Days Transcript Friday 2/7/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/7/14


Episode #12271 ~ Daniel & Nicole's mission gets dangerous; Lucas makes a mistake that could undo his mother; Gabi continues to unravel.

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Kate: Ortiz, that is exactly the development that we've been waiting for. Okay, so you just sit tight. I'll give you a call. Bye.

Lucas: Oh, wait, wait, don't tell me.

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: That phone call had something to do with Jordan. Again.

Kate: Well, actually, all of our guesswork concerning Jordan's background is about to come to an end. You can take that to the bank.

Jordan: [Gasps]

Rafe: Hi. You see? I knew this thing was good for something.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Will: Arianna's asleep. I'm gonna go meet Sonny and, uh... Gabi, what's going on?

Gabi: I can't find Arianna's scarf and I promised Caroline I would take her to the pub tonight, so...

Will: Did you check the closet or--or maybe--

Gabi: Yes, yes, I checked everywhere and I'm not gonna take her out in the cold without it.

Will: Okay, well, maybe tonight's not the best night to go out--I can call Grandma Caroline and we can postpone--

Gabi: I need to go. Okay, I have to go. I need to get out of this apartment and get my mind just off of--

Will: Nick?

Nick: [Sighs] How about a beer?

Sonny: Sure, do you want--

Timothy: Do you know God's will? For all you know, a miracle could appear and change your life. It could be happening as we speak.

Eric: I believe in miracles. But we're talking about something different here. Clearing my name, if it's even possible.

Timothy: It's not different. What we're talking about Father Eric, is faith.

Ricardo: Well, I'm outside of his place right now, but it looks like he's got others with him. Should I eliminate them too?

Stefano: Not so fast. Not so fast. Who exactly is there with Dr. Chyka?

Daniel: Do you know a woman named Kristen DiMera?

Chyka: Oh, yes.

Daniel: How did you meet her?

Chyka: Through my benefactor. Stefano DiMera.

Stefano: Damn it! Tell me who is with him!

Gabi: I am trying so hard to just not let this get to me, but I'm sure that if you Google what to do if the guy you thought you killed suddenly shows up, nothing will come up.

Will: Gabi--

Gabi: I mean, seriously, does he remember that I hit him over the head with a rock? Does he remember that Kate and I and Sami dropped him into the cold, freezing river? Does he?

Will: I don't know.

Gabi: Okay, I study every look on his face, every breath, every gesture, trying to figure out what he knows, what he doesn't know, and I still don't know.

Will: All right, it's totally possible that Nick doesn't remember any of it. Maybe my grandmother is right and this--this new guy, "Mr. Greetings" is the only one who knows the whole story.

Gabi: Oh, that's--that's supposed to make me feel better, Will?

Will: Gabi, I'm just saying.

Gabi: Okay, so what, this old guy is just biding his time getting ready to blackmail all of us? Oh, yeah, that's supposed to be a lot better than Nick not remembering anything.

Will: Gabi, the truth is we don't know who knows what.

Gabi: I mean, it serves me right, wouldn't it? No, no, no. Not Nick, not my ex-husband trying to get revenge on me, but some bizarro birdwatcher who thinks he's stumbled upon some ATM that just spits out cash until the end of time? This is a nightmare, okay? And you don't get--I mean, Nick knows. He has to know. I'm waiting for him to do whatever it is he's planning on doing. It's just driving me crazy.

Will: Gabi, please try to stay calm.

Gabi: Calm? So stay calm? If someone tells me to stay calm one more time, I'm going to lose it! Okay, you don't get it, all right? This is torture. I wish that Nick had never come back.

Nick: Looks like business is good. Turn a profit yet?

Rafe: [Laughs]

Jordan: [Laughs]

Rafe: Sorry.

Jordan: Careful.

Rafe: No, I got carried away. But I just wanted you to know how excited I am for our date tonight. Oh, don't tell me. Something came up.

Jordan: No, no, I am totally into it too. It's just that we might not be alone.

Rafe: Come again?

Jordan: I invited Sheryl to come.

Rafe: That's cool.

Jordan: Really?

Rafe: Yeah, that's, uh--yeah, really because--well, no. I know you had your problems back in Birmingham, so it's great you're mending fences.

Jordan: You are the best.

Rafe: Yeah. I guess this means that you sort of dropped the idea that Sheryl is in town as the result of some sort of conspiracy orchestrated by Kate? Yeah? I mean, Kate has been totally supportive lately, right?

Lucas: So, what is it that you're putting into play for Jordan? Oh, wait, wait, wait. You know what? Forget I asked. I don't wanna know.

Kate: Okay. Suit yourself. Do you have anything planned for this evening?

Lucas: No. Although I was asked.

Kate: By?

Lucas: By Sheryl. She's hanging out with Jordan and Rafe. She wanted me to join 'em, but I decided against it.

Kate: I think you should go.

Lucas: I can't just act like she doesn't work for us, Mom.

Kate: Oh, honey, come on. Oh, you mean the employer-employee thing. Tricky relationship, the boundaries of the workplace? Come on, yadda yadda yadda.

Lucas: You know, I hate yadda yadda yadda.

Kate: You like Sheryl, yes?

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Sheryl likes you, yes? In this all too loveless world, that's all that really matters, Lucas.

Lucas: Such a romantic.

Kate: Ah, hopelessly romantic.

Lucas: What do you want?

Kate: You know, that is so cynical. And the favor I need is just really, really little. Tiny.

Daniel: So Stefano DiMera hired you to work with his daughter, Kristen, at her request?

Chyka: Yes, Miss DiMera was working on a project.

Ricardo: Mr. DiMera, whoever's in there with Chyka seems to have tied him up.

Stefano: Say that again.

Ricardo: Chyka is tied up. It looks like they're questioning him.

Stefano: None of the answers to any questions that are asked of him are to leave the cabin.

Will: Hey. How about we take Arianna over to Grandma Caroline's together?

Gabi: No, you had plans to see Sonny.

Will: I can call him.

Gabi: It's okay, Will. Thank you. You have been so great through all of this.

Will: So have you. Talk later?

Gabi: Okay.

Will: Okay.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Nick: Does it bother you? My being here?

Sonny: It's a free country, Nick. Just as long as you pay for your beer you have every right to be here.

Nick: Salem's a small town. We're bound to run into each other sooner or later. Who cares if I throw you a little bit of business? It can't hurt. Look. If the cold shoulder is about me accidentally showing up at Arianna's christening--

Sonny: You already explained that, Nick. You were there to see Hope. Or whatever you were doing th--oh, yeah, you wanted to surprise everybody. Is that what you came here to tell me? Because I already heard it the first time.

Nick: Okay. I got it.

Sonny: Good.

Nick: But I also wanted to tell you that I meant it when I said that I wanted to try and change things.

Sonny: I'm gonna give you a little advice. Stop running around town making sure everyone knows what you wanna do and just do it. And when you do it, look around, see if anyone notices or even cares. Enjoy your beer.

Nick: [Scoffs]

Kate: Oh, honey. I think you should go with Sheryl. Go with Sheryl and the gang, have a lovely time, and when Jordan and Rafe decide to call it a night, just give me a call.

Lucas: Why? Oh, wait, wait, wait. I told you I didn't wanna know and I meant it.

Kate: But you will do what I asked, right? [Gasps] Look who's here.

Sheryl: Hello.

Kate: Hi, Sheryl.

Sheryl: Hey.

Lucas: How you doing?

Sheryl: Hi.

Kate: You out for the evening?

Sheryl: Yes, I am. You sure I can't get you to join me and Rafe and Jordan?

Kate: Oh, Lucas was just going to call you to see if it wasn't too late to tell you that he had changed his mind about coming.

Sheryl: Great, then we can go together.

Kate: Wow, that's fortuitous. [Laughs] You will remember to handle that thing for me, right?

Lucas: Yeah, I will. Right.

Kate: Have a good time.

Sheryl: Thanks. Good to see you.

Kate: Bye-bye.

Sheryl: Bye.

Kate: Ortiz, it's Kate. Meet me in the usual place and bring that thing that we were talking about. Yeah, I'm going to have to handle this personally.

Jordan: Honestly, I'll never be 100% sure about Kate, but I also don't want to dwell on it, especially tonight.

Rafe: Well, okay. Deal. Let's go. Okay, what was that for?

Jordan: For being so cool about Sheryl coming along. And you are pretty irresistible even with that cane that you're sporting.

Rafe: Oh, yeah? Think I'm irresistible with it, wait till you see me without it. And that will be very soon, by the way.

Jordan: Oh, be still my heart.

Rafe: Come with me.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Eric: I'm surprised at the stance you're taking. You tell me to have faith. But from the beginning I felt that you didn't believe that I could be cleared of the accusations against me.

Timothy: You misunderstand. When I talk about faith, I'm not talking about a miracle suddenly bestowing the thing on you that you wish for. I'm talking about your faith in God. And what he wants.

Daniel: So let's talk about this project with Kristen.

Nicole: Yeah, let's. And let's give this project a name. You know what I'm talking about, doctor, right? What?

Daniel: What? Wha--you have to let me do this my way. You can't jump the gun and blow this whole thing.

Chyka: No. No, I can't. He'll kill me.

Stefano: You know what you have to do. Call me when it's done and not before.

Nicole: Well, hit him up with another injection then.

Daniel: Okay, shh. You need to pay attention to me, Dr. Chyka. You have no choice. You answer my questions. Everything I ask requires a response, isn't that true?

Chyka: Yes.

Daniel: I can't hear you.

Chyka: Yes!

Daniel: Now I want you to put everything out of your mind and you focus on what I say. Only what I say.

Chyka: I will.

Daniel: Now what exactly did Kristen DiMera pay you to do?

Chyka: I was tasked with creating a very specific drug cocktail for a very specific purpose.

Daniel: And that was?

Chyka: Part one was a sedative to insure compliance. And part two was a memory suppressor.

Daniel: And the third part?

Chyka: A powerful aphrodisiac. So strong as to erase any resistance to sexual desire.

Daniel: Were you told who this drug cocktail was for?

Chyka: I was. Father Eric Brady.

Timothy: You are a highly compassionate person, Eric, and a gifted priest. But everyone has a blind spot. And yours has limited you to seeing this situation from just one perspective.

Eric: Which is?

Timothy: Yours. And it speaks of an arrogance, a narrow-mindedness.

Eric: If this situation isn't about me, then who?

Timothy: Your God. I instructed you before that you must truly look at the choice before you. Examine each choice, not just from the perspective of your own needs, but from those of your God...of His will. And allow Him to reveal the path you will take.

Will: How's everything down here at the saloon?

Sonny: Quiet. You know, there is a customer that you'll be glad you missed.

Will: Nick was here?

Sonny: On his "Nick has changed" world tour 2014.

Will: Did he give any sense whether he--

Sonny: Remembered or not? No. If this is possible, I will trust him less than I did before this happened. So--hey, look who's here.

Rafe: Well, hey.

Will: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey, Will.

Will: You look amazing.

Rafe: Yeah? It's the cane. Jordan says it suits me.

Will: It does. You look distinguished.

Rafe: Well, not really, but, uh--


Rafe: I don't see Sheryl.

Jordan: Yeah, I don't either. She may be coming with Lucas. I'm not sure.

Will: My father's coming here tonight?

Rafe: Maybe with, uh, Jordan's friend, Sheryl.

Will: Wait, is he seeing her?

Jordan: No, no, nothing like that.

Rafe: Well, he'd like to be.

Jordan: Rafe, you don't know that.

Rafe: Yeah, I do. I know the signs.

Lucas: You know, Sheryl, before we go any further, there's something we should say out loud.

Sheryl: Okay. Did I put you in an awkward position by asking you to go out with me tonight?

Lucas: No, no, not at all. And I'll tell you why. This is good. And--and at work it's also good, but it's just a little bit different.

Sheryl: Right, separate.

Lucas: Yeah, I just think we should both be aware of that.

Sheryl: No, I get it. You have been very clear. And I agree. The folks at HR have nothing to worry about.

Lucas: Oh, good. That was easy.

Sheryl: Well, I strive for efficiency.

Lucas: Whoa, look out.

Sheryl: [Laughs] Are you ready to go and meet Jordan and Rafe?

Lucas: Yeah, I am.

Sheryl: All right.

Rafe: I wanted to give you this before four's a crowd. And on that day, you cannot spontaneously invite friends.

Jordan: Opening day tickets to Wrigley?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. So you have approximately six weeks to learn as much about baseball as you know about football, and yes, there will be a test.

Jordan: And I will ace it.

Rafe: Then you will be the perfect girlfriend.

Jordan: Oh, so you think we'll still be dating then?

Rafe: That's not funny.

Jordan: Come here.

Rafe: That's not funny. Uh-uh. Okay. Okay.


Lucas: Sheryl, little added bonus coming here tonight, you get to meet my son, Will, and his boyfriend, Sonny.

Sheryl: Oh, hi.

Lucas: Sonny runs the place. Owns it.

Sonny: Nice to meet you, Sheryl.

Sheryl: Nice to meet you.

Will: It's very nice to meet you. Heard about you through the grapevine.

Sheryl: Oh. I've actually heard all about your beautiful daughter.

Will: Oh, you have?

Sheryl: Mm-hmm. Well, then you'd like to look at 8,000 pictures or so.

Sheryl: Your dad showed me a few...

Lucas: Yeah.

Sheryl: But I'd be happy to see more.

Lucas: Yeah?

Will: Really?

Sheryl: Please.

Will: Okay.

Sheryl: [Gasps] Oh, my gosh.

Will: Yeah.

Sheryl: She's perfect.

Sonny: We think so.

Sheryl: Oh, what a sweetheart. Oh, the little shoes.

Kate: Wow. Leaving on the lights when you go out, Jordan. That's very wasteful. But thanks for the help. Game on.

Lucas: Jordan, don't go thinking your boyfriend's that generous. We got some bleacher seats with an obstructed view behind a pillar.

Rafe: Who invited him again? Hmm?

Lucas: That's all right. I'll take the cheap seats off your hands. It's all right.

Rafe: I'll bet.

Lucas: You can't get up the ramp with your cane anyways.

Rafe: Oh, okay. So you think I'm gonna still have my cane by the time opening day comes around. Yeah, think again, my friend.

Jordan: Well, in all seriousness, Rafe does have a point. He has made amazing progress.

Rafe: I had help. A lot of it.

Kate: Okay. [Sniffles] So, whatever you're hiding is not in the living room. [Sniffles] So it has to be in here. 'Cause I know there's something. Because I can smell it. [Stifles sneeze]

Daniel: So your target was Father Eric?

Chyka: I told you, yes.

Daniel: And this drug cocktail you created, was it effective?

Chyka: Very much so.

Daniel: Do you have proof of what you did? Documents, formulas?

Chyka: Of course I do.

Daniel: Where are your records? Where do you g--

Nicole: [Gasps]

Ricardo: Nobody moves.

Kate: [Sighs] Aha! So just what is it that you don't want me to see? All right. It's been a while. Let's see if I still...have it. Damn it. Great.

Rafe: Really? Calling me cheap in front of my date? That's just bad form, Lucas.

Lucas: Well, if the shoe fits, you gotta wear it.


Rafe: Doesn't. Does not.

Sonny: Hey, everyone.

Sheryl: Hey.

Sonny: Just wanna let you know I'm taking off with Will. But if you want another round, Cory will take care of you.

Jordan: Cool.

Sheryl: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Lucas: I actually wanna have a quick word with Will before he goes. That okay?

Sonny: Yeah, go for it.

Lucas: All right. I'll be right back.

Sheryl: Of course. So...

Rafe: Everything okay?

Jordan: My early patient just got earlier by three hours.

Rafe: Oh, no. Oh, right, okay. So let me guess. You gotta go.

Jordan: I have to. I can't be off my game for a patient.

Sheryl: Hey, you might as well not even try, Rafe. She was just like this in Birmingham. Work always comes first.

Rafe: Okay, okay. But you don't have to go just yet, do you? Your empty apartment can't exactly compare to me, can it? Hmm?

Lucas: Look, I didn't wanna do this in front of Sheryl. I just wanna make sure everything's okay with you.

Will: Yeah, sure. Why?

Lucas: Talking about Nick. Thought that guy was gone for good.

Nick: Gabi.

Gabi: Um, hi. I'm--I'm here to see Caroline.

Nick: Yeah, um...I was actually--I was here for the same thing. The waitress said she went to bed early. Uh, she was--she was tired.

Gabi: Oh. Um, well, uh--

Nick: It's okay. Ari. You can see Caroline tomorrow. Wow. Gabi, she's so beautiful. Can I hold her?

Eric: Nicole.

Nicole: Get out. We're so close--

Daniel: No, Nicole! No, no.

Chyka: Close!

Ricardo: So what has he told you?

Daniel: Aah!

Nicole: Daniel! Oh, my God, Daniel. No!

Ricardo: One down, two to go.

Nicole: [Whimpers]

Nick: That was...completely out of line, me--me asking. She just--she looked so cute, like always, and, uh--uh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's just I was thinking about the last time that I held her. She was so much smaller. That wasn't even that long ago. The night, uh--um-- the night... anyway, I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--

Gabi: Um, you just--you just caught me off guard.

Nick: It won't happen again.

Gabi: Wait. Um... for a minute is fine.

Nick: Are you sure?

Gabi: Yeah. Hey. Hey. I'm letting go right now.

Nick: Hey. Hi. Hi. Hi, beautiful.

Lucas: Your mom told me about the stunt Nick's trying to pull, trying to get Gabi to move to New York city with him. What's that guy thinking, man? He's unbelievable.

Will: That's one word to describe it.

Lucas: He doesn't have anything on you anymore. You realize that, right? So if he tries to pull anything on you or Gabi or anybody else, just tell me first this time, okay?

Will: Okay. I will. Thanks, Dad.

Rafe: I'll walk you home.

Jordan: No, no, no. You stay. You guys have fun. Drink for me, within reason. It's early.

Sheryl: I'm actually gonna give y'all a chance to say good-bye. The ladies' room beckons.

Rafe: All right. By the way, he has no idea what he's talking about. Those Cubs seats are primo. I'm telling you, they are.

Jordan: Well, I don't care. My attention will be on something or someone else besides the game.

Rafe: Really?

Jordan: Yeah. Okay, okay.

Rafe: Oh, come on.

Jordan: I gotta go.

Rafe: Just five--

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Kate: [Sniffles] Oh, God. All right, let's try this... again. Come on. Yes! Bingo. Oh, my God. I knew it. I saw this coming a mile away. Lynda--Lynda Cechert.

Eric: Hey.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Mmm. That's good.


Eric: No. Mmm.

Nicole: [Laughs] Mm-hmm.

Eric: Mmm. [Giggling] Mm.

Nicole: Hmm?

Eric: Mm.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Eric: [Laughs]

Nicole: [Laughs] Fine? [Laughs]

Eric: Thy will be done.

Nicole: Daniel.

Ricardo: Back up! All the way against the wall.

Chyka: One down, two to go. One from three is two.

Nicole: Shut up.

Ricardo: Shut up!

Nicole: Okay, look. I don't need to know who you are. Just let us go. This is so important.

Ricardo: Oh, really? Well, listen, that doesn't really concern me because I'm here to shut this down for good!

Nicole: Don't you get it? Once you listen to me, you'll be on our side. I mean, this all started with him when--

Ricardo: Whoa, whoa, seriously? That's your move? [Laughs] Whatever. This is gonna be so easy to shut you up.

Daniel: Aah!

Ricardo: [Grunts]

Nicole: [Gasps]

Will: My head is totally spinning. I mean, when Dad said to come to him if Nick tries anything, I--

Sonny: Well, you're not thinking of telling him, are you?

Will: Dad can't know. No.

Sonny: Okay, okay, okay, okay. How, um--I got a new idea.

Will: Shoot.

Sonny: How about we don't talk about Nick tonight?

Will: What the hell are we going to talk about?

Sonny: We don't need to talk at all.

Nick: I've had some time to--to process things. You know, like--like when I'm alone. But--but also with my new friend, who's--who's a good talk-to. You know what I think, Gabi? I think you and me are a lot alike. You know, we--we both--we have these strong feelings and sometimes we get passionate about those feelings and that passion makes us lose control. It makes us make mistakes. You know? I've made 'em. You have too. But I also think that no matter what, there's always a way to start over. There has to be a way to a clean slate, right? The trick is wanting it and being willing to put everything you have into getting it. But if you do that, it's--it's possible. Am I making sense?

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Oh, look at you, Gabi. You got this beautiful little girl. [Chuckles] You must tuck her into bed every night and say to yourself that no matter what has happened in the past, well, the mistakes are in the past. And that the only thing that matters is making life for this little girl as perfect as possible.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, I do that.

Nick: I want that too. I mean, isn't that what hope is all about? Hey. Here.

Gabi: Hey. Oh, sorry.

Nick: It's okay. Thank you for--for letting me hold her. For trusting me. Feels like a--like a good first step. Don't you think? Okay. Well, um, bye.

Gabi: Say good-bye.

Nick: Have a good night.

Kate: Hey, Lucas, you are not going to believe--

Lucas: Where are you?

Kate: Well--well, that's really not your problem. What about Jordan? Is she getting ready to leave?

Lucas: She left already.

Kate: How long ago?

Lucas: I'm not exactly sure. You see, she's--

[Door rattles]

Jordan: Arthur, I'm home.

Eric: Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for our sinners. Now at the hour of our death.


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