Days Transcript Friday 1/24/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/24/14


Episode #12261 ~ Arianna's christening ends with an unexpected event; Julie & Hope want to talk to Gabi about Nick.

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Abigail: Thank you for saying that, EJ. But even if it is true that what happened between us just happened, and you and Gabi have nothing to hide, Nick is my cousin. EJ, he's my family. And I need to tell Hope everything that I know.

EJ: Well, I understand that. And I admire it. But today is this little girl's special day. I don't think that you want to ruin it for her or her parents. So if you wish to say something to Hope, why don't you wait until after the christening? For me, okay?

[Door opens]

Hope: Hi, honey, EJ. What's going on?

Rafe: Ready for the big day, Grandpa?

Lucas: Yeah. I'm such a sucker for that little girl, every time I see her...

Rafe: You're a puddle, yeah. She's amazing, no doubt.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: Yeah, you know, the other--

Lucas: Something wrong?

Will: This is supposed to be Arianna's day.

Sonny: It is. And it will be.

Will: [Sighs] Yeah. As long as Ari's mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother don't get arrested for murder, it'll be amazing.

Kate: Relax, relax.

Sami: God, what now?

Kate: Just take a deep breath, okay?

Gabi: [Takes a deep breath]

Kate: Good. Deep breath.

Sami: What's happening?

Gabi: Oh, Julie knows. She knows everything about Nick.

Kate: No, she doesn't.

Gabi: Yes, she does. She knows that the text messages she's been getting are not from Nick.

Sami: What?

Gabi: She contacted the Hortons, and they figured out all these little mistakes that don't sound like Nick and that they can't all be coincidences, okay?

Sami: All right, where's Julie now?

Kate: We're not sure.

Gabi: She went to find Hope.

Sami: All right, just-- let's go.

EJ: Julie, Hope, it is so lovely to see you. Well, thank you for you asking. I just--I came in here to say hello to this precious little baby here and to congratulate Abigail, obviously.

Hope: Have you seen Gabi?

Abigail: No, she took off a little while ago.

Hope: Oh.

Julie: Where is she? Her baby's about to be christened.

Hope: Uh, Julie-- I just wanted to ask her a few questions before the ceremony.

Abigail: Why, what's up?

Hope: Probably nothing.

Julie: I think she can fill in some blanks about Nick's disappearance.

Abigail: Why do you think that?

Julie: Because she's very evasive, jumpy, every time I mention his name. I think something must've happened between the two of them before he left town.

Hope: Abigail, do you know anything about what happened to Nick?

Caroline: I-I did it. I did it. I emptied the grease traps, and I cleaned the fryers. That's the first time since Nick left. Who died?

Roman: Nobody died, Ma. Remember, it's Arianna's christening today.

Caroline: [Sighs] Oh.

Marlena: Thank you for giving me a ride. Now, are you sure you're up for this christening?

Eric: Mom, the doctors said that Nicole and I are both fine.

Marlena: Good. I guess this, uh, ordeal was quite a bonding experience for the two of you, hmm?

Nicole: [Crying]

Eric: I love you, Nicole.

Nicole: [Crying]

Eric: Mom, I'm not gonna talk about Nicole or my feelings.

Marlena: Yeah. That's what worries me.

Gabi: It's just--I don't understand why Julie is even here. It's like it's a sign or something.

Sami: No, no, okay, Gabi, just stop, stop.

Gabi: No, you didn't see her, Sami.

Kate: But we're going to.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Kate: All right, you need to stay calm. Julie knows nothing.

Sami: Kate is right. And even if Julie did suspect something, she doesn't have any evidence--

Gabi: She has Hope, okay? She has a kick-ass detective for a sister, who is going to look for Nick. And when she cannot find him, she's going to investigate. And she's gonna find somebody that saw me arguing with Nick in the square the night he disappeared.

Kate: But Nick didn't die in the square. He went into the river, and no one has any reason to look there.

Sami: Exactly. And besides, they can't charge you with murder if they don't have a body.

Kate: Well, technically that's not true.

Sami: Kate-- I mean, really. So the point is that even if they do somehow decide that Nick is dead and not just lying low-- and if they do decide to somehow miraculously go search down by the river, they're not gonna find one shred of evidence, because there's nothing there because EJ's guys cleaned everything, and they are very good.

Gabi: You're right. You're right. Thank God for EJ. He is such a great guy.

Sami: You know what? I think we should call. How about we call him, you can talk to him--

Gabi: No, I already spoke to him, okay? Just don't bother him. He's at the church. He's trying to stop Abigail from talking to Hope.

Sami: [Sighs] Great.

Hope: Can you think of anything else that stood out to you in the texts that seemed odd?

Abigail: No, uh-- no, I've just--I've been so busy lately, being a godmother and everything. But I will check my phone for anything strange and, uh, think back on my conversations with Nick after the ceremony.

Hope: That would be great. Thank you, honey.

Julie: Well, I've gotta check with Doug. Excuse me, excuse me.

Abigail: I better get Ari back to her daddies. She's, uh, getting a little restless. Excuse me.

EJ: Oh, Abigail.

[Toy squeaks]

EJ: Thank you.

Abigail: Don't. I'm still going to talk to Hope as soon as this is over.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh, look at you. You look so handsome.

JJ: Yeah, well, maybe the judge will like that at my sentencing hearing.

Jennifer: Hey, don't say that. You have been a model citizen these days. We just have to make sure the court sees that. You're not going anywhere.

JJ: Yeah, I don't want to.

Jennifer: Well, you don't have to worry because the judge has absolutely no reason to send you to prison.

Caroline: I can't believe I forgot something so important.

Roman: Ma, come on. It's okay.

Caroline: No, I-I got a special calendar, and I check it every day.

Roman: So it's a little slipup.

Caroline: My great-great-granddaughter's christening is not just little.

Roman: Boy, that's a lot of greats. You sure you got 'em all?

Caroline: Oh, please. Don't make me older than I already feel.

Roman: Hey, you took care of your kitchen like a pro, and you still got time to clean up.

Caroline: Okay. I'll get changed quick. I wouldn't miss this for the world. It's a new generation, you know? It keeps me young.

Roman: [Chuckles] I'll be here.

Caroline: Okay.

Roman: Okay.

Marlena: Honey, you can't bottle up feelings like that, all tangled.

Eric: Mom, please. Don't shrink me.

Marlena: All righty. Is this the first time you've been back to St. Luke's?

Eric: I've been attending Holy Cross for mass.

Marlena: So it is the first time you're back to St. Luke's. Are you up to this?

Eric: I guess we'll find out.

EJ: If you will excuse me, Hope.

Hope: You surprise me, EJ. You're here so early, yet it's the middle of the day. Now that is devotion.

EJ: You know, I think you'd be surprised at how happy I am when I find the opportunity to switch off my cell phone and be out of everybody's reach. And somewhere like this is the perfect place for a little bit of solitude, you know? Quiet contemplation.

Hope: I'm sorry, but it's just so hard for me to imagine what you contemplate being appropriate in a church.

EJ: Well, I certainly don't think that grilling a young mother about her ex-husband on the day of her daughter's christening is appropriate in a church, Hope. Especially not when we remember what happened the last time he and Gabi were here.

Hope: Since when are you so protective of Gabriella Hernandez?

Will: So what's up in there anyway? Julie looked tense, which is not her thing.

Abigail: She and Hope are worried about Nick.

Will: Because of the texts?

Abigail: Yeah. She told you about that?

Sonny: Yeah, but, uh, she sounded crazy.

Will: Crazy.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Will: Yeah, Julie crazy. You didn't think so?

Abigail: Well, Hope is worried too. They think that something happened to Nick.

Will: Is that why they're trying to talk to Gabi?

Abigail: Hope has some questions for her, yeah. They think that Gabi might have some information.

Sonny: Well, she swore off Nick months ago.

Abigail: Right, but she also saw him the night that he left town. And did you guys know that Nick was behind this whole modeling job fiasco?

Sonny: Gabi told him off, so I doubt that he's gonna tell her what he's planning to do next.

Abigail: Okay, but still, if Gabi can remember anything about what Nick said, then there might be something in it that can help them find him. Look, you guys, I know that he's not your favorite person in the world, but Nick is my cousin.

Will: Is that why you've been wanting to talk to Hope? Did you get a chance to speak with her?

Abigail: Not yet, no. It's not the right time. But after the christening, I will. This is Ari's special day today. This day is all about you, right, sweet pea? This is your mommy's and daddy's very special day. Wait, speaking of, where is Gabi? Isn't she supposed to be here? We're about to get started.

Will: Yeah, um, I'm gonna text her, see if she's on her way.

Abigail: Okay.

[Phone ringing]

Kate: What is it with this Abigail? Why does she have to put herself in the middle of everything?

Sami: I don't know. I mean, seriously.

Kate: The Hortons, I don't get it. You know, they could've cared less about this creep when he was alive, and suddenly they're so obsessed about his whereabouts?

Gabi: No.

Kate: It's so ridiculous.

Sami: What? Who is it?

Gabi: Will, Will. He's at the church. "Hope is here. Heads up, she wants to question you about Nick." Oh, my God.

Sami: Hey, hey, hey, no. Stop, stop.

Kate: We knew this was coming.

Sami: And you just have to stick to the story, right?

Gabi: What story? I don't even know what to say anymore. First it was that I didn't see Nick after the fight we had. And the other one was that I had a fight and that EJ broke it up. I don't even know what to say anymore. I don't even know what I said.

Sami: You stick to EJ's story, don't you think? EJ's version.

Kate: Yes, absolutely. We'll cover the first. You stick with EJ's story. Because if Abigail says anything to Hope, that's the story she's gonna be telling her. And if the first version does come up, just say you were upset, you were embarrassed. But make sure you tell them that EJ's story's the truth.

Sami: Look, you practiced that version, didn't you? I mean, Will texted me that you guys have been rehearsing.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah. I-I did feel pretty good about that one.

Kate: Okay, good.

Sami: Okay, good. Gabi...

Gabi: Yeah.

Sami: Game face.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Sami: Hey, hey. Proud mama face.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Kate: Yeah!

Sami: Smile.

Kate: Let's go get that baby christened.

Sami: Yeah.

Both: Come on.

Gabi: Okay.

Sami: All right?

JJ: Okay, I have an awkward but very serious request.

Jennifer: Okay.

JJ: All right, if Theresa shows up at this thing and she tries to mess with you or Abs, you need to let me handle her.

Jennifer: You think we're gonna start a fight? That's so us, isn't it, honey?

JJ: No, Mom, it's just you shouldn't have to deal with her any more than what you already do.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? She's at work today, so she will not be a problem. Can you handle that?

JJ: Yeah, completely. That's perfect.

Jennifer: Oh, I left the present upstairs. Start the car for me. And I'll meet you, okay?

JJ: Yeah. [Sighs] Pretty soon Theresa won't be a problem for any of us. I can't wait.

Lucas: Well, maybe Jordan will come to the reception after the christening.

Rafe: At the DiMera mansion? Yeah, no thanks.

Lucas: You sound a little bummed about that.

Rafe: Well, yeah, it would've been nice to have her there. But her patients come first. Although I guess I did benefit from that myself.

Lucas: So you'll hang out with her later, right?

Rafe: Yeah. You bringing Sheryl?

Lucas: What, to that thing? No way. No, I just met her. Plus she works for the company. It's, uh-- it's a professional thing, you know?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. Right. Of course.

Lucas: I mean, it wouldn't be if--

Rafe: [Chuckles] Hey. I get it, I get it, okay? Didn't mean to insinuate that-- you know, it was nice hanging out with you and Sheryl the other day. And, um, Jordan, she buries herself in her work. And it's nice for her to have a friend, so thank you for that.

Lucas: And she hopped on a plane all the way from Birmingham because she thought there was a job. The only problem is that there is no job, just you sandbagging the competition again.

Sami: Hi.

Abigail: Hey. There's your mama. Someone was missing you.

Gabi: Aww.

Will: Yeah, let's go get her changed.

Gabi: Okay. We'll see you inside.

Abigail: Oh, thank you.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Aw, little precious one.

Kate: Get ready for your close-up.

Sami: Hi, sweetheart. And you look beautiful, Abigail. Hi, sweetie.

Abigail: It's a big day.

Sami: It sure is. I am so glad that you are going to be the baby's godmother. You're perfect.

Abigail: I'm-- well, I'm not even--

Sami: No, no, shut up. Take it, you are. I mean, I just think it's so great that she'll have a young woman like you to be a role model.

Abigail: I-I can't--

Kate: Just take the compliment. We are so grateful that you're in Ari's life and that you're such a great friend to Gabi.

Julie: Well, Doug is stuck in Miami Beach. [Chuckles] Did I see Gabi come in here?

Kate: You did, yeah.

Julie: Is she with Hope?

Sami: No. No, she's not. She and the beautiful baby's father are getting her ready for her christening. This day is all about Arianna, isn't it?

Julie: Of course.

Gabi: Uh, Will, look. If things get crazy after the ceremony--

Will: Don't.

Gabi: No, I just--I wanna say this 'cause I might not get another chance to say it--

Will: No, stop talking like that.

Gabi: No, can you just listen to me, okay? I've done a lot of crazy things in my life, a lot of things that have screwed up your life, things that you don't even know about. And, um, I realize that I can't live like that forever. You know, it catches up to you. You have to own up to it. And maybe that's-- that's this time for me, you know?

Will: You can't give up. There are too many things that--

Gabi: I know. Too many people have risked too much. I'm not gonna let them down. But I-I just--I have to tell you that the one mistake I will never regret is the night that we made Arianna. She's a miracle. And it's a miracle to me that my daughter's father isn't just the best dad that she could have, he's my best friend too.

Will: Count on it.

EJ: I have always been very fond of Gabriella, thank you.

Hope: Really? Always?

EJ: Always.

Hope: Always. When did always start, exactly?

EJ: Always started the day that she and William noticed the cancer that almost cost my son his life.

Hope: That's right. I forgot about that.

EJ: Yes, well, I did not forget. She's the mother of William's child, Hope-- Samantha's grandchild. So do not be surprised that I take umbrage with you interrogating her.

Hope: Not interrogating. It's a few questions.

EJ: Hope, please. I listened to what Julie said. She thinks that Gabi's guilty, if she isn't comfortable having a conversation about Nick. Now why would she be comfortable with that?

Hope: We know the history. Thank you, EJ. That's why we're worried about him.

EJ: Look, I don't know what kind of trouble Mr. Fallon has gotten himself into. And frankly, I don't care. And really, Hope, I don't think you should either. I saw the damage that boy did to Gabi and William. And I don't think it's fair that he gets to ruin this day for their daughter.

Sami: Well, I agree with EJ. This day is all about Arianna.

Jennifer: Uh, Maggie said that she and Brady are coming down with some kind of bug and they don't wanna expose the baby. They won't be here.

Hope: That's very sweet, very thoughtful.

Julie: So maybe this would be a good time to question Gabi.

Hope: Julie, you promised me.

Jennifer: What?

Julie: Sorry.

Jennifer: What?

Julie: I'm not supposed to mention Nick's name until after the ceremony.

Jennifer: What about Nick?

Julie: [Sighs]

Kate: There must be some cruise on this planet that woman hasn't gone on.

Sami: [Laughs] To Antarctica. You know, plenty of penguins, no cell reception. Ugh.

Kate: It's gonna be okay.

Sami: I think you're right. It will. I mean, no one's gonna question a guy with Nick's record going missing, right? If we could just keep Gabi strong.

Kate: That's a mighty big if.

Rafe: Ah.

Sonny: Hey.

Rafe: Hey.

Sonny: It's good to see you. Moving around well, huh?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. Getting there.

Sonny: That's good.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sonny: Lucas, hey.

Lucas: Hey. You know, I sure am glad you're Ari's godfather.

Sonny: Yeah, me too.

Lucas: Who knows, maybe someday soon you'll have a ceremony of your own. You and Will?

Sonny: Sounds good to me.

Sami: Hey!

Rafe: Hi.

Sami: Look at you, walking.

Rafe: Oh, yeah.

Sami: Nice.

Kate: So where's Jordan?

Rafe: Jordan had to work.

Kate: Oh.

Sami: You two are getting closer?

Rafe: We're friends.

Sami: Good. Does that mean she's being less bossy? I mean, I don't know. It just seemed like she's very type-A, and I mean, I only saw her the one time.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Well, the type-A thing is probably the reason I'm walking.

Sami: Right.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: And obviously, that's fantastic.

Rafe: Well, that's great, right?

Sami: Yeah, it is.

Rafe: I'll see ya.

Sami: Okay. Oh, my God. Overprotective much?

Kate: You just called his new girlfriend "bossy."

Sami: Well...

Kate: Sometimes I really like you. It's so disorienting.

Caroline: It's so wonderful.

Sonny: Yes. If you wanna go in, you can. We're gonna be starting soon.

Caroline: Okay.

Roman: Hey.

Caroline: [Gasps] Eric.

Eric: Hi.

Caroline: Oh, we were so worried about you.

Eric: I'm fine, Grandma. Good as new.

Caroline: That's great.

Eric: We should go in, hmm?

Roman: Yeah. Let's go, Ma.

Julie: So brave of him to show up. Last time was on a screen--

Hope: Okay, stop, stop. My God, you're killing me. Stop. All day I'm gonna have to keep saying this to you about everything?

Sami: Oh, you look so much better already. Are you?

Eric: Definitely.

Sami: Okay. Thank you for coming.

Eric: Of course. I wouldn't miss this, no matter what.

Sonny: JJ.

JJ: Hey.

Sonny: We gotta go move our cars--a truck's trying to get back to the school.

JJ: Yeah, okay, sure.

Lucas: Oh, no. The DiMera scowl.

Abigail: What?

Lucas: Well, that's the look those men leave you with. You're thinking about Chad, aren't you? The last time you brought him here to this church?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, I am. That was--that was a mess. But fortunately, Will got a beautiful child because of it.

Lucas: Yeah, well, it doesn't make the DiMeras right or worth it. Don't worry, Abigail, you're gonna find somebody. You will. Someone who deserves you. Trust me, it'll happen.

Abigail: Thanks.

EJ: [Sighs]

Abigail: We should start soon.

EJ: I'm in no hurry.

Abigail: Neither am I. But I will speak to Hope after the ceremony.

Will: Look at her. There's nothing wrong there. You did good, Gabi.

Gabi: We did. [Chuckles]

[Both chuckle]

Will: Come on. Let's go give our little girl a name.

Gabi: You ready? [Gasps] You ready?

Sonny: Hey.

Rafe: Hey.

Sonny: You know, I never, uh, asked you-- and it might be a little awkward--

Rafe: You should absolutely be Arianna's godfather, all right? I have no problem with it. No, seriously, I don't. And by the way, I am always gonna be her uncle, so--

Sonny: That's true.

Rafe: Yes. Oh.

Gabi: Hey.

Rafe: Would you look at the princess?

Gabi: Isn't she beautiful?

Rafe: Ahh.

Gabi: Say hi. Good thing you don't know sizes, 'cause it fits her perfect now.

Rafe: Well, yes. Oh, by the way, I just spoke to Mama.

Gabi: Oh, really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Will: We just sent her a picture.

Rafe: Oh, well, there you go. Hi.

Gabi: Say "Hi, Tio."

Rafe: Let's go in.

Will: You ready?

Gabi: Yeah. Okay.

Matt: And what name do you give your child?

Will: Arianna Grace Horton.

Matt: And what do you want God's church to do for your child Arianna Grace Horton?

Gabi: Baptism.

Matt: Are you prepared to help the parents of this child in their duty?

Sonny: We are.

Abigail: Yes, we are. [Chuckles] It's an honor to be asked to be Arianna's godmother. I want to be a role model for Ari, and I hope that someday I can become someone who she'll look up to. If I can give Ari anything in the whole world, I hope that I can show her what a gift this family truly is... [Chuckles] That sometimes, even though we might not get along, we always have each other's backs, no matter what. Because I think that that-- that's the real meaning of family.

Sonny: I will always have a special bond with Arianna Grace. I've been with her from the very beginning.

Gabi: Yeah.

Sonny: And I intend to be a part of her life as long as I live. I vow to be there through her life challenges, like taking her first steps, dealing with her heartbreak, her very first one, and having children of her own. And I promise to love and care for Arianna as if she were my own daughter.

Arianna: [Cooing]

Sonny: Because in my heart, she already is. There you go.

Matt: I baptize thee in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

[All screaming]

Gabi: Thank you all so much for coming. We are so lucky in our friends and family. And I know that if anything ever were to happen, that my-- that our daughter would have, still, such an amazing life, thanks to all of you.

Will: So let's eat.


Will: No, seriously, there's a spread at the DiMeras'. Thank you, Mom, EJ. Please join us. I promise we'll be done crying by then. We're just really happy.

Gabi: Here.

Will: Yeah.

[Indistinct whispering]

[Indistinct chatter]

Rafe: What's with the tears, huh?

Gabi: Oh, you know me.

Rafe: Listen to me. You know that I will always be here for that little girl, right? Aunt Ari's gonna be looking down on her, taking care of her.

Gabi: You know, I've thought about her so much these past few weeks.

Rafe: She'd be proud of you.

Gabi: I hope so.

Rafe: Yeah.

Matt: How does it feel to be here?

Eric: Well, it's interesting to watch a rite you'd hoped to perform, but they couldn't be in better hands.

Matt: The church?

Eric: It still feels like home. I was wondering at first, but it's home. Um, do you have a minute to meet with me later?

Matt: Of course.

Eric: It's just that I need to work out what happened to me.

Kate: So Sonny thinks that Abigail still wants to go to Hope?

EJ: As soon as she leaves here.

Sami: How much can she hurt us?

EJ: She can't hurt us. She knows what I've told her, that's it.

Kate: Okay, so they fought. You stopped them. Nick took off. And if we just stick to that, I think we--

Sami: Are you kidding me? You saw how Gabi was in there. I was half out of my seat, ready to tackle her.

Kate: I know, I know. She's spilling left and right. I mean--amateurs.

Sami: I know, right? So back to Abigail. I mean, if she would just let this go, Hope would too. They both know that Julie is bonkers.

EJ: Well, now possibly not. I mean, Hope's already on the trail.

Sami: Well--

Kate: I just can't believe that Abigail is such a big deal to us, come on. You shut her up once, just do it again.

EJ: Uh, no. It's not--not a good idea. What?

Sami: Well, EJ--

EJ: I mean, I suppose I could try.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Kate: [Scoffs]

Marlena: We're gonna catch you later.

Lucas: Okay.

Jennifer: Hey. Congratulations, Grandpa. [Chuckles]

Lucas: Why does everyone keep saying it like that, like it's supposed to freak me out or something?

Jennifer: Well?

Lucas: Maybe a little bit. But, you know, it's natural.

Jennifer: Well, you look great. And you know what? This ceremony was really lovely, but I need to get back to work. And JJ has some studying that he needs to get done.

Lucas: Aw, you're not going to the DiMera crypt for the potluck? What's the matter?

Jennifer: Well, as tempting as that sounds, but no.

Lucas: Yeah. We'll get together next week. We'll get the kids and the baby. We'll have dinner.

Jennifer: Okay, yeah, that sounds perfect. All right, love you.

Lucas: Love you too.

Jennifer: See you later.

Lucas: Okay. Take care of yourself.

JJ: Mm-hmm.

[Indistinct whispering]

EJ: May I have a word with you before you speak to Hope? Please.

Will: Do you think anybody's coming to the mansion?

Sami: I hope not. With our luck, it'll just be those two.

Will: Yeah.

Sami: I mean, Julie never says no to a buffet. A buffet and a chance to put the screws to Gabi.

Hope: Okay.

Julie: The party seems to be breaking up. Maybe this is a good time to get Gabi.

Hope: We're not going to get Gabi, and not right now.

Julie: Well, at your leisure, my dear.

Hope: Just let me speak to Abigail first, okay?

Julie: Yeah.

Hope: It's gonna be fine.

Julie: Where is she?

Hope: Umó

Abigail: Make it fast, EJ.

EJ: Really? Look, I understand you have this compulsion to want to say everything you know, which is only what you've been told.

Abigail: Don't do that. Don't play lawyer with me right now.

EJ: Do you not see that by telling this story, you're forcing Gabi to relive a trauma? And you're drawing a line straight to her. It'll make her look guilty, even if she had--

Abigail: EJ, Nick is missing. Okay, that's not a story. That's a fact. Now I know that you don't give a damn about Nick, but I do. He's our family. Gabi could know something that could help without even realizing it.

EJ: Don't go.

Abigail: Why? EJ?

EJ: Because I want you to stay here... with me.

Abigail: Right. So you can sleep with me again, to keep me quiet?

EJ: Oh, I've already made it very clear to you that I didn't sleep with you to keep you quiet, Abigail. But I'm certainly beginning to wonder why it is that you slept with me.

Lucas: [Clears throat] Excuse me. Come on. Care to share?

Sami: Oh, man.

Lucas: Time's up.

Sami: I'm always sharing.

Lucas: Hi, hi. Everybody says they don't wanna share, 'cause you're too cute.

Sami: So cute.

Lucas: That's why.

Will: What?

Lucas: We're just, uh-- you know, we're proud of you, that's all.

Sami: I mean, we have no right to be, but we are. Congratulations.

Will: Thanks, Mom.

Lucas: You want your mommy? You wanna go back?

Gabi: You want to be with Mom?

Lucas: I think she wants to go back to you, there you go.

Gabi: Hey there.

Lucas: Uh, I actually have a very important business meeting, so if you'll excuse me.

Will: Of course, Dad.

Sami: Oh, yeah. What's her name again?

Lucas: That's strictly business.

Gabi: Say, "Bye, Grandpa." Say bye. Look at her. She's just ready to pounce, the minute I'm alone.

Kate: Shh. We're not going to leave you alone, okay? Anyway, they wanna see Abigail first.

Gabi: Where is she?

Sami: EJ is making one last attempt to keep her quiet.

Gabi: Okay.

Abigail: You know exactly why I slept with you.

EJ: No, I don't.

Abigail: [Scoffs] Bull. It's overpowering, what you do to people, to women, to me. I'm human, EJ, okay? You get to me just like you would to anyone else.

EJ: I see, is that who you think you are, just some woman? Just anybody?

Abigail: I think that you want something from me, EJ, and you will do whatever it takes to get what you want.

EJ: Well, that's a given. Do you really think that everything that I've done, everything that we shared, that for all this time, I manipulated this entire situation because one day I'd break up a fight between Gabi and Nick and I'd need you to keep quiet about it?

Abigail: Well-- no, when you put it like that, it's--

EJ: Good.

Abigail: I don't think that's the-- I-I have to ignore this-- this pounding in my ears, the-- I have to just-- I'm sorry. I have to go.

EJ: [Sighs]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Both laugh]

Kate: That doesn't look good.

Gabi: What?

Abigail: Hope, I need to tell you something. I've been trying andó

Gabi: Oh, my God.

[Tense music]

Nick: Sorry. Am I interrupting?

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