Days Transcript Wednesday 2/12/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/12/14


Episode #12274 ~ A revelation floors Kate, Sami, & Gabi; Nicole shares news with Eric; EJ urges Abigail to move on; Rafe listens to Jordan & Sheryl.

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Rafe: [Laughs]

Roman: What the hell are you doing here?

Rafe: Yeah, well, it's good to see you too, my man. The Miller case I was working on for Hope.

Roman: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: Could've scanned it, emailed it.

Rafe: I miss the coffee.

Roman: [Chuckles] Our coffee, really?

Rafe: Uh-huh. Yeah, it's a stretch, I know.

Roman: So when are you gonna be back to 100%?

Rafe: Well, not long. I hope, anyway. But, you know, you can feel free to keep sending me cases I can work on from home.

Roman: Anything particular you got in mind?

Rafe: I don't know. You got anything I can nail Stefano DiMera with?

Abigail: You want me to feel good about myself as I walk out the door. But the thing is... here's how I feel. I'm standing here... knowing that... I'm nothing but a problem. You want Sami. And to be honest with you, that hurts like hell.

EJ: Abigail... I think it's very important that you don't let this one mistake define who you are.

Abigail: You don't understand. My entire family has been so hard on my brother. They have been so hard on him for how he's behaved, and still, he--he's going in front of a judge today... a judge that could send him to prison.

EJ: Hey. It's going... to be okay.

Abigail: Yeah, maybe. But even so... he's tried so hard to turn his life around, and he has. But still, my entire family holds me up to him as this... this kind of person a Horton should be. But it's a lie... because the truth is, if they really knew the messed-up kind of person I really am... they'd be horrified.


Sheryl: Everybody was looking at me like, what's going on?

[Indistinct chatter]

Kate: Okay, she changed her name numerous times, and I don't have to show them to anyone other than my private investigator. He's the one who's gonna do the digging on the names. And believe me, he's gonna find some juicy stuff.

Lucas: [Sighs] What a surprise. Dear old Mom's gonna screw this up for me too. I knew it.

Sheryl: Lucas! Not gonna say hello?

Nick: Uh, I'm--I'm not really sure... [Clears throat] What game, uh, you're talking about. Kate and I were just having a nice conversation about me coming back to work for Mad World.

Sami: Right.

Kate: Along with your bird-watching assistant, Percy Ruggles.

Nick: [Scoffs] I'm surprised you would share that in front of Sami, given the fact that's your competition.

Sami: What possible reason could Kate have for hiring you or your creepy friend?

Nick: Well, she knows my track record, she knows what I could bring to the company, and she knows that I want to make up for the mistakes that I've made.

Sami: Oh, talk about same old song. Don't you get tired of saying it a thousand times later?

Nick: Oh, please, Sami. What, like you've never screwed up? Or Kate? Please. And despite the fact that you guys tried to murder me, I think the key to life is--

Sami: I'm sorry. Wait. Uh, what did you just say?

Nick: What?

Eric: Nicole, I've asked... I've asked to be released from my vows.

Nicole: What? But we--we found something--

Eric: I'm in love with you, Nicole. God willing, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Nicole: You're in love with me?

Eric: Yes. But you already knew that. Nothing has changed.

Nicole: But you can't leave the church, your vocation. And today of all days. You know what? No, no. No. I can't let you do it. It's wrong.

Roman: Huh. Let me see. DiMera.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Roman: DiMera. Stefano DiMera--that does sound familiar. I think we went after him for murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, coercion, arson, blackmail.

Rafe: Crossing against a light.

Roman: We almost had him on that.

Rafe: Let me cold-case it. Roman, let me do it, because I am sick and tired of him being at large. And after he sent Bernardi to my hospital room... well, let's just say... [Sighs] It's personal.

Roman: Personal?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Roman: Yeah, well, my daughter is about to marry that SOB's son, and my grandkids live in his house.

Rafe: You're not too fond of EJ being your son-in-law?

Roman: [Laughs] Ma and I are making a novena. We are praying that EJ screws up enough... that Sami will finally see what kind of man he is.

Rafe: Hmm.

EJ: Abigail, you made a mistake... a mistake that was 95% my fault. You seem so shocked by the fact that you have human instincts, you have human failings. It doesn't obliterate the fact that you're a good person. You're a--you're a wonderful daughter. You're a fantastic sister. Look at Johnny--he adores you. Gabi and Will made you the godmother to their daughter.

Abigail: Because they don't know what I'm really like.

EJ: I think you're being very hard on yourself.

Abigail: My brother would be so deeply disappointed in me if he ever found out what I did.

EJ: Well, that's hypothetical.

Abigail: Maybe it is. What about your family? What about your... brother? How would Chad feel if he knew that we slept together?

Kate: [Sighs]

Nick: I-I was just saying that I-I think that the real key to life is to live in an environment where the mind feels free to choose the right thing, rather than being forced. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Kate: She means, what did you say before you started spewing Deepak Chopra?

Nick: Oh! Oh! You mean the part about you and Sami trying to murder me.

Eric: Nicole--

Nicole: I have to tell you--

Eric: That it was wrong? Listen, I know this is a lot to take in.

Nicole: Oh, talk about an understatement.

Eric: But I also know that you want the best for me.

Nicole: I do. And I do love you. I will always love you.

Eric: Nicole, I have thought about this... prayed about it. And I also have to tell you what happened while I was gone.

Nicole: All right. I have to tell you what happened too. There's something you don't know.

Rafe: I think with all the things that Sami already knows about EJ and what he's done that we both have to accept the fact that she is squarely in the loss column on that one, okay? I'm just glad that Kate got out of the mausoleum.

Roman: You worried about Kate?

Rafe: No. No. I am not. I don't think that Stefano would do a damn thing, 'cause he knows what I'll do if he messes with her or me.

Roman: Wait a minute. You two back together again?

Lucas: Well, I hope, you know, after you had to come back here to help Rafe, you weren't too tired for that, uh-- that early PT appointment you had. What? What did I say? Did I say something wrong?

Jordan: No. No, it's just that that patient--it looks like he may never walk again.

Lucas: Oh, well, you know, they said that about Rafe until you showed up.

Sheryl: He's right. You have no idea how many people she's helped. She just refuses to give up.

Jordan: No, it's--it's my job.

Sheryl: No, it's your passion. You're a healer... a damn good one.

Kate: [Sighs]

Nick: Do you guys really want to have this conversation right here in the middle of the pub, or would you rather go somewhere where the four of us can speak in private?

Sami: Will and Sonny took the baby to the pediatrician, so I think we can speak there.

Nick: Gabi... is that okay with you? Am I the only one that notices how many decisions that you guys make for her? You should start standing up for yourself.

Sami: I have an idea. Why don't you skip the life-coaching sessions until after we talk? Come on, Gabi.

Nick: I'll be right there. Don't--don't start without me. Ahh.

Nicole: Eric, I-I have to tell you that...

Eric: Nicole... you're not even looking at me. Hey. That's better. You know what I realized on this trip? I realized that God doesn't even... I don't think he wants me to serve in His church as a priest. I know it's not my fault. What that scandal did and it continues to do is nothing but damage to the church. I want you to know that I'm going to take Bishop White up on his offer. I'm going to officially resign at the end of the day.

Nicole: Today? No, you can't.

Rafe: No. Kate and I are just friends. In fact, we broke up before I was ever attacked. It's just that... well, Kate felt guilty after Stefano sent Bernardi in to visit me in the hospital, and she's been in my corner ever since.

Roman: Well, if she's been in your corner, wouldn't you two go back to where you were?

Rafe: No. No. We're just friends. But I have actually started dating someone else. And she may be the real deal.

Lucas: Well, you know, I-I should probably get going.

Jordan: Not because of me.

Lucas: No, no, not at all.

Jordan: Oh.

Lucas: I should go over those notes you gave me. We got that meeting with that new client.

Sheryl: Yeah, I think we're in good shape.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. We are. We are. Just give me ten minutes, okay?

Sheryl: Yeah.

Lucas: Uh, nice seeing you again, Jordan.

Jordan: Yeah. He seems very serious this morning.

Sheryl: Well... you know, after Kate, he is in charge at Mad World. And we have this thing where we have a new client today, and I have my first big presentation.

Jordan: Mm. And you're going to knock it out of the park.

Sheryl: Oh.

Jordan: And Lucas thinks so too. Why else would he have brought you to Salem?

Sheryl: Well, thank you.

Lucas: "Mom... I know what you're planning to do to Jordan. I want you to back off. She is a good person, and her past doesn't change that. She deserves to be happy."

EJ: No, I do not want Chad to find out, because it would hurt him, and it wouldn't serve any purpose. Abigail, what we did was not evil. We made a mistake.

Abigail: A mistake? Just a mistake. [Inhales deeply] Oh, wow. I wish that hadn't happened.

EJ: Look, I didn't mean it like that. Stop torturing this. We acted without thinking. And now that we know that... people will be hurt, if they know.

Abigail: Right, which, uh, leads me into what I've been thinking about lately. Was it a mistake because...? Well, let's just say it. Because of Sami?

EJ: Excuse me?

Abigail: If the two of you weren't together... then would it still be a mistake... or could we be together?

[Door opens]

Gabi: Hey. Come on in. Do you want something, coffee?

Sami: It's not a social call, Gabi.

Nick: Do you hear the way that you talk to her?

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm just a little tense. Why don't you go ahead and be honest with us, Nick?

Nick: You're trying to imply that I was dishonest. I thought it was understood that you and Kate tried to murder me.

Kate: Oh. Okay. And you just decided to bring it up now?

Nick: Well, it didn't strike me that either of you were particularly anxious to talk about it.

Sami: [Scoffs] Well, because...

Nick: What, you thought it slipped my mind? Well, if that were the case, Kate, why didn't you turn me down flat for the job? No. No, no, no. You knew that I knew. I just didn't think it was polite to necessarily hit the nail on the head.

Sami: I'm pretty sure blackmail is never polite, even if you're being discreet about it, Nick.

Nick: "Blackmail" is kind of an ugly word.

Sami: But it's your M.O., little worm.

Kate: Okay. Why don't--why don't I handle it? Hmm? Nick, do you really think you're going to get away with all this?

Nick: You and Sami thought you were gonna get away with murder for two months.

Sami: What is this "Sami and Kate" thing, anyway? Anything we did, which I'm not saying we did, but anything we did do was to protect Gabi.

Nick: Oh, please. The two of you had your own agendas. You did what you did in order to get rid of me, and you almost ruined poor Gabi's life in the process.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Nicole: [Scoffs] Today? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, yes. These are the files. These are the files on Eric... and the drug cocktails. This--this is it! [Breathing heavily] Oh, this is great, 'cause there is so much stuff here to clear Eric's name.

Eric: I know it's sudden, and I know it's a lot to take in, especially the timing.

Nicole: Oh... the timing is, uh... stunning. While you were off having your epiphanies... something happened, something big. And before you decide about your vocation and your life, you need to know about it.

Sheryl: Oh, um, so how's Arthur? I know how much you love him.

Jordan: I don't think "love" quite catches it. I literally cannot imagine my life without him.

Sheryl: Well, how does he feel about Rafe?

Jordan: I... uh, Rafe. Hey, you. We were just talking about you. [Chuckles]

Sheryl: Well, wish me luck.

Jordan: Ooh!

Sheryl: Ehh! It's good to see you.

Rafe: Good luck.

Sheryl: Thanks.

Jordan: Hey, you.

Rafe: Hey.

Jordan: How did it go at the station?

Rafe: It was great. Yeah, it went great.

Jordan: Uh, then what's wrong? Are you in pain?

Rafe: No. Nope. [Inhales deeply] Getting stronger every day. I almost didn't even need this.

Jordan: Okay. Then why do you look like you're mad at the world?

Rafe: [Scoffs] No. No, that's not what I look like. No. I look like... I feel like we're not being honest with each other.

Kate: We're not the ones who hit you over the head with a rock, Nick, and left you with that scar.

Gabi: Kate.

Nick: You do see what they're doing, don't you? They're throwing you under the bus just like they did that night.

Kate: That is absolutely not true.

Sami: You are a sniveling little coward.

Gabi: No, they're--they're right, Nick. It was me that hit you over the head with a rock.

Nick: And you had every right to. I totally, totally lost control, and you had every right to do what you did. And I am so sorry for that. I pray every day that you'll be able to forgive me.

Sami: She is not forgiving you for attempting to rape her.

Nick: She won't let you talk or think. That's how she controls you.

Sami: I'm controlling her? [Scoffs]

Nick: You didn't want to push me into the river that night. They convinced you that I was dead and that you couldn't help me.

Sami: I couldn't feel your pulse, Nick.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. But did she let you check... or did she just tell you and then tell you what to do? Did the two of them just take over?

Sami: Okay, you can't listen to him.

Nick: She won't let you listen to me. She won't let you stop and think about what actually happened that night. Gabi, do you remember that little bird that you saved? That's you all over, because you are the kindest person that I have ever met in my entire life. Even after everything that I did to you, you still wanted to save me, didn't you?

Sami: Gabi!

Nick: Didn't you?

Gabi: Yes. Yes, I did.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Eric: I think maybe I should've let you talk first... because you changed your mind, right? You realized you don't feel about me the way I feel about you.

Nicole: No. No, I told you I loved you-- hell, now more than ever.

Eric: Then what is the problem? Nicole, I resigned because I can't serve the church the way I should with that cloud over my head.

Nicole: But you didn't do anything wrong.

Eric: But I can't prove it. Nicole, I think we've done everything we could do, and we have finally hit that big, immovable stone wall. I don't want to talk about what we can't be... but what we can. I love you, and I know that you love me. I mean, isn't this... that happy ending you keep hearing about? We can be together... [Sighs] In every way. So what do you say?

Jordan: In my experience, when someone says, "We're not being honest with each other," they usually mean, "You're not being honest with me."

Rafe: Okay. You know a lot about me. I know nothing about you... your past. And that was all right for a while. But now I think that we're more than "friends."

Jordan: Really?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, really, because I think about you all the time. And when I think about you, it makes me smile.

Jordan: And that makes us more than friends.

Rafe: Yes. Yes, it does. And I was fine with taking things slow, but... if you're just jerking me around...

Jordan: Because I'm not willing to jump into bed with you, I'm jerking you around?

Rafe: We're about as far from jumping into bed with each other as I've ever been with a woman.

Jordan: Wow. Well, that's good to know. Is this gonna be some sort of ultimatum?

Rafe: This isn't an ultimatum, but I think that I have the right to know if you're seeing another guy.

EJ: Look, Abigail, playing this "what if" game is never a good idea, okay? I've learned from experience that it's best to just deal with reality. And the reality of this situation is that I'm engaged to Samantha.

Abigail: And back in her bed.

EJ: Look at you. You--you have your whole life ahead of you. You have this fantastic job that you just picked up, and I would hate for this mistake to be something that ruins all of that for you.

Abigail: Or you.

EJ: Or me! Absolutely.

Abigail: So then... you wouldn't want to be with someone like me no matter what.

Johnny: Sydney liked the cupcakes.

EJ: She did? Oh, my goodness! We'll have to alert the media!

Abigail: Well, I, uh-- I better get going.

Johnny: Put me down.

EJ: Oh, oh. I have to give Abigail her apron back.

Abigail: Mais non, chef de cuisine. This apron is, uh--is yours to keep, little buddy. Keep baking, okay? Okay.

EJ: Abigail... I'll be thinking about your brother today. Come here, kiddo. [Grunts]

Abigail: [Exhales sharply]

Kate: Gabi, what the hell are you saying?

Nick: Don't talk to her like that.

Sami: Can't you see what he is doing? We have to stick together.

Nick: Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it comes.

Sami: Gabi, Kate and I stuck our necks out for you.

Nick: They didn't do anything for you. They did what was best for themselves.

Gabi: No. No, no, they--they did. They did.

Nick: Gabi, what are you do-- has Sami ever in her whole life done anything that wasn't in her own self-interest, ever? Even Will would back me up on that one.

Sami: Gabi, you'll remember that I was going to call the police that night. That is what I had planned to do.

Nick: Yeah, when she already thought that I was dead. Things changed pretty quickly when you checked my pulse, Sami.

Sami: You son of a bitch.

Nick: Yeah. Look at her now. She still wants me dead.

Sami: Gabi, the only reason I didn't call the police is because Kate convinced me it wasn't what was best for Arianna.

Kate: And seriously, Arianna or not, I'm beginning to wish that I hadn't stuck my neck out for you.

Gabi: What? What--

Sami: Kate, Gabi, we can't let him do this. Nick is trying to come between us, and we can't let him. You can't let him make you forget why you had to hit him on the head with that rock.

Nick: That's not true. That's not what I'm trying to do. I just want us to all live happy, productive lives.

[Knock at door]

Nick: One second. I'll get that.

Sami: No! No, don't get the door! I mea--

Nick: Hey.

Percy: Greetings!

Both: Oh, shut up!

Nicole: Happy endings? [Sighs] Wow. I, uh... I can't tell you how many times I thought about... you and me and... a happy ending. I mean, I remember when we first met. I was so in love with you. Then... when things got bad, I was still looking for that... that perfect man... which... translated into someone just like you.

Eric: I'm far from perfect.

Nicole: But you're perfect for me. And when you came back to town, the first time I laid eyes on you, all those feelings came roaring back and all the dreams of happily ever after.

Eric: That happily ever after starts now.

Nicole: No, but, Eric, they... they were just dreams.

Eric: Not anymore. We're gonna start tomorrow... about Nicole and Eric, where they can be free and clear.

Nicole: Not free... not clear. You said yourself, you're still under a cloud.

Eric: Yeah, I'm talking in terms of the Church, not in terms of you.

Nicole: But you--you can't leave the Church. The Church is more complicated than you realize.

Eric: You're wrong. It's simple. I've had the option for months to just walk away.

Nicole: Okay, Eric, I have listened to you. Now it's time for you to listen to me.

Lucas: So do we have a deal?

Rifkin: We do. I'll have my attorneys send over the paperwork.

Lucas: Ah, thank you.

Rifkin: Oh, and, uh, FYI... she's a keeper.

Sheryl: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Lucas: Yeah, she is. Yeah, she is. Thanks again.

Sheryl: [Gasps]

Lucas: You hear that? Look at you. You did great.

Sheryl: Oh, you're very nice, but we both know that you just landed that deal.

Lucas: No, I did not. I think we could just say we make a great team together.

Sheryl: I can live with that.

Lucas: You know, in some ways, uh, you coming to Salem has worked out a lot better than my mother could've ever imagined.

Sheryl: Your mother? I'm sorry. What do you mean by that?

Lucas: Um...

Jordan: You heard us talking about Arthur.

Rafe: Yeah, Arthur... Arthur, who you can't live without.

Jordan: Oh, well... this is not the way that I wanted you to find out.

Rafe: No, you didn't want me to find out at all, obviously. So what is it? Is he back in Birmingham?

Jordan: Nope. Uh, he's here in Salem. We live together.

Rafe: Huh. Well, that explains why you've never taken me back to your place... why you had to leave early the other night. I told you how I felt about you. You didn't think that I had the right to know?

Jordan: I thought I could balance things.

Rafe: Oh. Oh, okay, balance things.

Jordan: I mean, the way I feel about him is very different than you. I mean, I'm attracted to you, obviously, you know, but I can't hurt him. I mean, you don't even know what he has given up for me.

Rafe: Oh, really? Like what?

Jordan: Well, when we first met, it was love at first sight.

Rafe: Do I really need to hear this?

Jordan: And I thought he felt the same way. But then... he changed. He went wild. He started treating the things I love like they were toys, and... [sighs] all of a sudden, the relationship was a disaster. My friends were right. The doctor was right.

Rafe: The doctor.

Jordan: Everything changed once I had him neutered.

Nick: I think... that the two of you should be careful about the way that you talk to Percy, the man who saved my life.

Sami: Why is he here?

Nick: I thought it was only appropriate.

Sami: Appropriate. Why?

Nick: Because... the night that you two shoved me in that river, I thought that I was as good as dead. I didn't think that I stood a chance. But then... I was struggling. The water was icy. I couldn't swim. [Gasping] My arms and legs were numb, and then I saw this branch coming toward me. And I grabbed a hold of it, and I was saved. [Grunting] [Coughing]

Percy: Greetings.

Nick: [Breathing heavily] I've never been so happy to see someone in my entire life.

Sami: Well, while that story is sad and quite touching... it's also a complete lie. Obviously you met this nut job somewhere, and you decided to concoct some outrageous story about how we dragged you through woods and threw you in a river and tried to kill you.

Nick: [Laughs] Really? That's the best you can do, Sami? Honestly, I-I expected better.

Sami: I don't have to do better... because the fact of the matter is that Gabi and Kate and I were nowhere near the river that night... were we, ladies?

Eric: This sounds serious.

Nicole: It is. Well, I guess you could call it kind of a miracle. You see, Daniel had-- he had this list.

Eric: What list?

Nicole: A list of doctors who dabbled in the toxins that Kristen used on you. It's kind of a long story, but Daniel and I-- well, the guy that tried to kill us--we know who he is. We know who Kristen used to destroy your life.

Nick: Well... we all know that isn't true.

Sami: Whatever. The point is, if you pursue it, you're not just crazy, you're certifiable, because no one would believe you and... Percy? Over the three of us.

Nick: You gonna keep lying for them, Gabi?

Lucas: Oh, no. You know, my mom, she just wanted to cast a large net when we were recruiting. And, you know, when I saw your portfolio, I-I knew I could call off the search.

Sheryl: You called off the search when you saw my portfolio?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sheryl: [Laughs] Mwah! And that was professional.

Lucas: No, no, no. You're fine. I mean, that was fine. Thanks.

Sheryl: No. Thank you... Lucas... for everything. Okay, well, um, I guess I will see you back at the office.

Lucas: Okay.

Sheryl: Okay. Bye.

Lucas: Bye.

Rafe: Arthur isn't your boyfriend?

Jordan: I don't neuter my boyfriends.

Rafe: That's good to know.

Jordan: Hmm.

Rafe: Dog?

Jordan: A cat.

Rafe: Wow. [Laughing]

Rafe: I guess you really got me this time, didn't you?

Jordan: "We are about as far away from jumping into bed together as I've ever been with a woman."

Rafe: All right, okay. But you know what? In my defense, men often mask their vulnerability by acting like jerks.

Jordan: Vulnerability.

Rafe: Yeah. When I walked in and heard you say you can't live without Arthur, I... I thought it was gonna kill me.

Jordan: Really?

Rafe: Yeah, really. I don't know. Maybe I'm in too deep.

Jordan: Well, hey. If you are, then I'm right there with you.

Rafe: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, really.

Abigail: [Sighs] If you only knew what I'd done... I know that this is wrong. But why do I still want him?

Johnny: Where's Mommy?

EJ: Oh, she said she had something to take care of.

Johnny: I want to show her the cupcakes we made.

EJ: I'm sure she'll be back soon. [Slams table] Whatever she's doing, it had better be bloody important!

Sami: Don't answer that. Do you know the man you've gotten yourself involved with? I mean, he has been convicted of kidnapping and murder, not to mention his well-documented history of blackmailing people.

Kate: Sami is absolutely right. He's a backstabbing, vindictive little man. He's going to use you, and then he's going to turn on you.

Nick: This is absurd. I-I'm being judged by two women who took me to a river to kill me. She saw me open my eyes. She knew I was alive, and she shoved me in.

Sami: Go ahead. Climb up on your high horse. It's still just your word against ours.

Nick: Really? I was bleeding everywhere. My DNA must be all over those woods.

Sami: I didn't say you weren't in the woods. I said we weren't.

Kate: So it looks like you and Santa are going to have to rewrite your story.

Sami: Good. You can do it somewhere else, though.

Nick: You haven't said a word this whole time, and that's because you know that this is wrong, just like you knew it was wrong that night, the night they tried to kill me.

Kate: The night we saved you from prison.

Nick: You don't have to go along with this, not this time.

Eric: You know who he is. Do you know where he is?

Nicole: We found him. His name is Dr. Chyka. We trapped him. And we demanded that he tell us the truth about what he had done.

Eric: Yeah, well, is he in jail? Did he confess?

Nicole: Um, Eric--

Eric: Nicole, just tell me. Can you... did you find anything to prove that I was innocent?

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