Days Transcript Friday 4/11/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/11/14


Episode #12315 ~ Nicole becomes suspicious of Liam; Kayla suspends Daniel; Sami confronts Gabi about her lie; Abe offers Maxine comfort.

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EJ: Oh, excellent. Yes, and I think the one with you and the rose is fantastic.

Gabi: Wow, was my lipstick really that color? I mean, it's so intense.

EJ: Oh, it was enhanced. That was a request from our south American affiliate.

Gabi: Oh.

Sami: They are screaming for you to go to Buenos Aires.

EJ: All expenses paid, plus a pretty substantial fee.

Sami: Here's their latest offer.

Gabi: Whoa! Okay, for me to earn that much I'd have to be there, like...

Sami: Two weeks.

Gabi: Shut up. Are you serious?

Sami: It's the opportunity of a lifetime, kiddo.

Gabi: Oh, my God!

Julie: Hello, darling!

Nick: Mwah!

Julie: Oh, sorry I'm late.

Nick: Okay. How are you, aunt Julie?

Julie: Exhausted. Another cruise. Doug adores them, but I've got to tell him all this traveling, it's beginning to wear me out.


Julie: Well...

Nick: Oh.

Julie: Somebody's been shopping at the high end. What's in there?

Nick: Oh, it's just a wedding gift for will and Sonny.

Julie: Oh. I would've give anything if we'd been home for that wedding.

Nick: Oh.

Julie: So tell me all about it.

Nick: Oh, well, um... I heard it was great.

Julie: You heard? Did Kate make you work?

Nick: No. No, no, no, no. I just, um... you know, I... I wasn't invited.

Julie: [Gasps]

Maxine: I'm telling you, Dr. Dan was a mess. [Sighs] The man could barely focus.

Eric: When will you know what's wrong?

Kayla: Maxine. When Dr. Hampton calls, will you just tell him I have to get back to him?

Maxine: Got it, thank you.

Eric: Um, Kayla. Let me know if you have any word on Daniel.

Kayla: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I do, but I need to talk to him first. So...excuse me.

Nurse: Ooh, Maxine, did you hear? Dr. Jonas has been abusing dilaudid. Probably high all the time.

Maxine: You listen to me. You keep that big mouth of your shut. Dr. Daniel would never do something like that.

Anne: Well, well, well. Our own Dr. Jonas, he of stellar reputation, turns out to be a prescription drug abuser. I wonder what public relations is gonna do with that. Got any ideas, jenny?

Jennifer: Do you think for once...

Daniel: I don't...

Jennifer: In your life that you could have some compassion? You know that Daniel doesn't do drugs.

Anne: Oh, he looks pretty high to me. And you know what's really terrible about this? That the hospital didn't catch it sooner and fire his ass.

Nicole: What are you doing here?

Julie: What is the matter with those boys? They invited everybody in the Horton family. They even included Theresa Donovan, and they didn't want you there?

Nick: Hey, I-I understand, okay? After the things that I did last year--

Julie: That was last year. You've apologized, you've made amends. For heaven's sake, you've turned your entire life around.

Nick: [Laughs]

Julie: And they spit in your eye like that!

Nick: Okay, let's not exaggerate. They didn't insult me, they didn't do anything of the sort.

Julie: Yes, they did.

Nick: No!

Julie: Yes, they did, my dear. That was so unfeeling. If Sonny and will had been through half of what you have been through, they would understand and show a little compassion.

Nick: Julie, Julie. Seriously, I think it would've been kind of uncomfortable if I'd been there, for everybody. You know? And it was their day.

Julie: Now that I think about this... will doesn't hold a grudge. He doesn't have a vindictive personality. So it must've been Sami.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Sami: So what do you think? Should I tell them that you're in?

Gabi: I mean, is it really that simple? I mean, they see a couple photos, they wanna fly me into Argentina and pay me all this money?

EJ: Oh, don't worry. You'll earn every single penny, I can assure you. They will have you promoting their products left and right, day and night, not to mention all the photo shoots.

Sami: Uh, I think the one thing here--they wanted to make sure that you speak fluent Spanish, yeah.

EJ: Actually the contract that they gave us is in Spanish. I don't know if you need us to have a translation made for you.

Gabi: Um, that's fine. [Speaking Spanish] "All photographs, video, and images of Gabriella Hernandez shall be sole property of the national group limited or its assigned agents."

Sami: Sounds like you know what you're talking about. You know what, we'll make a video of you smiling and happy and saying thank you, and that you're so excited to go down there. They will love it.

Gabi: Oh, this is so weird. I mean, they just--they asked for me specifically?

Sami: Yep.

Gabi: Wow! Oh, I really have to just--I have to thank Nick because, without him, none of this would've ever happened.

Liam: [Clears throat] Goodness, hello!

Nicole: [Laughs]

Liam: It must be fate. We just keep running into each other. Are you here on a story?

Nicole: You still didn't answer my question. What are you doing here?

Anne: The hospital handbook has a policy on prescription drug abuse. It's in here somewhere.

Jennifer: Why don't you use your head? If Daniel was surprised that there was dilaudid in his system, that means he didn't take it knowingly, Anne!

Anne: Oh, here it is. I have it right here. [Speaking gibberish] Oh! Oh, see, Daniel, now you actually had a double violation, right? So abusing prescription drugs and trying to operate on a patient while impaired.

Daniel: I don't abuse prescription drugs.

Anne: Okay, you keep telling yourself that, doc. Here's how it's gonna go. You're gonna be suspended immediately. Then there's gonna be a hearing to decide whether or not you can have privileges in this hospital.

Kayla: Excuse me, Anne, I'm in charge, thank you very much.

Jennifer: What is going on? Please tell me this is some kind of horrible mistake.

Julie: I think I'm gonna have to track Sami down and have a little talk with her. You know, she is so cold-hearted, so unfeeling.

Nick: Okay, Julie, come on, come on. Let's just...forget the wedding. Okay? It's the past. It's old news, you know? Let's concentrate on... what's happening now.

Julie: From that smile I guess things are looking up.

Nick: Yeah! I guess you could say they are. Um, you know, things are good at work, Kate's happy.

Julie: [Laughing] She should be, you're making her millions.

Nick: Maybe. Probably.

Julie: [Laughing]

Nick: But, uh, things are actually really good with, uh, with Gabi too.

Julie: What things?

Nick: Well, you know, we see each other, we--we talk.

Julie: Nick, you should move on. You know, Gabi's the past too.

Nick: Yeah, not necessarily.

Julie: Just walk away, Nick. That girl is trouble.

Nick: No.

Julie: Trouble with a capital "T."

Nick: No, aunt Julie, Gabi is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Sami: I just think that I need to be clear that actually Nick had absolutely nothing to do with, uh, you getting this offer, so...

EJ: Samantha, I think that, under the circumstances, the best idea is just for us to continue to be Gabriella's sponsor and to allow her to make her own decisions when it comes to her personal life.

Sami: Seriously?

EJ: Yes. I think that Gabriella's just taking her time and evaluating all of the things that have happened up to now with Nick.

Sami: You, of course, are referring to all the blackmail.

Gabi: Oh, come on, Sami. I mean, EJ's right. I'm--I'm taking things slow, all right? We're friends. But that's it, all right? Right now he's just trying to prove to people that he actually has changed. And if he has, don't you think that he deserves a second chance?

Sami: Gabi, I understand that you still feel guilty for what we did. But...I really see that Nick is up to his old tricks again. He is manipulating you. He is trying to get you to think that he is this good guy, and he's not. He's--he's a total...

EJ: I think you've made your point, darling. I do. And I think that Gabriella understands what you're trying to say. I think she realizes what's at stake here.

Gabi: Of course I do.

Sami: Okay. Okay. Uh, yes, I will let it go. And I have to get going. I'm stopping by the pub to drop that thing off for that mom at school. And I really am--I hope you know I really am happy for you. Congratulations, kiddo.

Gabi: Thank you.

Sami: It's very exciting. EJ's gonna handle the rest of this with you, okay?

Gabi: Thank you.

Sami: Thank you. I'll see you later.

EJ: I love you.

Sami: I love you. [Sighs]

Gabi: Bye.

Sami: Bye.

Liam: Actually the reason I'm here kinda has to stay on the qt. Um... I guess it's okay to tell you. It's not like you're investigating me, right?

Nicole: [Laughs] Maybe third time's a charm. What are you doing here?

Liam: I don't know if you're aware of this, but an awful lot of medical people live in this building... uh, because it's so close to the hospital.

Nicole: And...

Liam: [Stammers] This is a little embarrassing. Um, last month I met this doctor, colleen weeks. You know her? We're talking stop-traffic good looks, okay? So, um, the reason I'm here is I... I sort of made a house call. Get it? House call on a doctor?

Nicole: [Clears throat]

Maxine: Yes, I know the technician was up here a while ago, and he gave the report to Dr. Jonas. But I want confirmation from you. Thank you. Dr. Dan did test positive for opiates, just like that big mouth said.

Eric: I don't understand. That sounds...

Maxine: Dead wrong. I'm gonna make them do another test.

Theresa: Hey, Eric. Guess you heard about Dr. Jonas. [Scoffs]

Eric: Yeah.

Theresa: Talk about bad news, right? I mean, he was gonna operate on this guy while he was high. Wow.

Kayla: Anne, would you mind stepping out, please? And Jennifer, you might wanna do the same. I need to talk to Daniel alone.

Daniel: No, it's okay, Kayla. It's gonna be all over the hospital in two minutes anyway.

Kayla: All right. Anne is right. You will be suspended while we investigate this.

Jennifer: Okay, but that's just hospital policy. Once they find out what happened--

Daniel: Let's let Kayla take this one step at a time.

Jennifer: Okay, but your reputation is as important as following rules. And a good name can be destroyed in a heartbeat and take years to get back. So if we could just be quiet about this for a little while.

Anne: Good luck with that.

Kayla: You know, could you zip it, please?

Daniel: It's okay, Kayla. I'm suspended. No practicing medicine until this is--until this is resolved.

Kayla: I'm sorry. But yeah, until we get this worked out. And hopefully it'll be soon.

Daniel: Very soon.

Anne: Well, I'm gonna get back to work, doctor. Oh, wait, you're not. But hey, if you wanna put your patients at risk just so you can get high...

Daniel: That's enough! I don't need your damn opinion.

Daniel: Oh, wait, wait. Daniel! Daniel!

Kayla: Oh, oh, oh! I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha!

Maxine: What's going on?

Jennifer: Come on.

Daniel: Nothing, nothing at all. Just got a little... dizzy, that's all.

Anne: Yeah, he's still high.

Maxine: Dr. Brady, I'd like to get Dr. Dan admitted. Take some more blood, get him hydrated.

Kayla: Yeah, let's do that. I have a few tests of my own I wanna take. And then we're gonna get this wrapped up.

Anne: Wait. Dr. Brady, if he has been abusing opiates, we can't know how long that's been going on.

Kayla: Just cut it out, Anne! Let's go.

Anne: I'm just saying.

Eric: Theresa. You're not gonna do anyone good if you go around saying things about Daniel Jonas like that.

Theresa: We can't talk about what happened? I mean, the guy was high and he tried to operate on some--

Eric: Okay, listen to me. There were drugs in his system, and my guess is they were put there. Believe me, I know what it's like when someone's trying to deliberately cause you harm. So I'm gonna go check on Daniel. And then I'm gonna go see Jennifer, and I'm gonna find Nicole. It's better that she hears this from me than anyone else.

Theresa: Imagine the trouble you could cause for Daniel and little jenny if you could get into his apartment whenever you wanted. Wow. Well, if it was Liam Frazer, that guy does not mess around.

Liam: You probably know colleen--Dr. Weeks--right? I'll bet you know a lotta people at the hospital. But, see, this is where it's kinda delicate. Um, I can't have it getting around that I'M... dropping by to see her, um... in my line of work. Well, I told you I'm a pharmaceutical rep, didn't I?

Nicole: Mm...

Liam: Right, so I can't be seen showing, you know, favors to any doctors.

Nicole: Unethical.

Liam: Well, frowned upon. Um, but the main thing is I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of me, or the wrong idea about Dr. Weeks.

Nicole: Heaven forbid.

Liam: It's just a privacy thing. I'm sure you deal with it all the time in your line of work too, right? Yeah, protecting your sources, things like that? You seeing me here is like me seeing you at that rest stop the other night, you know? I got the feeling that you didn't want people to know you were there, doing whatever you were doing. Am I right?

[Door opens]

Kayla: Okay, uh--I, uh, sent your blood work back to the lab for a retest, and I ordered a complete tox screen.

Daniel: Good.

Maxine: Don't worry, Dr. Dan. We're gonna get to the bottom of this.

Daniel: Thank you, Maxine, thank you.

Kayla: Just rest, okay?

Daniel: Yeah, I'll try. Thank you.

Kayla: We'll talk. Bye.

Jennifer: Okay. Can we please just go over one more time what you did since you got up this morning?

Daniel: You mean got up feeling great? Yeah, I just--I showered, I got dressed, and I made my protein drink, and...

Jennifer: All right, but you said that you had coffee here.

Daniel: And I left feeling great. I did 'cause I already started-- I was feeling tired when I walked in this place.

Jennifer: There's a medical investigation team. They are testing the coffee right now, and then they're going right over to your place to see what they can find.

Daniel: Yeah, I signed a consent form. And they are welcome to go through every drawer, every space... whatever they want. The strongest drug I have is aspirin. You know, I'd appreciate it if you could be there though. Do you have stop?

Jennifer: Yes! Oh, my goodness, I'll head over there right now.

Daniel: Thank you.

Jennifer: What's wrong? What are you thinking?

Daniel: The coffee station is just so public. Anyone could have access to that. And God knows there's been a lotta strange stuff going on here, mostly aimed at you though. So I--

Jennifer: You think someone did this deliberately?

Daniel: Could be.

Jennifer: And that you were the target?

Daniel: [Sighs] It's possible. Or maybe I was just the next person to have a drink of coffee, I don't...

Jennifer: Anne did seem strangely pleased.

Daniel: Has anybody seen Theresa today?

Jennifer: No, I haven't seen her. But I am telling you, if someone is behind this we are gonna find out who it is, and they are not gonna get away with it.

Liam: I've thought about the night I saw you at that rest stop. You seemed a little tense. Maybe you were on assignment, working a story. Yeah, maybe meeting a source.

Nicole: Uh, actually I'm on assignment right now, so I'm probably gonna have to cut this short now.

Liam: Oh, sure, sure. You television people are always on some kind of a deadline.

Nicole: Yeah. [Laughs]

Liam: I'll let you get to it.

Nicole: Okay. [Laughs nervously] [Laughs nervously] [Sighs] Daniel? It's Nicole. Daniel!

[Phone ringing]

Nicole: Eric. It's Daniel. What? He's sick?

Julie: I'm serious, Nick! I want you to think twice about Gabi.

Nick: No, no! Gabi is sweet, and she's smart, and she's beautiful, and she's good to me.

Julie: Oh, yes, and she got pregnant with will's baby. And she dragged you into all of that and then divorced you!

Nick: She didn't divorce me! All right, Julie? We got an annulment... which was right, because I'd been lying to her about a lotta things.

Julie: You weren't lying. Come on, you were sick, you were scared, you thought she was your salvation. She turned into a nightmare!

Nick: Okay, I'm not gonna sit here and let you twist things around and let you turn Gabi into the bad guy. I'm not gonna let you do that. All right? Gabi and I are cool now, all right? And I think that we're gonna be--

Julie: Sami! Sami, over here! Sami. I have a bone to pick with you.

Eric: Hey, uh, Nicole knows Daniel's in the hospital. She's probably on her way.

Jennifer: Okay. Listen, there's a medical investigation team going over to Daniel's apartment to check everything out, and Daniel wanted me to be there. Are you free for a little while? Could you go with me?

Eric: You bet, absolutely. Let's do this.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Abe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Maxine: Oh, I'm sorry.

Abe: Well, no harm, no foul.

Maxine: Oh, my God, this place just goes from bad to worse.

Abe: Daniel--yeah, I heard.

Maxine: Sometimes I don't know whether to scream or cry.

Abe: Well, look, why don't we go get something to eat? You can take your mind off things.

Maxine: No. But thanks anyway. I should stay here.

Kayla: No, no, you should go with Abe. Seriously. You have worked the night shift, and you need a break. Get her outta here! Go on.

Abe: Come on, doctor's orders.

Kayla: Yep, doctor's orders.

Anne: Get in here, get in here. So did you hear?

Theresa: I did.

Anne: Nothing makes my day more than watching Jennifer Horton cry, and her boyfriend trip and fall. I mean, you gotta love it, right? Dr. Do-no-wrong is a drug addict! Wow! It just warms the cockles of my heart.

Theresa: Yeah, but Anne, I don't really think Dr. Dan's a true druggie.

Anne: Oh, my God.

Theresa: What?

Anne: If you dropped something in his coffee and they trace it back to you, we're gonna both come out looking pretty bad.

Theresa: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why does everyone think that I did this?

Anne: Okay, yeah, whatever. That's fine. Listen, here's the thing. People are starting to float the idea that somebody did something to him, okay? So you better bet that Jennifer is gonna be looking for suspects. We have to be very, very careful, okay?

EJ: Well, I think that's all we need for today, so I will make arrangements for the video sometime later this afternoon.

Gabi: Sure, yeah. Just...text me. Oh! I just... I wanted to tell you that you and Sami have been really great and I wanted to thank you for everything.

EJ: Thanking us, my dear? We should be thanking you. I mean, we obviously benefit as well. And I would like to say so I'm very happy that you and Samantha end on a warm note. I recognize she can come on a bit strong sometimes.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I'm used to it. She means well.

EJ: She does, she does. She really wants what's best for you, Gabriella. And she's worried that Nick might hurt you, that's all.

Gabi: Right. Okay, well, it's time to go, Ari, right? Okay. Bye.

Julie: I know that you made sure will didn't invite Nick to the wedding.

Sami: That was will and Sonny's decision.

Julie: Because that's the way you operate.

Sami: I think it was the right one.

Nick: Okay, okay! Let's dial it down a little bit, ladies. I told you, Sami, that I was totally fine with not being invited to the wedding. I said that.

Sami: If you are totally fine with it, then why is Julie making such a big scene out of this?

Nick: I don't know.

Julie: Because this little maneuver is typical of the small-minded person you've turned out to be. If everybody turned their back on Sami each time she made a mistake, ah!

Sami: This isn't about me.

Julie: And don't get me started on how many mistakes you have made.

Nick: Okay, Julie, come on. Let's...let--

Julie: Everybody in this family--everybody in Salem-- has given Sami a second chance and a third and a fourth and a fifth!

Sami: No one is saying that Nick doesn't get his second chance. In fact, I think that Nick has gotten everything he's asked for since he came back to town.

Julie: He's only gotten what he deserved.

Sami: [Scoffs] And I hope someday he gets exactly what he deserves.

Examiner: Ma'am, do you know of any medication Dr. Jonas might have in his medicine cabinet, maybe bedroom?

Jennifer: Uh, when he signed the consent form, he told me specifically that you could search anywhere and everywhere.

Examiner: Okay, thank you. This way, guys.

Eric: It's certainly logical to assume that somebody did this.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Eric: Nobody takes pills by accident, certainly not a painkiller, especially a surgeon who's about to operate.

Jennifer: Yeah, somebody did this all right.

Eric: You have anybody in mind?

Jennifer: Do you know Anne Milbauer, human resources?

Eric: Yeah.

Jennifer: She absolutely hates my guts, and her assistant despises me. Oh, Theresa, your cousin. Sorry to say.

Eric: [Sighs]

Jennifer: And I don't have any proof... but I really feel like they're behind something that has been intended to hurt me lately. So if they can hurt Daniel, then that's hurting me.

Eric: I know that Theresa-- she's made some bad choices.

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Eric: But has she ever done anything to hurt you, like... seriously?

Jennifer: You know what, Eric, it's really complicated. I mean, for a time she was interested in Daniel, and she... [Sighs] Forget it. He just shot that idea down.

Eric: Which had to offend her.

Jennifer: Yeah. And then she was caught in this whole blackmail scheme. But you know what, I'm not gonna say anything because, like I said, I have no proof. So Anne and Theresa may not be the answer to this whole mess, but they are definitely a question.

Liam: Oh, hey, ms. Milbauer. Liam Frazer.

Anne: I'm kinda busy, what's up?

Liam: I've heard people talking, rumors flying about Dr. Jonas. Is any of it true?

Anne: He was caught with dilaudid in his system, and almost started open heart surgery high as a kite. Those rumors?

Liam: My God, that's... so surprising! Dr. Jonas seems like such a great guy.

Anne: Yeah, let me tell you something about that pompous, two-faced weasel. He is nothing like the image he tries to project.

Maxine: I worked as a nurse most of my life, and so work sort of became my salvation.

Abe: I hear you.

Maxine: Daniel made work fun. [Laughing] He, uh, had just moved here to Salem, and... I was working double shifts whenever I could. And I met him and... he helped me put my life back together.

Abe: I'm glad he did.

Maxine: Me too. I'm so worried about him. [Crying]

Kayla: How are you feeling?

Daniel: I'm pretty good. The drug's clearing out little by little.

Kayla: Well, good.

Daniel: Any news?

Kayla: Um, yeah, they tested the coffee pot by the nurses station, and it's negative except for the usual lousy coffee.

Daniel: [Laughs]

Kayla: And, uh, they fished your coffee cup out of the trash can and, uh, that was negative also. I, uh, hate to tell you this, but the medical investigation team is over at your place right now.

Daniel: You know, I didn't do this to myself, Kayla. You know that, right?

Kayla: Of course I know that. Listen, don't worry about it. Just rest, all right? We're gonna get to the bottom of this. All right.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Julie: Well, Sami, as much fun as this has been, I really must go. Illegitimus non carborundum. Don't let her grind you under.

Sami: Always a pleasure, Julie.

Julie: [Scoffs]

Sami: Well, you sure know how to play her, don't you?

Nick: I don't play her, Sami. We're family and we love each other.

Sami: Right, but now she's gonna go around town, talking about how much you have changed and how God-awful I am.

Nick: Well, it's pretty much the truth, isn't it? I've changed, and you're pretty damn awful.

Sami: [Scoffs] I just can't believe it.

Nick: So... have a nice day, Sami.

Sami: Bastard.

Maxine: Jennifer must be going out of her mind.

Abe: Well, show her that smile.

Maxine: [Laughs] Jennifer and Daniel used to call me their biggest cheerleader. But they make each other so happy. I mean, who wouldn't root for them?

Abe: It's the truth.

Maxine: Well, it's time to get going. Thanks again for making me feel a whole lot better.

Abe: Well, that is my pleasure.

Maxine: Thank you. Bye-bye.

Jennifer: Cory, hey. Listen, I know that you have a deadline. You're just gonna have to wait on the press release, okay? They're still gathering evidence, they're doing tests.

Cory: Gathering evidence against Dr. Jonas?

Jennifer: No, because we still don't know what happened, all right? So you're just gonna have to wait a little while.

Cory: Okay. I'll check with my producer.

Jennifer: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Liam: Jennifer?

Jennifer: Liam, hey.

Liam: Listen, I wanna offer my deepest sympathy. I know you and Daniel Jonas have been dating, and... there's probably some explanation for why he'd be using that drug. I mean... Dr. Jonas has a terrific reputation. It's just... [Sighs]

Jennifer: What?

Liam: Believe me, as a pharmaceutical rep, I know how much stress doctors are under. Around the clock sometimes. It's debilitating, you know? Sometimes a doctor's tired, under pressure. He grabs the wrong medication and winds up making a terrible, tragic mistake.

Eric: You mind if I join you?

Theresa: Sure. Is it time for another lecture already? Look, trust me. I thought about what you said earlier, okay, and I'm not gonna gossip about Daniel anymore. I'm just gonna let the doctors and the lab techies figure out what happened. I mean, in fact, I think the whole thing's really sad.

Eric: Do you?

Theresa: What's that supposed to mean?

Eric: I'm gonna be very blunt with you, Theresa. You and Daniel have a history, and it's not a good one. You also have a history with Jennifer. People know that.

Theresa: So I'm a suspect.

Eric: Or your boss.

Theresa: Oh, Anne? Come on! [Laughs] Look, first of all, I was nowhere near the hospital this morning, okay? And Anne was completely blown away by the news. And besides, you know what, if Daniel's innocent then it should be easy enough to prove.

Eric: Let's hope so.

Theresa: Oh, my God, it's not like the guy was gonna die, okay, Eric? Look, he just took one too many pills.

Eric: No, Theresa, someone did this to him.

Theresa: Okay, fine! Whatever. Look. [Scoffs] The thing is, is Daniel and jenny told me flat out to stay away from them and JJ. So that's exactly what I do, and then you got to me earlier, all right? So I'm not gonna gossip about Daniel anymore. So just back off, all right? I had nothing to do with what happened. What? [Scoffs] Oh, God. You still don't believe me.

Nicole: Daniel, I don't know how this happened to you, but I am so sorry you're sick.

Daniel: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Nicole: Oh! You're awake.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: What...happened? I mean, did you come down with something?

Daniel: No, no. I don't know how... but someone deliberately drugged me.

Nick: EJ!

EJ: Mr. Fallon. For me? You really shouldn't have.

Nick: [Laughs] No, it's actually a wedding gift for will and Sonny.

EJ: Indeed. What a genuinely thoughtful man you are. Your motive however is rather transparent.

Nick: What's my motive?

EJ: Trying to impress Gabriella... showing her that you're reaching out.

Nick: [Laughs] Guess what, EJ. I don't really give a damn what you think about me... but you better put your fiancée on a leash... before she screws things up for everybody.

[Banging on door]

Gabi: Shh! I'm coming! I'm coming! I just got the ba--shh! Can you stop--

Sami: You! You are unbelievable. Un- freaking- believable! Oh, you are the same selfish lying little bitch that you--

Theresa: Fine, Eric. Don't believe me, I'm used to it.

Eric: I haven't accused you of lying.

Theresa: Oh. That look didn't count?

Eric: Theresa, I need you to listen to me. Yeah. Maybe Daniel wasn't in danger of dying, but if he loses his job because somebody couldn't control their anger because someone was so--

Theresa: I didn't do it!

Eric: Good, I'm glad to hear that. But if you know anything about it, or anyone involved, you better step up.

Liam: I didn't mean Dr. Jonas was at fault in any way. I hope you know that.

Jennifer: You know what, I appreciate your concern, Liam. I really do. But Daniel didn't mix anything up. He doesn't use medications. He takes a vitamin once a day.

Liam: Right.

Jennifer: That's it.

Liam: Right, sure, if that's what you wanna believe. I mean, who am I, right?

Jennifer: Excuse me? What? Excuse me?

Liam: Nothing, rea-- [Stammering] You know, I stepped in because I thought I could help, and I'm doing the opposite.

Jennifer: No, no. You were gonna say something. Just say it, please.

Liam: Like I said, doctors are under such terrible stress. A lot of them demand total perfection of themselves, and... I'll be blunt here. As a rep for some big pharma companies, I know doctors get a ton of free samples.

Jennifer: Right. But Daniel's a surgeon.

Liam: Right, I know. And I didn't give him any samples, but I know doctors do get them. And sometimes when a doctor's demanding too much of himself, he--he starts looking for help.

Jennifer: Well, that is not true. Clearly you don't know Daniel.

Liam: No, I don't. And--and... you know, I'm not the one to tell you this, but... I...hmm.

Jennifer: What? Just say it.

Liam: Are you sure you know Daniel as well as you think? I mean, how well can any of us really truly know another person?

Daniel: I was fine when I woke up. I had a double bypass scheduled. But when I got to the hospital I was already dragging, and now I know why.

Nicole: Why?

Daniel: My system was full of an opiate called dilaudid.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: It's a painkiller, just really knocks you out. The only thing I had when I came here was just a quick cup of coffee, and that already tested negative. And the only other thing I had was my protein drink in my apartment. So how in the hell does this happen?

Nicole: [Sighs]

Liam: It must be fate we just keep running into each other. Are you here on a story?

Nicole: You still didn't answer my question. What are you doing here?

Daniel: Nicole. What is it? Nicole?

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