Days Transcript Wednesday 4/23/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/23/14


Episode #12323 ~ Jennifer looks into the evidence she found; Nicole meets Liam's ex-wife; EJ confronts Kate.

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Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: Wait, so, um, why are we in Lucas's office?

Kate: Because it's available because he's interviewing for new graphic designers.

Sami: Oh, you have a rollout coming out.

Kate: Are you here on a fishing expedition?

Sami: [Scoffs] I was just wondering why we're not meeting in your office.

Kate: Well, because you are obviously on a fishing expedition.

Sami: Oh, please. Like I would need to look at things on your... desk to find out stuff.

Kate: If you saw what was on my desk right now, you wouldn't be sleeping at night.

EJ: Well, I would love to destroy the bloody thing, father, but I can't do it until I know who sent it. Please. If Samantha had seen it, you'd have a telephone call to Chicago telling you the bloody house was burnt down. No, you stay there. You handle the business, okay? I'll take care of this.

[Doorbell rings]

EJ: Speaking of which, somebody's here who I need to talk to... about this. Yeah, we'll talk soon. Bye.

[Knock at door]

EJ: Come in.

Gabi: Hi, EJ. You wanted to see me?

Sami: Seriously? We--we could end up in prison, and you're playing corporate espionage.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Sami: Gabi and Nick.

Kate: Why?

Sami: What do you mean, why? They could put us in prison, Kate.

Kate: Okay, again, why? Wait. No, wait a minute. Why are you so worried about this now, today? What did you do?

Sami: What--? [Sighs]

Paige: Need a hand?

JJ: Thank you.

Nicole: I was wondering if I could speak to you about your ex-husband, Liam.

Debra: What? Forget it. I-I want nothing to do with that crazy bastard.

Nicole: What did Liam do to her that's got her so spooked? I mean, did he drug her like he drugged Daniel? The guy is so loosely packed, he-- wait a minute, Nicole. You're asking yourself the wrong question. It's not "what did he do?" It's "what is he gonna do next?"

Liam: Showtime.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: Hey, how did it go? What happened at your hearing?

Daniel: Well, it went well-- as well as could be expected, given the circumstances. But I'm on my way to your mom's office now. Why don't you come along, and I'll tell you both there?

Abigail: Uh, she's not there.

Daniel: What?

Abigail: Yeah, I know. Maybe she couldn't stand waiting and she had to go.

Daniel: Well, have you talked to her?

Abigail: Honestly, I really have no idea where she is.

Daniel: Okay. Excuse me.

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: And I found out that Nick was with Gabi right after will's wedding. Who knows what they would've done if I hadn't walked in on them?

Kate: What a ninny. I--ugh. Why?

Sami: Obviously, Nick is getting to her again.

Kate: Yeah, well, we both know that, but once again, I am looking for a "why" here.

Sami: Clearly, Gabi's not as appreciative of what you and I did for her as she should be.

Kate: Yeah, well, she is tied to us, so our fate is her fate, so--

Sami: I don't know if that's true, Kate. Look, we have to talk about the elephant in the room here. When Nick came back, he accused us of killing him. Not Gabi, us.

Kate: Well, we would take her down with us.

Sami: I don't know if we can. Look, Nick is creepy, but he's definitely smart. What if he has come up with a way to send us to prison without hurting Gabi?

EJ: We've managed to convince the negretti agency to run their entire campaign around you, so--

Gabi: What?

EJ: Yeah, it's just going to take a little bit more time.

Gabi: Are you kidding me? EJ, that's amazing. Wow, it's, like, on a whole 'nother level. I'm gonna have a career.

EJ: Good, I'm glad you're happy. You should have a lawyer look over that.

Gabi: Oh, no, I want you. You're a great lawyer, and you helped me out with this contract, so you c--you have to say yes, please?

EJ: I'm not sure that Mr. Fallon would appreciate that.

Gabi: Well, it's not his decision. What?

EJ: [Sighs] Gabi, I think Nick would be quite happy if our paths never crossed again.

Gabi: He doesn't have a thing about you. I mean, Sami, yes.

EJ: You are entitled to your own opinion about Nicholas Fallon, and I'm entitled to mine. Now, I appreciate that you think he's not going to say anything about what happened down by the river that night. Personally... I think he could turn on a dime. There are a lot of people whose freedoms depend on him not doing that.

Gabi: I understand, but you had nothing to do with that night.

EJ: I did with what happened afterwards... when you sent me to smith island to talk to Abigail.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: Okay, come on, Daniel. Can you at least give me the highlights?

Daniel: Well, I can't do surgery for a month because that's just protocol, but I can perform all non-surgical duties starting tomorrow. So we get through the month with no more incidents, I am fully reinstated, yeah.

Abigail: Oh, my God, Daniel! That's so fantastic! Mom's gonna be so relieved. Oh, that's great. I hope you reach her soon.

Daniel: Yeah, me too. Yeah.

Abigail: Wow. When you talk to her, can you let her know that I'm getting the key for the Horton cabin, and I'm gonna leave it in her office for her so that she can leave straight to smith island from here?

Daniel: You got it. I'll do it.

Abigail: Great, okay. Congratulations. She's gonna be so happy.

Daniel: One step at a time. Thank you.

Abigail: Okay, bye.

Daniel: See ya. [Exhales] There's the man. The man of the hour, hey. Thank you. Thank you.

Brady: You're welcome.

Daniel: [Exhales]

Debra: Please leave a message for Debra after the tone.


Nicole: Hi, uh, this is about Liam. This is Nicole--

Eric: Nicole?

Liam: [Masked] Salem university pharmacy.

Jennifer: Hi, uh, my name is Jennifer Horton, and I am calling about my prescription for painkillers. Can I ask you a question? Uh, my last name is Horton. H-o-R... t-o-N.

Liam: [Masked] Yes, I found it. I don't believe it!

EJ: What do you think would happen if someone were to pressure Abigail into talking?

Gabi: I mean, I'm the only one who even knew you were there.

EJ: What if somebody followed me?

Gabi: Like who? Who would have anything to say about you being on smith island?

EJ: I have enemies, Gabriella. My family has enemies. I'm often followed. Now, if somebody saw me, and they started investigating--

Gabi: I think you're being a little paranoid.

EJ: Sometimes, they really are following you.

[Both laugh]

Gabi: Okay.

EJ: You're right, I didn't see a tail. And besides... you already said you didn't tell anybody that I went there.

Gabi: Oh, yeah, I came straight here and-- oh, wait, I did tell Sonny, but, I mean, he doesn't count, right? He's safe.

EJ: Oh, no, no, of course. Of course. And you're sure that you told nobody else I was going out there? Good. Well, I suppose I have nothing to worry about.

Gabi: No, so don't go disappearing, okay? There's not gonna be any more-- Kate.

EJ: What?

Gabi: I did tell Kate that you were gonna go to smith island.

Kate: Okay. You did something, didn't you?

Sami: How dare you? Would you please stop accusing me of things?

Kate: Okay, so could you just tell me? I mean, why are we worried about this all of a sudden today? Come on. Really? I mean, it's bad enough that we have to worry about what's going on in Gabi's head.

Sami: Ari. And this crazy notion she has that Nick has all of a sudden decided to be a better person.

Kate: Okay. What did you do?

Sami: I may have called her an unfit mother.

Kate: Oh!

Sami: But it was completely justified, and it's totally true, at the time.

Kate: Ay...

Sami: Even if it was crossing the line a little bit.

Kate: You think?

Sami: Well...[Sighs] Kate, you would have been just as mad as I was, believe me. I know you would have been.

Kate: Yes, I would've, but I wouldn't go shooting my mouth off like that.

Sami: Okay, well, we can stand here and beat me up about it, or we can come up with a strategy.

Kate: For what?

Sami: How to counteract what Nick is going to say. You and I have to make sure that our story is straight about what really happened that night.

Kate: All right, all right.

Sami: Okay, when I got to Gabi, you were already there, right?

Kate: Yeah, I mean, I got there a few moments before you did. Look, you don't know what's going on, but trust me, you can't call the cops.

Sami: At that point, we had done nothing illegal, and Gabi had bashed Nick on the head with a rock.

Kate: Yeah. Which she said was self-defense.

Sami: Right, well, Nick is probably gonna back her up on that one.

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: Right? So then we decided to take Nick's body to the river, right?

Kate: The river is really close by.

Sami: Huh.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Kate: Okay. Well, we don't know that Nick hurt Gabi, but she genuinely sounded upset.

Sami: And we were only in that situation because of her in the first place.

Kate: Oh, stop.

Sami: I mean, I--

Kate: Sami!

Sami: Okay, fine. The point is, then we got interrupted by Percy Ruggles, or whatever, and then we got Nick's body to the river. Did she touch him at any point? Was she--

Kate: No. No, that was all us.

Sami: But she was carrying that backpack. I mean, she was helping.

Kate: Yeah, I know, but she was protesting.

Sami: Damn it.

Kate: Oh, my God. She could also claim that we coerced her. I mean, she could. That--that she was in a fragile state.

Sami: But come on. She helped us push his body into the river, didn't she?

Kate: Well, I mean, kinda.

[All screaming at once]

Nick: Help! Help!

Sami: Let go of me!

[All scream]

Nick: Gabi, no! No, no!

Kate: Oh, my God!

Gabi: He's drowning! We have to do-- we have to do something!

Kate: No! Stop it!

Sami: Oh, there is no way Nick heard that part.

Kate: Oh, my God. It doesn't even matter. I mean, it really doesn't even matter, because we are screwed. He has us exactly where he wants us.

Sami: [Sighs]

JJ: Well, since there was no school, I decided to bank some hours.

Paige: Good idea.

JJ: You know, I'm switching these bulbs out for, uh, for compact fluorescents. Yeah, I'm helping the square go green.

Paige: That's great.

JJ: You know what? I'll be off in a little bit. Um, do you want to catch a movie or something?

Paige: Sure. I'll help you finish, and then we can go.

JJ: All right, all right.

[Cell phone rings]

JJ: Um, this is--this is my sister. She may have some news. Just-- abs, what's the word?

Abigail: Hi, I need you here. Can you ditch community service for a little while?

JJ: Uh, yeah. Yeah, uh, I'm on my way.

Paige: Was that about Dr. Jonas' hearing?

JJ: I-I don't know. She just seemed tense. I need to find out why. Um, would you mind? I'll be right back, and I'll text you, like, constantly, so you'll know where I'm at.

Paige: I think once or twice will do it.

JJ: All right, I'll be back soon.

Paige: Keep moving.

Nicole: Hi.

Eric: Hi.

Nicole: Eric, hi. Um, any word on Daniel's hearing?

Eric: No, not yet. What are you doing out here?

Nicole: Nothing, just, um, you know, getting some air. What about you?

Eric: I just met up with Theresa.

Nicole: Really?

Eric: Yeah. She looked like one of those people who are first in line for confession, like she wanted to get something off her chest.

Nicole: Did she?

Eric: No, I gave her a chance, but she got very defensive and clammed up.

Nicole: Oh, so that makes her guilty?

Eric: No, it's something else. I mean, she looks and sounds guilty, but she's adamant she had nothing to do with drugging Daniel. But it's like she's trying to convince herself.

Nicole: But what if Theresa isn't guilty? What if someone else drugged Daniel?

Jennifer: The bottle says it was filled a few weeks ago.

Liam: [Masked] Almost a month, yes.

Jennifer: Are you sure?

Liam: [Masked] Dr. Jonas prescribed refills. If you've run out, he can fax us a--

Jennifer: Oh, my God, Daniel.

You did it!

JJ: Abigail? Where are you?

Abigail: Oh, thank God.

JJ: Wow, that-- this is a new look for you. [Chuckles]

Abigail: Shut up, squirt. Your genius recycling system just crashed on me. I was trying to get my bike down.

JJ: That's, like, by the rafters, man. No way.

Abigail: Yeah, no kidding.

JJ: This is why you called me? I thought Daniel had been fired or something the way you sounded.

Abigail: Oh, no. Didn't you get my text?

JJ: That's not funny this week.

Abigail: No, seriously. Daniel's back on the job tomorrow. This whole stupid mess should be over with in, like, a month.

JJ: Great.

Abigail: Yeah, it is. But that's not what you're smiling about.

JJ: Don't be abusive. You're not--

Abigail: That's about Paige, isn't it?

JJ: Mm.

Marybeth: Oh, come on. I'm sorry about deleting the text.

Paige: You're not.

Marybeth: Okay, well, I'm sorry you're so mad.

Paige: JJ's my friend. I will decide that.

[Cell phone rings]

Paige: And if my friend is ready to hang out, then-- [Laughs] Oh, my God.

EJ: Kate. Kate Roberts? You're telling me that she knew that I went to smith island.

Gabi: Yeah, she, um, she called after you left. And I know I wasn't supposed to answer the phone, but I could see that it was her, and she's on our side, right? She has as much to lose as anyone if this comes out.

EJ: I'm sure.

[Cell phone rings]

Gabi: Oh. Look, just don't worry about it. I--oh, I have to go. I have to go. Um, look, it can't get any worse than this, right? Thanks for the contracts. See ya.

EJ: Kate. Yes, this is just her style.

Kate: So what do you want to do now?

Sami: I'm going to suck it up and make nice with Gabi, get back in her good graces--

Kate: [Laughs] Get back? You never were in her good graces.

Sami: We were doing fine, okay? Especially until Nick came back.

Kate: [Sighs] All of our lives would be so much easier if Nick had just stayed dead.

Sami: I should go.

Kate: Yeah, good idea. Um, when you talk to Gabi, though, I--

Sami: Wait, wait. Are you about to give me advice on how to deal with the mother of my son's baby? 'Cause you were so good at dealing with me and making nice with me all those years.

Kate: [Sighs] Actually, I think you can learn from my mistakes.

Sami: Mistakes, huh? I'll let you know how that goes.

Kate: Fine. You do it your way. I'll do it my way.

Eric: Why do you keep saying that?

Nicole: What do you mean, "keep"?

Eric: Well, this isn't the first time that you've said Theresa isn't guilty.

Nicole: Might not be. I'm just thinking out loud, you know? It's an investigation. You gotta keep an open mind.

[Cell phones ringing]

Nicole: Oh, only one person would text us both.

Eric: "All is well with Daniel's hearing." Brady came through.

Nicole: You sound surprised.

Eric: I am, a little.

Nicole: You should go check on him.

Eric: Yeah, well, things are a little rough with us right now.

Nicole: But you have an opening.

Eric: Maybe I will in a while, but what's going on with you?

Nicole: What?

Eric: Well, you kinda looked like you had something going on when I got here.

Nicole: Well, yeah, I mean, I have--I have a story brewing.

Eric: Yeah? Wouldn't have anything to do with what happened to Daniel, would it?

Liam: Damn, I need a camera in there.

[Keys rattle]

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: What are you-- what are you doing here? Did you get the message about my hearing?

Jennifer: No, I didn't listen to my phone.

Daniel: Jennifer, what-- what is going on?

[Knock at door]

Kate: Come in.

Hi, this just came for you, Miss Roberts.

Kate: Thank you.

No problem.

Kate: "I hope you will wear this to our next dinner, cara mia." Don't hold your breath for that. Please. Although... I don't think I will be giving this back. Ah. Perfect.

Gabi: Okay. I got your text.

Sami: I wasn't sure you'd come.

Gabi: Neither was I.

Sami: Look. You have every reason to be mad at me. What I said was completely out of line.

Gabi: And it'll never happen again? Forget it, Sami.

Sami: Gabi, I am trying here.

Gabi: I know. But I know you, and you can't help yourself.

Kate: Yes, okay. Well, we'll schedule a meeting, then, this--

[Door slams]

Kate: Um, I'll call you back. Well, hello. Good to see you. Make yourself at home. Is this about Nick?

EJ: No. This is about you... and your very predictable bag of tricks.

Paige: I'm in at Stanford.

Marybeth: You got wait-listed?

Paige: I'm in. This is an offer.

Marybeth: Yes!

Paige: [Squeals] I have to call my mom! Uh... oh, this phone.

Marybeth: Oh, here, use mine.

Paige: No, no, no, she-- she won't answer if she doesn't know the number. Uh, there's--I get better reception on the next block. Okay.

[Both squealing]

Marybeth: Congratulations! [Sighs]

Nicole: If Daniel's hearing went well, then everything's fine, right?

Eric: Yeah, it sounds like it. Nicole, you are such a good friend.

Nicole: Oh, not even. I mean, compared to everything that Daniel's done for me-- he's--he's better than anyone I know. Except for you, of course. This all has to come out right for him.

Eric: It will. You've done everything you can for him.

Nicole: Wish I could do more.

Eric: As I keep saying, just one of the many reasons why I love you. I think I'm gonna go find Brady.

Nicole: [Laughs softly] Okay. See you later.

Eric: Bye.

Nicole: You will totally understand, Eric, once I stop that slimy creep Liam in his tracks, once I get the blackmail material away from that slimy creep. [Sighs] But I only have his ex-wife. She's my only lead.

Debra: Hello?

Nicole: Debra, don't hang up.

Daniel: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hey, man. Jenn, hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Yeah, we're gonna talk strategy about what happens next. I, uh, I was reinstated, by the way.

Jennifer: Great.

Daniel: Yeah, all my duties, except surgery.

Brady: Oh, that's a formality. We'll get over that.

Daniel: Well, not until I find out who drugged me.

Brady: We'll find that out soon enough.

Daniel: I cannot believe how this guy here stepped up.

Brady: Oh, come on.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Brady: Well, it's not--it's not hard when you see this guy get railroaded the way he did.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I mean, technically, he wasn't. He was drugged out of his mind when he went into surgery, so the hospital had to react.

Daniel: Yeah, absolutely. But, you know, I was kind of surprised not to see you after the hearing, if you were so concerned.

Jennifer: Oh, I am. I-I was, I still am.

Brady: Why--why weren't you at the hospital?

Jennifer: I had something that I needed to do. I got a call, and I had to come back here to pick something up, and I'm afraid it couldn't wait.

Daniel: Well, what did you have to pick up at my apartment?

Jennifer: I need the key to the cabin on smith island. I'm gonna go out there tonight, and I left it here this morning.

Brady: Well, I'm sorry you-- you weren't inside the hearing.

Daniel: Uh, you know what? That's okay. Um, but, you know, wow. I must've lost track of time. I promised Parker I'd do a video chat with him right now.

Brady: Oh.

Daniel: You know, he's with Chloe for a few days, so could we do this later or tomorrow?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, anytime. We'll plan our next move, all right?

Daniel: You got it. Thanks, man, I appreciate it.

Jennifer: Bye.

Brady: No worries. Bye-bye.

Daniel: See ya. Jennifer... you want to tell me what the hell is going on?

Nicole: I can feel this is a tough subject for you, but I really need to talk to you about your ex-husband, Liam.

Debra: I have nothing to say about that son of a bitch.

Nicole: He did it again.

Debra: What?

Nicole: The same thing he did to you, he's doing to someone that I care about. I need your help. Are you still there?

Debra: He won't stop unless you make him.

Nicole: I know. And that's why I need some help. Look, this is a Chicago area code.

Debra: It's a big city. Don't even try to find me.

Nicole: I won't. Debra, listen. Let's--let's just meet somewhere neutral, okay? Completely your choice, your ground rules. We have to stop him, please.

Debra: Do we?

Nicole: What does that mean?

Debra: Look, I don't know you, lady. I don't know who you are, who you work with. So let me say this. If this is one of Liam's tricks, I will have the Chicago P.D. On notice. If he tries to come near me--

Nicole: That won't happen. It's just me. I will do whatever you say.

Debra: Okay, listen carefully.

JJ: What did I ever do to you?

Marybeth: Nothing, thank God.

JJ: But you think I-I would? What--?

Marybeth: I think-- no, I'm sure you would hurt my friend.

JJ: Okay, you don't know me.

Marybeth: I know your type.

JJ: Now that's really intelligent. Whatever. Now, at least I know Paige will get this text.

Marybeth: Ooh, she's busy. And her phone's gonna be ringing nonstop.

JJ: And why is that? What are you so damn happy about?

Sami: I am trying to be a good friend to you.

Gabi: No, hold on. You don't want to be my friend. You feel obligated because I'm Arianna's mother. Look, I've tried, because I want things to be easy with will's family, but don't pretend to like me when you--

Sami: Wait a second. Who planned your wedding? Who did you confide in when you found out that you were pregnant? Even though it turned out-- [Sighs] Look, all that happened before you were Arianna's mother, right? I liked you then. I like you now. Gabi, I don't have a problem with you.

Gabi: But you do have a problem with Nick. A big one.

Kate: You were a lot more fun when you first came into town. I mean, crazy and a tad bit sadistic for my taste, but still fun.

EJ: Yeah, well, I'm still all of those things. You'd better remember that.

Kate: Oh, my.

EJ: So what's your next move?

Kate: You'll just have to wait and see.

EJ: You know, I'm not a particularly patient man, Kate. So why don't you just tell me what you plan on doing with this?

Sami: [Whispering] I put my butt on the line for you to protect you from him.

Gabi: I know.

Sami: You were so scared of Nick that you thought you had killed him.

Gabi: Sami, I live with that every day.

Sami: Is that what this is? Is it the guilt? Because Nick does not deserve--

Gabi: Another chance? Yes, actually, he does, because he could've put the three of us away, but he didn't.

Sami: So what? What are you saying? Do you feel like Nick is holding you hostage?

Gabi: No, I--

Sami: Because--

Gabi: Why do you always twist everything up? The point is that Nick is the one holding all of the cards.

Abigail: Hi, Gabi.

Gabi: Hi, um-- sorry, I'm late.

Abigail: Oh, all right. See ya.

Sami: [Sighs] Hi.

Abigail: Hi. So what did Gabi mean when she said Nick is holding all the cards?

Sami: [Exhales] Frankly, Abigail, I don't know. Sometimes Gabi swears that Nick has changed, and other times, she says things like that. I don't know what's up with her.

Abigail: For what it's worth, uh, I do think it's possible that Nick has turned around.

Sami: And you might be right. But don't you think it's better to wait and see? Let him prove himself first? Don't you wish you had done that with the worthless jerk that you were dating?

Kate: Oh, I have rattled your cage.

EJ: I thought that was your point.

Kate: So let's negotiate.

EJ: Negotiate.

Kate: How much are you going to offer me for that?

EJ: You know how much that formula's worth to countess Wilhelmina.

Kate: Yes. About as much as the formula that you stole from me. What?

EJ: Wrong answer.

Kate: Okay. What's in this thing?

Marybeth: I want what's best for my friend, and she's about to get it.

JJ: Well, I know you can't mean me, but I am going to be with her.

Marybeth: At Stanford? [Laughs] I-I doubt it.

JJ: S-Stanford?

Marybeth: It's a university in California. It's very prest--

JJ: Yeah, I know what Stanford is, thank you. It's just, I didn't--I didn't know that Paige is going to--

Marybeth: Leave you in the dust? Count on it.

[Door slams]

Brady: [Sighs] Pow.

Eric: Henderson let me in. I heard what you did for Daniel today.

Brady: He called you?

Eric: Theresa did. Not that you just stopped drinking--that you put your relationship on hold.

Brady: Look, man, if you're here to trash Theresa--

Eric: No, I'm not. I'm just here to say thanks.

Brady: Well, I didn't do it for you.

Eric: I know.

Brady: Daniel's my friend, and he would do anything for me.

Eric: A lot of us would.

Brady: Eric, Eric, I don't...

Eric: Just let me...

Brady: Need this right now.

Eric: Help you help him.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Very relieved. Thank you. Yeah, I love you too. Mm-hmm. Maggie said hi. And so did Abigail. In fact, she had a message. Uh, she said to tell you that she's--she's getting the key-- the cabin key--from the house and bringing it to your office. From your house.

Jennifer: Mm.

Daniel: So what are you really doing here, Jenn?

Jennifer: I, um, I just had to look for something.

Daniel: What? Jenn. Jenn, whatever it is, just come out with it. I mean, there's nothing you can't say to me, right?

Jennifer: No, you're right, and as serious as all of this is, it's more important than ever that we are totally honest with each other.

Paige: Hey. Sorry, I had to make a call. Are you ready to go to the movies?

JJ: Sure.

Paige: What's wrong?

JJ: Nothing. I-I heard that you're leaving town this fall. Stanford. But how--how come you didn't tell me?

Sami: Oh, gosh, that wasn't very diplomatic of me, was it? Look, I just hate the idea that some guy would do something like that to you. A nice girl like you deserves--

Abigail: It was--honestly, it was just as much my fault. Really.

Sami: Um... I just hate that that happened to you. That's all I meant by that. I mean, you deserve better. And now I feel like maybe I stepped in it. Is the gentleman still around?

Abigail: No. No, it's over. And I'm relieved. I am. You didn't-- don't worry. I know what a huge mistake I made, but I'm just glad that it ended before anyone really got hurt.

Kate: Really? S-so you were just bored at your office, and you decided to come over here and yank my chain?

EJ: It was lovely seeing you, Kate.

Kate: EJ, whatever was in that envelope really upset you. Why did you think I was the one who sent it to you?

EJ: It was a minor annoyance that I could take care of in one afternoon. Your specialty.

Kate: Ah. EJ, if this has anything to do with Nick, you're not going to drag me down with you.

EJ: If not Kate, then who?

Brady: There's nothing to do for Daniel right now.

Eric: You'll let me know?

Brady: Sure.

Eric: You know, it's not booze... or Theresa. It's Kristen. It's what she did, what happened with her. I still can't believe it's sitting between us.

Brady: Yeah, how 'bout that?

Eric: Then what makes it go away?

Brady: Maybe it never will.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Debra: Don't go. I'm here. I'm--I'm Debra Frazer, Liam's ex.

Daniel: Jennifer, you're scaring the hell out of me. What-- what is it? Just tell me, please.

Jennifer: This.

Daniel: What--?

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