Days Transcript Wednesday 3/19/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/19/14


Episode #12298 ~ EJ & Abigail get the test results; Brady catches Theresa with Liam; JJ learns what Rory & Bev did.

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Rafe and woman: Oh.

Woman: Oh! [Sighs] Oh.

Rafe: [Grunts] Can't leave without this.

Woman: Thank you so much.

Rafe: No problem.

Woman: Sorry I almost tripped you.

Rafe: It's all good.

Kate: Rafe.

Rafe: Hey.

Kate: Hi. "No problem"? Wish I had a video of that to send to Jordan. She would be very proud of how you just did that little maneuver, avoided that whole situation--very impressive.

Rafe: Well, next time you see her, you can tell her yourself.

Kate: Well, I'm not gonna-- I mean, I thought she--

Rafe: Decided to stay. How about that, huh?

Ben: You here to get something for the road?

Jordan: Not quite.

Bev: Mmm.

JJ: All right, what's with you guys? Why you playing me like this?

Bev: We're not.

JJ: And stop lying.

Rory: Hey, JJ, come on, man. Why would we lie to you? We're your friends, remember? [Chuckles]

Paige: Friend request? [Sighs]

Marybeth: What's wrong?

Paige: [Sighs] Remember that guy JJ?

Marybeth: I wish I didn't, but yeah. Why?

Paige: We had, like, this fight before. Now he wants to friend me on PalPage. And check out the message that's with it.

Marybeth: "You're awesome. Let's be friends. JJ."

Paige: [Sighs]

Marybeth: Seriously?

Paige: Jerk.

Theresa: You just said you think we should get to know each other?

Liam: Right.

Theresa: Wow, you really need to upgrade your pickup lines.

Liam: Oh, no, no, no, no. We're getting off on the wrong foot.

Theresa: You think?

Liam: I'm not trying to pick you up. It's the opposite, in fact.

Brady: [Scoffs] [Sighs] Damn it. Damn it! [Breathing shakily] I don't need it! I don't need it.

Garcia: Abigail...

Abigail: Do you have the results?

Garcia: Yes, I do.

EJ: Um, okay.

Abigail: Okay, tell me.

Garcia: You're not pregnant, Abigail.

EJ: [Exhales]

Abigail: [Sighs] Oh, my God, I'm-- I'm not--I'm not pregnant?

Garcia: It was a false alarm.

Abigail: [Exhales] I'm not pregnant.

Liam: Don't get me wrong. You're very attractive, but you work at the hospital, and I've found out the hard way that getting involved with someone in the workplace can turn into a disaster.

Theresa: Oh. Okay, yeah. Always good to know. You know, after you work on your pickup lines, you might want to learn how to make sense. See ya.

Liam: You may even know the person I got involved with-- Jennifer Horton?

Theresa: You and Jenn-Jenn were-- wait. Oh, oh, oh. You were the rebound guy, and then she got back with Dr. Dan.

Liam: Yeah, turns out I was just holding his place for a little while. So you know Jennifer.

Theresa: You kidding? I worked for her.

Liam: Oh, sorry. I-I-I shouldn't have said anything. I-I didn't know you were friends.

Theresa: Who said we were friends?

Liam: You're not?

Theresa: Look-- [Laughs] It's old news, okay? I don't really want to talk about her. I've got a better job now, and as a matter of fact, my whole life's changed. Great guy, the works.

Brady: [Exhales] I don't need it. Not one single drop. [Sighs]

Stefano: A may wedding.

Sami: Yes, indeed. EJ and I have finally set a date. And my favorite part is that we don't need approval from you, Stefano. I don't give a damn about your blessing.

Stefano: [Chuckles] I admire your independent spirit.

Sami: EJ and I know what we want, and that's to get married. Mr. And Mrs. EJ DiMera till death do us part. There is nothing that is going to stop this wedding. Nothing can stand in our way. Not anymore.

EJ: Dr. Garcia, would you just give us a moment, please? Thank you. You all right?

Abigail: Yes, I'm--

EJ: Okay.

Abigail: I'm just so-- I'm so...relieved. I'm sure you are too. Being pregnant would have been-- well, it would have been terrible for-- for you and Sami and for me and my family too. It's like I can breathe again.

EJ: Right.

Abigail: I was so sure. When Sami told me that--that she thought I might be pregnant, it was like this--this wave of fear washed over me, and it didn't stop coming until right now. And now it's finally over. It's finished. All of it. There is no... us anymore.

Liam: Well, that's great. Sounds like you're happy. And again, I apologize for bringing up your former boss. When I was dating Jennifer, I don't think she ever mentioned you, good or bad.

Theresa: Yeah, well, we had issues.

Liam: Hmm.

Theresa: But, like I said, she is kind of old news. And, you know, I think she was probably pretty stressed out at the time because of her son. He's this...

Liam: Oh.

Theresa: Total freak-out.

Liam: Oh, yeah, I met JJ. Now, there's a problem that's just gonna keep on evolving. He made it clear he didn't want his mommy having any kind of social life.

Theresa: Yeah, that's JJ, all right. Little oedipal complex, little juvenile delinquency. I mean, what could go wrong, right?

Brady: Hey. Did you find a new friend?

JJ: Okay? I know you did something. Tell me.

Bev: Man, you always go back to that. It's like every time we try and have a little bit of fun with you, you get all wound up, and it's like, "oh, God, something's gonna go wrong."

JJ: Hey, Bev. All I wanna know is if you did something.

Bev: [Scoffs] If you want a ride, I'm leaving.

JJ: Oh, Bev, come-- come on, I didn't--I didn't mean-- Bev.

Rory: Dude. I guess we're not going to be hearing those wedding bells for you and Beverly, huh?

JJ: Rory, dude, do I have anything to worry about or not?

Rory: Not. But seriously, dude, come on. You need to lighten up a bit, man.

[Door closes]

JJ: Ah, history test tomorrow. Great! Book's in my locker. This day just keeps getting better and better.

Paige: [Sighs] I mean, to be all rude like that and then say something like that, it's--it's just mean.

Marybeth: I told you about JJ. He doesn't rise high enough to hit loser status. Hey, you know what? You should report him.

Paige: To PalPage?

Marybeth: No, to the police. He's stalking you, Paige. That's harassment. You shouldn't let him get away with it. And if you speak up now, maybe you'll even get him expelled.

Kate: I'm a little confused, though. Did Jordan's job in California fall through?

Rafe: Well, let's just say it's not part of the picture anymore. She decided she likes the job she has.

Kate: Oh. So much that she decided to stay in Salem. Or is it something else?

Rafe: Ask her.

Kate: Oh, I don't think I have to, because I think I can tell by the look on your face she stayed because of you.

Ben: You decided to hang around?

Jordan: Right.

Ben: You listened to me after all.

Jordan: No, that's not why. And I repeat, it would've been a lot easier had you never come here.

Ben: Thanks.

Jordan: Look...[Sighs] I can't make you leave. But understand this. This time, I do what I want, when I want, how I want.

Ben: Right.

Jordan: My life is different now. It's not like last time.

Ben: [Scoffs] You're staying because of him. You won't walk away from this guy, no matter how many times--

Jordan: Hey, this guy's name is Rafe. And no, I won't.

Garcia: All of your symptoms can be easily attributed to stress combined with a mild stomach virus.

Abigail: Okay, so then-- so my next, uh, period--

Garcia: Should be absolutely normal. And if it isn't, call and make an appointment. But you're not pregnant.

Abigail: Right. Yeah. So then we can go.

EJ: Yeah.

Garcia: Of course.

EJ: [Exhales]

Abigail: Thank you--uh, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

EJ: Yes, and thank you for your discretion and for doing this on such short notice.

Garcia: My pleasure.

Stefano: Of course I am thrilled about your wedding. [Chuckles] You make Elvis very happy. And that's all I ever wanted for my children.

Sami: If that's true, if you really want your children to be happy, then give EJ his freedom. Let us move out. I had this chronic, deep ache all over.

Stefano: Ahh. See, I feel deep down that Elvis really wants to live here.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Stefano: You see, as far as I'm concerned, I am always happy to have my family around me.

Sami: [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Stefano: Oops. Excuse me a moment. Yes?

Garcia: It's Dr. Garcia, sir.

Stefano: [Laughs] Ah, yes. How are you, my dear?

EJ: Uh, Abigail, my--my car is actually this way.

Abigail: I'm this way. Which you know, obviously. I don't know why I said that. Uh, so... well... the end, then, for... everything.

EJ: Right. Abigail, I--

Abigail: Uh, just, um, don't, okay? I already know what you're going to say. This was a-- this was a big mistake from the get-go. You--you love Sami. You belong together. And, you know, EJ, I-- I agree. Being pregnant would have been a disaster for me. And you. Sami. So you're right. No looking back. Just, um-- just walk and keep on walking and be glad that we made it through.

EJ: Abigail. When you find someone-- and you will-- when you fall in love, let me meet them, will you? I would like to tell that young man how lucky he is.

Theresa: Uh, I don't know. Are we friends? Brady, this is Liam. Liam, Brady. He's a sales rep at the hospital. Recognized me, introduced himself.

Brady: Oh, naturally, you jumped right in.

Theresa: Sorry?

Liam: Listen, I've got a conference call in, like, two minutes. You two probably need to talk. It's nice meeting you both.

Brady: You too. Go on. Seriously, you can go catch up with him. I got things to do anyway. Very important.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Brady: What?

Theresa: I made you jealous, didn't I? That is so cool.

Brady: [Chuckles stiffly]

Rafe: [Laughs] Come on, Kate. I can't take all the credit. I'm sure Jordan had plenty of reasons for staying.

Kate: Hmm. It's kind of interesting.

Rafe: What?

Kate: Sitting on the sidelines, watching you and Jordan. There are a few twists and turns that I didn't expect.

Rafe: Hmm. Like?

Kate: Well, when Jordan came to town, I mean, she was no-nonsense, very private, steel rod, and she's softened up considerably. I mean, even though she did get all paranoid with me when Lucas hired Sheryl.

Rafe: It was her roommate.

Kate: [Laughs] It was a coincidence.

Rafe: [Laughs] Okay.

Kate: But she got over that too.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Kate: I don't know, I respect her privacy. I mean, she has a right to that, certainly. The only one she needs to be totally honest with is you. And you seem satisfied. In fact, you seem ecstatic. And I'm very happy about that. Mwah. Take care.

Rafe: You too.

Kate: What are you up to now, Jordan?

Jordan: I just thought you should know where things stand.

Ben: Hang on. Listen, this Rafe guy, you think you can trust him.

Jordan: I can.

Ben: No. It's just because you don't want to see things for what they really are. Deep down, I'm the only one you can trust, and you know it.

Jordan: That used to be true, but--

Ben: Oh, my God, seriously? This time is different? Hey, the next time you're alone, sitting in the dark, ask yourself this question, and be honest. Are you or are you not lying to yourself? Aww, this audit will take days.

Marybeth: I mean it, Paige. If you let JJ get away with harassment like this, who knows what comes next?

Paige: Marybeth, chill. I mean, yeah, okay, what he did was totally annoying, but I'm not just gonna--

Marybeth: Band practice. Ooh, I should be in the gym. Mr. Reynolds is gonna kill me-- again. Seriously, though, report his ass.

Paige: I'll be okay. I'll just stay away from him. Bye. [Sighs]

JJ: Oh. Hey.

Paige: Well, look who it is, in all his awesomeness.

JJ: What's that mean?

Paige: It means you're a jerk. I got your message. Thanks so much.

JJ: What message?

Paige: Oh, my God. You're not only a creep and a total jerk, but you won't even admit what you did.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: What? Is it-- is this funny to you?

Theresa: Uh, in a way, yeah. Yeah, it is.

Brady: Okay, okay, well, I'll leave you, then, to go hit on every guy in this town.

Theresa: Oh, Brady, do not walk away from me.

Brady: Whoa. Whoa. You're grabbing me.

Theresa: Look, I wasn't hitting on that guy, okay? We were just talking. So whatever you thought you saw, nothing happened.

Brady: But you just love to make me squirm, don't you?

Theresa: I was just having a little fun. That's what we're all about, right? Fun, remember?

Brady: Yeah, fun, fun, fun. Yeah, I wanted to have some fun tonight, actually. But someone's not checking their texts.

Theresa: I didn't even hear it hit.

Brady: Maybe it was because you were too busy talking.

Theresa: Oh, come on, Brady. If I had gotten your texts, I would have dumped that guy in a heartbeat. Don't give me that look. Come on, you gotta believe me.

Jordan: Hey, Abigail?

Abigail: Hi.

Jordan: Hey, it's been a while. How's it going?

Abigail: Yeah--oh, uh, great. Good. And you?

Jordan: Are you okay?

Abigail: Yeah. I'm fine. Hey, I heard you, uh, got a job on the west coast. That's--that's great. I'm glad that we ran into each other. Now I can have a chance to say good-bye.

Jordan: Well, that's off. I'm actually staying now.

Abigail: Oh, really? Well, that's great. Selfishly, that's great, I mean, because we had fun that night, you and Gabi and I. Maybe, uh, maybe we could do that again sometime.

Jordan: Yeah, absolutely. Hopefully you'll be doing a lot better by then.

Abigail: Do I really look that bad?

Jordan: Not good. So do you want to tell me what's wrong?

Stefano: You've been most helpful, doctor.

Garcia: My pleasure, Mr. DiMera. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Stefano: I will. Thank you.

EJ: Ah, father. There you are. Have you seen my bride-to-be anywhere?

Stefano: Who?

JJ: Paige, I'm--I'm lost. What did--what did I do? What's this message that you're all weird about?

Paige: My God. Marybeth was right.

JJ: Paige, don't. I mean--

Paige: Hey!

JJ: Okay. I'm sorry. Can you just tell me what I did that's so wrong? Okay?

Paige: Honestly? You're like some little kid. Anything to keep playing your stupid game. Fine. That message you sent, how I was awesome, was totally lame, okay? If you don't like me, that's fine, but seriously? You had to go and be all mean about it?

JJ: I-I didn't send you a message, I swear.

Paige: Swear to somebody else. And no. You can't be my friend.

JJ: What the hell? [Sighs] Come on. Those bastards.

Theresa: Brady.

Brady: [Clicks tongue] Uh... I'm sorry. I overreacted. I did. That was silly. I'm in a weird mood today. [Laughs] I can't shake it.

Theresa: Okay, so how do we change it?

Brady: I don't know. I would love to change it.

Theresa: Yeah, well, I'm free right now. I don't have anything on my agenda. And maybe we could stop by a cute little neighborhood liquor store and then go back to my apartment.

Brady: Mm, you know--

Theresa: Brady.

Brady: We don't have to drink, you know, do we? We don't--does it--I mean, it doesn't have to be drinking. We always go to a bar or your apartment. I mean, there's gotta be something else we can do, right?

Theresa: Uh--

Brady: Anything, something-- something unpredictable. Crazy.

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: Come on.

Theresa: I mean, I guess we have gotten ourselves into kind of a rut. But I have an idea of how we can get out of it.

Brady: Mm-hmm?

Theresa: Are you interested? [Laughs]

Abigail: Really, uh, I'm-- I'm fine. I-- [Laughs] Well, actually, you know, Jordan, I'll admit, the last couple of weeks have, uh, been a definite roller coaster for me. But the thing that was bothering me is, uh, it's over and done with now, so there's really no point in even wasting any energy talking about it now.

Jordan: Okay, I-- look, I'm a private person myself, so no prying from me. Just as long as everything's okay now, right?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, I had a-a real problem, but I got lucky. You know, it's funny how that happens sometimes. You're so sure that nothing is ever going to go right, and then it just--boom, it just does. You know, and you're good.

Jordan: New beginnings.

Abigail: Yes, yeah. New--new beginnings. [Sighs] Oh, yeah.

Jordan: Yeah. New beginnings are special.

Kate: Oh, thank God.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Oh. Chad? Hi! What a surprise. I'm fine. How are you? [Sighs] No, no, I-I haven't done that yet. I know that I promised you. I-- [Sighs] Okay, look, I understand that it's very important to you, and, um-- fine, I'll do it tonight. [Chuckles] Okay. So let's hear about your life.

EJ: I do hope your hearing isn't starting to go. No, I'm looking for Samantha.

Stefano: Is there some reason why you are so anxious to be with her?

EJ: Is there something that you want to discuss with me?

[Footsteps approach]

Stefano: W--

Sami: Oh.

EJ: Ah.

Sami: Hey. You're home.

EJ: Yes, I'm home. There you are.

Sami: Mm. Wow. Where did that come from?

EJ: There is something very important I need to discuss with you. Father, would you excuse us just for a moment? Thank you.

Sami: [Laughs]

Rory: Ah, man, I'm going to be so late for work. My manager's gonna kill me. Can you give me a lift?

JJ: Oh, hey.

Rory: Yo.

JJ: What the hell is the matter with you? You think this is funny, man?

Bev: [Giggles]

JJ: Huh? "Dude, we're your friends, remember?"

Bev: Okay, come on. When did you find out?

JJ: When Paige called me a creep.

Rory: Wait, you saw her?

Bev: You went back to school?

JJ: What's--what's the matter with you guys, okay? This isn't funny.

Rory: JJ, why are you so upset, man? Come on. It was a joke.

JJ: I'm not laughing.

Bev: Yeah, that's the problem, JJ. You never laugh anymore, about anything.

JJ: Excuse me?

Bev: A few weeks ago, when you used to be JJ, we all had fun. And then you got some kind of "straight and narrow" disease, and now all you think about is Paige Larson.

JJ: Okay, what--what are you talking about? She's just a girl that I met.

Bev: I remember you said you thought she was this loser, and you didn't care what she thought. Now I guess you do. Come on. I'll give you that ride.

JJ: Bev, wait. I-I don't care about her. I don't.

Abigail: You know, I can't imagine why you would want to stay in Salem.

Rafe: Well, hey, you two.

Jordan: Hey.

Abigail: Hi, Rafe.

Rafe: Hi.

Abigail: Listen, uh, I gotta get going, so you two have fun. Okay?

Jordan: All right, take care.

Rafe: We will.

Abigail: Bye.

Rafe: Bye. Huh. Is it just me, or did she seem a little bit--

Jordan: She's had a rough couple weeks, but everything's fine now.

Rafe: Good. That's good. 'Cause I don't want to have to worry about her, because I have a problem of my own.

Jordan: What's wrong?

Rafe: Well, see, there's this girl, and--[Chuckles] Woman, actually, and she-- she changed her plans so that she could stay here in Salem. And I need to show her how much she means to me and how much that means to me, and I just have no idea. Is it flowers, candy...

Jordan: Hmm.

Rafe: New car?

Jordan: No, no, no, see, I think all that's too predictable. You gotta--gotta keep it simple.

Rafe: Okay, that's--

Jordan: [Giggles]

Rafe: Right, simple.

Jordan: Hmm.

Rafe: Simple?

Jordan: Hmm.

Rafe: Mm.

[Both laughing]

Sami: [Laughs, squeals] Whoa, why are you in such a rush to get me up here?

EJ: So I can be alone with you.

Sami: Wow, aren't you supposed to be alone with your father?

EJ: Mm.

Sami: I mean, doesn't he need to hear about all the information you got him about the drugs for erectile--

EJ: Right, no, yes. I mean, he does, but, you know, timing--you have to pick the right moment to tell him. And you can never let him know that you have any idea about his little...problem.

Sami: [Gasps] I won't. I can keep a secret.

EJ: Really?

Sami: Yes.

EJ: Good. Come here.

Sami: Mm. So... what has you all frisky today? I mean, you were out in the world. What were you up to?

EJ: I'm not frisky. I just want to show you how much I love you.

Sami: [Laughs, squeals] Mm, I can live with that.

EJ: Can you believe it? We're gonna get married.

Sami: I know. I know.

EJ: [Laughs]

Sami: I can believe it. Yes, I do believe it.

EJ: Nothing can stop us.

Sami: I just said the same thing to your father.

EJ: Good. We're on the same page.

Sami: Mm. [Squealing, laughing]

EJ: [Laughs]

Theresa: Hey, this is what I call a place to live. I mean, seriously, we have this whole mansion to ourselves?

Brady: Usually, the only person here is the butler. But I sent him home.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, that guy. I mean, am I wrong, or was he, like, I don't know, judgmental or something when he talked to you?

Brady: No, he's fine. I, uh, I made a little bit of a mess here earlier, and he had to clean it up, so he probably wasn't happy about it.

Theresa: Yeah, well, he's old. He should be glad he has a job.

Brady: [Laughs] Nice. You are funny. Well, you said you were gonna get us out of this rut. So what'd you want to do? What'd you have in mind?

Theresa: Hmm. Well, I'll give you... one guess.


Rafe: Sorry. Are we still on for later?

Jordan: Definitely.

Rafe: Good.

Jordan: But I just have to go to the hospital and check on some patients first.

Rafe: Ah. [Blows raspberry] Patients. All right. Well, any idea what you want to do?

Jordan: Uh-huh.

Rafe: What?

Jordan: It's a secret.

Rafe: Oh, secret?

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Well, I guess everyone has a few. Text me later.

Jordan: I will.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: So why don't we go and buy a pregnancy test? And I will be there for you when you find out. [Sighs] Wow. All over again. [Laughs] EJ.

EJ: [Sighs]

Sami: Hmm.

EJ: Yes, my love?

Sami: Don't take this the wrong way, but, um... were you sampling your dad's E.D. Drugs?

EJ: [Laughs] No. I don't need to take a pill to make love to you.

Sami: Well, I certainly know that, but I just wanted to know what's put you in this mood. Whatever it is, I hope it happens again.

EJ: It will. Now, I want us to plan a date for tonight.

Sami: A date?

EJ: A date.

Sami: Like, what do you mean? Dinner and a movie?

EJ: Dinner and a movie.

Sami: Well, I just--

EJ: No, I mean a date.

Sami: I don't know. What are you talking about?

EJ: What loving couples do when they're together, you know.

Sami: [Laughs] Normal?

EJ: A normal thing with no drama, no danger. Date, you know.

Sami: Okay.

EJ: After these last few months, I just really crave having you. With me, that is. I mean, obviously, I crave having you.

Sami: You know you will get no resistance from me.

EJ: Okay. I'm gonna take a quick rinse. Look at the movie times.

Sami: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: [Sniffs] Abigail?

Abigail: Hi. Um...Sami, I think there's something that you should know.

[Cell phone rings]

Stefano: [Sighs] Ah, Katerina, hello.

Kate: Hello yourself. When would be a good time?

Stefano: How about tonight? I am going to be free.

Kate: I'll come by. But I wouldn't be so gleeful. I don't think you're going to enjoy this the way you think.

Stefano: [Chuckles] You never know. [Clears throat]

Sami: Oh, wow. You're not pregnant. You must be so relieved.

Abigail: Yeah, you have no idea.

Sami: Yeah. No, I-- so I'm sorry, but I must have scared the life out of you blurting out my little diagnosis.

Abigail: Don't worry about it.

Sami: Are you sure? I mean, it's just one line on that test, right?

Abigail: Oh, I didn't-- I didn't do a home pregnancy kit. I went to a doctor. She did a blood test. Negative.

Sami: Wow, that must have been a tough visit. Did you go alone?

Abigail: You know, Sami, I'm just walking into work right now, so we'll catch up later, okay?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. No, of course. Sure. And I look forward to getting more art lessons from you sometime soon. Listen, Abigail, I'm really happy for you.

Abigail: Thank you, Sami. Thank you for everything. Bye.

Both: Hey.

Sami: Mwah.

EJ: Mwah. Who was that?

Sami: It was Abigail. Guess what. She's not pregnant.

EJ: Oh.

Sami: Yeah, she's super relieved.

EJ: Yeah. I bet she is.

Sami: I mean, seriously. What kind of loser did she hook herself up with? Jerk.

Theresa: You don't want to drink, which is cool. But when it comes to you and me, what would you like to do for fun? You know, I can be very accommodating in every way.

Brady: Oh, yeah?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Mm. Mm, okay. Come on. Come on. What? Come on.

Theresa: Come on. We can go to your room eventually, but I like it right here, right now.

Brady: Here? Right here?

Theresa: Is there a problem? Come on, Brady. Where's your sense of fun?

Brady: Fun?

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