Days Transcript Thursday 3/13/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/13/14


Episode #12294 ~ Eric slips up about his lie; Nicole confronts Marlena about her meddling; Sami & Adrienne disagree over wedding plans.

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Ciara: I want my daddy to come home.

Hope: Come here, baby. So do I. So do I, honey. Hey... baby, it's gonna be okay. I promise.

Ciara: Does grandma know Daddy's not coming home for a long time?

Hope: Yeah, she does. Uncle Roman told her. She's really sad too.

Ciara: Can I go see if she's in the kitchen?

Hope: Yeah. Absolutely. Okay, babe.

Chase: What are you crying about now, you big baby?

Ciara: Don't call me that.

Chase: Big baby.

Aiden: Whoa.

Hope: Ciara.

Aiden: Hey. What's going on here?

Chase: She pushed me.

Ciara: 'Cause I hate you.

Sonny: Hey, don't take your coat off. We're going right back out.

Will: Where's Arianna?

Sonny: With Gabi.

Will: Mind if I ask where we're going?

Sonny: To meet our moms.

Will: Why?

Sonny: To plan our wedding. What else?

EJ: I set up an appointment with the doctor that I told you about.

Abigail: No. Forget it.

EJ: I'm sorry. What?

Abigail: I'm not going to your doctor, and you can't make me.

EJ: Abigail, I thought we agreed that the best possible course of action was for you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Abigail: No, that's what you think I should do. I didn't agree to anything. And if it turns out that I am pregnant, I will be the one who decides what to do about it.

Adrienne: I never took you for an art lover.

Sami: [Chuckles] Abigail's helping me bone up. These are actually her art books.

Adrienne: Oh, okay. Why?

Sami: Well, because EJ loves art and art museums, and I thought I'd get a little more cultured before our honeymoon.

Adrienne: You know what they say--best way to hold on to a man is share his interests.

Sami: I'm not worried about holding on to EJ.

Adrienne: Good for you.

Sami: We have a lot to talk about with will and Sonny's wedding.

Adrienne: Yes.

Sami: Get it planned before I start working on my own. And I have some great ideas--

Adrienne: Okay, I have just one. And I need you to back me up on this.

Sami: Okay. What is it?

Adrienne: I need you to change your mind and help me stop those boys from rushing into this.

Nicole: Do you have any idea how happy you make me?

Eric: I hope it's as happy as you make me.

[Door opens]

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh.

Eric: Oh.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry.

Eric: No, no, it's okay. Do you need your office back?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, I do. The staff meeting is over.

Eric: Did you see my mother? I really need to talk to her.

Jennifer: Well, she said she was coming, but she never show up.

Marlena: So, as far as you know, Nicole learned nothing that would help my son?

Chyka: That's right. I got out of there without giving her anything to go on.

Marlena: Beautiful.

Chyka: But, of course, I had to leave without taking my things with me.

Marlena: Your things? What things are you talking about? Did you hear me? What did you leave behind?

Chyka: Uh... yes, uh, well, I was talking about--

[Alarm blaring]

Stefano: It seems like somebody is up to her old tricks.

Eric: That's not like my mom to miss a staff meeting.

Jennifer: Oh, it wasn't an important one, believe me. You know, we have these mandatory fire-safety meetings every so often, but I'm sure Marlena will know what to do if the alarm goes off.

Eric: Yeah, well, you know what? I better go find her.

Nicole: Why?

Eric: Well, it's been brought to my attention that I haven't been so nice to her lately.

[Alarm blaring]

Stefano: This is what I get for trying to do you a favor?

Marlena: I have no idea how that happened.

Stefano: You betrayed me. That does not go without punishment.

Will: Can you explain why we need to talk to our moms about our wedding?

Sonny: Their feelings would be hurt if we don't make 'em a part of this. And to be honest, we need their help.

Will: [Sighs] Can't we just get a license and go to city hall?

Sonny: No, because then my uncle Vic's feelings will be hurt.

Will: [Laughs] I'm afraid to ask why that is.

Sonny: Because he wants us to have our wedding at his house.

Will: Are you kidding me?

Sonny: A freaking mansion.

Will: My mom is going to hate that idea.

Sonny: Well, at least your mom's behind us getting married. I don't know if my mom's gotten that far.

Sami: So you are still trying to get me to help you gang up on the boys?

Adrienne: I knew you'd see it this way.

Sami: What other way is there to see it? They're adults, Adrienne. They can decide for themselves when they want to get married.

Adrienne: I can't sit here and talk about caterers and flowers like I think it's a great idea.

Sami: So you tell them what you really think, and then they're gonna dig in... and stop listening to you.

Adrienne: All right, so I just let this happen?

Sami: It's better than having your son resent the hell out of you because you're questioning something he believes in with his whole heart. And you know he does.

Adrienne: Yeah... for now anyway.

Sami: I'm not trying to get in your face about this, but there is no way in hell I'm going to risk being shut out by my son and the man that he loves.

Adrienne: I get what you're saying. I can't believe I just said that.

Sami: Come on, Adrienne. It could work. Look at EJ and me. I mean, we used to be a disaster, but we have worked through all that, we have grown up, and now we are on our way to being totally happy together.

EJ: If you are pregnant, I'm this kid's father.

Abigail: I'm letting you off the hook, okay? Go. Marry Sami. Live your life. Live happily ever after.

EJ: No, no, no, you and I are gonna deal with this together, all right? I'm not walking away from my responsibilities.

Abigail: Yes, I know, you keep saying that. But I also realize what a huge inconvenience this would be for you.

EJ: That's not the way I see it.

Abigail: Really? Okay, it's a little hard to pull off the perfect family living in the perfect mansion when you have your pregnant ex-lover living across town.

EJ: Abigail, we were careless. There are consequences, l it's not as if, you know, you were trying to lay some kind of claim to me or ruin my life, is it? Is it?

Abigail: Why are you looking at me like that?

EJ: Because it just occurred to me, when you followed me into that shower, that was very brazen, especially for somebody like you. And I wonder, did you do that because the timing was right?

Abigail: What exactly are you saying?

EJ: Were you trying to get pregnant?

Hope: Here's what happened. Ciara was crying when chase came in, and he made fun of her. That's why Ciara went after him.

Aiden: Come on. Let's go have a little talk.

Hope: I'm so sorry chase said that to you. Oh, baby, I'm so sorry daddy won't be home for a long time. Ciara, I am--gosh, honey, I'm so sorry about everything.

Aiden: So what Ciara's mother said... is that what happened?

Chase: I was just teasing her.

Aiden: You do not tease someone for crying, do you hear me? You leave Ciara alone.

Chase: She was the one who started pushing me. Why isn't she getting yelled at? Why are the rules different for her?

Abigail: You really think that I would do that? That I would--that I would try to get pregnant on purpose just to trap you? Wow, well, I guess I finally know what you really think of me, EJ.

EJ: Look, Abigail, I'm not your adversary.

Abigail: I don't know what you are. Honestly, I have no idea. But since you want me to handle this your way and I don't want any part of your way, maybe we are adversaries.

EJ: Look, I thought I-- I hoped that it would be clear that throughout all of this, I still care about you.

Abigail: No, it's not. Nothing is clear about what happened between us. Nothing, except for the fact that I might be pregnant by a guy who's engaged and doesn't want me in his life. God, I'm such an idiot. Why did I do that? Why did I trust somebody who nobody else trusts? I will never, ever make the same mistake again.

EJ: I'm just trying to help.

Abigail: Really? And who are you trying to help exactly?

EJ: You, of course.

Abigail: By taking me to a doctor on the DiMera payroll? Is this the same doctor that you paid off to fake Chad's brain tumor so that he could get me into bed? What exactly is it that you're paying him to do this time, EJ?

Will: [Exhales sharply]

Sami: Okay, just keep your doubts to yourself. Follow my lead, okay?

Sonny: [Sighs] Hello.

Both: Hi.

Sonny: Thank you for doing this.

Sami: Are you kidding? We were just talking about how happy we are for both of you, right?

Adrienne: Yes, we think you're a great couple.

Sonny: Okay, well, so far, so good. I think we better nail down the wedding plans because... we moved up the date.

Adrienne: What? I mean, how are you gonna find a place that will accommodate a wedding so quickly?

Sonny: Actually, uncle Vic wants us to have it at his house.

Will: And we think that that's a great idea, don't we?

Sami: Really? Well, the Kiriakis mansion is beautiful in the summer. You know, you could have it out on the terrace. It's just lovely, but in the spring, it can be so rainy, right?

Will: Do you have a better idea, mom?

Sami: Well, EJ's house is beautiful in any season. The garden is just as lovely as the Kiriakis mansion and--

Adrienne: Oh, just stop! You've got to be kidding me.

Galen: The software detected this. It's a tracking device.

Stefano: Destroy it.

[Device thuds on rug]

[Device shatters]

Galen: It's history now, boss.

Nicole: You know, I think it would be great if you worked things out with your mom. Well, listen, I know both of you have work to do, so I'm gonna get out of here. [Closes zipper] And, Jennifer, thank you for giving Eric this job.

Jennifer: You know what? We are lucky to have him before he's in high demand.

[Women chuckle]

Nicole: I agree.

Eric: Aw, shucks.

Nicole: Yeah. And don't worry--I won't be coming around here often, you know, keeping him from working, so...

Jennifer: Well, suit yourself, because Daniel is going to be distracting me constantly if I'm really lucky. So why should Eric be any different?

Nicole: So you don't mind if I bring him lunch now and then?

Jennifer: No, I wish you would. It would be good to see you.

Stefano: The nerve of you, the arrogance... to think that you could use me against my own daughter?

Marlena: Oh, calm down. I'm doing exactly what you're doing--trying to protect my child. And if you think I'm gonna stand here and cower and apologize, you are sadly mistaken. Now, Chyka said that he left Nicole alone in his place before he could take his stuff out. So get Chyka back online, and let's see what he had to say.

Stefano: Chyka? Do we know anybody with the name of Chyka?

Galen: Never heard of him.

Marlena: Oh, for heaven's sake.

Stefano: Yes. Uh-huh. Believe me, you are gonna pay for this.

Aiden: What exactly did you say to Ciara?

Chase: That she was a big baby.

Aiden: And you're surprised that she came after you? Come on, buddy. You started it. Now you owe her an apology. Come on, let's go. Ciara, chase would like to say something to you.

Chase: I'm sorry.

Ciara: I'm not.

Hope: Chase, thank you for your apology. Come on, sweetie, let's go say hello to grandma, come on.

Chase: That is not fair. Why doesn't she have to say she's sorry?

Aiden: Okay, come on, let's get you to judo class. Go on.

Chase: I thought we were getting hot chocolate.

Aiden: No, there's been a change of plans.

Chase: And you're not gonna walk me?

Aiden: You know where it is. It's right next door, okay? I'm gonna meet you after class.

Chase: [Sighs]

Aiden: Ciara okay?

Hope: Her grandmother always makes her feel better.

Aiden: Good. Good, well, I made it clear to chase never to tease her again. Okay.

Hope: Aiden, wait. A minute?

EJ: Look, if you are pregnant, I give you my word, I would never do anything to harm you or the child. This is your decision, Abigail. All I want to do is be there to support you through this decision, but I cannot allow you to face this on your own.

Abigail: But I am. I am facing this on my own. I'm the one who's probably pregnant. I'm the one whose life is going to change here. You can go back to your other life with Sami and your--your kids.

EJ: Look, if you're carrying my child, I'm not just gonna abandon you.

Abigail: But Sami can never know about it, right?

EJ: Look, you and I both know Samantha's... volatile.

Abigail: Volatile? That seems like kind of an understatement, don't you think?

EJ: Look, I will never deny a child of mine... nor let any harm come to the mother of my child. Now do you believe that?

Adrienne: Are you seriously talking about how lovely the DiMera mansion will be in the springtime?

Sami: What is wrong with that?

Adrienne: Just I don't think the daffodils quite blot out the house's history, that's all.

Sami: And the Kiriakis mansion is full of lovely vibes?

Adrienne: Well, it's vibes you want? Victor's house has nothing on the DiMera mansion. I mean, john and Kristen got married there, and look how great that marriage turned out.

Sami: Hey, I tried to get married in the Kiriakis mansion once. The groom ended up dead.

Adrienne: Oh, yeah? Well, Kristen and john's son almost got married there last year, and that didn't work out so great either.

Sonny: Mom.

Sami: How about we make sure that Victor not invite Vivian? I would hate for her to lure will up to the roof.

Adrienne: Okay, Sami, do we really want our sons saying their vows with Stefano's portrait staring down at them? You got me on that one. So I think it would be a lovely idea for you to get married at the Kiriakis mansion.

Will: Really?

Sami: Really.

Will: Well, good, because it's what we want.

Sonny: Well, that was easy. So what do you say I get us some lattes to celebrate? And when I get back, we'll talk music.

Adrienne: Honey, let me help you, okay? I can do the foam thing.

Sami: So have you finalized the wedding party?

Will: Well, it was gonna be Gabi, of course, then Abigail.

Sami: Yeah, she's not gonna bail on you, right?

Will: As far as I know she's on board.

Sami: I just wonder why she was so hesitant in the first place.

Will: Well, she must have had her reasons.

Sami: But why?

Will: She's very sweet, but she's very stubborn. You can't talk her into doing anything she doesn't want to do.

Jennifer: Bye, Nicole.

Nicole: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Good-bye.


Jennifer: Well, I guess things are going good between the two of you.

Eric: Yeah, they are. That was very generous of you, considering all the things that Nicole tried to do to you.

Jennifer: You know what, Eric, she asked me to forgive her, and she really went out of her way to earn it. You know, she could have turned JJ in, and she didn't. And she has been an incredibly loyal friend to Daniel.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: But I will be honest with you. It was so hard for me when the two of them were living together after we broke up.

Eric: You know, that was for my benefit.

Jennifer: How do you figure?

Eric: I didn't realize you knew that Nicole and Daniel were lying.

Jennifer: About what?

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: [Groans] Haven't you bugged me enough already today?

Stefano: I have some news for you.

Nicole: What kind of news?

Stefano: Well, apparently Marlena Evans just had a nice chat with a Dr. Chyka, hmm?

Nicole: How do you know that?

Stefano: She seemed very interested in anything that you might have found in Chyka's hideout after he escaped.

Nicole: [Scoffs] I don't even know what you're talking about.

Stefano: Well, the exchange was cut short, and Marlena found out nothing, but, as for what she'll do now, well, you probably have a better idea than I do.

Marlena: Okay. Okay, stay calm. He's bluffing. He won't do anything.

John: Hey, doc.

Marlena: John. Oh. Oh.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's wrong? In my salon, I use products without parabens and dyes.

Sami: So Abigail never ended up telling you what had her so upset?

Will: [Clears throat] It probably had to do with a guy.

Sami: What guy?

Will: I don't know. I just know that she was seeing a guy, and he was making her miserable, but she wouldn't talk about it. She admitted that much.

Sami: That he was making her miserable? How?

Will: Well, I think he's with someone, but was seeing her on the side.

Sami: What a rotten thing to do to a girl like Abigail.

Will: Yeah. I think she ended it with him, but--you know, we probably shouldn't talk about it. It's none of our business.

Adrienne: Here we go.

Sami: Oh, thank you. You know, I'm gonna have to take mine to go. I completely forgot about this meeting that I have to get to. If you'll excuse me.

Will: Yeah.

Sami: Thank you, sweetheart. Bye.

Will: Bye.

Adrienne: Bye.

Sonny: See ya.

EJ: Okay, I tell you what. You decide what you want to do next, and I will back you up.

Abigail: I don't want to go to a doctor that you choose for me.

EJ: Okay. Go to your own doctor.

Abigail: I don't need to go to a doctor. I can just take the home pregnancy test.

EJ: Home pregnancy test is not 100% accurate, Abigail. Now you are going to have to go to a doctor to get your pregnancy confirmed.

Abigail: Your doctor, right?

EJ: This doctor is discreet. This doctor will protect your privacy. And once you know for sure whether or not you are pregnant, you can assess any options you need to assess before you go home to your mother and your brother.

Abigail: Oh, my God. My family. Oh, God. They probably already know that something's going on with me. For God's sake, Sami already figured out that I might be pregnant. If I am--if I am really pregnant, this will kill my mom.

EJ: If your mother starts asking you questions, how long do you think it's going to be until you break? Until you tell her everything?

Hope: I just wanted to say, I really appreciate how you handled that situation.

Aiden: Sure.

Hope: I don't know if it matters to you, but Ciara was crying because I just finished telling her that her dad won't be home for a really long time.

Aiden: Well, that's rough. I-I get it.

Hope: I'm sorry. Of course you do.

Aiden: It's just not easy raising a kid on your own, is it?

Hope: Nope.

Aiden: No.

Hope: You think I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not.

[Phone rings] Oh, excuse me.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Sorry--oh, uh, don't--don't go, okay?

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Hello? Hey, what's up? Really? Oh, my gosh. [Stammers] Actually he's with me right now. Yeah, of course. I'll tell him the great news. No, no, no, it was completely our pleasure. Bye-bye. [Chuckles]

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: It seems congratulations are in order.

Eric: Nicole and Daniel said they were a couple, but they weren't.

Jennifer: And they said that they were for your benefit?

Eric: Well, Nicole didn't want me to know that she had feelings for me.

Jennifer: Okay, so they were covering it by saying that they were having an affair?

Eric: Because Nicole just wanted to prove what Kristen had done to me, so she knew that I wouldn't let her do it if I knew she loved me.

Jennifer: Right, then you would feel like you were taking advantage of her.

Eric: Exactly. Listen, I'm not saying it was the greatest plan, but they meant well.

Jennifer: No, I know. I-I-I know that Nicole meant well. I just feel like even when she tries to do a good thing, she has to lie to get what she wants and I--she just--she's good at that.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.

John: What's happening? Let's go find a place to talk.

Marlena: No.

John: Come on.

Marlena: No.

John: Come on.

Marlena: Not with you. Not with you.

Nicole: Well, I was just on my way to see you. What the hell are you trying to do to me?

Sami: Hey. I'm looking for Abigail Deveraux.

I told her that there was a delivery for her department in the community room. She's probably still there.

Sami: Community room?

That way.

Sami: Yeah, thanks.

Abigail: Oh, I'm just so confused. [Sighs]

EJ: It's okay. Look. That's the number of the doctor I told you about.

Sami: Excuse me. I'm looking for the community room. Thanks. Hey. Abigail. I am glad I found you. We need to talk. Across America, people are taking charge of

Sami: I have been so worried about you. Have you, um--have you taken the pregnancy test?

Abigail: No, uh--no, I haven't. I meant to, but I got really busy and everything got kinda crazy, so--

Sami: Yeah, well, that's gonna happen, right? I mean, when you're afraid that you're pregnant and you don't want to be. Believe me, it will be better when you know the truth.

Abigail: Yeah.

Sami: Hey. You know, I mean, I'm here to tell you that even if you are pregnant, life goes on. And you have family and friends who are going to love and support you, and I include EJ and me when I say that.

Abigail: [Labored breathing]

Sami: Have you--have you eaten anything this morning?

Abigail: No. [Clears throat]

Sami: You know what, I'm gonna go to the cafeteria. I'm gonna get you something to eat and, uh--

Abigail: No, no, please-- please don't talk about food. Especially food that has something to do with mayonnaise.

Sami: [Laughs] There's always one thing, isn't there? Oh, with Johnny and Allie, I couldn't even stand the smell of garlic. And with--with Sydney, it was orange marmalade of all things.

Abigail: What about will?

Sami: Oh, um, oh, gosh. For three months I could only eat crackers and then I guess the morning sickness just passed and I was eating like a horse. Abigail, he's worried about you too, you know.

Abigail: Why?

Sami: Well--don't worry. He has no idea that you might be pregnant, but he did say that there is someone in your life, someone that you don't wanna talk about.

Abigail: He shouldn't--he should not have said that to you.

Sami: You have to be able to talk to somebody, hon. I mean, this guy, if you are pregnant, could he be the father? And is the reason that you don't wanna talk about him because he's married?

Adrienne: Marriage is a big commitment. And it can be really painful if that commitment is made for the wrong reasons. And whether you both see it or not, you both are very, very young. But it's also very evident that you are completely in love with each other. And in this screwed up world, that is something to be cherished and celebrated.

Sonny: Am I high on caffeine, or did I just hear you give us your blessing?

Adrienne: [Laughs] You know as the--as the mother of four boys, the one thing that I thought I was gonna miss out on was having a son-in-law. And it seems that I was wrong, so, honestly, I couldn't be happier.

Hope: We, uh, did well.

Aiden: Mm.

Hope: Pricing and all, considering. We made our sales goal.

Aiden: Yes, by coming up with an amazing strategy of selling sweets to school children, hmm?

Hope: And by your writing a nice, big, fat check.

Aiden: Well, writing a k is easy when you got the money. I think what St. Luke's does for those kids, now that, that is hard. Seeing chase fit in there, that has been a huge load off my mind. Speaking of which, I better get going because his judo class is about over. Okay. All right. And, um, chase will not be bothering Ciara again. That's a promise.

Hope: Thank you.

Eric: I hope I didn't upset you. I mean, I know it's going well for you and Daniel now.

Jennifer: Yes, it is, finally. And you know what, that is all that matters.

Eric: Well, it's pretty obvious that there are no problems between the two of you. It was just all externals.

Jennifer: Yes, yes. In the midst of all of this craziness, really, I would just love it if you and Nicole and Daniel and I can be friends.

Eric: I think you and I are already there.

Nicole: You found a way to talk to Chyka, didn't you?

Marlena: I will not discuss that with you.

Nicole: Marlena, if you know where that bastard is--

Marlena: I don't know! And if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. The person with whom I would discuss that would be my son.

Nicole: Are you trying to help Eric or are you trying to get something on me?

Marlena: What could I possibly get on you?

Nicole: [Scoffs] That I deliberately let Chyka go. That's what you think, isn't it?

Marlena: I know you didn't let Chyka go.

Nicole: Uh-huh. And how exactly did you find him?

Marlena: What does that matter?

Nicole: You talked to Stefano. You made a deal with the father of the woman who drugged and had sex with your son. That's called "rape," you know that? But you didn't spend your time trying to prove that, did you? You tried to get something on me.

Eric: Mom. Is that true?

Jennifer: Oh.

Aiden: Hey.

Jennifer: Aiden, hi.

Aiden: Hey, how are you? How's--how's JJ doing?

Jennifer: He--he's okay...

Aiden: Good.

Jennifer: So far. I wanna thank you again for taking his case so last minute.

Aiden: Oh, no, no, no. No--no problem. I'm just glad everything worked out.

Jennifer: Yeah, thank you.

Aiden: Well, you're welcome.

Jennifer: Hey.

Hope: Oh, hey. Hey, coz. How are you?

Jennifer: I'm good.

Hope: Okay.

Jennifer: You and Aiden are in the same room and there's no broken furniture. That's a very good sign.

Hope: What makes you say that?

Jennifer: Well, Daniel told me when he invited the two of you to have dinner with us, that he got the feeling the two of you didn't like each other.

Hope: There was a problem between his son and Ciara at school, and to be quite honest with you, I-I mean, I did not like or appreciate the way he was talking to me before.

Jennifer: No, I know because I sensed the friction between the two of you after the hearing.

Hope: Yeah. Okay, you did. But he and I are working things out, I think. I mean, we're adults. We will. If you wanna invite people over and include Aiden and me, it's fine. It's fine with me.

Jennifer: Okay, that's great.

Hope: Okay.

Jennifer: Because I think that you need to get out more while Bo is gone.

Hope: I agree.

Jennifer: Okay. Has he mentioned at all when he's coming back?

Sonny: So you think the meeting was a good idea or not?

Will: I admit, yes, yes it was.

Sonny: All right.

Will: You got anymore clever ideas on how to deal with Nick Fallon?

Sonny: I don't wanna think about Nick now.

Will: Me neither. I just wanna enjoy the fact that both of our moms are supporting us now.

Sonny: Me too. Why do you think your mom left so suddenly?

Will: With Samantha jean, who knows? I'll tell you, when your mom and my mom started talking about all those disaster weddings, I got a little scared.

Sonny: For us?

Will: No. You know, I just--just wanna make sure nothing screws it up for mom and EJ.

Abigail: This guy isn't married. He's with someone else.

Sonny: Okay.

Abigail: But they were not together when he and I, uh--when it happened.

Sami: I'm not judging. Look, I just--I've been where you are and I wanna help. So first you have to find out whether or not you're really pregnant and then you can decide what you wanna do.

Abigail: Yeah. I'm just so confused.

Sami: And if you are pregnant, I think you have to be honest with the baby's father. If you're not, I-it can really come back to haunt you.

Abigail: You know, I gotta get back to work, Sami. Uh, excuse me.

Sami: Abigail, what--are you still in love with him?

Hope: No, uh, no new news from Bo.

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Hope: How are you and Daniel doing?

Jennifer: Well, um, I really thought that it was over. I did. And now we are closer than ever.

Hope: Coz, I am really thrilled for you.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Aiden: Hey. Not--don't wanna interrupt. Just, uh, chase forgot his bag.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Um, I forgot to mention to you earlier, I would love it if you would join, um--join us for dinner. Daniel and me. It's super casual. Pizza, salad. You know? Hope's gonna be there.

Aiden: Oh.

Jennifer: It's gonna be fun.

Aiden: Right, well, if my bake sale co-chair is gonna be there, how could I say no?

John: I'm sure your mother only had your best interests in mind.

Eric: You've been gone for quite a while, john. I don't think you're the best person to interpret what's happening here. Before you and I talk about Chyka, I think Nicole deserves an answer to her question. Did you go behind her back...and mine? To try to prove that she was a liar?

Marlena: Eric--

Eric: Answer me.

Abigail: No offense, Sami, but I-I really--I don't wanna talk about my private feelings with you or with anyone else.

Sami: Okay. But you have to know what those feelings are, especially if you're going to be--

Abigail: Would you just back off, please? I don't even know if I am pregnant, okay?

Sami: But if you are...

Abigail: If I am, then it would ruin this guy's life.

Sami: Oh, you don't know that for sure.

Abigail: I think that I do.

Sami: Look, this guy, whoever he is, I mean, maybe he and the woman--the other woman have worked things out, you know? Maybe their relationship can survive this. You don't know. But, Abigail, if you are pregnant with his child, his relationship is not your problem. It's his.


Sami: Is there... someone else here?

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