Days Transcript Tuesday 4/15/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/15/14


Episode #12317 ~ Liam blackmails Nicole; Jennifer talks Daniel out of going after Theresa; Will blasts Sami; Nick gives Rafe a chilling warning.

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Daniel: I am gonna have it out with Theresa once and for all.

Jennifer: Daniel, please don't do that.

Daniel: Why? We both know she's the one who drugged me and got me suspend--

Jennifer: No, but we don't have proof of that.

Daniel: Well, if she and her sidekick Anne didn't do it, tell me. Who? Who did it?

Nicole: Liam! [Chuckles] Hey.

Liam: You again.

Nicole: Yeah. You probably think you're being followed. Well, you're right.

Liam: What do you want?

Nicole: About Dr. Weeks.

Liam: If you're looking for some sort of scoop, I--

Nicole: No, no, no, no. I'm just a little confused about your story.

Liam: What do you mean "story"?

Nicole: Well, colleen weeks does live in that building. She just doesn't live on that floor. Why do I get the feeling she wasn't the reason you were there? Why don't you tell me why you were at Dr. Jonas' apartment today?

Liam: What exactly are you implying?

Sami: And remember how she said that she took so long to answer the door because she was changing after the wedding? That is another lie.

EJ: What did you expect her to do, tell you the truth? I mean, she knew how you would react, and then you proved her right by doing exactly that.

Sami: Well, I had to find out if it was true.

EJ: Okay, well, now you know. Was it worth it?

Sami: [Sighs] I was angry, okay? I was just--I was just frustrated. And you know what? If I have to eat my words, I will. Truth is, Gabi's not the real problem here anyway.

EJ: No?

Sami: We have to find a way to stop Nick Fallon. We have to.

EJ: Samantha, what exactly did you say to Gabi?

Sami: I told you.

EJ: The exact words. Tell me.

Sami: Fine. I told her that she was an unfit mother to Arianna.

[Door opens]

Will: What's that for?

Gabi: We're leaving.

Will: You can't do that.

Gabi: I have no choice. I can't live here anymore.

Will: Gabi--

Gabi: Not after everything that happened today. And now that I have a steady income for us, Arianna and I can stay in a hotel until we find a permanent place.

Will: You mean a permanent place with Nick, don't you? That's what you're planning.

Rafe: You son of a bitch!

Nick: Get your hands off me!

Rafe: I warned you to stay away from my sister, didn't I? You should have listened. You really should have listened.

Jennifer: Daniel. I don't know who else it could be--Theresa, Anne, Anne, Theresa.

Daniel: Well, then why can't I confront her? Why?

Jennifer: Because if you love me, you would understand that is the worst thing that you could do.

Nicole: Just trying to get a few things straight.

Liam: Well, you're right. Dr. Weeks lives on five. But I happened to get off on the wrong floor and I was just waiting for the next elevator when I ran into you.

Nicole: Oh, so it was just a coincidence that you got off on Dr. Jonas' floor?

Liam: I-I-I guess so.

Nicole: You know... for some reason, I just don't believe that.

Gabi: There is no plan.

Will: No? You packed that suitcase in about five minutes flat. Nick's been working you, hasn't he? While Sonny and I were on our honeymoon, he was trying to convince you to move out.

Gabi: No, actually. As much as you've been running him down, Nick hasn't had one single negative thing to say about you or Sonny. Actually, he's been very supportive of me staying here.

Will: [Scoffs] Really?

Gabi: Yes, really.

Will: Then what is this about?

Gabi: What is this about? This is about your mother. She came here and she attacked me.

Will: She was upset.

Gabi: Yeah, she's always upset, will. That is no excuse for her to come here, call me a lying bitch--her words, all right? And then tell me that I am not fit to raise my own daughter.

Will: Our daughter.

Gabi: Exactly. Yours, mine, not hers.

EJ: Why? Why would you say something like that?

Sami: I'm sorry, but a fit mother does not have sex with a psychopath on the sofa while her child is asleep in the next room.

EJ: Uh-huh?

Sami: And she lied. She lied. She was lying because she knows what she's doing is reckless and stupid.

EJ: Oh, and of course you've never been reckless or remotely stupid.

Sami: Excuse me?

EJ: Do you not understand why she lied, Samantha? I can. She knew exactly what you were going to say. Can you not see why she wouldn't find it a little bit hypocritical for you to sit in judgment? Hmm? And why she wouldn't want to spend the rest of her life under your watchful disapproval?

Sami: Yeah, well, as long as she's involved with Nick Fallon, that's exactly what she's gonna do.

Rafe: [Grunts] Huh?

Nick: What lies is Sami spreading about me?

Rafe: You're gonna stand there, you're gonna tell me that you weren't at Gabi's doing everything you could to get her into bed?

Nick: It's not what happened.

Rafe: No? Don't lie to me.

Nick: It was mutual.

Rafe: Fallon, don't do it.

Nick: I wasn't forcing her. She wanted me.

Rafe: Oh, she did?

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Rafe: Oh...okay.

Daniel: How could you say that? Of course I love you, Jenn--

Jennifer: Okay, then listen to me and don't go after her. Don't give her an opportunity to make this worse.

Daniel: How could it be any worse?

Jennifer: Are you kidding me? The one thing we have learned from Theresa is that it always gets worse. If you confront her without proof, she'll charge you with harassment.

Daniel: Right, okay, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna be careful. I'll be really careful.

Jennifer: I know that you will, but that hasn't gotten you anywhere so far. You have everything to lose and nothing to gain, so please don't do this.

Daniel: No! I am not gonna just sit here and do nothing!

Liam: I'm not sure why any of this matters or why you'd choose not to believe the truth.

Nicole: The truth? When we ran into each other, if you remember correctly, you said you were leaving. From the wrong floor?

Liam: I'd forgot my wallet. I was in a rush, got back on the elevator, pushed the wrong button.

Nicole: For Daniel Jonas' floor?

Liam: Exactly. Realized my mistake when I got off, but the doors had already shut and I had to wait for the next elevator.

Nicole: Oh, and that's when we ran into each other.

Liam: Exactly.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. So then you went back to Dr. Weeks' place to pick up your wallet?

Liam: Of course.

Nicole: And if I talk to her about your story, she'll say the same thing?

Liam: Obviously. But, I mean, you're not gonna ask her, right? Look, as I said, this is all very delicate. I already explained, as I recall, that I don't want anyone to think that I'm showing doctors any favors. Also, Dr. Weeks is in another relationship, and if word were to get out about us, it could really wreck things for her and me.

Nicole: Mr. Frazer, I have no intention of doing that.

Liam: Thank you.

Nicole: But I'm still gonna need to speak to her. Don't worry. I'll keep it between us.

Liam: [Stammers] I don't understand why any of this is your concern.

Nicole: Because Dr. Jonas is my friend, and what happened to him this morning is certainly my concern.

Liam: Wait, you're not saying you think I had anything to do--

Nicole: Well, if your alibi checks out, you have nothing to worry about.

Liam: Whoa, wait.

Will: What can I do to make this better?

Gabi: It's too late. There's nothing. I've tried and I've tried, but I just can't live here anymore.

Will: Gabi, I'm sorry for what my mom said, but you and I both know what kind of a hothead she can be. So please, do not punish me by taking Ari away. Do not punish her.

Gabi: Oh, so it's--it's good for her to live in a place where her mother is constantly being disrespected and lectured?

Will: Sonny and I are not going to lecture you anymore. It's your life, and only you can decide what happens with Nick. It's just that with everything that happened, with everything we've been through thinking that he was dead, I am surprised that you want to be friends with him again, but like I said, it's your choice... nobody else's.

Gabi: Well, I really appreciate you saying that. It's a good start. But I'm sorry. It's not enough.

Nick: You can't fight... what Gabi and I feel, Rafe. You can't keep us apart. What we have is too real.

Rafe: No, what you have, it's a joke, it's sick.

Nick: Jensen tried to come between us, he messed with my mind, and he couldn't do it.

Rafe: Uh-huh?

Nick: Gabi and I survived that.

Rafe: Okay.

Nick: As much as you'd like to, you can't control what Gabi feels...

Rafe: We'll see.

Nick: Or what she does. Just like you couldn't control your sister...Arianna. And so she died...tragically. And I know how guilty you feel about that. I know that you feel like if you'd done a better job protecting her, that she'd still be here today.

Rafe: Right.

Nick: But you're not gonna get her back by smothering Gabi. Just gonna make her want me more. Can't you see that?

Rafe: You know what I see? I see a liar. And I see a convicted murderer. And I see someone who is gonna bring my sister nothing but pain and heartache. And I don't give a damn what you say or that you've changed or you say you have some sort of connection with my sister. I am not gonna let you brainwash her into thinking that she needs you. It's not gonna happen.

EJ: Look. I understand that you're concerned about Nick. I do. But you need to grasp that Gabriella's personal life is out of our hands. We don't have a say, Samantha.

Sami: How can you say that? I mean, six months ago, this girl was afraid that she had killed Nick for attacking her. Nick has managed to forgive her for bashing him over the head with a rock. But meanwhile, I am the person who actually tried to help this stupid girl and he's blackmailing me for it. And the thanks I get from Gabi? Oh, yeah. No, she's jumping back in the sack with him.

EJ: Okay. But, Samantha, if Gabriella has feelings for Nick, then there's nothing we can do about that.

Sami: There's always something I could do.

EJ: Such as?

Sami: I don't know, all right? I just know that I want Nick gone...permanently.

EJ: We've been down that road before, Samantha. Look at me. Are you telling me that you want Nicholas Fallon dead?

Nick: I don't want to hurt Gabi, Rafe, unless--

Rafe: Oh, save it, Fallon. Unless what?

Nick: You screw with me, it won't only be your sister's life that you're destroying. Others are involved too.

Rafe: Oh, others? Really? What the hell are you talking about?

Nick: [Sniffs] Don't worry about it. I won't press charges... this time.

Rafe: I will worry about it.

Nick: Really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nick: You trying to leave me no choice?

Rafe: [Sighs] Okay, Sami. I really hope you can tell me what the hell is going on.

Sami: When I say I want Nick gone, I just... I just mean I want him gone.

EJ: Be specific.

Sami: I don't know.

[Phone rings]

Sami: And frankly, I don't care. I mean, the point is I just want him to, you know, be out of will's life and Arianna's life and Gabi's. You know, maybe you could talk to your father.

EJ: About what?

Sami: About Nick, obviously! Couldn't he just, you know, have him put on one of his islands somewhere in the middle of nowhere and we could forget about him forever?

EJ: Would you really like to be in my father's debt again?

Sami: I don't see as we have much choice. Even Rafe realizes there's something that has to be done.

EJ: Whoa, stop. Rafe knows what's going on?

Sami: Well, he came back with will and he saw Gabi and I fighting, he found out what happened, and he went tearing off after Nick.

EJ: Wonderful. Well, with a bit of luck, Mr. Fallon has already departed this world.

[Phone rings]

Sami: I mean, that seems unlikely. It seems like Nick has more than nine lives.

EJ: What is it?

Sami: It's Rafe. He wants to talk to me about the whole thing with Nick, so... all right.

EJ: No, ah-ah! Absolutely not, young lady. You're not going anywhere. You stay here, I'll go.

Sami: What? Are you jealous?

EJ: No, I'm not jealous. I just think it's best to remove you from the situation.

Sami: Oh, because you think I can't handle it?

EJ: I think that dealing with detective Hernandez requires a certain amount of, um... diplomacy.

Sami: And you're telling me that you think I can't keep my big mouth shut?

EJ: We don't want this whole thing to blow up in our faces, do we?

Sami: No, we don't.

EJ: Okay.

Sami: He's at the pub.

EJ: Thank you.

Will: It's not enough? What else can I do?

Gabi: I don't know. I just--I can't deal with your mother again.

Will: Fine, done. I will make sure that she never comes over here to see Ari.

Gabi: She has a key.

Will: For emergencies.

Gabi: Well, she used it when you and Sonny were at the inn, and that's when she--

Will: Okay, look, I will go and I will get that key from-- I'll go right now. Just please, promise me that you will be here when I get back.

Gabi: I promise. I don't-- I don't want to move out, will. But if your mom comes here again and attacks me one more time, there isn't anything that you can do to stop me. I'm sorry.

Will: I understand. And it won't happen.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Rafe.

[Phone rings]

Nick: [Sighs] Hey.

Gabi: Hey, um, it's me. Look, my brother was here and I just wanted to warn you that--

Nick: I already saw him.

Gabi: Are you okay?

Nick: I'm fine.

Gabi: Well, you don't sound fine.

Nick: I'm just getting a little peace and quiet in the park. Um, I think it--it'll be good if we can just talk tomorrow.

Gabi: Tomorrow?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, I think that'd be best. I'll talk to you later, okay? [Sighs]

Gabi: Okay, Arianna grace, let's go.

Daniel: Jennifer, I hear you. I hear what you're saying, but if Theresa gets away with this, she wins, and that is not an option for me.

Jennifer: But you're never going to get to her because she's never going to admit it.

Daniel: Not deliberately, but she has a weakness.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: Me. She hates me, obviously, but she also has this weird vibe around me. It's sick, it's disgusting, fueled by her desire to hurt you, but despite her little tough veneer, she makes mistakes. That girl, she makes mistakes. Now, if I can just push her buttons, I'll get her to fly off the handle, she will incriminate herself like that.

Jennifer: Do you realize that there are other people who could be hurt if this doesn't turn out the way you expect it to?

Daniel: Oh, my God. You're right. I didn't... I didn't think about that. Jennifer, I'm... I'm sorry.

Liam: Are you suggesting I had something to do with Daniel Jonas' mishap today?

Nicole: He was deliberately drugged in his apartment this morning.

Liam: Okay, even if that's so, it's a big building. Dozens of people passing through. I'm not quite sure why you're zeroed in on me.

Nicole: I'm an investigative reporter.

Liam: So you bark up every tree?

Nicole: Well, I'm barking up your tree because... you're sweating.

Liam: I barely know Dr. Jonas.

Nicole: But you know Jennifer Horton, don't you? She stopped seeing you to go back to Daniel, right?

Liam: So you think I drugged him? That's crazy.

Nicole: Well, if the label fits--

Liam: Okay, if you think you're gonna ruin my reputation on the basis of this purely circumstantial crap, you're the one who's going to be kissing your career good-bye.

Nicole: Oh, we'll just see about that.

Liam: Hold on. I think we should talk about Dr. Chyka, don't you?

[Door closes]

Sami: Hey, will. I hope you were able to talk some sense into Gabi--

Will: Be quiet. Listen to me.

Sami: Hey, all right, you don't talk to me like that. Gabi is the one who--

Will: Do you hear yourself? You're the reason Gabi almost walked out with Arianna today.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Will: You went after the mother of my baby. You almost cost me my daughter, and that is unacceptable.

EJ: Oh! Little early for that.

Rafe: Where's Sami?

EJ: Something came up.

Rafe: Like what?

EJ: Well, she told me what was happening earlier, and we decided I'd come in her place.

Rafe: Hmm, lucky me.

EJ: So... you went after Nick, did you? So you're still in one piece.

Rafe: Unfortunately, so is he.

EJ: You realize you just gave him exactly what he wanted?

Rafe: Oh, yeah? Loosening his teeth?

EJ: He wants to be the victim.

Rafe: Well, he's not the victim. My sister is the victim. He tried to lure her to new York, and God, if-- I'm not giving him another chance.

EJ: [Clears throat] Once you calm down, you're going to realize you don't have a choice. None of us do.

Gabi: Um, Nick, look. I know that you said you wanted to be alone, but I was worried and-- oh, my God. Did Rafe do that to you?

Nick: It's not a big deal.

Gabi: It's not a big deal? What?

Nick: It's your brother. He's just trying to be protective.

Gabi: You mean he's being a Neanderthal.

Nick: Look, Gabi, the last thing that I want is to cause any problems between you and your family. And that includes will and Sami.

Gabi: Sami?

Nick: You know, after-- after what happened at the river, I thought to myself that I-I wanted to stay in Salem because it's the only place that I've ever really felt at home. I've tried really, really hard to make that happen.

Gabi: I know you have.

Nick: But it's stupid for me to think any of that mattered. You know? Because now, I mean, with the way people are acting, I don't think anybody's ever gonna accept me in this town.

Daniel: I don't even know where my head's at. If I go after Theresa, she's gonna retaliate by hurting JJ, and that's the last thing you need.

Jennifer: Yes, I know that. But it's not that. It's not just JJ. This is all my fault.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: Daniel, if you never loved me, none of this would be happening to you right now.

Nicole: I'm sorry. What did you say?

Liam: Dr. Chyka. He's the guy who kidnapped you and the priest, right? I saw it on titan TV breaking news. You almost died. What a terrible ordeal you went through.

Nicole: I don't know what that has to do with you.

Liam: Hmm, well, everyone at the hospital was talking about it, but I didn't pay much attention to it because, well, it's none of my business. And I like to stay out of other people's private matters. Anyway, I'd almost forgotten about the whole thing when the most amazing thing happened. This famous TV news reporter was dumping so much garbage at this ignominious roadside rest stop.

Nicole: Not sure what you're getting at.

Liam: Oh? All that rubbish you were getting rid of, none of it had to do with Dr. Chyka?

Nicole: Of course not.

Liam: I think you're lying to me, miss walker. I know that you were shredding documents pertaining to Dr. Chyka and, uh, what's her name? Kristen DiMera? That's it. And then you were recklessly setting them on fire.

Nicole: I was not.

Liam: The hell you weren't.

Rafe: Well, thanks, but I don't need your advice on how to look out for my sister.

EJ: Are you sure about that?

Rafe: What are you getting at, EJ?

EJ: I'm telling you. You don't want to push this any further.

Rafe: Hmm. Is that a threat?

EJ: No, of course not. I'm trying to get you to understand it's not in Gabi's best interest, or anybody's, for you to interfere with this matter.

Rafe: Well, this matter is my sister's future.

EJ: Rafe, if you go after Nick, it's going to be counterproductive. You risk making this situation a lot more dangerous.

Rafe: Really? It's funny 'cause you kind of sound like Nick. You two working together on this?

EJ: Do I work with Nick?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

EJ: No.

Rafe: Then what are you trying to tell me?

EJ: My interest in this situation is very simple. I'm trying to stop my family from being torn apart.

Rafe: By Nick?

EJ: Yes.

Sami: Oh, my God, what? Is Gabi threatening to move in with Nick?

Will: Or anywhere you weren't.

Sami: Okay, well, it's okay now, right? You talked her out of it and talked some sense into her?

Will: Yes, but I had to make some pretty big promises.

Sami: Like what?

Will: Like you're not allowed to come anywhere near our place if Gabi's around.

Sami: What? No! No, you are not serious! There is no way in hell I am letting her keep me away from my grandbaby.

Nick: Ah...ah.

Gabi: Nick, I feel terrible.

Nick: It's not your fault.

Gabi: Well, my brother would have never laid a hand on you if we weren't-- [Sighs] You know, I'm just-- I just can't understand why people can't try to believe you've changed.

Nick: Because they're never gonna change. Ow, ow. They're never gonna accept me.

Gabi: I mean, will and Sonny are trying.

Nick: [Chuckles] What makes you say that?

Gabi: Well, while Sami was off ranting and raving and Rafe was tearing off after you, will stood up to his mom and actually threw her out of our place.

Nick: Really?

Gabi: Yeah. Said he's gonna tell her that she's not welcome back.

Nick: How did you get him to say that?

Gabi: Well, I told him that I was taking Arianna and that we were moving out.

Nick: What? No, no, no, no. Gabi, you, um... you can't do that.

Daniel: Jennifer. If you and I are not together... you are not to blame for any of this. I never want to hear you say that again. Okay? Oh, baby, come here. We will figure out a way to deal with Theresa. Trust me.

Jennifer: Yeah. Wait a minute. There is something we can do. No, there's something I can do right now.

Nicole: Just what have you been smoking?

Liam: The only thing smoking was that heap of paper. Of course, you can't blame a guy for being curious about what was so secret that it needed to be shredded and set aflame. Of course, you were sweating bullets the whole time I was trying to help you, so naturally, my suspicions were raised. So I fished a few pieces out of the pile before you came back and torched the whole thing. It took some time, but it was kind of like putting together a puzzle. I always liked puzzles.

Nicole: I don't know what you think you know.

Liam: Oh, I do know. So what do you think your ex-priest friend would think about you destroying the only information that could ever clear his name? Sorry. I've got your number and I'm keeping it.

Will: Gabi's not trying to keep you away from your granddaughter.

Sami: Ha! That's exactly what she's doing.

Will: I can bring Ari over here to see you. That's not a problem. Gabi is tired of putting up with you attacking her over Nick.

Sami: Why isn't anyone attacking her for that? I mean, come on! Are you really okay with her sleeping with Nick in your apartment?

Will: I can't control what Gabi does, and neither can you. You are the last person she wants to hear from on the subject of being an unfit mother. And I don't blame her. So...I'm going to need you to give me the key to our place right now.

Gabi: Well, I thought you'd want me to move out.

Nick: No. You've worked way too hard to have a good relationship with will and Sonny, and I want you to keep it that way. That's why you stayed, you know? You're putting Arianna first, the way that we all should be.

Gabi: I wish they could hear you right now. Sometimes I think that you're the only one out of all of them who puts Arianna first.

Nick: That's not true.

Gabi: Will did say that if I wanted to spend time with you, that it'd be totally up to me, so he's gonna be seeing a lot of you. And maybe then he'll realize who you really are.

Nick: I'd--I'd love it if we could all be friends again.

Gabi: Stranger things have happened, right? And if will and Sonny come around, then maybe my brother and the others will too. Yeah?

Nick: Ow.

Gabi: Oh!

Nick: I can only hope.

Rafe: Well, your family does not include my sister.

EJ: No, but it does include Arianna grace.

Rafe: And I don't need your help.

EJ: You have no idea.

Rafe: Okay, then why don't you tell me?

EJ: Trust me, you don't want to know any more.

Rafe: But if it's about Gabi and Nick?

EJ: Look, you and I both know Nick could snap his fingers, your sister's in prison.

Rafe: Mmm, actually, there's a legal agreement.

EJ: You really think a legal agreement means something to someone like Nicholas Fallon?

Rafe: Okay, listen. What happened to Melanie is ancient history, and besides, my sister was a victim in that. And there's no way the D.A. would touch a case like that in a million years, so...

EJ: There is a lot more to it than that.

Rafe: Really? Then why don't you tell me, hmm? Tell me what my sister did this time.

Daniel: Hold on, hold on. What are you gonna do?

Jennifer: I'm gonna put out a press release about your suspension and get in front of the story.

Daniel: And do as much damage control as possible.

Jennifer: Yes, until the truth comes out, which I know is gonna be soon.

Daniel: No, it will. I hope it will.

Jennifer: Yeah. So you'll stay here with Parker?

Daniel: And away from Theresa, yeah.

Jennifer: Yes. Thank you for being so understanding. I'm never gonna let her hurt you again.

Daniel: Oh, thank you.

Jennifer: Okay?

Daniel: Okay.

Jennifer: Just call me. If you need anything, just call me, okay?

Daniel: You know I will.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: All right.

Jennifer: You stay right here.

Liam: You followed me tonight because you had a crazy theory that I broke into Dr. Jonas' apartment and drugged him so that-- why would I do that?

Nicole: You tell me.

Liam: I can't, you see, because I didn't. I wouldn't dream of hurting the good doctor, just as I'm sure you wouldn't hurt the former priest whom you profess to love with your whole heart. So let's call it even. You stay out of my business and I'll happily stay out of yours. But remember, all you have is conjecture, offhanded theories. I've got hard evidence in hand. And I got the feeling that you'd do anything to protect those little secrets that you try to keep under wraps. I wouldn't tempt fate if I were you.

[Yodeling plays]

Sami: The key to your place?

Will: Yes. Thank you.

Sami: So you're choosing Gabi Hernandez over your own mother.

Will: No, mom. I'm choosing my daughter. And if you were in my position, you would do the exact same thing.

EJ: I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss.

Rafe: You cannot just drop these hints that you are protecting my sister from something that you can't tell me because--

EJ: Because you're a detective, Rafe, and to tell you would put you in an untenable position.

Rafe: It's that bad?

EJ: Gabi's not entirely innocent, but the situation is a lot more complex.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. And that's all you can tell me?

EJ: That's all I can tell you.

Rafe: And I'm supposed to just take your word?

EJ: Look, I'm trying to protect the people who you care about. So stop doing your damndest to ruin everything by going after Nick.

Rafe: All right, that's your solution?

EJ: If Nick changes the way he operates, then we'll come up with a better move. For the time being, let's not exacerbate the situation by provoking him.

Rafe: Okay, so just sit back and do nothing?

EJ: I hear you're the praying type. So pray. You pray that your sister's right and that Nick has turned over a new leaf.

Rafe: Okay. That's good.

[Ari cries]

Gabi: Oh, Ari, honey, are you okay? What's going on? Oh, I think she's hungry. Um, I'm pretty sure I packed a bottle.

Nick: You should probably get going. Take her home. But, Gabi... I want you to know how sorry I am for all the trouble that I've caused.

Gabi: You didn't cause it.

Nick: Percy was right. This is working out exactly how I planned.

Jennifer: "Dr. Jonas responded to the drug test results by voluntarily offering his resignation." No, that makes him sound guilty.

Daniel: Yeah, thank you, Marlena. I really appreciate your support.

[Knock at door]

Daniel: Yeah, I'll talk to you soon.

Nicole: Hi.

Daniel: Nicole, what's wrong?

Nicole: I can't let this happen.

Daniel: What--wait, hold on. What are you talking about?

Nicole: I have to help you, no matter what.

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