Days Transcript Friday 1/31/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/31/14


Episode #12266 ~ Daniel & Nicole want to find Dr. Chyka; Jordan helps Rafe during a difficult encounter; a potential new employee stuns Kate.

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Victor: How did this happen? I mean, why didn't marketing catch it before it rolled out?

Brady: No, I might've caught it if I--if I'd been there.

Victor: Well, you're making up for lost time.

Maggie: Morning, darling.

Victor: Hey. Is there a problem?

Brady: Maggie's upset with me because I didn't go to the 9:00 a.m. meeting with her today.

Victor: Well, why didn't you say something? Work can always wait.

Brady: Because I didn't need to go. This is what I need right now. Work. Makes me feel good. Makes me feel useful.

Maggie: Brady, either you tell your grandfather the truth or I will.

Eric: Kristen DiMera violated my body and my soul. Then she sent a man to take my life and take the life of someone I care about. The only thing I feel for her is hate.

Timothy: Then you do have a part in all of this.

Nicole: I will never forget the face of the bastard who tried to kill Eric and me.

Daniel: Jakub Chyka.

Nicole: Now that we know who this guy is, we gotta find this SOB and make him pay.

Chyka: On the road again. And where I go nobody will know.

Kate: Oh, EJ, you know how much I hate being summoned.

EJ: I'm so sorry to inconvenience you, Kate, with a problem of your making that has been visited upon me.

Kate: By "problem" I assume you mean...

Both: Nick Fallon.

Kate: Yeah.

Nick: What do you want from me, Rafe?

Rafe: I want nothing. No contact with my sister or her little girl. That means no calls, no texts. Do not go near them at all. Do I make myself clear?

Nick: I think that's up to Gabi. Not you.

Rafe: I'm not finished with you--

Jordan: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Nick: He fell.

Jordan: Yeah, I see that. Why didn't you help him up?

Nick: Because if I'd offered a hand he wouldn't have taken it.

Rafe: That's right.

Nick: You should be more careful. You worked so hard on your recovery I'd hate to see you do anything to risk your health.

Kate: I really think you're beating a dead horse. Or rather, an undead one. Since we didn't kill him. Problem solved.

EJ: Mm. Samantha seems to think so too, which is why she blithely jetted off to Chicago, leaving me--

Kate: Leaving you to harass me? Honestly, I just think you need to calm down. There is no reason for anyone to ever find out about any of this. Unless, of course, you don't follow through on your promise to do whatever it takes to keep Abigail quiet.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Daniel: Nicole, we gotta be incredibly careful, here. If the DiMeras find out what we know, you know this guy is gonna turn into a ghost and we're gonna be left with nothing.

Nicole: Yeah, that's why we're working here, right? Look, this baby's got enough power to hack into records a search engine couldn't find in a million years, and our IP address is masked. So no one's ever gonna know we're looking.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, wait. We can't do this.

Victor: What truth?

Maggie: Well, Victor--

Brady: She thinks that you should know... that while you were out of town I got drunk. So I missed Arianna's christening, and Maggie decided to stay behind with me.

Victor: I see.

Brady: But clearly, I am fine now.

Maggie: You are not fine, Brady.

Brady: Maggie, I was upset about hearing the news of Eric and Nicole, and I had a couple drinks, I had a few.

Maggie: You had more than a few. You could barely walk.

Brady: I already left messages apologizing profusely to Sami and Will for not being there.

Maggie: And did you tell them why you weren't there?

Brady: No, I didn't tell them, Maggie, because when I drink and what I drink is none of their business any more than it is yours.

EJ: You don't need to worry about Abi-- you don't need to worry about Abigail. Trust me, she'll keep her mouth shut.

Kate: Good. Then you have nothing to worry about.

EJ: What happens if Nick's lying or he suddenly remembers?

Kate: Then it's the word of an ex-con against mine, Sami, and Gabi's.

EJ: I see. Think about this, so we have one convicted criminal against two. I wonder who I'd believe. You know, I'd probably go with the person who's telling the truth.

Kate: Well, you said that you had the scene of the crime scrubbed, did you not?

EJ: Right, there's no physical evidence to back up anything that Nick says, but we need to stay one step ahead of him, Kate. Samantha tells me that he asked you for a job yesterday.

Kate: [Inhales] He did.

EJ: I think you better tell me all about that.

Jordan: I think you should just go.

Nick: [Chuckles] That's what I was trying to do when--when he stopped me. You know, Rafe, Gabi's a big girl. Big enough to make her own decisions. I've accepted that. You should too.

Rafe: Punk.

Jordan: Let me guess. That was Nick Fallon.

Daniel: Could we just--could we just--we have to let the police handle this.

Nicole: I thought you said we couldn't go to the police because it would tip off Stefano.

Daniel: Okay, if we get something on this guy this way, the judge will likely throw it out and the case against Chyka is just gonna fall apart. Now, if you want this guy to go free, yeah, have at it.

Nicole: Okay, you know, the person that needs to go down for this and everything else she's done is Kristen.

Daniel: Okay, I get it. I get that Chyka got his marching orders from Kristen, but this guy right here, he tried to kill you and Eric. Kill you. Do you understand--

Nicole: I know, that's why we have to do this, Daniel. That time in the basement when Eric and I thought we were gonna die, he almost didn't get the chance to prove to people that he was an innocent victim. And now I'm gonna do everything I can to give him that chance.

Jordan: I thought Nick moved to New York.

Rafe: Yeah, he did. But then my sister refused to go with him, and now he's back.

Jordan: Well, from what I've seen of Gabi, she has too much self respect to put up with his antics again.

Rafe: Well, you'd think. But he's smarter than he looks. And he's got a way of getting inside people's heads and getting under their skin.

Jordan: Like yours? Come here. Any bruises?

Rafe: Just my ego.

Jordan: Well, I have no doubt that your ego can handle it. Can you stand?

Rafe: [Chuckles] Ta-dah.

Abigail: Nick.

Nick: Abigail.

Abigail: Hi.

Nick: Hey. I'm--I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to talk at the church last night. It was a little...

Abigail: Nuts?

Nick: Well, uncomfortable. But I wanted to congratulate you on being Ari's godmother. She's such a special little girl.

Abigail: Yeah.

Nick: And you're, like, my favorite cousin.

Abigail: Thanks, Nick.

Nick: Yeah. So how are things? How have you been?

Abigail: Things are good.

Nick: Yeah? I heard that Chad decided to stay in Boston.

Abigail: Yeah, he did.

Nick: Yeah. I'm sure you're as sick as I am of people saying that the DiMeras are bad news. And people have been saying the same thing about me. And I'm sure you're sick of it.

Abigail: Listen, I have to, um, get back to the hospital. I would love to stay and catch up, but you know, I'm working there full-time now, so--

Nick: Wow, that's great, that's great. But Abigail, um... you're not avoiding me, are you?

Abigail: No. Why would you ask me that?

Nick: Well, at the church last night, I know that Gabi and Will and Sonny were, you know, kind of unpleasantly surprised to see me, and you just--you seemed just as shocked.

EJ: So did you tell Nick you had no interest in hiring him? Why the hell not?

Kate: Because some of the things he was saying were a bit disconcerting.

EJ: Oh, brilliant, well, of course we have no reason to be worried, do we? Hmm? Did he threaten you?

Kate: Not overtly.

EJ: Hello, Raphael.

Rafe: EJ. What's this? A coffee klatch of cosmetic titans?

Kate: [Laughs] Yeah, something like that. Good to see you. You're looking well.

Rafe: Well, not feeling well.

Kate: Why? What's wrong?

Rafe: Oh, Nick Fallon should've stayed the hell outta Salem, that's all.

EJ: Oh. Something you and I can actually agree on.

Victor: Your behavior is Maggie's concern, Brady. She's your sponsor.

Brady: Not anymore.

Maggie: He decided to leave the program.

Victor: You what?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Good God, Brady. You're clean for a year, and a few weeks after you have a relapse you decide to go it alone?

Brady: I know what I need to do. I do. I've done it before. Now I'd love to get back to work, if that's possible. We have things to do. And Granddad, um... I hope this difference of opinion I'm having with your wife won't affect my coming back to work.

Eric: [Sighs] Thank you. Thank you for giving me time to reflect on Christ's teachings of mercy. I know I need to find a way in my heart to forgive Kristen. But after what she's done, and...

Timothy: And?

Eric: My brother Brady, he-- he blames me for what happened.

Timothy: Why do you think that is?

Eric: Because he won't take blame himself.

Timothy: And do you blame him?

Eric: We warned him about Kristen. He wouldn't listen. And if he wouldn't be so stubborn, so prideful--

Timothy: This wouldn't have happened to you? Are you sure about that?

Eric: I know Kristen came here to destroy my family. And I'm helping her by harboring this hatred in my heart. But God help me. I don't know if I can forgive her for what she's done. Maybe that means regardless of what the bishop decides... I'm not worthy of being God's servant.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, you need to be clear about where your head's at.

Nicole: It doesn't matter what we do. It's just important to me that we help Eric. Because now, at this point, it should be his choice whether or not he wants to be a priest again.

Daniel: Well, you make it sound like he might make a different choice if given the chance. Damn it, Nicole. Nicole, I know you want to give Eric an opportunity to get back to St. Luke's and be a priest, but what I'm not getting here is what his other option is. Okay. When your life was flashing before you in that basement, something happened, Nicole.

Nicole: He told me he loved me. And I told him I still love him too.

Victor: Brady, if you'll excuse us, I'd like to have a word with Maggie.

Brady: Fine. Just let me know when you want to get to work.

Maggie: Victor, I know this is upsetting.

Victor: Just tell me exactly what happened.

Maggie: Brady showed up yesterday morning at an AA meeting drunk. Theresa was there. She called Daniel.

Victor: Theresa Donovan.

Maggie: And Daniel called me. And he said that Brady was very lucky he didn't have alcohol poisoning. He's in trouble, Victor.

Victor: You know, I don't pretend to know as much about this as you do, but maybe it's not quite as black-and-white as it may seem to you.

Maggie: Hold on, here. Are you saying that you agree with Brady that he doesn't have a problem?

Brady: God. [Breathes deeply] [Sighs]

Timothy: Are you looking for permission to be relieved of your vows?

Eric: No. I'm just looking for some clarity.

Timothy: Eric. You know that a thorough examination of your conscience involves every aspect of your life. You can't separate your anger at Kristen and the man that she sent to hurt you from your attraction to Nicole.

Daniel: You want to be with Eric, don't you?

Nicole: Desperately.

Daniel: You realize you're working against your self interest here. If we can prove that Eric was drugged, he will go back to the priesthood.

Nicole: I know. It's not like me, right? I should be holding onto my guy until they pry him from my cold, dead hands.

Daniel: Yeah, you know that's not what I'm saying here.

Nicole: The thing is, Daniel, I'm not doing the right thing for the right reasons. I'm doing the right thing for the most selfish reason there is.

Abigail: Of course I was shocked to see you. I mean, everyone was so surprised to see you. You're supposed to be in New York.

Nick: Right, right. Yeah, you just--you looked so freaked out. Was it the scar?

Abigail: You really don't know what happened, Nick?

Nick: Well, I guess that's what a good knock to the head'll do to you. I suppose it might come back to me someday, you know?

Abigail: Well, the important thing is that you're okay.

Nick: Right.

Abigail: Sorry, like I said, I really have to get going, 'cause, you know, work and--

Nick: Right, duty calls.

Abigail: Yeah.

Nick: Of course. Congrats on the new job.

Abigail: Thank you.

Nick: Hopefully I'm as lucky soon.

Abigail: You will be. Okay, bye.

Nick: Good to see you.

Abigail: See you, yeah.

Nick: Bye.

EJ: Well, I would love to stay, but I have a hospital board meeting to get to, so excuse me.

Jordan: What fun.

EJ: Mm.

Kate: Well.

Jordan: Well, we should get you seated after your fall.

Rafe: Yeah.

Kate: Your fall?

Rafe: I had an encounter with Nick.

Kate: What happened?

Rafe: It was an accident. I'm fine. Jordan was there.

Kate: I can see that.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Anyway, I should get back to work. Have a good day.

Rafe: Okay, see you.

Jordan: Why do I get the feeling you are going to have lots of help keeping Nick Fallon in line?

Rafe: [Sighs]

Kate: Enjoy it while it lasts, Jordan. Because soon your friend Sheryl will give me a useful bit of information about your past. But first thing's first. Now I need to deal with Nick and his return from the dead. Then I deal with you.

Jordan: The ten-yard line, less than a minute to go, and she changes the channel.

Rafe: No way.

Jordan: Worst Super Bowl party ever.

[Both chuckle]

Rafe: That's it?

Jordan: That's it?

Rafe: That's your worst horror story? Are you-- all right, hold on, let me tell you something, okay, one time I've got a Super Bowl party going on at my place. There are at least 50 people in there, it's packed. Most people I've ever had. What happens? I get called in to arrest a guy at a drug bust, okay? So the perp--he's got the nerve to ask me to keep him there so he can see the final play.

Jordan: Did you?

Rafe: Oh, hell, yeah. I did.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Rafe: Yeah. And we lost, so...

Jordan: Oh.

Rafe: I am hoping this year will be a notable improvement.

Jordan: Oh, me too.

Rafe: Yeah.

Jordan: [Giggles]

Rafe: Thank you. Thank you for taking my mind off of--

Jordan: Oh--ooh. He who shall not be mentioned?

Rafe: Yes.

Jordan: My pleasure.

[Door slams]

Nick: Kate.

Kate: [Sighs]

Nick: Have a seat.

Kate: Save the sales pitch, okay? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There is certainly not going to be a third time.

Nick: Well, you're nobody's fool, Kate, so I think you'd better hear me out. I've had some time to kind of ruminate on things, and I think you're gonna be blown away by the ideas that I've come up with since the last time that we saw each other. Can I get another cup of coffee? Thank you.

Brady: No. I don't need it. I don't need it. I'll show 'em they're wrong. They're wrong.

Victor: Look, Maggie, if Brady were using drugs I'd have him packed off to rehab last week.

Abigail: Victor, alcohol is a drug.

Victor: But he doesn't have to risk arrest or death to buy it on a street corner. I know it's just as dangerous and just as addictive, but given what happened that night, don't you think it's possible it was maybe a one-time slip? Before we mark Brady off as a raging alcoholic, don't you think he deserves one more chance?

Eric: You know, sometimes I... I wonder whether I'm doing what I want or what God wants. Should I just sit back and passively accept the bishop's judgment, or should I keep fighting for what I think is right?

Timothy: What's your opinion?

Eric: I think that there's more than one way to serve God. Maybe he's just trying to show me a different path.

Timothy: Perhaps one where you seek solace in the arms of your friend Nicole?

Nicole: I can't be another man's second-best, Daniel. With EJ, it was Sami. With you... I just don't-- I don't want to put myself in that position again. And if Eric chooses me... he needs to be able to make that choice freely. And if it is me, then I'll know it's right.

[Computer beeping]

Nicole: Oh, my God, Daniel, look.

Daniel: It's from his cell phone number. Program tracked it as of two hours ago to a fixed location. Middle of nowhere.

Nicole: His hideout.

Daniel: Looks that way.

Nicole: Ready or not. Here I come.

Daniel: What are you doing?

Nicole: Well, I can get on a plane and be there by this afternoon.

Daniel: You want to go after this homicidal maniac with nothing but your wits. Considerable though they are, not a good idea.

Nicole: Look, okay, wait a minute. You know what? If I can handle myself with EJ, I can handle myself with anyone.

Daniel: This isn't about e--

Nicole: I didn't ask you to come with me, okay? You have Parker to think about.

Daniel: No, no, that's crazy. Crazy.

Nicole: All right, if you call the cops and he disappears by the time I get to his doorstep, I will never forgive you.

Daniel: Okay, I don't want this bastard to get away any more than you do, but you are not gonna go alone.

Nicole: I'll be fine.

Daniel: Yeah, you're gonna be fine with me, and we're not gonna waste any more time arguing about it. I am coming with you.

Nicole: Okay.

Daniel: All right, I just gotta tie up some loose ends at the hospital, and I will meet you at the house. And then we are gonna be on our way.

Nicole: Right.

Daniel: All right, let's go.

Jordan: You feeling better?

Rafe: Yes, I am, actually. But I still do have a little knot right...

Jordan: Oh...

Rafe: Yeah, right there.

Jordan: Wait, I don't feel it.

Rafe: Yeah, okay, little lower. Yeah.

Jordan: Right there?

Rafe: Higher. To the side a little bit.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Down, down.

Jordan: Funny thing, this traveling knot.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, it is kinda funny. Maybe we should go back to my place and investigate it further. Hmm?

Jordan: I have to get back to work.

Rafe: Oh, all work and no play.

Jordan: But did I hear you say there's going to be a Super Bowl party at Rafe's?

Rafe: Oh, well, could potentially be arranged. But no talking during the game.

Jordan: Not a problem.

Rafe: None.

Jordan: Nope. Take care of yourself, okay?

Rafe: Okay, well, yeah. Evidently I'm gonna have to.

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Rafe: I'll see ya.

Maggie: You want to give Brady a second chance to do what? Kill himself?

Victor: Look, a very smart person once told me that going into rehab has to be Brady's choice. If he doesn't want help it's just gonna be a colossal waste of time.

Maggie: That's true. But if you ignore the elephant in the room and just go on about your business as usual--

Victor: I will make it very clear that I am concerned and that he has to prove himself to me if he wants to continue working at Titan.

Maggie: Well, the last time he felt cornered he almost got on a jet to Vegas.

Victor: The staff will make sure that he doesn't drink or run. If he chafes at the arrangements, I'll let him luxuriate in the corporate suites. Bottom line, if he drinks, I'll know about it.

Maggie: Big brother is watching?

Victor: Brady will never know. Better make some phone calls.

Maggie: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Maggie: Oh. Hello.

Daniel: Mom, how you doing?

Maggie: I'm fine.

Daniel: I'm leaving town for a few days on an emergency consultation.

Maggie: Okay.

Daniel: Yeah, I ordered Parker a bike and it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

Maggie: Parker's first bike. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe it.

Daniel: Yeah, would you mind signing for it?

Maggie: Of course. Oh, wait, let me make sure I have your key. I've got it. [Chuckles] Oh, wait a minute. What about Nicole?

Daniel: She's--she's going out of town too. On assignment.

Maggie: Oh, okay. Well, I'll be very happy to keep an eye on your place while you're gone.

Daniel: Oh, that would be fantastic, thank you. All right. Chloe, hey, it's me. Oh, that's great. Could you put Parker on the phone? I'd love to hear his voice. [Laughs] Hey, Parker. How you doing? Your mom tells me you have been a super good boy. I am so proud of you. Yeah, I love you, buddy. And I miss you. [Chuckles] Oh, yeah, yeah, no, you are gonna see me real soon. All right. Yeah? Okay. Bye.

Nicole: [Exhales]

Eric: I love you.

Nicole: [Sobbing] I love you.

Eric: If the church decided that I was no longer fit to serve, then I... then I would have to accept that decision. But I certainly wouldn't consider that a sign from God and throw everything away so I could be with Nicole.

Timothy: Are you saying you don't want to be with Nicole?

Eric: No, I'm just saying that if I decide to be with Nicole... that it wasn't because plan "A" didn't work out. She deserves better.

Timothy: Your intentions are honorable.

Eric: But...

Timothy: Eric, you're here in the hopes of discerning what you want. But I'm sure you realize that what you want is not always what God wants but what you need. And that's what you must truly understand before you leave here.

Nick: I realize that we both probably have residual hard feelings, but I'm hoping all of that can kind of just be, um, water under the bridge. Speaking of water, check this out. 100% waterproof makeup.

Kate: That's not possible.

Nick: I've tested prototypes. It will not run when exposed to any type of moisture. Blood, sweat, tears. Of course, the marketing department probably wouldn't want to focus on the former. Or the latter.

Kate: You're confident that you can develop this product?

Nick: Absolutely.

Kate: Well, I might be open to paying you a consulting fee.

Nick: I wouldn't be open to that. I want a job, Kate. Regular salary, benefits. I intend to be a permanent fixture around here.

Kate: Yeah? Well, all things considered, Nick, that's not possible.

Nick: Oh, really? You think so? 'Cause lately "impossible" has been my middle name.

Abigail: I didn't expect to see you here.

EJ: I had a board meeting.

Abigail: Yeah, of course. Well, I won't keep you, then.

EJ: Abigail, wait.

Timothy: You believe that you must choose between your love of the church and your love of this woman. But there's another option I'm not sure you've considered.

Eric: Of course, I know that I might not be reinstated. Are you saying I might be called upon to let go of the church... and Nicole?

Daniel: All right, everything's set. Did you get it?

Nicole: Yes, I rented a car under an assumed name. But listen, you really don't have to do this.

Daniel: No, we're doing this. Right now. Come on. Let's go! Come on.

EJ: I just wanted to say that, um... well, I suppose it's inevitable to run into one another from time to time.

Abigail: I realize that.

EJ: Well, I just hope that eventually it will become easier.

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah.

Kate: Nick. You really need to get it into your brain that Mad World is not mad enough to be dealing with your very special brand of genius.

Nick: Right, well, you know, I've been working very hard, and I really--I'd hate to take these million-dollar ideas...

Kate: Okay, look.

Nick: Someplace else.

Kate: Look, if you're willing to work on these projects on a freelance basis, I may be able to spare you a lab person.

Nick: You know what, actually, I already have somebody in mind.

Kate: Okay. You listen to me. You are not in the position to be hiring an assistant.

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