Days Transcript Thursday 4/10/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/10/14


Episode #12314 ~ Liam causes a scandal at the hospital; Hope rescues Chase from a bad situation; JJ & Paige's relationship makes Bev unhappy.

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Eric: Hey, Nicole, hey. I just went by your hotel, but I missed you. But I also know that you come here to get your coffee, so I thought... look, what I have to say, it's very important. It's life-changing. It's been difficult for me to find the right words, but this has to be dealt with... today.

Theresa: I got your text last night... about you going out of town, a work thing, and yet here you are at the crack of dawn, almost like you never left.

Brady: Yeah, that Chicago trip--

Theresa: I just kept thinking all night, you know.

Brady: About what?

Theresa: Are you gonna dump me?

Hope: I don't think I've ever seen you eat that much for breakfast, honey.

Ciara: I need fuel for my judo class.

Hope: Right. And you got up so nice and early so we could get here this morning. You're really focused, aren't you?

Ciara: You got to be ready.

Hope: For what?

Ciara: Give somebody a kick where it counts.

Aiden: Okay, you sure you up for this so early?

Chase: I love judo.

Aiden: All right, well, it's supposed to be here somewhere. Chase... I want you to talk to me, okay? You feeling any better about us staying on in Salem?

Chase: I guess so. I don't like Salem, but my judo class is cool.

Aiden: Yeah. [Chuckles] Okay. Well, one thing at a time.

[Cell phone ringing]

Aiden: Okay, well, I guess it's supposed to be here from now on. Why don't you go in, and I'll see you when you're done, okay? All right. Have fun. Hello?

Paige: [Breathing heavily]

JJ: [Breathing heavily] Man, how do you do it?

Paige: [Chuckles] What?

JJ: Run two miles and still look so perfect.

Paige: JJ, I'm hardly perfect.

JJ: Oh, that's true. You actually--you have this terrible flaw right--right-- right there. Um... [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Absolutely. Everyone is gonna be so excited that this party is in honor of Lexie. She was so loved at that hospital. You know that, though.

Abe: Yeah. Yeah, I do. God knows I miss her. Well, look, is this, uh... this date and time is okay?

Jennifer: Yes, it's perfect.

Abe: Oh, good. All right, that's settled. Um...

Jennifer: What? What's going on?

Abe: Jenn, I want to talk to you about maybe... moving on and...

Jennifer: Oh, uh... yeah, you and Maxine seemed to have a really good time at the wedding.

Abe: Yeah, yeah, she's a nice lady, but...

Jennifer: But what?

Abe: Well, having a good time like that, you know, I got to be honest with you, uh...

Jennifer: It made you feel guilty. Oh, Abe, I know that feeling so well.

Liam: That should do the trick. [Chuckles] Oh, but why take chances, huh? Danny boy ought to be having his super-duper protein drink about right now.

Eric: Nicole, I know that we have some issues, and there's things that we need to settle--

Nicole: Okay, not right now. I have to get to the hospital, okay? It's the only chance I have to catch Seth burns.

Eric: Okay, but, Nicole, w-- Nicole.

Brady: I'm not sure where this is coming from.

Theresa: That I'm sensing you're gonna dump me? I mean, come on, Brady, I know where I stand.

Brady: And where is that?

Theresa: I'm trash. Every single person in your family thinks so.

Brady: Not like I care what my family thinks.

Theresa: And I just brought up that whole coke thing, and I'm sorry I ever mentioned it, okay? I won't bring it up again.

Brady: Okay. Fine.

Theresa: But the biggest thing is... [Chuckles]

Brady: What?

Theresa: God, this is gonna sound really--

Brady: Hey, hey, hey. Just say it.

Theresa: When we made love, Brady, it was incredible, okay? And I've never been so happy, so deep into it, and I just-- the thing is, is when I really start to like some guy, we, uh-- we hit the bedroom, and then I'm history. He walks. So... are you gonna walk too?

Chase: Dad, Dad, this wasn't the right building. [Sighs] Hey, no!

Give me that now!

Chase: No!

Give it to me. Ow! Damn it, kid. Give me the phone.

Chase: No!

I'll break your scrawny neck.

Chase: Leave me alone. No.

Daniel: Tracy, call the O.R. Tell them I want the bypass patient prepped and ready before I get up there.

Tracy: Will do, Dr. Jonas.

Maxine: And good morning to you too.

Daniel: Ah, ha, sorry. Morning. I was just, uh... [Yawns]

Maxine: Mm, somebody had a short night.

Daniel: Ah...

Maxine: [Yawns] Oh, lord, now you got me doing it.

Daniel: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I guess I'm just--I'm just a little tired, that's all.

Maxine: Well, I need your john Hancock before you scrub in. Dr. Mcgonigle's gonna be assisting.

Daniel: Oh, good, he is the best.

Maxine: No, Dr. Dan, you're the best. That's why you make the big bucks, remember? You okay?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm fine. I just need a little caffeine. A couple minutes, and I will... be wide awake.

Anne: Oh, Miss Walker. How nice to see you so early.

Nicole: Uh, where's, uh, Seth burns?

Anne: Yeah, well, that's what I came to tell you. Mr. Burns is too busy to see you this morning, but have a nice day.

Nicole: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. All he has to do is sign off on this hospital story I'm doing. I need access and a couple of quotes that he promised me.

Anne: Okay, well, I will see that he gets this, and then if he signs it, I'll return it to you when it's convenient.

Nicole: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I want to deliver this personally.

Anne: Okay, well, good luck with that. You know, I got to say--you are the only blonde I've seen who doesn't look good in that color.

Nicole: [Silently] What?

Chase: Leave me alone!

Give it up, you little squirt! I'm gonna hurt you!

Hope: Salem P.D.! Freeze! Put him down. Step away from him.

Me and my son are just having--

Hope: Only he's not your son. Step away from him. Unless you want your day to get any worse, turn around, hands behind your back, now. Chase, you all right? Did he hurt you, honey?

Chase: I was gonna call my dad.

Hope: Good idea. Why don't you sit down right there and give him a call, okay? I'm sure he'd like to hear from you. Down, boy. Hey, nobody's gonna hurt you now, I promise, okay? You know, you were really brave today. Your dad would be very proud of you.

Aiden: Chase!

Chase: Dad.

Aiden: What happened?

Hope: Yeah, this is detective Brady. I need a unit here at Horton square. Yeah, some lowlife tried to mug a little boy.

Paige: Uh, we better get going, or we'll be late for school.

JJ: Right. So what are you doing after school? Do you have, like, a study group or something?

Paige: No, I'll just get started on homework.

JJ: Great. I mean, that's good. I mean, maybe you'd like to come by and hang out at my place? I'll just be working on music until I have to do community service.

Paige: So, like, we'd hang out in your garage? I'd love to hear you play up close like that.

JJ: Um, yeah. Well--

Marybeth: Oh, my God, Paige. Is he harassing you again?

Jennifer: After jack died, there were a lot of people who... thought I did a lot of things wrong.

Abe: Well, I don't agree, or I wouldn't be here.

Jennifer: I just think they expect a widow to let a certain amount of time pass, and... I just knew what I felt for Daniel was right... even though the guilt was just popping up every day and probably because we did move a little too fast.

Abe: Well, maybe. You know, all the memories are still there... and the love. You don't want that to go away.

Jennifer: No, absolutely not. You can never, ever replace Lexie, no matter what happens. You're just simply living the life that you have now, and now is all we've got.

Abe: Thank you.

Maxine: Okay, there, Dr. Dan, ready to conquer the world?

Daniel: Well, or to do a double bypass anyway, right?

Nicole: Hi. Yeah. No, I'm still at the hospital. The human resources woman is such a bitch. She wouldn't tell me where burns went or if he left the building. I'm still on the prowl. I'll call you.

Liam: We meet again.

Nicole: Sorry?

Liam: I saw you at that rest stop the other night on route 6. Yeah, you pulled your car off the road.

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah.

Liam: I knew I'd seen you at this hospital.

Nicole: Mm, oh, I don't work here. I'm just doing a hospital story.

Liam: Oh, right, for your TV show.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Liam: That must be so fascinating--doing stories on different things, interviewing people, editing, you know, putting it on the air.

Nicole: It does have its downside. Perfect strangers think they can walk up to you and talk to you 'cause you're on TV. Yeah.

Liam: Sorry. I'll let you get to it.

Nicole: Okay. Oh, Maxine, uh, can I leave a message for Mr. Burns?

Maxine: Why not?

Nicole: I just--I need to reschedule an appointment that got canceled this morning.

Eric: Which means you have some free time after all.

Nicole: No. No, Eric. I don't have time to talk to you about anything right now. I'm sorry. Seriously. No.

Eric: Nicole, you do. We're gonna do this. It's too important. Come on.

Daniel: Ooh.

Janet: Dr. Jonas?

Daniel: I'm fine. Just must have missed a step there.

Jim: Morning, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, Jim. How'd it go at the...

Jim: Daniel? You okay?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I'm good. Good. Just didn't get enough sleep, I guess.

Jim: Really? You're always the one full of energy. You sure you okay?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm good, I'm good. Let's get this show on the road.

Aiden: It's okay, all right? That man's not gonna hurt you again, you understand?

Chase: Okay.

Aiden: I'll tell you what-- why don't we do something really fun for the rest of the day? How's that?

Chase: There's my friend Michael, see?

Aiden: Uh-huh.

Chase: Oh, judo class is starting. We just had the wrong building. See where Michael's going in?

Aiden: Yeah, yeah, I do, but, you know, maybe today's not the best day for judo, okay? You know, you just went through a very scary--

Chase: No, I want to go. You always said I should know how to defend myself, remember?

Aiden: [Sighs] Okay. Okay, big guy, then why don't you go to class, and I'm gonna wait for you right here, okay? I promise. All right? Thank you.

JJ: Marybeth, can you maybe mind your own business?

Marybeth: [Chuckles] Paige, I need to talk to you about the math assignment. Paige, your rep is gonna be in the trash. You can't hang out with that criminal. I don't care how cute he is, you need to ditch him, like, now.

Eric: Nicole, do you remember when I told you I had decided to become a priest?

Nicole: Because of what happened in Africa, mm-hmm.

Eric: The church--it saved me. It gave my life meaning again. And because of the teachings of the church, well, it was the rock that I could stand on.

Nicole: Rocks are good.

Eric: I mean, let's face it. Most of the time that we've spent together has been because of the church since I've been back in Salem. And you worked there just as I did. It gave us a connection. Because of the church, everything we know about each other is richer, and it's deeper. And I don't know if I can put all that to one side. I mean, do you understand?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Eric: It's very important to me... to get married in the church, and I'm terribly sorry if I... [Sighs] Pushed that on you... and you were unhappy, because I never want to see you unhappy.

Nicole: Oh, for God's sake, will you just say already, Eric? Put me out of my misery.

Brady: I did go out of town last night. I just got back this morning around 6:00 A.M. I was not blowing you off. And, no... I am not looking to say good-bye to you. I like being with you... a lot... whether anyone in this town thinks it's a good idea or not.

Theresa: [Chuckles] Wow. I made a complete fool of myself, didn't I?

Brady: No, you didn't.

Theresa: No, yeah, well, if I didn't, then it was a first, because I can be such an idiot.

Brady: Will you please stop putting yourself down? Do that for me.

Theresa: Well, I'll tell you something that I'm not going to stop doing.

Brady: Hmm?

Theresa: Having fun. You know, we're really good at it. No, in fact, we are great at it.

Brady: We are great at having fun.

Theresa: So, if you want to have some of that right now, we can go do that.

Brady: Uh-huh?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Hello, Maggie.

Maggie: Good morning.

Theresa: [Chuckles] Morning, Maggie.

Maggie: You know, Brady, I had hoped you had decided to find yourself some new amusement.

Theresa: Oh, is that what I am, Maggie?

[Cell phone rings]

Theresa: Like a movie?

Brady: [Groans] I got to take this. Excuse me.

[Cell phone continues ringing]

[Footsteps departing]

Maggie: Shouldn't that be your cue to leave?

Theresa: Oh, you don't want me to stick around? I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood. Oh, but, by the way, Maggie, I heard what you've been doing-- bad-mouthing me all over town-- and I just wanted to say thank you.

Jim: Can we brighten that skin a little more? It'll help Dr. Jonas with his first incision.

Daniel: Janet. Ooh.

Janet: You okay, doctor?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. Just, uh, scalpel. [Sniffs] That's bad. All right, Jim. Jim, you're gonna have to take over.

Jim: What? Daniel, are you okay?

Daniel: Yeah, Dr. Mcgonigle will be taking over the surgery. Please give him your utmost--


Daniel: I got to get out of here. I got to go. Oh.

Eric: What are you doing?

Nicole: Well, a girl has to prepare, okay? Can you just give me the bad news and get it over with?

Eric: Nicole, you know that my faith means a great deal to me. As much as I've come to realize that's true... I can't imagine my life without you in it. I love you... as much as I know you love me. I want you to marry me... if you'll have me... [Chuckles] Even if the church doesn't give us their blessing.

Aiden: This was my fault, you know. This was my fault. See, from day one, I've told my son, you know, to stand up for yourself, you know, to fight back, which is no surprise to you--everything that happened with your daughter and those other kids at school, right? I just never taught him when to use judgment... 'cause sometimes--sometimes it's a matter of survival not to fight. You know, maybe he wouldn't have his phone right now, but... he wouldn't have been in danger, and I did that. I... I put him there. The worst things can happen in the blink of an eye. If anything was to happen to him too--I mean, he's my son. I just want to protect him, you know. He's... he's my life.

Paige: I know what I'm doing.

Marybeth: No, you don't, Paige. He's bad news. Seriously, you could wind up with, like, a record.

Paige: I don't want to fight about this, okay? So just stay out of it.

Marybeth: Oh, so now your best friend can't help you save your life? Well, good luck.

Paige: I'm sorry about that.

JJ: No, don't apologize for her. I know what she's like.

Paige: I've got to change before school. See you later?

JJ: Yeah, yeah. I'll see ya.

Rory: You know what, Bev? You're not gonna like it, but you're dead right about JJ. He's totally into Paige Larson, and she's into him just as bad.

Theresa: You know, Maggie, the great thing about Brady is, the more you tell him not to hook up with me, the more he wants to. So thanks.

Maggie: Oh, I see-- reverse psychology. Is that what you think this is about? Well, here's a news flash, Theresa. He's not with you because he wants to go against everyone who's telling him not to. No, he's lost... horribly. And with you just flitting around, his little drinking buddy, easy sex, late-night games, he doesn't have to face that fact.

Brady: [Clears throat] Everything okay?

Theresa: It's just fine. You text me later, and we'll hook up. Maggie.

Maggie: Theresa.

[Door squeaks]

Daniel: I got to go see my patient. I got to go.

Maxine: No, no, no, no. Text came down from the O.R. About two minutes ago. Dr. Mcgonigle's fine-- handling it, totally routine.

Jennifer: Daniel, I heard you had to leave the O.R. What's wrong?

Daniel: Oh, I wish I knew.

Maxine: I'm gonna go put a rush on this blood. You sit tight.

Jennifer: What happened? Be careful.

Daniel: This morning I felt great, and then I--and then I got ready for surgery, and I started yawning, and I felt like I was carrying an extra 30 pounds, and then my vision got blurry, and then I just started wobbling.

Jennifer: What? Do you think it's some kind of virus?

Daniel: I don't know. Maybe, but... look at this. I mean, could this be happening again?

Nicole: Oh, Eric. Wait. Are you sure?

Eric: I am.

Nicole: No, are you really sure?

Eric: Yes.

Nicole: Because I'm selfish. And I want everything to go exactly the way I want it, and I-I want to marry you something awful, but this is huge. I mean, your faith--your faith is so much more important than me.

Eric: Listen, I'm not gonna let anything keep us apart again.

Nicole: I know you want to stay close to the church. The fact you went against the teachings--I mean, God only knows I pushed you, I did, but it's only because I love you so much.

Eric: And I love you too. After a lot of prayer, I know that God--he wouldn't give me the feelings that I have if he didn't want me to commit myself to you. You got to believe this for both of us. It's right.

Nicole: I never believed I'd hear you say that.

Eric: Believe it. I know that God doesn't want me to be a priest anymore. There was no evidence found that could clear my name. It's this right here. This is God's will too.

Nicole: Eric, this is what I've always wanted. I wanted this so bad. But wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait. We can't rush it, though. We can't. I mean, that's gonna be the first thing out of Daniel's mouth--"don't rush."

Eric: I know.

Nicole: Plus, we don't want to steal any thunder from EJ and Sami's wedding.

Eric: Oh, as if.

[Both laugh]

Eric: Right now we are gonna focus on the most important thing. And that is our love... and planning our future... and spending the rest of our lives together.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Aiden: Hope, yesterday I came down on you like a hammer just because you overheard a conversation I was having with chase, and... well, what I said to you was not only rude, it was just downright cruel.

Hope: Aiden, it's okay. I've heard worse, believe me.

Aiden: Not--not from me. And you're not gonna hear me talk like that again. I mean, quite frankly, I've been wrong about you from the start. You know, I judged you without even trying to get to know you. But I just want you to know today, you know, my opinion has changed.

Hope: Aiden, just because--

Aiden: Please, let me finish. I'm not trying to say that we're suddenly two different people standing here. But I do have this newfound respect for you, and, well, whether or not you forgive me for what I said to you yesterday, I would like you to accept my apology.

Daniel: My God, I don't believe this. I don't believe--this is not--

Jennifer: Listen to me. Okay, my hands--they shake when I'm upset.

Daniel: Adrenaline, yeah. I'm upset, yeah.

Jennifer: And the doctor that treated you, the doctor that cured you--he said that these tremors would never return.

Daniel: Yeah, that's what he said. Do you know what I remember most about that time? Is that you were there... with me every step of the way.

Jennifer: Okay. You listen to me right now. I'm right here. And I'm just gonna hang on to you. Okay, you're just upset. And it's gonna pass. All right? It's passing right now. You're gonna be just fine. We're gonna be fine.

Daniel: Yeah. [Exhales deeply] [Sniffles]

[Both laugh]

Daniel: It's just nerves, I guess, right? Look at that.

Jennifer: That's it. That's it. It's just nerves. I love you, Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: I love you. I love you.

Jennifer: It's okay.

Wonder if we tried a new thing

Bev: That bitch has got him so turned around, it's pathetic. And they're not even right for each other.

Rory: Well, I don't think JJ would agree.

Bev: Then I'll have to show him.

Rory: How?

Bev: By making Paige see how wrong he is for her.

Rory: [Chuckles] Bev, you can be so smart about stuff sometimes.

Bev: Yeah, like what?

Rory: Like knowing how to get exactly what you want.

Bev: Yeah. I am smart when it comes to that.

Hope: Apology accepted. We're good.

Aiden: Thank you.

Hope: Uh, judo class should be letting out pretty soon?

Aiden: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Look, I have a, uh-- a proposition. Father Louis was quite clear he doesn't want me working on this fund-raising project alone. No, I... don't have the connections. I haven't lived in Salem long enough, unlike you. But I do want to help. So, if you are willing, I thought that maybe... we could team up.

Hope: You know, there are so many wonderful parents in the school that would be fantastic partners. You know, I could give you their names, and I'll talk to father Louis--

Aiden: No, no, no, I want to work with you. I want to get to know you better. What do you say?

Maggie: Brady?

Brady: Mm-hmm?

Maggie: Can I ask you something?

Brady: Is it about alcohol or A.A. or something like that?

Maggie: No, it's not. It's about this thing between you and Theresa. I just don't get it. I mean, she is very pretty. But you are a very handsome guy.

Brady: Thank you.

Maggie: And you could get plenty of beautiful women to pay attention. Theresa Donovan is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Brady: Maybe. Maybe so.

Maggie: Well, then why in God's-- you do realize that I'm not the only one who's worried about her being in your life.

Brady: Yes, I'm very, very aware of that. But here's the thing, Maggie-- here's the thing that she has going for her that no one else does. Every person in this town--every coworker, every peer, every family member--they all knew Kristen. They all knew what she did to me. They all knew how she betrayed me. They all watched her make a fool out of me--every one... except Theresa.

Eric: I have to get to work, all right?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Text you later. And we can have lunch.

Nicole: Absolutely.

Eric: Bye.

Nicole: Bye. [Shuffling shoes] Eeh. Daniel is gonna be the first to know. Actually, no, I'll just go to his apartment. I can't wait to see the look on his face. Ah.

Jennifer: It's okay. Listen, we're just gonna stay positive. It could just be food poisoning or an allergic reaction to something.

Daniel: No, no, the only thing I had was the protein drink that I made... made it myself right from my refrigerator.

Liam: Okay. [Pours liquid] There, not a trace. [Chuckles] I wonder how things are going at the hospital. [Chuckles]

Hope: Sounds like a deal.

Aiden: All right.

Hope: Good.

Ciara: Mommy, guess what. I did a perfect uchi mata. Mr. Davos said it was perfect.

Hope: Oh, wow. That's great.

Aiden: It's a grab-and-pull.

Hope: Ah.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Where's chase, honey?

Ciara: He stayed after. Mr. Davos is helping him with his front kick.

Hope: Ah.

Ciara: He told me what happened today. You're a hero.

Hope: No, no, no, no. I just did what any other parent would do.

Aiden: No, no, you were right, Ciara. Today your mom was a real hero.

Ciara: Did you use a judo move on the bad guy? Like this... hi-ya!


Hope: No, I didn't. I used my badge. That was so great. Wow. You've gotten so good at this.

Ciara: Thank you.

Maggie: So you're saying the reason that you are so attracted to Theresa is because she didn't know Kristen?

Brady: I get it. I get it, okay? I know who she is. I know what she is. Self-involved doesn't begin to describe her, but... she doesn't give a damn about Kristen, Maggie, or what she did to me. Theresa doesn't ask me why my life is so screwed up all the time. She... she doesn't pity me. Maggie, I got to tell you-- that is... that is the best gift anyone can give me right now.

Abe: How long will Daniel's blood tests take?

Maxine: They were told to make it a rush. Maybe they bypassed me and took it straight to Daniel or Dr. Brady.

[Cell phone ringing]

Abe: I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to take this. I'll be back.

Eric: Maxine... hey, people were talking downstairs when I walked in. Daniel had to walk out of an operation? What's the matter with him?

Maxine: Well, we don't know yet. We won't know until the blood work comes back, but at least we'll know what caused it. But it's bad.

Theresa: Good.

Doctor: Dr. Brady'll be right in. This much we know. Your symptoms aren't from a virus, an infection, or an allergic reaction.

Daniel: Okay. Then what? What did you find? Did you find anything to pinpoint it?

Jennifer: What made him so tired and dizzy?

Doctor: Dr. Jonas, you had 15 milligrams of dilaudid in your system.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: Dilaudid? Isn't that--what is it?

Doctor: It's an opiate, a painkiller.

Anne: Well, well, well... our own Dr. Jonas--oh, he of the stellar reputation--turns out to be a prescription-drug abuser. Wow. I wonder--I wonder what public relations is gonna do with that one. You got any ideas, Jenny?

[Liam exits Daniel's apartment and goes to the elevator to leave just as Nicole is arriving.]

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