.

Daniel: I believe in you. But I will check with both later.

Nicole: I know you will. Don't worry. It'll happen. Go.

Daniel: It's better this way. You'll see, okay?

Nicole: [Crying] Oh, God. Stupid phone.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eric: Hey, Nicole.

Nicole: Hi.

Eric: There she is, the love of my life. I'm on my way. I can't wait to get married. Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah?

Eric: You called. Did you want something? Nicole? Nicole, what's wrong? Did something happen?

Nicole: Daniel's out of his mind. That's what happened.

Eric: What do you mean? Did he do something to you?

Nicole: Just sit tight. I'll come to you.

Eric: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Don't say anything. Just listen to me.

Abe: Will, they said you wanted a new copy of your confession.

Will: I'm ready to sign.

Abe: Are you sure?

Will: I am. Let's go.

Sami: Hey, wait, wait.

EJ: William, what exactly are you doing? You can't sign that.

Sonny: Don't do it, will, please.

JJ: Hey, you just missed Dr. Evans.

Jennifer: Marlena was here?

JJ: Yeah, she just wanted to talk about Eric.

Nicole: Hi, honey. Uh, there's been a change of plans. We need to leave town now. [Chuckles] I booked us on an earlier flight, and I'll explain in the car, so we... Eric?

Will: I've made my decision.

Sami: Will--

Will: Don't make me throw you out of here.

EJ: Abraham, you do not want to do this with him acting pro se.

Abe: He formally waived his right to counsel. The man has made up his mind.

Sami: [Whispering] There has to be something we can do.

EJ: Nothing legally.

That's not true, Mr. DiMera. You can be witnesses.

Sami: Oh.

Abe: [Whispering] Let's wait outside. We'll be right back.

Sonny: You really don't have to do this.

Will: I just want this to be over.

Hope: Did you sign it yet?

Will: I keep trying.

Gabi: Don't, will.

Will: I've made up my mind.

Gabi: Okay, just don't do that, okay?

Will: Don't you start--

Gabi: I know that you didn't kill nick... because I did that.

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