Days Transcript Friday 5/23/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/23/14


Episode #12345 ~ Nicole pushes Eric to agree to her plan; Lucas makes a reluctant confession; Sami confronts Kate about Stefano; EJ asks Abigail to keep quiet.

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Abigail: EJ, what-- come on, stop! What is wrong with you?

EJ: I had to make sure that you're not wearing a wire or carrying a recording device.

Abigail: "A wire"?

EJ: And you're not.

Abigail: You're sick!

EJ: No, my dear, I'm careful.

Abigail: I know exactly what you did.

EJ: Mm. I'm sure you do. You think I paid a man to kill Nicholas Fallon? Well, you're right, I did.

Abigail: Oh, my God, I knew it. How could you do that? He was my... he was my cousin. He was a human being!

EJ: Barely. He was going to expose us, and he was looking forward to ruining your life!

Abigail: Don't you dare say that this was about me or my life! This was about you. He threatened you, and so you murdered him! This was about you protecting your own DiMera ass!

[Cheering, clapping]

Marlena: And many more.

Sami: Yeah!

Gabi: Okay, you ready to blow out the candle?

Sami: Ready?

Kate: Here we go!

Marlena: First candle...


Gabi: Okay, sonny, don't take more than 300, 400 photos, okay? We have to send some to uncle Rafe and grandma Hernandez, don't we?

Sonny: I want to get one of you and Arianna. Look at you two!

Marlena: Oh!

Sami: She looked right at you. She's so excited for cake.

Gabi: Yeah! Are you excited?

Marlena: I'll get the plates.

Sami: You know what? I'll get presents.

Kate: I'll help you. I'll help you. Let's see...

Sami: Where's, um--where's Lucas?

Kate: I texted him. I don't know, but he hasn't replied to me either, so...

Sami: Oh. Okay. Must be something really important to keep him from his granddaughter's birthday.

Hope: Yeah, you've told me a lot, Lucas, but you're still lying... just like you lied about those texts.

Lucas: I told you why I erased them.

Hope: Yeah, to cover up the fact that you met with nick.

Lucas: I didn't. I didn't meet nick that night.

Hope: Another lie.

Lucas: No. I didn't see nick until he stumbled into the square.

Hope: Lucas, I know that you were in that park! You went to the park, you met with nick, and you shot him. Isn't that right?

Daniel: Why haven't you called, Eric? Nicole must have told you the truth by now... unless... no, no, no, no. No, she said she would do it this time. Nicole never lies. [Sighs]

Eric: I-I don't understand. Daniel doesn't want us to be married?

Nicole: Oh, God, I hate to be the one to tell you this. The truth is... Daniel's in love with me.

Eric: Daniel's in l-- Daniel's in love with you? That doesn't make any sense. He loves Jennifer.

Nicole: I know, believe me, Eric, I was just as shocked as you when I found out.

Eric: And when did this happen?

[Cell phone ringing]

Eric: It's Daniel.

[Overlapping chatter]

Marlena: Okay, it's official. She likes birthdays.

Gabi: [Giggling] I know.

Kate: First bite of cake.

Marlena: Tell are you?

Gabi: I'm feeling a little better.

Marlena: Good.

Gabi: It really helped to talk to you. I guess I'll just never understand why nick... well, why we all couldn't get along. Why he made it so...hard for... uh...[Laughs]

Marlena: I don't think he understood either. But the important thing for you to hang on to is that your daughter is safe and she's are you.

Gabi: I do. And now I'm back in school just in time for finals. And I actually have a shoot tonight.

Marlena: So, getting back into the routine?

Gabi: Yes.

Marlena: The best answer for you--it's perfect.

Gabi: And, um, I'm just thinking know, all the times that we're gonna have like this... our beautiful little family.

Lucas: I didn't go to the park that night, and I didn't shoot nick.

Hope: Do you know what dew point is?

Lucas: Dew point? What does that have to do with--

Hope: It's the temperature in which water starts to evaporate and settle on the ground, forming dew. The dew point the night nick Fallon was killed was at 8:35 P.M. That's ten minutes before he was shot. The moisture on the ground made the area softer... and forensics was able to match the dirt from the park... to the dirt in your shoes. You do realize what that means, don't you? It puts you at the scene of the crime around the time that nick Fallon was shot.

Nicole: Don't answer it. Let it go to voicemail.

Eric: Why not?

Nicole: Let me just explain things first before you talk to him.

Eric: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: I'm glad I reached you. Are you with Nicole?

Abigail: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I can't believe this!

EJ: Abigail, just calm down.

Abigail: Even when I was scared that you had done this, I didn't think that you actually would do this. I--oh, my God. I slept with a man who pays someone to kill people. This is all my fault. I never should have told you that nick knew about us. I never should have told you that. I should have known better! You are a DiMera! Other people's lives--they mean nothing to you!

EJ: You did not tell me anything I did not already know. When I came into your mother's office and I met you, that whole process was already in motion.

Abigail: The--the process? So--so setting out to kill someone--that is a process? You told me not to tell my mother, a-and it was... it was already--you said that you could convince nick to keep quiet about us, and it was already in motion! You had already hired someone to kill him?

EJ: Yes, I had.

Abigail: I have to tell hope. I have to tell hope. I cannot believe this. Well, I guess I'm a liability now, too, right? You gonna hire someone to kill me?

EJ: Shh...

Abigail: I know you don't like to dirty your own hands.

EJ: Do yourself a favor. Shut up and listen, okay? Now, when I finish talking, and I believe that you've really heard what I have to say... then you can leave. Okay?

Abigail : Please, don't! I don't want to hear anything more, please! Please stop! Stop...

EJ: Stay there. See this?

Abigail: You think that you can pay me off?

EJ: This is the money that I paid the man to kill nick.

Abigail: [Whispers] What...

EJ: But he didn't do it. So he gave it back to me. Abigail, he didn' it.

Sami: Well, the nightmare wasn't as bad, and when we went to her, she had an easier time getting back to sleep.

Marlena: Well, that's good news. Honey, I think she'll be fine. She's strong, same as you were.

Sami: Mom, I didn't go through something like that at her age. I didn't see someone I knew covered in blood and collapsing in front of me.

Marlena: We can't keep our children from seeing terrible things. But I'm so glad she has you to see her through it.

Sami: Well, I'm so glad that we both have you, mom.

Marlena: You always do. Mm. [Chuckles] Look, I wish I could stay longer, but I've got so much I have to do. Um... and happy birthday to you, my darling girl. Everybody, thank you so much. I had a wonderful time.

Gabi: Say bye!

Marlena: Bye-bye.


Kate: You know, Gabi, I want to thank you for being so very generous about the custody agreement.

Gabi: I wasn't being generous. I was being fair. It's what I wanted all along... that she is surrounded by the people who love her.

Will: Hey!

Sonny: Hey, my folks love those pictures I sent them. I'm really sorry they couldn't be here.

Will: Well, they're visiting your brothers--they have a perfectly valid excuse. Unlike my dad.

Sonny: You texted him?

Will: Yeah. He didn't get back to me. I just hope that he gets here before we have to put Arianna down for her nap.

Sami: Mm! What nap?

Sonny: I guess, uh, EJ had a lot of work to do today, huh?

Sami: Oh, yeah, he has a lot on his plate right now.

Abigail: You never stop, do you? It's just one lie after another after another.

EJ: Let me ask you something. Why do you think I've called you here and told you all of this if it wasn't true?

Abigail: Because you are scared to death that I will crack and tell someone what happened--that's why you did this. That's why you came up with this new truth so that I wouldn't feel so guilty, so that I would keep quiet.

EJ: Abigail, do you really think this hit man's gonna take all of my money, go and kill nick, and then give it all back to me?

Abigail: Because hit men are known for having a conscience?

EJ: [Snaps] No. They have a keen instinct for self-preservation. He knew who he was working for and he understood the consequences of crossing a DiMera.

Abigail: And all this money...this is the money that you gave the hit man, and I'm just supposed to--what? Just take your word for it? After all the lies that you have told me, EJ, what on earth makes you think that I would believe you now?

EJ: Because you know when I'm lying. You called me on that the other day. Abigail... I am not responsible for killing nick. Someone else did that. Not me.

Daniel: Eric? Are you still there?

Eric: Yeah, I'm still here. With Nicole. We're talking about something very important. I'm gonna have to call you back.

Daniel: He sounds like hell. Nicole...must have told him the truth. I guess I should have trusted her.

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Chloe. Uh, it is--yeah. No, it's right here. Yeah, I will, uh--I'll send it express. Parker should have it tomorrow morning. No, no, no, no problem at all. I can use the distraction. Okay. Bye. [Sighs, smooches]

Nicole: Thank you for not saying anything to Daniel.

Eric: Not yet.

Nicole: Right. I just thought it would be best if you heard the whole story from me first. As a matter of fact, I-I told Daniel I thought it might be better if I didn't say anything at all... which is why it was so hard for you to get it out of me. But obviously, I can't keep secrets from you.

Eric: Okay, Nicole, just tell me what's going on. Please just tell me.

Gabi: Wow. That is a beautiful necklace.

Kate: Oh, thank you.

Gabi: Are those real diamonds?

Kate: Of course they are.

Gabi: Oh, wow, I've never seen it before--is it new?

Kate: was a gift from an admirer.

Sami: Kate. Can I talk to you for a second? In private?

Kate: Here we go. [Sighs] Okay, if you're interrupting my time with Arianna, it had better be good.

Abigail: Even if I did believe all this, it doesn't change the fact that you did hire someone to kill nick. Someone else just beat you to the punch.

EJ: Oh, hey, Abigail. Hey, whoa, hey, wait! All right? Don't you see? What he was doing to us he was doing to a lot of other people. This guy thought it was fun to just ruin people's lives.

Abigail: That doesn't give anyone the right to kill him! And he could have changed...

EJ: Really? You really believe that? You saw what he was capable of, Abigail.

Abigail: That doesn't mean that he had to die. It wasn't the only solution, EJ!

EJ: Yes, it was. You know why it was? 'Cause he made it the only solution 'cause he pushed people and he pushed people and he pushed people until they wanted to kill him. And you know what he did? He pushed them some more.

Abigail: [Whispers] But who? Who in that square hated him enough to want him dead?

EJ: Oh! [Laughs] You didn't, Abigail? Who didn't? Hmm?

Lucas: [Clears throat] The dirt on my shoes must have been from before. I mean, I was at the park earlier that week.

Hope: We also have impressions from several different shoe sizes from the ground that night. They all can be accounted for... except one. And guess whose shoe just happens to match perfectly.

Lucas: Mine.

Hope: Shall we start again? And this time with the truth.

Marlena: Oh! Oh!

Daniel: Aw, jeez!

Marlena: Oh, my gosh!

Daniel: I got it. I got it. Nobody's hurt--are you okay?

Marlena: Oh, yeah, of course. I'm so sorry.

Daniel: I'm very sorry. No, this is just--I wasn't really watching where I was going and texting and walking.

Marlena: We both were a little distracted, and you shouldn't do that anyway. You know that. You're a grown-up.

Daniel: Yeah, I know. Well, this is a toy for my son, who's not so grown up. Yeah, I was on my way to send it to him at Chloe's. He's only told me a million times to pack it, and I always manage to forget it. You know, maybe I subconsciously just want to hang on to him.

Marlena: Maybe so... 'cause it's hard to let go of our children, isn't it?

Daniel: Oof...

Marlena: Especially when we feel we've let them down.

Daniel: You okay?

Marlena: Yeah. No. N-no. Do you have a minute? I'd love to chat about Eric.

Nicole: Eric, I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm all over the place. I was just totally blindsided by this whole thing.

Eric: Wait. So that's why you and Daniel were upset when Jennifer and I came in, because he told you that he loved you?

Nicole: Right.

Eric: What about Jennifer?

Nicole: Well, I-I... it's complicated. He does love Jennifer, but he realized just recently that he...loves me too. You know, and he was...kind of denying it. Then I told him that we were engaged, and he just got really upset. Even he didn't understand why at first, and he blurted it out.

Eric: That he loved you.

Nicole: And then he was mortified and he couldn't take it back--obviously it was too late--

Eric: Okay, that doesn't make any sense, Nicole.

Nicole: Okay, hey, hey, wait. Love doesn't make sense. We have a long history. We spent a lot of time together. We were trying to clear your name, teaming up to go after Chyka. Just...stirred up old feelings again.

Eric: And you didn't know anything about it.

Nicole: I, uh, I never told you this, but we did kiss once. Before you and I got back together.

Eric: I know, I saw you together on new year's. And other times. So I can see why you were so close. So do you have feelings for him too?

Nicole: No. No, Eric, you are the only man that I love... which is why... we have to do exactly what I'm about to say.

Will: I think this is gonna become a regular tradition-- mom and grandma taking it outside.

Gabi: Do you think they're fighting?

Will: Does the sun rise in the morning?

Sonny: Yeah. Too bad my mom's not here to smooth things over.

Will: [Chuckles]

Gabi: Do you think it's about the necklace?

Will: I don't know, but I know my mom got a text message this morning that she wasn't happy about.

Gabi: Maybe it was from your dad?

Kate: Jewelry from whomever I want to...

Sonny: Tell me, will, have your mom and Kate ever argued about Lucas?

Sami: That's fine. Then go ahead--be stupid.

Kate: Just go to hell.

Sami: I just don't think that you--I'm sorry, everybody. I apologize. I certainly did not mean to cause a scene. Maybe I should go.

Kate: Yeah, well, that's the first thing we agree on.

Gabi: Look who's here!

Sami: Hi, sweetheart. Can I just give you one more big birthday hug? Yes, my big girl with the spoon!

[Gabi giggling]

Sami: Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Gabi: Yeah. Thank you!

Sami: Thank you so much, Gabi, for having me here.

Gabi: Thanks for helping out.

Sami: Of course. Thank you, sonny.

Sonny: Thank you.

Sami: Kate. [Tonelessly] Always a pleasure. Um, well, thank you for having me, and you know what, I forgot part of her present and it's back at the house. So come by later, okay?

Will: Mom, what happened? I thought that you and grandma were getting along.

Sami: Oh. [Laughs] We weren't. I mean, we had a truce going for the whole situation with nick, but since he's gone, obviously, that is over too.

Will: Wow. Well, maybe by Ari's 16th birthday, you two will have, um...what's the word? Grown up!

Sami: Ha ha. Don't be mean. I love you. Come by later, okay?

Will: Yeah.

Sami: And, uh, I'm sorry to break up the party. I just can't stand to be here with that witch any longer.

Will: [Ahem]

Kate: More cake, anyone?

Lucas: Okay. Fine. I'll tell you the truth.

Hope: Do you want to call your lawyer?

Lucas: No.

Hope: Then talk to me. Tell me exactly what happened that night.

Lucas: You're right, I was there that night, but it was after nick was shot.

Hope: Do you know what time it was exactly?

Lucas: No. No, I don't. By the time I got there, he was on the ground, he was covered in blood, and he was not moving.

Hope: Then what'd you do?

Lucas: I left.

Hope: Why didn't you call the police?

Lucas: Because I knew that I would look guilty and, honestly, I thought he was dead. I-I really did. I mean, if I had known that he was alive, I would have...

Hope: What? Would it have made a difference? Or would you have left him there to die?

EJ: I do hope you realize that any admission of an affair or accusations made against me for killing nick won't achieve anything except, of course, a great deal of pain to a great number of people.

Abigail: Right. Right. How could telling the truth just to clear your own conscience be worth it if it hurts innocent people? Of course, we're not innocent.

EJ: No, we are not. But your mother is innocent. Her brother is innocent, as are my children. Look... you are right. This is something that we have to live with for the rest of our lives. But that's true whether or not the truth comes out.

Abigail: I know. I want to go now.

Sami: Hi! Abigail! What are you doing here?

Marlena: Thank you. Uh, I know that you and Eric are very close, so you must be aware that we've hit a little bumpy place in the road. Mostly because of the way that I feel about Nicole.

Daniel: Well, Nicole is also a friend of mine.

Marlena: I understand. I know, so you don't have to defend her. I'm not going to say anything unpleasant about her. In fact, I've come to realize that I've...well, I've been a little unfair to Nicole.

Nicole: I didn't want to tell you this, Eric. Daniel is a good friend. He risked his life for you.

Eric: Good friends don't go after friends' fiancées.

Nicole: Well, he didn't, okay? He didn't mean for any of this to happen, he feels terrible about it, and like I said, he still loves Jennifer. He's just confused right now.

Eric: Did he tell Jennifer how he feels about you?

Nicole: No. And we can't say anything to her either. Especially if it's just a passing infatuation. I had it myself with EJ. You get so wrapped up in these intense feelings that you don't realize it's not actually love. And then you end up destroying the happiness of the people around you. We need to keep our distance from Daniel and just... give him the time he needs to realize that he loves Jennifer, not me. We need to do what I said... go to Vegas... elope.

Eric: We're gonna have to deal with this afterwards.

Nicole: Not if we don't come back. You got the bargain kind?

Sami: Oh, I know why you're here. You came to check on Allie. That is so sweet of you.

Abigail: Yeah, well, I-I know how difficult that night was for me, so I can only imagine how hard it was for a poor little girl.

Sami: Of course. Well, I was just saying to my mom that she's starting to come around. How are you?

Abigail: I'm fine. Listen, I'm sorry, but, uh, I-I have to go.

Sami: Oh, yeah, I'll walk you out. Um, how is Maggie doing? Have you talked to her?

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: DiMera. When did that happen? Okay, you keep me posted, all right?

Lucas: You're right, I know. I should have called for help. Maybe if I did, nick would still be alive right now.

Hope: It wouldn't have made a difference. A doctor could have been standing right next to nick, and he still wouldn't have made it.

Lucas: I appreciate you telling me that, because it's been killing me. It's been eating me up inside.

Hope: Is that the only reason you feel guilty?

Lucas: Hope, I'm telling you the truth. I didn't do it.

Hope: You know I want to believe you, don't you? There's just so many things that don't add up. Okay, you said you left the pub immediately after you texted nick.

Lucas: [Quietly] Yeah.

Hope: But there's no way it would have taken you more than ten minutes to get where nick was in the park, and according to the timeline, you had to have gotten there before he was shot.

Lucas: I-I didn't go there right away.

Hope: Where did you go?

Lucas: I went to get a gun.

Marlena: It was so difficult for me to hear that Eric was planning to marry Nicole. You know, I always felt that-- I still feel that Eric's place is with the church. And I was just, uh, I was just sick to pieces to know that Kristin had done what she did and Eric still has not been vindicated. Not that I care what people think about it, but you know what? It's just so unfair to Eric.

Daniel: Yeah, well, unfair doesn't quite cover it, really.

Marlena: And I was so angry about what happened, and then my own anger at myself, and I guess I focused all that on Nicole. And that isn't, you know, deserved by her, because she's been the one who's trying to help Eric prove his innocence. So I-I guess I just have to... I have to respect Eric's choice, and I have to expect that he loves her and he's planning on marrying her.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm not quite sure why you're telling me this.

Marlena: [Laughs] Well... I don't expect you to smooth things over with Eric and me... you know, you were right when you sort of dressed me down for grilling Nicole about Chyka. I never, ever should have questioned her loyalty to Eric.

Daniel: Okay, Marlena, there is no reason for you to apologize.

Eric: So, because of Daniel's passing infatuation, you want us to leave Salem... my family, our friends.

Nicole: I don't mean forever. I was thinking more along the lines of an extended honeymoon. Then again, what's so great about Salem? After everything that happened last year, you'd think you'd want a fresh start somewhere new.

Eric: Listen, if I want a fresh start, I want it based on my decision, not Daniel's feelings.

Nicole: Okay. Okay, we'll make that decision later, but the most important thing is to give Daniel the time he needs to realize that his life is with Jennifer. Eric, after everything he has done for us, don't you think we owe him that?

Eric: I think you have a lot of reasons for eloping, you know, and I just don't think you want to deal with Sami or my mom. I'm just not sure if this is a good idea.

Nicole: Okay, uh, well... there is something else. Daniel asked me to hold off on getting married until he gets his feelings clear.

Eric: Oh, well, he's got a lot of nerve, doesn't he?

Nicole: Well, he's desperate, and I'm afraid if we stay here, he'll try to keep us from getting married or keep us from being together.

Eric: All right, then... I think it's time I have a little chat with him.

Nicole: Eric, no, no, please.

Gabi: Wow. Kate, this is...this is too much.

Kate: Oh...

Will: Grandma, isn't the point of a add-a-pearl necklace to start with one pearl and then add a pearl?

Kate: Well, this is actually a different concept. This is add a strand. [Laughs] Never really agreed with that "less is more" concept. You know that. Especially when it comes to precious stones.

Will: Well, that necklace ain't exactly minimalistic.

[Kate cooing to baby]

Will: Who, uh, who gave it to you?

Kate: Not you too.

Will: I'm just asking.

[Baby fussing]

Gabi: Come here, silly.

Kate: It's from Stefano. The ring is as well.

Will: Oh, my God. You're not--you're not-- no, I can't even say it.

Kate: Okay, no, no. I'm not back with Stefano. But as I told Sami, it's really none of anyone's business.

Will: No, you're just accepting jewelry from Stefano, and that's fine, because Stefano never expects anything in return.

Sonny: Will, we're talking about Stefano DiMera. What could go wrong?

Will: What could go wrong?

Sami: I wanted to talk to you alone.

Abigail: Oh.

Sami: I wanted to thank you for the tutoring sessions. You have been so patient with me, and I'm basically an art history dunce.

Abigail: Oh, no. You're not at all.

Sami: Well, I feel like I've wasted your time, because now with everything that's happened, I-I don't feel that A... honeymoon in Italy is in the cards.

Abigail: Really?

Sami: In fact, we're not even sure about the wedding right now.

Abigail : What? Why?

Sami: EJ and I are getting married, of course.

Abigail : Oh.

Sami: We just may have to postpone it.

Abigail: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Sami: Que sera sera, right? Whenever it does happen, I hope you'll come, of course. You have to. You could bring that, um, bartender, you know? That cute guy from the club.

Abigail: Why would you say that?

Sami: Oh, I don't know, I guess...I just saw you two seemed close, and he looks at you like he's crazy about you.

Abigail: That's really nice of you to say.

Sami: Promise me you'll come.

Abigail : Sure. Yeah.

Sami: And thank you. Thank you for stopping by to check on Allie. You're welcome any time. I mean, you're like family.

Nicole: Eric, Eric, please. Please stay away from him. This could get ugly.

Eric: It already is ugly. I don't want to pick a fight with him. I just want to talk to him.

Nicole: Okay, okay, just... not right now. It's too early. Okay, I-I have an idea. Why don't you text him? Tell him that we already talked and you just need a day or two to process everything before you talk to him again.

Eric: Maybe you're right.

Marlena: Well, I seem to have hit a nerve.

Daniel: Yeah, I just, um... I-I don't think you have to apologize for trying to protect your son.

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Oh.


Daniel: I'm...I'm sorry. We're gonna have to finish this conversation another time.

Marlena: Oh, oh...

Daniel: Is that--

Marlena: Of course, not a problem at all, but, truly... thanks for listening.

Daniel: Hey, Marlena, and just hang in there. I think everything's gonna be okay.

Marlena: In Salem? You got to be kidding.

Daniel: [Laughs] Well, maybe not. Okay, so this could mean that Nicole finally told Eric the truth... or she stole his phone and texted herself. What is going on over there?

Nicole: Thank you. I think a text was a good way to go.

Eric: Well, now that that's all said and done, I-I'm gonna go for a walk. I need some fresh air.

Nicole: Okay, all right, but... I know this is a lot to process. And I know leaving your family on such short notice is hard for you, but please... please don't say anything to anyone. Daniel is a mess, and Jennifer would be blown away if she found out about it.

Eric: I still think that he needs to come clean with her. I mean, keeping secrets from people you love... aside from being wrong, it always seems to blow up in your face. I love you.

Nicole: Why would it blow up in my face? That never happens to me. Oh, God. You know what? No. No, I am not giving up. If I could just keep those two away from each other long enough to get Eric to elope, this just might work. All I have to do is... convince Daniel that I told Eric the truth. God, Daniel, I'm so sorry to do this to you, but I can't lose Eric... [Crying] Not now.

EJ: How was the birthday party?

Sami: Oh.

EJ: Sorry I couldn't make it.

Sami: It was fine, fine, fine. Fine.

EJ: Let me guess. Kate was there?

Sami: [Chuckles] And guess what. She's back! And he is showering her with jewels these days. As it turns out, you can buy Kate's love.

EJ: Well, when I spoke to her earlier, she said she wasn't interested in my father's affections.

Sami: I just don't believe for a second that those diamonds are innocent tokens of affection. At some point, Stefano is going to want to...take it out in trade.

EJ: Okay. Thanks.

Sami: Too much?

EJ: Little bit. Yeah. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. Kate is about to have much bigger problems on her plate.

Sami: What does that mean?

EJ: I got a telephone call from my contact at the police station. Apparently, hope has been grilling Lucas for the last two hours.

Sami: Lucas? That's why he didn't turn up at the birthday party. Wait a second--hope already questioned him.

EJ: Well, she's questioning him again.

Sami: EJ, do you think that Lucas shot nick?

Hope: Where'd you get the gun?

Lucas: My mother's house, but she didn't know about it.

Hope: So you went to the park to kill nick.

Lucas: Yeah. No. No. Look, I, um... he was threatening my son, okay? He was gonna take my son's daughter away from him, and as soon as I heard there was a court date, yeah, I lost it.

Hope: Where's the gun now?

Lucas: I got rid of the gun. I threw it in the river before I went back to the square.

[Knock at door]

Hope: Come in.

Stan: You were waiting for these, right?

Hope: Yeah. Thanks, Stan.

Nicole: Excuse me, is Dr. Jonas here yet? I know he has a shift.

Oh, it doesn't start till later.

Nicole: Okay. Thank you. Come on, Daniel, pick up. Pick up.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: Daniel, it's me. Can you call me as soon as you get this? Thanks. Where is he?

Daniel: Eric, hey, uh, wait up, wait up. I got your text, and I know you said you need to sort things out, but... I think we should talk.

Eric: You know what? I do too.

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