Days Transcript Monday 5/12/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/12/14


Episode #12336 ~ A dramatic murder makes suspects out of half the town; relationships are tested as accusations fly.

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Julie: Nick! Oh, my God, he's been shot! Oh, darling! Oh, darling, darling!

Rafe: I need a bus in Horton square now.

Julie: Nick, I'm here. It's gonna be all right. Darling, who did this to you? Baby, no. No. No. No, Nick!

Hope: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Oh, hi, hope.

Hope: Hi. On your own tonight?

Maggie: Yeah, Victor's out of town. You on your way to work?

Hope: Yes, always. I brought Ciara to stay with Caroline and Kayla. Do you have a minute?

Maggie: Of course.

Hope: It's about Nick.

Julie: Nick, stay with me. Stay with me, baby. Stay with me.

Sami: You just talk to me. Sweetheart? Daddy and I are here, okay? Come on.

Lucas: Allie?

Sami: Pumpkin, all right? No, stop. Stop looking at him. You look at me. Look at me, sweetheart. Just look at my eyes. Lucas.

Lucas: Come on, everything's gonna be okay.

Sami: Lucas, please just-- God, sweetheart.

Rafe: Critical.

Julie: Oh, my God, baby.

Rafe: Get it here now. Can I help assess him?

Julie: Get back. You hate him. You all hate him, and one of you did this. You all saw what I just saw. One of you tried to kill him, and he knows it.

Abigail: Julie.

Will: Please--can we please get him out?

Julie: Oh, get back! All of you! I mean it! Get the hell back!

Maggie: What'd you hear?

Hope: That he is in the middle of the custody agreement between Gabi and will. Sounds like he's making trouble. I promised I'd talk to him, and I wondered if you'd like to help.

Maggie: Hope, Nick is so defensive. It's like how dare I act like I even care. All he cares about is Gabi. And he doesn't see how he's done anything wrong. I hope Julie got through to him.

Hope: You turned Julie loose on him?

Maggie: [Chuckles] I know. Well, sometimes you have to use--you know, she's your best shot here. She's like a fluffy little pit bull. She just latches on, and she just doesn't let go until--

Hope: Oh, yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Like a dog with a bone. Excuse me. Brady. I'm two minutes away. On it. Need to get to the square.

Maggie: Of course. Of course. Be careful.

Hope: Yup.

Sami: Allie, you look at me. Look at me right now. Lucas, help me.

Jordan: Let me check his wounds.

Julie: You work at the hospital, don't you?

Jordan: Yes, and I have some EMT training.

Julie: Oh, help him. Please help him.

Jordan: Okay.

Rafe: Jordan, what do you got?

Jordan: I've got two wounds at least. They must've hit an artery.

Julie: [Gasps]

Jordan: Gabi. Gabi, do you have a clean cloth in there? Come on. I need you to put it right where you see the blood and hold the pressure.

Gabi: I-I can't.

Julie: I'll do it. I'll do it then.

Will: Gabi, it's okay. It's okay.

Sami: Allie, look at me. Sweetheart, you just look at me. Look at daddy.

Kate: Honey, why don't you help me find my phone? You know you can always find it for me. Here, is it in my purse?

Allie: He has a lot of blood on him.

Kate: Yeah, honey, he does.

Sami: We have to get her out of here.

Lucas: I know. I know. I'll take her. Don't worry about it.

Sami: Wait, I-- she needs to be with me, okay?

Lucas: The only person she listens to is my mother. I'll take her.

EJ: He's right. He's right. She can't go back. Johnny and Sydney can't see her like this. We need to tell them what happened to prepare them for her coming home.

Lucas: Yeah, listen to him. Come on. Allie. Allie, honey. Come on, let's go take a walk, okay? Everything's gonna be fine.

Kate: Come on, sweetie.

Lucas: All right?

Sami: My poor baby.

Hope: Julie.

Julie: Where the hell is the ambulance?

Rafe: It should be here soon.

Hope: Jordan?

Jordan: He's alive, but his pulse is thready. I count two entry wounds.

Hope: Gunshots?

Rafe: Watch out, watch out. Multiple gsws.

We'll take it from here, ma'am.

Julie: Darling, you can make it. You can make it, Nick. Hang in, hang in. You can make it, darling. I'm going with him.

Hope: Gabi, I'm sorry. I need him. When'd you get the call?

Rafe: I didn't, actually. I was here when he got here.

Hope: Where was he shot?

Rafe: I don't know. Came from that way.

Hope: He walked to the square with bullets in him? Did anyone see what happened? Did anyone hear the shots? Secure the scene. CSI is on the way. Get contact information from everyone else in the square. We'll have to question them all later. As far as these people are concerned, I know where to find them. I'll need your flashlight. Show me the trail.

Rafe: Gabi, I need to go.

Sonny: We're here. We'll take care of her.

Will: She's okay with us.

Rafe: And you--keep an eye. Come on.

Jordan: Gabi.

Gabi: I need to go to the hospital.

Jordan: I'll take you. Oh, wait, Allie.

EJ: Lucas took her back--

Sami: Yeah, you should just go.

Jordan: Okay.

Ben: Is he gonna make it?

Jordan: It doesn't look good. I'm surprised he's even still breathing.

Sonny: You know what? Let's go to the hospital. We can take care of Gabi.

Will: Yeah.

Ben: What do you need? Can I call somebody for you?

Abigail: No, I need-- I need to go to the hospital. I need to check on Nick.

Ben: I'll go with you.

Lucas: Come on, honey. Let's go, okay?

Allie: No.

Kate: Honey. Honey, don't you want to go home?

Allie: I want to see Nick.

Lucas: Honey, Nick went to the hospital.

Allie: He had a lot of blood on him.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I know. I know. They're gonna clean that up for him, okay?

Allie: He helps me with my science homework. He's really nice. Is he gonna die?

Lucas: I don't know. I don't know, honey. Let's just go, okay? Let's go home.

Allie: No.

Lucas: All right, I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll go see great grandma Caroline and aunt Kayla, okay? We'll wait here for a while.

Allie: Nick likes the pub.

Lucas: Yeah, I know he does. Come on, let's go home.

Maggie: Hi, everyone.

Lucas: Hi. We're gonna go upstairs and see great grandma Caroline, okay?

Allie: He had a lot of blood on him.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, honey. He did. Come on.

Maggie: Kate, what happened?

Kate: Oh, poor kid. She's in total shock. I can't imagine the nightmares she's gonna have.

Maggie: Kate.

Kate: Oh, Nick was shot, and Allie was the first one to see it.

Maggie: What?

Kate: Yeah, I know. I mean, she totally cannot process it. She keeps on repeating the same thing over and over again.

Maggie: Nick was shot. How is he?

Kate: Oh, I don't know. The paramedics took him to the hospital. Looked bad.

Maggie: Oh.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Over here. I need a report.

He arrested in transport. We got a chest line in.

Okay, O.R. is ready. Yuen is prepped, but we have to get him stabilized. Is that an open pneumothorax? Let's go. Move.

I'm sorry, ma'am. You can't go in there.

Julie: I'm his family.

I'm sorry.

Will: Julie. Are you okay?

Julie: Ask about Nick.

Will: That was my next question. What--

Julie: They just took him into surgery.

Will: Is there anything that we can do for you?

Julie: I'd like the last two hours back. I was gonna take him to dinner, and if I just had, this would've never happened.

Will: I'm sorry.

Julie: I know you two disagree. I know he made mistakes, but he didn't deserve this.

Abigail: How's he doing?

Sonny: We don't know yet.

Will: They're taking him into surgery. Julie. Do you need me to call someone for you?

Julie: Jessica, his mother-- I don't know what to say to her.

Sonny: Maybe you should wait until there's news. They saved will's life when he was shot. Maybe they can do the same for Nick.

Julie: Who are you?

Abigail: He's my friend.

Julie: Do you even know Nick?

Ben: Met him, like, once or twice.

Julie: And you hate him too. He told me. He told me. I didn't believe him, but he was right. Every single one of you hates him.

Ma'am, we have some forms that need signing.

Julie: All right.

Hope: That wasn't a hard trail to follow.

Rafe: Yeah, that guy sure has lost a lot of blood. That looks to be the spot. Yeah, the grass is all matted down. It's about as long as Nick's body, isn't it?

Hope: Somehow he managed to get himself up and make it to the square. That had to be a real struggle.

Rafe: Yeah, chances are he wasn't moving that quickly.

Hope: You said you were already at the square when Nick got there.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: And what about the others?

Rafe: Which others?

Hope: All of them: EJ, Sami, will, Sony, Lucas, Gabi.

Rafe: What, you think they were involved in this?

Hope: Why not? It took us ten minutes to get here from the square. It would've taken Nick much longer, plenty of time for someone to shoot him, dispose of the gun, and-- what? You time it differently?

Rafe: No.

Hope: All right, then. You know the drill. Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Everyone who was there tonight is a suspect.

Sami: No, no, no. Whatever you do, don't let them watch TV, okay? Just read them one more story, and--and we'll be home as soon as we can, okay? Yeah, thanks. Is that from the hit man?

EJ: No.

Sami: Well, I mean, you saw what happened back there, right? I mean, Nick was looking straight at us. He was about to literally point the finger at us.

EJ: Hey, trouble. Breathe, okay? Breathe.

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: Look at me. This is not--

Sami: No, EJ, he-- you were standing right there. You were standing next to me. Come on, you saw what Nick did. You saw him. God.

EJ: Listen to me. Come here. So he raised his hand. Samantha, look at me. I saw him raise his hand, and then he dropped it. That's all. I think it's very unlikely he even heard what Julie said. Now, if--if he got a look at the guy who shot him, he's not gonna recognize him. He can't connect him to us.

Sami: But what if--I mean, he did see him. A stranger shoots you, you're gonna realize it's a hit man.

EJ: Samantha, this man is a professional. Understand that. At the moment, the only thing we have to worry about is you wandering around here with that look on your face.

Sami: What if Nick survives?

EJ: He will never connect it to us. Understand? Okay. Take a deep breath.

Sami: [Inhales and exhales]

EJ: Now, put a smile on your face. Go on. Okay? Good girl. Let's go to the hospital.

Sami: What? Why?

EJ: 'Cause William's there and Gabi's there, and they need us.

Abigail: Oh, Gabi. Oh, my God, there you are. Where have you been?

Gabi: I was waiting downstairs in the E.R. I thought that's where Nick was. Where--where is he?

Abigail: He's in surgery.

Julie: Gabi. Oh, Gabi, I know how terrible this is for you.

Gabi: I'm sorry I couldn't help earlier.

Julie: That's all right. It was the shock. It was just the shock. I know how close the two of you have become. Nick told me. He told me how much he loves you. Not an hour ago, he was saying how grateful he was that he had a second chance with you.

Gabi: Yeah, I can't believe that this is where we are.

Julie: Who put us here, darling? Listen, he must've confided in you more than anybody else, so you must have some idea. Who hated him enough to do this to him?

Rafe: Hi. You okay?

Hope: Yeah, I'm fine.

Rafe: You and Nick were cousins. You were pretty close.

Hope: I can still do my job, Rafe.

Rafe: Okay. Just tell me.

Hope: I knew something was wrong. I knew it. Will and Sony asked me to talk to Nick, and I got sidetracked, Rafe. I just--I mean, Ciara had a meltdown over something at school, and then there were all the break-ins in the east end, and I blew it off. Now I may never get the chance to talk to him.

Maggie: Julie, how is he?

Julie: Oh.

Maggie: Oh, my lord. Oh, my lord.

Julie: They shot Nick.

Maggie: Have you heard anything?

Julie: No, not since they took him into surgery.

Gabi: Did you find out anything?

Jordan: Just that they're working really hard on him. Did you text Rafe? He's really worried about you. It's okay. I'll do it.

Maggie: Okay. Did you call Jessica and Marie?

Julie: Not yet. They can't do anything. I really don't want to tell them. If we wait, there may be good news. He collapsed in my arms, you know. He reached out for me like he was a little boy. He was very scared. [Inhales and exhales sharply] Oh, God.

Will: Thanks, grandma. We'll let you know. Ari's asleep. Grandma says she's fine to stay there as long as we need her. Gabi already called to make sure she was okay with supplies.

Sonny: She's a wreck.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: How about you?

Will: I can't--I can't believe--

Sonny: I know, I know.

Will: You've got to get that gun back to Victor's as soon as possible.

Sonny: First thing tomorrow.

Jordan: At times like this, no matter where you two are now, it just falls away, and he just becomes the person that you loved once. This shouldn't happen to anyone.

Sami: Oh, hey. Have any word?

Will: No, nothing new.

Maggie: I can't imagine who'd do something like this to Nick.

Julie: Nick could. He was trying to tell me when he collapsed. He knows who did it to him, Maggie. When he wakes up, he's gonna tell me.

Kate: How's Allie?

Lucas: She's out like a light.

Kate: Aw.

Lucas: Any news?

Kate: Like they would tell me, but with any luck, Nick is dead by now.

Lucas: Yeah, there's the nurturing mother I know and love.

Kate: Oh, come on, really? Really? I have to pretend in front of you? Half the town hated the guy. I'm the only one with the guts to admit it. Is he dead?

Lucas: Uh, it's, uh, Sami asking about Allie. You know what? I got to go.

Kate: Where are you going?

Lucas: I got to go to the hospital.

Kate: No, no, no. Wait for me. Wait for me. Hopefully we'll have something to celebrate.

Maggie: Could it be someone from prison, someone like that Jensen?

Julie: I wish. It would be much easier to deal with than all these other possibilities.

Sonny: How's Allie?

Sami: Lucas just texted back that Allie finally fell asleep.

EJ: Oh, fantastic.

Will: I'm so sorry she saw that.

Sami: I know, me too, especially since she loved Nick. Turns out he's her favorite cousin.

Julie: What are you two doing here?

Sami: Well, we're concerned.

Julie: Vultures.

EJ: Now, that's a little out of bounds, Julie.

Sami: Yeah, will is Nick's cousin.

Julie: And you both hate his guts, and everybody knows that.

EJ: Okay, I really don't think this is the time or the place.

Julie: The time and the place for the truth?

Maggie: Julie, please. Everyone's upset.

Julie: The hell they are.

Maggie: Let's just focus on Nick, okay? Come on.

Rafe: Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. I'm here. I'm here. Oh, it's okay. Shh. You all right? Okay?

Julie: No, there hasn't been a word or a bulletin since he went into the operating room.

Maggie: Oh, maybe you could ask, you know, get some kind of status report. That would help.

I'm looking for Mrs. Williams.

Julie: That's me. Are you his doctor? Nick's doctor? Well, how is he? How did the surgery go?

Mr. Fallon's wounds were very severe. A major artery collapsed. He coded twice. We revived him, but the last time...

Julie: No. Oh, God! [Cries]

Maggie: Oh, no.

He was pronounced dead on the table ten minutes ago. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Gabi: [Crying]

[Melancholy music]

Julie: Oh. Where's Nick now?

Hope: They've taken him for an autopsy.

Julie: I want to see him first.

Hope: Of course. The family gets a few minutes now.

Julie: Good. Gabi. We have a few minutes to go see Nick right now.

Gabi: What?

Julie: It's our chance to be with him before they take him away.

Rafe: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Julie: I didn't invite you. Please, darling, he loved you more than his whole life.

Rafe: They weren't even together.

Julie: They were once. Sweetheart, it's the only time you'll have with him again.

Rafe: Gabi.

Gabi: It's okay.

Abigail: I have to call my mom.

Ben: You want to go home?

Sonny: I can't believe he's gone. You okay?

Hope: I need to be with my family.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Can you take the lead? You were there. You saw everyone.

Rafe: I need to recuse myself. Just a little too close.

Hope: Okay. It'll be me.

Rafe: Your family.

Hope: Which gives me even more reason to find out who the hell did this to Nick. Excuse me, can you tell me where Nick Fallon is? I'd like a minute, and then you can let the rest of the family in. [Sighs]

Kate: Honey, remind me to look up Nick's contract. I can't remember if there was a death clause, benefits to beneficiary, but, you know, that would've been terminated. Really? What's the look? It's business. Oh, my God.

EJ: Hey, did you get your hands on all the hard copies? Yeah, good. No, no, no, no. Don't wipe the drives. That would attract attention. Just get rid of the photographs. Oh, listen, also I guarantee you there are some sort of flash drives around that place, okay? Find them. No, destroy those. Look, you're about 15 minutes ahead of the police. Just do me a favor. Just destroy those photographs. Thank you.

Sami: Destroy what photographs?

Hope: [Crying] I watched you shine on Maggie and the rest of the family, but I know better. I knew who you'd been, what you'd been through, Nick. I don't know how you survived at all after that. But you deserved better from me, and I'm so sorry that I let you down. I'm so sorry. [Weeping] You're a sweet soul, and I'm so sorry that you never found real happiness. You deserved real happiness. Sweet dreams.

EJ: Look, I had Nick's apartment sanitized.

Sami: For whose comfort?

EJ: For your comfort. Samantha, he has photographs of you and Kate and Gabi dragging his body through the woods...

Sami: Okay, yes, yes, yes.

EJ: Dumping him in the river.

Sami: Of course, thank you. Thank you. But what about Percy? I mean, he's still out there, and he still knows.

EJ: He's taken care of. He's not coming back. Look, let's get out of here, shall we, before Julie comes over and makes another ugly scene.

Sami: Yes.

Abigail: Gabi, I'm so sorry.

Maggie: Yeah, so are we, honey. Thank you.

Abigail: I'll tell my mom. If there's anything you need me to do.

Julie: We'll handle it. You go on.

Abigail: I'm calling you later, okay?

Maggie: Thanks.

Hope: You can go in now. Third door on the right.

[Morose music]

Gabi: [Crying]

Julie: I should've stuck with you tonight, darling. I asked him to go out to dinner with me, and he said he wanted to be alone.

Maggie: He always felt safest when he was alone, except with you, Gabi.

Julie: I should've done more. If I'd been there tonight, maybe he wouldn't have been to that terrible place. I should've been around.

Maggie: I tried, but not enough, but I did try.

Julie: No, we all failed him.

Maggie: But he didn't want help.

Julie: He didn't know how to ask for it, Maggie, and there's a difference.

Gabi: [Crying]

Maggie: Sleep well, my angel.

Julie: God give you peace and glory.

Maggie: We'll give you some time.

Gabi: [Sniffles]

[Sentimental music]

Gabi: [Whimpers] [Crying]

Rafe: What am I supposed to say to Gabi? She knows how I felt about Nick.

Jordan: Well, you're sorry that she's hurting, aren't you? Okay, well, just focus on that. Come here. Come here.

Rafe: Hmm.

Jordan: You are better at this than you think you are.

Rafe: Yeah. I'm really glad you stayed. You know that?

Jordan: Me too.

Ben: I'm sorry about earlier. I hope you and your family are okay. Take care.

Abigail: Ben, wait. I'm the one who should be apologizing. I was snapping at you, and you did not deserve that.

Ben: Don't worry. I didn't take it personally.

Abigail: You didn't, did you? You're pretty amazing like that. Oh, God, I can't believe that I have to tell my family about Nick's death right now.

Ben: You'll find a way.

Abigail: Yeah, I will. Thanks for--for everything.

Nick: If only they knew the truth.

Abigail: What truth?

Nick: That perfect little Abigail Deveraux is nothing but EJ DiMera's whore.

Julie: Nick! Oh, my God, he's been shot! Oh, God!

Abigail: [Sighs]

Rafe: Hey.

Gabi: [Sniffling]

Rafe: Sorry. Julie shouldn't have pushed you.

Gabi: No, it was good. I needed to see...

Rafe: To see what?

Gabi: He's at peace.

Will: That was quick.

Sonny: Yeah, everything was good at the club.

Will: You come here earlier?

Sonny: Oh, I went back out because I had to get milk for Ari, and I left it here. Were you checking to see if the gun was still here?

Will: Yeah, I thought that we should get out of here as soon as possible since Victor's not home.

Sonny: My parents are there, so we have to wait for them to leave in the morning.

Will: First thing, then.

Sonny: First thing. Everything's gonna be all right, will. All right, well, I'm wiped, so I'm gonna go to bed.

Will: I would do anything for you. You know that, don't you?

Sonny: I do. And I would do anything for you. Anything.

EJ: Drink.

Sami: No. No, thank you. [Sighs]

EJ: Samantha...

Sami: You don't have to tell me again that we did the right thing.

EJ: Doesn't seem like it tonight, but soon.

Sami: It's what I wanted. I know that. I do. I just--seeing Nick, I don't think I'll ever feel the same way again.

Hope: Julie. I know this is hard, but I need to ask the questions.

Julie: Go ahead, darling. When Nick fell into your arms, you said you asked him, "who did this to you?"

Julie: He looked around at everybody that was standing there. He raised his arm. He was trying to point. He knew who did it to him. Well, he was trying to tell me.

Hope: Who was there? Who exactly could he see at that very moment? Who?

Julie: [Sighs] Sonny Kiriakis... will Horton, Lucas Horton, Kate Roberts, Rafe and Gabi Hernandez, that girl who works here, Jordan, some boy named Ben-- Abigail knows him-- Abigail, that snake EJ DiMera, and Sami, Sami Brady. That's all.

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