Days Transcript Friday 2/21/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/21/14


Episode #12280 ~ JJ tells Jennifer the truth; Abigail fights for EJ; Brady and Eric have a bitter exchange.

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Abigail: I know that Sami isn't here right now. And she has a meeting later out of the office. It's just us.

EJ: Look, uh, Abigail, I-I don't know what you want or what you expect.

Abigail: You. I want you. I'm not gonna just walk away from this, EJ. And I don't--I don't think you want me to either.

Eric: I believe it's what God wants.

Brady: Well, I don't know about God, but... it's sure as hell what Nicole wants.

Eric: What is that supposed to mean?

Brady: Come on. Come on, you weren't always a priest. Part of me wonders if you ever really were.

Eric: What are you saying?

Brady: You need a map? Nicole has wanted you since the minute you came back to town. So now that you and God have decided to see other people, Nicole can have ya.

Marlena: So this guy Chyka... got away when you were watching him? You, and you alone?

Nicole: Daniel was with me most of the time. Look, I gave a full statement to Hope. I'm not gonna do it again.

Roman: Sometimes it helps.

Nicole: Not me.

Roman: Look, any detail you give us could help Eric. So, if you really do care about him, you'll tell us everything.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Maggie: So how is my grandson?

Daniel: Well, uh, I didn't see Parker, but he's coming home today, if you want to stop by.

Maggie: Daniel, where were you?

Theresa: You and I need to talk.

Daniel: I don't have time right now.

Theresa: Make time.

Jennifer: Oh, hey, honey. I'll see you tonight.

JJ: Mom, you can't go yet.

Jennifer: Honey, I should be at the hospital already. I really am running so behind.

JJ: This can't wait.

Jennifer: What's going on? JJ.

JJ: I can't let you go another day without hearing the truth... all of it.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. Okay, um... th--this sounds bad. Should I call a lawyer?

JJ: No.

Jennifer: Because if I have to, then we shouldn't wait.

JJ: No, Mom, no. I-I wouldn't... I say that, but of course you would think--why wouldn't you?

Jennifer: I'm right here. Just talk to me.

JJ: I'm trying. A-and I will. It's... man, this is a lot harder than I thought.

Jennifer: Just tell me, JJ.

JJ: I lied. Mom, the thing that I'm going to tell you, I need you to promise me that you'll keep it between us.

Jennifer: Okay, now you're scaring me. What in the world?

JJ: I-I don't want to. It's--this is pretty intense. I tell you this, and my future is in your hands.

Maggie: Theresa, excuse me, but where are your manners?

Theresa: Sorry. I didn't mean to be rude, but I'm working on being direct, straightforward. So, actually, I have something I need to tell you too. I'm leaving AA.

Maggie: Really?

Theresa: Yeah, it just doesn't work for me, except for one thing they always say--there's no payoff in lying to yourself or anyone else. So, if I kept going to meetings, that's all I would be doing. And you wouldn't be down with that... any more than Daniel would be. You guys are all about being honest, right?

Marlena: What? What is it?

Nicole: Of course I care about Eric. I wouldn't have been there if I didn't care about Eric.

Roman: All right.

Nicole: That was a low blow.

[Cell phone ringing]

Roman: [Sighs] Oh, that's the station. I got to go. Catch you later.

Marlena: I'll call you.

Roman: Okay.

Nicole: [Clicks tongue, sighs] Well, it's been real.

Marlena: No, no, no. We're not done.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Marlena: What is it? Are you--are you hiding something?

Nicole: No.

Marlena: Then why don't you sit back down and tell me the whole story about what happened?

Eric: Brady, you really don't know how much Nicole has done for me, how much she's helped me.

Brady: [Chuckles] Sorry, but...

Eric: Not everyone thinks like you, Brady.

Brady: I know, but listen, nobody--nobody thinks like Nicole. I know her. Remember that. I like her. H-hell, I love her. I probably will always love her, but trust me--she's not the girl that you left town over. There are parts of Nikki that she will never let you see... parts that will come back and bite you in the ass.

Eric: Brady, that's enough.

Brady: And trust me--she's got the sharpest teeth.

Eric: That is enough. I don't need you telling me about Nicole.

Brady: Well, I didn't need people telling me about Kristen either, but that didn't shut anybody up. You are gonna have people coming around and saying to you, "Be careful. Stay away from her. It's for your own good." If you're smart, you'll listen.

Eric: This is not the same as Kristen.

Brady: You're still gonna end up with your heart broken and your life shredded. But whatever. I mean, jump on in, brother. The water's fine.

EJ: Abigail, it would be a big mistake for you to assume--

Abigail: You love that word, don't you? "Mistake." You keep saying it like you're trying to convince me, EJ, or convince yourself. But we didn't feel like a mistake. It--it wasn't a mistake.

EJ: Abigail, you need to listen very carefully, my dear. Samantha and I are--

Abigail: Are engaged. Yes, I know. But you were also engaged when you came to the cabin. So what does that really mean to you, EJ?

EJ: It means I love her very much and--

Abigail: You guys aren't even sleeping in the same bed together. How could you... you're sleeping together again?

EJ: Yes. Yes, we are.

Eric: I appreciate your concern for me, Brady.

Brady: Concern? Is that what you think this is?

Eric: [Sighs]

Brady: I need to choose my words better. I don't give a damn what happens to you, Eric. You sail through this world oblivious, and it all's working out for you just fine.

Eric: Listen, I was attacked. I lost my vocation. So I don't know how that translates into "working out" to you.

Brady: Well, the whole world's pulling for you, buddy. You got a gorgeous girl ready to pick up all your broken pieces.

Eric: Yeah, the same woman you say is gonna tear me up.

Brady: Mm.

Eric: Brady, are you using?

Brady: Am I--there it is, right on time, the sanctimony.

Eric: Yeah, well, you're not making any sense, so I just had to wonder.

Brady: Don't wonder. You don't need to wonder. Just listen to me. Nicole is there right now. She looks good, right? But sooner or later, that kitten is gonna take her claws out...

Eric: Brady, that's enough.

Brady: She's gonna rip your soul out.

Eric: You know what? I don't want to hear it.

Brady: Why? Because you're too delicate to see the bad in anybody?

Eric: No, because you're angry and bitter.

Brady: [Scoffs]

Eric: I have to go.

Brady: No, hey, hey, come-- get back here. We're brothers. We need to talk. It feels good. Talk to me! Come on.

Eric: I'm done with you. I am done trying to make you understand and make peace with you. That's enough. I've had it.

Nicole: So, after Eric and I were held hostage, we went back, and there was this list of doctors. And the man who kidnapped us was on that list.

Marlena: This Dr. Chyka?

Nicole: Yes. We tracked him down, and we made him confess.

Marlena: Who's we?

Nicole: Daniel and I.

Marlena: Okay, how did you make him confess?

Nicole: It doesn't matter. We convinced him that we had him dead to rights.

Marlena: Okay, so you somehow made him confess. How did he get away?

Nicole: He had an accomplice with a gun. He came after us. Daniel went after him.

Marlena: So you were then alone with this Dr. Chyka.

Nicole: Yes, but... the creep was exhausted. You know, he could barely move. It doesn't matter what happened, Marlena. Listen, trust me, okay? Just trust me. Daniel thought I was safe. We both did.

Marlena: But there was no proof, no evidence to what happened?

Nicole: What the hell do you think I was looking for? Yes, of course, there had to be proof.

Marlena: So?

Nicole: [Sighs] He got away first.

Marlena: That's incredible. I mean, just to have been that close.

Nicole: It was horrible.

Marlena: Yeah.

Nicole: I-I can't believe he got past me.

Marlena: Yeah, it is sort of unbelievable, hmm?

Nicole: I feel awful.

Marlena: Do you?

Theresa: So Mom doesn't know what a total snake you are?

Daniel: Oh, you expect me to be sorry for playing you for just a couple minutes? Hmm? Forget it, 'cause all you do is play people, so JJ had to do whatever it took to get you to back off, and I, um... well, I actually was delighted to help him. No regrets.

JJ: And I want to let you know, Mom, that ever since I came back home, after the judge gave me probation, I haven't done anything to break your trust.

Jennifer: Okay. Then just tell me what this is about.

JJ: Before... I thought that I could work the situation... but I-I was an idiot. It's embarrassing. I know that you're going to think less of me, and I don't blame you. I wish that I didn't have to tell you this. But it's messing up a lot of people's lives for me to keep this quiet, especially yours.

Abigail: I'm not gonna run out of here screaming, if that's what you think.

EJ: Look, I just want us to have a little bit of privacy. Okay? Are you all right?

Abigail: [Sighs] God, don't. Don't, EJ. The only thing worse than the look on your face right now is...

EJ: Abigail, I'm just trying to be honest with you.

Abigail: Y-yes. Let's do that, shall we? Let's be honest with each other. What was it, EJ?

EJ: What was what?

Abigail: What was it? Why did you have sex with me? Was it--was it good exercise for you, maybe a nice workout?

EJ: No, it wasn't exercise.

Abigail: A tension release or sports sex maybe?

EJ: Abigail, why would you call it something like that?

Abigail: Why not? Because it doesn't sound nice? You said it yourself, EJ. You're a bad man. So just say it. Let it out! Be honest!

EJ: I'm trying to explain to you--

Abigail: If you're not gonna be honest with me, then at least be honest with yourself. The only reason you slept with me is because you weren't getting any at home.

EJ: That's not true. The reason I slept with you... [Sighs]

Eric: You have made a lot of bad choices, and I am sorry about that. I am sad for you.

Brady: Oh, I don't need this.

Eric: No, what you need to accept, Brady...

Brady: Hey!

Eric: Is to accept some responsibility for what you did and stop lashing out at everybody.

Brady: Where the hell do you get off telling me about the choices that I made and taking responsibility for what I did?

Eric: Because you're holding onto every slight and hurt and full of resentment that I've made peace with what has happened to me.

Brady: Oh. Well, it's too bad that you'll never be able to own up to what you actually did. I don't care how many excuses you give me, brother. I don't care how many magic drugs were in your system. You took my fiancée to bed, and every part of you was in it, and I saw it in your face. You loved it. You loved it, didn't you?

Eric: Brady, that's right, that was me. I wanted to screw up your life, because I hate you, and I wanted to hurt you. And while I was at it, I just wanted to blow up my life in the middle of it all. That makes a lot of sense.

Brady: Hey, hey, maybe it does, maybe it does. I mean, look where you are. You know, you're free now. Maybe you needed that really good excuse that the family would buy to leave the priesthood. You got it now. You slept with my fiancée. Oh, now you're gonna go sleep with my ex. That's great.

Eric: Nicole doesn't belong to you.

Brady: Well, she's not gonna belong to you either. You think you're in for some "happily ever after"? Six months tops, brother. She's gonna leave you, and you're gonna lose her. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Theresa: [Scoffs] How do you do it? Everyone in this town thinks you're such a great guy. But I see you, Jonas. I see through that earnest hippie bull that you're just a player. You know, and I used to think that it was kind of hot... but really you're just the worst kind of user. You think that you're perfect, and whatever you do to help people must be justified.

Daniel: You know what? I don't have time for you.

Theresa: You know, maybe Jenny smelled that. Maybe she knew deep down that you'd never live up to her standards.

Daniel: Okay, you--you don't get to talk about her.

Theresa: Oh. Is that a reflex? You'll just defend her no matter what? You know, she'll always hate you for sleeping with me.

Daniel: Really? What makes you think that I haven't told her the truth?

Theresa: Because she hasn't come running to tell me off and to start a twitchy little catfight.

Daniel: Oh, maybe you don't really know her at all.

Theresa: I don't need to.

Daniel: Your loss, truly. But it's the world you made, so you get to live in it until you just flame out. But meanwhile... if you want to stay healthy... don't forget what I said. You stay away from the people that I care about.

Abigail: Tell me. Why did you sleep with me?

EJ: [Sighs] Abigail, there just isn't a simple answer to that question.

Abigail: Well, it's a good thing I'm a complicated girl, then. I can follow along.

EJ: Can you really? You're as tough as you want to sound right now, right? Because...

Abigail: What?

EJ: [Sighs]

Abigail: What is it? Just say it. Do you even know, EJ? Or is it that you just don't want to admit it to yourself? Because I know what I felt. I know that I might be new to this, but I have replayed it in my head a thousand times-- the cabin, the shower, every time that--that I touched you, every way that you touched me. I know. I know that that was not just sex. You wanted me every bit as much as I wanted you, EJ.

Brady: Hey, scotch rocks, please.

Bartender: No problem.

Brady: [Laughs] This day just keeps getting better and better.

Maggie: It's good to see you too.

Brady: [Sighs]

Maggie: How's it going?

Brady: Great. Fantastic, actually. Make that a double, please.

Maggie: You've switched to scotch.

Brady: Why not?

Maggie: Vodka's easier to hide on your breath.

Brady: I'm not hiding, Maggie.

Nicole: Why are you being like this to me?

Marlena: I just think it's unfortunate that you were left alone with Chyka, who was the only witness that could exonerate Eric, and help us get to the truth.

Nicole: I did get the truth. I just didn't get the proof.

Marlena: Yes, so? What else was there?

Nicole: Look, I recorded his confession. He stole my phone.

Marlena: And still, no other help, right? Nothing else?

Nicole: Besides a full confession?

Marlena: I just--I can't believe you let this man slip through your fingers-- that's all.

Daniel: Excuse me, Marlena, but you weren't there, so you have no idea what you're talking about. You shouldn't be attacking Nicole. You should be thanking her.

Jennifer: Okay. Let's just talk about this and just break the whole thing down, okay?

JJ: I listened to the wrong people.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. If this has something to do with Rory and Bev and they have gotten you into some kind of trouble--

JJ: No, Mom, this has everything to do with me. It has nothing to do with them. I'm talking about Theresa.

Jennifer: Theresa? You swore you were gonna stay away from Theresa.

JJ: I-I know what I said. I didn't. God, there's just no other way than to just say it. I was the one that was with her when she OD'd.

EJ: [Chuckles nervously] Uh, look, Abigail, I really think it's gonna be much better if we don't pick this apart, okay? Let's just let it go.

Abigail: Why? Why? Because it's messy? Lots of things that are worth it are messy. You don't just walk away from something that feels the way that we feel, EJ. I know that there are problems. I know that. You're engaged. You love Sami, and you guys are even back together for right now.

EJ: You say that like it doesn't even matter!

Abigail: It doesn't matter, because you loved Sami at the cabin. You loved her all the other times that we were together. But you still came to me. You still wanted me. So, whatever it is that you have with her, it obviously isn't enough, or it isn't working, or you just wanted something different, something more... because you still came to me. I don't--I don't know what you think. Do you think that I just can't see it, EJ? I know you. You want to make love to me right here... on this table... right now.

Maggie: I know where you are, Brady. And someday you will want to crawl out of the bottle. And whenever that is, no matter how far you've fallen to hit the bottom... I will be here. I love you. Never forget that.

Brady: [Sighs]

Theresa: Wait. I bet that's not the house... bourbon?

Brady: Scotch.

Theresa: Hmm. How about some company?

Daniel: Nicole has done everything she could to help Eric.

Marlena: It depends on what Nicole's definition of "helping" is.

Daniel: Oh, what do you mean?

Marlena: [Sighs] Well, Nicole...

Nicole: Nicole is sitting right here.

Marlena: Probably has her own agenda...

Nicole: Oh, yeah.

Marlena: And possibly her own plans.

Nicole: She thinks I torpedoed Eric's chances of becoming a priest again.

Daniel: Seriously? Okay, well, that--that's just wrong, 'cause everything she did was to get him reinstated. That's all she wanted. She risked her own life to make that happen. She was willing to go in on her own to face down Chyka.

Nicole: The problem is I was alone with Chyka.

Daniel: But that guy showed up with a gun. Okay, all right, all right, for the record, I would never let Nicole try to take Chyka down alone. The only reason she ended up alone is because some guy showed up with a gun, and I had to get rid of him. Now, at that point, Chyka--he was worn down. He was tired, and we thought that she was safe. But Chyka--he's obviously clever, determined, and ruthless. And I'd say we're fortunate Nicole escaped, 'cause she could have been killed. And all she worried about was the evidence to clear Eric. So, with all due respect, I think you owe her an apology.

Marlena: Sorry, Nicole. Thank you for trying to help Eric. Excuse me.

Daniel: [Exhales deeply]

Nicole: Thank you.

JJ: Mom... for the first time, I'm being completely honest with you. I made a stupid choice. I went over to Theresa's that night and brought some weed for her.

Jennifer: After your arrest? After you knew that you could go to prison? I'm sorry. Just tell me.

JJ: I did it because... I was into her. And I-I know that it was dumb and pathetic. But she kept giving me signals that--that she would get with me if I brought her some stuff. [Sighs] So, when I showed up, she said that she had something else-- something that would make the experience even more amazing. I-I didn't know what the drug was, and--and I didn't even really want any, so I took, like, barely a sip. So then she had hers and mine, and she had already been drinking, so it was way too much. [Stammers] And then the next thing that I knew, she was passed out, and--and I-I couldn't wake her up. And I-I was freaked because I knew that if I called an ambulance, we would both get busted, okay? There was weed paraphernalia everywhere. And I-I couldn't just sit there and--and let her die. I had to do something... so I called Daniel.

EJ: [Sighs] You should leave.

Abigail: I'm not going to leave. I won't walk away from you, not when I know that you still want me.

EJ: What we want and what we act on are two completely different things.

Abigail: [Whispering] They don't have to be.

Nicole: I feel like I was in an interrogation room.

Daniel: Maybe it's a shrink thing. They always question people's motives, so--I don't know.

Nicole: Maybe it's a she's-never-really-trusted-me thing.

Daniel: Well, then she needs to learn...

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Daniel: Because what you did--I mean, you could have been killed. But you went there to help Eric. In fact, you...

[Door closes]

Daniel: You put his needs in front of your own.

Eric: Hey, can I get in on this?

Nicole: Hey.

Daniel: Yeah, man, please. Hey. Have a seat.

Nicole: How's it going?

Eric: It's, uh, getting kind of weird.

Daniel: What--what is?

Eric: Telling everyone the news. I'm leaving the priesthood.

JJ: Mom... I'm telling you this because you need to know what Daniel did. As soon as he heard that Theresa could be dying, he was there in, like, five minutes flat. He got her to--to open her eyes, and he kept her breathing until the ambulance got there. He was calm, and he was all over it. And when he saw the weed and the booze, he was like, "get rid of it"... not because of Theresa, but because of me. He knew that I would be in prison if I was found there with all of that. So he threw me out and said, "go home. You were never here." And that's what I did. Daniel covered for me. He lied to keep me out of prison. Are you with me? Mom?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. Just my mind--I feel like it's all over the place right now. That explains why I kept seeing the two of you together, and no one could explain to me why you were suddenly so tight.

JJ: Yes. He kept--he kept saying to stay away and people are gonna wonder and it has to look like the cover.

Jennifer: Yes, the cover. Right, that Daniel had been there with Theresa when she OD'd. Yes, he had been there, that's--

JJ: Mom, Mom, no. He wasn't there. He never slept with Theresa.

Daniel: That--that is, uh... that's big news. Yeah, was, uh--was that the epiphany that you couldn't tell me about?

Eric: Yeah, and I'm sorry. I just felt that I needed to tell my family first.

Daniel: No, sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, um... and my guess is that, um, you two need to be alone. And I need to, uh, get ready, 'cause Parker--he's coming home today.

Eric: Oh.

Nicole: Yay. Well, Daniel, thank you... for earlier.

Daniel: Oh, anytime.

Eric: Hey, and if you don't mind, if you would just kind of keep this quiet until I tell my whole family.

Daniel: Yeah. No, absolutely. Yeah, I'll see you later. Yeah, you bet. You bet. Yeah.

Nicole: Bye. Uh, so... who have you told?

Eric: [Sighs] Mom and Dad. They didn't take it so well.

Nicole: Obviously.

Eric: Grandma's gonna be tougher, but I'm sure Sami can handle it.

Nicole: They love you. They will all come around.

Eric: Yeah, I know they will. It's just--I know they want me to be happy.

Nicole: Are you?

Eric: Very. You know, I don't think that I would say the same thing if you weren't here. But I still say that it was the right choice. I just... I just can't wait to see where we go from here.

Nicole: Me too.

Eric: I want to tell everyone. And I don't want to look back. Then it's just now. And the future--that's all that really matters.

Nicole: You're right.

Theresa: Thanks.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Brady: So I, uh... take it the program isn't going too well, huh?

Theresa: Oh, yeah, well, I ditched it this morning. It's not really working out for me. There's too many steps.

Brady: Steps can be--steps-- what about dance steps? That's fun--dance steps.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, that's fun. So what's up with you?

Brady: I, um... well, I'll share this with you. I had a very ugly, public final fight with my ex-priest brother this morning. I think--I think we're writing each other off for good now. It's done.

Theresa: Wow. That's a pretty busy morning.

Brady: And then Maggie showed up, right here at the bar.

Theresa: That woman is everywhere.

Brady: She's amazing.

Theresa: What, is she like a vampire or a ship--shapeshifter?

Brady: A ship-- a shapeshifter? Is that what it is?

Theresa: A shapeshifter.

Brady: No, she's--she's not a vampire or a--whatever that thing was you were saying.

Theresa: Yeah, well, she's not any fun.

Brady: Who is in this town?

Theresa: We are. You know, I'm tired of everybody trying to make us miserable. You know, I mean, we're young. We're good-looking, smart.

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: I mean, our whole lives should just be like a music video full of success and excess.

Brady: I love that. Amen. Our day will come.

Theresa: Good things come to those who drink.

Brady: Those who drink.

Theresa: [Giggles]

Brady: Nice.

Eric: I don't think it's gonna take very long. But I do think we might have to have dinner somewhere else.

Nicole: Oh, it's--I'm fine with wherever you want to go.

Eric: Okay.

[Door closes]

Roman: Eric... I need a word.

Nicole: Okay, Roman, I-I-- I think this would all be easier if you just read the statement I gave Hope, okay? And if you still have questions, then I--

Roman: Sounds good. Sounds good, Nicole, but, uh... I need a word with my son.

Nicole: Oh. Oh, okay.

Roman: Alone.

Eric: Dad.

Nicole: No, it's--it's fine. I'll.... see you later. [Clears throat] Roman.

Marlena: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, I was just leaving.

Marlena: Well, not yet.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Why wouldn't Daniel just tell me the truth, JJ?

JJ: The way that it came out at the hospital--he had to come up with an excuse for why he was at Theresa's. He could have gotten around it, but there was that message that Theresa left him on his phone that was all come-on. So, Mom, people assumed, and he had to go with it.

Jennifer: Right, but I'm not "people."

JJ: But, Mom, you had to be mad at him, or no one else would have believed it. You would have had to lie, maybe in court. And he didn't want to put you in that position.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

JJ: Mom?

Jennifer: I'm sorry. It's just... [Sniffles] It's so much. I just... and what about Theresa? So she just decided to--to go along with all of this? We thought that she didn't remember, but she was faking it.

Jennifer: Why did she keep quiet?

JJ: Because she knew that it was sticking it to you for you to think that Daniel was with her. Mom, she is psycho-jealous of you. She would have done anything.

Jennifer: Right, which is why I really still need to know what is going on.

JJ: Mom, Theresa blackmailed me. She took a video of me that night, and she said that she would show the judge if I didn't do whatever she wanted.

Jennifer: Oh, God, JJ. [Sighs]

JJ: Now you know why I was so freaked out about my sentencing. Everyone was like, "Oh, you'll be fine. You have no reason for the judge to punish you." But I knew. Theresa could have blown it up at any minute.

Jennifer: Why didn't she?

JJ: Because I stopped her. I got the goods on her.

Jennifer: How?

JJ: It doesn't matter. It's... I caught her trying to steal some money, and I got it on video....

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

JJ: So now it's a draw. She can't use what she's got unless she wants to go to prison too. She'll keep her mouth shut. What?

Jennifer: Just unbelievable. Every time I came home, I-I would ask you how you were, and you would just give me these one-word answers. You know, "Mom, I'm fine. I'm okay."

JJ: I didn't want it to be this way. But you see the problem? And the more people know, the bigger the chance that something is going to blow up... which is why you have to promise me, Mom, that you won't go after Theresa. Please promise me. It--it would make me feel better if--if you said it.

Jennifer: I promise you that I will not do anything to hurt you.

JJ: Thank you.

Jennifer: And I appreciate you telling me all of this. But why now?

JJ: I just hate the way things are with you and Daniel. And then that phony salesman guy came over last night, and... you just needed to know, okay? Daniel did this because he knew that it would kill you to see me in prison. He let you think the worst of him so that you wouldn't lose me. He did it for you. He loved you, Mom. I know he still does.

EJ: I can't. Abigail, I can't. I-I can't hurt Samantha that way. Sorry. If she ever found out what happened--

Abigail: She doesn't have to find out. She doesn't have to find out. I don't want her to find out any more than you do. We can be careful.

Roman: I'm gonna ask again. Are you sure about this?

Eric: Yes. I think if I were supposed to be a priest, then we would have... found the evidence to let that happen. We didn't, Dad. I believe this is God's will.

Marlena: I was hoping that you could clear up something for me.

Nicole: What isn't clear?

Marlena: Oh, sorry. That might have been a very poor choice of words.

Nicole: You know, I get the feeling that you don't believe what I told you.

Marlena: Maybe I don't.

Brady: [Chuckles]

Bartender: Another round?

Brady: [Slurps] Mm. Uh, no. No, we shouldn't, right?

Theresa: Because?

Brady: Well, I mean, I've had a lot of bad run-ins today, so...

Theresa: Oh, were you sober for them?

Brady: Yes.

Theresa: There's your problem.

Brady: Oh, my God, you're right--that's my problem. Yes, one more-- two--as many as you want to bring.

[Both laugh]

Theresa: I like you when you drink.

Brady: Thanks.

Theresa: I like you a lot.

JJ: Excuse me.

Maggie: JJ Deveraux.

JJ: Oh, hey.

Maggie: What are you doing out of school?

JJ: It's my free period. I'm on my way in now.

Maggie: If you're not telling me the truth...

JJ: I am.

Maggie: I really couldn't stand another person that I love screwing up today.

JJ: I swear to you that I'm not. In fact, I think I just did something right.

Daniel: No, no, no. If his fever's down, I'm sure it's just a cold. No, Chloe, I-I'm positive you're doing the right thing. Well, I think--actually, I think he should stay put until he starts feeling better. No, no, no, no. Don't wake him up. I'll, uh... [Chuckles] I'll just--I'll just call him tomorrow. Yeah, you too. Okay.

[Knock at door]

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