Days Transcript Friday 5/16/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/16/14


Episode #12340 ~ Daniel presses Nicole to come clean with Eric; Kate discovers her gun is missing.

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Daniel: No, we're not negotiating this. Either you tell Eric what you've done, or I will.

Nicole: No. No, you can't do this. I won't let you.

Daniel: No, Nicole! Nicole! Nicole--

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Nicole: Eric.

Eric: What's wrong?

Hope: Do you own a handgun?

Kate: I do. Doesn't everyone?

Sami: Oh, hey, sweetheart. I missed you so much. You know what? Mary made those peanut butter cookies you love. Do you want something? You want anything? Anything to eat?

Allie: I don't want anything. Can I finish my game?

Sami: Yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah, go sit down. Finish your game. Did you take her to that woman that my mom recommended?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I did.

Sami: What did she say? How did it go?

Lucas: I liked her. And, um... I think Allie's okay now.

Sami: You think she's okay?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: She loved Nick. Lucas, it--she saw him with three bullets in him and blood everywhere. Do you really think she's ever gonna be okay?


EJ: Nicholas Fallon. Sonny?

Sonny: What?

EJ: You all right? You don't look so good.

Sonny: No, I am not all right.

Will: He said I wasn't fit to be a father. He said he was going to try to keep me away from Arianna. If Rafe hadn't broken up the fight right then, I... I might have killed him. Instead...

Marlena: Instead what? Is there something you'd like to tell me?

Will: What have you got in there?

Sonny: It's just some tools. I have to fix that shelf behind the bar.

Marlena: Will? Remember, there's nothing you can't tell me.

Abigail: What--what-- what's wrong?

Ben: I can't--I can't do this.

Sami: Okay, okay. What did the doctor say? You talked to her, right?

Lucas: Yes, of course I did.

Sami: What did she say?

Lucas: Well, she said that kids process stuff like this differently than adults do.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: So we can't push Allie to talk about this until she's ready.

Sami: I hate that advice.

Lucas: Yeah, I had a feeling you would, but try to stick to it, okay? Now, have you heard from will at all?

Sami: This morning. He's really focused on Arianna and keeping Gabi calm. Lucas, I'm just worried about Allie, okay?

Lucas: Yeah, well, I'm worried about will.

Sami: Why? Lucas, you don't think that will did this, do you?

Lucas: [Sighs]

Sonny: That--that's where Nick collapsed. Are you--are you okay with-- with looking at that?

EJ: No, of course I'm not. You just seem, you know, more than a little bit rattled. Hey, Sonny. Sonny.

Marlena: Okay. I have all day.

Will: You were going to shoot Nick, weren't you?

Sonny: Yes.

Will: I just--I feel so damn guilty.

Marlena: Guilty? Why?

Will: I already told you. Nick's dead, and all I feel is relieved. No. It's more than that. I'm glad he's dead.

Kate: You knew I owned a gun. You knew I had a license. You knew it was legally registered.

Hope: What I don't know is whether you were carrying it last night when Nick Fallon was shot.

Kate: Well, I wasn't. But I have to tell you, if I had had a gun with me the last few times I was with Nick, I would have been sorely tempted to use it.

Eric: You came here to tell Daniel about us.

Nicole: Right. I told him we were engaged... and we couldn't be happier.

Jennifer: Yeah, it's-- it's such wonderful news, but the two of you seem so upset. Why? What happened?

Nicole: So I told Daniel about us, but, um, that's not all we were talking about.

Eric: Okay.

Nicole: Uh, which is why, when I opened the door, I seemed so, um...

Jennifer: Tense? Because the two of you just seem really wired to me right now.

Nicole: No, no, that's not it. It was just, um--

Eric: This is about Nick, right? I talked to Maggie this morning. She seemed pretty distraught. She wanted so much for Nick to make a good life.

Daniel: Yeah, no, I know. It's been really rough on her.

Eric: And this must not be an easy day for you either. Probably not the best day for us to be sharing our happy news.

Nicole: That's what I was thinking. This is such a sad day.

Daniel: Yes. Yes, it is. But that's not what we're upset about at the moment.

Eric: Then what are you upset about? Would someone just please tell us what the problem is?

Hope: You did see me turn this on, correct?

Kate: Yes.

Hope: And yet... you still provide yourself with means, motive, and opportunity to kill Nick.

Kate: If you wanted to gather up everyone in this town who hated your cousin and had access to him and a weapon, you would have to rent an arena. I didn't kill him. Now, have you spoken to any of the lovely people he met in prison?

Hope: You hired Nick, not once but twice. So why did you feel like killing him?

Kate: Well, since I didn't kill him, I don't feel like sharing that information. Are we done?

Hope: Yes. If you remember anything else helpful--

Kate: You will be the first to know, because I believe everyone should do their civic duty.

Abigail: What just happened?

Ben: Your--your cousin was murdered yesterday and, I mean, you're beyond upset. Felt like I was taking advantage.

Abigail: That's really sweet.

Ben: I really like you, Abigail.

Abigail: I like you too, Ben.

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Hi, this is Abigail. Okay. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Ben: You got to go?

Abigail: Yeah. They--they need me down at the police station for questioning.

Sami: Okay, you listen to me. Will did not do this, right?

Lucas: Sami, relax.

Sami: Just because he shot EJ all those years ago does not mean that he is still--

Lucas: Calm down. Calm down! Stop putting words into my mouth. I never said that will shot Nick 'cause I never thought it.

Sami: Okay. Okay, all right, then.

Lucas: Listen, I'm running late. I gotta go. Um, take care of Allie for me, okay?

Sami: Of course.

Lucas: I'm gonna go say good-bye to her.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: [Sighs] Allie, honey, um... there are a few things I have to take care of, but, um, mom's gonna take care of you, okay? I love you so much, baby.

Sonny: You know, hope already called me in for questioning.

EJ: Did she?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

EJ: How did that go?

Sonny: Well, the, uh, day before Nick was shot, will and I told her that Nick was pushing Gabi to go for full custody of Arianna.

EJ: Hmm, well, Nick had a lot of enemies, so I'm sure the police grilled all of them.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm--I'm sure. And Gabi says that she asked you to draw up a custody agreement.

EJ: Oh, yes, yes. No, she did. That's right, yeah.

Sonny: That's good.

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: It's good that, you know, something good is coming out of this.

EJ: I feel pretty confident we will be able to come up with a fair custody agreement. Yeah.

Marlena: Nick was trying to manipulate Gabi into using the custody agreement to hurt you. Why wouldn't you feel relieved that that threat is gone?

Will: I didn't just say that I'm relieved. I said that I'm glad he's dead, and I've never said that about anybody in my whole life.

Marlena: You must have felt that he was out to get you.

[Cell phone rings]

Marlena: Okay. It's your mom. She wants me to stop by.

Will: I have a feeling that you're gonna be treating our family for a while.

Marlena: Hey, I don't have to rush right off.

Will: Um, no, it's okay. I have to get going. Thank you for talking to me. Always helps.

Marlena: Bye, sweetie.

Will: Bye.

[Door opens]

Will: Hi.

Sonny: Hi.

Will: [Sets keys down] We alone?

Sonny: Yeah. Gabi took Ari out.

Will: Did you take the gun back?

Sonny: Well, I was on my way to my uncle Vic's, but a cop got to me before I could get in my car.

Will: I knew you got questioned. I didn't know you got questioned with a gun on you.

Sonny: No one found out. No one knew I had it.

Will: Well, you were able to return the gun?

Sonny: Mm-hmm. It's all locked up.

Will: And nobody saw you do it?

Sonny: No, not even Henderson. But, will... if the police called me in, they're going to call you in too.

Will: I already went in on my own.

Sonny: Why would you do that?

Will: I thought they ought to hear it from me that I threatened to kill Nick.

Roman: Hey.

Hope: Hey, roman.

Roman: How you doing with the interviews?

Hope: Uh, I'll write up a summary for you. The lab's trying to reconstruct the bullet. There may be a wait on the ballistics report.

Roman: Okay, I'll light a fire under them.

Hope: [Sighs]

Roman: You like anybody for this so far?

Hope: No. Too many variables and too many suspects.

Roman: Yeah.

Hope: The only thing I know for sure is that Nick was not a popular guy.

Sami: Hey, mom. Thank you so much for coming.

Marlena: Of course. How's Allie?

Sami: She's just playing this gopher game over and over and over again on her tablet.

Marlena: Maybe she doesn't want to interact.

Sami: Well, I was hoping you could, you know, spend some time with them and just, I don't know, get her to engage with you.

Marlena: Sure. Where will you be?

Sami: Oh, um, I have to leave. I have a meeting.

Marlena: What?

Sami: It's just a work thing.

Marlena: Now? You can't get out of it?

Sami: I'll be right back. It won't take long. I just-- I can't stand that this is happening to Allie. I can't stand that she had to see Nick die.

Marlena: I know. It's terrible.

Sami: It's all because of me.

Marlena: What? What are you talking about? How in the world could you have known what was gonna happen to Nick?

Nicole: Daniel's right. We were talking about something upsetting, and we weren't finished.

Jennifer: But you opened the door before we had a chance to knock. You were leaving.

Nicole: Yeah. I was walking out, and I shouldn't have done that. You know, if you could just give Daniel and me a few more minutes, we could probably sort this out. Right?

Daniel: Oh, we can try.

Eric: Now I don't get what's going on.

Nicole: Why don't you come out in the hall, and I'll try to explain? I know what this must look like.

Eric: You told me you think of Daniel as your best friend, but you look like you're gonna kill each other.

Nicole: We're not gonna do that.

Eric: And you're not gonna tell me what you were arguing about?

Nicole: Not until I fix it with Daniel. I just need a few more minutes with him alone, okay?

Eric: And I'm not going to leave you until I know you're all right.

Nicole: I am. I promise. It's really not that big of a deal.

Jennifer: Are you sure that you're happy to hear that Nicole and Eric are engaged? Because it sure doesn't seem that way.

Daniel: We weren't arguing about them being engaged.

Jennifer: No, but you were arguing about something, and it was big.

Eric: What I suggest is that we give Daniel and Nicole some time to wrap up whatever this was.

Jennifer: Oh...okay. Yeah, if that's what you want.

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I think that would be helpful, if you don't mind.

Jennifer: Okay, well, we'll-- we'll take a walk or something.

Eric: Perfect.

Nicole: Thank you very much.

Jennifer: Sure.

Nicole: Um, I'll call you, okay?

Eric: Okay.

Lucas: I had to drop Allie off at Sami's.

Kate: How is she?

Lucas: She's pretty shut down. Therapist said we should just give her some time.

Kate: She's gonna get through it. You know she's one tough cookie.

Lucas: Oh, God, I hope so. So anything been happening since Nick died?

Kate: Well, you would think I would know, right? Especially since I just spent the last half hour being grilled by the pride of the Salem pd.

Lucas: Hope?

Kate: Yeah.

Lucas: Well, you didn't tell her anything, did you?

Kate: What do you mean? I don't have anything to hide.

Lucas: What are you talking about? You hate Nick's guts.

Kate: Yeah, I know, and I told her that. I also told her that if I had had a loaded gun with me when I saw him yesterday, I would have been the one to pull the trigger.

Hope: So when was the last time you saw Nick Fallon?

Abigail: The day he died.

Hope: Do you remember what time?

Abigail: It was in the morning.

Hope: Is that when Julie walked in on the two of you arguing?

Abigail: Um...

Hope: Abigail, I've already taken her statement.

Abigail: That's right.

Hope: Can you tell me what you and Nick were arguing about?

Nick: That perfect, little Abigail Deveraux is nothing but EJ DiMera's whore.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Hope: Abigail? What's wrong?

Sami: Mom, I'm not saying that I knew what was gonna happen to Nick or that he was gonna be shot. I mean, who could know something like that? I'm just upset, you know? I wish Allie hadn't seen what happened to him.

Marlena: You gotta stop this. You're gonna drive yourself crazy.

Sami: No, you're right. Of course. Of course you're right. Let's just--let's just go see her, huh? Come on. Hey, Allie, sweetheart. Look who came to see you. Huh?

Marlena: Hi, honey. Hi, EJ.

EJ: Hello, Marlena.

Sami: Um, well, I have to go out for a little bit, Allie, just really quickly, and I'll be right back, okay? All right, bye. I love you, sweetheart. I love you so much.

Eric: Do you have any idea what's going on back at Daniel's?

Jennifer: No, I have no idea, but I'll tell you one thing. I know Daniel very well by now. And when he gets quiet and he sets his jaw like that, he is furious.

Daniel: Uh, I don't know what else there is to talk about because you're not gonna change my mind.

Nicole: Yeah, you made it very clear I have to come clean with Eric, even if that means I'll almost certainly lose him.

Daniel: He was happy being a priest. He could be one again.

Nicole: You said you forgive me. So doesn't that mean on some level you understand why I did it?

Daniel: Okay, I understand that you love Eric, but when you love someone, you don't lie to them about the most important thing in their life.

Nicole: What if you didn't find those papers? You would have been thrilled for us. You would have said, "wow, Eric's a happy guy." And then you and Jennifer and Eric and me, we'd all be friends for life, and you know that.

Daniel: Yeah, well, that all might be true, but I did see those papers, and nothing is going to change that now.

Eric: Maybe the engagement surprised him. Just don't understand why it would make him so upset.

Jennifer: No, but Daniel said that's not what they were arguing about.

Eric: Well, Nicole doesn't want us to find out about that argument because that's why she was asking us to leave. Daniel must have felt the same way. He backed her up.

Jennifer: Well, Daniel usually backs Nicole up, whether it's a good idea or not.

Daniel: Well, hey, it shouldn't matter if I'd seen those pages because you know. You know what you've got to do. You risked your life to confront a lunatic doctor who drugged Eric, and you did that because you knew that being a priest, it changed his life.

Nicole: He's made peace with the fact that he can't be a priest anymore.

Daniel: But he can be! You know that! You know that in your heart. All he has to do is take those pages to somebody in authority, and bam, he is reinstated. Nicole, I know what it feels like to be kept from the work that you love. It just--it changes the fabric of who you are. And I'm not just upset for him. I am worried about you. I am so worried about you--

Nicole: Yeah, I can tell that.

Daniel: I am. I am. Because you keep telling yourself the end justifies the means, and you can live with that. But I don't think you thought this out. I think you made a snap decision, but you hadn't stopped once to think about what it would do to you to live this lie. You can make this right. You can make this right...

Nicole: How can I make this right?

Daniel: For both you and Eric. How?

Nicole: How? He's never gonna understand. He'll hate me. Come on, look. You--you lied to Jennifer to cover for JJ. That didn't kill you.

Daniel: Okay, that's not the same thing, and you know it. Not the same thing!

Nicole: Look, all I know is that I love Eric and you claim to care about me. So, please, Daniel, can you just stay out of it?

Daniel: No, I am not gonna go round and round with you on this. I'm not doing it. There's no point in it. I can't. I'm not gonna do it. You are not gonna change my mind.

Nicole: Fine. Then can you just please do me this one thing? Just don't tell Jennifer.

Daniel: Okay, that's-- she is gonna find out.

Nicole: I know!

Daniel: She will find out!

Nicole: But let me just tell Eric before you say anything to Jennifer, okay? I just need some time to figure out what I'm gonna say.

Daniel: You don't have time! We don't have time! They both already know that something's wrong. So what would you like me to say? Tell me!

Nicole: There is a way.

Daniel: Nicole--

Nicole: Would you just please hear me out?

Daniel: Mm.

Marlena: Did you sleep okay last night? Sometimes when I've had a hard day, I have a hard time getting to sleep.

Allie: Grandma made me cocoa.

Marlena: Oh, yum. Did that help?

EJ: Are you sure? Allie, you seem a little bit tired to me.

Allie: I don't want to take a nap!

Marlena: That's okay. Nobody's going to make you do anything you don't want to do.

Will: You're being so quiet.

Sonny: I'm just trying to figure out what would make any sane person go to the police and voluntarily admit he threatened to kill a guy who got killed a few hours later.

Will: But Rafe broke up the fight. He heard me threaten Nick.

Sonny: So he talked you into going to the cops? He's a cop.

Will: You think I don't know that? They're gonna question him too. He's gonna have to tell them what he heard.

Sonny: [Sighs] They're just gonna--they're not gonna let this go. They are going to keep pushing and pushing.

Will: But you put the gun back...right? It's gone. They can't tie that to either one of us. They can't prove a thing.

Abigail: It just, uh, bothers me that the last time I saw Nick, we were having a fight.

Hope: Who started it?

Abigail: Me, I guess. I...I felt like he tricked me into giving him the name of a lawyer to represent Gabi.

Hope: Aiden Jennings, right?

Abigail: Yeah.

Hope: What made you feel tricked?

Abigail: Because he didn't tell me the reason why he wanted a lawyer was so he could cut will out of Arianna's life as much as possible.

Hope: I see. Last night, you were with someone when Nick died. He, uh, was at the hospital with you. I need his name.

Abigail: Ben.

Hope: Last name?

Abigail: I don't know.

EJ: Hey.

Sami: Hey. How's Allie doing?

EJ: She's fine. She kept insisting she wasn't tired, but she put her head on your mother's lap, and she fell straight to sleep, so... I'm glad. She needed it.

Sami: I can't help thinking about the fact that we've done this to them.

EJ: Look, we will help her, okay? We will see her through this.

Sami: All right. Um, you're right. I know you're right. I have to go. I'm gonna be late for this thing. And I'll be home in a little bit, okay? See you soon. With the famous footwear app,

Eric: Hi. How's it going?

Nicole: Sorry about all this.

Eric: You and Daniel finish talking?

Nicole: Yeah. Why don't you meet me at my place?

Eric: Well, are you gonna tell me what this argument was about?

Nicole: Uh, well, I came over here to tell him about us and how happy we are, and then I realized he's just sitting there with a bullet wound that I gave him.

Eric: Nicole, that was an accident.

Nicole: Yeah, I know, but still, it was pretty insensitive of me. I mean, here I am, going on and on about how everything's worked out, and he's sitting there thinking how he might not have been around to even hear the news.

Eric: Yeah, well, that must have been very hard to hear.

Nicole: It was. I just... I just couldn't let it go. Daniel's a great friend, and I love him, and... now I just-- I haven't had a chance to face him after what I did.

Eric: You two work that out?

Nicole: Yeah, yeah. I'll tell you all about it when I see you.

Eric: All right. I'll be right there.

Jennifer: Oh, will you tell her that I'm on my way to Daniel's?

Eric: Jennifer wants you to tell Daniel that she's coming back to his place.

Nicole: Sure. I love you. Uh, Jennifer is on her way back.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: And you don't have to tell her the story. Eric will. So you can just...let it rest for the night.

Daniel: While you sit with Eric and explain all of it?

Nicole: Exactly.

Sonny: You know I would do anything to protect you, right?

Will: Of course I know that. And I'd do the same for you. That's why people marry each other, because they feel that way.

Sonny: For better or... for worse, right?

Will: I think this definitely qualifies as worse.

Sonny: We're gonna get through this together. I love you so much.

Will: I love you too.

Hope: So this, uh, Ben-- he seemed very supportive of you at the hospital, like you two were close. And you don't know his last name?

Abigail: No, uh, I don't. It just hasn't come up.

Hope: Did he know Nick?

Ben: Get the hell away from her!

Nick: What is your problem?

Ben: Shut your damn mouth, or I'm gonna shut it for you!

Abigail: Ben works at Sonny's club, and Nick would come in sometimes, so they'd met.

Hope: Were they friendly?

Abigail: Don't you think that you should ask Ben that?

Hope: I'm asking you. Were they friendly?

Abigail: From what I could see, no, they weren't.

Hope: And what did you see?

Abigail: Ben walked in on Nick and I having an argument, and the two of them kind of got into it a little.

Hope: So you and Nick argued more than once?

Abigail: It was about the same thing.

Hope: Nick using you to get a lawyer for Gabi?

Abigail: Yeah.

Hope: What did Ben do?

Abigail: Nick was, uh... was kind of in my face, and so Ben just told him that he shouldn't talk to me like that.

Hope: Abigail, did you feel threatened?

Abigail: By Nick?

Hope: Yeah.

Abigail: Well, uh, he was just really angry, so, um... yes, I did feel threatened, I guess.

Hope: Okay. Uh, that's it. I may have more questions later, honey.

Abigail: Okay, so, uh, I can go now?

Hope: Yeah, you can go.

Abigail: Okay.

Kate: Could you just calm down?

Lucas: I don't get it. I don't get it. Mom, why would you tell hope that you own a gun?

Kate: Well, I didn't see any point in lying since she already knows that I own one. Why are you so upset anyway? It's not like I told her that you own a gun.

Lucas: Because I don't.

Kate: Well, there you go. And I didn't kill Nick, so neither of us has anything to worry about. I need to get going. See you later.

Lucas: All right, bye.

Sami: Of course, I got him to sign it. Yes, I have the contracts right here. I will pdf them to you. Okay.

Ben: Hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Ben: Uh, how'd it go?

Abigail: Um... your name came up, Ben.

Ben: Why?

Abigail: Hope, the detective, she's--she's known me all my life. She's my mom's cousin. She saw you at the hospital with me.

Ben: Oh, okay.

Abigail: She asked me how I knew you, and I couldn't even tell her your last name.

Ben: It's Rogers. What? What?

Abigail: Ben, I told hope that you broke up the argument that Nick and I were having, and I--I'm just so sorry that I'm dragging you into all of this.

Ben: That's all right. Look. When I got involved in that, I wasn't doing anything that I didn't want to do. And I wouldn't want anything that I ever did to make you feel bad, okay? Abigail?

Abigail: Okay, Ben.

Kate: [Sighs] My God. It's not locked. [Sighs] Oh, my God.

[Knock at door]

Hope: Come in.

Lucas: You wanted to see me?

Marlena: She could be out for a while. I don't imagine she's slept very well after all she's been through.

Allie: [Screams]

Julie: Nick! Oh, my God! He's been shot! Oh, God!

Allie: [Screams]

Not so fast, lady.

Jennifer: Nicole said that the two of you talked about it, but you don't seem any better.

Daniel: Oh, I'm--I'm fine. Okay, don't worry about me.

Jennifer: Yeah, but Eric said that the two of you talked it all out. I guess I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this, really, because yesterday, this wasn't even an issue. You were okay with what Nicole--

Daniel: Okay, Jenn, please, I really don't want to talk about Nicole anymore. I mean, I will talk about anything else.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Just not her.

Jennifer: No, that's okay. You know what? Let's not--let's not talk about anything. How's that?

Daniel: That'd be great.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: Nothing.

Daniel: Nothing?

Jennifer: We'll talk about nothing.

Daniel: What should we do?

Jennifer: Talk about nothing.

[Knock at door]

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