Days Transcript Monday 3/3/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/3/14


Episode #12286 ~ Nick threatens Sonny & blackmails Sami; Brady & Theresa spoil Eric & Nicole's date; JJ falls for a beautiful woman.

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[Knock at door]

Daniel: [Exhales] Hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: You're just in time.

Jennifer: Okay. For what?

Daniel: Um, well...

Jennifer: Thank you.

Daniel: Let me-- let me show you.

Eric: You look beautiful. I mean, you always look beautiful.

Nicole: I know what you mean. Um, thank you. And so do you. I mean, handsome. You look handsome. I mean--sorry.


Eric: You know, I never would have thought this would be so...

Nicole: Awkward? Yeah, I think it was easier when we had the collar between us.

Eric: I'm glad there's not.

Nicole: That makes two of us.

[Knock at door]

Theresa: Brady.

Brady: Hi.

Theresa: Hi. What's that?

Brady: It's a gift.

Theresa: For me?

Brady: Well, who else would it be for?

Theresa: It wouldn't happen to be that bag I was admiring.

Brady: I did go back and look at that, I did, but I was disappointed because the bag was--it was empty. There's nothing in it.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: This on the other hand... [Sighs] This is full.

Theresa: Hmm. Not for long.

JJ: Let's get the hell out of here and have some fun, okay?

Bev: Where are we going?

JJ: Wherever you want. Actually, my mom has a date tonight, so she'll be out of the house all night.

Bev: So your place then.

JJ: Yeah. Come on.

Bev: [Giggles]

Gabi: Hey, Ari, I'm home.

Arianna: Mommy!

Gabi: Hey! So I was thinking maybe you and I could have a mother-daughter date. We could get out nails done. What do you think about that?

Arianna: No.

Will: Ready to go, Ari?

Gabi: Go where?

Will: We promised Ari we'd take her to the new bounce place.

Sonny: And then grab some ice cream afterwards.

Arianna: Sorry, mommy. They're more fun than you.

Caroline: Thank you for driving me to my class. Thanks.

Will: Oh, of course.

Caroline: Sure, but if I recall, I think you said that you had some news.

Sami: Grandma, will, hi.

Caroline: This is beginning to look like an ambush.

Will: I didn't even know my mom was going to be here.

Sami: Oh, grandma, hi.

Caroline: Hi, sweetheart.

Sami: Aw. Hey, will.

Caroline: Do I need to brace myself?

Will: I hope not. Grandma...

Caroline: Yes?

Will: I'm getting married to Sonny.

Caroline: Well... it's about time.


Nick: Sonny. I wasn't sure if I heard your message correctly. You--you wanted to see me?

Sonny: I'm sure you can't imagine why.

Nick: Mm-mm.

Sonny: You didn't think I'd find out you were hanging out with Gabi in my club.

Nick: Well, she asked me to help her with her homework.

Sonny: Stop with the innocent act. I'm tired of it. I know what you're up to, and I'm not gonna let you screw around with our lives again.

Will: So this means you approve?

Caroline: You don't need my approval or anybody else's. You just need to be in love.

Will: We are.

Caroline: Right. And I insist that I be seated at the fun table at the reception.


Will: Of course. Absolutely.

Caroline: Um, Sami, you know, I think you're planning nuptials, no? How about a double wedding?

Both: No.

Will: No, that's--that's not gonna happen.

Sami: Well, whoa, why are you making it sound like it's such a horrible idea?

Caroline: Well, you can't exactly blame him, dear. I mean, considering your history with weddings.

Sami: [Scoffs] Me?

Will: She's got a point. I mean...


Nick: You know, Sonny, I get that you and will are quite serious now and that you're all having a grand old time, the three of you playing house with little sweet Arianna, but, if you really look at it from my perspective--

Sonny: Oh, you're thinking that will's the dad, he's got the relationship with Gabi, and you're wondering where the hell I get off telling you what to do, right?

Nick: Whoa, whoa. You read my mind.

Sonny: I did, right?

Nick: Yeah, crazy.

Sonny: You want to talk about this flesh and blood, let's talk about it.

Nick: Okay.

Sonny: Okay? I'm not a Horton like you and will, I do not have a drop of Hernandez blood in my body...

Nick: No.

Sonny: But I'll tell you what I am. A Kiriakis. Which means I get what I want. No matter what it takes.

Will: I'm so relieved.

Sami: What, that grandma was cool? I mean, she was about to do a cheer. Honestly the only person I'm worried about at this point is Gabi. Have you told her yet?

Will: Yeah, she said she was happy for us. I mean, she might have freaked out a little bit, but Sonny made her understand--nothing needs to change.

Sami: Then you're sure she does?

Will: I hope so.

Sami: Man, everything was going so well until he came back. I mean, seriously, why is Gabi such a sucker for that jerk?

Nick: Wow. I figured the knives would come out eventually. Apparently subtlety isn't part of that Kiri-Kiri-Kiriakis way.

Sonny: Or the Fallon way. You were doing homework with Gabi?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Why? Did the dog eat the textbook? Huh? I know your tricks. She should too, but she's...

Nick: What, mesmerized? Hypnotized? Just an idiot? Does Gabi know that you have such a low opinion of her?

Sonny: Not of her. Of you. And I'm not gonna sit around and give you another chance to hurt my family. Do you hear me?

Nick: Life must have been so much easier when you thought I was dead, wasn't it?

Sonny: What?

Nick: You heard me. That's right, Sonny boy. I know that you helped cover up my untimely demise. You and will both.

Bev: So it's just the two of us, huh?

JJ: Just you and me.

Bev: Should I call Rory?

JJ: That better be a joke.

Bev: [Laughing] Of course. Hey, don't be mad at him. He didn't know your jerk of a boss was standing there.

JJ: I would rather not talk about my miserable afternoon doing community service if that's okay with you.

Bev: Or you could play something for me instead.

JJ: Or I could do this. Mm.

Bev: [Laughs]

JJ: Um...

Daniel: Wait.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: Wine. I almost forgot.

Jennifer: Oh, okay.

Daniel: You want me to grab you a glass here?

Jennifer: Um, sure, yeah.

Daniel: Pour you one. All right. I forgot to grab the glasses. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Oh, no, that's okay.

Daniel: Okay, as in you don't mind the wait or you don't want the wine?

Jennifer: Either.

Daniel: Okay. My God, what is wrong with me? Why am I so nervous?

Jennifer: It's okay. If you figure it out, tell me, 'cause I'm so nervous too.

Daniel: I don't know. Maybe it's just that it's long.

Jennifer: Yeah. It's been too long.

Daniel: Yeah. So you don't want the wine?

Jennifer: Mm-mm. No.

Daniel: No?

Jennifer: I don't want the wine.

Daniel: No?

Jennifer: No. [Giggles]

Daniel: Ah, come on. Oh, God.

Nicole: You don't have any regrets about what you left behind?

Eric: Well, when I was on retreat, I wrestled with it so hard, but now all I have is peace. And your glass looks empty. So you sit tight and I'm gonna get us something from the bar.

Nicole: Okay. Uh, excuse me, are we offending you? You want to tell me what your problem is.

Theresa: So what are we drinking to?

Brady: Hey, how about the fact that Maggie hasn't called me in six hours to check up on me?

Theresa: You think you've got it bad?

Brady: Oh, are we having a contest right now?

Theresa: Okay. My sponsor called me four times today begging me not to drop out of the program, and that was between the two jerks harassing me who are the reason I need a drink in the first place.

Brady: Four times--that's a lot. Um, how 'bout this? I almost married the same bitch twice... and my father tried to sleep with her. My brother did sleep with her. Yeah, you know what? It's not too much fun going down memory lane like that. Let's--let's get out of here. What do you say?

Theresa: Yeah, I thought you'd never ask.

Brady: All right. Where are we going?

Theresa: How about club TBD?

Brady: Sounds perfect. After you.

Theresa: All right.

JJ: All right, why the hell would you bring that here? You know I'm not doing that stuff anymore.

Bev: It was in my purse. Excuse me for trying to cheer you up.

JJ: This isn't doing it.

Bev: Well, then maybe you shouldn't have invited me over.

JJ: All right, Bev, I didn't mean it like that.

Bev: I don't care if you don't want to get high anymore-- that's your deal--but don't judge me because I'm being me.

JJ: I'm not judging you.

Bev: Yes, you are. Constantly. You know what? Next time I want to have a boring time, I'll be sure to call you.

Nicole: I saw the way you were looking at me and my friend. Are you enjoying yourself? Is he not allowed to do the same?

He's allowed, and I'm allowed to think whatever I want.

Nicole: Do you have any idea what he's been through or how good of a person he is? Fine, you know what, you want to judge someone, judge me. Don't judge him.

Eric: We're gonna let somebody else do the judging. Because we are all here to have a good time. You can leave with that.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I should have just let it go. But you should have seen the way he was glaring at you.

Eric: Nicole, I appreciate your impassioned defense. But you know what? I don't care. What I do care about is tonight. And us.


Brady: Is that right? Stop. Shh. Private pl--

Sami: I mean, Gabi, I don't understand what she thinks she's doing letting Nick into that poor baby's life again. I mean, she was in hell thinking that she had killed him, and now that he's back, it's like--

Will: She feels guilty. I mean, she thought she killed the guy she was in love with.

Sami: Shh.

Will: I can't imagine how that would make me feel. I guess you would know, though, so...

Sami: Will.

Will: And now you're back with EJ. And it's all talk of hearts and flowers and wedding--

Sami: Gabi tried to say the same thing. You cannot compare--

Will: No, you're right. When it comes to tortured and twisted, there's no contest. You win. Look, if EJ makes you happy, you know I'm behind you 100%.

Sami: Yeah, yeah, it's too late. The offer of the double wedding is off.

Will: Oh, come on. We could sell tickets. "Our big, gay DiMera wedding."

Sami: [Coughs]

Will: I'm joking.

Sami: Yes, I gathered that. You're lucky you're my son. I wouldn't let anyone else get away with talking to me like that.

Gabi: Talking to you like what?

Sonny: I'm not sure what you heard--

Nick: You know, Sonny, there's no sense in lying, especially when, quite frankly, you suck at it. But don't worry. I don't blame you. When you heard what Kate and Sami did to me in the woods, you did what any normal person would do--you panicked. But then it dawned on you--why not help cover up a murder if it meant that you would have me out of your lives for good? Too bad it didn't work out so well.

Sonny: Too bad.

Nick: But now you and will are headed down the aisle. Don't you think it's time we all started trying to get along?

Sonny: How'd you even know about that?

Nick: Well, Gabi told me, of course. Your life is falling into place so beautifully. Don't you think, Sonny? You might be the luckiest guy in Salem. Besides me. I mean, the only reason I'm even alive is because a batty old birdwatcher happened to be there when Kate and Sami dumped me in the river and left me to die. Apparently, my work here isn't done. And in my gratitude, I am trying really hard to be decent about all this. If I were you, I wouldn't push my luck.

Sonny: And if I were you, I wouldn't--

Nick: I said, don't threaten me. Am I making myself clear? I don't care what your last name is. You're shooting blanks, Sonny, and all I've got is bullets-- one for Kate, one for Sami, and two more for the happy couple, if I need them. You and will are accessories after the fact. Not the same as murder, but they use the same prison cells either way. If you'd like, we can sit down and I can describe for you in detail what happens behind bars if you don't back off.

Sonny: You can't prove anything.

Nick: You don't know what I can prove. You want this wedding to come off? You want to watch that beautiful little baby girl grow up? You better think carefully about what you do from here on out. Very, very carefully.

Will: I was just giving my mom a hard time about the wedding dates.

Gabi: Oh.

Caroline: Oh, look who's here.

Gabi: Hi, Mrs. Brady. We actually came to see you.

Caroline: Oh, you've made my day.

Sami: Hey, so that's how we rate.

Gabi: Has Nick been by to talk to you?

Caroline: No. Not that I recall. About what?

Gabi: Well, you know, I should probably just let him tell you. He'll be by soon.

Sami: Will, maybe you could take the baby to see her aunts in the kitchen. Is that a good idea?

Caroline: Yes, that's good. Come on.

Sami: Yeah.

Caroline: Okay, have fun. All right.

Gabi: Sami, I don't want to talk to you about Nick.

Sami: That makes two of us. This is actually about will and Sonny's engagement. I want to know what you really think.

[Soft guitar music]

JJ: All right, to hell with this.

Jennifer: Okay. I wish we could just stay here forever.

Daniel: Oh, yeah? Not me, really.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: No, we have got a lot of catching up to do. Remember we were gonna try that restaurant in Brookville...

Jennifer: [Gasps] Yes.

Daniel: Right? We're gonna take Parker skating. Yeah?

Jennifer: Oh. Yeah. And you're gonna teach me how to surf in the summertime.

Daniel: Mm-hmm, and then we're gonna lay on a beach blanket until the sun sets.

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: Or we could come right back here afterward. You know what? It doesn't even matter.

Jennifer: No, let's stay on the beach.

Daniel: You want to stay on the beach?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Okay.

Jennifer: I think it was really nice of Nicole to let us have this whole place to ourselves.

Daniel: Yeah, I didn't even have to ask her.

Jennifer: She cares about you a lot. You care about her a lot too, huh?

Theresa: If you want to go somewhere else--

Brady: No, no, no. Let's get a drink.

Nicole: Ew. Did you know he was seeing that--that... cousin of yours?

Eric: Just forget about them.

Nicole: Okay, you know what? You're right. I will focus on you. That's much better.

Eric: Nicole, do you want to go somewhere else?

Nicole: No. No, this is the best night of my life, and I won't let it be ruined by two idiots.

Brady: Here we go. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Theresa: Hey, we didn't toast.

Brady: Oh, God, you're right. Sorry. To hypocrites.

Theresa: [Giggles]

Nicole: They are staring at us. Where do they get off?

Brady: Hey, Nicole.

Nicole: Brady. I see you've moved on to a new terrorista.

Brady: [Snickers]

Theresa: What was it you were saying about hypocrites?

Nicole: Excuse me? Not even you could be this desperate.

Brady: Is that what people used to say when we were together, Nic? 'Cause you know what people are saying now? We all knew that she wanted to bag the man with the vows like--

Eric: Hey, listen, you don't talk to her like that. And I thought you were--

Theresa: In the program? Too many steps.

Brady: [Laughing] "Too many steps." Oh, come on, hey, listen, you can't be the captain of morality anymore, so don't look at me like that. You know, while you're at it, why don't you lose that condescending look on your face, okay, or--

Eric: Or what? I do it every day.

Theresa: Hey, let's get out of here, okay? They can't spoil our night. Come on.

Brady: You two, enjoy your date. Remember to say your prayers before bedtime.

Theresa: [Giggles]

Brady: [Groans]

Eric: Nicole.

Nicole: I just--I just don't know how you stay so calm when he's self-destructing right in front of us.

Eric: Let's just forget about them. And who knows...

Nicole: Okay, look, I love that you give the benefit of the doubt to everyone and their evil twin. I'm sorry, but Theresa is like the Lindsay Lohan of Salem.

Eric: I know.

Nicole: And I know--I know people probably said that about me once upon a time, but I--

Eric: Hey. Maybe Theresa just needs a little bit of love in her life.

Nicole: Love does make things better, doesn't it? [Chuckles]

Daniel: Wow, you--you are cute when you're jealous.

Jennifer: [Laughs] No, it's not--I'm not jealous. I just see how you and Nicole, it seems like you have each other's back.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. You know, Jenn, she has your back too. You--you deserve to know this. Nicole and I, we've been keeping a secret from you for quite a while now.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: She found out JJ was at Theresa's the night Theresa O.D.'d.

Jennifer: And she kept it a secret all this time?

Daniel: She did. To protect JJ. So please, please don't be mad.

Jennifer: I'm not. I'm not mad.

Daniel: No?

Jennifer: Mm-mm. You know what? I really hope that things work out for Nicole and Eric.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Jennifer: What is wrong with me?

Daniel: I don't know. What do you mean?

Jennifer: I am laying in bed with the man I love, and I'm talking about other people. What is wrong with this picture?

Daniel: Nothing at all. Nothing.

Rory: Oh, man.

JJ: Oh.

Rory: Where's your stylin' vest?

JJ: I'm thinking of shoving it up someone's--

Rory: Oh, come on, man, it was at least funny. I mean, did you see your boss's face when I said that you should shove it up--

JJ: Yeah, dude, it's gonna be really funny when I don't make it out of community service and I wind up in prison.

Rory: Whoa, dude. I mean, would you just lay off the prison thing? Look, JJ, you beat the rap, man. Are you gonna be like this the rest of your life?

[Cell phone rings]

JJ: Phone call.

Rory: I'll see you around, man. Rory.

JJ: Damn it, could this day be any worse?

Paige: Is this yours?

Gabi: Well, of course, I'm thrilled for will and Sonny.

Sami: I'm sure you are.

Gabi: But...

Sami: But...

Will: Sydney asked if she could take Ari until next Tuesday. We settled on a compromise. We'll have a playdate as soon as possible.

Gabi: That sounds like a plan. We should get home.

Sami: We weren't done catching up. Will, maybe could you take the baby back to the apartment?

Will: Sure. You cool with that?

Gabi: Sure. Yeah, your mom and I were kind of in the middle of something.

Will: Okay. See you soon.

Gabi: Okay. See you.

Sami: Bye, Ari.

Gabi: Okay, so let's not waste each other's time. You want to know if I'm thinking of moving out when will and Sonny get married, right?

Sami: Are you?

Paige: I thought I saw you drop this.

JJ: Yeah. Yeah. I-I guess I did. Thank you.

Paige: You're welcome.

Rory: Peace offering, dude. And I got yours with spirulina. Good times all around, y'all.


Brady: Oh, God. Here we are again.

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: Oh, and there's a present waiting for us. This beautiful bottle. This stuff actually is awesome.

Theresa: Yeah?

Brady: There you go. Cheers.

Theresa: Cheers. You know, as much as I like a fine whiskey... I know a better way to put tonight behind us.

Gabi: Will and Sonny and I need to work out our plans, and I'm not gonna have this discussion with you before I even talk to them about it.

Sami: I'm just trying to help you. You've been leaning on me a lot lately, and haven't I been there for you?

Gabi: Okay, yeah, but that doesn't mean you get to tell me what to do or push me around, so--you know what? I need to get back to Ari. Excuse me.

Nick: Hey. What are you doing here?

Sonny: Hey.

Will: Hey.

Sonny: Where's Gabi? I thought she was taking care of Ari tonight.

Will: My mom asked me to take Ari so she and Gabi could have a chat.

Sonny: Good.

Will: Good?

Sonny: Mm-hmm. Will, I asked Nick to meet with me earlier.

Will: What?

Sonny: I thought I could get him to back the hell off.

Will: How?

Sonny: I don't know. It was stupid, and I made things worse. If he wasn't set on getting Gabi back before, he definitely is now.

Gabi: Uh, well, actually I was just about to text you. I got an a-minus on my math homework.

Nick: No way.

Gabi: Thank you.

Nick: No, that's amazing. Anytime you need help with anything, just let me know.

Gabi: Okay, I will.

Nick: Actually, are you around tomorrow morning for breakfast maybe? There's something I wanted to talk to you about.

Gabi: Sure. Or I'm on the way home. You can walk with me, and we can talk now.

Nick: Oh, the thing is, I wanted to see Caroline, and I see that she's in there right now. Is tomorrow cool?

Gabi: Yeah, sure.

Nick: All right, I'll text you. Good night.

Gabi: Good night.

JJ: Where did she go?

Rory: Where'd who go?

JJ: Um, didn't you see her? There was this girl.

Rory: Uh, whoever it was, she's gone now.

Jennifer: This is better than any massage I've ever had at any spa.

Daniel: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: You are inspired.

Daniel: Oh, you--you have no idea.

Theresa: Wait. Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back.

Brady: All right. Hurry.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Hurry up.

Nicole: Um... you didn't have to walk me to my door.

Eric: No, I didn't have to. I wanted to.

Nicole: I admit I wanted it too.

Eric: Listen, I don't want you to give one more thought to that scene at the club.

Nicole: What scene?

Eric: I know what you mean.

Theresa: I bet this cost more than what's inside of it. Just don't show your hand yet. You're in it for the big payoff.

Caroline: You know what? I think Ari will have completely outgrown the sweater by the time I'm finished knitting.

Sami: [Laughs] Oh, grandma, don't worry about that. I'm sure she'll love it.

Nick: Hey, I hope I'm not interrupting.

Caroline: Oh, well, Gabi said you would be stopping by.

Nick: Look, I know I'm probably the last person in the world that you want to see, but you've always been straight with me, Mrs. Brady, so now it's my turn.

Sami: Good luck with that.

Will: So Nick knows about the cover-up. How'd he find out?

Sonny: I don't know. But he definitely wasn't bluffing.

Will: Okay, so he gets up in your face--

Sonny: And he said he has a bullet for your mom, Kate, and the two of us. And of course we can't tell Gabi.

Will: No. She'll never believe us. So what do we do?

Sonny: We hope and pray that Gabi wakes up to who this guy is. I don't--I don't know what else to do.

Nick: Well, you've probably heard that I'm gonna stick around Salem for a while, and you've just--you've been so good to me, I just--I didn't want to upset you.

Caroline: Well, I'm afraid it's a little late for that.

Nick: Well, I'm working very hard on my therapy, please know, and I'm really trying to become a better person.

Caroline: Well, I'll have to end up being the judge of that.

Nick: Hmm.

Sami: Hmm, gee, Nick, don't you ever get tired of, I don't know, putting on your little show?

Nick: Guess who I ran into on the way in? Guess. Gabi. She is positively glowing these days, don't you think?

Sami: Glowing? Oh, my God, she's not--

Nick: I mean she's, like, pretty enough to be on the cover of a magazine, don't you think?

Sami: Sure.

Nick: You know, it seems to me that you offered her a job a while back, and you never followed through on it. I think you'd be crazy not to make her the face of that new line you've got coming out next summer. Dimensions--is that the name of it?

Sami: How did you know that?

Nick: Eh, I know a lot of things. Don't you agree, though, about Gabi?

Sami: The reason I didn't offer her the job again was because she told me that she was done modeling.

Nick: Oh, I'm sure you could lure her back with the right offer. I'd snap her up if I were you. I think you'd kick yourself if you didn't. You could lose her, or worse... you could lose the whole summer line.

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